28/3/2013 TNA Impact Wrestling Review – OPEN FIGHT NIGHT: Tensions Rise As Hardy Vs Bully II Becomes Extreme

Hey there TNA fans, Tom Robinson here, with my weekly blog post for Impact Wrestling. Very interesting show as it was OPEN FIGHT NIGHT!

Jeff Hardy cut a promo at the start of the show about being the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship which was interrupted by Aces And Eights, and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray. Bully’s promo on Hardy was interrupted by Mr Anderson, who kept calling Jeff Hardy a disappointment, which resulted in the Charismatic Engima hitting Anderson, which led to a beatdown by the Aces And Eights. Anderson and Bully Ray laid in the punches on the number one contender before the troops of TNA saved Hardy from a beatdown. I don’t get why Aces And Eights ran away when they had like a 4 man advantage on the TNA troops, especially after they destroyed the TNA roster 3 weeks ago. Jeff then proclaimed that for Open Fight Night, he would be challenging Mr Anderson to a match later on. A Fairly good opening segment.

Next, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez called out Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, in a match which would apparently crown new number one contenders. How many times do these two teams need to wrestle each other? I swear, it seems like the same old teams  are fighting for the tag titles now. Bring a new tag team to the fray please! There’s only so many times you can watch the same match over and over again until you become so GOD-DAMN frustrated. However, having said that, this match was that bad, and the ending played out really good, with the big man Hernandez putting on a hell of a show. I loved his double backbreaker on Daniels and Kazarian. I can’t find a clip of it on YouTube, but he got both of them up on each shoulder and dropped them. It looked amazing, and I do love Hernandez’s in-ring abilities. Him and Chavo won, and face Bobby Roode and Austin Aries (who were nowhere to be found on this Thursday’s show) in 2 weeks time.

Taryn Terrell, former TNA referee and newly-hired member of the TNA roster, was next to call someone out on Open Fight Night. And surprise, surprise – she called out Gail Kim. Gail took her time and entered the ring, and cut a promo on Taryn before introducring Tara, who apparently has a problem with Taryn too. As Tara made her way to the ring, Gail clobbered Taryn, and along with Tara beat on her. He he. Anyway, Velvet Sky made the save, as an impending tag team Knockout’s feud is on the way. By the way, whatever happened to the Knockout’s tag titles? Are they pretty much retired now, or are ODB and Eric Young still classified as tag champions? Either way, do something with them belts. Seriously. Oh, and the feisty one known as Taryn Terrell attacked Gail in the back, and was pulled-away by Velvet. In the immortal words of Joey Styles…. CAT FIGHT! XD

Hulk Hogan and Jeff Hardy had a backstage conversation in his office, similar to the one Hulk had with Bully Ray just before Lockdown. And we all know what happened there! Anyway, Hulk Hogan allowed Hardy to have any stipulation he wants for his championship match with Bully Ray in 2 weeks. Oh gee, I do wonder what he was going to pick. Hmmmmmmmm…

Sting made his way to the ring and called out Hulk Hogan in an attempt to get on the same page after he allowed Bully Ray to convince him to tell Hulk that he could trust the bully. Hogan gets out here, and throws down the crutches! Shit is ON right here! Hogan and Sting had an incredibly heated argument, with the two blaming each other over Bully Ray’s swerve with Aces And Eights. This led to Hogan demanding Sting to leave the ring. However, Sting told Hogan to make him leave. Those are fighting words right there! But before any fighting happens, Sting is led out the ring by security. Which is kind of a bummer. But, I loved this segment. Love them or hate them, these two are so good on the mic. I love these sort of intense promos, these intense arguments which makes you feel that something’s going to happening. I literally started chanting “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”  during this segment. This is a face to face confrontation for you. Not them crap confrontations between The Rock and John Cena on RAW, which is basically them repeating the same sentences over and over again and kissing each other’s asses.

James Storm was next to call someone out and he called out AJ Styles, the new AJ Styles. As you could probably tell over the last couple of weeks, I’m really into the AJ Styles storyline right now, and this was another chilling encounter with AJ Styles and the Cowboy “James Storm”. AJ Styles was within the crowd. However, Aces And Eights hit the ring, with DOC, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff attacking Storm, who was saved by Kurt Angle and Eric Young, which led to a 6 man tag, which Aces And Eights won. Also, AJ left as soon as Aces And Eights hit the ring to attack Storm. Notice how AJ hasn’t said a single word since his return and is still one of the most interesting parts of TNA. A.K.A “The Jericho Effect”. The match wasn’t that bad. I really wish that Garrett and Wes would work on their in-ring abilities. Taz hinted that Garrett and Wes could be going after the tag team titles, and if they are, they need to be at least satisfactory in the ring before I can take them seriously as a legitimate contenders to the tag titles.

Also, Anderson was going crazy backstage before his match with Hardy in the main event. He was taking the hammer to things in the back, which Bully Ray and Devon was just laughing at. I love Mr Anderson’s methods of getting psyched for a match. XD

Also, Petey Williams is back in TNA! It was announced that he will be in a triple threat match next week with Sonjay Dutt and Mason Andrews, to earn a spot in an X-Division title match with Zema Ion and the champion Kenny King in the near future. Petey Williams got a great pop, and he’s one of my all-time favourite X-Division wrestlers and it’ll be good to see him in the ring again! CANADIAN DESTROYER!

The match between Jeff Hardy and Mr Anderon was featured as the main event, and it was a really good bout. These two can really put on a good show, and it was enjoyable. Some good spots in a match which Anderson won after Hardy got DQ’d for hitting Anderson with a hammer. Hardy would then hit him with a chair, and a ladder, before setting up dive from the ladder onto the table onto Anderson. However, Bully Ray saved Anderson. Hardy then told Bully Ray that their match in 2 weeks for the TNA title would be Full Metal Mayhem, which in other words is TABLES, LADDERS AND CHAIRS! Two of the originators of the match will face of for the main title in the actually match they made their careers out of. This should be good!


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