How I Would Book… Wrestlemania 29 [Part 2] – CM Punk vs Ryback

PART ONE: The Rock vs John Cena vs CM Punk

Last time in this particular “How I Would Book” series, I talked about Wrestlemania 29. I talked about alternative endings for the 2013 Wrestlemania PPV as the original main event of The Rock vs John Cena… wasn’t really one which I agreed with. Other than doing the same main event TWO YEARS in a row, the match itself wasn’t really up to par. We discussed how we’d book one alternative main event in which The Rock, CM Punk and John Cena faced off in a triple threat. Now it’s time to do it with another main event. CM Punk will be the champion for this particular storyline, so The Rock vs John Cena II would just be non-title.

Now for this second one, let me ask you one thing. Who is the one person in 2012 who really shot up the ranks in WWE? Who is the one person in 2012 that with a new gimmick got so over in such a short amount of time? Who was the right guy, in the right place, at the right time to be worthy on winning the Royal Rumble? Who was coming off 2012 still extremely over that needed the Rumble win and to be the one to end CM Punk’s illustrious title reign. Ryback. So what main event would make more sense than CM Punk vs Ryback for the WWE Championship… at Wrestlemania 29?


Alright, I know what you guys are thinking at this point. Having talked about The Rock vs John Cena not being up to par, we’re now throwing in the idea of Ryback vs CM Punk. With their Hell In A Cell match being awful and Punk mentioning his displeasure to wrestle a worker he believed was dangerous, this match would probably not be the greatest spectacle on this show. However, this main event is a main event that would be a satisfying way to end a storyline with a match which you could argue has been a year in the making.

Think about it. Ryback debuts on the SmackDown! after Mania. Punk retained his title at last year’s Mania and has been rolling. After a while, Punk turns heel. In the mean time, Ryback has been rising through the card beating anyone in his patch. This leads to Ryback challenging Punk at Hell In A Cell. Punk ends Ryback’s unbeaten run after a shady referee. Ryback gets screwed out of the title again at Survivor Series when he had the match won. And in their TLC match, Ryback again was robbed off the title. The Royal Rumble is Ryback’s last chance to get another shot at Punk. When he wins the Rumble, the Big Guy’s got one more chance at glory. In a momentousness occasion, Ryback finally claims the WWE Championship having ended the longest title reign in the modern era. Revenge for Punk ending his streak by ending Punk’s history-making title reign. That’s a great build with an ending that makes all of this stuff we’ve been through the last year worthwhile.

That’s pretty much it. That’s all WWE needed to do… except WWE decided to just ignore that and go with Cena vs Rock II. -.-

Cm Punk and Ryback

Now there’s still two questions still to be answered coming off this alternate storyline. Firstly, Undertaker’s again left without an opponent with this storyline. However, we did go over potential candidates which WWE could have went with in the last part, if you’d like to read that post. I’d hate to have to write that all out again, but pretty much Sheamus (after turning heel) would have been my pick.

Secondly, it regards how the Punk vs Rock matches are booked. Not a lot of detail needs to be added other than this…. Cena screws the Rock out of the title.

After all, Rock did it to him at Wrestlemania 29. So it’s not like Cena would attack Rock and suddenly be considered a heel. He would cost him the match, ask for a rematch and the Rock would grant him it. In the end, Cena gets his redemption over The Rock.


So that about wraps up this alternate main event pretty sharply I’m hoping. I’ll admit, there are a few things which would hurt this main event. With Ryback having had so many title matches against Punk in the six months before the main event, the fans might want to see somebody new win and face Punk. Then again, Cena had a lot of title matches too in 2012 and went on to main event Mania. I guess the difference is The Rock being the champion that made Cena’s title match a bit special.

However, what this main event does it subtly wraps up a year’s worth of storylines with a pleasing solution which the hero finally wins the title. We could argue that this storyline started up back when Punk’s title reign STARTED if we really wanted to. However, tying that obvious point into this might be a bit greedy, so let’s call it a day!

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How I Would Book… Wrestlemania 29 [Part 1] – The Rock vs John Cena vs CM Punk

Two years ago, a lot of us complained about the main event of Wrestlemania 29. Whether it’d be for CM Punk missing out on his Wrestlemania main event or having to see Cena vs Rock for the second time, it wasn’t exactly everybody’s cup of tea. The Rock would defend the WWE Championship against John Cena and Cena got his redemption for his loss the Great One the year before. But I want to look at is how we’d book alternative Wrestlemania main events. There a few rumored by dirtsheets and one or two I personally wanted to see. But what main events would we have liked to have seen and how would we book…. Wrestlemania 29.


