Previously on EWR…

Chris Jericho retained the WCW Title in a grueling ironman match against Asian Invasion leader Keiji Mutoh. But Jericho had a new problem on the horizon… the former WCW Champion Raven! The Exiles leader declared that it was time to reclaim what was his and won a number one contendership triple threat match against Bret Hart and Curt Hennig on Nitro, setting up Raven vs Jericho for Uncensored.

Eddie Guerrero and Ultimo Dragon have had quite the rivalry ever since Paul Heyman turned on Dragon and allied himself with Eddie Guerrero. But Eddie and Dragon both declared that it was time to end it. While Dragon won both times beforehand, Heyman disputed both of them as legitimate victories for the Dragon. Eddie got DQ’d at Souled Out and Dragon pulled a bit of lying, cheating and stealing of his own at Superbrawl. So all three agreed to end it at Uncensored. It would be an I Quit match. If Eddie won, Dragon would have to unmask. If Dragon won, his old partner and former Paul Heyman guy Dean Malenko would be rehired to the roster. Heyman accepted and the match was on!

Keiji Mutoh attacked Rey Mysterio following his victory over Tajiri on Nitro. Mutoh was upset with Yoshihiro Tajiri after he was unsuccessful in regaining the Cruiserweight Championship from AJ Styles. He told him that he needed to shape up if he wanted to remain in the Asian Invasion. Mutoh and Tajiri would target Mysterio, just before a triple threat number one contendership match for the Cruiserweight title. Mysterio won the match anyway, also involving Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon. Before the Cruiserweight title match between AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio, the entire Asian Invasion stable assaulted the pair preventing the match from starting. Mutoh and Tajiri assaulted Mysterio again the next week, but AJ made the save. AJ and Rey have put their Cruiserweight title match to one side to battle Mutoh and Tajiri. The tag team match was made for Uncensored.

Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig have been having issues ever since losing the tag titles to Hollywood Hogan and Sting at Starrcade. Their manager Ted DiBiase have been trying to get the two on the same page, but Bret Hart has not been making things any easier. The two have been targeting Bret Hart after taking out Diamond Dallas Page the Nitro after Superbrawl. But the attacks on the Canadian haven’t exactly gone according to plan. Bret Hart has picked up victories on both men after botched interferences. It seemed that the tag team was meeting it’s end, but DiBiase announces that Eric Bischoff have booked the two of them in a triple threat match at Uncensored with Bret Hart. The stakes are high as a shot at the WCW World Title is at stake… but DiBiase has decreed that Bam Bam and Curt are prohibited from defeating each other in the match.

Rob Van Dam became the undisputed International champion after beating Diamond Dallas in the final of an International title tournament. Scott Steiner declared himself to be the number one contender after Diamond Dallas Page got taken out and the fact that Rowdy Piper (who RVD beat earlier on in the night at Superbrawl). After beating RVD in a six man tag alongside fellow Steiner System members Jamie Noble and The Giant, Eric Bischoff granted Steiner his title match to take place at Uncensored.

The Legion stable of Rowdy Roddy Piper, Steven Regal and Fit Finlay targeted the reigning WCW Tag Team champions Hollywood Hogan and Sting after Piper was unsuccessful in capturing the International title. After impressing Bischoff with the constant attacks, they were given a tag title shot for the PPV. Bischoff announced himself as the special guest referee. And considering his previous issues with Hogan, things don’t look good for the tag team champions.


Pre-Show – Bill Goldberg def. Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki

I really didn’t want both Liger and Sasaki to job out to Goldberg because they’re both major parts of the Asian Invasion. Then again, I really wanted to elevate Goldberg as he’s started to get over recently after wins over the likes of Bam Bam (who was more than willing to lose clean). Therefore I decided that Goldberg would go over after botched interference from Tajiri! Tajiri’s already on thin ice with the Asian Invasion, and this will only make things worse for Tajiri. Tajiri better hope his team win later on!


Match 1 – Randy Savage def. Booker T

These two always deliver and this match was no exception. Booker beat Savage at Souled Out in a singles match, so Savage went over here by cheating.


Match  2 – Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles def. Keiji Mutoh and Yoshihiro Tajiri

Opponent miscommunication led to Mutoh and Tajiri losing to the two cruiserweight contenders. I was going to have Mutoh attack Tajiri after the match, but there wasn’t an option for me to that after the match. So I just had Mutoh and Tajiri argue. Needless to say, this was NOT a great night for the Asian Invasion. And Tajiri is in the THINNEST of the thin ice right now!



Match 3 – Perry Saturn (c) def. Arn Anderson to retain the WCW Television Championship

For some reason, these two work really well together in the ring. I book them in singles matches a lot on Thunder and Nitro, but this is really the first time these two were feuding. And it’s for the WCW TV title and it’s giving that title a lot of prestige. Not bad ratings. To be honest, throughout this game I’ve been having problems with Arn Anderson. Arn’s always pissed because I never use him and when I do, he’s always sluggish in his matches. He wouldn’t leave either when I offered him his release! So I shot him as a commentator on Thunder and his mood dramatically increased! Now he’s pretty happy because now he’s off the announce table and into the ring and in a feud! So let’s take advantage of that!



Match 4 – Rowdy Roddy Piper and Steven Regal def. Hollywood Hogan (c) and Sting (c) with Eric Bischoff as the special referee to win the WCW Tag Team Championship

Bischoff did the quick count on Hogan when Piper had him covered for the three. Hogan responded by attacking Bischoff, incensed by the fast count. The opportunity to put Piper and Regal over Hogan and Sting was almost too good to pass up! Regal and Piper winning the tag titles helps the stable get over greatly. This is good because I really wanted to elevate Steven Regal in particular.


Match 5 – Rob Van Dam (c) def. Scott Steiner via DQ to retain the WCW International Championship

Dusty finish which saw Rob Van Dam pick up the win via disqualification. Steiner beat him up afterwards. This was the joint-top highest rated match on the card alongside the main event! Awesome, because I want to have the International title elevated. Awesome match.


Match 6 – Ultimo Dragon def. Eddie Guerrero w/Paul Heyman in an I Quit match to reinstate Dean Malenko to the WCW roster. Ultimo Dragon would have unmasked if he lost.

The Dragon rises supreme in this feud-ending match! This feud has done an excellent job in elevating Dragon! He’s now got 96 overness on the game… one of the highest rated on the game as far as overness. Very proud of that. Eddie and Paul Heyman both have a great storyline lined up after this. So Eddie fans, don’t worry! Eddie’s got big plans despite the losses to Ultimo Dragon.


Match 7 – Bret Hart def. Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig in a triple threat match to earn a WCW Championship match. Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig were prohibited from defeating each other.

Bret Hart goes over in the triple threat match. After about 15 minutes of unity, Asbury Perfection eventually start scrapping. It’s a good massive fight in which the announce table is broken and stuff. Bret gets back involved and it becomes a proper three-way in the end after being primarily a handicap match before. Curt smacks Bam Bam with the chair but then Bret throws him out. Bret locks in the Sharpshooter to make Bam Bam tap and become the number one contender.


Match 8 – Raven def. Chris Jericho (c) to win the WCW World Championship

NEW CHAMP! Chris Jericho’s 240 day title reign is no more after Raven beat him CLEAN to win the title for the second time. I’ve been wanting to work Raven back into the WCW World Title picture for some time. That’s why he headlined Souled Out a few months ago. So here, he beats Jericho to regain the World Title. I felt Raven had to win the title back clean as it would really be unjustified to have Jericho’s title reign end by cheating or interference. That’s how Raven won the WCW title the first time at Superbrawl 1999! So I wanted to change things up, even if he is a heel. Him beating Jericho clean makes Raven look like gold but also doesn’t diminish the WCW Title. Jericho will get his rematch at Spring Stampede and maybe they’ll be a screwy finish there. But yeah, the Era Of Raven is once again at hand. And for the first time since a Nitro after Bash At The Beach… we have a new champion!


Great PPV. New champions! The great Ultimo Dragon vs Eddie Guerrero feud ended. 89% so a great rating by the game. What do you guys think about this? Vote on the poll to rate the PPV for yourselves!



