Previously on WCW EWR….    Jericho retained the WCW Title, Raven beat Hogan and Dean Malenko got sidelined with an injury! But now it’s time for Halloween Havoc. This is the twelfth part in the series. We’re in 1999. Chris Jericho is our world champion. Raven is the biggest heel in the company. And Scott Steiner is currently going after the WCW Title! I couldn’t be happier!

However, while this WCW adventure has been fun, I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to keep doing this. I have an idea to do another thing like this but for a different timeline. Like I said at the start of this, there are all sorts of mods from the past to experiment with. Doing one of a modern-day WWE or TNA would be too obvious and I wanted to do something different. I’m probably going to do a January 2010 game with TNA because there’s a lot of potential with that one. If you guys recall, in 2010, Hogan came into the fold and brought in a bunch of new talent with him. Also, TNA decided to go head-to-head with WWE in a rather lame repeat of the Monday Night Wars. So it’s a great challenge for me. What will I do? Will I stay on Monday nights and compete with WWE? Will TNA rise to challenge the mighty WWE? So yeah, a lot of potential with this one. I did a whole year of this WCW one. So I might just do six months of TNA and then just go back to WCW. If the TNA one goes well, I might just do a rotation thing. Do six months for TNA and then six months for WCW etc. Because I don’t want to give up on the WCW game because a lot of stars are coming into their own. I just want to try something different in the near future! Anyway. It’s time for Halloween Havoc!


This is the card we are ending it on! I hope you enjoy!

Pre-Show – Keiji Mutoh’s Sit-Down Protest Interrupted By Goldberg

For the third time in a row, the pre-show is an angle! I’m not purposely trying to make my pre-shows all angles, that’s just how it was! At least it wasn’t Ric Flair coming out to book a match like the last two PPVs! Mutoh was protesting about his steel cage match with Goldberg later on in the show but this was interrupted by Goldberg who ran him off. 83% for the angle building up their cage match!

Match 1 – The Giant def. Rowdy Roddy Piper in a first blood match

I swear, this is the very last time you’ll see these two in a match! I had The Giant pretty much destroy Piper in this one. Bloodied him. Beat him up. All sorts. Piper attacked the referee post-match in a fit of rage. I do have plans in mind for Piper in the future when I come back to WCW.

Match 2 – Jushin Thunder Liger and Tajiri def. Animal and Arn Anderson, and Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon in a triple threat tag team match

I made a big of a mess of one of my new tag team feuds. I had planned for Jushin Thunder Liger and Tajiri from the Asian Invasion to be in a team feud with Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio. However, I accidentally put them up against Animal and Arn Anderson! I had just put those two in a tag team and accidentally put them against Liger and Tajiri instead of the two cruiserweights! To be fair, Arn and Animal do work great tag team matches with Liger and Tajiri and are both quite over so it’s a good feud. But I really wanted to give Dragon and Mysterio the feud. Therefore I decided to keep the Animal/Anderson v Liger/Tajiri feud and for the PPV, I added Mysterio and Dragon in there for a triple threat tag team match. Liger and Tajiri went over in the finish.

Match 3 – Chris Benoit def. Eddie Guerrero to retain the WCW United States Championship

A bit of background. I had initially put Eddie in a feud with Booker T since both of them were really over after finishing feuds. However, just before the PPV, Booker T picked up a hand injury. He was ruled out for just a month, so I wasn’t pulling the plug on the feud. I instead had Eddie face the NEW United States Champion Chris Benoit! Benoit won the title from Scott Steiner on TV which I mentioned last time so I had him and Eddie fight for the title at Halloween Havoc. That was certainty the right call! 96% overall! Benoit and Eddie just always deliver when they’re booked in a match against each other!

Match 4 – Sting and Diamond Dallas Page def. Bam Bam Bigelow (c) and Curt Hennig (c) via DQ in a WCW Tag Team Championship match

Sting and DDP were just the perfect team for Hennig and Bam Bam to defend the titles against right now! Sting and DDP are both insanely over and had just won a team feud against Randy Savage and Eddie Guerrero – so it makes sense for them to feud with Sting and DDP. Sting and DDP won via DQ after interference from Asbury Perfection’s manager Ted DiBiase! A three-on-two beatdown followed as Bam Bam and Hennig held on to the belts… but for how long?