To set the stage here, here are the three big main event matches of that year’s Wrestlemania:

  • The Rock (c) vs John Cena for the WWE Championship
  • Undertaker vs CM Punk
  • Triple H vs Brock Lesnar in a No Holds Barred Match (Triple H’s career was on the line)

The reasons why I wanted to outline these three from the get go is we’re going to go with an alternate Wrestlemania main event, then these are the three top matches we REALLY need to think about as we’re booking. If we’re talking about like adding CM Punk to the Wrestlemania main event, then we’ve obviously got to think for an alternative opponent for Undertaker at Wrestlemania. A lot easier said than done. However, we’ll get to that later on and name off the first potential Wrestlemania main event match. The Rock vs John Cena vs CM Punk in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship.

We’ll go through this one first because according to his podcast with Colt Cabana, this was the main event Punk was lobbying for to Vince. Punk will feature in a lot of main events in this particularly series and I’ll explain why? CM Punk is the reigning WWE Champion as of the start of 2013. He’s gone 400+ days with the championship and is clearly the top heel in WWE heading into his match with The Rock. This means whenever he would have lost the championship would have been special. Hell, somebody like The Rock beating Punk for the championship is special… whether we agree with it or not. So wouldn’t it have made sense for Punk to be defending the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania and given somebody a WRESTLEMANIA moment?


However, like we mentioned before, putting Punk in the main event creates a very VERY big problem. If Punk goes onto the main event, then who could possibly wrestle the Undertaker? Punk can say that he wasn’t thrilled to lose to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania but of all the people on the roster, Punk’s quite possibly the one person who’s truly ready enough to take on the streak.

Just think, whoever faced Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 would have had to follow up the act of his classic hell in a cell match with Triple H the year before. Who could possibly be ready enough in terms of star-power and ability to tackle that anticipation? Other than Punk, let’s look at some alternatives.

  • Chris Jericho – To be honest, I think Jericho would have been a great opponent for the Undertaker to face for Wrestlemania 29. Jericho’s a fantastic in-ring performer and could have done a lot of great work with Taker in the build up to their match. However, the problem with Jericho is the fact that he had turned face in the summer and had come back in January as a face. A newly-face Jericho facing Undertaker, or Jericho turning heel again and facing the Undertaker, wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Him turning heel again after having just turned face or a face Jericho vs face Taker wouldn’t quite have the same impact then Jericho at his heel peak going up against the Undertaker.
  • Ryback – Ryback having been on his undefeated streak WOULD have made sense to go up against the Undertaker… had he not lost to CM Punk at Hell In A Cell. After losing to Cena as well at the Royal Rumble as well, Ryback really doesn’t look much of a threat to the Undertaker anymore. Plus, there are questions about whether Ryback could have handled a match like this at this stage of his career.
  • Sheamus – As much as I would have loved to seen a Sheamus vs Undertaker program, it did seem like it was only just recently that Sheamus turned face. Considering that had been face for 18 months as Wrestlemania rolled by, it seemed a bit early to pull the trigger on him. And now… a face vs a face at Wrestlemania would be no where near as good.
  • Randy Orton – As great a timing as this would have been to turn Randy, he’s wrestled Undertaker before at Mania. It should be someone new.
  • Mark Henry – Same reason as Orton.

So it’s really hard to think of anyone to wrestle the Undertaker if CM Punk was taken out of the match and put into the main event. Out of those, I’d go with Sheamus and just turn him despite him not being face for that long. However, let’s turn our attention back to Punk vs Rock vs Cena.

I have two different scenarios for how a triple threat match would go between these two. One of which would have Punk being the champion and one being if Rock was the champion. So let me go with the first scenario, in which CM Punk walks into Mania as the champion.


In their match at the Royal Rumble, the first step would be to have Punk retain the championship against The Rock. It would probably be a cheap finish where Punk hits Rock with the title or something to retain. A cheap finish would give The Rock a legitimate reason for a rematch. The rematch at Elimination Chamber I would probably just drop, as Punk would simply have to retain again and it would be difficult for The Rock to make a claim for one more title match at Wrestlemania.

So after Punk retains, he begins his program with Cena. Keep in mind, Cena was booked to feud with The Shield after he won the Rumble. So it makes sense that Punk gets involved considering his previous storyline with the stable. The Shield’s six man tag team match still happens at Elimination Chamber. Punk would just have to defend the title against somebody else at the PPV. I’d say Ryback, but he’d fought Punk quite a lot by this point. So maybe Jericho and Orton would be next in line. In any situation, Punk retains. So what happens next?


