Previously on WCW EWR….

Rivalries were carried on from Starrcade at Souled Out, and we had a lot of interesting developments. We had nWo leader Hollywood Hulk Hogan fail to capture the World Title from Sting after a dusty finish, Raven retained the TV Title against DDP after Goldberg inadvertently helped Raven and the Steiners and the Guerreros continued to pull out quality ratings.

There was a lot of time from Souled Out to this PPV Superbrawl, so let me bulletpoint the big events that happened on Nitro, Thunder etc since then…

  • Raven won the feud DDP and was easily the biggest heel in the company. So a feud with the WCW World Champion Sting was in order (and was what I was planning all along… muahahaha!). However, Raven was still the Television champion, which I still considered a mid-card belt (even though it had the same amount of prestige as the World Title!). I felt Raven had to drop the belt, however I didn’t want him to lose it in the ring and risk losing overness. So I pulled a Steve-Austin and had Raven drop the belt, saying he didn’t need the belt and was going after the World Title. After multiple attacks with his new allies Public Enemy, Raven had taken the wind out of the Stinger’s tail..,
  • Chris Jericho ended up winning the vacated TV Championship after winning a fatal four way elimination match and then ended up winning the feud with The Giant. His next feud? Bret Hart!
  • DDP’s reward for putting Raven over was a feud with the man that lost the WCW Title feud to Sting… Hollywood Hogan! It’s been a difficult time for DDP to get points over in the feud due to Hogan’s Creative Control! However, I still planned on having DDP win the feud.
  • Chris Benoit had been feuding with WCW United States Champion Keiji Mutoh, and fought him in the last few feuds. However, Mutoh won both matches. However, Benoit laughed last after defeating Mutoh in an Ironman match to win the US Championship… helped tremendously by their matches for the belt! But I decided to give Benoit a mega-star to defend the belt against… “Macho Man” Randy Savage, who was victorious in his feud with Roddy Piper following interference by his new bodyguard The Big Bossman!
  • I turned the Steiners heel after they won the feud with the Guerreros. They would run in on Nitro to “save” Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio from The Outsiders. However, they turned on Rey and RVD – bolstering up my heel tag team ranks!
  • I had Eddie and Chavo feud with one another because I was planning on turning Eddie face and here’s why. Chavo was my reigning WCW Cruiserweight Champion and was even more over than Eddie. However with my two top face Crusierweights RVD and Mysterio feuding with The Steiners, I felt I had a shortage in top face cruiserweights. After the feud was made however, I soon discovered that Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon were both getting super over! However, I still had this Guerrero feud in place! So I had Chavo drop the belt to Ultimo and Eddie/Chavo continued their feud as a kinda “Who’s-The-Better-Guerrero” feud with both of them heel. Like one trying to outdo the other but still remain a team. It was going to be hard to get this heat, but I figured I could pull something out of the bag.
  • Keiji Mutoh was also feuding with Piper after they both lost their feuds, and the Outsiders were FINALLY set to end their feud with Ric Flair and Arn Anderson.


Pre-Show – Booker T, The Giant and Goldberg def. nWo members Lex Luger, Bam Bam Bigelow and Mr Perfect

Looking back, I probably should have put Jushin Thunder Liger in the face team but I wanted three top faces to go against three members of the nWo in the pre-show. The Giant had feuded with the nWo’s Lex Luger before and he was over, so that’s why I put him in. Booker was quite over himself so he got a  spot. And I wanted to push Goldberg so he was in there too. Luger, Perfect and Bigelow were the most over nWo members NOT in feuds so that’s why they were there (I would have put Konnan but he was injured at the time). The faces got the win with Goldberg pinning Bigelow because Luger refused to let Goldberg go over. -.-


Match 1 – Ultimo Dragon (c) def. Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko in a fatal four way elimination match to retain the WCW Crusierweight Championship

The top four crusierweights in the company gave me a hell of an opener in the main show. I wanted a bit more for my overall rating but 86% is alright. They gave me good match quality ratings and Ultimo retained. Eddie and Chavo were feuding with each other and cancelled each other out and Dean Malenko wasn’t over enough, so Ultimo retained!


Match 2 – Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam def. Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner via DQ

The Steiners had been on top throughout most of the feud so far, so I wanted Mysterio and RVD to go over at the PPV. They were fine with that, but refused to go out clean to the duo. So I had Mysterio/RVD win via DQ after Scott hit RVD with a chair! They ended up brawling to the back. This feud’s getting a less overall rating than Guerreros/Steiners were getting but they did better than the opener. Pleased!


