19/08/2013 RAW Review – Daniel Bryan Faces The Wrath Of The New Corporation

Wrestling fans, I’m Bad News Bobson here with the RAW review. I’m sorry that

The new heel regime has arrived in WWE with the COO Triple H, his wife Stephanie McMahon and the Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon running the ship, with the corporate champion Randy Orton. Randy Orton cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase at Summerslam in on the Daniel Bryan with the assistance of Triple H, who had just won the WWE Championship from John Cena at the PPV. Daniel Bryan was looking for revenge and answers as to why Triple H screwed him out of the belt. But first John Cena started off the show to announce that he would be out indefinitely due to an injury which made his elbow look like this…



John Cena put Daniel Bryan over and effectively “passed the torch” too him on his way out of the ring as D-Bry came out. It’s a good way for Cena to say “Bryan’s the top guy now” and for Cena to take a step back. And Bryan was all business. The exchange between him and Stephanie McMahon that followed was really well done. Sure, Daniel did whip out the same old “Stephanie’s-a-slut” insults like every other person that’s done a promo with Stephanie has done. However, Daniel showed real emotion and and it seemed at times that he was actually pissed at not being WWE Champion. This led to Daniel Bryan being kicked out of the building. Awwwww.

Another new development in the New Corporation with HHH, Vince, Steph and Orton, is the apparent alignment with The Shield. It looked cool seeing The Shield being the regime’s hit-men if you will. It’s becoming like a really cool mafia with a great structure. Think, you’ve got the boss Triple H. He’s the top dog with Vince as his adviser if you will. You’ve got Steph, the manipulator of the group. The Corporate Champion Randy Orton that is the Ace in the Whole. XD And you’ve got the hard-hitters The Shield that enforces the Corporation’s will. It’s awesome. Anyway, Dolph Ziggler and Big Show were both punished for “speaking out against the regime” being put in separate 3 on 1 handicap matches with The Shield. Both looked strong in their matches against The Shield, but both lost.

The Tag Divas Match between the Funkadactayls and “LayJay” Layla and AJ Lee looked awkward as hell. The ending looked really sloppy and Layla trying to go AJ-Crazy was really NOT going well. I’m not saying she can’t act, I’m just saying she can’t act CRAZY. She can be aligned with AJ sure, but leave the craziness to AJ love.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara via referee stoppage when Sin Cara apparently dislocated his finger 30 seconds into the match doing a dive to the outside. Damn it Sin Cara. You’re good in the ring, but STOP getting injured. Really becoming undependable nowadays. After the match was done, Ricardo Rodriguez (who Del Rio turned on a week or two before) came out and announced himself as representing “Mr Monday Night” ROB VAN DAM! An RVD vs Del Rio while inevitable is really cool sounding. RVD could bring the best out of Del Rio, if he faces him at Night Of Champions.

Also, Bray Wyatt defeated R-Truth and The Miz defeated Wade Barrett by disqualification when Fandango attacked Miz. Nothing much.

Also, The “Prime Time Players” Darren Young and Titus O’Neil defeated “The Real Americans” Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro in a decent tag match. With Young and O’Neil getting TV Time and picking up the win, it very much seems like WWE are going to take advantage of Darren Young announcing he’s gay to TMZ and the publicity around it. It’s a shame that it took Young coming out to get the Players this newly-found push. They should have had a run with the tag titles about a year ago. They’re a dynamic duo with a lot of charisma and a very entertaining. It also seems they’ll be faces for now on as well, which might be the right direction for these two to go into.

CM Punk and Curtis Axel got into a phenomenal scrap after a class verbal exchange from CM Punk and Axel’s manager and Punk’s former manager Paul Heyman. This really makes Curtis looks good when he can hold his own in a fight against CM Punk. Yeah, he didn’t win the fight, but Axel is starting to look less of a bit-player in this feud between Heyman and Punk. With Brock Lesnar out of the way, Axel could be a great feud for Punk. By the way, CM Punk going off on a fan booing him during his promo beforehand was a little uncalled for. Sure, if the fan started chanting “Punk’s mom is a whore” or something like that I’d understand. But all he was doing was booing. If Punk is supposed to be a face, he should have just shrugged off the boos rather than calling out this “fat guy” who booed him.