The way I see it, the night after RAW would be a big night regarding this feud. At the start of the night, Punk would come out and insult Cena face to face. The insults eventually led to Cena cashing in his Wrestlemania title match on next week’s RAW. It’s not like he can’t since he’s done this before. And we also get the epic RAW match between these two that we got in real WWE. This match ends in Punk getting himself DQ’d and retaining the championship. However, Vince McMahon would come out. I think Vince would have been back on TV at this point after Brock Lesnar’s attack on him the month before. He would come out and announce that at Wrestlemania, the WWE Championship will feature a momentous main event. He said Punk would defend the title in a triple threat match! Punk would defend the title against John Cena… and The Rock!

This leads to the match at Wrestlemania which Cena regains the title. I’ll admit, there are a few problems with this main event. Punk being added to the main event means that Undertaker is left without an opponent at Wrestlemania. This and the fact that this booking will mean The Rock will miss a month of WWE Television. However, what this does is make sure the WWE title reign of Punk ended the way a lot of us thought it should – in the main event of Wrestlemania against two elite stars like The Rock and John Cena. Cena’s champion at the end of it still and Punk gets the Wrestlemania main event he always wanted. However, The Rock losing in BOTH of his matches doesn’t do him much favors. However, before I leave, let me go through an alternative main event storyline where The Rock would be the champion…


There’s two ways this could go down. One way would be to simply have Punk win at the Rumble in some screwy way, resulting in a rematch for Elimination Chamber where Rock would go over. Punk would invoke his rematch for Wrestlemania leading to the triple threat. However, I do have one more way which is a bit more complicated but has a much stronger effect.

Remember the Shield stipulation for the Rock vs CM Punk match at Royal Rumble? If The Shield got involved, Punk would be stripped off the title. Well, why not have the match end EXACTLY that way?


Other than this highly anticipated match ending without a clear winner, this finish would be a huge shocker of an end to this match. The Shield would come out as both men were down. Punk would plead the Shield to back off but The Shield would ignore him. They would pull The Rock out of the ring, Powerbomb him and leave. Vince would come out and strip Punk off the title. The title would be vacated and a rematch between the two would be made for Elimination Chamber with Rock winning the title. Punk would get the opportunity to get added to the Mania match with his RAW match with Cena  (which he’d win). Thus, the triple threat is made and Cena still walks out champion.


Anyway, that FINALLY wraps up the Cena/Punk/Rock main event fantasy booking. Yes, I do realize how long of a post this was! There was a lot of bases to cover with this main event because there’s so many ways this could have occurred without hindering those involved too much. However, one thing is certain…

416 - cenawinslol john_cena macro osakan_destroyer

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I’d just like to point out. If I am successful in my master plan to defeat WWE with TNA, it wouldn’t be the first time!


It took me less than a year but I was able to become the top wrestling company… in the world. It felt pretty sweet! Yeah! I actually continued this game for a while and it was probably the most success I’ve had on the EWR game (other than my WCW playthrough of course ;)).


I accomplished a lot during the spell including stealing Batista from WWE!


Bo Dallas was also a keep member of my roster! 😉

Hopefully a bit more of the same results for the TNA series too!

A Problem With WWE Dropping The Adrian In Neville’s Name


Now it bothers me to no end seeing WWE drop Adrian Neville’s first name and just calling him…


The likes of Rusev, Big E and Cesaro all suffered the same fate as Neville. Their names cut because Vince McMahon see them as being more “marketable” if they’re known by one name. Like with Undertaker, Kane and… well, Heidenreich. The logic appears to be understandable to a degree considering the Madonna’s and Jay-Z’s of the world. Short and sweet names that could just roll off of people’s tounge. In the sense, I sort of get it. But with Neville’s, there’s a problem….


Now as you can see, if you type in Rusev’s name he pops up right away. Rusev is a name which stands out. It’s strong and dominant and it’s a name people will recognize.

Let’s do the same with Cesaro…


Again no problem. These names are so distinct that you could simply type their name in and they’ll pop up right away. First result right. The idea seems to be sound… and then I tried doing the same thing with Neville.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can hopefully see, WWE’s “Neville” doesn’t show up ONCE in the first page of results! Now my search engine is more optimized to UK stuff, true, but surely a currently hot commodity like Neville should show up regardless. But he’s not… because nobody remembers a name like Neville. His name doesn’t pop up until the 4th page of results (other than the first page because it’s linked to my own personal Google+)! But it’s worrying from a marketable position!

Kurt Angle’s Interview: WWE Not Interested In Signing Him?


In a recent article, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle talked about his TNA contract coming to end September last year and the plans he had set to join WWE for the remainder of his career. I figured that was a smart idea and Kurt Angle is still a household name for WWE to have in their back pocket. However, the McMahons didn’t seem to agree according to Kurt.