Previously on WCW EWR…

Eric Bischoff returned to WCW after a hiatus from the company. Bischoff announced that Ric Flair’s leadership of WCW has come into question by the Board of Directors. It was therefore declared that Bischoff and Flair would share the role of president while Flair was on “probation”.

Chris Jericho is still the WCW World Heavyweight Champion after knocking off Raven, Keiji Mutoh and Bret Hart in a fatal four way elimination match at Souled Out. Mutoh, who was quickly eliminated by the champ, demanded one more shot at Jericho. Jericho agreed but stated that they needed to prove who was truly the best in one of the most testing matches in all of wrestling… the Ironman match!

Raven and Bret Hart still continued their problems while Booker T and Randy Savage were at each others throats as well. Exiles members’ Raven and Savage decided to take care of both problems as a unit. Booker and Bret joined forces to combat the Exiles members and a hardcore tag team match was made for Superbrawl to settle the score.

On an episode of Nitro, Diamond Dallas Page challenged Rowdy Roddy Piper for the WCW European Championship. Rob Van Dam was made the special referee, but Flair warned RVD not to show favoritism to DDP. However, the constant insults from Piper during the match eventually annoy RVD. He hits Piper with the Vandaminator which waddled the Scotsman into DDP who connected with the Diamond Cutter for the win. However, Bischoff disputed the win by stating that RVD violated the pre-match stipulation and stripped DDP off the title. Flair and Bischoff therefore decided to settle the dispute over the title by introducing a new title in its place… the WCW International Championship. At Superbrawl. Steiner would take on DDP (which Bischoff made a submission match), Piper would take on RVD and the winner of those two matches would face off later on the same night to crown the NEW International Champion.

Ultimo Dragon defeated Eddie Guerrero by disqualification after his former manager Paul Heyman hit Dragon with a chair. This was followed up with Eddie delivering the brainbuster on Dragon ONTO the chair! Dragon came out later demanding a rematch with Eddie. Heyman agreed on one condition… if Ultimo Dragon loses, he must unmask!

AJ Styles and Yoshihiro Tajiri would settle their feud for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship in a LADDER match, as Tajiri has ONE LAST CHANCE to win the cruiserweight title!


Pre-Show – Perry Saturn (c) def. Chris Benoit and Jushin Thunder Liger to retain the WCW Television Championship

Exiles member Saturn continues his reign as TV Champion, knocking off Benoit and Asian Invasion member Jushin Thunder Liger in a triple threat match. Frustration continues to build for Benoit as it’s now two PPVs in a row that he’s not been able to capture the title.

Match 1 – Rob Van Dam def. Rowdy Roddy Piper in a WCW International Championship Eliminator

RVD wins the first match in the mini WCW International Championship tournament. He beats Piper after botched interference from Piper’s faction the Legion. This results in RVD picking up the win and moving onto the WCW International Championship match.

Match 2 – AJ Styles (c) def. Yoshihiro Tajiri in a ladder match to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The highest rated match of the night! So proud of my cruiserweights! Styles was able to knock off the Asian Invasion member after powerbomb off the ladder and a styles clash before climbing up to get the belt.

Match 3 – Hollywood Hogan (c) and Sting (c) def. Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig in a steel cage match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

I was going to have Bam Bam and Hennig win the titles back at the end off the feud, but I kinda changed my mind on it. I figured that Hogan and Sting would hold onto the titles and drop it to another up-and-coming heel tag team. There’s a lot out there to choose from plus Asbury Perfection ended up gaining overness from the match anyway. So I’m guessing Sting and Hogan made them look good… shocking!

Match 4 – Diamond Dallas Page def. Scott Steiner in a WCW International Championship Qualifier (This match was a submission match)

DDP beat Steiner with his own Steiner Recliner to pick up the win in this qualifier. Steiner did a beatdown afterwards, so DDP’s a bit hurt going into his match against RVD. Then again, RVD is hurt too!

Match 5 – Ultimo Dragon def. Eddie Guerrero. If Ultimo Dragon lost, he had to unmask.

Dragon won the match after taking a page out of his opponents’ book! Eddie tried to unmask Dragon but Dragon fell to the outside grabbing his ankle. He rolls underneath the apron but Eddie goes out to get him. He brings him into the ring and locks on the Laso From El Paso. However, Dragon pushes him off and Eddie pulls off Dragon’s boot! Eddie turns and Dragon rolls him up for the three! Shades of Eddie vs Angle at Wrestlemania XX! Another good match between these two.

Match 6 – Raven and Randy Savage def. Booker T and Bret Hart in a hardcore tag team match

Raven and Savage go over in the tag team feud. Booker will probably continue his feud with Savage, but Raven’s set for bigger things! Exiles go over strong! Saturn won and Raven and Savage won this!

Match 7 – Rob Van Dam def. Diamond Dallas Page to win the WCW International Championship

RVD goes over DDP clean to become the first WCW International Champion. The handshake afterwards signifies respect between the King of Bada-Bing and the Whole Damn Show! Great little way to end this WCW US/European/International title saga!

Match 8 – Chris Jericho def. Keiji Mutoh in an ironman match to retain the WCW World Championship

Jericho goes over in the ironman match to put an end to his feud with Asian Invasion leader Keiji Mutoh. But he’s got a new problem now. After the match, Raven comes out and attacks. He ends the night, holding the WCW Title high over his head!



Previously on WCW…

Chris Jericho was the reigning WCW World Champion. He defeated Raven on Nitro to win the title for the first time and has defended the title against the likes of Sting, Randy Savage and Scott Steiner on PPV. But now, he’s facing challenge from the leader of the Asian Invasion… Keiji Mutoh. Jericho retained at Starrcade, but how long will Jericho’s reign last? He faces his toughest task yet as not only does he have to contend with the Japanese wrestling legend, but his match at Souled Out is an elimination fatal four way match also involving Raven and Bret Hart.

The dream team of Hollywood Hogan and Sting defeated Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig to become the NEW WCW Tag Team champions, ending the 162 day title reign of Asbury Perfection. Needless to say, the former champions are not pleased and with manager Ted DiBiase, declare their intention to invoke their rematch clause for Souled Out. Asbury Perfection are out to prove that their tag title loss was nothing more than a fluke, but they’ll have to beat two of the greatest wrestlers of all time to do it…

WCW President Ric Flair’s attack on Scott Steiner as the special referee cost Big Poppa Pump his WCW Title match against Chris Jericho at World War 3. Steiner attacked Flair on the Thunder afterwards, but DDP came out to Flair’s aid. Steiner began having problems with the King of Bada-Bing, which led to Steiner and his new group “The Steiner System” attacking DDP. This led to a match at Starrcade, which DDP won. Steiner was steemed at this loss and a rematch was made for Souled Out. However, Flair informed Steiner that if he lost… he would be fired!

A number one contenders match was made the Thunder after Starrcade, with the winner getting a WCW Championship match the next week. It would be Ultimo Dragon, managed by Paul Heyman, going up against Eddie Guerrero. This is a heck of a match. Dragon goes for the win but as the ref is down, Heyman turns on his client to help Eddie Guerrero win. Paul Heyman announced himself as the newest advocate for the next WCW Champion, Eddie Guerrero. However, Dragon’s music distracted Eddie during his title match, which Jericho took advantage off for the win. Ultimo Dragon vs Eddie Guerrero was made for Souled Out.


By the way, a couple of other pointers before Souled Out. There was only like two weeks in between these PPVs but a lot happened as I begun a lot of new feuds….

  • Roddy Piper has renamed the WCW United States Championship the WCW EUROPEAN title and is defending that belt tonight against RVD.
  • RVD and Paul Heyman have not parted ways yet, even though Paul Heyman turned heel on his other client, Ultimo Dragon. I might have RVD get to him later, but right now RVD’s got business with Piper and his faction, Legion.

As for the Steiner System group that was mentioned earlier on, this group consists of the following people…

  • Scott Steiner, who obviously is the leader.
  • Jamie Noble, who was just recently called up from my developmental territory – which is actually called NXT!
  • Charlie and Russ, the Haas Brothers. These two were also in developmental and will be like the Bashams of this group. Like how the Bashams were to JBL’s cabinet.

