“Rowdy” Roddy Piper Passes Away At 61


In what is a huge loss for the wrestling industry tonight, Rowdy Roddy Piper has died from a cardiac arrest at the age of 61. It’s so sad to hear considering Dusty Rhodes passed away last month. Two influential wrestlers oozing with charisma having passed away and Piper’s charisma was just on a level few could ever match up to. Whether it’d be in a joking manner or a serious manner, Piper knew how to get the crowd on the edge of their seats and for that, you have to respect him.

Vince McMahon said in a WWE.com press release about it that “Roddy Piper was one of the most entertaining, controversial and bombastic performers ever in WWE, beloved my millions of fans around the world,” and that’s pretty much bang on the money. Piper was such an inspiration to anyone wanting to get into wrestling and entertain people. He inspired others to be the bad guys of wrestling, let alone the good guys! Many superstars now say in interviews that they were inspired by Piper. Particularly heels, who were blown away by what Piper did or said in that ring. In my mind, the greatest wrestler to never hold the WWE Championship who was beloved by all. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, Hot Rod.


Last time in this series, we discussed what potential storylines WWE might have had in place for Eddie Guerrero before his death in November 2005. We recapped the first storyline of Eddie Guerrero’s rise to the World Heavyweight Championship and the main event of Wrestlemania 22. Now let’s do another one…

As we mentioned in the last blog, Court Bauer talked of plans to book a dream match like no other at Wrestlemania 22. With Eddie Guerrero’s heel persona taking off with style in 2005, the plans were for Eddie to go at it with another all-time great. A great who I believe could have had one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania with Latino Heat. Eddie Guerrero could have very well feuded… with Shawn Michaels.


A program between these two would be wonderful to see for a number of reasons…

  1. These two contrasting styles could work wonders in the ring and on the mic. Shawn’s got quite a history with working with great wrestlers whose style is very different to his. The year before at Wrestlemania 21, he put on a classic with the mat-grappler and wrestling machine Kurt Angle. His classics with Undertaker over the years will live long in the memory. Eddie Guerrero’s ability could have brought something new out of Shawn which could provide mouth-watering action.
  2. This match probably would have stolen the show at THIS particular Wrestlemania. Other than the hardcore match between Edge and Mick Foley, none of the other matches on the Wrestlemania 22 card were really show-stealers and THAT memorable. I’ve always thought Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton was a good match, but it was way shorter than it really should have been. A match like this, given the appropriate time, would give the audience a match talked about for years….

So how could we bring these two stars together for a little dance at the grandest stage of them all? Well the two were already set for a collision course just before Guerrero died at Survivor Series 2005. Remember, both men were scheduled to be part of the RAW vs SmackDown! Survivor Series match. So it’s a great place to start when building up this particular match.


In the Survivor Series match, before Eddie and Shawn are putting on a show. With two eliminations each and showing the very best from both men, there’s little surprise as it comes down to these two battling for brand supremacy. During this, the referee gets knocked down by Eddie or Shawn. Eddie goes for the Frog Splash but Shawn moves out of the way. Both men are down from exhaustion, when RAW general manager Eric Bischoff comes down to aid Shawn with a chair. However, SmackDown! general manager Teddy Long comes out to stop him. Even though the general managers already had a match earlier on in the PPV, it would be OK for them to come out again as this is the ultimate decider for which brand is superior. Both men would want it badly. While they’re scuffling and the ref’s down, JBL would come down to the ring and give Michaels the Clothesline from Hell. He would pull Eddie over Michaels but the ref is down. Rey Mysterio would get in JBL’s face going “What are you doing? Let them fight it out.”

I’m keeping to how the ORIGINAL RAW vs SmackDown! match ended with Rey and JBL being eliminated before Orton pinned Michaels with Eddie replacing Orton in this particular scenario. Rey would be pulling JBL off Eddie because he would want to see Eddie and Michaels finish without interferences or any other shenanigans. Rey is an honorable character so it’d make sense that he’d want to see a clean finish. However as Rey is telling JBL to get to the back, Eddie low-blows Shawn as the two of them get up. The ref finally gets up and Eddie takes advantage by climbing to the top, hitting the Frog Splash and pinning Michaels. This would turn Eddie heel once more, by ruining a classic encounter between these two future hall-of-famers through dirty tactics. So what happens next?


Well not much on RAW as not much NEEDS to change with regards to Shawn Michaels. Shawn might be pissed because of Eddie’s actions, but there’s not a lot he could do about it at this point. He might as well continue on into the elimination chamber at New Year’s Revolution 2006, where he would compete for the WWE Championship. He would lose and go on to the Royal Rumble.