In the interview with SportsIllustrated, Kurt talked about his negotiations with Vince McMahon and Paul Levesque aka Triple H. Kurt said:

“Paul is in charge. I found that out when I contacted Vince. I’ve always had a good relationship with Paul, so I didn’t consider that a problem. But he decided they had enough talent. For the Vince McMahon who I knew, enough was never enough. He always wanted more. I don’t know what was going on over there, but they even canceled our meeting. I never went to see them. They didn’t even sit me down and talk to me.

It blew my mind. It was as if I was a nobody, that I wasn’t Kurt Angle. From a wrestling standpoint, they just weren’t interested. But TNA not only stepped up, they gave me everything I wanted – the dates, the money, and it’s no secret that I’ve went to rehab in the past, and they gave me time off. You talk about a company that’s loyal to you, and you want to be loyal back. So I didn’t pursue the WWE any further. When it comes down to it, you’ve got to stick with the people who want to take care of you. And Dixie Carter took care of me.”

That article as a whole is a very interesting one with Kurt and here’s the link to see what else he said about WWE, TNA and wrestling Brock Lesnar.

This article was very interesting to me because the fact that WWE would turn Angle for whatever deal he was offering confuses me. It’s very to understand where WWE is nowadays with regards to finance, their roster etc. The last MAJOR roster cut they did was a year ago when they fired the likes of Drew McIntyre, JTG etc. And with the NXT talent coming up, you’d think they wouldn’t be short on talent. However, I remember CM Punk saying in his Colt Cabana podcast that he was told by Vince that the talent pool was very short and they needed him. Maybe that was in reference to main event talent, but even so… wouldn’t Kurt Angle be considered a main event talent?


If WWE were struggling with main event talent (which I think they would have been as Brock Lesnar wasn’t there after Night of Champions) then why on earth would they turn down Kurt? Now it’s important to point out that times do change, so while Punk points out in 2013 that they might have been low on main-eventers, that might not still be the case a year later. So there’s a slight chance WWE thought they had enough regarding main event talent to count out. But like Kurt said, enough was never enough. Why pass up the opportunity on using Kurt if you had the chance?

He’s proven during his TNA run that he can still go every week at a high standard. Now the working environments for WWE and TNA are VERY different of course. But he’s up against some of the best talent in the world every week. The bar has been raised regarding talent due to NXT in the company, but I’m sure Kurt could meet it.

Now, whether Kurt would actually wrestle full-time for WWE just because he could is a subject for debate. I personally believe that if WWE had signed Kurt, it would likely be a similar deal to Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho. He could do months at a time and also stay at the top of his game. Surely WWE would be all about doing that, calling upon Kurt whenever they needed him. Kurt can avoid burning out being on the road and keep fresh for the new talent. So… why would they close the door on an Angle return to WWE?


Remember why Kurt Angle was released from the company in 2006. There were concerns about Kurt’s health which caused WWE to not take any chances with him and release him from his contract. He did go on to shove it down WWE’s throats with an excellent TNA debut against Samoa Joe and an incredible first year with the company. However, Kurt’s had his troubles since then and Kurt might not want to risk it with Kurt. WWE wouldn’t want to risk anything to happen to him while he was on their books. That’s why they’re hasty to have Sting in the ring that much, even though he was mostly full-time with TNA.

There are other theories of potential heat between Kurt Angle and Triple H Kurt’s stated in this article that he’s never really had a problem with Triple H but rumors in wrestling have it that the two have had problems ever since Triple H refused to put him over back in Unforgiven 2000. However, WWE are continuing to make strides to make amends with past talents that have fell out with the company. With the likes of the Ultimate Warrior, Madusa and Bruno Sammartino making up with the company, surely Triple H should be willing to put personal differences with Kurt aside to have him be a part of the WWE Universe. Surely refusing to do business with somebody just because you don’t get along with them is a bad way to do business?

Now there’s always two sides to every story. Triple H and Vince might have their own reasons for Kurt Angle not being considered to be apart of WWE. However, it’s a shame that Angle and WWE weren’t on the same page with this potentially buzz-filled return. Angle returning to WWE would have been a great coup from WWE. However it seems with his recent TNA World title victory, Kurt’s chosen remain at TNA for the foreseeable future. If Kurt feels TNA do treat him well, why not stay with them? That being said, it would have been VERY very interesting to see how WWE would have booked his return. Now I wonder if there’s a blog around that’s got it’s very own “How I Would Book” series?

Wrestling Flashback – The Batista vs John Cena Feud

As much as I’m a huge fan of John Cena, so many times has Cena won feuds which he really shouldn’t have. Recent feuds with up-and-comers like Rusev and Bray Wyatt saw the potential of these monster heels prematurely squashed by the leader of the Cenation. But there was one feud in particular which I was extremely annoyed about the treatment of Cena’s opponent. It is a former multi-time World Champion that had just turned heel once more and was really establishing himself as the top guy in the company once again. But when he squared off with Cena, it was bad news for this man. The man I’m talking about of course… was Batista.