The whole point of this group is to elevate the guys that were called up from developmental. They for some reason are elevated much more quickly when they got on the main roster when they’re in a stable. Tajiri and Kensuke Sasaki were two examples. I think the only developmental guy that got super over that WASN’T a part of a stable was AJ Styles (who’s currently the WCW Cruiserweight Champion). Pretty much… this is kinda like Seth Rollins alongside his stooges – Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble… how ironic Noble’s a part of this group! Noble’s actually getting really over at the moment! I think it won’t be long before he’s in the right position to challenge and potentially BEAT AJ for the Cruiserweight title! Hail developmental guys!

Rick Steiner maybe added to the group down the line, but I haven’t really decided yet. Who knows who might join the Steiner System.

Anyway, WCW is BACK! Time for Souled Out!



Pre-Show – Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki def. Arn Anderson and Animal, Edge and Christian Cage and  Steven Regal and Fit Finlay in an Elimination Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match

I always like doing fatal four way tags! I nice little way to give people air time and potential get them over. Guys like Edge and Christian Cage. I’m kinda annoyed that Edge and Christian aren’t as over as they should be, because in real-life they were super-over in the WWF at this point! Rest assured, I do have a plan to get them over and it’s going to take a while to properly execute it! Liger and Sasaki were representing the Asian Invasion, Steven Regal and Fit Finlay were representing Legion, and Animal and Arn Anderson has had problems with the Asian Invasion in the past. In the end, Liger and Sasaki went over after beating Edge and Christian at the end.


Match 1 – Rowdy Roddy Piper (c) def. Rob Van Dam to retain the WCW European Championship

Piper went over by cheating to beat RVD. I’m very happy with the 88% rating. The fans were really into this feud a lot more than what I was expecting.


Match 2 – AJ Styles (c) def. Rey Mysterio and Yoshihiro Tajiri in a triple threat match to retain the WCW Crusierweight Championship

The crusierweights doing wonders for me as usual! Not as great as the Piper/RVD match but I don’t care! These three are HUGE favorites of mine. I know a lot of you think that I’m somebody into big guys like Ryback and Scott Steiner, but the truth is I have such a soft spot for crusierweights! I always wished they brought back the Crusierweight title in WWE. Not to plug WhatCulture or anything, but I did an article for them on the cruiserweight division a year or two ago about this that you can check out here.


Match 3 – Perry Saturn (c) vs Chris Benoit for the WCW Television Championship went to a time-limit draw. If Chris Benoit couldn’t beat Perry Saturn in 5 minutes, Saturn retained the title.

A rare DRAW in one of my PPVs. Benoit had been beating Perry Saturn cleanly over and over on Thunder in such a short amount of time that Perry challenged Benoit to a five minute challenge at Souled Out. Benoit had five minutes to be Perry Saturn for the WCW TV title, or Saturn would retain. As Benoit had Saturn locked in the crossface, Trish Stratus came down to the ring to distract the ref. This meant that the ref would miss Saturn tapping on to the crossface. The time eventually expired and Saturn retains. There’s actually no way to book a match to go five minutes long. You can in the TEW booking game (which a lot of people recommend) but not on EWR unfortunately. But we can always just make pretend 😉


Match 4 – Booker T def. Randy Savage

Randy Savage beat Booker T on Thunder this past-week after grabbing the tights of Booker. A rematch was booked for Souled Out, where Booker picked up the HUGE win over the legendary Macho Man! The highest rated match on the show so far! 89%!


Match 5 – Hollywood Hogan (c) and Sting (c) def. Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow via DQ to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

Asbury Perfection’s manager Ted DiBiase was caught smacking Hogan with the brass knuckles, causing for Bigelow and Hennig to get DQ’d. Hogan and Sting retain their newly won titles, but how long can this dream team hold onto the belts?


Match 6 – Scott Steiner def. Diamond Dallas Page

Steiner got revenge for the loss at Starrcade after The Giant came out to deliver the chokeslam to DDP when the ref was distracted by the Steiner System, giving Steiner the victory. Steiner and Giant shake hands after the match, confirming that The Giant is the newest member to the Steiner System group! You could say that this was a… GIANT coup for Big Poppa Pump!………….



I’m now £1 out of pocket. Just had to go there….


Match 7 – Ultimo Dragon def. Eddie Guerrero via DQ

I’d hate to do TWO DQ finishes on the same PPVs but for this one, it was really need for the story. The other one was just done to avoid having Asbury Perfection jobbing out clean twice. Eddie and Dragon had the best match of the night. Eddie did all he could to put the Dragon away, but Ultimo was still not going down. Paul Heyman eventually smacked Dragon with the chair for the disqualification. Eddie proceeded to do a post-match beatdown in which he delivered multiple chair shots and then hit a brainbuster on Ultimo onto a chair! A pretty dangerous spot now that I think about it! 93% rating! Fantastic results with this feud already!


Match 8 – Chris Jericho def. Keiji Mutoh, Raven and Bret Hart in a fatal four way elimination match to retain the WCW World Championship

Jericho eliminated Mutoh right away in this one. This is like the six pack challenge match at Night Of Champions 2010, when Jericho was eliminated in a minute by Orton. Ironically here though, JERICHO is the one that quickly eliminates someone! Him, Bret and Raven go at it for a while until Raven eliminated Bret after a Evenflow DDT onto the chair. It comes down to Raven and Jericho. It’s a hell of a final two but in the end, Jericho prevails and retains his title. I was really considering having Raven win the belt, but I felt that would take away from the Jericho/Mutoh which is about the WCW Title. Jericho retains but Mutoh’s not going to be happy about that quick elimination!


89% overall PPV Rating… according to the game. How do you guys rate my booking for this PPV? Vote on the poll, leave a comment or tweet @TomRobinson5199 to give your thoughts on WCW Souled Out 2000! Should I have put Raven over? What feuds do you want to see on this game? Tweet or comment with your thoughts, and it may just be a reality!


Previously on TNA EWR…

We crowned a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion in the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, who defeated AJ Styles after Hulk Hogan got involved. However, the controversial nature of the win infuriated the former champion AJ. AJ called for Hogan to resign as TNA commissioner claiming that him, Sting and Jeff were in cahoots. Hulk responded by announcing that AJ would get his rematch for the TNA World Title on Impact!… in a LADDER MATCH! In what would be the feud-ending match, Jeff and AJ put on a clinic. However, as Jeff and AJ were getting up from a hard bump, Sting appeared out of nowhere. He pointed the baseball bat at AJ… but clobbered Jeff! AJ and the rest of the fans are in shock as Sting seems to have turned heel. Sting drops Jeff with the Scorpion Deathdrop and leaves. AJ capitalizes on this to bring down the title and regain the TNA World Title.

The next Impact, “Bad Influence” Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out to question AJ’s legitimacy as champion. AJ responds by saying neither of them could beat him, even on his worst day. AJ would team with the NEW X-Division Champion TAKA Michinoku to lose to the duo on Impact, with Daniels getting the pin. Kaz would later beat AJ one-one-one in a non-title match. Following this, Hogan announced that AJ would defend the TNA World Title at Hard Justice against both Kaz and Daniels in a triple threat match.

Sting came out to explain his actions during the ladder match by stating that he loved TNA. It is because he loves it so much that he needs to make the tough decisions to save TNA. Sting says that Jeff winning the title following Hogan’s interference was an injustice to professional wrestling and that Jeff and Hogan had diminished the title’s prestige. As much as he didn’t like AJ, AJ was a victim of the conspiracy in TNA that revolves around Hulk Hogan being ruler of all with Jeff Hardy being the corporate champion. The champion that all the kids can rally behind, a popular “hero” that was nothing more than a corporate puppet. Sting says Jeff was one of the diseases that Hogan brought into this company, and the Stinger vows to bring him out of it. Hogan cuts him off, saying that Sting crossed the line interfering in the TNA World Title match. Hogan says Jeff is a little banged up, but he’ll be ready to fight at Hard Justice. Hogan tells Sting he will meet Jeff Hardy in the ring. Not for a match, but for a fight!

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe have had a heck of a rivalry consisting of their matches at Slammiversary and Victory Road. However, neither match was able to determine a clear winner. Hogan decided to end it all at Hard Justice. And to make sure… Hogan was going to referee it! There will be a clear winner at Hard Justice.

So…. Hard Justice.



