28/3/2013 TNA Impact Wrestling Review – OPEN FIGHT NIGHT: Tensions Rise As Hardy Vs Bully II Becomes Extreme

Hey there TNA fans, Tom Robinson here, with my weekly blog post for Impact Wrestling. Very interesting show as it was OPEN FIGHT NIGHT!

Jeff Hardy cut a promo at the start of the show about being the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship which was interrupted by Aces And Eights, and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray. Bully’s promo on Hardy was interrupted by Mr Anderson, who kept calling Jeff Hardy a disappointment, which resulted in the Charismatic Engima hitting Anderson, which led to a beatdown by the Aces And Eights. Anderson and Bully Ray laid in the punches on the number one contender before the troops of TNA saved Hardy from a beatdown. I don’t get why Aces And Eights ran away when they had like a 4 man advantage on the TNA troops, especially after they destroyed the TNA roster 3 weeks ago. Jeff then proclaimed that for Open Fight Night, he would be challenging Mr Anderson to a match later on. A Fairly good opening segment.

Next, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez called out Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, in a match which would apparently crown new number one contenders. How many times do these two teams need to wrestle each other? I swear, it seems like the same old teams  are fighting for the tag titles now. Bring a new tag team to the fray please! There’s only so many times you can watch the same match over and over again until you become so GOD-DAMN frustrated. However, having said that, this match was that bad, and the ending played out really good, with the big man Hernandez putting on a hell of a show. I loved his double backbreaker on Daniels and Kazarian. I can’t find a clip of it on YouTube, but he got both of them up on each shoulder and dropped them. It looked amazing, and I do love Hernandez’s in-ring abilities. Him and Chavo won, and face Bobby Roode and Austin Aries (who were nowhere to be found on this Thursday’s show) in 2 weeks time.

Taryn Terrell, former TNA referee and newly-hired member of the TNA roster, was next to call someone out on Open Fight Night. And surprise, surprise – she called out Gail Kim. Gail took her time and entered the ring, and cut a promo on Taryn before introducring Tara, who apparently has a problem with Taryn too. As Tara made her way to the ring, Gail clobbered Taryn, and along with Tara beat on her. He he. Anyway, Velvet Sky made the save, as an impending tag team Knockout’s feud is on the way. By the way, whatever happened to the Knockout’s tag titles? Are they pretty much retired now, or are ODB and Eric Young still classified as tag champions? Either way, do something with them belts. Seriously. Oh, and the feisty one known as Taryn Terrell attacked Gail in the back, and was pulled-away by Velvet. In the immortal words of Joey Styles…. CAT FIGHT! XD

Hulk Hogan and Jeff Hardy had a backstage conversation in his office, similar to the one Hulk had with Bully Ray just before Lockdown. And we all know what happened there! Anyway, Hulk Hogan allowed Hardy to have any stipulation he wants for his championship match with Bully Ray in 2 weeks. Oh gee, I do wonder what he was going to pick. Hmmmmmmmm…

Sting made his way to the ring and called out Hulk Hogan in an attempt to get on the same page after he allowed Bully Ray to convince him to tell Hulk that he could trust the bully. Hogan gets out here, and throws down the crutches! Shit is ON right here! Hogan and Sting had an incredibly heated argument, with the two blaming each other over Bully Ray’s swerve with Aces And Eights. This led to Hogan demanding Sting to leave the ring. However, Sting told Hogan to make him leave. Those are fighting words right there! But before any fighting happens, Sting is led out the ring by security. Which is kind of a bummer. But, I loved this segment. Love them or hate them, these two are so good on the mic. I love these sort of intense promos, these intense arguments which makes you feel that something’s going to happening. I literally started chanting “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”  during this segment. This is a face to face confrontation for you. Not them crap confrontations between The Rock and John Cena on RAW, which is basically them repeating the same sentences over and over again and kissing each other’s asses.

James Storm was next to call someone out and he called out AJ Styles, the new AJ Styles. As you could probably tell over the last couple of weeks, I’m really into the AJ Styles storyline right now, and this was another chilling encounter with AJ Styles and the Cowboy “James Storm”. AJ Styles was within the crowd. However, Aces And Eights hit the ring, with DOC, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff attacking Storm, who was saved by Kurt Angle and Eric Young, which led to a 6 man tag, which Aces And Eights won. Also, AJ left as soon as Aces And Eights hit the ring to attack Storm. Notice how AJ hasn’t said a single word since his return and is still one of the most interesting parts of TNA. A.K.A “The Jericho Effect”. The match wasn’t that bad. I really wish that Garrett and Wes would work on their in-ring abilities. Taz hinted that Garrett and Wes could be going after the tag team titles, and if they are, they need to be at least satisfactory in the ring before I can take them seriously as a legitimate contenders to the tag titles.

Also, Anderson was going crazy backstage before his match with Hardy in the main event. He was taking the hammer to things in the back, which Bully Ray and Devon was just laughing at. I love Mr Anderson’s methods of getting psyched for a match. XD

Also, Petey Williams is back in TNA! It was announced that he will be in a triple threat match next week with Sonjay Dutt and Mason Andrews, to earn a spot in an X-Division title match with Zema Ion and the champion Kenny King in the near future. Petey Williams got a great pop, and he’s one of my all-time favourite X-Division wrestlers and it’ll be good to see him in the ring again! CANADIAN DESTROYER!

The match between Jeff Hardy and Mr Anderon was featured as the main event, and it was a really good bout. These two can really put on a good show, and it was enjoyable. Some good spots in a match which Anderson won after Hardy got DQ’d for hitting Anderson with a hammer. Hardy would then hit him with a chair, and a ladder, before setting up dive from the ladder onto the table onto Anderson. However, Bully Ray saved Anderson. Hardy then told Bully Ray that their match in 2 weeks for the TNA title would be Full Metal Mayhem, which in other words is TABLES, LADDERS AND CHAIRS! Two of the originators of the match will face of for the main title in the actually match they made their careers out of. This should be good!

Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods Preview – Top 5 Favourite Dragonball Z Fights Of All Time



Hey there Dragonball Z fans, I’m Tom Robinson. Yes, I do things other than wrestling believe it or not! XD. Anyway, it’s time to talk Dragonball Z, and the new film on the way. Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods! Yeah. I’ve been watching a lot of the old DBZ episodes as of late. Just finished watching the Kid Buu Saga, which is good considering that this film is set shortly after that, so I am ready for this new film! Oh Yeah! XD

Anyway, like I said, the new film is set after the events of Kid Buu, and the peace on Earth is disrupted by the arrival of the God of Destruction, Bills! 39 years ago, the Oracle Fish told Bills that in 39 years, a very mighty warrior would appear before him. Fast forward 39 years into the future, and Bills is ready to find this warrior – who happens to be Goku. Goku learns of Bills existence, and wants to fight him. However, Bills comes to the earth, and before he fights Goku, he takes out all the over fighters of earth with ease. Piccolo, Krillin, Ultimate Gohan, Vegeta (who apparently will not become a Super Saiyan 3 in this film, 😦 ) and even Majin Buu. After destroying everyone else, the fight between himself and Goku commences. However, even at Super Saiyan 3, Goku is no match for Bills. Bills is even able to stop Super Saiyan 3 Goku with one finger. WHAT A BADASS. Knowing that he may not be strong enough to defeat Bills, Goku realizes he has to crank it up a notch. And he’s not talking about Super Saiyan 4 (which apparently is NOT an actual super saiyan form anymore, since Dragonball GT has been deemed non-canon). He’s talking about SUPER SAIYAN GOD! And so, the Battle Of Gods will now commence. Holy Shit!

