WWE Battleground 2014 Review – MH17 Plane Crash Mention Gets WWE In Hot Water


Ladies and gentlemen… it’s here! Battleground Review is here and for those of you who weren’t expecting much from this pay-per-view… you were right to think that way. This PPV was essentially a filler PPV, something to fill the gap before the big dance, something to fill the gap before Summerslam. This was hardly going to be a PPV of THAT caliber and expectation. However, was it able to at least put on a good display as WWE begin their road to Summerslam?


The Usos (c) vs The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan and Luke Harper) – 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match For The WWE Tag Team Championship


I’ve got to admit. I was not aware that this match was a 2 Out Of 3 Falls match, so I was pleasantly surprised! The Usos and The Wyatts always had great chemistry together… and this match certainty demonstrated that. While I was not a fan of the early falls in the 2 Out Of 3 Falls match, they made up for that with a tremendous third fall of the match. Near-fall after near-fall for both teams. A lot of the spots and stuff were from previous matches and seemed repetitive but they introduced a lot of new spots that kept the match alive. In the end, The Usos performed the double splash to, I think it was Rowan, to pick up the third and final fall of the match!

I was definitely surprised that the Usos won. I’m not saying that it was a bad move, but it was something that caught me off-guard. Because if there’s one thing I like in wrestling, that’s being kept off-guard! And NO-ONE saw the Usos retaining. It got a fair amount of boos at the end, but the Usos retain. Maybe if they’re still planning to put the belts on the Wyatts, do it at Summerslam. A bigger event gives the moment more prestige. And to avoid it from being the same thing over and over, throw in Goldust and Stardust. Or maybe bring Rybaxel into the fold again. But I loved this. Great start to the show…


Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins?


Now it was time for Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins… or not. Before the match could take place Dean jumped Seth during his interview and as a result, Triple H called off the match and had Ambrose removed from the building.

Seth would mosey on down to the ring and have the ref declare him the winner by forfeit. But Deano was having none of that – he took matters into his own hands by taking his fists to Seth’s face. Somehow getting back into the building, Dean attacked Seth resulting a large brawl between the two former Shield members. I like that Seth was getting his fair share of hits in on Dean before it was broken up so Seth didn’t seem weak in the fight.

Seth was then sent home for his own safety but was once again jumped by Dean who decided to jump out of the boot of a car to get the job done! You gotta wonder how long he’d been in that ca…. Seth was able to get away from Ambrose and drove out. He took the car that Ambrose was hiding in so either Seth just committed Grand Theft Auto and stole a car or Dean took Seth’s keys and hid in the car! Either way, this was a hilarious way to end this little war between Seth and Dean. I would have liked to have seen a match but this was certainly entertaining. This adds fuel to the fire and intensifies the feud. I like it!



AJ Lee (c) vs Paige for the Divas Championship


This was… highly disappointing. I expected a lot from these two divas. A legit match between these two you would imagine would be great. It had great build and it had a lot of anticipation to it. But to me it felt like a let-down. And I don’t think the fans were into it as much as they would have hoped, especially after watching the quality tag match between the Usos and Wyatts. I personally feel that Paige should have won because her just losing cleanly like she did here just completely diminishes her past title reign and it doesn’t make her look like a legit threat to AJ. I really hope Paige turns heel or something to give this feud some umph because right now, it’s not as interesting as I would have liked it to be because I do like these girls a lot… from an athletic standpoint!


Rusev vs Jack Swagger


This match got a lot of people talking… and it wasn’t because of the match itself. The match itself was just a little bit better than I expected it to be – and that’s not saying a lot because I thought it was going to be a huge let-down. Also, it ended in a sloppy countdown finish. It just didn’t feel when Rusev did the proud Russian celebration at the end like it was a decisive finish because like Michael Cole said, “Swagger had dominated the entire match”. However, this was not the talking point…

Prior to the match, Lana cut her usual Anti-USA promo and put Rusev over like he was a million dollars. However, during the promo she referenced to the MH17 Plane Crash in the Ukraine that killed 283 people. She stirred some controversy with these comments (hoping that this doesn’t get taken down. If it does anything like “Lana Mentions MH17 Crash” on YouTube should get it up).