Pre-Show – “British Invasion” Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus def. Brother Ray and Scott Hall in a tables match

I got a 57% for this match! Alright, Scott Hall was not exactly the greatest worker back then and Magnus wasn’t much better around this time either. However, how did this match garner a 57% overall? We have four superstars that are over… at least like 70-75 over each. It’s a tables match. We have Doug Williams and Brother Ray also in the mix who can put together some pretty cool stuff. So I figured this would have been a decent tag match that would have gotten an alright rating. But somehow I ended up with 57%! I really don’t understand. I expected this to be a lot better!


Match 1 – “Deadly Sin” Raven (c) and Rhino (c) def. Tyler Black and Jerry Lynn to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship

I’m not sure how long this tag team of Tyler Black (a.k.a Seth Rollins) and Jerry Lynn is going to last, but I figured they would have made decent opponents for Raven and Rhino. Having said that, a 79% rating is a little annoying to me. I really wanted this to be in the 80s. I was kinda leaning towards having Black and Lynn win the belts, but they’re not really near Rhino and Raven as far as overness. Rhino/Raven are both at like 95 while Tyler and Jerry were in the 80s. So Deadly Sin retain… for now.


Match 2 – Kevin Nash def. Brother Devon in a First Blood match

This match ended after Brother Ray came out and accidentally blasted Devon with a chair! Devon bleed, causing the ref to ring the bell. Nash is your winner. Again, not going to be a great technical match but these two are a bit over. So… yeah.


Match 3 – Matt Morgan def. Mr Anderson in a Street Fight

Morgan goes over after hitting a blue-print through the chair into Anderson. I’d hate to have Anderson jobbing out in these feuds but Morgan was wanting a bit of a push so I put him over. Anderson had a temper tantrum afterwards. Not really sure what’s going to happen with him!


Match 4 – Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett def. Bobby Lashley and Abyss in a Steel Cage match

I have no idea how this match was worse than Morgan/Anderson and Devon/Nash. I love this game, but this match should have gotten a MUCH better rating. Lethal and Jarrett go over after Lethal hits the elbow drop from the top. A big OMG moment to end the short feud between these two. I really want to push Lethal, which is why they went over. Lethal is still pretty much over, so I did what I set out to do with him. Even if he is no longer the X-Division Champion, I think Lethal is ready to step it up to the big time!


Angle 1 (5) – Sting Pillmanizes Jeff Hardy

Again… NO idea why this segment was not rewarded a better mark. These two are insanely over right now and pillmanizing segments normally get great ratings on this game. Jeff Hardy called out Sting and the Stinger showed up on the stage. The two start to brawl up there and it spills out into the crowd. They have a couple of cool spots and then Jeff throws Sting over the barricade. Sting blasts Jeff with a number of chair shots on the outside. He grabs a second chair and performs the conchairto onto Jeff. Sting leaves when Jeff gets up with assistance of the ropes. Sting knocks him goofy and wraps the chair around Jeff’s leg. He jumps of the turnbuckle, pillmanizing Jeff Hardy.


Match 5 – “Beer Money Inc” Bobby Roode and James Storm def. “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley in a No Disqualification match to become number one contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

I’m giving these four great talents the means to do pretty much anything! In the feud-ending match, Roode and Storm won in the No DQ match. The tag team match types are very limited in this game which is why it’s another No DQ match. If it was possible, this would have been 2 out of 3 falls. I was expecting this to be in the 90s but it was not to be. Maybe the rest of the show caused it to be down-graded a bit. I’m very sure. But Roode and Storm go over… I have big plans for these two.


Match 6 – Kurt Angle def. Samoa Joe with Hulk Hogan as the guest referee

Angle finally wins the feud with Joe. At the end, Angle hits the Angle Slam from the top. He crawls to make the cover and Hogan counts to three. Joe’s foot was under the bottom rope though. Joe gets pissed at Hogan and spits in his face post-match. Not exactly the way either man wanted the feud to end really. Again… a controversial finish. Perhaps in the future…


Match 7 – AJ Styles (c) def. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in a triple threat match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

How on earth did this do worse than Matt Morgan vs Mr Anderson? How? It’s AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in a triple threat! If you were to ask me what I thought was the best triple threat match I’ve ever watched, I’d tell it was Styles, Daniels and Samoa Joe at Unbreakable 2005. Two of those guys have been feuding with each other for years. Ironman matches, last man standing matches… Daniels and AJ have INSANE chemistry together. You throw Kaz into the mix, who’s had great matches with both of them in the past, you’ve got a heck of a triple threat match. But yet this game thinks that this match was WORSE than Anderson vs Morgan? AJ is 100 overness, Daniels is in the 90s and Kaz is just behind him. So how did they get that bad of a rating? GOD!


I don’t think I’ve been ever this disgruntled at writing an EWR post. I mean I love EWR to death. I  play it all the time. But PPVs like this drive me up the wall. I have to admit, I put on a lot of shit matches on this PPV. Devon vs Nash isn’t exactly the biggest appealing match in the world. But surely the overness of these guys make up for in ring work? In the WCW series, crowd reaction was my saving grace when it came to booking the likes of Hogan and Ric Flair. The match quality for these two in a match was DREADFUL but the fans were into them! I figured that would work here for a couple of matches but it wasn’t to be.

Before I do more stuff on the TNA series, I do have a WCW PPV in the books that I will be blogging about before the end of the week I believe. It is Souled Out… 2000! We started in 1998 and now we’re in 2000 of WCW. I think you’re going to like this PPV! It takes place just a couple of weeks before Starrcade and I did a lot better than I was expecting! I’m might just keep going back and forth from one game to another from now one but I’ll let you know in a future update post. Be sure to check out that…

In the mean time, give this PPV a rating below, check out the other posts on the blog, comment, share, all that jazz. Have a great day EWR fans!



Previously on… god damn I’ve been doing a lot of these as of late!

AJ Styles had to cheat his way to victory as he was challenged by the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Commissioner Hulk Hogan declared that Jeff deserved a rematch at Victory Road and made the match official. If AJ were to be caught cheating again, he would be stripped off the title. AJ began talking to the dangerous alliance of Abyss and Bobby Lashley about having his back against Hardy. It was during a confrontation on Impact between Jeff and AJ when the duo struck. Jeff was left bloodied at the hands of Abyss and Lashley as Styles looked to pick up the scraps at Victory Road!

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe had the first encounter in their feud at Slammiversary with the match ending in draw after Angle made Joe tap at the same time Angle’s shoulders were down for the three-count. Not satisfied, Joe assaulted Angle post-match. The two were promised a rematch at Victory Road, but Hogan said that the two must work as partners until that event. The two had their ups-and-downs in tag matches on Impact and Impact Extreme, but not real aggressions were had between the two building up to the event. But at Victory Road… all gloves are off.

Sting beat Mr Anderson to a pulp at Slammiversary in their Texas Death match. On the following Impact, Anderson challenged Sting once again. However, he was cut off by the return of Matt Morgan who hit him with the Blue-Print to end the show. Morgan said that he was back in order to take out anyway on his path to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and Anderson was unfortunately the first target for Matt. Sting would also get involved in the thick of things by continue his own personal crusade against Anderson. Anderson went to Hulk’s office and demanded that Morgan and Sting be taken care off. Hogan decided to let Anderson do it himself. At Victory Road, it would be a triple threat match between Anderson, Morgan and Sting. For added incentive,  the winner would earn a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match on the following Impact.

Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett beat the tar out of Rhino and Raven at Slammiversary, but it was Raven and Rhino that retained the tag team titles in their match. However, the champions were still embarrassed by the beating they took at the hands of Foley and Jarrett and challenged them to a rematch. They challenged the both of them to a tag team Steel Cage match. Foley and Jarrett responded by assaulting the champions as a clear sign of acceptance for the showdown at Victory Road. Foley said that if he and Jarrett can’t put away Rhino and Raven for good, he might as well retire.


Pre-Show – Kaz def. Stevie Richards

This pre-show is a part of the feud between Bad Influence and the Extreme Coalition faction. Kaz knocked off Stevie because I wanted Kaz over. Stevie was already for some reason, pretty over. So there’s no harm in putting Kaz over in this particular match as he’s a man I want to push alongside Daniels.


Match 1 – “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley def. “Beer Money Inc” Bobby Roode and James Storm

Starting off the show hot and heavy with these two tag teams! The Guns got revenge for Beer Money beating them at Slammiversary, by getting the win here! 95% overall! I think these guys need a killer rubber match at Hard Justice!