As for Eddie, a lot would happen on his end. Eddie would somehow earn himself a World title shot and respect among the majority of SmackDown! roster. Even though he did use dirty tactics to get the job done at Survivor Series, he still won the match for SmackDown! and would be considered a hero in the eyes of many. Other than Batista and Rey Mysterio, no-one else would probably complain about it. So Eddie gets his title shot at Batista in a Last Man Standing match. This feud between Eddie and Batista should really end in a big match like a last man standing match as Eddie has went back to his old ways and was eyeing up Batista’s World Title all along. In Batista’s eyes, this is a betrayal from Eddie as he proved at Survivor Series that he was lying the whole time about being a changed man. Batista would be mad and the match would be made for Armageddon. Batista would retain the title.

On the following episode of SmackDown!, Eddie would go on an angry tirade about the SmackDown! locker room not respecting him enough to help him out during his match with Batista. He would call them ungrateful for not showing him the respect he deserved. He won the Survivor Series match for SmackDown!, and they should be worshiping the ground he walks on. Eddie says that he is better than everyone on SmackDown!, everyone on RAW and singles out Shawn Michaels. He says that he could do anything Shawn Michaels has already done. Teddy Long would come out and tells Eddie to prove that he is better than Shawn Michaels by ACTUALLY doing something Shawn’s already done. He announces that at the Royal Rumble, Eddie Guerrero would be the number #1 entrant in the Royal Rumble match!


Meanwhile, word of Eddie’s entry in the Rumble would reach RAW. Shawn Michaels would approach Vince McMahon (who’d be running RAW at this point since Eric Bischoff was fired) and ask him to make Shawn the second entrant. Shawn says that he never quite got over the sting of his loss to Guerrero at Survivor Series and wants to be the first of 29 men in the Rumble to teach Guerrero a lesson. Vince would agree and these two would be the only two known entry numbers going into the Rumble.

So the both of them would start the Rumble and both them would do pretty well. In fact both of them would reach the final six. The two would square off in the Rumble which would lead to Shawn Michaels eliminating Eddie with a bit of Sweet Chin Music. Eddie would respond by eliminating Shawn from the Rumble and delivering a Brainbuster onto the steel steps. I was going to try and avoid doing a repeat of the 2005 Royal Rumble where Kurt Angle eliminated Shawn, who had eliminated him beforehand. However, for Eddie this would work a lot better and here’s why…

Eddie was already angry after NOT capturing the World Title at Armageddon. Plan A didn’t work so he had to go with Plan B… winning the Rumble and earning a World Title shot that way. However, Plan B would fail. To rub salt in the wounds, the man that eliminated him would be the man he singled out in his angry promo after Armageddon. This would tip Eddie even FURTHER over the edge.


Eddie would go to Teddy Long and demand one last title shot at No Way Out, claiming that he put on the best performance out of everyone in the Royal Rumble. Teddy would point out to Eddie that he never put on the best performance at the Rumble as Shawn Michaels lasted longer than Latino Heat and eliminated him. Eddie would snap again, grabbing Teddy by the throat. Teddy is pressured into putting Eddie into a 20 man battle royal to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Armageddon. Eddie would win, giving him one last opportunity.

Meanwhile on RAW, Shawn Michaels would demand a match with Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania 22. Vince would refuse saying that in the state of mind Eddie’s in, he could very well kill Shawn Michaels in the ring. Shawn would try what Eddie did to Teddy, grab Vince by the throat and get his way in that manner. Vince tells Shawn that this wouldn’t work as Shawn didn’t have the stomach to go through with any of his threats. Shawn pushes Vince off before Superkicking him in the ring.

Vince would respond by booking Shawn in a FIVE ON ONE handicap match with the Spirit Squad on the RAW before No Way Out. Shawn would actually do very well against the Spirit Squad and would be closing in on a win, until a shot of Eddie’s low-rider appears backstage. This would distract Shawn and the Spirit Squad would take advantage to get the win. Shawn would angrily cut a promo backstage, telling everybody that he was going to be at No Way Out.


So Eddie has his World Title match. If you want to take Batista’s injury into account, the World Heavyweight Champion would probably be Kurt Angle or Randy Orton as those two were the top contenders when Batista got injured in real-life. I’m gonna go with Kurt because I really liked the chemistry between Eddie and Kurt. The ref would get knocked down and Eddie would grab the chair. Before he can do any damage, Shawn Michaels comes out to Super Kick the chair into Eddie’s face falling into an Angle Slam by Kurt resulting in Kurt retaining the championship.