This has put WWE in some serious hot water. The worldwide media have hounded WWE for allowing Lana to exploit such a tragedy just after it took place in order to gain heat for herself and Rusev.

Here’s an article from the Independent below about it…

WWE accused of ‘exploiting’ MH17 crash at Battleground pay-per-view

Whether WWE were right to do it or not is up to you. I’m not gonna offer an opinion on whether WWE were right to do it, but it’s not exactly something that took me off-guard. Vince McMahon is a proud supporter of free speech and he will go to all kinds of levels to get people talking about WWE, even mentioning major international disasters. Hell Vince once suggested that WWE run an insect angle involving him and his daughter Stephanie (Yes. Vince really wanted to do this). And it seems that WWE are gonna stick with their guns with this Russian-Supporter gimmick with Lana and Rusev. I mean they’ve had days to stool over what to do with Rusev and Lana following the crash. I just hope that should they continue with this, they tread lightly as the infamous line from Breaking Bad goes. Because sometimes, not all publicity is good publicity.


Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt


Holy crap, this match had a lot of blown spots! I had a lot of anticipation for this match, but it was shockingly bad for such two elite stars in the company. I always thought after Jericho’s match with Ryback at Money In The Bank last year, that Jericho could have a great match with anyone. But this match was not going to follow suit. The one thing I noticed is that when Bray is in a standard one on one match, the match pace slows RIGHT down. That’s not something I like, especially when you’re in there with someone as quick as Jericho. Jericho had to slow right down because Bray couldn’t keep up. This match was utterly dreadful. However, the result was a surprise.

For what is a rare occasion these days, Jericho was FINALLY able to pull-off a PPV victory over Bray! As a fan of Jericho, I love that he’s finally got a big win under his belt after so much putting newer talent over. However, I know Bray Wyatt fans are going to get all mad because Bray had lost another big match after losing to Cena and in the WWE Title match at Money In The Bank. However, I’d like to bring up Justin Labar’s tweet about the ending (an awesome writer in my opinion):


JBL called Jericho’s win an UPSET. When was the last time you heard Jericho getting an UPSET victory? WWE are building up Wyatt to be something spectacular if, even against a multi-time World Champion and mega-star, he is considered the favorite to win. I mean it’s not like Bray isn’t going to get his revenge so be patient!


19 Man Battle Royal For The Intercontinental Championship


A very excitable battle royal. A lot of shockers and a lot of cool moments. Kofi Kingston providing cool elimination escapes once again. Cesaro with some impressive displays of strength. HEATH SLATER ELIMINATING CESARO!

Oh man. I cannot tell you how happy I was after that happened! I am such a big Heath Slater fan. I hope he gets pushed now that 3MB is gone! It was down to Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler… with Miz still on the outside. It was an epic final two between the Celtic Warrior and the Show Off… with Miz still on the outside. After a long battle, Ziggler was able to eliminated the Celtic Warrior… with Miz still on the outside. But wait? The Miz comes back in… and eliminates Ziggler. Miz wins the Intercontinental title… Really?

I got to admit I wanted Heath Slater or Ryback to win, but Ziggler winning this battle royal would have been major for him. It would have brought prestige to the title. It could have been wonderful. So why? Why did the Miz do the predictable “wait-outside-the-ring” strategy and win the whole thing? That makes the IC Title seem like a joke. Which was exactly what I didn’t want to happen. Ziggler would have been perfect to win the gold with Barrett out. Miz just seems like a joke with his stupid new movie star gimmick. Diego would have brought more prestige to the belt than The Miz. It’s just illogical and stupid. 