And finally, Randy Orton’s “Coronation” as WWE Champion. Triple H explained that he had no choice but to screw Daniel Bryan at Summerslam because he needed to do what was right for the future of the WWE. I thought Triple H did an OK promo, but it didn’t help that the fans weren’t really into it. Plus, Triple H over-shadowed WWE Champion Randy Orton quite a bit, with Orton only talking for about a couple of minutes or so. I think the new corporation should have Orton put on the mic a bit more, but with Triple H, Vince and Stephanie flying the same boat, that’s gonna be easier said then done.

Daniel Bryan came back in the building and confronted the regime, but was beat down by The Shield and Orton for his troubles. This segment was a really good way to establish the new regime. It was a good way to send out the message that you shouldn’t speak out against the new order. I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months of WWE programming as you all should too. Can’t beat a Heel dictatorship. 🙂

Great show overall. A good PPV-Reaction RAW that reacts to the events of the PPV the previous night. I like how the new corporation is setting up. The Shield, Orton, Triple H, Vince and Steph all in cahoots together. Daniel Bryan leading the resistance. This should be a great couple of months lined up with the big stars like Brock Lesnar and John Cena out the equation for a bit!

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Summerslam 2013 Review – Heel Dictatorships Are Back In WWE with a NEW WWE Champion


WRESTLING FANS, my name is Tom Robinson and I have the biggest smile on my face right now after the finish to Summerslam! In fact my face is sort of like this right now…


Because WWE did something pretty amazing last night that made up for every little thing that was wrong with Summerslam. It was actually a good PPV without this, but because of what happened at the end it’ll go down as one of the best PPVs in years. People will remember this Summerslam for a long time. Anyway, lets get down to it.

Bray Wyatt vs Kane – “Ring Of Fire” Match

To be honest, this never really provided much with all the expectation surrounding this match. It was too short of a match in my opinion. I think when you showcase match like this, people will expect someone to be put on fire. But no-one did. If WWE weren’t gonna have anyone put in flames, why bother with the “Ring Of Fire” stipulation. You might as well give the two like a street fight or something. Bray Wyatt won which is all well and dandy, but the post match beatdown on Kane seemed a little bland. I just hope that the WWE have something big planned for the Wyatts next.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

Short but sweet match between the two, but they should have been given a lot more time I think. I mean Cody Rhodes was on fire tonight. That muscle buster he gave to Sandow looked really good, and a win like this puts Rhodes in a title contendership position. I think they’ve got Rhodes in mind for a shot at the World Champion after he did the “belt-around-waist” pose if you know what I mean. Good win for him, but it does damage Sandow’s credibility to have him lose to Rhodes like this. He needs to pick up some wins now Rhodes has beaten him.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship

Solid match. These two definitely put on a show and had a great finish too their match. The fans were into this and these two great opponents for one another. I don’t think it was as good as Del Rio vs Ziggler from Money In The Bank, but it was a good match nevertheless. I like the fact that Del Rio won by making Christian submit. Its good to have some heels winning matches legitimately nowadays rather than disqualifications or some other cheap finish. It gives Del Rio credibility points and that’s what the World Champion needs to establish himself as a top dog.

Natalya vs Brie Bella

Natalya won! I think that’s all you need to say. I hope this leads to her getting a Divas Title shot at AJ at Night Of Champions.

Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk in a No Disqualification Match – The Beast vs The Best

Definitely Brock’s best match since he returned in 2012. Just a straight up brawl between the two. A lot of people before hand wondered how CM Punk would cope against Lesnar considering their sizes, but it was pretty much an even playing-field. Punk was very innovative with his submission holds here. God, Triangle Holds, Anaconda Vices, FREAKING ARMBARS! I do think Lesnar got tired quick in this match like, but Punk made up for that and was on top form tonight. However, Lesnar picking up the win does hinder Punk a little. But I don’t think it’ll hinder him THAT much. I think Punk will probably hit it big and will likely be in the WWE Title frame soon. However, Punk could have done with that big win over Lesnar. But it was not to be for the best, as he was no match for the BEAST… who’s now the best. XD