Match 5 – Bret Hart def. Randy Savage

Bret Hart won off a dusty finish DQ. Perry Saturn did the run in to help his Exiles buddy Savage. Great ratings from Savage and Hart. 92% overall! I’m really surprised I haven’t done this feud sooner!

Match 6 – Bill Goldberg def. Keiji Mutoh in a steel cage match

Goldberg won the feud with Mutoh in a steel cage match. Mutoh and Goldberg shook hands after the match but then Mutoh cheap-shotted him post-match. This feud didn’t go as well as I thought it would. Goldberg wasn’t really as elevated as I would have liked him to be and Mutoh lost a bit of overness from losing the feud. It’s gonna take a bit of work to push Goldberg I’m afraid!

Match 7 – Raven def. Hollywood Hogan in a last man standing match This is a very brutal encounter.

These two are smacking each other with chairs, fighting in the crowd. Raven is just whacking Hogan on the back with a chair like when Triple H did the same to Taker in the Hell In A Cell match. Hogan is clawing his way back up after every shot until Raven just blasts him over the head. Raven wants to continue to attack him but the ref pleads with him to just stop and let him count to ten. Raven responds by laying him out with a chair. Raven grabs another chair and is setting up for a conchairto. As Raven lifts up the chair, Hogan low blows him. Hogan smacked him with a chair. Hogan wraps the chair around the neck of Raven is calling for the Leg Drop. He goes to the rope but Raven escapes from the chair just before he does it. He escapes and blasts Hogan with a chair and follows up with a DDT. The ref gets up and Raven beats the count. However, Raven collapses just after he wins.

Match 8 – Chris Jericho (c) def. Scott Steiner in a submission match to retain the WCW Championship

The awesome ratings from this feud continues as Jericho beats Steiner in a submission match after Benoit helps him. A solid ending to the PPV!   So yeah, that was Halloween Havoc!



Previously on EWR WCW 1998…

A new era arose here in WCW. Chris Jericho, who had JUST won the WCW Title on Nitro, successfully defended the belt against Raven, Randy Savage and Sting in a fatal four way match to assert himself as the top dog in WCW! We saw a shocking end to the Scott Steiner/Hollywood Hogan feud when Hogan was screwed out of the win… by Raven! Bam Bam and Curt Hennig defended the WCW Tag Titles in an exciting fatal four way against Bret Hart/Chris Benoit, the Outsiders and Dean Malenko/Ultimo Dragon among other events at Road Wild!

I just want to point out that the Outsiders vs Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon feud was supposed to end on this Fall Brawl PPV. However, Dean Malenko was struck down with a bicep injury and is ruled out for 7 MONTHS! So unfortunately, I could not end this feud at Fall Brawl which I had planned. Also a bummer, with Malenko’s injury his tag team with Ultimo Dragon is over which is a shame because they were supposed to go after the tag titles after this.

Anyway, the show must go on and Ultimo was still used on this PPV! So now it’s time for FALL BRAWL… sadly not including this match… 😦



Pre-Show – Ric Flair Announces Dean Malenko’s Injury, Books TV Title match

Now I know I did this in the last PPV, but Flair is a great ratings grabber and I was really unsure about what to put on the pre-show. There were a lot of people that I wanted to give the spot to and I was actually considering booking a 20 man battle royal with the winner getting a TV Title shot later that night! However, battle royals don’t really get good ratings on Extreme Warfare Revenge. So I decided to do a Ric Flair segment…

Ric Flair comes out and announces that he will referee the Roddy Piper vs The Giant match later on in the show to make sure there is order in that hugely intense rivalry (a move made to try and give that match some added umph). He says that the scheduled Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon vs Outsiders match has been called off due to an injury sustained by Malenko on Thunder. He announces that Malenko has injured his bicep and is out for at least six months. Paul Heyman comes out with his two clients Dragon and WCW Television Champion Rob Van Dam. Heyman says that he is appalled that the reigning defending WCW Television Champion Rob Van Dam is not scheduled to compete on pay-per-view and says that Ultimo Dragon is also looking for action. Heyman gives Flair two options…. either let Rob Van Dam take the place of Malenko in the tag team match with the Outsiders OR have Dragon and RVD added to the WCW Tag Team title match involving Benoit, Bret and Asbury Perfection. This brings out Asian Invasion members Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki who says that they deserve to be in the tag team title match as their stable have dominated WCW. Flair cuts everybody off and says that all the other matches on the show are set in stone. However, he decides that since everybody wants a piece of the action, why not have a fatal four way match tonight? If RVD wants to defend the TV title and if Dragon, Sasaki and Liger all want action, it’s going to be Van Dam defending the TV title against all three of them in a fatal four way later on in the show!