Match 3 – Keiji Mutoh def. Rowdy Roddy Piper

Mutoh won this match after interference by Tajiri – the second most over person in his stable “Asian Invasion”. So yeah, Mutoh had a group of himself , Tajiri and Kensuke Sasaki and I’d figured put him against Piper, who’s incredibly over. This match got a 87% overall, which surprised me. And also good news for Mutoh as he’s getting over!


Match 4 – Bret Hart def. Chris Jericho (c) via count out in a match for the WCW Television Championship

Match of the night by a landslide! 96% OVERALL! That’s fantastic! Interestingly enough though, none of the crowd reaction, match quality or anything like that got 100%! It was like 98 and 95 or something. But ultra-pleased with this. I didn’t want Jericho beating Bret Hart early in the feud but I also wanted him as my TV Champion. So Jericho got himself counted-out and got beat up by Bret for it.


Match 5 – Hollywood Hogan def. Diamond Dallas Page

Creative Control strikes again as Hogan refused to lose to DDP… even by like DQ or count out. He wanted to win so I gave him the victory due to interference by Eric Bischoff. DDP got revenge though by fighting them both off to stand tall. The match quality sucked big time on this one but the crowd reaction was 100% because of Hogan. So if anything, he saved it from being a total let-down of a rating. 80% overall.


Match 6 – The Outsiders (c) def. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson

At last, the feud between these teams ended! The Outsiders went over for the third PPV in a row to win the feud! I was tempted to have Arn and Ric go over, but Ric was a non-wrestler and I wouldn’t be able to have him fight on Nitro and Thunder. So the Outsiders had to win… even though they did let me put Ric and Arn over when I was about to! 86% overall… which says a lot because the Cruiserweight Title match got the same rating!

Match 7 – Chris Benoit (c) def. Randy Savage to retain the WCW United States Championship

Benoit went over clean in this one. Savage never complained about it, which was awesome (he didn’t have creative control, but it was nice that he was willing to put Benoit over). At this point, I was considering putting Savage over at the end of the feud but I kinda didn’t want Benoit to lose the title yet. 87% overall. Three matches all getting 87%! Come on guys! In the 90s!


Match 8 – Raven def. Sting (c) to win the WCW World Championship

After beating the likes of DDP and Jushin Thunder Liger, after vacating the TV Championship and after aligning with Public Enemy… Raven got what he wanted the most! He defeated Sting to become the WCW Champion… but how?

I mentioned early on that Raven had joined forces with the Public Enemy. But another little group was also being formed. Randy Savage and his manager Sable had formed an alliance with The Big Bossman. However on Nitro, Public Enemy and Savage and Bossman got into a pull apart brawl after PE cost Savage and Bossman a tag team match. However, near the end of the WCW World Championship match at Superbrawl the ref gets taken out. Savage comes running down the isle seemingly for Savage… but BOOM! Savage hits Sting with the WCW Title! Raven then covered Sting for the 1, 2, 3! Afterwards, Raven and Savage SHOOK hands to symbolize the dawn of a new powerhouse stable in WCW… The Exiles!

  • Raven (Co-Leader and WCW Champion)
  • Randy Savage (Co-Leader and the Macho Man!)
  • The Big Bossman (The Fixer… or something)
  • Sable (The second lady of Savage)
  • “Public Enemy” Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge (The cronies)

BY GAWD! A new day is here in WCW! The Exiles are here!



Extreme Warfare Revenge: WCW 1998 PART 3 – Souled Out

Previously on WCW EWR….

New feuds emerged in my WCW Extreme Warfare Revenge universe, but old scores had to better settled as well before things could really move on. After knocking off Randy Savage at World War III, Sting had to deal with nWo Leader Hollywood Hulk Hogan. However, Savage wanted in as well due to the controversial nature of Sting’s win at World War III. So a triple threat match was made with Sting, Savage and Hogan for Starrcade. In this star-studded match, Sting walked out with his championship still in tact. But the feud is far from over between him and Hogan, while Savage is turning his attention to Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Also on the card, Benoit missed out on the opportunity to win the United States Championship from Keiji Mutoh following interference from Jushin Thunder Liger – who wanted a piece of Mutoh himself after Mutoh attacked him. This didn’t set tight with the Rabid Wolverine, who locked in the crossface to Liger afterwards. Jericho knocked off The Giant, Bret Hart defeated Lex Luger, the Guerreros defeated the Steiners while the Outsiders defeated Flair and Anderson to retain the Tag titles. Also, Raven and DDP went to a no contest in their match-up for the TV title. Still a lot of fire to a lot of these feuds as Souled Out was just a couple of weeks away…