Now this is a film I will really enjoy watching. Just a shame that it might not get a English Dub. 😦 Apparently, the voice actors of Goku and Vegeta want to do it, but somehow it can’t be done. Nevertheless, the film is coming out, and the fight between Bills and Goku will be absolute sensational. In honour of this film, I’ve decided to bring out a list of my top 5 favourite fights in the Dragonball Z franchise. Nothing from the original Dragonball series or Dragonball GT is allowed. Also, while Goku vs Bills will likely be one of the best fights in DBZ history, it will not be included as the film isn’t even out yet. So, here we go!

5. Kid Buu vs Vegeta (The Kid Buu Saga)


This was a really cool battle in my opinion. Yes, Kid Buu beat the hell out of Vegeta for abour 90% of the fight, but this fight was a real good example of Vegeta’s resiliency and refusal-to-stay-down attitude that he has demonstrated through-out the series. Seriously, this was a guy that could easily destroy planets and ACTUALLY blew up the earth, and Vegeta was still holding his own. I love the fact that Vegeta kept goading Kid Buu into fighting him despite knowing that he was never going to win. This fight was the ultimate test of Vegeta’s endurance, and Vegeta passed with flying colours. Takes all sorts of punishment from Kid Buu, and lives to tell the tale – WHAT A BADASS.

4. Gohan vs Perfect Cell (The Cell Games Saga)


If the Dragonball Z series ended with the Cell Games saga, than this would have been an amazing way to end it. The torch being passed from Goku to his son Gohan as protector of Earth. After scrapping with Cell himself, Goku gave up on the fight and passed on his boss-battle-conquering duties to his son Gohan. And teenage Gohan was holding his own against Perfect Cell, who was giving even Goku a hard time. Gohan even managed to get the upper-hand on Cell. During the fight Cell became increasingly enraged, which would cause him to explode at the hands of Goku. BUT WAIT! Cell was able to regenerate and the fight was far from over. After knocking around an enraged Vegeta, Gohan stepped in. And with the guidance of Goku (who was speaking to Gohan telepathically from King Kai’s place), Gohan gave one final KAMEHAMEHA, which defeated Cell once and for all. It was an insane battle, and this was no-doubt Gohan’s greatest moment in Dragonball Z. A great way to end a saga, and a kick-ass fight.

3. Goku vs Frieza (The Frieza Saga)


Goku’s first real major battle in DBZ, with the tyrant Frieza. Frieza took everything Goku had to offer, and was the first villain to push Goku’s past his limits and reach a form of legend. Up until this point of the series, Goku relied heavily on the Kaioken to defeat his foes. But that was not enough to take down Frieza in this fight. Goku even whipped out the Spirit Bomb, which was good enough to defeat Vegeta. But Frieza still got up from that. And after taking spirit bombs and all sorts of punishments by Goku, he was still able to effortlessly kill Krillin, pushing Goku’s last nerve and eventually cause to reach the level of Super Saiyan. Goku’s new form was more than enough to battle the tyrant, and the battle went on, destroying Namek in the process. Goku even let Frieza reach his maximum power, which just goes to show how badly he wanted to test himself and his new form. But in the end, after cutting himself in half, Frieza was eventually defeated by Goku in what may have been one of the most legendary battles in fictional history. Because it was the first to show of the legendary form of Super Saiyan!

2. Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs Majin Vegeta (The Babidi Saga)


Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry is legendary. Vegeta’s obsession with surpassing Goku has been well-documented. Vegeta would do whatever it takes to defeat Goku – even if it meant allowing himself to be controlled. Believing that he had lost his passion as warrior by living and raising a family on Earth, Vegeta allowed his mind to be taken over by the wizard Babidi, who set Vegeta up on a path of destruction. However, Vegeta’s mind was not fully-taken over, and he was able to refuse Babidi’s command to kill the Supreme Kai, and proclaimed that as a saiyan, he will always have his pride. Vegeta was so desperate to fight Kakarot and realize the evil he once had, and he finally had that opportunity. And the fight didn’t disappoint. Both Goku and Vegeta went up to the level of Super Saiyan 2, and the two were evenly-matched. But when they sensed the emergence of the creature known as Majin Buu, they temporarily put the fight on hold. But Vegeta tricked Goku, and decked him when his back was turned. Vegeta declared that he would defeat Majin Buu himself, and flew-off, leaving Goku laying. Again, WHAT A BADASS! A victory over Goku was so important to him that he would resort to any measures to get it. And, well, he did defeat Goku in a way. It was a great fight to watch, and it truly showed the pride these two saiyans had.

1. Goku vs Kid Buu (The Kid Buu Saga)


The final MAJOR battle of the DBZ series, Goku battled Kid Buu in a fight which determined the universe’s fate. As Kid Buu, Buu reached a power-level unlike anything Goku had faced before. Buu was easily the strongest being Goku had ever faced-off against, and Goku had just witnessed Buu destroy the earth. The ACTUAL earth. Of all the villains who try to destroy the earth, Buu ACTUALLY did it. And even at Super Saiyan 3, Goku was still not able to defeat Kid Buu. Mind you, he gave him a hell of a fight and was even able to bite him. XD But in the form of Super Saiyan 3, Goku’s body was put under SO MUCH strain during the fight. After taking a hell-of-a-beating, Goku needed to a breather and regenerate, and realized that he may not himself be able to takedown Buu. After Kid Buu battled Vegeta, Majin Buu and Mr Satan (of sort XD) Goku was revitalized and summoned the Spirit Bombs of all Spirit Bombs to end Buu once and for all. While the Spirit Bombs delivered to Frieza and Vegeta were actually NOT enough to defeat the villains, none of them spirit bombs were the size of this one. With all of earth delivering energy to the spirit bomb, the bomb was ready. Goku threw the bomb at Buu and was able to destroy him for good. What a battle! And what a way to end the DBZ series, and that was a fight that might not have ever been topped…




Goku vs Bills promises to be an epic encounter. And what a film this may end up being! I can’t wait!

21/03/2013 TNA Impact Wrestling Review – Bully Ray Tells The Tale Of Aces And Eights



Hey there, TNA fans. I’m Tom Robinson. And it’s time to talk… TNA.