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs Big E Langston and AJ Lee

Before we get on to the match, I just wanna state that it seemed weird to have Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn to come out together while AJ and Big E came out separately. I mean Big E and AJ are an actually duo in WWE, this was probably a one-time pairing for Ziggler and Kaitlyn. Shouldn’t Big E and AJ come out together? Hmmm. To be honest, the finish to the match saved it from being TOO bad. Ziggler’s nice coutner of the Big Ending led to the Zig-Zag and the one, two, three. I wonder where Ziggler goes from here… back in the World Title frame or are him and Big E not through?

John Cena (c) vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship with Triple H as the Special Referee

Phenomenal match. While the “You Can’t Wrestle” chants to Cena were really pissing me off, these two put on a great show. And the reason them chants peed me off, is because Cena is actually a really good wrestler. It’s only in matches like with Bryan and Punk that he can truly demonstrate it. What was good about this was that Bryan had a lot more of the offence. Little cool part near the end where Bryan and Cena were slapping each other to get them hyped up. It was really symbolic because Bryan said to Cena a couple of weeks back that he wouldn’t slap Cena in the face because he’s not a wrestler. And slapping him here shows he respected his wrestling ability. But despite Cena’s efforts, it was BRYAN that won the match cleanly with the one, two, three! Great moment for Bryan. I though it was a weird way for the match to end off a front dropkick, but I’ll take it. These two put a serious contender for match of the year. All is well with the world right? HEHEHE….

Randy Orton AND Triple H Turn Heel


Just as the show was about to finish and the fireworks and the confetti was done, Randy Orton came out. It looked like he was about to cash in Money In The Bank, but Orton then though “Nah” and started walking away. But then… WHAM! Triple H hits Daniel Bryan with the Pedigree! You have no idea how much I marked out for that! And obviously, Orton cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase and became the NEW WWE Champion! HEEL DICTATORSHIPS ARE BACK!

Triple H turning heel was MUCH needed as was the Orton heel turn. And they did it on the same night! How great is that? And a Heel dictatorship with Triple H leading the charge has been long overdue in WWE. This is another Corporation for you guys! Yes, it sucked that Daniel Bryan got screwed over, but Triple H is heel. How can you not like that? Triple H is at his best when he is heel. Raw going forward is going to be great. This is a good turning point for the company. The Heels have come to take FULL control of WWE! Muahahahahaha! Let the good times roll!

Great PPV in general despite the short matches with Sandow/Rhodes and Kane/Wyatt. But epic battle between Punk and Lesnar, fantastic WWE Title match between Bryan and Cena, and a PHENOMENAL ENDING!

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Last Minute Predictions For WWE Summerslam 2013

Wrestling fans, “Big Hungry” Tom Robinson here. Armbar Express has rolled in! Not a lot of time left, so here we go.


Pre-Show Match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the US Title

Background: RVD won a battle royal on this Monday’s RAW to earn a US Title shot against Shield Member Dean Ambrose on the Summerslam PRE-SHOW. Just… really? Pre-Show? These two extremely talented wrestlers aren’t on the main card but Natalya vs Brie Bella are? Sorry… but just no.

What Should Happen?: If anyone is gonna dethrone Ambrose as US Champion it should be a big name, and Rob Van Dam is one of the hottest things going for WWE right now. I’d like to see RVD win the title because it’d be a cool mark-out moment for me. However, Ambrose needs the victory more. If he knocked off RVD, that would be a big step forward. Dean Ambrose should win it.

What Will Happen?: Ambrose retains the title after some Shield interference. I think they may put The Shield on the PPV itself with RVD, Mark Henry and Big Show since they’ve been feuding. Like have Brad Maddox come out and change the match and put it on the main show or something. It’d just be weird to see Mark Henry and Big Show not featured on the main card.

Natalya vs Brie Bella

Background: This is basically a promotion for Total Divas. No real background towards it other than lame insults between the two and cat fights. Meow.

What Should Happen?: Natalya wins, if there’s a god.