Match 1 – Bill Goldberg def. Keiji Mutoh

The main show opens with the continuation of the Goldberg/Mutoh feud. Goldberg won clean in this one in the second PPV match between the two. Mutoh’s a lot more over than Goldberg so it was important for him to do the job if we want to elevate Goldberg. Mutoh did a revenge attack post-match indicating that things aren’t settled here between the up-and-comer Goldberg and the legendary Mutoh.


Match 2 – “Asbury Perfection” Bam Bam Bigelow (c) and Curt Hennig (c) def. Chris Benoit and Bret Hart in a tag team tables match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

This feud ended with Bam Bam and Hennig retaining the belts. Benoit and Bret would have been a great tag team  and I got road agent notes saying they worked well as a team afterwards. However, Bam Bam and Hennig will continue to be WCW Tag champions for a while I believe and I think they’re the right team to be holding the belts! Benoit and Har argued post-match


Match 3 – Booker T def. Tajiri in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Booker T won the feud with Tajiri in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Mutoh inadvertently cost Tajiri the match. Booker had to go over in this feud in my opinion. Somebody questioned my decision to put Tajiri over in their match at Road Wild so I decided to have Booker go over. Booker’s now white hot as far as overness is concerned but Tajiri is still the Cruiserweight champion! So everybody’s happy!


Match 4 – Rob Van Dam def. Ultimo Dragon, Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki in a fatal four way elimination match to retain the WCW Television Championship

So the match announced early on. RVD puts the TV title on the line against fellow Paul Heyman guy Ultimo Dragon and two members of the Asian Invasion, Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki. This was a fatal four way elimination match. Liger went out first, followed by Sasaki leaving Dragon and RVD as the final two. RVD then beat Dragon at the end to retain the TV title followed by a handshake between the two Paul Heyman guys. I really wanted it to be Dragon and RVD in the final two as I wanted Dragon to look really strong despite losing his partner. However, RVD is still the man who I want as TV Champion right now! Hell of a match. Did a much better rating than I expected!


Match 5 – The Giant def. Rowdy Roddy Piper with Ric Flair as the special guest referee

Like I said last time, not exactly a great technical match but these two were over. Flair was named special referee for this one because I really wanted to do something different with these two. It ended when Flair DQ’d Piper for hitting The Giant with a chair. Piper attacked Flair as a result post-match.


Match 6 – Sting and Diamond Dallas Page def. Eddie Guerrero and Randy Savage in a hardcore tag team match

These two teams had formed brief alliances as I kind of wanted to avoid doing singles feuds between these four guys all the time. It’s kind of been like two different singles feuds coming together in this big tag team match at the PPV. As you guys know, DDP beat Eddie at the PPV and Sting and Savage are always feuding with each other. Hell, Savage cost Sting the WCW Title! So a huge wild hardcore tag match at the end was how I settled it. I’d imagine these four going into the crowd and doing very nutty things. Sting and DDP got the win in the end! 91% overall!


Match 7 – Raven def. Hollywood Hogan

Raven defeated Hollywood Hogan CLEAN! Yes, Hogan was willing to do the job to Raven clean at Fall Brawl which I was happy with. I wanted to provide a shocking clean win for Raven. Raven would just be all over Hogan from the get go. Raven has mentally got under Hogan’s skin since the feud started and Raven takes advantage of that to win in convincing fashion. Raven practically no sells Hogan’s hulking-up attempt as he blocks Hogan’s first right after Hulking up and drops him with the DDT for the win. I’m digging this rating of 86%! Their match quality was poor but the fans were into it!


Match 8 – Chris Jericho (c) def. Scott Steiner to retain the WCW World Championship

Jericho beat Steiner after botched interference from Steiner’s buddy Eric Bischoff which led to Jericho picking up the win! A solid way to end the PPV with a 96% overall rating! I like it!