Match 2 – Monty Brown (c) def. Christopher Daniels to retain the TNA Global Championship

Again, the feud between the Extreme Coalition and Bad Influence continues! Their Global Champion Brown retains the title against Daniels after Stevie Richards came in to cost Daniels the match. A much better Global title match than the shitty title match from Slammiversary! -.- Great job guys!


Match 3 – Jay Lethal and Jerry Lynn def. Homicide and Hernandez in a hardcore match

The end to this little feud. All these guys are pretty over right now. They’re not significantly over because of it, but they’re definitely up there with the top guys. All of them are at least 80 overness with Lethal at 88. I might have Lethal and Lynn part ways for now, because I have much bigger plans for Lethal and his future!


Match 4 – “Team 3D” Brother Ray and Brother Devon def. Kevin Nash and Eric Young

For the record, Nash and Young are not “The Band”! They’re both heels that just happen to be in an alliance for this particular match! But Team 3D picked up the win in this tag team match. Three tag matches on this show so already! I’m starting to turn into Tommy Long!


Match 5 – Mr Anderson def. Matt Morgan and Sting in a triple threat match to become the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Anderson won this triple threat match, earning a TNA World title match and continuing his new feud with Morgan. Now about Morgan. In EWR, if you’re not using guys frequently, like main-eventers, their morale goes right down. Morgan has like 80+ overness and is an upper-midcarder, but I’ve not really been using him. Therefore, he’s really pissed at me and wants me to start using him more. Had a similar issue with Arn Anderson in the WCW game. So I decided to throw him in a feud with Mr Anderson. Anderson won this round, but Morgan ain’t having any of this stuff.


Match 6 – “Deadly Sin” Raven (c) and Rhino (c) def. Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley in a tag team steel cage match to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Mick Foley vows to retire if his team doesn’t win.

This ends the feud between these teams. I wasn’t planning to have it end this early. It was going to go on another month after this. However, I got the alert that Mick Foley was retiring next month! Foley being retired is a big loss for me obviously, but I wanted to give this feud a proper ending. Like I didn’t want Jarrett, Raven and Rhino losing overness because it ended on camera. So I quickly rushed it to end at Victory Road. It’s also the reason why I implemented the “Foley loses, he retires” thing. Raven and Rhino retain the tag titles, Foley’s retired and Jarrett keeps marching on. But everybody was like at least over 95 as far as overness was concerned. All these guys are awesome!

Match 7 – Kurt Angle def. Samoa Joe via DQ

So ANOTHER shady finish to a Joe/Angle match. You guys might not like this, but I think it would be better to have non-finishes in their matches rather than just them trading victories back-and-forth. That’s working well for the Guns and Beer Money, but I wanted to do something different with Angle/Joe. Joe couldn’t put Angle away, so he blasts Angle with the chair for the DQ. Angle comes back to attack Joe and they brawl to the back. Another superb 99% rating from Kurt and Joe. You’ll probably see the clean victory come at Hard Justice and hopefully… 100%!


Match 8 – Jeff Hardy def. AJ Styles (c) to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. If AJ Styles is caught cheating or gets himself disqualified, he is stripped of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

NEW CHAMPION! We have a NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion! Jeff got the win, but it was pretty controversial. AJ and Jeff have a hell of a match but the ref gets brought down by like AJ throwing the ref into a Whisper In The Wind or something. AJ goes out and grabs a chair which brings out Hogan. Hogan tells him not to use the chair and says he’ll strip him if he does use it. AJ says that Hogan does have the balls to do it and pushes him down. This eventually leads to Hulk Hulkin’ up and AJ turns around to find a hulked-up Hogan. Hogan does his routine and hits the leg drop before exiting the ring. The ref comes back up, only for Jeff to climb to the top and hit the Swanton Bomb for the win.

The only reason I say that it’s controversial is because he forbid AJ from cheating to win and yet he goes and attacks AJ during the match! What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. AJ is banned from cheating but yet Hogan interferes to help Jeff win the title. You’ll find out on the next part of this TNA series the fate of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!




Previously on TNA EWR….

TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles wrote the final chapter in his feud with Kurt Angle as they did battle in an ironman for the belt. I forgot to mention this in the last post, but a stipulation added to the match was that if Kurt lost, he would not get another shot at the title as long as AJ held the belt. In an epic clash, AJ defeated the Olympic Gold Medalist. This hereby barred Angle for the TNA World Title picture and opens up a spot for the number one contenders spot. See later on who in fact takes up that role.

Things are heating up in the tag team division. Deadly Sin reigned supreme in the tag team title feud with Beer Money after winning a Match of the Year candidate ladder match at Sacrifice! The 100% match quality classic seemingly put an end to things between those tag teams. However, Beer Money earned the right to fight the tag champions again on Impact after beating the Motor City Machine Guns in an elimination fatal four way match. The guns were not happy with this loss and took it upon themselves to cost Beer Money the tag title match a week later. Beer Money demanded the match against the Guns at Slammiversary which Hulk Hogan made official.

The tag champions Deadly Sin began targeting two powerful individuals in TNA… Majority Shareholder Mick Foley and TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett. After Jarrett and Foley were attacked in separate incidents, the two joined forces and were later granted a tag title match at the PPV.

Samoa Joe targeted Kurt Angle, seeing Kurt as an obstacle on his way to the top of TNA. The two traded attacks back and forth until Hogan had enough, and booked them in a singles match for Slammiversary.

Sting was fired by Hogan at Sacrifice following his brutal attacks against Mr Anderson and Hogan injured. Sting had put Anderson on the shelf, but Anderson returned at the start of June demanding Sting be reinstated. Hogan refused, saying that Sting was a danger to the entire roster. Anderson said he relished danger and threatened Hogan to reinstate Sting. After Sting’s music cost Mr Anderson a number one contendership match for the World Title, Hogan finally made the decision to bring Sting back for a one-time deal at Slammiversary. It would be Sting and Anderson one last time… in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH!




Pre-Show – Michelle McCool def. Tara (c) and Angelina Love to win the TNA Knockouts Championship

BETTER THAN DIVAS! (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap) BETTER THAN DIVAS! (Clap, clap, clap, clap clap) The three top knockouts square off in a triangle match for the Knockouts title… the irony. McCool and Love always ask for matches with each other for TV so I decided to shot them both in a Knockouts title match alongside the champion Tara. I feel like I’m going to use McCool a lot more than anybody else on the roster, so she was selected to win this match. A botched interference by Amazing Kong (who McCool was kinda feuding with) caused McCool to win the title. Not a bad rating for the knockouts.


Match 1 – Abyss and Bobby Lashley def. “Bad Influence” Christopher Daniels and Kaz in a hardcore tag team match

Abyss and Lashley go over in the tag feud PURELY because I see potential in booking Abyss and Lashley as a monster heel tag team! They’re both over and I could have them be like enforcers for AJ in the future. In fact, I might actually go with that for now! I feel AJ having a huge stable with him as the leader would do well to give him heat. Not like a huge nWo group. Just like him, Lashley, Abyss… and probably Nash maybe? Four or five guys would be a decent size for the group and I feel booking Abyss and Lashley strongly would work well for the eventual stable that will be formed. I’d say we could form Fortune, but everybody expect for AJ is a face! This is like the Styles Society or something. I dunno. If anybody reading can give me a name for a group involving AJ, Abyss, Lashley, Nash and somebody else, tweet at me @TomRobinson5199!


Match 2 – Jay Lethal (c) def. Homicide and Jerry Lynn to retain the TNA X-Division Championship

This is a tag team feud between Lethal/Lynn and LAX, but I really wanted the X-Division title to be involved. Lethal is the champion and if you don’t have the champion defend it regularly, the game just really downgrades the title. So Lethal defending the title against Lynn and Homicide could help the title and the feud along. I wish the match did a higher rating but at least the feud got PPV air time.


Match 3 – “Beer Money Inc” Bobby Roode and James Storm def. “Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin

95% says this match was awesome! I remember when they were actually feuding in TNA around this time actually, they put together some quality matches. Beer Money got the first win here. I wanted Beer Money to start the feud off strong, especially after they just lost the tag team titles. So they win here. MCMG will probably win the next match on Impact or at Victory Road and we’ll see where we go from here. But excellent!