Pre-Show – Rob Van Dam and Dean Malenko def. Edge and Christian, Rey Mysterio and Kidman and Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow

Now, pre-show is a great way for me to do a bit of WCW experimenting! And at Souled Out, I wanted to do give a lot of the less-over wrestlers a chance to get overness by having them duke it out with some of the higher wrestlers in the card NOT in feuds. So I did a fatal four way elimination tag match involving:

  • Rob Van Dam and Dean Malenko: Because I wanted to push RVD and I felt Dean Malenko could get a lot of overness teaming with RVD.
  • Edge and Christian: Because they’re Chris Jericho’s cronies and I wanted them to get over as their stats are awesome in this save.
  • Rey Mysterio and Kidman: Someone said Kidman was impressing a lot of the experienced wrestlers in WCW, so I figured I’d reward him by teaming with Rey Mysterio.
  • Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow: Because I wanted a team representing the nWo and these two were the most over, other than the guys in feuds like Hogan and Luger.

I initially wanted the young up-and-comers Edge and Christian to win, but this garnered protests from all the other teams. So I decided to go with RVD and Dean Malenko as the winners going over Edge and Christian at the end. This match actually got a great match quality rating but Kidman, Edge and Christian’s lack of overness saw the overall drop.

Match 1 – Keiji Mutoh (c) def. Chris Benoit and Jushin Thunder Liger in a triple threat match to retain the WCW United States Championship

If you read what happened at Starrcade, this is a continuation of the Benoit/Mutoh feud which Liger got involved in. Liger cost Benoit the title match after going after Mutoh. Solution? Three way dance at Souled Out! Mutoh retained again, but I planned on having Benoit going over in the feud. This 3 way however got good ratings all around with 85%. Benoit did eventually win the feud as well as the US Championship (because he became more over than Mutoh). However, these two ended up having top quality opponents to rival with next!

Match 2 – Lex Luger def. Bret Hart

The rematch from their encounter at Starrcade (which Bret Hart won). I gave Luger the victory simply because he needed some points in the feud and Bret had won in the last PPV. This match got 4% better overall then last time so at least the feud is doing something. This ended up being the last time Luger was put into an official feud as he was hardly getting any more over. Eventually, his morale got really low which thankfully allowed me the honor of releasing him without paying for it! My reasoning was because he was like 74 over and we were paying him way too much! Considering all the talent on my roster, cuts had to be made!

Match 3 – Kevin Nash (c) and Scott Hall (c) def. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson to retain the WCW Tag Team titles

89% overall! These four were giving me insane ratings! So yeah this feud continued with Outsiders again going over. Reason being that Flair only recently became a non-wrestler. Meaning that I could only have him performing once a month. Some companies might be OK with that, but I wanted active champions. So the Outsiders got the win. Unfortunately, I had to wait a while for the next PPV to wrap this feud up because I couldn’t end it on a Nitro or Thunder due to Flair’s non-wrestler status. But at least that feud-ending match should give me some great ratings!

Match 4 – The Giant and Booker T def. Chris Jericho and The Big Bossman

Now I wanted to do something different with the Giant/Jericho feud so I booked them in a tag team match at the PPV. It would be The Giant with his new ally Booker T versus Chris Jericho and the man that turned heel by attacking the Giant… The Big Bossman! Sadly this match didn’t get a lot of high ratings and got the lowest rating in the show (not counting the kick off). But if anything… Bossman got over!

Match 5 – Raven (c) def. Diamond Dallas Page in a Last Man Standing match to retain the WCW TV Championship

Winning the contest for the highest rated match of the night was DDP vs Raven for the WCW TV Championship! Not the feud-ending match but the feud was close to it’s climax. The last match ended in a draw so I figured that we MUST have a winner. We had a Last Man Standing match which Raven won after a botched interference by Goldberg. Raven attacked Goldberg on Thunder. So in my head, Goldberg accidentally speared DDP through the stage when he was going for Raven causing the latter to win! Raven and DDP eventually ended the feud on Nitro a few weeks later when Raven won a Texas Death match. Goldberg never really did much after costing DDP the match at Souled Out. He’s not been getting over enough for me to properly feature him! After the feud, Raven vacated the TV Championship having made it on par with the WCW Title in prestige somehow! Anyway, Raven has bigger things on his mind. DDP also had a big feud himself to tend with…

Match 6 – Steiner Brothers def. Los Guerreros in a hardcore match

Basically the Steiners returning the favor after the Guerreros beat them at Starrcade. It got a 91% overall which I was pleased with! I wanted to change these teams up after this feud… and I did in various strange ways!