What Will Happen?: Natalya gets screwed AGAIN, because being one of the few divas on the roster that can actually wrestle gets you nowhere. Brie Bella wins.

Kane vs Bray Wyatt in an Inferno Match (Don’t think that I’m gonna call it the “Ring Of Fire” Match. It’s an inferno match which can be won via pinfall or submission)

Background: Wyatt Family debuted. Beat Up Kane. Kane came back. Wyatt Family beat him up some more. Kane challenges Bray Wyatt to a “Ring Of Fire” Match. Bray accepts.

What Should Happen?: Bray Wyatt wins. It’d be so illogical of WWE to have Bray lose to Kane after SO much hype.

What Will Happen?: Bray Wyatt wins. Sorry Kane, but you’re gonna get burnt mate.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

Background: Damien Sandow double-crossed his “best friend” Cody Rhodes during the World Title Money In The Bank Ladder Match to win the Money In The Bank briefcase. While Sandow defended himself pointing out that it was every man for himself, Cody was having none of it. He would constantly attack Damien and even threw his briefcase into the Gulf Of Mexico. Eventually, the two were booked for the grudge match on Summerslam. Oh and errr… the Money In The Bank briefcase is NOT on the line.

What Should Happen?: As much as I’d like to see Cody pick up the win because he has been long overdue one, Damien Sandow has to win to make himself seem a legitimate contender to the World Title when cashes in. Damien should win the big match at Summerslam, but a rematch should have Cody pick up a win to even the score.

What Will Happen?: I honestly don’t see Sandow winning this. I think with the rate he’s been going, Cody looks like he’s gonna win this match. Cody Rhodes wins.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee and Big E Langston

Background: AJ accidentally cost Ziggler the World Title at Money In The Bank. The next night, Ziggler dumped AJ believing that she was getting in the way of his success. The vengeful AJ set her bodyguard Big E Langston on Ziggler. The two would trade blows for a number of weeks. During MizTV on SmackDown! a week or two ago, Kaitlyn would get involved confronting her former best friend AJ. To settle the feuds, Summerslam Host The Miz booked a mixed tag team match with Kaitlyn and Ziggler battling AJ and Big E at Summerslam.

What Should Happen?: Ziggler and Kaitlyn win (Please don’t make them a couple WWE)

What Will Happen?: Ziggler and Kaitlyn win

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship

Background: Christian returned to the WWE a couple months back, and has since been on a HUGE ROLL. Chrsitian’s desire for ONE MORE MATCH at the World Title drove him to fight harder then he’s ever fought before. Eventually he was entered into a triple threat number one contendership match for the World Title between himself, Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton. In an epic triple threat match, Christian got the win and earned the shot at World Champion Del Rio at Summerslam

What should happen?: Christian wins. 🙂

What will happen?: Del Rio wins. I don’t see him dropping the belt to Christian YET. But I do see another title reign in Christian’s future.

Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk

Background: CM Punk returned at Payback. Sacked Heyman as his manager. Brock Lesnar F5’d Punk. Heyman said he didn’t have anything to do with it. Turns out he was lying. Punk swore revenge. Fought the returning Lesnar. Match at Summerslam made. Fought him a couple more times after that.

What should happen?: CM Punk winning would be big. Lesnar losing would damage his credibility, but CM Punk has a lot more to lose considering he’s gonna be there post-Summerslam. Punk should win.

What will happen?: Lesnar wins. Sorry Punk fans. The Best will be beaten by the beast.

John Cena (c) vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship with Triple H as Special Referee.

Blog post about it here for the full prediction

However, to put it briefly for you…

  • Daniel Bryan Wins Via Pinfall
  • No Cash-In
  • Something big will happen involving the McMahons

There…. Predictions done. I’m Tom Robinson.

Random YouTube Video Of The Post….

Tom Robinson’s Bold Predictions For The 2013/2014 Premier League Season

Morning football fans, I’m The Lean Mean Predicting Machine Tom Robinson! Premier League Football Season starts today!

Literally 30 minutes away so I think it’s best to get my BOLD predictions out the way in a short blog. So here we go….