Match 4 – Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe went to a double decision

100% match quality! I’m really thrilled that it got the rating it did because this is one of my main feuds in TNA! But there was a problem which I’ll explain in the next match! The ending to this was that Joe had the choke locked in on Angle. Angle pushes back on Joe getting Joe’s shoulders on the mat. The ref goes to count down Joe but Angle taps to the choke at the same time, leading the match to end in a draw. After the two shook hands post-match, Joe cheap shots Angle frustrated that he could not actually beat him. 99% overall. Probably the biggest overall match rating I’ve ever gotten on this game. Not just in the TNA series, but in WCW as well. I shouldn’t have expected anything more from Joe and Angle! Awesome work guys!


Match 5 – Monty Brown (c) def. Brother Ray, Brother Devon and Kevin Nash in a fatal four way match to retain the TNA Global Championship

This is where I made a complete mess up of the timing of matches. This match suffered a lot because the match were so pumped up from the last one! I should have known that this was going to happen! Brown, Ray, Devon and Nash in a fatal four way sounded a lot better in my head than it did in the game! 66% rating for this shit-fest of a match! The knockouts match got a higher rating than this one! Well… Monty Brown retains!


Match 6 – Sting def. Mr Anderson in a Texas Death match

Looking back, I probably should have put Anderson over because he’s the one that’s actually a full-time wrestler unlike Sting, who just became a non-wrestler. However, I wanted to book this feud like this was Austin and Hart. Sting would just beat the crap out of Anderson the entire match but Anderson would just not give up. Anderson wouldn’t be turning or anything, but it’d make him look good despite beating beat. Anderson still got really over anywhere so I’m not too concerned about how it ended. However, Sting is the victor in the feud.


Match 7 – “Deadly Sin” Rhino and Raven def. Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley via DQ to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship

The DQ finish occurs when Jarrett simply blasts Raven with the guitar during the match. This sparks the total annihilation of the Deadly Sin tag team as Foley and Jarrett rips them apart post match. Foley does the elbow through the announce table on Rhino, Jarrett does the Stroke onto the chair etc. Jarrett and Foley lost, but that’s the furthest thing from their mind. They just want to punish Raven and Rhino. 93%! These old-timers sure know how to put on a hell of a match… even in 2010!


Match 8 – AJ Styles (c) def. Jeff Hardy to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

If you have been a massive follower of the Armbar Express, you’ll know I’m not the biggest Jeff Hardy fan. However, with him being the top draw of merchandise right now and being super over… I have to push him. Even if I don’t like him, sometimes you have to do what’s best for business. However, he wouldn’t be walking out of this one as the TNA World Champion. AJ won by cheating but the feud will still continue onto Victory Road. I’m still not sure whether to have Jeff actually win the belt, but it would not be the worse idea in the world if he’s over. You’ll have to stay tuned to the next PPV to see how it plays out!



Previously on TNA EWR…

We had a hell of a show at Lockdown, when AJ Styles retained his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in a triple threat steel cage match! AJ may have picked up the win, but Angle is still after AJ’s title. What is he willing to sacrifice in order to secure the gold?

The Extreme Coalition added a bit of gold to their reservoir after Raven and Rhino beat Beer Money Inc to win the TNA World Tag Team titles. Beer Money have formally submitted their request for a rematch for the tag team titles for Sacrifice. Due to a win on Impact, the former champions were able to select the stipulations for their tag title rematch. However, Roode and Storm left it to the hands of fate to determine the match for Sacrifice. The two played a game of spin the bottle to decide their fate and the match that was selected… was a ladder match! Both teams will have to sacrifice their bodies in order to walk out the tag team champions!

Sting seeked revenge on Mr Anderson for beating him at Destination X and the stuff he’s put him through in the past couple of months. Sting showed no mercy to the cocky Mr Anderson as he emphatically won their first blood match. Sting’s actions put Mr Anderson on the shelf (It was a legit injury that Anderson suffered) and caused concern for TNA Commissioner Hulk Hogan. After Hogan was dropped by Sting on Impact, Hogan announced that Sting will meet him face-to-face on Sacrifice to learn his fate.

Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett squared off in a no disqualification match at Lockdown. The tide seemed to be turning in Jarrett’s favor but it was Stevie Richards from the Extreme Coalition that came to Brown’s rescue. Brown confronted the Extreme Coalition looking for answers as to why they got involved in his match. They responded by declaring Brown the future of TNA and asked him to join their group so he can be elevated to even greater heights. Brown goes away to think about it. Brown is eventually booked in a triple threat match for the TNA Global Championship with reigning champion Rob Terry and Jarrett (who just doesn’t want Brown to be champion). After interference again from the stable, Brown eventually captured the title. Brown accepted the group’s offer to be in the group but is cut off by Jarrett, who tells Brown his first title defense is against him at Sacrifice… IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!



Pre-Show – “Reckless Ambition” Hernandez, Homicide and La Parka def. Tyler Black, Jerry Lynn and Amazing Red

Six talented guys that needed a spot on the pre-show in six man tag team action. The new group “Reckless Ambition” needed to go over in their first match as an actual stable. La Parka beat Tyler Black in the six-man tag to get the win over Lynn, Black and Amazing Red. 73% overall. I was not expecting the greatest rating purely because these guys all aren’t over enough yet to get into like the 80s or something.


Match 1 –  “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley def. “Team 3D” Brother Ray and Brother Devon in a tables match

This feud obviously had to end in a tables match! The Guns was always going to win this feud. Even after Team 3D beat them at Destination X and Lockdown, the Guns needed the victory a lot more than Team 3D. A solid 88% to start off the show.


Match 2 – Kevin Nash def. Jay Lethal in a falls count anywhere match

After two embarrassing losses to Lethal at Destination X and Lockdown, Nash finally gets one over on the X-Division Champion by beating him in a falls count anywhere match to end the feud. A lot of you might be pissed for having me put Nash over in the feud but I think Lethal will still benefit in the long run having beaten Nash twice in back-to-back matches before this. You got to have the Big Man win something! Lethal did get pretty over after this feud ended so it’s a step in the right direction.


Match 3 – Bobby Lashley and Abyss def. “Bad Influence” Christopher Daniels and Kaz

Lashley and Abyss turned heel before this match on Impact by attacking Daniels and Kaz. Daniels and Kaz weren’t having any of that and a tag match was made for Sacrifice. However, it was Lashley and Abyss that got the win. However, the brawl to the back indicates that this feud is far from over…


Match 4 – Jeff Hardy and Mick Foley def. Samoa Joe and Eric Young in a hardcore tag team match

With all these four in a hardcore match… you can expect a lot of fun. I can imagine this match going all over the arena and the finish being Hardy and Foley doing a joint high spot on both men through the tables for the victory or something. I think the casual viewer would be most pleased with this match!


Match 5 – Monty Brown (c) def. Jeff Jarrett in a last man standing match to retain the TNA Global Championship

Brown goes over in the feud with Jarrett. In hindsight, I probably should have put Jarrett over in the last match if I was going to put Brown over in the end. However, Brown winning before was key in developing the story with him and the Extreme Coalition. Tazz was the one that helped Brown this time around in securing the victory at Sacrifice.


Segment 1 (6) – Hulk Hogan fires Sting

Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring and calls out Sting, saying it’s time to face the music. Sting comes down and says that Hogan needs Sting to be the cure of the cancer here in TNA. Sting calls Anderson a cancer that he need to get rid off. He says that the Extreme Coalition is a disease that he needs to dispose off. Sting says that he’s the man to do just that.

Sting “shoots” on Hogan coming in and bringing in guys that didn’t deserve to be in wrestling anymore. Sting says while he’s an old-timer himself, he says he’s solidified his place at the very peak of professional wrestling. Sting said he’s still around because he loves this business while guys like Anderson are only here because of the money and the fame behind the wrestling industry. Sting tells Hogan, “For you to fully redeem yourself for the mistakes that you’ve brought in to TNA, don’t fire me. Let me help you by taking out everybody that stands in the way of TNA being the top dogs in the world of professional wrestling.”

