Undertaker returns on the 2/23/13 WWE House Show – Thoughts And Reactions



Yes, The Undertaker is BACK! Last night at a house show in Texas, The Phenom made his return to team up with Sheamus and face the team of Wade Barrett and Damien Sandow (a kind of odd pairing to say the least since Sandow has already been in a team with Cody Rhodes). I think this was a great way for Undertaker to return.Undertaker needed to shake off any ring-rust. I mean, we haven’t seen him since RAW 1000, and he’s wrestled only 2 matches in 2 years. So a house show appearance is a good way to get him experience, before he goes into Wrestlemania against whomever his opponent is. The video is here below

And I can sense a lot of fans are unhappy with his return going down on a house show, and not on RAW. The internet wrestling community are already bashing his return. Here’s a video posted on NoDQ.com of a fat kid raging about the return below:

OK, this kid needs setting straight right now:

1) If anything, his return happening at a house show makes it a lot more unexpected. A lot of people (including myself) weren’t expecting Taker to show up before Wrestlemania at all, and it’s a nice surprise for the Texas crowd, who went nuts for the Deadman’s return (take a look at the video above for Christ sake).

2) Also, regarding the scenario that the kid thinks is going to happen, with Undertaker getting involved in the John Cena vs CM Punk match. He should not be so sure that Undertaker vs CM Punk is the match they are going to go with at Wrestlemania. I mean backstage reports by internet websites aren’t always right (no offence NoDQ.com). WWE might swerve it and may have Undertaker fight Brock Lesnar, Sheamus or even Randy Orton. Don’t think that the Road To Wrestlemania is THAT predictable (OK, some cases it is, but not always).

3) Vince McMahon is not an idiot. In actuality, he’s actually a genius for holding off Undertaker’s return like this, and keeping the WWE universe in suspense over whether he would return at all. A lot people expected Undertaker to return the night after the Elimination Chamber, but he didn’t. It put us all in doubts over his return. Vince likes to have his fun and troll the internet fans who think they know everything. So, he’s not an idiot.

4) While Live RAW events are important to WWE, so are house shows. If they have guys like Undertaker make surprise appearances at a house show, it can draw people to come to more house shows, because they don’t want to miss out.

5) Yes, CM Punk losing twice to the wrong was wrong. And YES, if it does happen, CM Punk losing to the Undertaker would be disappointing seeing how big a heel he has become. But, this kid is wrong about the fact that CM Punk is getting “buried”. How many superstars as of late get a chance to fight the likes of The Rock and The Undertaker? CM Punk is not getting buried by these guys. CM Punk is being rewarded with these big-time matches, and it is establishing Punk as a MAJOR star in WWE. He’s not just a main-eventer – he’s one of the REAL superstars in WWE, that is becoming social-relevant and is colliding with the major superstars like Taker and Rock, and Brock Lesnar later on in the year.

I think Undertaker returning at a house show is NOT a bad thing, and if anything, him showing up at a house show will get people tuning into RAW and seeing him again. I will be watching RAW on Monday, and I AM looking forward to The Undertaker’s return. Great move WWE.

UFC 157 Thoughts And Reactions: Ronda Rousey – The Most Badass Woman On The Planet Retains

RONDA ROUSEY: On top of the food chain in Women's MMA,

RONDA ROUSEY: On top of the food chain in Women’s MMA,

What is up MMA fans? Tom Robinson here with my thoughts and reactions to last night’s UFC 157. This event made history as it featured the first ever main event – headlined by women. A boost for women’s MMA and women’s sports in general this was the world’s chance to see the rare privilege of Miss Armbar herself. 6 armbar submission wins the first round of all of her fights. Ronda Rousey. Would her dominance in MMA continue in UFC against Liz Carmouche, a lethal hard-hitter?

But first, I watched the preliminary fights on Facebook. And the Brock Jardine vs Kenny Robertson fight really stood out in particular. Why? Simply because of how it ended – a lethal submission in the first round. But check out this submission:



An unusual but effective way to end the fight! That looks… SICK!


Robbie Lawler Makes An Effective Comeback With A TKO In The First Round

Lalwer made his return to the UFC, and in impressive fashion. A TKO in the first round after a furious bunch of blows to Koscheck. Many, along with Joe Rogan, may think that referee Herb Dean ended the fight to early and though Josh could still go on. BUT, I think even if Dean let in go on for a while longer, Lawler would still have delivered a lot more punishment considering the position Josh was at the time the fight was brought to an end. I think he was right to bring to an end when he did. A dominating display by Lawler and good way to make a return to UFC.

Court McGee And Josh Neer Go The Distance Despite McGee’s Dominance In The First Round

I’m TRULY amazed by the fact that Josh Neer lasted the entire fight. I’m amazed McGee never finished him in the first round. He landed more than 100 strikes to Neer (more than 300 in the fight’s entirety), and surely would have noticed Neer feeling his stomach after he delivered several brutal blows to the stomach near the end of the first round.McGee failed to capitalize on the wounded gut and in the 2nd round, nearly paid for it after Neer hit jab after jab starting to build momentum and nearly caused trouble for McGee. But in the third round, McGee’s onslaught was just too much for the veteran Neer. BUT, I’m not gonna take anything away for Josh Neer. The fact that he withstood that amount of punishment and finished the fight is really incredible. He’s got really good endurance and despite not winning, he shouldn’t be disheartened. That was a great effort.