Who’s Getting Relegated:

  • Crystal Palace
  • Southampton
  • Cardiff City

Top Four

4th: Arsenal – No major season ahead for Arsenal fans I think. As much as I like Wenger, the team’s nowhere near in a position to be considered title contenders.

3rd: Manchester United – I don’t see David Moyes winning titles from the get-go. But doesn’t mean he won’t win titles. It’ll take him a while to find his groove. Remember how his predecessor Ferguson started at Man Utd. This season, I just don’t see it happening.

2nd: Manchester City – Another title-less season for the big-spenders I think. They don’t have the right man in charge with Pellegrini. Then again considering the money and players City have got, the manager might not be that big of an hinderence. So I’m gonna give them 2nd place.

1st: Chelsea – The Special One is back to dominate the Premier League once more. Jose wants this title so bad, I’d be surprised if he didn’t get it. With a world-class squad and a manager like Jose Mourinho, who’s gonna stop them.

OK BOLD PREDICTIONS out of the way. Got a couple of fantasy leagues going. Allow me to introduce my team to represent me in the Sun Dream Team! The Armbar Express!


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Random YouTube Video Of The Post! Djimi Traore being a legend with this peach of an own goal back in 2005 and his incredible ACTUAL goal for the Seattle Sounders a couple of months ago! XD

See you guys later!

The Finish of The WWE Championship Match – Who Will Walk Out On Top Of The WWE Mountain?

Wrestling fans, I’m “The Game” Tom Robinson. First of all before I start, good for WWE Wrestler Darren Young for coming out today and admitting he’s gay in an interview with TMZ. It’s really cool to see athletes getting the confidence to come out clean and he’s not really ashamed about. He said in the interview he didn’t think it mattered and that he’s right. It doesn’t. What matters is that you’re an entertaining athlete, not your personal preferences in life. Good for him for finding the courage to come out and hopefully inspire others to do the same…

Anyway – THE BLOG POST….


Summerslam is right around the corner and the biggest thing going for the event in my mind is the WWE Championship match. Sure, Lesnar and Punk has been a great feud but Daniel Bryan and John Cena for the WWE Championship is the main match. With the McMahons getting involved and with Randy Orton lurking in the background with his Money In The Bank briefcase, expectations are high for this main event. The question is… what’s going to happen at the biggest party of the Summer?

There are like a million ways this match could finish with all the factors going towards it. You’ve got the Triple H special referee card, you’ve got the Vince McMahon card, and you’ve got the Randy Orton Money in the Bank card. After being selected as John Cena’s number one contender for the WWE Championship by Cena himself, Daniel Bryan has been subjective of a lot of criticism of the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon. Sticking with his supposed legitimate off-air views, Vince is not sure whether Daniel Bryan is the type of WWE Champion he wants to represent the company if he wins the title. While he wants Cena to lose the title, he wants Daniel to win the title much less. However, COO Triple H believes that Vince is interfering with WWE affairs too much and decides that the ultimate solution is to make himself the special referee for Summerslam so he can stop whatever Vince has planned for the WWE Title match. HHH’s wife and Vince’s daughter Stephanie McMahon has been rather on the fence, proposing alternatives to suit both men’s ideals like a “corporate makeover”, which went rather badly when Daniel refused to shave his beard.

Breaking away from the McMahon Family Feud, Daniel and John have had issues as well. Daniel has been under the impression that Cena looks down on Bryan and doesn’t respect him enough. But while making accusations of disrespect by Cena, Bryan states that John Cena is not a wrestler like Bryan but more of an entertainer. This has begun to get on the nerve of Cena who actually slapped Bryan on MizTV this Monday on RAW. But WAIT… just when you’ve thinks all of them factors aren’t enough, we have “Mr Money in the Bank” Randy Orton. With an opportunity at a title match anytime he wants, Orton is keeping a close eye on this match to prey on a vulnerable champion and cash in his opportunity right after the match.

This match I think has been built up the best out of all the matches. Punk and Lesnar have not really had as good as a build because it’s basically just been Punk, Lesnar and Paul Heyman either cutting promos on one another or beating each other up. Cena vs. Bryan has some great build and storyline. But what is going to go down?