Hogan finally replies by saying Sting is wrong and that TNA will continue to strive for many years to come. Hogan says that only time will tell whether Anderson will be flying high or hitting rock bottom here in TNA. But it’s not for him or Sting to play god and decide his fate right now, it’s up to Anderson to prove what he’s worth. Hogan says that Anderson’s injured right now, but will be ready for Slammiversary. At Slammiversary, Mr Anderson will face Sting one last time to see who truly belongs in TNA.

Sting tells Hogan to reconsider letting Anderson back in TNA, or else he’ll take both of them out of it. Hogan comes back by saying that he won’t let him play judge, jury and executioner around here and fires the Stinger. Sting responds by dropping Hogan and locking in the Scorpion Deathlock. Sting is pulled away by officials before being escorted out of the building.

98% is enough justification for me and this segment.


Match 6 (7) – “Deadly Sin” Raven (c) and Rhino (c) def. “Beer Money Inc.” Bobby Roode and James Storm in a ladder match to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship

100% MATCH QUALITY! Hell Yeah! I didn’t really expect these four to put together such a great tag team match! But they did, and I commend them for it! The ending to the match was Raven and Rhino’s fellow Extreme Coalition members Monty Brown and Stevie Richards helping them by laying out Beer Money with ladders or something. Raven and Rhino grabbed the titles for the win! All these guys got super over for this one!


Match 7 (8) – AJ Styles (c) def. Kurt Angle in an Ironman match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

This match would have been so much greater if it had not been over shadowed by Beer Money and Deadly Sin. AJ goes over at the end of the feud. I want AJ to be fighting for the TNA World Championship for a long time in this TNA game! Him as a heel World Champion really is best for business!



Previously on TNA EWR…

We kicked off the TNA EWR 2010 mod with a bang. It was Destination X. I bought a lot of guys, fired a lot of guys and I was all ready for my first show.

The show featured AJ Styles retaining the TNA World Title against Kurt Angle by getting himself DQ’d, Beer Money retaining their newly won TNA Tag titles against Raven and Rhino and Mr Anderson turned heel, followed up by him beating Sting at Destination X. This, of course, led us to Lockdown.

Even though the whole gimmick was supposed to be about every match being a cage match, I didn’t want every match to actually be a cage match! There were a lot of feuds that had just gotten started and there was no need for them to be in a cage. I needed at least one though, and I decided that it might as well be the main event! So a really cool cage match to close off the show! We’ve got a stacked line-up for this show! Tag titles on the line in a triple threat tag! A first blood match! Hardcore matches! A lot to look forward to.



Pre-Show – La Parka def. Jerry Lynn in a falls count anywhere match

I finally got to debut these guys recently on TV as they both REALLY wanted to face each other. Jerry Lynn won the first match, which hurt Parka’s overness for some reason. So I gave La Parka the win! Rarely do you see a falls count anywhere match on the pre-show. So if you’re tuning into the TNA YouTube pre-show… you’re in for a treat!


Match 1 – Raven and Rhino def. Bobby Roode (c) and James Storm (c), and Christopher Daniels and Kaz in a triple threat tag team match to win the TNA Tag Team Championship

NEW CHAMPS! Yes, Raven and Rhino are the new tag team champs. By the way, I gave them the name Deadly Sin after this match. Deadly Sin, who are apart of the Extreme Coalition, won the three way also involving Beer Money and Bad Influence with Raven beating Storm to do it. I’m not sure that Raven and Rhino will be champions for long. If anything, I thought it was a great idea to have Deadly Sin win the titles now and then perhaps have Roode and Storm win them back to end the feud. Either way, Storm and Roode didn’t lose much overness from this and Deadly Sin are both very over right now!


Match 2 – Jeff Hardy def. Eric Young

I really wanted to put Eric over, but I knew that Jeff would just complain about putting over Eric. Plus, I didn’t want to hurt one of our biggest merch sellers in Jeff. Jeff won after Mick Foley helped him win over Eric.


Segment 1 (3) – Motor City Machine Guns cut a promo on Team 3D

I really haven’t built the Team 3D/Guns feud as much as I should have. This was to help give it some points before they square off in their rematch from Destination X.


Match 3 (4) – Team 3D def. Motor City Machine Guns

This second win for 3D is getting the Guns really mad. The Guns are pissed that they can’t beat Team 3D and they attack them post-match out of frustration. They’ll be looking to try and claw a win back in this feud which Team 3D have dominated so far.


Match 4 (5) – Jay Lethal def. Kevin Nash via DQ

Kevin Nash was looking to gain some redemption after the NEW X-Division Champion Jay Lethal beat him at Destination X. Kevin pounds on Lethal throughout the match, but the X-Division star refuses to stay down. Nash eventually gets pissed and smacks Lethal with a crowbar for the DQ. Nash pounds Lethal with the crowbar, leaving him a bloody mess. Not great match-wise, but a great way to get Lethal over… pretty much the sole purpose for this feud!


Match 5 (6) – Jeff Jarrett def. Monty Brown in a No Disqualification match (No such option for a No-DQ in the game so I just went with a hardcore match!)

Jeff won the match after Stevie Richards from the Extreme Coalition tried to interfere on Brown’s behalf. However, the interference backfired and Jarrett took advantage. He was able to land the Stroke on Monty Brown ONTO the chair for the victory. Needless to say, the Extreme Coalition do have reasons for trying to getting involved in Monty Brown’s business…


Match 6 (7) – Sting def. Mr Anderson in a first blood match

Brutal match which got high ratings on the game. I think this was the second highest ranked match on the show. This would basically be a slaughter! After Anderson got Sting mad by beating him at Destination X, Sting went all out here with weapon and stuff. A VERY clean win for the Stinger. However, Anderson gained overness from the match which shows people are into both guys and this is definitely one of the better feuds on the game right now!


Match 7 (8) – AJ Styles (c) def. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in a triple threat steel cage match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

So with AJ and Angle feuding and Joe earning a title shot at the last PPV, a three way cage match was the ultimate solution. I really should down the line just shot these three in just a standard triple threat. I’d imagine the cage would limit what they’d be able to do in and out the ring. However, you’d probably see a lot of high spots. AJ or possibly Kurt would probably jump off the cage. My idea for the ending is that Angle locks in the Ankle lock to AJ for a really long time. AJ is about to tap but Joe breaks it up. Angle lays out Joe with the Angle slam, while AJ unties his boot and then tries to get over the cage. As he’s laid on top, Angle locks onto the injured ankle for the ankle lock. Yeah, this would be hard to explain I know! AJ would be on top with his legs dangling down, and Angle would just grab on. AJ taps on top of the cage, but the ref doesn’t see it as he’s attending to Joe who’s out. The ref turns and then AJ is able to kick Angle off and off his boot goes as well. It’s like the Eddie/Angle spot from Wrestlemania 20! After kicking Angle off, AJ slides down the cage for the win.


Either way, this would have been a great match I think, which is why I booked it. It got the top marks on the show and the Angle/AJ feud is money right now! I can’t wait to write the next installment. I may have to end it on TV as it’s a long time before my next PPV on the game, but you will hear all about it on PART 3 of this playthrough which I think I’ll do some time this weekend. If not, then Monday I’m guessing.




So Destination X and Lockdown are both in the books! Up next… Sacrifice! What are these wrestlers willing to sacrifice to achieve glory here in TNA?



It is here!

At last, my TNA 2010 EWR series has arrived and we are kicking things off with a BANG! Destination X!

To give you a bit of a background to this for those of you who never saw my update blog…

  • My WCW 1998 EWR playthrough is currently on hold for now as I try something different.
  • I decided to give TNA 2010 a try because of how bad TNA in 2010 actually was, and I decided to see how I could improve the product!

I made a load of signings, up-and-comers and veterans which you will see gradually appear on the show as they build themselves up on TV.

These guys including…

  • Alberto Del Rio (Who goes by Alberto Banderas in the game)
  • Monty Brown
  • El Generico aka Sami Zayn
  • Kevin Steen
  • Jerry Lynn
  • Tyler Black aka Seth Rollins
  • LA Par-K
  • Austin Aries
  • PAC and Jon Moxley (aka Adrian Neville and Dean Ambrose)
  • Michelle McCool
  • And a lot more…

A lot to play with in time, but right now I want to make use of the most over guys on the roster. So… let’s get to it!