Faber submits Menjivar in the first round to solidify his claim for a bantamweight title fight

To be honest, a little disappointed the fight ended as it did. I really wanted to see these two go the distance, considering their first fight years ago ended in a disqualification. But, Faber was impressive and the California Kid showed why he was worthy of a bantamweight shot in the future impressively choking out Menjivar after some sweet transitions which led to the choke.

Lyoto Machida Defeats Dan Henderson In A Fight Which Upsets The Fans

The fans were really upset with how this fight went down. Machida was a little resistant and patient before engaging with Henderson, but sometimes, those who are patient are those who come out on top. I mean, this is what Machida does. Yes, it pisses off the fans when he acts a little less eagerness, but that’s only because Machida is such a smart fighter. I mean near the end of the first round, Lyoto cleverly scored a takedown on Hendo which completly took him off guard. Slowly, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida picked up the points which led to his victory by split decision. But, it WAS a close fight. When Henderson did get in shots, they were lethal. And he was able to score a takedown in the third round, but only really because Machida’s own momentum sent him to the ground. I’m not gonna argue with the decision. Lyoto deservingly won here. And it’s a great boost for Lyoto’s career. I’m a big fan of “The Dragon”. He was heavily booed last night, but he’s an impressive fighter, and I’d like to see him get another shot at the Light-Heavyweight Championship he once held.

Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche – Rousey And Carmouche Make UFC History

IT’S TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME! The first ever women’s fight in UFC, and it ended in 1 round, but DAMN! It was one of the most explosive first rounds I’ve ever seen. Liz certainty showed she couldn’t be taken lightly, and really took it to the champion Rousey. Rousey was in serious trouble when Liz got her in the choke. That might have been the time in Ronda Rousey’s MMA career that she was in danger of losing the fight. Somehow, Ronda saved herself from being choked, and she didn’t hold anything back. She messed up Lizzy big time while in control, and… surprise, surprise… Ronda Rousey won the fight with an armbar submission… in the first round… for the 7th fight in a row.

How impressive is Ronda Rousey? She must be like the daughter of Chuck Norris or something. She is just destroying anyone in her path. Actually, this wasn’t that much of a destruction. She nearly lost in the first round with that choke from Carmouche. But, as a fighting champion should, she pulled through, and showed the world, that she is not the woman to mess with – unless you want putting in a painful armbar. What a way to kick off women’s MMA in UFC, and what a champion to lead the division. It was a really good night of UFC action, and we’ve had explosive submissions, epic TKOs and some great fighting by some amazing individuals. Great Event!

Why Turning Ryback Heel Would Be A BAD idea.

RYBACK: Heel Turn In The Works?

RYBACK: Heel Turn In The Works?


Ryback’s future has been heavily discussed behind the scenes in WWE. There are a lot of wrestling sites reporting that “Big Hungry” Ryback could be in line for a heel turn. There are suggestions that Ryback may turn heel soon for a Wrestlemania feud with someone like Chris Jericho or Randy Orton, or he may turn AFTER Wrestlemania to feud with WWE Champion John Cena (come on, we all know he’s going to win the titlte). I am SO against move. Ryback should NOT be turned into a heel monster.

Firstly, there are plenty of heel monsters all ready around. We have Mark Henry, who’s currently kicking all kinds of ass, and has got good momentum on his side coming off Elimination Chamber (last week’s spectacle with The Great Khali can easily be resolved with Mark Henry squashing Khali on RAW). Also there is Brock Lesnar, the ultimate bad-ass in WWE who Ryback would be in the shadow of if he turned heel. There’s also Big Show, coming off a World Title reign and looking to regain momentum. With three monsters in the main event right now, why should Ryback turn heel? If Ryback were to ever turn heel, it should be at a time where he can act all  dominant and destroy everyone in his path.

Secondly, even if he did turn heel, say after Wrestlemania, and went on to face John Cena, he’d no doubt lose. So what is having Ryback turn heel, and then lose to the biggest face in WWE going to do for him? Ryback needs to be built up again before going after the WWE Championship again. WWE has ruined a sensational chance to turn Ryback into the face of the company, and somehow managed to screw themselves over. They went from having a guy go on a major winning streak, destroying everything in sight, to him losing 5 PAY PER VIEWS IN A ROW! Really, WWE? Really? And having him take the pin at Elimination Chamber was perhaps the dumbest thing they could have possibly do. Considering he’s supposed to be a top guy in WWE, LET HIM HAVE A BIG WIN.

Thirdly, I still believe Ryback has what it takes to be the next major star in WWE, despite this rough patch. I mean you could see Ryback’s potential from October to December, when he was at his hottest. He was incredibly over in this period, getting bigger reactions than CM Punk and John Cena on more than 1 occasion. Ryback, in a sense, is still a little over despite playing 3rd-fiddle to John Cena and The Rock. A big victory at Wrestlemania over a big-time player can make all the difference in the world, and can get the ball rolling. And NO, having him beat The Big Show is not what I’m talking about. I’m saying give him a match with CM Punk if the latter is NOT fighting The Undertaker. Ryback would benefit a lot from finally defeating CM Punk, and on a stage as big as this. CM Punk would not suffer that bad, and Ryback would be over big time. Marvellous plan.