By the way, Steiner was walking into this match as the WCW United States Champion. I had Steiner drop the US title to Benoit the next night on Nitro, because he really didn’t need the title if he was competing for the WCW World title does he?


86% overall rating for the PPV!


Previously on WCW 1998…

A bunch of feuds started, a bunch of feuds ended. Keiji Mutoh won the feud with Bret Hart. Raven retained the WCW Title against Chris Jericho! Check the link above for the full results


A few pointers before we dip into Road Wild..

  • Chris Jericho won the WCW Championship from Raven a week after the last PPV Bash At The Beach.
  • Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig won the tag titles the night after the PPV.
  • Rob Van Dam was introduced as the newest Paul Heyman guy and won the TV Championship from Eddie on the same night.
  • Animal has just signed with the company from the WWF. He’s not on this PPV but expect him in future ones!
  • Jushin Thunder Liger has just turned heel and joined Keiji Mutoh’s Asian Invasion.
  • And I believe that’s it. They were a few title changes since the last post and a lot of new feuds now.

Right so here’s Road Wild!




Pre-Show – Ric Flair Books Television Championship Match

Owner Ric Flair welcomes everybody to Road Wild and hypes up the card, talking about the main event. Flair is then cut off by the Asian Invasion, led by Keiji Mutoh. The group introduce their two newest members – Low-Ki (who debuted as a group member on Thunder) and Jushin Thunder Liger (who turned heel and joined the faction). They mock Flair by doing his “stylin’ and profilin” until WCW Television Champion Rob Van Dam comes out with Paul Heyman. Heyman cuts a stellar promo and puts over his client Rob Van Dam. Ric cuts Heyman off and shouts that they would be kicking off Road Wild with a bang. Tonight, Rob Van Dam would put the WCW Television title on the line to kick off the show in a hardcore match against Jushin Thunder Liger. Everybody clears out bar Low-Ki and Paul Heyman and the ref comes down and rings the bell.


Match 1 – Rob Van Dam (c) w/Paul Heyman def. Jushin Thunder Liger w/Low-Ki in a hardcore match to retain the WCW Television Championship

Jushin Thunder Liger turning heel has been months in the making. He was supposed to do it months ago when Keiji Mutoh was feuding with Bret Hart, but I’d never gotten round to it. But he’s heel now and he got over from the turn. Since he was on par for overness with RVD, why not have them fight for the belt on Road Wild? RVD got the clean win and I want to keep Rob Van Dam strong, now he’s with Heyman.


Segment 1 (2) – Interview with Scott Steiner

Little justification is needed for this! Anytime Steiner is on the mic, it’s ratings! The purpose of this was to hype up his feud-ending Tables match with Hogan later on in the show.


Match 2 (3) – Bill Goldberg def. Keiji Mutoh

I told you guys that I would be pushing Goldberg eventually! Goldberg’s getting a feud with Mutoh which I’m planning to have him go over in. It’s helped Bill a great deal so far by having him beat Mutoh. The ratings for this match were very surprising! It got the same rating as RVD/Liger which really shocked me! Well done guys!


Match 3 (4) – “Asbury Perfection” Bam Bam Bigelow (c) and Curt Hennig (c) def. Chris Benoit and Bret Hart, Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon w/Paul Heyman and “The Outsiders” Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in an elimination match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

Since both these team feuds have only just started, I figured that I should experiment with this little four-way for the titles! Dean and Dragon are feuding with the Outsiders, while Benoit and Hart are feuding with the new WCW Tag Champions Asbury Perfection. I’ve done a little bit of tension-building between the Outsiders and Asbury Perfection as both teams are a part of the nWo. After the four men lost an elimination 8 man tag to Malenko, Dragon, Benoit and Hart, they got into a pull-apart brawl on Thunder. This all lead to this fatal four way. The Outsiders were eliminated first, Benoit and Hart second and Malenko/Dragon only just lost out to Asbury Perfection. I was really contemplating having Malenko and Dragon go-over but Asbury Perfection’s title reign has only just started! Maybe in the future but right now… Hennig and Bam Bam rule the tag division!


Match 4 (5) – The Giant def. Rowdy Roddy Piper

I understand this wouldn’t exactly be the greatest spectacle in the world but these two are still over after all of this time. I figured that I should feud them and make use of them. The Giant won the match clean and then beat up Piper after. A bit of a filler match!