John Cena (c) vs Roman Reigns vs Kane vs Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


This… was… tedious. This match wasn’t exactly a Thriller in Manila. It was a whole lot of boring as per with Orton and Cena. Kane and Reigns brought something different to the plate and Reigns did dominate a lot of the match. However for a PPV Main Event, this simply wasn’t good enough. I mean there wasn’t any interferences or anything. Not a lot of interesting spots (other than Reigns spearing Orton through the barricade… like he’s done a number of times before). Cena just flat out won clean. At least the Authority could have interfered to screw Roman Reigns or something. Not this boring ending like we’ve seen SO many times before. Maybe they wanted to have Cena look strong before he fights Brock Lesnar at Summerslam so they had him win clean or something. Other than that, I don’t see any reason as to why this was a logical way to have the match play out. 



Overall, this PPV was disappointing. Even if this was a filler PPV, that was shocking. This certainty wasn’t a good advertisement for the WWE Newtork. I loved the tag team match at the start of the show but the rest was so dire mostly because of the finishes. And that seems to be the story of the show. Rusev and Swagger ended in a lame count out. Jericho won in what was a badly botched match to begin with. The IC Title match ended with a predictable ending and a poor decision of a winner. It doesn’t put me in high spirits for Summerslam unfortunately.

But I’m glad I did this because I don’t think I did do the Money In The Bank review so it’s good to be back! Be sure to check back on the blog for more content coming soon. Follow us on Twitter @ArmbarExpress and have a fantastic day!

The Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had For A Storyline!: War Of Justice – WWE vs WWF

Alright guys. I’m back and I feel that this has to be shared… because it’s so bad!

Before I upload another highlight video blog onto this site (video’s up on YouTube so all systems ago) I have to show you guys what I found on my computer. This was something that I MYSELF wrote as an idea for a WWE 13 storyline which I was going to do and upload to Community Creations and luckily… I never did it. I had just unlocked all of the Attitude Era guys on the game and I was going to do a storyline where the WWF’s best would take on the WWE’s best in a major invasion storyline. Already sound’s crazy! I found this on my computer and I will let you guys see how bad of a booker and writer I was! This was set in 2013 just before Royal Rumble 2013 by the way. The guys in capitals are who you were supposed to play as. It’s called…


WAR OF JUSTICE (Written In January 2013 – I think)


“(FLASHBACK) RAW IS WAR – March 23rd 2001

Vince McMahon announces he has bought WCW and ECW.

—-Fast Foward 12 Years———–


Week 1: RAW 2013

Heath Slater calls out any wrestler. Chris Jericho answers the call, but not the normal Jericho, the old Jericho.

Match: ATTITUDE JERICHO vs Heath Slater

Jericho wins, but the original Jericho then comes out.


Week 2: RAW 2013

Attitude Era Jericho says he will ACTUALLY save us from this current form of Wrestling, and the insanity of the attitude era will return.

New Jericho comes out and says everyone has to stop living in the past, and look on to the future. CM Punk comes out and says that neither Old Jericho or New Jericho are in his league, and he will find a partner and take on both of them ahead of his big match with The Rock.

CM Punk joins up with Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler gets taken out.

Match: CM PUNK and KEN SHAMROCK vs The Two Chris Jerichos

Punk and Shamrock get the win, but Shamrock attacks Punk.


Week 3: RAW 2013

Ken Shamrock says its time for the WWE to die and time for the past to come back to bite them. He calls out the WWE’s best submissionist to a submission match. Daniel Bryan Comes Out.

Match: KEN SHAMROCK vs Daniel Bryan

Shamrock attacks Bryan afterwards, but Punk makes the save.

New Jericho confronts Laurinaitis, but is put in a match with old Jericho.

Match: NEW CHRIS JERICHO vs Attitude Era Chris Jericho

New Jericho is attacked by John Cena who guarantees he will win the rumble, but he is attacked by Ziggler.