All I know is that Ryback NEEDS a really good Wrestlemania build up. Ryback should really be walking into Wrestlemania 29 challenging for the WWE Championship, but WWE’s downright idiocy has put Ryback in a really bad spell, and turning him heel is NOT the way to correct it. He, in my opinion IS next in line to replace John Cena. They just need to get behind Ryback so much post-Wrestlemania, where The Rocks and The Brocks aren’t around to hold him back.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Thoughts And Reactions – Great PPV Ruined By Rock vs Punk II. Swagger vs Del Rio?


Elimination Chamber reactions here for guys. I was hoping that WWE would deliver in this PPV, since the road to Wrestlemania is under way, and you know what they did. I think on the whole, the PPV delivered. It was a crazy night in New Orleans, and WWE actually put on a good show. Lets run down the card….

Del Rio Walking Into Wrestlemania As World Champion After Defeating The Big Show

This match was actually a lot better than I expected. Despite a couple of mishaps in the match (especially with Del Rio’s missed enziguri near the end) the match was actually decently paced, and Del Rio was somehow able to get the crowd pumped up for this match. And the fans are an important factor in a match. If the fans are in, then you are in it. Big Show’s not much of a ring worker, but Del Rio was able to liven up the match, and the match seemed to work in my opinion. Del Rio is starting to shine as a face, and is deservingly going into Wrestlemania as World Champion. I thought for a second Dolph Ziggler was gonna cash in, but he didn’t. Kinda glad he didn’t, because Del Rio should be in the World Title match at Wrestlemania. No disrespect to Zig-Zag though. I just think he needs to wait longer before cashing in.


Antonio Cesaro Defeats The Miz… again

This match was a little disappointing. Cesaro did do a lot of great work in there. I just couldn’t get into it. And neither could the fans. Also, I though the ending was ludicrous with Miz “low-blowing” Cesaro. This match absolutely blew, and I hope Cesaro gets a high-profile match at Wrestlemania 29.


The Elimination Chamber – Was Not Expecting That

There are lot of things in WWE nowadays that don’t really shock me. But the ending to this match REALLY shocked me. The first 4 minutes of the match with Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho was a great piece of wrestling . But then, Jack Swagger entered the match at number 3, and the match pace dropped right down. But the quality was still up, and the segment next, with Kane entering at number 4, and clearing house with Daniel Bryan was a treat. We also saw Kane and Bryan turn on each other as you’d expect, and we saw the really cool Doomsday Device with Kane and Orton  to Daniel Bryan later on in the match. Speaking of Orton, he got a major pop when he entered the fray at number 5. Mark Henry came in at number 6… and destroyed everyone! Mark Henry looked like a serious threat. He eliminated Daniel Bryan and Kane in succession with World Strongest Slams, put Randy Orton through the pod, and looked menacing as hell. Even after taking a double suplex from Jericho and Swagger on the steel (which looked sick as hell), he came back and clobbered Jericho and Swagger. He looked unstoppable… until a big boot, a codebreaker and a rko eliminated him. In order to make him look good after the elimination, Henry went back in the chamber, gave World Strongest Slams to everyone, and left!


It was down to Jericho, Orton and Swagger and there was good exchange near the end between all 3 guys. And in a HUGE shocker, Orton pinned Jericho off the RKO, and was then rolled up by Jack Swagger, who got the pin, and WON the elimination chamber! I guarantee you – NO ONE SAW THAT COMING! The guy who, 6 months ago, was getting squashed to Brodus Clay in 10 seconds, and seemed like such a joke in the WWE, WON THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER? He just came back, and they are putting him the World Title match at Wrestlemania? I was so shocked by that outcome, but it’s a great shock. The usual candidates (Jericho and Orton) didn’t win, and I LOVE UNPREDICTABILITY in Wrestling. It keeps you interesting in the product (because Rock vs Cena certainty isn’t). And in a way, it makes sense. Jack Swagger is claiming to be a Real American, and he’d have a problem with a Mexican as World Champion. This is a golden scenario if you think about. Del Rio vs Swagger for the World Title? That sounds fine to me. Just one question – what are Orton, Jericho and Mark Henry gonna do at Wrestlemania? It was a fantastic chamber match, one of the better ones in recent years. We saw a bit of everything in this match. Good job WWE.


