Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods Preview – Top 5 Favourite Dragonball Z Fights Of All Time



Hey there Dragonball Z fans, I’m Tom Robinson. Yes, I do things other than wrestling believe it or not! XD. Anyway, it’s time to talk Dragonball Z, and the new film on the way. Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods! Yeah. I’ve been watching a lot of the old DBZ episodes as of late. Just finished watching the Kid Buu Saga, which is good considering that this film is set shortly after that, so I am ready for this new film! Oh Yeah! XD

Anyway, like I said, the new film is set after the events of Kid Buu, and the peace on Earth is disrupted by the arrival of the God of Destruction, Bills! 39 years ago, the Oracle Fish told Bills that in 39 years, a very mighty warrior would appear before him. Fast forward 39 years into the future, and Bills is ready to find this warrior – who happens to be Goku. Goku learns of Bills existence, and wants to fight him. However, Bills comes to the earth, and before he fights Goku, he takes out all the over fighters of earth with ease. Piccolo, Krillin, Ultimate Gohan, Vegeta (who apparently will not become a Super Saiyan 3 in this film, šŸ˜¦ ) and even Majin Buu. After destroying everyone else, the fight between himself and Goku commences. However, even at Super Saiyan 3, Goku is no match for Bills. Bills is even able to stop Super Saiyan 3 Goku with one finger. WHAT A BADASS. Knowing that he may not be strong enough to defeat Bills, Goku realizes he has to crank it up a notch. And he’s not talking about Super Saiyan 4 (which apparently is NOT an actual super saiyan form anymore, since Dragonball GT has been deemed non-canon). He’s talking about SUPER SAIYAN GOD! And so, the Battle Of Gods will now commence. Holy Shit!

Now this is a film I will really enjoy watching. Just a shame that it might not get a English Dub. šŸ˜¦ Apparently, the voice actors of Goku and Vegeta want to do it, but somehow it can’t be done. Nevertheless, the film is coming out, and the fight between Bills and Goku will be absolute sensational. In honour of this film, I’ve decided to bring out a list of my top 5 favourite fights in the Dragonball Z franchise. Nothing from the original Dragonball series or Dragonball GT is allowed. Also, while Goku vs Bills will likely be one of the best fights in DBZ history, it will not be included as the film isn’t even out yet. So, here we go!

5. Kid Buu vs Vegeta (The Kid Buu Saga)


This was a really cool battle in my opinion. Yes, Kid Buu beat the hell out of Vegeta for abour 90% of the fight, but this fight was a real good example of Vegeta’s resiliency and refusal-to-stay-down attitude that he has demonstrated through-out the series. Seriously, this was a guy that could easily destroy planets and ACTUALLY blew up the earth, and Vegeta was still holding his own. I love the fact that Vegeta kept goading Kid Buu into fighting him despite knowing that he was never going to win. This fight was the ultimate test of Vegeta’s endurance, and Vegeta passed with flying colours. Takes all sorts of punishment from Kid Buu, and lives to tell the tale – WHAT A BADASS.

4. Gohan vs Perfect Cell (The Cell Games Saga)


If the Dragonball Z series ended with the Cell Games saga, than this would have been an amazing way to end it. The torch being passed from Goku to his son Gohan as protector of Earth. After scrapping with Cell himself, Goku gave up on the fight and passed on his boss-battle-conquering duties to his son Gohan. And teenage Gohan was holding his own against Perfect Cell, who was giving even Goku a hard time. Gohan even managed to get the upper-hand on Cell. During the fight Cell became increasingly enraged, which would cause him to explode at the hands of Goku. BUT WAIT! Cell was able to regenerate and the fight was far from over. After knocking around an enraged Vegeta, Gohan stepped in. And with the guidance of Goku (who was speaking to Gohan telepathically from King Kai’s place), Gohan gave one final KAMEHAMEHA, which defeated Cell once and for all. It was an insane battle, and this was no-doubt Gohan’s greatest moment in Dragonball Z. A great way to end a saga, and a kick-ass fight.