They’re rumours floating about that Cena could spending some months on the shelves due to an elbow injury he suffered a while ago (thus is the reason why Cena has not been as active in the ring). However, rumours are just rumours. It doesn’t mean that Cena will lose the title at Summerslam. For all we know, he might be fine. But Cena has had the belt since Wrestlemania, so him losing it to Bryan or Orton would be a good idea to keep the title picture fresh with a new champion. But would he end up losing the title to Orton or to Bryan?

The dream scenario for nearly every internet fan (myself included to be honest) is to have Cena tap out to Bryan and put him over as champion by having him do something he hasn’t done in like 10 years. And it makes Bryan look like a mega star in order for him to make someone like Cena tap, which only Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit have been able to do before. If WWE want someone other than Cena waving the flag and selling the merchandise, then they’ve got to take away Cena’s invincibility aura that they’ve created with him. And I honestly don’t think Cena would have problem dropping the belt to Bryan of all people, considering they’re both dating Bellas. I would much prefer Bryan beating Cena, then Cena beating Bryan because that would be disrespectful of WWE to build Bryan up only to have him be shot down by being beaten clean by Cena. So there is always the cheap victory and by that I mean that someone gets screwed…

So the official prediction from me is….

  • Daniel Bryan Wins Via Pinfall
  • No Cash-In
  • Something big will happen involving the McMahons

Anyway that’s the blog. I’m Tom Robinson.

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And the Random YouTube Video Of The Day. I’ll give you a video from the YouTuber KSIOlajidebt. British YouTuber but funny as hell. I know a lot of Americans go on this blog and probably haven’t heard of him. But I seriously recommend that you subscribe to his account because he’s got some funny as hell videos. Watched this the other day and I was actually in tears over it. XD Goodnight everybody.

Why July 2013 Will Forever Be A Dark Period For TNA Impact Wrestling

Hey wrestling fans, I am “The Hardcore Legend” Tom Robinson. And first of all, sorry for all the inactivity in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been focusing on other stuff and really haven’t had time for the wrestling side of things. But I’m here with a post, and it’s to do with a subject I’ve really wanted not to talk about… the current situation with TNA.

In my opinion, 2013 was supposed to be the big break-out year for the world’s number two wrestling company. TNA had a some serious momentum with the Aces And Eights storyline and things was just going right for the company. They even took to the road, breaking away from the dead-as-hell Impact Zone to break new ground by appearing live in front of crowds all around America. It was a couple of risky endeavours but it seemed like it was beginning to pay off right?

But then… July rolled along. In the storyline, the Aces And Eights were a strong a threat as ever as the Bound For Glory Series rolled in. It seemed the Road To Bound For Glory had took off to a great start with big names in the BFG Series and the X-Division was gaining attention again with Chris Sabin getting set to challenge Bully Ray for the TNA World Title. However, the Aces And Eights saw some new opposition in the form of the New Main Event Mafia! I wouldn’t have minded the Main Event Mafia coming back if it weren’t for a couple of things…

1) Sting has once again got up in Bully Ray’s business while he was feuding with Chris Sabin, even though Sting was unable to compete for the World Title again. Not only is Sting’s nose where it doesn’t belong but it made Sabin looked weak without the Main Event Mafia, especially when Sabin actually fought Bully at Destination X and the Mafia got involved.

2) For a group known as the MAIN EVENT Mafia, Magnus was not really an appropriate addition to the group. Don’t get me wrong. I love Magnus to death and I think he’s an amazing piece of talent, but he needs to establish himself on his own before joining anymore groups. Not to mention, Magnus has never won a World Title in his life and has never been in a TNA PPV Main Event in his life. Really? The Main Event Mafia?

3) Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. I would have much preferred it if Jackson wasn’t in it, purely because he’s never had any proper experience in pro wrestling yet. He’s a quality fight and a fan of pro wrestling and that’s respectable, but don’t have him getting involved in big storylines like this just yet. He’s literally just there as a ratings pull.