On Thursday, a taping of Impact Wrestling was aired. And to be honest, I’m not that much of a fan of tapings. But, this one was a very unique show, with about a 1/4 of it or so given to Bully Ray to give us a story about his plan to become the TNA World Champion with Aces And Eights. Bully Ray is a very good story-teller, and TNA did a really good job tying up some loose ends, like how Aces And Eights D’Lo Brown stepped into the voting of Gut-Check to vote in fellow Aces And Eights member, Wes Brisco. Also, the way Bully Ray justified getting his ass kicked by fellow members of Aces And Eights by simply stating, “He was taking one for the team” was really well done. it makes it clear that this group does not run as dictatorship, like the Nexus did. Also, this story made it clear that TNA actually had a long-term plan for this storyline which is always good to see. Unlike WWE, which hardly ever has long-term plans nowadays, TNA sat down and said, “Right this is what’s going to happen in the next year with this story”, and they did it without worrying about whether online fans worked out what was going to happen. It was really well done. It makes the stable unique. Although it was a shame the group were not actually part of the taping itself (other than Bully Ray confronting his wife Brooke), they are still probably the best thing going in wrestling right now. With a live Open Fight Night next week, the next developments in the storyline should be interesting.

On the show, AJ Styles was set to be interviewed by Mike Tenay, who wanted to know why AJ attacked James Storm last week. But, as Mike was asking a question, Tazz interrupted and offered a spot in Aces And Eights for AJ (which was a really ballsy move from Tazz, who dissed AJ’s motorbike and told him he had to work his way up). I thought the interruption was kinda funny. Then James Storm confronted AJ and wanted to know why. However, AJ was still speechless and left the ring. I really do like this new attitude AJ’s got about him, and his storyline will no doubt be a phenomenal one… hehehe.

Also, Taryn Terrell was added to the Knockouts Division. Bobby Roode and Austin Aires retained the tag team titles in a fair match against Chavo and Hernandez but were beaten down by Daniels and Kazarian. Kenny King defeated Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion in a triple threat to retain the X-Division Championship in a short match, which wasn’t really helped by Sonjay’s botches. But it’s always nice to see the X-Division in action. Matt Morgan defeated Joseph Park. And Hulk Hogan and Sting had another heated argument. Hogan told Sting to “hang out in the rafters and go disappear for a couple of years” which I thought was kind of funny.

Also, Jeff Hardy became the number one contender for the TNA World Champion, by defeating Samoa Joe, Magnus and Kurt Angle in a fatal four way. This match was made at the start of the show by Hulk Hogan in order to thank the leaders of the fight against Aces And Eights. But if Hulk Hogan wanted to win the war against Aces And Eights so badly, why put the 4 leaders of TNA against each other? Why have them beat the hell out of each other so Aces And Eights can pick up the scraps? Doesn’t really make sense in my eyes. But anyway, the match was not bad actually. Especially at the beginning of the match. It was really fast-paced, really entertaining and a really good display of talent by the 4 individuals. However, there were some sloppy parts of the match, especially the ending. It just looked really rushed, and the match ended so abruptly. Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb on Samoa Joe after knocking Magnus into Kurt Angle. He went for the cover on Joe, and got the win – EVEN THOUGH Angle broke it up before the ref made the 3 count. What the hell? It just looked so sloppy. At least, Bully Ray will defeat Jeff to retain the title, and Jeff can hopefully got RIGHT down the card.

To be honest, it wasn’t that great of a show in my opinion. I really enjoyed Bully Ray’s story of how he rose to the top of TNA. I loved his story-telling. But other than that, this episode was kind of a disappointment. BUT, we’ve got open fight night next week, which should be very a good show!

14/03/13 TNA Impact Wrestling Review – Aces And Eights Dominate/AJ Styles Returns

What up guys? Tom Robinson here, with TNA blogging for you guys. We had the fall-out of Lockdown on the 14th of March, and what were the implications from the shocking events in the Lockdown main event?


Aces And Eights Opening Segment

Yeah, Chavo and Hernandez came out for a TNA Tag Title match when Aces And Eights came out of nowhere and attacked the tag team, much to the delight of the Chicago crowd. Once Aces And Eights took out the trash, Devon cut a promo to basically introduce the president of the Aces and Eights and… NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion… Bully Ray. He came out to a great reaction at the top of the show, and I’ve got to say, I love the new Aces And Eights theme song, with lyrics added on. It’s a cool addition. 🙂

Anyway, Bully Ray, who turned heel at Lockdown, and revealed himself as the President of Aces And Eights, basically did an extended edition of the speech he delivered at the end of Lockdown. He got loud “BULLY” chants too. He dared Hulk Hogan to fire the group (who are apparently under contract in TNA). He wanted Hogan to fire them before the end of the night. It was a solid heel promo from Bully (which is funny because the Chicago fans were cheering everything Bully said). A good start to the show. I also noticed two look-alikes in the audience. I saw a guy who looked like Jay Lethal, and a guy who looked like Gandalf. XD


Gail Kim and Tara vs Velvet Sky and Mickie James

Anyway, we get the action starting with a tag team knockouts match, with Mickie James and Velvet Sky taking on Tara and Gail Kim. While Mickie James and Velvet Sky (and her ass! XD) got great pops, they didn’t come close to the pop Chicago’s own Tara got. Such a great appreciation of the knockouts in the windy city! And it was a great showing by the women, with some good tag team moves on display, a slightly messed up japanese arm drag by Velvet Sky, and even a tarantula by Tara! That got a great pop from the fans. You can tell the difference between a TNA women’s match and a WWE women’s match. These knockouts are always great to see. Referee Taryn Terrell, who’s on probation for attacking Gail Kim at Lockdown, gave Gail Kim a HELL of a slap en route to Velvet’s victory. I’ve seen an awful lot of slaps in wrestling, but that has to go up there as one of the best. So it appears that Taryn Terrell will likely get fired as a ref, which will lead to her been given a wrestling contract instead, and the Gail Kim/Taryn Terrell feud will result in a match some time down the road. I hope if that’s the case, that Terrell is actually good in the ring. She’s spent time in OVW, so she should be preapred.


Aces And Eights Backstage Segments: Bully Ray calls his Wife, threatens his dad-in-law and attacks Kurt Angle

Anyway, segments were aired backstage with the group celebrating Bully’s win and included Bully ringing up his “wife” Brooke Hogan on the phone. To be honest, it was funny when D’Lo said “Mama’s on the phone”. XD Funny segment there, and you could tell something was gonna happen with the group later on in the show. They also attacked Kurt Angle, sending out a statement to the TNA roster.


Rob Terry vs Robbie E

Yep, it appears “Robbie T” has changed his name back to Rob Terry. But there’s something that bothers me. Christy Hemme introduced Terry as from “the New Jersey Shore”, but during his match, Tazz said he was from Wales (which is where he is actually from). WTF? Make up your mind, TNA!