Match 5 (6) – Diamond Dallas Page def. Eddie Guerrero in a falls count anywhere match

This match was Match Of The Night as far as ratings were concerned. These two are insanely over! This is actually the first time I’ve booked this two in a match in this entire thing! DDP went over but Eddie delivered a revenge attack afterwards.


Match 6 (7) – Scott Steiner (c) def. Hollywood Hogan in a tables match to retain the WCW United States Championship

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Tom. Why is someone like Hogan fighting for the US Title?” Well my reasoning is two-fold:

  1. It was initially just going to be a non-title feud but I figured that I might as well put the belt on the line for this last match because it could do that title a lot of favors.
  2. Hogan is a pro-American character so he might as well be competing for the US title if he thinks the nWo’s Steiner has shamed it.

It’s a tables match because why not? I bumped up my riskiness so I’m now able to access a lot more matches. Tables was one of those matches so I used it for this match. Steiner went over after RAVEN jumped Hogan during the match, leading to Steiner putting Hogan through a table!

When the idea of Hogan vs Raven popped into my head, I figured that it had to be done! I can’t wait to book that feud!


Match 7 (8) – Chris Jericho (c) def. Sting, Randy Savage and Raven in a fatal four way match to retain the WCW Championship

This actually came off a suggestion from one of the EWBattleground boards who suggested this match for the PPV after Bash At The Beach! These four have a great potential for a four-way (ewww!) so I shot them together. The new champion Jericho retained! 92% to end the show!


Previously on WCW EWR….


Chris Jericho began feuding with the WCW Champion Raven and teamed with Sting to defeat Raven and Randy Savage in the main event of The Great American Bash. Ric Flair FINALLY won the feud with Hollywood Hogan after botched interference from Eric Bischoff. Scott Steiner won the US Title back from Booker T in their feud-ending match and bunch of other feuds started as well.

A major point to make before Bash at the Beach:

  • The Nitro after The Great American Bash…
  • the nWo called a summit at the end of the show. After Hogan lost, Curt Hennig lost and the Outsiders lost, the group were in quite a state. Hogan called out Eric Bischoff for costing him the Flair match and said that changes needed to be made. Bischoff agreed that changes needed to be made and decided to be out with the old and in with the new. Bischoff had the rest of the nWo surround Hogan to the shock of the crowd. The nWo were about to go after him but Hogan was Hulkin’ Up! He ripped off the shirt and was about to take on the nWo… until Scott Steiner jumped him from behind. Then, the entire stable attacked Hogan kicking him out of the group. Steiner locked on the Steiner Recliner and made Hogan pass out. Steiner hands Bischoff a spray-can as he proceeds to spray “nWo” on Hogan’s back.



Pre-Show – Piper’s Pit with Diamond Dallas Page

A first in our little universe. The pre-show match… is a segment! This is actually the best-rated Piper’s Pit segment I’ve actually had! Maybe because DDP was in it and he’s over as hell! Anyway, this was to hype up DDP’s opening match. Speaking of which…


Match 1 – Diamond Dallas Page def. Curt Henning in a Falls Count Anywhere match (Hehe. I almost wrote Curtis Axel! XD)

The feud-ending match between these two. I was really contemplating having Hennig go over in the feud because he’s never gone over in a major singles feud in my universe. However, I decided to give DDP the victory because Hennig did have something big planned for right after this feud. So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have DDP go over.


Match 2 –  Chris Benoit (c) and Rob Van Dam def. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a hardcore tag team match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship (RVD was filling in for Chris Jericho as Benoit’s partner for the night)

The Benoit/RVD vs Outsiders feud ended here as well, with miscommunication between Hall and Nash costing them the match. Nash and Hall argued after the match, teasing a break-up between the iconic duo. Whether I actually intend to go down that road with them I still don’t know but it’s nice tease everybody regardless!


Match 3 – Tajiri def. Booker T in a non-title match

Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri knocked off Booker T in the first match of their feud. Tajiri is the second-in-command if you will of the Asian Invasion and he deserved a feud so why not put him up against Booker T? Booker can’t compete for the Cruiserweight title of course, but these two could put together some great stuff in the ring. Tajiri struck first in this title match but Booker ain’t going down without a fight…


Match 4 – Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon w/Paul Heyman def. Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero in a hardcore tag team match (Sorry to keep doing the same match types, but with my low riskiness I’m very limited to the matches I can do)

Rematch from the Great American Bash. Malenko and Dragon picked up the win in the feud-ending match between these two teams. Out of fustration, Eddie ATTACKS Chavo post-match and went backstage. This is not anybody turning face or anything. Eddie’s just going to distance himself from Chavo for a bit to do some main event stuff while Chavo might go for the Cruiserweight title. For now, Los Guerreros is no more but sometime down the line they may reunite.