The Shield Defeats The Mighty Heroes Of WWE

Another great outing from the Shield. I was thoroughly entertained by this match. While this has nothing on the 6 man TLC match at TLC, this was a really good showing for everyone involved. Ryback got a major pop when he was tagged in, and the chaos at the end of the match was great to see. The spear through the barricade by Roman Reigns to Sheamus was a cool moment, and the fans were REALLY into this match. The Shield winning was definitely the right way to go. This win makes them even more of a threat. This is a great momentum push for the stable as Wrestlemania arrives. But Ryback getting pinned was not OK in my book? Sheamus and Cena don’t have as much to lose by getting pinned than Ryback. That’s 5 PPV’s in a row which has seen Ryback get beat. For someone who is supposed to be considering a major player in WWE, he’s not getting any big wins as of late. He DESPERATELY needs to win at Wrestlemania. Also, 1 thing I need to draw your attention to. Before the match began, Michael Cole said something along the lines of, “If there’s anyone that needs to get their hands on The Shield more than anyone it’s Cena”. Then about 2 minutes later, he said the samething about Ryback. WTF? Make your mind up Cole. XD


Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston For The Billionth Time

How many times does WWE want to book Ziggler vs Kofi for a PPV? These guys have fought each other so many times, you can’t get excited anymore. And this match wasn’t exactly a classic either. Kofi lost WAY too easy here, and the beatdown by Big E Langston was kinda unnecessary. That is unless Kingston vs Langston is being booked for Wrestlemania. I really don’t know what WWE’s mindset is right now.


Kaitlyn Defeats Tamina

Moving on….


The Rock vs CM Punk Disappoints Again

You know, for a lot of people, The Rock vs CM Punk would have been a dream match. Both these two are excellent workers. And you’d expect that their rematch would make up for that shambles of a main event at Royal Rumble? WRONG. These two blew it again. Again, another abrupt ending to the match. Two referees got taken out of the equation and it looked in even more of a shambles than the first match. This just really stunk in my opinion. I hope CM Punk gets a big match for Wrestlemania, because the fact that he had to lose clean TWICE to The Rock in 2 PPVs is injustice. CM Punk needs to win the title back pronto.


I think the chamber PPV was a very good PPV. The Chamber match and 6 man tag was quality and the World Title match was a good match too. The Road To Wrestlemania has taken a very interesting turn, especially with the World Title picture. Let’s hope WWE use the 47 days they have to hype up Wrestlemania wisely. While Rock vs Cena II doesn’t really need hype, the rest of the card could be phenomenal if put together properly.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Predictions – The Road To Wrestlemania 29 Enters The Elimination Chamber


The Elimination Chamber can produce some amazing matches. Especially the earlier ones. But as of recently, the elimination chamber match quality as decreased, especially with the World Title Elimination Chamber last year, which may have been the worst elimination chamber I’ve ever seen. BUT, with only one chamber scheduled, WWE can really go out, and the participants involved could make up a first class chamber match. That and Rock vs Punk II and the 6 Man Tag Match could end up producing a very good PPV as Wrestlemania 29 rolls on. I hope it does, because I’m really losing interest in the product. At that’s not a good thing, especially considering Wrestlemania 29 is right around the corner. But now… IT’S TIME FOR PREDICTIONS………………………………


Pre-Show: Brodus Clay and Tensai vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Match Background: After losing the WWE Tag Team Title match to Team Hell-No at Royal Rumble, Rhodes Scholars decided to go their separate ways on the SmackDown! after the rumble. But as one team was splitting up, another one was formed, as Tensai decided to find his inner-funky self, and team with Brodus Clay. After months of humiliation, Brodus helped Tensai to get down, and one of the largest teams ever got together, and duo were put together against Rhodes Scholars. Rhodes and Sandow decided to team up for ONE last time at Elimination Chamber.

What I think should happen: Rhodes Scholars win.

What I think will happen: The Lords Of The Dance… I mean Tensai and Brodus Clay win. I highly doubt that they’d have a newly-formed, popular team like Tensai and Clay lose to a team that’s “splitting-up”.


United-States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. the Miz

Match Background: This feud has been going on ever since Cesaro appeared on MizTV, and ate a figure-four leg lock. The two met at Royal Rumble for the US title, and Cesaro was victorious. So WWE are giving you a rematch. Really? How’s Cesaro gonna benefit from beating the same guy two PPVs in a row?

What I think should happen: Cesaro wins. Cesaro has brought prestige back to the belt after the infamous reign of Santino Marrella. I don’t think he should lose it for a while.

What I think will happen: Cesaro wins. No real shocker here. It’s basically a replay from their Rumble match.


Women’s Championship: Kaitlyn (c) vs. Tamina Snuka

Moving on….


World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 Contender Elimination Chamber Match: Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton vs Mark Henry vs Jack Swagger vs Kane

Match Background: Actually, this match has been pretty well built up. The SmackDown! after Royal Rumble, SmackDown! GM Booker T gathered a bunch of former World Champions in the ring to discuss the elimination chamber. A chamber match was set, with the winner going on to face the World Champion at Wrestlemania! Unfortunately, he forgot about someone – the returning Jack Swagger. Repackaged and refreshed, Swagger demanded to be a part of the match. And after squashing the likes of Kofi Kingston, Santino and Zack Ryder, Swagger had apparently proven his worth and was added to the chamber match. Another man to return is Mark Henry, who returned 2 weeks ago on RAW, and attacked Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. He defeated Randy Orton on SmackDown! to qualify for the chamber. Speaking of returns, Chris Jericho returned to the WWE at the Royal Rumble. This week on RAW, Jericho was given a chance to qualify for the chamber, with a match with Daniel Bryan. Jericho won, and was entered into the elimination chamber match. Randy Orton also qualified for the rumble too, as Orton looks to capture the belt he hasn’t held since September 2011. Team Hell-No were getting angry at each other, primarily because Kane and Daniel Bryan had both eliminated each other at the Royal Rumble. The two were hoping to be a part of the chamber match and go on to Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan qualified for the match. Kane being the last man to qualify for the chamber this Monday Night on RAW, beating Dolph Ziggler, who wanted to enter the chamber to eliminate Chris Jericho.