Eddie would be irate and would should up on RAW, demanding that Vince book Eddie vs Michaels at Wrestlemania. After Vince initially refuses, Eddie takes matters into his own hands and goes after Shane McMahon. He threatens to break Shane’s leg if Vince doesn’t give him the match. Shawn would also come out to “pour fire on the gasoline” and wind up Vince to the point that he books HIMSELF in a No Holds Barred match with Shawn at Saturday Night’s Main Event. If Shawn beats him, he gets Eddie at Wrestlemania. So you still get your Vince vs Shawn No Holds Barred match that we got in real-life, just at a different event. Shawn would win and the match would be set for Wrestlemania.

At Wrestlemania 22, Shawn would go over in what would be a classic between Shawn and Eddie. I wanted to give Shawn this victory since he had lost to Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 21 and he would really need a big win like that at Wrestlemania 22. Eddie could still come out strong after this feud ends, but I think Eddie would need to be drafted to RAW after Wrestlemania to give Eddie a lot more to do on a different show….

…. and of course to get a win back in the rematch!


I’ll admit. Some aspects of this storyline had already been done before recently, like Eddie throwing out Shawn at the Rumble like Kurt had the year before. However, what this does is take advantage on the incredibly white-hot heel Eddie Guerrero and makes him a huge part of the storyline which saw him go toe-to-toe with Mr Wrestlemania. Just a shame that we never got to see this happen.

What do you guys think of this storyline? Leave comments below or tweet me at @TomRobinson5199 with how you would book Eddie Guerrero had he not died in November 2005…

Wrestling Flashback – Hard Times For The American Dream (RIP Dusty Rhodes)


In honor of one of the true all-time wrestling legends. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes telling us about hard times in this incredible promo.

R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes

The Ultimate Warrior Dies – #RIPWarrior


Ladies and gentlemen, the wrestling world is in utter-shock with the news of the death of the newest member of the WWE Hall Of Fame 2014. One of the most well-known wrestlers of all time and a mega star that will remain in the hearts of all his warriors…. The Ultimate Warrior!

The Warrior took the WWF by storm upon his debut, electrifying audiences with his incredible energy and power that had the fans on the edge of his seats. Seriously if you went back and watched promos from him in his prime, the Warrior connected with the fans so well and were able to pump them up big time just by words. Check this one out for example…

The thing is… Warrior could create a buzz so easily that makes the fans get into the product. Like Hulk Hogan, he was the kind of wrestler that could build electricity in a flash. A wrestler that pumps up a crowd is more important than any other attribute in my opinion. You could be the greatest technical wrestler or the greatest risk taker or what not. But getting the crowd excited and rallied up is more important than anything.

I remember when I first got into wrestling like 2003 or something. After a couple of months of watching it, I watched the match between him and Randy Savage. That match had such an incredible feeling to it. Especially when Warrior kicked out of all the elbow drops by Randy. I loved watching that. I actually think this match wasn’t on the WWE 2K14 Wrestlemania mode which actually sucks because that match had a lot of moments that we’ll never forget. Not to mention the scene with Savage and Miss Elizabeth in the end.

Warrior being inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year is now even more special and so huge. It’s incredible and warming to know that he was inducted while he was still alive. The Warrior was able to have his last 3 nights in the WWE if you will, with Hall Of Fame, Wrestlemania and RAW. And you could tell he loved being back. He couldn’t wait to put that mask on one last time on RAW. After all the things that have happened to him, he was able to have one last time in the sun before his death. And that’s special for the Warrior. He’ll live on in the hearts of all of his warriors!

RIP The Ultimate Warrior!


04/03/2013 Old School Raw Thoughts Reactions: Undertaker Returns

CM PUNK: I know a picture of Undertaker should really be on here instead, but this photo just looks really cool.

CM PUNK: I know a picture of Undertaker should really be on here instead, but this photo just looks really cool.

RAW REVIEW… finally. I’m Tom Robinson, and I’m here with the Raw review from old school RAW. Did it top the last Old School Raw? And what implications were made for Wrestlemania?

Right, let’s get down to business…

Ryback vs Mark Henry At Wrestlemania 29?

First match of the night was Ryback taking on Antonio Cesaro. I know Ryback is supossed to be a dominant monster, but that match was WAY too one-sided. Being US Champion, Cesaro should have put up more of a fight, and I think he wasn’t utillized good enough in this match. Ryback won this WAY too quickly.

But that match was a great match in comparison to the next one. Mark Henry vs Zack Ryder. But before that took place, a staredown took place between Ryback and Mark Henry on the ramp. This potential match up is actually OK in my book. These two needed a big match at Wrestlemania, so why not have them face each other? Good call WWE. But of course, that means one of these two are gonna lose at Wrestlemania. If Mark Henry loses, then he loses his momentum. If Ryback loses, that’s a SIXTH PPV loss in a row. If anyone needs to win this match more…. it’s Ryback. Anyway, Mark Henry, the two move wonder made quick work of Ryder. Because… “THAT’S WHAT I DO!”

Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz w/Ric Flair

Ziggler and Miz were really slick in this match. This was a really entertaining match, and the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair was funny at ringside! He was stylin’ and proflin’ in style on Raw, even getting in his signature thrusts. XD But Miz needs to work on Stylin’ and Proflin’ though. XD Back to the match, a really good encounter, and Miz looked really good in this match, even winning, BY SUBMISSION! A great win for The Miz, which is funny because several online reports suggest that Miz is getting stick by Triple H backstage. Or maybe this win was put in place because Ric Flair was in the house, I don’t know. But either way, it was a great piece of wrestling. I just want to state for the record that The Marine 3 looks so god-damn awful. Sorry Miz, but I ain’t watching that. Hehe

Alberto Del Rio And Jack Swagger Battle For Momentum. NO Zeb Colter Promo!

Jack Swagger and World Champion Alberto Del Rio battled for momentum ahead of their clash at Wrestlemania. Swagger squashed 3 patriotic legends (Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter and Jim Duggan), and Del Rio knocked off Wade Barrett. Damn it, I wish they didn’t make Barrett look this bad. 😦 It was a shame that Zeb Colter didn’t get on the mic. He’s a great speaker.


The Rock And John Cena Segment

Urrgghhh, same old stuff from these two. John Cena was basically repeating what he said for about 12 months leading up to their first match. And The Rock was horrible on the mic in comparison to Cena (although the Lance Armstrong joke was pretty funny). I tried, but I just couldn’t get into this segment. But can you blame me?

Three Face Tag Teams Win Three Squash Matches. HAIL THE HEROES!

Team Hell-No defeated Prime Time Players, The Lords Of The Dance (Brodus Clay and Tensai) defeated 3MB and New Age Outlaws defeated Primo and Epico as the 3 face tag teams defeated the heels incredibly easy. While I’m disappointed at how boring some of the matches were, it’s great that 6 proper tag teams were in action on Raw. I think the tag team regeneration plan has certainly worked. 🙂

Fandango… Cuts A Promo

Moving on….

Triple H And The Shield Cut Intense Promos

Triple H cut a pretty cool promo on Brock Lesnar, challenging him to face him – again – at Wrestlemania. One thing I can praise Triple H for is that he’s a phenomenal promo-cutter. He adds so much intensity to his promos, which I really think should be in product more often. The more intensity in a rivalry, the more anticipated you are going to get. Great work, Hunter.

The Shield cut a promo too. The camera promo as they normally do. These two cut another great promo, talking about The Undertaker and comparing their streak in WWE to his. Why do I get the feeling that The Shield are going to interfere in Undertaker’s match at Wrestlemania? And speaking of the devil…

Undertaker vs CM Punk Is Set For Wrestlemania 29

The Undertaker Returned. He showed up at the start of the show which I was surprised as hell by. I thought Undertaker would have been left for the end of the show. But regardless, it was a chilling start to the show, despite Undertaker not saying a word.

CM Punk, Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus had a segment in which all 4 guys declared interest in scrapping with The Deadman at Wrestlemania. I’m sorry but Big Show saying that only a giant could end the streak was just plain ridiculous. Mark Henry, Giant Gonzalez, Big Show himself, A-Train, Batista, Psycho Sid, Big Bossman, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Kane twice. It’s just not believable to think that Big Show would actually end the streak considering the streak is built on Undertaker defeating giants.

Anyway, CM Punk vs Sheamus vs Big Show vs Randy Orton was made for the main event to determine who faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. And the match didn’t disappoint. I thought it was a pretty decent fatal four-way. Obviously, Punk won, setting up CM Punk vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

To be honest, this Old School Raw was a little bit of a let down in my opinion. Way worse than the first one they did in 2010. A lot of quick matches that you just couldn’t get into. However, Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz was a treat, and Triple H’s promo was rather good. But this Raw was a real disappointment. I wish the legends that were there were utilized a lot better, and I wish there was at least one surprise on tonight’s show. But at least The Undertaker has return… and it appears that it will be CM Punk that will face the Phenom.

Before I leave you guys, tragedy has struck the wrestling world as Paul Bearer, manager for The Undertaker, Kane and many more, died today. It’s a real shocker, as one of the greatest managers in wrestling history passes away and seeing Paul on TV was a treat. There was no other manager quite like him. He has that chilling vibe about him that made him such an interesting character to see. And he was no doubt a huge influence in The Undertaker’s rise in the WWF, as he made The Undertaker a lot more of a scary character with his presence. He had probably one of the best voices in the WWF, and people used to actually freeze with fear when they hear these immortal words…

He will be sorely missed by the world. May he rest in peace.