Match 5 – Scott Steiner def. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

So yeah, Hollywood Hogan is now a face after he was kicked out of the nWo. He’s now going up against the newest member of the nWo and United States Champion Scott Steiner. Steiner would have went over clean in this one after he made Hogan pass out to the Steiner Recliner. However, Hogan implemented his creative control and refused to go over clean to Steiner. So I had Bischoff come out and screw him. Some day Hogan, I’m going to get you and your Creative Control!


Match 6  – Keiji Mutoh def. Bret Hart in a submission match

Another feud-ender. Mutoh won after interference from Tajiri. The ref was down when Bret locked in the Sharpshooter on Mutoh. This was when Tajiri came in, green misted him and hit the Buzzaw Kick. Afterwards, Mutoh locked on the Sharpshooter but Bret got the ropes. He locked it in again and Hart again got the ropes. Mutoh does it one more time and eventually – Bret passes out. Mutoh going over in the feud was important… even though Bret did lose his last two feuds! Don’t worry Bret… I’ll owe you one.


Match 7 – Sting def. Randy Savage in a Texas Death Match

This feud ended as well tonight. Sting and Savage giving me great results once again. Looking back, I probably should have given Savage the win here because Sting won their last feud. However, great ratings! I can always count on these two to perform!


Match 8 – Chris Jericho def. Raven (c) via DQ in a match for the WCW Championship

Yeah, Jericho vs Raven is the main event of a WCW PPV! Match of the night! Jericho’s rise to the main event has led him to this match! Jericho hit Raven with the Liontamer, but Raven kicked out. Jericho went for a Wheel Kick on the champion but got the ref. Exiles members Michael Wallstreet, Big Bossman and Perry Saturn run in to attack Jericho. They hit a triple team move like the Shield’s Powerbomb or something. Raven goes for the cover but Jericho kicks out. Raven goes for his DDT but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho. Raven pushes Jericho into the ref again (poor ref!). Savage comes down and hits Jericho with a chair but then the lights go out… Sting hits the ring. He goes after Savage. They brawl to the back. The refs getting back up and Raven grabs the belt and sizes Jericho up. He hits him with the belt but Jericho bounces off the rope, no sells and drops Raven for the Walls. The walls is locked in and Raven submits. The ref calls for the bell. Michael Buffer, or whoever our announcer is, declares that the winner is Chris Jericho… via disqualification. Still the WCW World Champion… Raven.


That was Bash At The Beach. Joint-highest rated show alongside Slamboree! Pretty proud with this one!



Previously on Extreme Warfare Revenge’s WCW…

We did our highest rating ever in the WCW 1998 game, with a 90% at Slamboree! We saw some great feuds end with Mutoh beating RVD, Raven retaining the WCW title against Bret Hart, Jericho and Benoit beat the Outsiders and Sting beat Eddie Guerrero!

But now…

The Great American Bash!


Pre-Show – Rey Mysterio and Jushin Thunder Liger def. Big Bossman and Perry Saturn

Gracing the pre-show at the Great American Bash would be Bossman and Saturn from The Exiles, as they took on Jushin Thunder Liger and Rey Mysterio (Anyone who has a good team name for Mysterio and Liger please tweet me @TomRobinson5199!) A decent little run-out for the tag teams. Seeing as how Rey and Liger jobbed out to Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow in their feud, I think it was only fair that they went over here. Perry and Bossman were doing fine at the Exiles and I really wanted to see Liger and Mysterio get over. 81%


Match 1 – Scott Steiner def. Booker T in a Falls Count Anywhere match to win the United States Championship

That’s right! HA! Steiner went over in the feud-ending match between these two to regain the United States title that he lost to Booker at Slamboree. I had big plans for Steiner after this match so I really wanted him to go over and win the title. He might still lose it some time down the line but right now, he doesn’t need to drop the belt. Give it a bit of prestige by having someone like Steiner (who’s insanely over) the belt. 95% Match Quality, 94% Crowd Reaction and 94% overall… I think it’s safe to say this was a great feud! Both these guys put some amazing matches in and have elevated themselves as well as the US Title in the process!