Now don’t get me wrong. This rivalry… was good. The foundations of the entire story have been in place for years. Cena and Batista were two men that broke out into the big time on EXACTLY the same night. They both won world championships at Wrestlemania 21, honing in a new era for WWE. Their paths never really crossed each other when it came to in-ring action until Summerslam, where Batista defeated John Cena in their first ever one-on-one match. With his win, Batista had broken Cena’s neck. With Batista turning heel shortly afterwards and Cena getting involved in the animosity between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon, a program was inevitable.

For a build to Wrestlemania, this was brilliantly well done. That’s probably my biggest complaint about Wrestlemania 31 in general. The build for some of these matches were shocking. Batista and Cena’s feud on the other hand had plenty to work with considering their last meeting resulted in a broken neck. Whether it necessarily needed to be a WWE Title feud is something I’d question tough. Surely Batista vs Cena should sell on its own merit. Yeah, Batista being a heel champion is very cool and a long time coming. However, it took away from the up-and-comer heel Sheamus tremendously with him being considered nothing more than a paper champion at the time. Despite that, everything checks out so far.

Batista in this era… was OUTSTANDING. Batista’s initial run as a heel was fantastic to watch. With Batista being a good guy ever since 2005, this turn was largely overdue. As a good guy, Batista was very limited to what he had to say. But as a heel, he was golden EVERY TIME he was on the mic. In his exchanges with Cena, Batista tore Cena apart. This one below in particular was probably the best I’ve ever seen Batista promo-wise.

Their matches… do not live long in the memory. These two weren’t exactly the greatest of chemistry in the ring. You could tell by the fact that the most the commentary team cheered for in the Wrestlemania match was a Five Knuckle Shuffle off the top rope. This has always annoyed me looking back, particularly PLAYING it back on WWE 2k14. You mean to tell me that THIS was the highlight point of the match? However, what we really did hurt the match was the winner… John Cena.

If you think about it in the long-run, if the plan was to have Sheamus win the WWE Championship anyway, why does John Cena need to be champion? Yeah, it’d make more sense for a face to be the one Sheamus beats for the title. However, this would do Batista no favors at all, provided he was going to be still in the company around the time. Or at least if WWE just HAD to have Cena win the feud and the title, why did it need to happen at Wrestlemania? Surely Batista needed it more?

The thing which made these matches really suffer was the predictability of ALL of them. At least one win for Batista at Wrestlemania would shake things up a little bit. Then again if Jericho was gonna walk out World Heavyweight Champion anyway, then probably two heel champions wouldn’t be the greatest way to end the show. Unless Edge were to win the title, which I think he probably should. To be honest, that entire PPV was a mess and I might just leave that for another time!


So where did this feud go from here? To Extreme Rules. And sadly, their Last Man Standing rematch barely lived up to the name “extreme”. The match ended when Cena tied Batista’s foot to the ropes and the ref counted the 10 with Batista not being able to escape. Now to Over Th….

Sorry I can’t get over that. Cena TIED HIS FEET TO THE ROPE and BEAT HIM. Of the potential cool Last Man Standing match finishes that you could do, you did the one that made BOTH men look incredibly weak! What kind of champion, a face champion even, would tie a man’s foot to the ropes in order to keep him down. The rules of the match are usually that you have to incapacitate your opponent so they can’t respond to the count of ten. All Cena did was wrap his feet to the rope with DUCK TAPE and got the win. How does that make him look strong? How does that make Batista look strong? It makes Dave look like a complete idiot at not being able to escape having his feet tied to the rope. To quote TeamFourStar’s version of DBZ fighter Piccolo, in this situation that makes him no doubt the big, tough, stupid one of the two. Worst last man standing match finish ever….

So the last match in this trilogy, Over The Limit 2010. The I Quit match. “The Animal” Batista’s last hurrah before leaving WWE. And he went out on more of a whimper than a bang. It was not really a fantastic end to this feud. To be fair, the Oklahoma Slam spot through the announce table was a pretty cool spot. But it’s a spot that we’ve seen before from Batista and surely they could have done something different. It ended with Batista shouting “I Quit” in fear off being AA’d off a car and through the floor. However, Cena did the AA anyway and Cena reigned supreme. The feud came to an end when Batista quit on RAW the next night having being confined to a wheel chair.