Week 4: RAW 2013

Promo between CM Punk and The Rock

Team Hell-No scheduled to defend the Tag Titles against Primo and Epico

Match: ATTITUDE KANE and DANIEL BRYAN vs Primo and Epico

OLD KANE attacks Bryan, but new Kane makes the save.

Match: THE ROCK and JOHN CENA vs Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho

Match: CM PUNK vs Ken Shamrock

Vader attacks Punk after the match. 2 on 1 beatdown.




NEW Kane
Daniel Bryan
NEW Chris Jericho
ATTITUDE ERA Chris Jericho
Ken Shamrock
Heath Slater
Justin Gabriel
Wade Barrett
David Otunga
Kofi Kingston
The Miz
Jack Swagger
APA Bradshaw
APA Faarooq
Randy Orton
Big Show
Brodus Clay
The Godfather
Mark Henry
Cody Rhodes
Rey Mysterio
Alberto Del Rio

NEW ROCK gets taken out backstage

WWE Championship
Match: CM Punk (c) vs ATTITUDE ERA ROCK



Week 5: RAW 2013 

CM Punk confronts John Laurinaitis, who found a time machine and was ordered by Vince McMahon to have the Attitude Era Guys and improve things in WWE. CM Punk took it, and
went to the past.


Week 1: RAW IS WAR 1998

CM Punk accepts an open challenge from Road Dogg for a match.

CM PUNK vs Road Dogg

CM Punk wins, and cuts a promo declaring himself to be the best in the world


Week 2: RAW IS WAR 1998

CM PUNK vs X-Pac

CM Punk wins. Stone Cold, who just won the rumble, confronts Punk, but is taken out by the corporation.
Week 3: RAW IS WAR

CM PUNK and STONE COLD vs Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock




The Steel Cage match does not take place, after Punk kidnaps Vince McMahon…


That’s all I got to!

You know when the storyline ends with CM Punk kidnapping Vince McMahon, that you’ve got one fucked up storyline! I honestly don’t remember writing this but it says on top of the document “Idea For WWE 13” so it must have been thought up by me sometime after I got the game for Christmas. I don’t remember if I was just incredibly drunk when I thought to myself “Hey. Let’s do a time-travelling storyline and put it on Community Creations” or if I had just watched WCW 2000 non-stop for 10 hours. I really don’t get how this idea came to be!

I really don’t get why it’s called War Of Justice either!


This was by far the worst storyline I have ever written. I’m no Vince Russo like. I can’t put together masterful wrestling storylines like him, but good this was even worse than anything you’ve ever seen before!


Anyway… coming up will be the next video highlights blog post. I’ll give you a hint… one of the greatest triple threat matches of all time! In the meantime, check out my Bobby Roode vs James Storm highlights!

WWE Announce The Signing Of KENTA



WWE have announced in a house show in Japan that they have signed a major Japanese wrestler, who will begin his career at their developmental territory, NXT. Indeed it was legends Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart who together welcomed the superstar KENTA into the company. After a stint at NXT, expect to see him on the main roster and MY GOD… what matches he could have once he gets to the dance.

However, let’s not sell the NXT stars that he will be wrestling with in the near future short. Sami Zayn… that SMELLS potential, especially if you remember the matches Zayn had with Cesaro. Now before he is promoted, let him battle with KENTA. I would love to see those two mingle. Tyson Kidd, Adrian Neville… so much potential for him to work with. And then, when he gets to the main roster…


First of… Daniel Bryan. A lot of wrestling fans will know, KENTA has actually battled with Daniel Bryan (or should I say Bryan Danielson) a number of times in NOAH and ROH. Anyone that’s seen those matches will be looking forward to the mouth-watering matches they could be having. From the veterans like Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho who could some of my personal dream matches with KENTA, to the likes of Seth Rollins. Seth, I think, has fought KENTA as well as Tyler Black so their matches are gonna be worth a watch.