Match 2 –  Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon w/Paul Heyman def. Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero

Alright, the Paul Heyman guys Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon were going up against Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero at The Great American Bash… if only what I just posted actually happened in the old WCW! With this feud only just started by the time the Bash rolled round, I didn’t expect that great ratings because the crowd wouldn’t be that into it yet. But due to the great chemistry between these four, it was bumped up to a 86%! Pleased!


Match 3 – Diamond Dallas Page def. Curt Hennig

This match did INCREDIBLY well! I was not expecting it to be the match of the night when it came to ratings! 98% Crowd Reaction and 95% overall! The fans were digging this! The nWo’s Hennig only just lost out to DDP in the first match of their feud!


Match 4 – Chris Benoit (c) and Rob Van Dam* def. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship (*Benoit’s tag team partner Chris Jericho was booked for the main event so Rob Van Dam took his place in the feud. Benoit and Jericho are still the champions and there’s no way to have somebody defend the title for somebody else on the game but we can’t just pretend! 😉

With Jericho in the main event feud, I put Benoit with Rob Van Dam and had them feud with the Outsiders. A large reason why I picked Van Dam was because him and Scott Hall like working with each other and they often pull out decent matches. This one got a 89% so again… another quality tag team on PPV. My tag team division is white hot in WCW!


Match 5 – Keiji Mutoh def. Bret Hart

I’m sure they’re a bunch of wrestling fans out there that have always wanted to see this! A problem with this feud though was even after I’ve feuded Mutoh with the likes of Benoit, RVD and Piper… he’s struggled to get over. Even fellow stable member and Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri was closing in on his overness! But still, these two delivered in ratings and you couldn’t have expected anything less from these two. Mutoh got the big win at the Great American Bash and a good start to the feud.


Match 6 – Ric Flair def. Hollywood Hogan with Eric Bischoff as the Special Guest Referee (If Eric Bischoff was bias towards Hogan, he would lose his power in WCW)

I made a mistake on the last part of the EWR series. I said that at Slamboree, Flair and Hogan’s feud ended when Flair beat Hogan after Bischoff accidentally cost Hogan the match. That was a mistake because it actually ended here at the Bash in the match! The match from last time was a Steel Cage match I believe (which Flair won). I do apologize for that.

That was the problem with this feud. Because Flair can’t work on TV, I’m limited to having them fight on PPVs so I had to wait a while before I could end this one on air and successfully. Looking back, I probably should’ve done a lot more than just single matches with these two. But with the rest of the nWo in feuds… what else can you do?


Segment 1 (7) – Piper’s Pit with Sting and Randy Savage

Looking back, I probably should have shot this angle at the start of the show. However, I thought this was decent build to the main event match. The main event had already been announced but this pours gasoline on the fire. Sting and Savage are two charismatic workers that do excellent work together. Throw Piper in there and you’ve got a hell of a segment! 85%


Match 7 (8) – Chris Jericho and Sting def. Raven and Randy Savage

I know it’s odd booking a tag team match as the main event of a PPV, especially one like the Great American Bash. Normally I wouldn’t do it, but considering that these four were all just beginning feuds with one another I figured I could try something different. I probably should have done a fatal four way for the WCW Title (held by Raven) but considering him and Savage were in the Exiles stable, I figured why not make it a tag match?

This gave me the chance to put Jericho over Raven on PPV as well. As Jericho was beginning his feud with Raven over the WCW Title, I figured if he’s not winning the next PPV match between these two why not give him the win here? Raven didn’t need to win this match but Jericho did. 92% and a decent way to cap off the PPV.


PPV got 89% overall so I’m happy! One of the better PPVs we’ve done. But up next… Bash At The Beach!



Previously on WCW…

Our ratings sucked and we needed to pull something out of the bag for Slamboree!

By the way before we get started, on my first EWR blog I explained that I got the idea from the NewLegacyInc group who did a playthrough of the exact same mod. In the summer for a charity stream, they actually did a game of EWR where they were ACTUALLY booking with the man, the myth, the legend… Vince Russo!