So that about wraps up the feud between these two. I personally believe that the build to their match at Wrestlemania 26 was actually really well done. Batista was gold as a heel and was the perfect soil for Cena… until he lost at Wrestlemania. I have to say, I’ve always been annoyed at WWE for how they booked Batista after he lost the first match. In the end, he just seemed like a bumbling monster having lost to Cena three times in a row on PPV. It’s a common flaw for WWE with regards to their booking for Wrestlemanias. They always seem to struggle having put all their effort into the grand daddy of them all and the follow-up PPV/feuds always seem to be a little disappointing. I just hope in 2015, they don’t make the same mistakes they made here.



Previously on TNA EWR!

We booked one of the worst EWR PPVs we’ve ever done! The game completely destroyed us with ratings! Even our amazing triple threat of AJ Styles defending the TNA World Title against Christopher Daniels and Kaz got completely ran down! We only had like two matches above 80% which kind of wound me up!

But after a hiatus, the TNA game has once again returned. Right now, we’re on the road to Bound For Glory! We’re hoping to regroup with our next PPV No Surrender and it was quite a card! And I think it’s safe to say we made up for a really bad Hard Justice!


Pre-Show – TAKA Michinoku (c) def. Austin Aries and Tyler Black in an elimination triple threat match to retain the TNA X-Division Championship

I considered a few ideas for this pre-show but the ultimate goal was to have the X-Division Title on the line. Nothing against TAKA, but I see him more as a placeholder champion until I can build up a face over enough to take the title from him. TAKA’s actually pretty over himself, which is why he won the title in the first place. But it would be very nice to look to the future. Austin Aries and Tyler Black competing for the title seemed like the smart thing to do, with both of them being exceptional workers and two men who I consider the future of the X-Division. However for now, TAKA holds onto the title.

Match 1 – “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley def. Brother Devon and Jerry Lynn

I’m amazed at how well this match did! A nice little opener in this fiercely contested tag team division. Now regarding Devon teaming with Jerry Lynn rather than Brother Ray, Ray’s been a bit of pain in the TNA series. He’s lost overness fast so for now, teaming Lynn up with Devon seemed the solution. It’s working well with this match getting 90%. It’ll be interesting to see how this feud develops.

Match 2 – “LAX” Homicide and Hernandez def. Kaz

Kaz takes on the LAX tag team, who attacked him on Impact a few weeks ago. Him and Daniels were supposed to team up against them, but Hulk Hogan insisted that Daniels wouldn’t be allowed to perform double duty considering he was in the main event. Sadly for Kaz, he had to find a partner at the last minute… which he couldn’t. So while Kaz puts in a decent fight, he simply couldn’t overcome the Latin American Xchange.

Match 3 – Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett def. Raven (c) and Rhino (c) via DQ in a TNA World Tag Team Championship

The tag team of Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett has been a very interesting one. With the two of them being really over, I figured why not have them go after the tag team titles? This tag match ends in a DQ, but things are far from over between these two teams. Especially with a 94% rating! The crowd are just really into these four!

Match 4 – Matt Morgan def. Samoa Joe via Dusty Finish DQ

I was actually very concerned about how this match would do. In reality, then these two fought in TNA, their matches were always awful. However, the 85% puts me in high spirits about this feud.

Match 5 – Sting def. Jeff Hardy via DQ

After Sting injured Jeff’s ankle at Hard Justice, Jeff wanted revenge. But Hogan refused to cave into giving Jeff a match with Sting. Jeff then took out his anger on L.A. Parka, leader of the Reckless Ambition stable. Jeff threatened to pillmanize Parka unless he gives him Sting one-on-one. Hogan agrees to book them for No Surrender. However, this match ended in a DQ, when Jeff battered Sting with chairs. He was about to hit the Van Terminator on Sting (which I’m convinced he could probably do) but Sting escaped. This will probably lead into like a Last Man Standing match at Bound For Glory maybe.

Match 6 – Mr Anderson def. Kurt Angle

I think Anderson beating Angle makes up for Anderson having to job to Sting and Matt Morgan for his last few feuds while Angle had won his feud with Joe. These two always had great chemistry so this feud will be a lot of fun to book. Anderson won after rolling him up. 93% is awesome results for me. These two are really gonna have to up their game for Bound For Glory.

Match 7 – “Beer Money Inc” Bobby Roode and James Storm def. Bobby Lashley and Abyss

Beer Money and Lashley/Abyss is a feud I’ve looked forward to booking. These four are on the top of their game. They’re really over and now their feuding for real. I mean these four in a PPV tag would just be so fun I think. I think the 93% overall proved that, but a lot of it was down to 100% crowd reaction. But it’s awesome to see that the fans are into these two tag teams. Beer Money are 1-0 up in this feud leading to Bound For Glory….