Anyway, Rob Terry destroyed Robbie T in about a minute for the win in their rematch from Lockdown. Rob Terry got “Feed Me More” chants from the fans, which I thought was hilarious. I don’t think he’s that much like Ryback to be honest. XD Maybe Batista. But if Terry squashes his next opponent similarly to how he beat Robbie E, then them chants maybe justified. XD By the way, Rob Terry has horrible dance moves. His dancing this week was really below par. I guess it beats my dances moves, I guess. XD


Sting Backstage Segments – Tension with Hulk Hogan

Sting was INCREDIBLY pissed on Impact. He was raging ALL over the place after what Bully did at Lockdown. And looked like he was about to hurt someone. He went too see GM Hulk Hogan, who was just as pissed as Stinger. But it seemed as though he was more pissed at Sting than Bully, because it was Sting that kept convincing Hulk that Bully Ray was a good guy. He said that their partnership was done, and told Sting get out his office, saying that Sting made me sick. A really heated segment from Sting and Hulk. After that confrontation, Sting was confronted by the tag team champions Austin Aires and Bobby Roode, who mocked Sting and had a go at him for allowing Bully Ray to become the TNA World Champion. This eventually led to Sting picking a fight with Austin Aires (since Bobby Roode sneaked away XD).


Christopher Daniels vs James Storm

This was supposed to be AJ Styles’ big return to Impact Wrestling. But instead, Christopher  Daniels and Kazarian imitated the Road Warriors (who were from Chicago).  Pretty funny segment, with Daniels ending on “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…. tush!” XD

Interrupted by James Storm who started a match with Daniels, which he won… easily. After their great match at Genesis, this was a really disappointingly quick match.



After the match, Daniels and Kazarian delivered a beatdown, until AJ Styles appeared (dressed up in a hoodie and sporting a beard) and took down Kazarian (which unhooded him) and saved the “Cowboy” from a beatdown… from them anyway. When Storm started to celebrate… BAMM! AJ nails Storm with a hard clothesline. That got a heck of a pop from the Chicago fans. That clothesline was powerful, he re-hooded himself from the draft off the clothesline. A really great way to return from AJ. And BEFORE you jump to conclusion that AJ Styles is now heel, I just want to state… he isn’t.

This may be exactly as I wanted to be. If you read my AJ Styles/Aces And Eights Tease post (which is here on this link if you haven’t read it) you’d know that I don’t think AJ will turn out as a full-blown heel. I think he’s an anti-hero. He’s got that kind of “I’m going to do whatever I want” attitude, where he don’t take no sh*t from anyone. As for the clothesline to Storm, I just think that’s just a personal score that he’s going to settle before he goes after the Aces And Eights. In fact….


I think that AJ Styles will win the Bound For Glory series, and defeat Bully Ray to become the TNA World Champion at Bound For Glory. That’s what I think is going to happen.


Oh by the way, TNA kept saying that “TNA is coming to your hometown”. I sincerely doubt that TNA will come to the glitz and glamour of Middlesbrough like. XD Also, Matt Morgan did a segment with Joseph Park and said that he was “An abortion to the sport of wrestling” before laying him out. WTF? An abortion to the sport of wrestling? Really?


Austin Aires vs Sting

This was a great match between the two. While Sting took full advantadge, Aries got some edge back, before Sting locked in the Sharpshooter, before it was broken up by Aces And Eights. I’m amazed how well Sting is able to wrestle at his age. Aries is a good opponent for him, and it was funny too see Austin Aries failing at locking in the sharpshooter, because he didn’t know how it was supposed to be done. XD Sting was all over Roode on the outside, who kept interfering before being ejected from ringside. Funny Sting was all over Roode, considering how Bobby Roode was making Sting his bitch around this time last year. XD But seriously, a really good main event…


Aces And Eights Win The Battle

…interrupted by Aces And Eights, who were booed at the end. So the group got cheered at the start of the show, and booed at the end of the show. LOL I guess people really wanted to see a finish to the Aries/Sting match. Anyway Hulk Hogan came out and said “If you live by the sword, you die by the sword!” and rallied the troops from backstage to get a piece of Aces And Eights, setting up a big-ass brawl at the end… which had a finish. Normally, these sorts of brawls are still going as the show stops airing, but Aces And Eights ended up defeating Hogan’s calvary. A great way to make Aces And Eights seem powerful. They have the TNA World Championship, they have the TNA TV Championship (which hasn’t been defended in months), and they won this latest battle. They even took over the TNA website for brief period. Unfortunately, TNA “regained” control of the site, and it’s back to normal, but here’s a look at the memo that was on the site when it was under Aces And Eights control…

WEBSITE TAKEOVER: Aces And Eights Take Over The TNA Website

WEBSITE TAKEOVER: Aces And Eights Take Over The TNA Website

Aces And Eights trying to take over TNA will be a really good angle to see. I mean we’ve seen groups come in and cause havoc before, but we haven’t really seen a lot of groups recently try to take over their wrestling company. We’ve had the Alliance try to take over WWF, and nWo try to take over WCW, but they were more than 10 years ago. It’s nice to see these angles. Aces And Eights are now a threat to TNA. Put away any doubt, Aces And Eights are a legit threat to TNA. They may be the hottest thing  in wrestling right now… and this is during Wrestlemania season! WWE need a word with themselves here. This week was TNA’s week. The Chicago fans were amazing here! As always!


Anyway, it’s good to be back blogging guys! I’m off from University for a grand total of 3 WEEKS, so I’ve got a lot things planned. Not just with WordPress. Several accounts are going to be opened and several projects are going to be put in place. YouTube, that Instagram thing, Keek, I’m going to use Tumblr again. Seriously, all sorts planned. Stay tuned to the blog and stayed tuned to my Twitter @TomRobinson5199, for updates. I’ll be seeing you guys very soon. 🙂




TNA Lockdown 2013 Predictions – Who’s Gonna Survive Lethal Lockdown?



Good afternoon TNA fans, I’m Tom Robinson. Today, not only is it Mother’s Day, but it is Pay-Per-View Day, as TNA presents Lockdown live from Texas. This is the first proper PPV since the new PPV format was introduced a couple of months ago. And it’s Lockdown. What’s going to happen tonight as there is a lockdown in TNA.

The Battle Of The Robbies – Robbie E vs Robbie T

Match Background: A couple of months back on Open Fight Night, Robbie E challenged Jesse to a bro-off. And, no. It’s not like this bro-off…

All contestants must show what kind of bro they really are. And everything you did had to end in bro. In a rather entertaining segment, Robbie E danced in the most ridiculous way possible and Jesse delivered a pose or two. Jesse was disqualified by Robbie E for saying “dude” at the end of the posing and not “bro”. But before Robbie E declared himself the winner, Robbie T, Robbie E’s bodyguard, entered the bro-off. In his skit, Robbie T combined both Robbie E’s and Jesse’s segments, and did a crowd-pleasing segment which gained a good pop, and apparently winning the bro-off according to Bro-off judge Tazz. XD Anyway, Robbie T started to show off a more face attitude and was gaining more popularity than Robbie E. Robbie E, in a bit of jealous rage, turned on his bodyguard, which set up Robbie E vs Robbie T for Lockdown.