This got Vince to thinking and he’s now started doing a playthrough of WCW 2000… like a what-if scenario if he had not been let go as Head Of Creative. He’s not doing it on EWR. He’s doing it on TEW (which is very similar to EWR) and do check it out because it gives you a great look into the mind of Vince Russo. Do check it out below.


Pre-Show – Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon w/Paul Heyman def. Silver King and Damien, Edge and Christian and Tajiri and Kensuke Sasaki

Pre-Shows are becoming sort of the experimenting zone for me as far as WCW is concerned. With the eight feuds taking up spots on the main show, this was a way for me to experiment with some of the upcoming tag teams around. Guys that didn’t really have a lot of overness elevated by a PPV Pre-Show appearance. Silver King and Damien both got recommended for a call up from developmental. They got a match and put together as a team. Edge and Christian were guys I wanted to get back on WCW Television after Jericho broke away from them. Tajiri and Kensuke Sasaki were both part of the Asian Invasion stable. And finally, Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon… who both had just became clients of Paul Heyman! Dean and Ultimo won, because they were leagues ahead of the others as far as overness is concerned.

Match 1 – Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig w/Ted DiBiase def. Jushin Thunder Liger and Rey Mysterio in a Hardcore Tag Team match

I ended this tag team feud with a hardcore tag team match at Slamboree. There’s not a lot of choice with the tag team matches so I just shot them in a hardcore match. This did SO much better than last time. I put Ted DiBiase as Hennig and Bigelow’s manager as he was already in the nWo stable and I wanted to use him because he was very over. Bigelow and Hennig picked up the feud ending victory because over time, they were developing better as far as overness was concerned.

Match 2 – Booker T def. Scott Steiner (c) to win the United States Championship

Like I mentioned earlier on, Steiner had won the US Title from Benoit on Nitro. This was done for a couple of reasons….

1) It was part of the storyline involving Benoit/Jericho and the Outsiders.

2) I wanted to put a belt in the Booker/Steiner feud.

3) I wanted to elevate Steiner…

…and then I had Booker beat him for the title! Don’t worry. Steiner was going to win the title back in the feud-ending match.

Match 3 – Rob Van Dam def. Keiji Mutoh

RVD beat Mutoh in the rematch from Spring Stampede. RVD was still trying to earn Mutoh’s respect. After he beat him, Van Dam was attacked by Mutoh. High ratings. Much higher than last time… no pun intended.

Match 4 – Chris Benoit (c) and Chris Jericho (c) def, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a cage match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

Another feud-ender. One of my bigger feuds. Jericho and Benoit had joined forces to stand up against the Outsiders. They took the tag titles from Nash and Hall. The Outsiders responded by costing Benoit and Jericho their US and TV titles respectively. They  settled things in a fifteen foot high steel cage! Benoit and Jericho got the win in the final match between these two tag teams! Jericho was going to be moving on to even greater things after the end to his Outsiders feud, having 100 overness…

Match 5 – Sting def. Eddie Guerrero in a Last Man Standing match

Sting won his feud against Eddie Guerrero… but yet only Eddie was the one that got overness! A solid feud for him, but I really wanted Sting to win at the end.

Match 6 – Ric Flair def. Hollywood Hogan with Eric Bischoff as the Special Guest Referee (If Eric Bischoff was bias towards Hogan, he would lose his power in WCW.

Flair FINALLY won the feud with Hollywood Hogan but in controversial circumstances… Bischoff was assigned the role of referee for this last match between nWo leader Hogan and WCW President Flair. Bischoff went to hit Flair with the chair but hit Hogan instead. Bischoff had no choice but to make the count, ending the match. Yeah, this is pretty much what happened in the Undertaker vs Bret Hart Summerslam match, but this was the only ending that could in a way build to the eventual dissolving of the nWo. Having Bischoff screw over Hogan, leading to tensions between the two.

Match 7 – Randy Savage def. Diamond Dallas Page in a Texas Death match

After DDP got wins at Uncensored and Spring Stampede, Savage finally won the feud with DDP after Perry Saturn interfered. The ratings were awesome for this one.

Match 8 – Raven def. Bret Hart to retain the WCW World Championship

This feud wrapped up I think the night after, but yeah, Raven won. Raven is currently the top guy in WCW right now and will likely be on top for a LONG TIME!