Also, faction vs faction feuds in TNA have been done SO many times in TNA. Fourtune vs Immortal. EV 2.0 vs Fourtune. TNA Frontline vs Main Event Mafia. The Aces And Eights shouldn’t have been given that treatment.

And the Suicide/Manik business? That is just some of the most absurd booking I’ve ever seen. I loved it when Austin Aires took the suit and won the X-Division title. That was well done. BUT, I hated it as I’m sure all of you guys hated it when the original “Suicide” was reintroduced as “Manik” the next week. What the? OK. So even though we knew the identity of the original Suicide after Aires took his suit, you’re gonna put him in another suit? Oh and then after Manik won the vacant X-Division title 2 weeks ago, he unmasked himself again backstage. It’s just mind boggling.

Then there was the new X-Division Title belt…


It looks like a crossover between the NXT Championship from WWE and the Light-Heavyweight Championship from the WWF days. It looks childish and come to think of it, why did TNA feel this amazing belt needed replacing?


It was original, cool looking and was the same design that TNA had used for the belt since the beginning. I mean it was just daft to replace it with the new one when no-one had a problem with the original. I don’t want to sound like a status-qua guy here, but that belt didn’t need replacing. Sometimes old is better.

Right now we are getting down to the REAL problems. Right now I’ve just picked at some booking flaws and stuff, but the legit problems TNA are having behind the scenes. First all of the releases from TNA.

  • Joey Ryan
  • Taeler Hendrix
  • Matt Morgan
  • D.O.C.
  • Tara
  • Madison Rayne
  • Chrisitan York
  • Matt Morgan
  • D’Lo Brown
  • Bruce Prichard

It’s worrying to see so many releases in the space of a month. Sure, WWE make a lot more cuts to their rosters but they’ve got a much bigger roster to cut from. TNA still have a small array of wrestlers. I mean the Matt Morgans and the Crimsons I couldn’t give a fuss about considering how little of an impact each guy made. But up-and-comers like Taeler Hendrix? Veteran Knockouts like Tara and Madison Rayne? A MEMBER of Aces And Eights D.O.C.? Of all the guys to choose from your roster to cut, why someone who is a part of your most important stable of the company. And someone who looked like they were gonna turn face and hit it big? That was the biggest thing that annoyed me. All of these guys just thrown by the waist-side without any real exit storylines from TNA. It’s real sad to see, especially for the knockouts like Tara who have been there for a while.

And reportedly, being on the road has caused TNA some financial headaches. Sure it was going to be difficult to leave the Impact Zone, but I respect that wanted to take that risk. But if was going to be this bad, why did they go on the road as soon as they did? They shouldn’t have tried it if they didn’t know if they’d be alright financial. And it’s a shame that the roster is suffering from it too.

Then there’s the infamous #AskDixie incident. Something that really pissed me off. I know it was a stupid time for Dixie to open up the Q&A for TNA considering the stick it was getting and Jesse Sorensen whining about being released despite his neck injury, but it was a damn shame that the fans just took the piss. Dixie Carter was only trying to connect with the fans on Twitter and they were just ripping on the company that they will be missing big time when it goes. Wrestling fans will not realize how much they’ll miss TNA until it’s gone. In fact, you want realize how much you’ll miss anyone until they’re gone. So it’s best to take it for granted. A great life lesson for you guys. 🙂

That’s just a few of the things that have went wrong at TNA this month and it really makes me worry what’ll happen next. It’s clear that the fans are gonna start losing interest in the company with the Brock Lesnars and the Rob Van Dams returning at WWE and the build up to Summerslam. So TNA have really got to clean up the issues that are driving the company to the ground. I know I’ve just spent this entire blog post criticizing the company, but I really want them to pull through these difficult times. I think that’s what the entire wrestling community wants, whether they want to admit it or not. Even the biggest TNA hater NoDQ.com owner Aaron Rift said TNA going out of business would be bad for his website. Hell, if TNA went out of business then WWE would be the only major wrestling company left. And how boring would that be? WWE could put on a blindfold Royal Rumble match and not worry about the competition. No matter how bad the show will get, they are still the top dogs. I think we are all want TNA to get better and I hope that it can overcome.

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