Past Ventures



WhatCulture is an award-winning web-site which is widely known for its articles on various forms of entertainment including WWE, Comics, Video Games and Sports. Here are the articles I’ve done for it so far.

Why WWE Are Finally Getting It Right With Alberto Del Rio As World Champion

Why WWE Should Bring Back The Cruiserweight Division

What If… AJ Styles Joined The WWE

WWE: Why Hasn’t Wade Barrett Been A Champion Yet?

WWE: Damien Sandow Cashes In Money In The Bank And Loses – Good Thing Or Bad Thing?

WWE: Why The Big Show Should Not Main Event Survivor Series

WWE: Why Being In The Wyatt Family Is Perfect For Daniel Bryan



On the columns section of, you will be able to see content that I write for the ever-popular site. My column is the “Robinson Rumble” and you can see the links to the columns I’ve done before.

Robinson Rumble: Who Will Be The Undisputed WWE Champion?

Robinson Rumble: Can TLC ’13 Uphold Streak Of Good TLC PPVs?

Robinson Rumble: The Rise Of Magnus

Robinson Rumble: Brodus Clay’s Heel Turn And What’s Next

Robinson Rumble: “There Are No More Faces or Heels”

Robinson Rumble: Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 30

Robinson Rumble: Why Ryback’s Tweets Are Best For Business

Robinson Rumble: State of the X-Division

Robinson Rumble: Titus O’Neil – The New Heel In Town

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