What I think should happen: I personally think Chris Jericho should win. I think Jericho would do Alberto Del Rio a big favour by losing to him at Wrestlemania 29 (providing Del Rio is the champion at the event). Jericho vs Del Rio would also be a really appealing match as opposed to the alternatives. Team Hell-No have something lined up for Wrestlemania, and neither man should really win, unless they did a double finish in the chamber. For example, what if it came down to Daniel Bryan and Kane, and they pinned each other at the same time, leading to a triple threat between Bryan, Kane and Del Rio at Wrestlemania? I would be really surprised if Jack Swagger or Mark Henry won it. Both guys just returned, and I don’t think an injury prone Mark Henry should be going to the main event of Wrestlemania. Jack Swagger is also not established enough as a main-eventer in order to even be considering in my opinion. Randy Orton is a possibility, especially if a heel Orton faces Del Rio at Wrestlemania, but I want Orton to turn heel and fight Sheamus at Mania, and not Del Rio. Jericho Wins.

What I think will happen: Either Orton or Jericho wins, turns heel, and fights Del Rio at Wrestlemania 29. None of the other guys will possibly win.


World Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. The Big Show

Match Background: Del Rio defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing match on the 700th edition of SmackDown! to become World Heavyweight Champion! The two had another last man standing match at Royal Rumble for the World Title, but Del Rio won again. But despite losing, Big Show was somehow entitled to another rematch, which he cashed in at Elimination Chamber.

What I think should happen: Del Rio retains. This feud ends. Big Show never gets near to the World Title again.

What I think will happen: Del Rio retains. This feud ends. I’m actually amazed Del Rio is going to Wrestlemania as champion. I mean look back at the blog post I did when Del Rio won the World title in the first place – click here for the link to that blog. I figured he’d lose it before the event, but apparently that’s not gonna happen.


The Shield vs. The Avengers (John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback)

Match Background: At the end of the Royal Rumble, it came down to John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback. After Ryback eliminated Sheamo, Cena eliminated Ryback to win the Royal Rumble for a 2nd time, and go on to WRESTLEMANIA 29! YEAH! -.- After announcing that he would face the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania (no surprise there), John Cena was attacked by The Shield, who attacked Ryback and Sheamus as well. The next week on RAW, Cena, Ryback and Sheamus turned the tables on the Shield, attacking them. Cena then announced that it’d be a 6 man tag team match at the Elimiantion Chamber, with the mighty Avengers, John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus battling The Shield.

What I think should happen: The Shield win. As much as I don’t want Ryback losing ANOTHER MATCH, The Shield are on fire right now, and the Avengers shouldn’t really bury the group as Wrestlemania approaches. Cena can surely take a defeat as he’s set to win the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 29?

What I think will happen: The Avengers wins. I don’t think WWE want Cena’s team to lose this close to Wrestlemania (even though they should).


WWE Championship: The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk II


Match Background: Unfortunately, The Rock defeated CM Punk at Royal Rumble to end CM Punk’s 430-day reign as champion, and to prove once and for all that The Rock is bigger than the WWE. -.-  For all the things wrong with that victory, click on this link. Anyway, CM Punk is getting a rematch for the title at Elimination Chamber. A chance for WWE to redeem themselves, after their first match was a complete shambles.

What I think should happen: CM Punk wins. The Rock goes back to Hollywood. And some dignity to WWE is restored.

What I think will happen: The Rock wins. -.-

UFC on Fuel 7 Thoughts And Reactions – Barao Sends Emphatic Message To Cruz At Wembley Stadium


Last night, UFC was held at Wembley Stadium. Of course, this is normally a treat for us Brits, but what I’d like to see, is a lot more of a big-fight card at British events. Sure, we had an interim-bantamweight title fight, but no real big names in the octagon this weekend. But, last night, it was a good feeling to actually watch the event LIVE, than watching it the next day like I normally do.

And the fights weren’t that bad. My only issue was that 4 of the 6 fights on the main card all went to decisions. And another fight ended due to a doctor stoppage after Cyrille Diabaté landed awkwardly on his leg in the first round, and suffered a calf injury. So only one of the fights on the main card actually ended with a definitive finish.

But that doesn’t mean that the fights that went  to a decision weren’t bad. There was some decent action, especially with the featherweight fight between Cub Swanson and Dustin Poirier. It really was back on forth the entire fight, with both fighters getting their share off the points. But, in the 3rd, Swanson absolutely dominated Dustin, with takedown after takedown, getting the points, and coming close to finishing the fight. Swanson won with the decision, and it could be a big step into getting a featherweight title shot.