Match 8 – AJ Styles (c) def. Christopher Daniels to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship (If AJ Styles Got Disqualified, He’d Lose The Championship)

Pretty much the Edge/Cena ending from their match at Summerslam 2006. Ref is down, AJ clobbers Daniels with the brass knucks. Pins him. Fans are pissed. I do have an end-game with this feud. At Bound For Glory, I do have a major blow-off for this feud and I hope this pays off because I do like these two. Especially with 97% overall ratings! We’re going for 100% overall next time! Let’s do it!

Hope you guys enjoyed the return of the TNA EWR series. Coming up next… BOUND FOR GLORY!


So when you’re running TNA and you’re going up against the WWE, something like this happening a month into the game is great sign of things to come!

John Cena retires

Keep in mind this game was from like a year ago! John Cena announcing his retirement! I was sitting on a freaking gold mine!

This was clearly a sign of things to come!

NOTE: This was NOT related to the TNA EWR series I was doing!

EXTREME WARFARE REVENGE: Random Moment – Rob Van Dam On Dan Severn

This was something class that made me laugh looking back! Basically in an old WWF game I did, Rob Van Dam had to work Dan Severn on an episode of RAW. Sadly, Van Dam didn’t take too kindly to former WWF star and UFC fighter Dan Severn working to stiff!


Hehe! There’s gonna be some backstage heat on that blue chipper Dan Severn!


So yeah! A bit of an update. EWR content coming soon! Watch this space!

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AJ Lee’s Retirement – My Thoughts and Reactions

So on Friday night, I was pretty much ready to go to bed. I was pretty tired after a day of university work combined with the How I Would Book Brock Lesnar vs Batista blog posts (part one’s on this link and part two at this link). I was pretty much set… until I read the following tweet from @WWE themselves. And it involved one of the most important divas on the roster and one of the most “over” divas in the last five years.

The tweet read….


I sent out a blog post following the tweet and it’s proven to be a big hit! However, I wanted to do a follow-up piece a few days later and just before RAW. The first blog post was not really intended to be a huge analysis on the story. I did make a few observations here and there but it was short and sweet just to let you guys know of the situation at the time. Now a day or so has passed and I’ve decided to do the follow-up piece that I promised you when I wrote the first one. To take a look at the situation, what we NOW know about it and where WWE and AJ goes from here….  

So as stated, the only things we had before were the tweet sent by WWE and a tweet CM Punk sent out soon afterwards…

Now with her wife involved, this tweet was inevitable. But it’s probably Punk’s first mention in a REALLY long time. Possibly since the Colt Cabana podcast back in November. Of course, it didn’t hint at anything. However, I just felt it was just a nice thing to point out. Punk leading the praises of his wife as any husband should…


Many more have tweeted about AJ as well. Mick Foley, as usual, was very active on social media about. Heck, the Bellas broke kayfabe to send their farewells to AJ too. And considering all the things AJ have said about the Bellas on television, it’s a ture touch of professionalism and class from the Bellas.

However, it’s still not known for certain WHY AJ “retired” or what the reasons were for her departure.

Just to state the record, we’re not going to throw around the idea that WWE are hiding something or some WWE conspiracy reason for her departure. That’s not what this post is for. It’s pretty much a summary of what we know and the impact of her “retirement”.

That being said, there have been “hints” for the reasons behind her sudden departure. At least to US it was sudden. Looking back at her Wrestlemania tag team match with Paige, it could be that AJ knew she was calling it a day at WWE.


According to a article,

“Regarding AJ Lee retiring from WWE, there’s already some speculation that she knew she was leaving this week before WrestleMania 31. A colleague who watched WrestleMania 31 with me thought that AJ’s post-match celebration with Paige “seemed weird” as if AJ knew this was her last big match. The two hugged for a while and AJ told Paige she loves her, which to most people didn’t seem out of the way at the time but is interesting now. We should have more on the AJ story later tonight so stay tuned.”

To be honest, I thought the huge was a pretty weird post-match celebration… at least from a kayfabe perspective. On the RAW before, Paige and AJ got into a scuffle and according to storyline couldn’t get along. Unless AJ was pulling out some unscripted jargon, which AJ has done quite a bit in the past, then there shouldn’t really be a reason for a hug like in the context of the story. Therefore, this speculation about AJ hugging Paige being a sign that AJ knew that she was leaving makes complete sense.

Again though, this doesn’t really explain WHY she left. It just indicates that AJ had been planning this departure for some time.

Now I think the general belief is that AJ’s last year in WWE has been quite an eventful one. Coming off the departure of her husband CM Punk, AJ’s been on the receiving end of a lot of idiotic “CM Punk” chants due to her relationship with the superstar turned MMA fighter. Not really AJ’s fault, but it probably effected her attitude in and out the ring a lot. AJ’s been known for a number of off-script or “shoot” moments in 2014, particularly with her Slammys speech where she praised a lot of the NXT women. I think with her being off of TV a lot of the time to be with her husband, she herself was pretty unhappy at the company.