What I think should happen: Robbie T wins.

What I think will happen: Robbie T wins. Forgone conclusion here. NEXT.


The Battle Of The Josephs – Joey Ryan vs Joseph Park

Match Background: Screw it. I’m not doing this match. This match has no background, and honestly, it’s just a waste of PPV time. You put in Joseph Park against a guy like Joey Ryan, who’s by far the worst thing to come out TNA in a while. Seriously, you could have had much more deserving athletes compete in that match, and actually showcase a good match. Not these two. NEXT.


X-Division Championship – Kenny King (c) vs Christian York vs Zema Ion

Match Background: Kenny King had been vying for the X-Division title for months. He’d come close several times, but he was coming up short quite a lot until, finally, on February 28th, he became the X-Division champion by defeating Rob Van Dam. He’s now scheduled to defend the championship at Lockdown against former X-Division champion Zema Ion and a rising star in the X-Division, Christian York. Despite being the former X-Division champion, Rob Van Dam is apparently not in this match at Lockdown for reasons unexplained.

What I think should happen: Kenny King retains. He’s JUST became X-Division champion… finally. It’d be pretty insulting to have him lose it here after only like 10 days after he won it. XD

What I think will happen: Kenny King retains. Like Kenny King is going to lose the title this early. But, stranger things have happened in wrestling. So you never know!


TNA Tag Team Championship – Team Hell-N… I mean Bobby Roode (c) and Austin Aries (c) vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

Match Background: Bobby Roode and Austin Aries had both tried and failed to dethrone Jeff Hardy as World Champion for several months after Bound For Glory, with Austin Aries losing at Turning Point, Bobby Roode losing at Final Resolution, and both of them losing at Genesis in a triple threat. Despite not exactly getting along, Roode and Aires put their differences aside to begin a quest to win all the TNA titles available, starting with the tag titles. Despite constant bickering, the dysfunctional duo would go on to win the tag team titles (well, why does that sound familiar?) by defeating Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez in England. A triple threat tag team match was made for Lockdown, as the new team of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries were booked to face the team of Chavo and Hernandez, as well as the team of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, who were tag team champions twice before.

What I think should happen: Roode and Aries win. As much as I joke about them being like Team Hell-No because of the constant bickering and stuff, I do like what TNA is doing with them. The difference between Team Hell-No and Aries and Roode, is that Roode and Aries have BIG egos, so the battle to claim superiority between the two is much better. And they’re a really good team, and they’ve delivered a lot of funny moments as a team. I think they should be tag champions for a while.

What I will happen: Roode and Aries win. There is no way that they’ll drop the belts after like a month.


TNA Knockouts Championship – Velvet Sky (c) vs Gail Kim

Match Background: At Genesis, Gail Kim was a dominant force in the Knockouts Gauntlet, defeating Miss Tessmacher, ODB and Mickie James in quick succession. When she faced off against Velvet Sky though, it was a different story, as referee Taryn Terrell failed to spot Gail Kim’s foot under the rope as Velvet Sky pinned Gail Kim for the victory, and the number one contendership for the knockouts championship. In England, Velvet Sky became the Knockouts Champion, after winning a fatal four way elimination match also featuring Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacher and Tara. However, controversy struck again as Kim and Terrell argued again over Kim’s cheating in the match, which led to Velvet Sky defeating Gail Kim last to win the match. This has led to Velvet Sky being booked to defend her title against Gail Kim at Lockdown.

What I think should happen: Again, I think the champion should retain. I don’t understand why TNA are having titles change hands just before the pay-per-views. It makes the PPV matches seem so predictable, and it really downgrades the card in my opinion. Velvet Sky wins.

What I think will happen: Velvet Sky retains. I think Taryn will inadvertently screw Gail again, which will continue the feud between them two.


Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco… INSIDE A STEEL CAGE

Match Background: Kurt Angle took Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff under his wing during the battle with Aces And Eights. Angle convinced the judges of Gut-Check to have Wes Brisco as an entrant in the competition. Brisco earned a TNA contract, and continued to fight alongside Angle against Aces And Eights. On January 31st, Kurt Angle defeated Mr Anderson in a steel cage match. After the match, an Aces And Eights member got inside the cage and was about to attack Angle, when Wes Brisco made the save. The Aces And Eights member unmasked himself and revealed himself to be none other than Garrett Bischoff (I thought it was crucial for Aces And Eights members not to be unmasked. Suddenly it’s OK to unmask yourself?). Wes Brisco then clobbered Angle from behind and the duo kicked the crap out of Angle in the cage. This led to Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco being made for Lockdown… INSIDE OF A STEEL CAGE.

What I think should happen: Wes Brisco wins. PLEASE don’t have Kurt Angle win for the thousandth time against Aces And Eights! PLEASE!

What I think will happen: Kurt Angle gets ANOTHER win over Aces And Eights. Urrghhhh.


Lethal Lockdown – Sting And Friends vs Aces And Eights

Match Background: Aces And Eights have been a forced to be reckoned with in TNA ever since attacking Sting on their debut in June. Aces And Eights decided it was time to have “a war to end all wars”… with Lethal Lockdown. 5 Aces And Eights members take on 5 TNA superstars in the Lethal Lockdown match. Of course the match was accepted and the two teams were all set. Aces And Eights members Devon, Mr Anderson, DOC, Mike Knox and Garrett Bischoff will take on “Team Captain” Sting, “The Cowboy”  James Storm, “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe, “The Great Brit” Magnus and the returning “Showtime” Eric Young.

Rules: Two men from each team will start off the Lethal Lockdown match locked in the cage. Then, after every 5 minutes, each team will take turns in having a member enter the cage. This will continue until all 10 men have entered the cage. Once all 10 guys have entered, the first team to get a pinfall or submission wins. Aces And Eights will have the “man advantage”, meaning that they will gain an advantage on TNA by having their men enter the match before the TNA guys do. Basically, the entrant order will be – Aces And Eights, Team TNA, Aces And Eights, Team TNA, Aces And Eights, Team TNA, Aces And Eights, Team TNA.

What I think should happen: Aces And Eights wins. They need a big win like this, especially at Lethal Lockdown.

What I think will happen: Aces And Eights wins. I don’t think Team TNA will win, because there are a lot of twists and turns on the way with the Aces And Eights storyline. A Team TNA guy could help Aces And Eights win. The Higher Power may show up. AJ Styles may join Aces And Eights. I think Aces And Eights will be around for a while in TNA.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray

Match Background: In England, Hulk Hogan made a series of matches designed to determine the number one contender, giving 8 superstars a chance to impress him before he makes his decision. But a week later, Hulk Hogan chose his new son-in-law Bully Ray as the number one contender to Jeff Hardy’s World Title, despite Bully not competing in the series of matches.

What I think should happen: Bully Ray Wins. Jeff’s been champion long enough.