3. Goku vs Frieza (The Frieza Saga)


Goku’s first real major battle in DBZ, with the tyrant Frieza. Frieza took everything Goku had to offer, and was the first villain to push Goku’s past his limits and reach a form of legend. Up until this point of the series, Goku relied heavily on the Kaioken to defeat his foes. But that was not enough to take down Frieza in this fight. Goku even whipped out the Spirit Bomb, which was good enough to defeat Vegeta. But Frieza still got up from that. And after taking spirit bombs and all sorts of punishments by Goku, he was still able to effortlessly kill Krillin, pushing Goku’s last nerve and eventually cause to reach the level of Super Saiyan. Goku’s new form was more than enough to battle the tyrant, and the battle went on, destroying Namek in the process. Goku even let Frieza reach his maximum power, which just goes to show how badly he wanted to test himself and his new form. But in the end, after cutting himself in half, Frieza was eventually defeated by Goku in what may have been one of the most legendary battles in fictional history. Because it was the first to show of the legendary form of Super Saiyan!

2. Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs Majin Vegeta (The Babidi Saga)


Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry is legendary. Vegeta’s obsession with surpassing Goku has been well-documented. Vegeta would do whatever it takes to defeat Goku – even if it meant allowing himself to be controlled. Believing that he had lost his passion as warrior by living and raising a family on Earth, Vegeta allowed his mind to be taken over by the wizard Babidi, who set Vegeta up on a path of destruction. However, Vegeta’s mind was not fully-taken over, and he was able to refuse Babidi’s command to kill the Supreme Kai, and proclaimed that as a saiyan, he will always have his pride. Vegeta was so desperate to fight Kakarot and realize the evil he once had, and he finally had that opportunity. And the fight didn’t disappoint. Both Goku and Vegeta went up to the level of Super Saiyan 2, and the two were evenly-matched. But when they sensed the emergence of the creature known as Majin Buu, they temporarily put the fight on hold. But Vegeta tricked Goku, and decked him when his back was turned. Vegeta declared that he would defeat Majin Buu himself, and flew-off, leaving Goku laying. Again, WHAT A BADASS! A victory over Goku was so important to him that he would resort to any measures to get it. And, well, he did defeat Goku in a way. It was a great fight to watch, and it truly showed the pride these two saiyans had.

1. Goku vs Kid Buu (The Kid Buu Saga)


The final MAJOR battle of the DBZ series, Goku battled Kid Buu in a fight which determined the universe’s fate. As Kid Buu, Buu reached a power-level unlike anything Goku had faced before. Buu was easily the strongest being Goku had ever faced-off against, and Goku had just witnessed Buu destroy the earth. The ACTUAL earth. Of all the villains who try to destroy the earth, Buu ACTUALLY did it. And even at Super Saiyan 3, Goku was still not able to defeat Kid Buu. Mind you, he gave him a hell of a fight and was even able to bite him. XD But in the form of Super Saiyan 3, Goku’s body was put under SO MUCH strain during the fight. After taking a hell-of-a-beating, Goku needed to a breather and regenerate, and realized that he may not himself be able to takedown Buu. After Kid Buu battled Vegeta, Majin Buu and Mr Satan (of sort XD) Goku was revitalized and summoned the Spirit Bombs of all Spirit Bombs to end Buu once and for all. While the Spirit Bombs delivered to Frieza and Vegeta were actually NOT enough to defeat the villains, none of them spirit bombs were the size of this one. With all of earth delivering energy to the spirit bomb, the bomb was ready. Goku threw the bomb at Buu and was able to destroy him for good. What a battle! And what a way to end the DBZ series, and that was a fight that might not have ever been topped…




Goku vs Bills promises to be an epic encounter. And what a film this may end up being! I can’t wait!


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