Match 7 – Rowdy Roddy Piper def. Randy Savage

91% overall which had me beaming. This was the first match between the two and I had Piper win this one. I decided to have Piper win the first match since Savage was set to win the feud.

Match 8 – Sting def. Hollywood Hulk Hogan via Dusty Finish DQ with a run-in

Two top stars in the company duking it out for the title. Sting won off a Dusty Finish after a run-in by Eric Bischoff! 86% overall but the 100% crowd reaction was enough for me to be satisfied! Sting ended up winning the feud, but his next feud put his World Title reign in jeopardy!

87% overall for the PPV. Very pleased – with it only having two weeks of build! But next time we’re at Superbrawl… where all these feuds are pretty much done! And we begin a lot of interesting new feuds!


Extreme Warfare Revenge: WCW 1998 PART 2 – Starrcade

Previously on EWR ECW 1998….

We kicked off my playthrough of the WCW 1998 save of Extreme Warfare Revenge with a lot of highly-anticipated feuds. Randy Savage abandoned the nWo and targeted Sting and his WCW Championship. However at World War 3, Savage only just missed out on the title after Elizabeth’s interference caused him to be disqualified! The event also saw Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho steal the show as usual, with Benoit getting the victory. With that feud in the books, Benoit is hungry for gold! New TV Champion Raven wa feuding with Jushin Thunder Liger while Keiji Mutoh won the United States Championship. Lex Luger was very annoying to work with as he constantly complained about his matches. However, he now sets his sights on Bret “The Hitman” Hart. The Outsiders won the WCW Tag Titles while RVD was getting high ratings with Eddie Guerrero!

A lot has happened since my last PPV World War 3, I’ve just been a bit preoccupied with university to post about it! However, I have been able to play it quite a bit since then! So I’ve done a dozen of PPVs after Starrcade which I will be posting about… eventually! However, I still feel the need to share the journey of what’s went down in my WCW universe. A lot went down at Starrcade with new feuds beginning and a lot of stars breaking out. So…. STARRCADE!



Pre-Show – Curt Hennig def. Rob Van Dam

Both these guys had just came out of feuds with two very different results. RVD ended up winning the feud with Eddie Guerrero while Hennig lost the feud to Bret Hart. I figured this would be a good match so I shot these two together for a nice little pre-show match. 86% overall with Hennig getting the win.


Match 1 – Los Guerreros def. The Steiner Brothers

The Steiners lost the tag titles to the Outsiders as planned to end their feud. I still wanted Scott Steiner to have a solo run but I wanted to try and avoid Rick Steiner being the “Jarnetty” of the team and go absolutely nowhere. For that reason, I kept them as a team and as faces as they feuded with the Guerreros. Eddie had a lot of overness from his RVD feud (despite losing) and Chavo was over as the Cruiserweight Champion! So we pitted these together and they surprisingly got good match qualities! Surprising because they’re teams of two very different styles! 92% overall which I was very pleased with!


Match 2 – Chris Jericho def. The Giant

A feud to get Jericho over basically! I had Benoit go over in the feud he and Jericho had so Jericho needed to redeem himself. I figured it’d be best for him to go up against The Giant as he just beat Lex Luger in a feud and was over. Jericho beating The Giant in a feud would get him over immensely. This match got 84% overall and Jericho won from interference from either Edge or Christian, can’ remember (they were both his cronies).


Segement 1 (3) – Piper’s Pit with Bret Hart and Lex Luger

The thing about this was that Piper was in a feud with Randy Savage (who I had in the main event for the WCW Title) and Bret was feuding with Luger. I decided to go with a segment featuring Piper since he was gonna be wrestling on this show. It was a host angle with Piper’s Pit. Piper interviewed Bret and Luger for the show but it descended into a brawl which would lead into their match right after the segment. 79% – was kinda hoping for more.


Match 3 (4) – Bret Hart def. Lex Luger

Got a 80% which was annoying but at least these guys were both over.