What I think will happen: Bully Ray Wins. I think this match could be a passing of the torch for Bully Ray. I think TNA started booked this match thinking that Jeff Hardy was gonna leave at the end of his contract, and they were planning to have Bully Ray become champion at Lockdown. I don’t think Jeff signing a new contract will have an effect with those plans. I think Bully will become champion.


Anyway, this could be the last blog post in possibly a week from me. I’ve got a pretty busy a week ahead at University and in all sorts, possibly the busiest week of my life actually. XD An exaggeration? Maybe. Look, the point is I think the Lockdown review will have to wait for more than a week I think. But after the week is over, I plan to hit you with post after post during my time off from uni after this week. I also want to improve my online status while I’m off. I’ll begin to utilize my YouTube account, and revamp the blog a bit. Start having a look into doing stuff on things like Flickr and stuff. So, look out for that. Anyway, thanks for reading this blog. Check me out on twitter @TomRobinson5199. And I’ll see you next time. 🙂

07/03/13 TNA Impact Wrestling – AJ Styles And Aces And Eights Tease

Good evening TNA Fans. I’m Tom Robinson.

And today, we talk TNA, and we talk AJ Styles, as TNA teased a potential alliance between AJ Styles and Aces And Eights with this video…

Yes, AJ Styles is seen talking to a guy with an Aces And Eights jacket on, until the cameramen approach AJ, which results in AJ getting all physical and badass on the camera crew.

Now before you jump to the conclusion that AJ Styles is joining Aces And Eights, just remember this is probably TNA just teasing the possibility of AJ joining Aces And Eights. It doesn’t mean for sure that he will. Hell, he may show up at Lockdown and end up saving TNA from The Aces And Eights. Maybe he was talking to a defector of Aces And Eights or something. Of course, there is an obvious mean-streak starting to develop with AJ, with him slamming the camera guy onto the car. It’s a good change in character for AJ, as we’ve never seen AJ in a role in which he has this anti-hero badass attitude about him. And guys like that are rare in wrestling, and seeing AJ take on the role would be something cool, and it would get people to back him again.

However, let’s say he is joining Aces And Eights? What good will that do him? Personally, I don’t think that should happen. I mean, take a look at Mr Anderson. Ever since he joined Aces And Eights, he’s been really watered down and has really lost relevancy in TNA. Anderson has not been able to show off his great mic skills while with the group, mostly do to Devon taking up the role as the group’s spokesman. What if the same thing happens to AJ? Once the group ends, he’ll be right back where he left off when he “left” TNA – in the mid-card spot going nowhere. However, AJ Styles may actually be a good asset if used correctly. Aces And Eights don’t have a group member that is actually a main-event player in TNA, and with the right backing, AJ can fight for the World Title on behalf of the group, and if he wins it, the group is suddenly a huge threat.

Personally, I’m all for the idea of AJ being an anti-hero FIGHTING Aces And Eights, rather than him joining the group. I think it makes sense as AJ said before he “left”, “I’m sick and tired of always doing the right thing. So from now on, I’ll be doing my own thing”. This is a lifestyle which all anti-heroes live by. They do what they want, when they want and however they want to do it. Hellboy, Spawn, The Punisher, Vegeta, they all still keep their badass sides but also fights for the greater good. That’s the direction I think TNA should go.

Anyway thanks for reading guys, I’ll see you again soon for the Lockdown predictions on Sunday. Stick around for that. Also, this blog is getting a new name. I think it needs a cool name, and it’s time to change up the blog a bit. I’ve been messing around with all sorts of ideas like RockTR Blogging and TR Frontline Blogging, but I’m still not that certain what to do. Anyway, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @TomRobinson5199 and I’ll see you on Sunday.

04/03/2013 Old School Raw Thoughts Reactions: Undertaker Returns

CM PUNK: I know a picture of Undertaker should really be on here instead, but this photo just looks really cool.

CM PUNK: I know a picture of Undertaker should really be on here instead, but this photo just looks really cool.

RAW REVIEW… finally. I’m Tom Robinson, and I’m here with the Raw review from old school RAW. Did it top the last Old School Raw? And what implications were made for Wrestlemania?

Right, let’s get down to business…

Ryback vs Mark Henry At Wrestlemania 29?

First match of the night was Ryback taking on Antonio Cesaro. I know Ryback is supossed to be a dominant monster, but that match was WAY too one-sided. Being US Champion, Cesaro should have put up more of a fight, and I think he wasn’t utillized good enough in this match. Ryback won this WAY too quickly.

But that match was a great match in comparison to the next one. Mark Henry vs Zack Ryder. But before that took place, a staredown took place between Ryback and Mark Henry on the ramp. This potential match up is actually OK in my book. These two needed a big match at Wrestlemania, so why not have them face each other? Good call WWE. But of course, that means one of these two are gonna lose at Wrestlemania. If Mark Henry loses, then he loses his momentum. If Ryback loses, that’s a SIXTH PPV loss in a row. If anyone needs to win this match more…. it’s Ryback. Anyway, Mark Henry, the two move wonder made quick work of Ryder. Because… “THAT’S WHAT I DO!”

Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz w/Ric Flair

Ziggler and Miz were really slick in this match. This was a really entertaining match, and the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair was funny at ringside! He was stylin’ and proflin’ in style on Raw, even getting in his signature thrusts. XD But Miz needs to work on Stylin’ and Proflin’ though. XD Back to the match, a really good encounter, and Miz looked really good in this match, even winning, BY SUBMISSION! A great win for The Miz, which is funny because several online reports suggest that Miz is getting stick by Triple H backstage. Or maybe this win was put in place because Ric Flair was in the house, I don’t know. But either way, it was a great piece of wrestling. I just want to state for the record that The Marine 3 looks so god-damn awful. Sorry Miz, but I ain’t watching that. Hehe

Alberto Del Rio And Jack Swagger Battle For Momentum. NO Zeb Colter Promo!

Jack Swagger and World Champion Alberto Del Rio battled for momentum ahead of their clash at Wrestlemania. Swagger squashed 3 patriotic legends (Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter and Jim Duggan), and Del Rio knocked off Wade Barrett. Damn it, I wish they didn’t make Barrett look this bad. 😦 It was a shame that Zeb Colter didn’t get on the mic. He’s a great speaker.


The Rock And John Cena Segment

Urrgghhh, same old stuff from these two. John Cena was basically repeating what he said for about 12 months leading up to their first match. And The Rock was horrible on the mic in comparison to Cena (although the Lance Armstrong joke was pretty funny). I tried, but I just couldn’t get into this segment. But can you blame me?

Three Face Tag Teams Win Three Squash Matches. HAIL THE HEROES!

Team Hell-No defeated Prime Time Players, The Lords Of The Dance (Brodus Clay and Tensai) defeated 3MB and New Age Outlaws defeated Primo and Epico as the 3 face tag teams defeated the heels incredibly easy. While I’m disappointed at how boring some of the matches were, it’s great that 6 proper tag teams were in action on Raw. I think the tag team regeneration plan has certainly worked. 🙂

Fandango… Cuts A Promo

Moving on….