Business-wise, this move is GOLD for the WWE. KENTA is the perfect representative for Japan in WWE. Now I know everyone is thinking about the last major foreign export to grace WWE with their presence. Mistico, who later became, Sin Cara never exactly worked according to plan. However, KENTA is older and more experienced than Sin Cara was when he joined. KENTA is a better all-rounder than Mistico. And a few of the guys he’s gonna be wrestling he’s been in the ring with. He’s had a bit of experience in the states before, so there’s hope that KENTA is gonna be a big hit in the WWE. I for one approve of this and I really hope KENTA does well now that he’s in the big leagues.

Bobby Roode vs James Storm Highlights – Beer Money Inc Explodes #BoundForGlory 2012



It’s a new day here in the Armbar Express. A new strategy that I hope will improve the Armbar Express a great deal and, I’m not gonna lie, improve our image in the internet wrestling world. As many readers will know, I used to write on this blog a great deal. However, my University and Journalism schedules have made this somewhat difficult to keep up on a regular basis. Even for NoDQ.com I was not able to write for them as much as I’d like because of what was going on. That being said, I am now off from University work and I’ve decided to dedicate free time outside of media and education working on some multimedia products that could very well improve the Armbar Express. And down below is the first idea…

This right here took me a couple of hours to produce using Adobe Premiere and what it essentially is, is a highlight video. I recapped the epic Bobby Roode vs James Storm match from Bound For Glory 2012 in a montage with music from Poets Of The Fall. An awesome band. And I put it together to produce… THIS. 

There are a number of great highlight producers with great video-editing software at their arsenal. And now… so do I. I’m gonna use this software to produce these videos and blog about the featured match, it’s background etc. So here we go.


Indeed, this is the feud-ending bout if you will between Beer Money partners Bobby Roode and James Storm. Starting with a beer bottle to the head, the partnership between the tag team broke down over the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. James won the title from Kurt Angle after Roode failed to win it at Bound For Glory 2011. Two weeks later he put the belt on the line against Roode and Roode smashed a beer bottle over the Cowboy’s head to secure the championship and crush a friendship.

Storm tried effortlessly to regain his title. At Lockdown 2012, Storm challenged Roode in a Steel Cage match for the TNA World Title. Storm was mighty close in regaining the gold, but a Last Call Super Kick to the champ inadvertently booted Roode out of the cage door and onto the floor. The mistake resulted in Storm losing the match, but he was still intent in getting his belt back.

Storm entered the Bound For Glory Series for a shot at the world title at the show. James had been on fire in this tournament. He lead the series since day one and made it to the semi finals. But as he was about to beat Bully Ray, the familiar beer bottle came into play again. Bobby, who had lost the TNA World Title, wasn’t gonna let Storm in the main event if he wasn’t in it. He smashed him over the head with it, leading to Bully getting the win.


Now of course, a match was booked between the two for Bound For Glory. And it was a street fight… and my god it was brutal. Trashbins, chairs, thumbtacks and even MORE beer bottles. This match had pretty much everything you can think of. It was a fitting end to the long-standing rivalry between the tag team, especially with Storm smashing the beer bottle over ROODE’s head. This match was pretty dramatic though. A number of near falls had me on the edge of my seat. 2:29 into the video was a shocker for me. The match had such intensity in it and produced a magnificent display. I think Storm was bloodied a bit too early I think when Bobby took more damage and barely bled.

But this rivalry was built up so well. I think Richard Corey from Bleacher Report put it best in this article when he said:

“Roode and Storm have created something more. They’ve created something that harkens back to the old days of wrestling where fans could immerse themselves in the narrative and get lost.”

It’s that level of intensity that the likes of Michaels and HHH had in their rivalries that made it so enthralling for the fans. I think ranking TNA feuds… this has to be up their among the best. It was so brilliantly played out and it ended with a bang in this match.

Be sure to subscribe to the Armbar Express YouTube Channel to check out the videos when they first come out and get on the blog for the in-depth analysis. I’ve got more videos finished and ready to go from WWE and TNA. If the YouTube Gods are kind, I can get these up without a problem and look out for them.