Match 4 (5) – The Outsiders © def. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson to retain the WCW Tag Team Titles

With the Outsiders being the tag champions they needed a big feud. I decided since Flair was one of the most over guys in the company that he was going to be feuding with them. Since Flair and Arn Anderson were buddies, I partnered them to fight the Outsiders. With Flair just becoming a non-wrestler, this feud was limited. However, this was a big event and of course, non-wrestlers can wrestler on a PPV. So we had the tag. Good ratings all around as we had a 89% overall


Match 5 (6) – Keiji Mutoh def. Chris Benoit to retain the US Championship

I figured this would be an insane feud for the US Title! I had it that Benoit had won a number one contendership match on Thunder to get the title shot at Starrcade and then Mutoh came out with his new apprentice Tajiri to attack him afterwards. The two delivered I think a 99 or 100% match quality with a 93% overall. No doubt the match of the night in my opinion. Still a lot of fire to this feud. I had Jushin Thunder Liger come out and attack Mutoh in retaliation to an attack by Mutoh on Saturday Night. This caused Benoit to be DQ’d which resulted in Benoit attacking Liger. Eventually, these three would have a three way dance for the belt.


Match 6 (7) – Raven © went to a Double DQ with DDP for the TV Championship

This has been a HUGE feud as far as ratings. Raven has been getting ultra-over and DDP asked to do some work with him. These two delivered with a 92% overall and with this finish… there’s still fire to the feud much like Mutoh/Benoit.


Match 7 (8) – Sting © def. Randy Savage and Hollywood Hogan to retain the WCW Championship

Sting’s currently feuding with Hogan but this is why I added Savage to the match. Savage previously feuded with Sting and got huge ratings. Even on Nitro, I had Savage and Sting wrestle and they got us huge ratings. So I did something on Nitro/Thunder that led us to this triple threat. 87% overall with a 100% crowd reaction! The fans were really into this and a good way to end the show…



PPV got a 87% overall which was 2% better than World War 3!


Anyway, after this…. SOULED OUT! Which was only a couple of weeks away so a lot of these feuds were in tact. In fact, a lot of the feuds at Souled Out so be sure to check out how this WCW saga continues!


Extreme Warfare Revenge: WCW 1998 PART 1 – World War III

Decided to blog about a wrestling simulator that’s been around for a while called Extreme Warfare Revenge. It’s a booking simulator which lets you book matches and run companies how you see fit. If you want to give Heath Slater the WWE World Heavyweight Championship… you can! If you want to sign Freight Train to WWE and have him feud with Triple H… you can! If you want to change John Cena’s gimmick to Adult Film Star… YOU CAN!

But I decided to wind back the clock and go back to 1998. There’s mods for different times in wrestling. I mean you could go back to 1975 if you wanted to and book Verne Gagne! But I went back to 1998 due to a YouTube playthrough I saw by a couple of lads from NewLegacyInc. You can check that out below.

So I decided to use the 1998 mod and play through the game myself. Not to do like a silly little game like they did. I’m not sure I’d have Stevie Ray as my World Champion! However, I did want to do a play through. A serious play through and see how I’d book WCW if I were in charge at the time! Obviously, WCW were at war with WWF in the Monday Night Wars. So I had to pull out all the stops if I wanted to rewrite history with WCW. A few sackings here and a few hirings later including the signings of Jushin Thunder Liger, Rob Van Dam and Keji Mutoh… I was ready to take the wrestling world by storm.

And after a lot of Nitros, Thunders and Saturday Nights… I was on my first PPV World War 3. I never really went with tradition for this one. I never had a 60 man battle royal as the main event! Largely because I forgot what my first PPV was! But anyway. WCW World War III was my first PPV… allow me to show you what I booked!

Pre-Show – WCW Crusierweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero def. Ultimo Dragon ©, Rey Mysterio and Tajiri

There was no real feuds here but Chavo was getting over from helping Eddie Guerrero out in his feud with RVD (which I’ll mention later). So I decided to have him beat Ultimo in an elimination four way for the title to see if I can take advantage of his overness. Match got 74% overall which was good because I was expecting a much lower rating! It got 89% match quality which I was happy with. I hope this is the start of something special for these four!

Match 1 – Rob Van Dam def. Eddie Guerrero in a Hardcore Match

RVD was signed from ECW, and I decided his first feud was to be with Latino Heat! This has really been a back-and-forth feud with it paying off with this match. I got 100% match quality and a 94% overall which was the second highest off the show! Very happy… but the feud ain’t over yet. I’m planning to put Eddie over in the feud so I gave RVD the PPV victory.