The interim bantamweight championship fight between Renan Barao and Michael McDonald was certainly an EXPLOSIVE fight. A very hard-hitting exchange near the end of the 1st round really set the tone of the fight. Both men were looking for that KO, with kicks from Barao and haymakers from McDonald connecting and nearly ending the fight early. But McDonald was really getting carried away with the haymakers, leaving himself exposed for the front kicks by Renan. In the 4th, Renan successfully gained a takedown and did well from then on to lock on the arm-triangle choke for the submission victory in the 4th. AN EMPHATIC statement made to Dominic Cruz, as a unification bout between the interim-champion Barao and the real-champion Cruz is looming, and Barao is going into that fight with heaps on momentum. An important victory for the Brazilian.

Wrestling Dropped From The 2020 Olympic Games – Thoughts And Reactions

Very disappointing news for sports in general, as the IOC (aka the International Olympic Committee) announced for some bizarre reason, that wrestling has been dropped from the 2020 Olympic Games, in order to make way for a new sport.

The wrestling event, which is a sort of mixture of Greco-Roman wrestling and Freestyle wrestling into one, has been a sport at the Olympics since the beginning. The first official Olympic games in 1896 at Athens featured wrestling. And why? Because, it was one of man’s first forms of combat. It was a true test of how much of an athlete you are. It separates the weak from the strong. It was a sport of kings for crying out loud. I mean, King Henry VIII of England challenged Francis I of France to a wrestling match, in order to prove his superiority over the French king. That’s how important to society wrestling used to be.

I really do like amateur wrestling. I mean, as readers of this blog already know, I’m a major professional wrestling fan. And that stemmed from the foundations set by the real-life wrestling sport years ago. So, I’m a little upset by this development. I mean, I enjoyed the wrestling that was present in the Olympics in London.

I mean, let’s look at the list of sports that could replace it:

  • Baseball/Softball
  • Squash
  • Karate
  • Sport Climbing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Wushu
  • And…. Roller Sports

OK, first of all, if Baseball is put in the Olympics in 2020, I will seriously flip. There are quite a lot of sports that are more physically demanding than baseball. I mean, hitting a ball with bat and running around a field isn’t exactly difficult in comparison to an event like wrestling. Also, it’s not exactly globally that attractive of a sport. I mean, what countries actually take the event THAT seriously? The United States. Japan. China. Sure, countries like us would field out a last-ditch team, but no one with the exceptions of the Americans and the Japanese are gonna take that event seriously.

Karate or Wushu would be cool editions, I’ll admit. I enjoy them sports. I personally just wouldn’t have them over wrestling, because of how grand of a legacy in the Olympics wrestling has proved to be. Sport Climbing and Wakeboarding are OK, I guess. But as sports in an event as prestigious as the Olympics, I can’t take them seriously enough, as with the Squash. Roller sports? Really? Who comes up with these events?

OK, this post was not dedicated to ripping on a bunch of different sports, but more so to state the importance of wrestling to sport. The Olympics was designed to have countries challenge for bragging rights, and to see which countries were the best at the most demanding of sports. Wrestling is one of the oldest SPORTS ever, and there is still a great deal of pride on the line when wrestling. When you lose in something like football, you don’t lose that much as you always have guaranteed big-payout for each game you play, win or lose. When you wrestle and you are defeated, the humiliating thought of being beaten is evident after the bell rings. The emotion, winning or losing is clear. Take 1996, and Kurt Angle’s Gold Medal Win. Yes, he was crying as he was awarded the gold, but that’s what makes wrestling so great. Winning is everything. I bet you only a few countries in the Olympics sincerely cared about winning.

Point is, if wrestling is off the Olympic radar, than it’ll be a real shame for me, as amateur wrestling is also a major part of another favourite sport of mine… mixed martial arts. It’s also going to be a major shame for sport in general. A sport that has been part of more than 100-year history of the Olympics is about to leave us in replacement for a sport that couldn’t live up to the drama and the competition that wrestling provides.

5 Defeats In A Row For The Boro As 3-2 Loss To Barnsley Increases The Misery


Middlesbrough are still looking for a league victory in 2013 after losing 3-2 to relegation-threatened. From what I’m told, Middlesbrough’s defending was appalling, which has seemed to be a real issue for the Boro this season, after getting creamed by Ipswich 4-0 last week. So that’s 7 goals conceded in their last 2 games. Really Boro? Really?

However, what’s more tragic is the fact that after recovering from a 1-0 down to go 2-1 up, they went on to lose the game. And it’s a shame that Middlesbrough have decided to hit a slump now, because this part of the season is the most important part of the season, in my opinion.

At the start of the season, as usual Middlesbrough seem to start of slow, but eventually they build up a formidable undefeated streak which sends them to the top of the table. Great. It’s good to establish your position in the league and maintain a respectable place in the table. I mean look at Southampton last season – got to the top of the table rather quickly and stayed there until the end. But the thing about being at the top is that the only place you can go afterwards is down (speaking about table positions of course).

Boro lost their undefeated streak and Cardiff took over as top dogs for a while, but Middlesbrough were still near the automatic promotion places and were in a great position as 2013 rolled in. So a new year, and a new push to the top of the table, right?