I stated before that if AJ felt unhappy at the company than she should have just quit and I think she’s taken up my advice. I never said that in a nasty “I don’t want AJ at this company because I hate her” way by the way. It’s just if you don’t like your job and you feel it’s making you unhappy, then why bother continue it? I admire AJ for following her heart and choosing happiness over fame if that is the case. At least that’s the reason her husband gave for leaving in the Cabana podcast. So I don’t have a problem with her leaving what’s so ever. If anything, this opens the way for the NXT divas which AJ praised in the Slammys speech. This certainly paves the way for the likes of Paige and Naomi to becoming the top favorites in WWE. And that’s awesome for the both of them, who truly deserves it.


Now before I wrap this up, I’m going to look at a theory for AJ’s departure. By the way, the only reason I’m referring to it as a “departure” is because the chances are she’s just leaving the company. It would make sense for WWE to input a bit of damage control for a top star leaving by referring to it as a “retirement”. That’s what they did with Jim Ross. Again, I’m not suggesting that this is some WWE conspiracy or something. I’m just saying you shouldn’t take everything WWE tells you to be the 100% truth. Just because THEY say AJ’s done from in-ring competition doesn’t mean that she’ll wind up wrestling in the indies in a few months time. As a journalism student, the first thing I was told was to question… everything!

However, this notion suggested over why AJ left did need to be questioned… purely because of how daft it is!


InQuisitr writer Patrick Frye suggested that the UFC would be in AJ’s immediate future, following her husband into the octagon. One of the smallest divas I’ve seen in WWE fighting the toughest women in the world in the realms of MMA. Patrick first writes…

“During UFC 182, CM Punk spent almost an hour talking during a Q & A session. At one point, he was asked about who he thought could also end up in the UFC over time. Perhaps giving us a hint of things to come, CM Punk said he couldn’t count out AJ Lee as a possibility. With AJ Lee leaving the WWE, the possibility seems more than just an off-the-cuff remark.

“Ronda Rousey just so happens to be a big fan of CM Punk. In fact, the first time they met in person Rousey actually fangasmed all over Punk. While it’s questionable whether AJ Lee Vs. Ronda Rousey would be a good idea based upon MMA skill (or lack thereof), you have to believe that Dana White is seeing potential dollar signs floating in the air.”

Saying Rousey is a big of Punk is a potential reason for AJ wanting to go to WWE is like me saying that because Jeremy Clarkson is a fan of Will Young, he’s gonna start performing duets with the singer and form a band with him! As great of a future that sounds,that’s obviously NOT going to happen.

Also, the potential of AJ vs Rousey is very far-fetched considering the weight differences between the two. AJ Lee weights 52kg, compared to Rousey’s 61kg. You have to be at least 57kg in order to compete in the division so a potential fight is unlikely unless AJ were to proper beef up!

I can’t necessarily RULE OUT a UFC run for AJ since I thought there was no way Punk would sign with UFC and I was proven wrong. However, the idea of Rousey vs AJ at UFC is pretty ridiculous and UFC can’t constantly be thinking of signing AJ to their women’s division. Unless they were doing to say “Screw you WWE” or just as a publicity stunt, in which case that would be pretty absurd.


I was gonna keep going through other theories as well like marriage problems and a potential pregnancy but I’ve decided to call it a day for now. My estimation is that it’s down to simply AJ being unhappy at the company. It’s pretty hard not to be. Considering a lot of wrestlers that have left WWE nowadays seem to be leaving on sour terms, it seems to be that Punk’s description of WWE as being a very toxic working environment is pretty accurate. AJ having taken breaks from WWE a few times in the past year were probably indicators to this.

All I can say is that after four years, AJ Lee is no longer a WWE diva. To say that AJ’s career was “legendary” seems to be a little too much. I’d hardly call it a Hall Of Fame worthy run, as Joey Styles suggested. But in her time in WWE, AJ did impact the WWE divas division quite a bit. Having held the divas title for nearly a year herself, AJ’s done a pretty good job in getting people talking about the women of WWE. But with her career only lasting four years and a lot of it being clouded by affiliation with CM Punk, I don’t think her career had reached the point of legendary. I don’t think she did so much for the company that she should be bestowed this honor. Unless she were to somewhere down the road return, I don’t think she’s done enough to be considered one of the best divas of all time.I personally didn’t see her to be SUCH a strong in-ring worker.

But nevertheless, AJ was still a top diva, even at the end of her run. And good luck to her, wherever she ends up…