Match 2 – The Giant def. Lex Luger

I had Luger turn on The Giant and join the nWo because for some reason, I was lacking in main event heels! So I did that and feuded the two. The feud’s not really done much for either of these guys yet, however we got a 80% overall! I had Giant beat Luger clean because Luger was pissing me off! Luger requested a match with The Big Bossman, which I was happy to do because I wanted to get the Bossman over. I wanted Bossman to win, but Luger insisted on it being a cheap finish for Bossman and refused to go over clean. So he got his wish… But as it turned out, Luger basically no-sold the entire match and then complained about Bossman afterwards! The prick got what deserved at World War 3 when he lost to Giant clean and Bossman ran out and attacked him afterwards!

Match 3 – The Outsiders def. The Steiners © via DQ in a WCW Tag Title match. Special Referee Ric Flair

These are our top two teams so I feuded them. The original plan for this match was for Flair to screw the Outsiders by having him do a fast count on them. However, CREATIVE CONTROL messed that plan up for me! The Outsiders wanted to win! So I decided to have Flair perform an unfair DQ on the Steiners giving the Outsiders the win. But since the titles couldn’t change hands on a DQ, the Steiners retained. So the Steiners walked out champs like I planned. However, I may have the Outsiders win the title eventually and have Scott Steiner have a singles run. 86% overall and the titles gained in image.

Match 4 – Bret Hart def. Curt Hennig

Other than this being a match I really wanted to see, I wanted Hennig to get a bit off a push. So I feuded him with Bret Hart. Problem is, Hennig and Hart are miles apart in terms of overness. Putting Hennig over would see Hart lose a lot of overness which I didn’t want to happen. That’s a problem I’ve had with another feud (get on to that in a bit). So Bret Hart won, but Hennig refused to shake his hand. 84% overall.

Match 5 – DDP and Jushin Thunder Liger def. Raven and Keiji Muto

I signed Jushin Thunder Liger to the company the first day in the game! I wanted him in this company so much! And I decided to have Raven be the one to go after the Japanese star. I believed this would be a sound feud and it has been so far. Both men have been getting super over from it and Raven’s getting us a lot of ratings. Raven is also currently the TV champion after beating Booker T. However, I decided to throw more man into the mix. When I signed Keji Mutoh, I had him attack both men and then beat DDP for the US title on Thunder! This eventually led to a brawl between all four on Saturday Night which led to this tag match. A good match grabbing an 82% overall.

Match 6 – Chris Benoit def. Chris Jericho

One of my best feuds at the moment, with everyone involved getting super-over. Jericho had been leading the feud for a while with his two cronies Edge and Christian (who were signed after WWF released them), but Benoit’s getting back into it. Having beaten Jericho clean on Thunder in a fatal four way, Benoit beat him again in a singles match after Edge messed up the running. These two got the highest overall rating of the night with a 95% RATING! So pleased with that as well as the 100% match quality as well. Two 100% match qualities in one night! I think Benoit, Jericho, RVD and Eddie are going to be pivitol to the future of WCW!

Match 7 – Hollywood Hogan def. Davey Boy Smith in a cage match

Now this feud has not gone as I had hoped. I really wanted to push Davey Boy but he’s been unable to get overness that I wanted from him and he’s hurting Hogan’s popularity big time. I therefore thought it was only fair to give Hogan the win. After all, it wasn’t like he was gonna let me put Davey Boy over anyway! Creative Control sucks! Unfortunately a 72% overall. :(

Match 8 – Sting © def. Randy Savage via DQ to retain the WCW World Title

This has gotten me good results this feud! Savage and Sting have produced the goods as Savage left the nWo and picked on a fight with Sting. He never turned face and left. He’s just working as a lone ranger with Elizabeth by his side. Sadly, it was Elizabeth that cost him this World Title match. Similar to Ziggler/Del Rio at MITB in 2013, Elizabeth interfered and attacked Sting to cause Savage to be DQ’d. Then, Goldberg ran down to the ring and took down Savage! We got a 90% overall which was great news for the main event! It’s not the feud-ending match as I wanted them to fight on Nitro for the WCW Title as well!

85% overall the PPV got! I think for my first outing, we’re off to a great start! 🙂

Coming up next… Starrcade!