5 league defeats in a row, and Middlesbrough find themselves hanging on the 6th and final play-off spot by a thread. What is up with that?

I mean these defeats aren’t ALL exactly at the hands of promotion rivals. OK, 2 of the defeats were to automatic-promotion chasers Leicester and Watford, and Derby are in mid-table position, but the 4-0 demolition by Ipswich, and a 3-2 loss to Barnsley are not acceptable if the Boro want promotion. If we want to get into the Premiership, why are losing to teams who may end up playing in League 1 next season? It really isn’t on.

Also, Mowbray’s inability to bring any significant players to the Boro in the January transfer window, means the Boro have some serious trouble in squad strength as the real struggle of the season begins. And no, a washed-up former England International is not considered a significant player in my book, considering we are in the struggle and need players that can go the distance, and not get injured all the time. Seriously, he’s not exactly started with a bang at the Boro.

Now, you can’t have a dig at Tony Mowbray, and start calling for his sacking just yet. I mean, he’s done amazingly well for the Boro, and we could be a hell of a lot worse off than this. Yeah, Middlesbrough, ended last season incredibly well, but Boro have got to get into high-gear now, because this is where the points really do matter. Boro really do have to shake of this new-year bug they seem to have each year, and actually get the points that could get them in the Premiership. Otherwise, Middlesbrough FC are gonna go absolutely nowhere.

Time For “Show Time” To Hit The Big Time – Anthony Pettis Vs Jose Aldo Title Fight Announced For UFC 163

ANTHONY PETTIS: Drops Down To Featherweight To Fight Jose Aldo

ANTHONY PETTIS: Drops Down To Featherweight To Fight Jose Aldo

Great news for fans of “Show Time” Anthony Pettis. For the first time in his UFC career, Anthony Pettis is getting a UFC Championship fight in the summer! Superb! “Show Time” proved without a shadow of a doubt at UFC on FOX a couple of weeks ago with his TKO victory over Donald Cerrone that he is worthy of a shot, and to see him become a champion in UFC would be phenomenal. Yes he’s getting his shot… but it’s not for the Lightweight Championship . It’s in fact a chance at the Featherweight Championship, currently held by Jose Aldo after he retained the championship on Sunday.

To be honest, it’s a shame that I’m not going to see the highly-anticipated rematch between Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis for the Lightweight Championship any time soon. Their first fight absolutely amazed me, and of course, we saw the debut of the Show Time Kick. And Pettis has been relentless in his quest to become Lightweight Champion, and he’s been wanting that shot for a while. So it does surprise me that he’s decided to go down to Featherweight, after wanting the Lightweight belt for so long. But then again, you’ve got to admire the fact that Pettis didn’t want to wait around for the lightweight title shot which could have been a long, long time depending on the outcome of Henderson’s title fight with Gilbert Melendez in April. He’s deserving for a title shot anyway, so if Dana White offered him the shot with Aldo in the summer, why wait for the Lightweight Championship fight which he may have to wait a LONG time for?

However, Jose Aldo isn’t exactly easy pickings. Aldo has proved some serious dominance in the Featherweight division, and Pettis will have to bring his A-Game if he wants to knock off Aldo and become the Featherweight Champion. I mean, let’s took at the Tale Of The Tape…


(NOTE: Apologizes for the blurriness of the table)

Yeah, Aldo’s MMA Record is superior to Pettis, having only lost ONCE before, but Pettis is taller, has better reach than and has a considerable chance against Aldo. Let’s not forget, Pettis is eager as hell to reach the top of UFC, and if he loses this fight, it may take him a while to recuperate. A Must-Win For Both Competitors, and it’s going to be a slobber-knocker of a fight! But in my opinion, it’s time for “Show Time” to hit the big time! Roll on August 3rd!

Transfer Deadline Day Thoughts And Reactions

Just a couple of thoughts of the signings that took place during the ever-so hectic ending to the transfer window.

David Beckham Signs For PSG on a 5 month contract

Well the 37 year old David Beckham’s engine is still running as he signs for Paris St. Germain. This seems more of a publicity stunt than a serious footballing decision. I mean, Beckham is not seriously gonna be a game-changer for mega-rich PSG. And it’s not a financial decision from Beckham either. He stated in the press conference that his salary is going directly to a French charity and you know what, Beckham deserves serious respect for that. I doubt that hardly any members of the Premiership would consider doing that. Why PSG though makes you think. Maybe it’s just that he wants experience and wanted to go play in a league slightly less demanding than La Liga or the Premiership. He’s not even planning on joining the Premiership anyway because he doesn’t want to play for any British team other than Manchester United. Beckham probably sees this as a way to prove to himself that at 37 he can still go, but in footballing terms, I don’t see Beckham being that much of a difference maker.

Mario Balotelli – Manchester City to AC Milan

One of the most controversial footballers in Premiership history has finally left our league. 😦 Kinda sad to see that seeing how unpredictable Balotelli can be. I saw in a report that apparently Balotelli was supposed to leave because of his bust-up with Roberto Mancini, but honestly, Balotelli wasn’t doing that great in a Manchester City player in the first place. I mean, Tevez, Dzeko and Aguero were doing just fine on the frontline for City. It’s not gonna make that much of a difference, and if they want to replace, they’ll get it done in the Summer. Super Mario just couldn’t get the job done at City – unless that job was getting into the headlines. However, it just seems a bit of a dick move to join a former club’s main rival. Remember, Balotelli was the star at Inter Milan before moving to Manchester. It’ll be interesting to see his first Milan derby to say the least.