Triple H And The Shield Cut Intense Promos

Triple H cut a pretty cool promo on Brock Lesnar, challenging him to face him – again – at Wrestlemania. One thing I can praise Triple H for is that he’s a phenomenal promo-cutter. He adds so much intensity to his promos, which I really think should be in product more often. The more intensity in a rivalry, the more anticipated you are going to get. Great work, Hunter.

The Shield cut a promo too. The camera promo as they normally do. These two cut another great promo, talking about The Undertaker and comparing their streak in WWE to his. Why do I get the feeling that The Shield are going to interfere in Undertaker’s match at Wrestlemania? And speaking of the devil…

Undertaker vs CM Punk Is Set For Wrestlemania 29

The Undertaker Returned. He showed up at the start of the show which I was surprised as hell by. I thought Undertaker would have been left for the end of the show. But regardless, it was a chilling start to the show, despite Undertaker not saying a word.

CM Punk, Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus had a segment in which all 4 guys declared interest in scrapping with The Deadman at Wrestlemania. I’m sorry but Big Show saying that only a giant could end the streak was just plain ridiculous. Mark Henry, Giant Gonzalez, Big Show himself, A-Train, Batista, Psycho Sid, Big Bossman, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Kane twice. It’s just not believable to think that Big Show would actually end the streak considering the streak is built on Undertaker defeating giants.

Anyway, CM Punk vs Sheamus vs Big Show vs Randy Orton was made for the main event to determine who faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. And the match didn’t disappoint. I thought it was a pretty decent fatal four-way. Obviously, Punk won, setting up CM Punk vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

To be honest, this Old School Raw was a little bit of a let down in my opinion. Way worse than the first one they did in 2010. A lot of quick matches that you just couldn’t get into. However, Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz was a treat, and Triple H’s promo was rather good. But this Raw was a real disappointment. I wish the legends that were there were utilized a lot better, and I wish there was at least one surprise on tonight’s show. But at least The Undertaker has return… and it appears that it will be CM Punk that will face the Phenom.

Before I leave you guys, tragedy has struck the wrestling world as Paul Bearer, manager for The Undertaker, Kane and many more, died today. It’s a real shocker, as one of the greatest managers in wrestling history passes away and seeing Paul on TV was a treat. There was no other manager quite like him. He has that chilling vibe about him that made him such an interesting character to see. And he was no doubt a huge influence in The Undertaker’s rise in the WWF, as he made The Undertaker a lot more of a scary character with his presence. He had probably one of the best voices in the WWF, and people used to actually freeze with fear when they hear these immortal words…

He will be sorely missed by the world. May he rest in peace.

04/03/2012 RAW PREVIEW – Raw Goes OLD SCHOOL… again.

What is up guys? Tom Robinson here, with a Raw Preview! I haven’t done one in a while, and it’s sort of a thank you for a sudden boost in readership over the last week or so. In total, my blog generated 500 views in 1 week, which I am amazingly surprised about, and thankful of. Thanks guys!

ANYWAY! Down to business.

Raw is tonight, and RAW GOES OLD SCHOOL!


For those of you who don’t remember, in 2010, Raw did an episode in which everything was completely retro. Raw took a time machine that went back to the 1990’s, with the old school Raw layout, with old school legends, Piper’s Pit, and all sorts. It was all retro – and that episode wasn’t that memorable in my opinion. Aside from a few laughs (like the Iron Shiek!) it wasn’t something that lives long in the memory. Hopefully, on the road to Wrestlemania, things are a little different this time around. What’s there to expect tonight (or tomorrow morning if you’re in the UK)?


The Legends

Yeah, there are legends returning tonight who showed up in the last one. We have “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes! We have Mae Young (this woman is clearly off her rocker! How old is she?). Mean Gene Okerlund and his beautiful moustache! We have “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan! We have Sgt. Slaughter! We have “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (speaking of DiBiase, when was the last time his son was on WWE TV?). We have the Honky Tonk Man! And we’ve also got The New Age Outlaws! It’s always great to see them on WWE TV, and who knows, they might even compete tonight! They’ve been doing some house shows, and it’d be great to see them do more than just a promo. And last… but not least…


THE NATURE BOY! The Limousine Ridin’, Jet Flying, Kiss Stealin’, Wheelin’ Dealin’, Son of a Gun! Ric Flair is back on our screens after he showed up on Raw and passed the torch to The Miz if you will, by gifting him the Figure Four Leg Lock. It’s always good to see the Nature Boy on Raw! Ric Flair, you absolute legend! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


It’s Time To Play The Game

Triple H is on Raw tonight! No doubt to move along his feud with Brock Lesnar, who’s ass he kicked last week on Raw in that epic brawl at the start of Raw. Expect Triple H to challenge Brock to a match at Wrestlemania 29. Brock is not here on this Raw, so don’t expect some kind of altercation between the two. Maybe Triple H and Paul Heyman will engage in a war of words. I don’t know. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what they do to amp up the anticipation for the match at Wrestlemania.


The Rock Decides To Show Up

The WWE Champion was NOT present at last week’s Raw. Fortunately, he has decided to show up tonight on Raw, and probably will engage in a confrontation with Wrestlemania opponent John Cena. I’m not exactly thrilled with the fact that all of The Rock’s appearances on Raw are this hyped up. -.-


Weed The People…. err… I mean We The People

Yes, the road to Wrestlemania 29 continues for Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger. The Mexican Aristocrat and The “Real American” will no doubt collide again, and that means… Zeb Colter is on the mic. This guy, love him or hate him, is GOLD on the mic. He flat out owned Del Rio on the mic last week, and he’s definitely going to be the guy that’ll push Jack Swagger higher and higher. Hehehehe. I’m sorry. A Jack Swagger weed joke had to be done.


What’s Next For The Shield?

The Shield is ON A ROLE, and a good Wrestlemania program should definitely be on the cards. It seems that The Shield will engage in a feud with Sheamus and Randy Orton judging by what happened on SmackDown! which I am so opposed to. The Shield NEED something big for Wrestlemania. They’ve been the hottest stable in a while in WWE, and they can NOT be put out with a lame-ass feud with the same old people.


CM Punk’s Road To Wrestlemania

Well, CM Punk is not going to the main event of Wrestlemania 29 as WWE Champion. 😦 But, surely WWE has big plans for him leading up to the event. Which could include…


Undertaker is reportedly in Buffalo tonight (where Raw is held) so there is a possibility that he may confront the man who called himself GOD last week, CM Punk. Undertaker vs CM Punk seems an inevitability if Undertaker is healthy and the Road To Wrestlemania for these two could start TONIGHT!


So it’ll be an interesting RAW to say the least. Legends Return! Egos Increase! Gods Collide! Race Wars Continue! And Tonight… RAW GOES OLD SCHOOL!

Guys don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @TomRobinson5199. Robbo OUT!