Pre-Show – Bobby Lashley and Abyss chase off Doug Williams and Desmond Wolfe

Abyss and Bobby Lashley chase off the two Brits as the two teams clash later on in the show in a hardcore tag team match


Match 1 – “Team 3D” Brother Ray and Brother Devon def. “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

A lot of tag team feuds in the work right now to kick things off. Just to have a look at what I’ve got to work with. I’ve got two prolific tag teams to work with which excites me in Team 3D and the Motor City Machine Guns. Team 3D goes over but the Guns attack them post-match as the feud is only just getting started.

Match 2 – Jay Lethal def. Kevin Nash

Yep. Jay Lethal goes over Kevin Nash at Destination X… I was able to do that! Having Lethal go over Nash is the perfect way to build him up as a shock win over Nash should get people’s attention.

Match 3 – Abyss and Bobby Lashley def. Doug Williams and Desmond Wolfe in a hardcore tag team match

This was a very short feud but it had a decent rating. 84% this match got. Abyss and Lashley go over.

Match 4 – Samoa Joe def. Jeff Hardy, Eric Young and Mick Foley in a fatal four way match to become the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

These four are all feuding with each other so why not have a four way! Joe wins after choking out Mick Foley to win a TNA World Title shot. He’s not yet cashed in the title shot but I think I’m going to book him in the main event of Lockdown.

Match 5 – “Beer Money Inc” Bobby Roode (c) and James Storm (c) def, Raven and Rhino via DQ to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship

Raven, a remnant of the WCW 1998 game, returns to team with Rhino and fight for the tag titles which Beer Money just won. Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards and Taz are all in a heel stable called the Extreme Coalition and the tag title match ends in a DQ win for the champs after Stevie and Taz interfere. The stable stands tall at the end. 88% from this awesome tag team match!

Match 6 -Monty Brown def. Jeff Jarrett

Monty Brown returns to TNA to get a clean victory over Jeff Jarrett.

Match 7 – Mr Anderson def. Sting

Mr Anderson turned heel after losing a match to Sting on Impact, attacking the Stinger after calling him out. In this match, Anderson picked up the win after putting his foot on the ropes for the pin. Really ecstatic about this feud and great ratings so far. However, Sting making himself a non-wrestler really does mess up my plans for them. -.-

Match 8 – Kurt Angle def. AJ Styles (c) via DQ in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match

Similar to the Steve Austin/Kurt Angle 2001 Summerslam ending… Angle has AJ beat a number of times but the ref’s always out or something. AJ eventually low blows Angle for the DQ. 89%… an awesome end to the show.



Previously on WCW…

Stuff happened. Piper won the WCW United States title. Bam Bam and Hennig beat Sting and DDP for the tag titles. And err.. yeah!



Pre-Show – Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki def. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

This was… a disappointment! Largely due to the Outsiders and here’s why…

For months now, the Outsiders popularity has went down fast! Both of them were at 100 overness when they were WCW Tag Team Champions but they were truly out-done by the other nWo team Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow. When I saw this, I had planned to turn them face and have them go up against Asbury Perfection. However, there was never really the right time for me to pull the trigger if you know what I mean. So when I did eventually turn them, it’s almost as if it didn’t mean anything. They got overness from the turn but quickly lost it. And that was down to the Outsiders as well.

The Outsiders have CREATIVE CONTROL – the biggest pain in the ass in all of EWR. You guys know with the feud between Hogan and Davey Boy Smith early on… those with Creative Control do a damn good job at fucking up your product. They will purposely not sell and complain about the guys lower down in the card. And it… sucks! It’s the exact same thing. Kevin and Scott wouldn’t sell to Liger and Sasaki. They didn’t try and put themselves over in the game or anything, but they just hurt the match rating by not giving a toss about the match. Rest assured… you’ll probably never see Hall and Nash on this EWR series again. Their lack of overness and how much I have to pay them doesn’t really give me any other options than to release them. 67% overall would have messed this PPV right up if it weren’t for some excellent matches later on in the show.


Match 1 – AJ Styles (c) def. Tajiri to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The rise of AJ Styles continues with this feud. You might have thought that I’ve just given him this push out of nowhere but to be honest, I’ve been pushing him a lot on Television. I use him quite a bit with top guys which really bumps up his overness which has led to him beating Tajiri for the Cruiserweight title a few months ago on Thunder. Now these two are actually feuding for the belt and what a start so far! 95% overall for this opening Cruiserweight title match! The people care about AJ Styles and Tajiri in WCW 1999! Yes!


Match 2 – Raven and WCW Television Champion Perry Saturn def. Rob Van Dam and Ultimo Dragon w/Paul Heyman in a hardcore tag team match

So this was a VERY quick feud which ended here at Starrcade. Raven and Perry Saturn from the Exiles knocking off Rob Van Dam and Ultimo Dragon – the two Paul Heyman guys. After the match, tension was teased between Dragon and RVD with them pushing each other and stuff. Paul Heyman is trying to be the peace-maker while everybody is chanting “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” I’m not sure at this point if Dragon and RVD are actually going to feud but like I’ve said before… it’s always nice to tease!


Match 3 – Diamond Dallas Page def. Scott Steiner

DDP beats Steiner clean in a 93% overall match! This feud emerged after Steiner blamed DDP for costing him the chance to have another WCW Title shot against Chris Jericho. These two fought and DDP won. However, Steiner attacked him afterwards. I look forward to seeing how this feud plays out.


Match 4 – Rowdy Roddy Piper (c) def. Chris Benoit in an I Quit match to retain the WCW United States Championship

Piper goes over in the United States title feud after Legion members Fit Finlay and Steven Regal help him win. They all spend like the entire match beating up Benoit but Benoit still refuses to give. Benoit then takes out Finlay and Regal. He takes out Finlay by spearing him through the barricade and delivers a conchairto to Regal. This leaves him and Piper. He beats Piper up and bloodies him up, but Piper refuses to give up. Benoit then counters the sleeper into the Crossface. Piper almost submits when Regal and Finlay come back out. They hit a triple powerbomb on Benoit and then Piper ties Benoit up on the ropes. After whacking him with a chair over and over Benoit eventually says I Quit.

I don’t like the thought of Benoit verbally submitting to Piper. However, I at least made Benoit look strong while doing. I actually went up to Piper and said “Hey. You’re going over… but you gotta make Benoit look really REALLY strong!” XD


Match 5 – Eddie Guerrero def. Booker T in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Eddie and Booker end their feud. Eddie actually has not won a singles match between them so it’s only fitting Eddie wins the most important match in the feud! 93% Again, lower than their last match. However, they both gained overness from the feud.


Match 6 – Hollywood Hogan and Sting def. Bam Bam Bigelow (c) and Curt Hennig (c) to win the WCW Tag Team Championship

NEW CHAMPS! Yes, the dream team of Hogan and Sting won the WCW Tag Team titles from Asbury Perfection. I was going to have Asbury Perfection go on a big long title reign but screw it. Why not have Hogan and Sting win the tag titles? Even if it is for a one time thing, which this will be. Hogan and Sting winning the titles would be a great good-feel moment for WCW in the face of all of these stables! However, Bam Bam and Hennig might actually win the titles right back from them! I haven’t really decided! For now though… new champs!

Match 7 – Randy Savage def. Bret Hart in a No Holds Barred match

The feud-ending match. Looking back, I probably should have put Hart over since it seems he never wins these high-profile feuds for some reason. However… I gotta make Savage look strong! XD 88%. Lower than their last match but still a high rating regardless.

Match 8 – Chris Jericho (c) def. Keiji Mutoh to retain the WCW Championship

The first match in this feud! And with that 98% rating, I think this was a good one! I think that’s the highest rated PPV main event that I’ve had! I’ve had 100% angles on TV before and matches that were close to 100% but I’ve never had a PPV match this highly-rated before! It’s insane. Jericho goes over for now. I don’t have plans for Mutoh to win the title right now. Mutoh being unable to cut promos in this game is really going to hurt his chances of winning the belt. Plus Jericho is doing awesome right now. If it ain’ broke, don’t fix it!

This was the highest overall PPV rating I’ve had so far! Get in! A great way to end this WCW adventure… for now. For the next couple of months…. TNA 2010! By god! I can imagine that will go well! Hehe! But I will get back to WCW… eventually! Later guys!