Danny Graham – Swansea to Middlesbr…. I mean Sunderland. -.-

Yep, as a Boro fan, it really does fry me that Danny didn’t return to the Boro. I mean, he would have got his game, and he’s back at familiar territory. It made sense, and considering that Boro are in the play-off positions, there would have been a huge possibility of Boro getting promoted with Graham on board, and with Graham relighting the candle with Swansea just before he left, at Boro the candle would no doubt the fire wouldn’t be put out any time soon. But no, he joined Sunderland. A team who’s nowhere near safe from relegation. And moving to Sunderland is sort of disrespectful to Middlesbrough fans, considering he said this:

DANNY GRAHAM: A little hypocritical don't you think?

DANNY GRAHAM: A little hypocritical don’t you think?

Kieron Dyer Signs For…(sighs) Middlesbrough

So, in the entirety of the Transfer Window, Middlesbrough only signing is washed up, injury-prone Kieron Dyer on a free? I don’t care if he’s on a pay-as-you-play contract, how is Dyer gonna help us? He’s played something like 40 games in 5 years. This is not gonna benefit Boro in the slightest. Of course, I dare Dyer to prove me wrong. I hope he can prove me wrong, as Boro’s chances of promotion depends on it.

Louis Saha Gets Released By Sunderland

Hey you know what, if Middlesbrough are such a mood to sign injury-prone, washed up players, why not give Louis Saha a ring, since he’s available now. Never made that much of an impact at Sunderland anyway. Out goes Saha and in goes Danny Graham. Some good business on their part.

Heurelho Gomes – Tottenham To Hoffenhiem On A Loan Until The End Of The Season

Well, Gomes moving on is no real shocker here. He became 3rd in the pecking order at Tottenham and moving out on loan to a team like Hoffenhiem can really give him a chance to impress, and prove himself as a keeper.

Rory Delap – Stoke To Barnsley On A Loan Until The End Of The Season

A great coup by Barnsley. The ever dependable Delap will make a good edition for their team as they battle to stave of relegation to the 3rd tier of English Football. It makes sense for Delap as he’s only appeared once for Stoke all season, so the 36 year old veteran can provide good experience for Barnsley, and it’s a chance for him to prove that he can still go.

Mido Gets Released By Barnsley

Only appeared once for Barnsley, got struck with injuries, and got released. Yeah, that’s clearly 6 months wasted there.

Xisco Gets Released By Newcastle

Finally. I can’t remember any significant contributions Xisco has provided for Newcastle ever since he joined them a couple of years ago. This isn’t exactly a decision that will break the Newcastle fans’ hearts.

Stephen Warnock – Aston Villa To Leeds

Great signing from them. Warnock has always been a dependable left-back, and the Championship can help Warnock revitalize himself. He’s spent much of the season on loan to Bolton, so he’s very comfortable at this level, so Leeds did good signing him.

QPR sign Jermanine Jenas on 18 month contract

Desperation signing from Harry Redknapp. What effect Jenas will provide is up in the air. I mean he’s has the odd injury in recent years, but Jenas pretty much gave everything he could to Tottenham. He knew he couldn’t stay there forever if he wanted first team football, hence why he’s been out on loan to Tottenham and Aston Villa these past couple of years). But I don’t know he’s gonna make much of an impact at QPR as the club battle relegation.

Christopher Samba – Anzhi Makhachkala To QPR

I think this is the season that could save QPR’s season. I mean Samba is a great centre back, and he wanted out off Anzhi fast after the hell he endured over there in Russia. But how the hell is Samba getting £100,000 per week for QPR? Were they just so desperate to sign that they gave him that they offered him such an extensive amount of wonga? Sure, he’s a great centre back, but I don’t seem him worhty enough to get a contract like that.

Matthew Upson – Stoke To Brighton On Loan Until The End Of The Season

Again, another chance for an EX-England International to get first team action. Upson’s being ousted from the fold at Stoke following competition from Huth and Shawcross, and the Brighton is good for them as he is a great veteran defender, and it gives him some much needed first team football.

Nacho Monreal – Malaga To Arsenal

A last-minute signing following Kieran Gibbs’ injury, Arsenal got a great coup with Nacho. I mean, Malaga are becoming a hell of a great team in Spain, and Nacho has no doubt been a big part of that. I think Nacho could do great things in an Arsenal shirt, IF utilized properly by Wenger.

Jack Butland – Birmingham To Stoke

Now THIS is a good move from Stoke. Eager to take advantage of Birmingham’s awful financial situation, Stoke cashed in big time with the England international Butland, who is proving himself to be one of the best keeper’s England has to offer. However, Butland WON’T link up with the Potters until the end of the season as he has “unfinished business” with Birmingham. He’ll stay there to help them out until the end of the season, and that’s great on Jack’s part. He wants to help out the best he can, and I admire that.