Injustice: Gods Among Us – The Game I’m Most Looking Forward To In 2013

SUPERMAN AND BATMAN: Is it me, or do these two scrap an awful lot?

SUPERMAN AND BATMAN: Is it me, or do these two scrap an awful lot?

What is up, guys. Tom Robinson here. Before I get started, I’ve been getting a considerable views on my blog this week, and I am very thankful of those who have checked out what my blog has to offer. On Tuesday, I successfully achieved 100 blog views in 1 single day, which is an incredible accomplishment for me, and guys, thank you for bumping up the views. But today, I’m doing something a little different. This ain’t a WWE or UFC blog post today. It’s not even related to sports. We’re taking a little venture into the world of gaming, and the world of comic books. As I will discuss Netherealm Studio’s newest creation…


The Mad Scientists behind Mortal Kombat have struck again, with another fighting game dedicated to the DC superhero realm. Injustice: Gods Among Us puts the mightiest of superheroes and supervillians against each other in the battle for supremacy in the DC universe.


The Joker makes his way to Metropolis and sets off a bomb which kills millions of people. Even Superman’s PREGNANT WIFE Lois Lane! The Man Of Steel gets ultra-pissed and interrupts Batman’s interrogation of The Joker, and takes it upon himself to punch a whole through Joker’s heart, and kill him… right in front of The Joker’s arch-nemesis, The Batman. Superman then imposes a though new world order to take extreme measures to those that cause harm. Of course, not everyone is liking this new regime. One particular being THE GOD-DAMN Batman! Batman gets a resistance force together to try and take down Superman’s regime as a Super-human Civil War commences.

It’s a clever way to give the superheroes of the DC universe  an excuse to fight each other, and having Superman kill Joker IN FRONT of Batman is an incredibly powerful but epic touch (this happens in the comic book mini-series and hopefully will be shown in the game). But this storyline is so similar to Marvel’s “Civil War” storyline arc in the comic-books. Either the writer’s were being lazy or simply COULD NOT find any other way to get the likes of Batman scrapping with the likes of Superman. It’s hard to pit hero vs hero, even in the comic book. It’d take a lot for The Flash to take a swing at Green Lantern, unless there was a legitimate explaination. What I do like is the decision to have Harley Quinn join the resistance, as Batman asking for the villain’s help is incredibly rare considering how Batman has difficulties to trust his fellow heroes, let alone villains. So Netherealm Studios have done pretty good in the story department, and it’ll be interesting to see what goes down when the game releases.


As expected, Injustice builds on the foundations laid out by Mortal Kombat, and of course, similarities are noticeable. Some of the characters in the characters in the game do utilize a few moves from characters from the Mortal Kombat universe, and a few of the characters borrow moves from their past experiences from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, the crossover released in 2008 before Midway Games were bought by Warner Bros. But other than that, the guys who were in MK vs DC fight totally different in Injustice, with just about all of them having new stances, and new ways to punish people. Bringing interactivity in with the environment around them (like cars) is a pretty cool idea, as it pushes it away from the standard fighter, by having things like Superman throwing cars, and Batman exploding things by firing projectiles. It also makes the game a hell of a lot more fun. Also, the transitions from different parts of the stage do look really cool. Seeing Solomon Grundy punch The Flash through dozens of buildings in Metropolis looks really impressive. However, some of the these transitions do make some of the characters look ridiculously over-powered. I mean, in this clip below about 55 seconds in, The Joker’s punch to Lex Luthor is somehow SO effective it is able to send him hurling through a building. And somehow he survived a satellite laser beam strike called in by Luthor. Video Games – Gives The Laws Of Physics A Middle Finger!

The Roster

So far, 19 characters have been announced, with fairly good balance of heroes and villains. We have the usual suspects, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. Other Justice League usuals like Green Lantern and Aquaman join the fray, and some lesser-known heroes like Shazam (or Captain Marvel if you choose not to abide by Copyright laws),  Cyborg and Nightwing. They even included Green Arrow and Hawkgirl – two superheroes whose inclusions make me so happy, as they are two really cool characters. Hawkgirl, especially, is a really cool addition, as she has rarely had any attention in DC popular media, with the exception of the Justice League and JLU TV series’. There are plenty of villains to get your hands on with a lot of well-known villains like Sinestro, Bane, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke and Catwoman. Solomon Grundy is also a interesting addition and it’ll be interesting to see how he fits into the Injustice storyline. But then again, he shows a lot of similarities with Bane, as they are both muscle-heads and it’s hard to get two powerhouses to differentiate in move styles. Of course, there’s Lex Luthor in his battle suit and The Joker, who’s not voiced by Mark Hamill, which has enraged the Batman internet community. However, this Joker is actually not that bad of a choice, and The Joker is a hard part to play considering how your work will always be judged against the work of Mark Hamill. The design work, on the whole, is generally well done. A lot of the characters, especially Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl, have been given pretty cool costumes.However, there are some exclusions from the game which I’m rather disappointed with. The Red Hood and Martian Manhunter in particular are two characters who would work brilliantly in this game.


Pre-Order DLC Bonuses include the “Red Son Pack” at GAME, a pack influenced by the “Red Son” arc, and includes new costumes for Superman, Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy along with 20 new missions (which look suspiciously similar to the Mortal Kombat mini games from the 2011 release). It’s a rather intriguing pack, and the missions do look very interesting. America’s Best Buy are offering a costume based of the “Blackest Night” storyline, and also a bunch of cool zombie costumes, which are OK in my book. I mean, who doesn’t love zombies? And finally, Wal-Mart are offering 3 costumes based off Arkham City, one for Batman, Joker and Catwoman, which is the pack that stands out for me, as Arkham City is probably one of my favourite games of all time. And it makes sense, since Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in Arkham City, is the voice Batman in Injustice. Now, you guys in the US are spoiled for choice (I can’t say the same for us Brits though), so it’s a good variety of options to go with. However, I expect all these to be available to everyone in time, and I doubt that they’ll leave the DLC at just that. And it’s a shame not one of the packs have a bonus character as a pre-order bonus, and I do hope a lot of DLC characters are on the horizon.


The Graphics look incredible. They really pulled out all the stops to make this game as jaw-droppingly beautiful as possible, with the stage transitions looking stunning, and scenes like Superman flying someone into space, and slamming them back down to earth are sensational. But then again, it’s hard to expect anything less, since Netherealm are a part of Warner Brothers. However, I’m struggling to see how this game is not going to get lag with all this crazy ass action going on. I do hope Netherealm have worked on their online problems from Mortal Kombat,

As fighting game enthusiast, this is a game I’m very much highly-anticipating. This looks and plays well, and is a lot more different then your average fighter, with a decent storyline. As a comic book fan, this is game which I think will be really cool, considering the great-variety of characters involved, and the elements of the DC universe being brought into video-game-form. So on paper, this is a match made in heaven, and on April 19th (the release date for Europe), the creators of Mortal Kombat get another chance to show that superheroes and fighting games, two of my greatest loves, can co-exist.