How I Would Book… Kevin Owens As Intercontinental Champion


The Intercontinental Championship is supposed to be the second most prestigious championship in WWE. However, it seems that recent years haven’t been kind to those that hold it. The Intercontinental title used to be a stepping stone as a rising star is elevated to main-event status. However, many champions in the last few years have seen themselves float around in the mid card pool of irrelevancy. We’re hoping that this does not happen to Kevin Owens. In order to elevate Kevin Owens and bring prestige to the title, how would we book Kevin Owens as Intercontinental Champion?

Kevin Owens won the Intercontinental Championship at Night Of Champions, beating Ryback with a roll up. Let’s be honest, Ryback’s title reign was never really able to take off. Kevin Owens is quite possibly the perfect man to be able to bring up the prestige of this title once more. This man is a great in-ring worker with incredible mic skills as well. WWE could do no wrong with this man… other than having him lose his first feud on the main roster. -.-

The point is, not much is needed to be said other than… have him beat EVERYONE.


Kevin Owens considers himself a prizefighter. He said that the Intercontinental Championship made him feel complete. All Kevin should be worried about his keeping his title. Of course, there’s a bit of a balancing act involved. You want him to care about his championship but you don’t want to diminish the championship either. Take Nikki Bella. She cared about shoving her title reign down people’s throats but could care less about ACTUALLY defending it. The clue is in his catchphrase… Fight, Owens, Fight.

If John Cena were not already doing his US Title Open Challenge, then that would be the first option for Kevin. However, Kevin should not want to give title shots to anyone. Kevin can run down Cena by stating that shots at the IC title should be earned rather than given. Kevin says that he wants to prove himself as the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. He therefore says that only former champions can compete and Kevin himself will decide his own opponents.

Kevin’s first few challengers on RAW would be folks like Heath Slater and Curtis Axel. These would be former champions but considered jobbers to the WWE Universe. This concept gives these wrestlers TV time and an actual chance to shine. However, Kevin simply wins. At the end of every match, Kevin writes down the name of his opponent on a piece of paper. After writing it down, he reads off the list of former champions he has beaten to retain his title. It’d be kind of like what Chris Jericho used to do.


Obviously, the list would start off being kind of short. Over time however, it suddenly starts to build up. Heath Slater, Damien Sandow, Curtis Axel, Titus O’Neil, Jack Swagger, Fernando etc. It suddenly becomes a case of quantity over quality, which actually does make Kevin look quality coming out of it. More is more when it comes to a heel. The more things he can brag about, the more content he can work with. The more people Kevin beats, the more names he can brag about beating. I named a few jobbers but these are actual former champions. These aren’t exactly complete jokes!

What would be interesting is that Kevin Owens would try to duck lads like Neville, that have never won titles on the main roster, which would actually be funny to watch! It also makes these lads look great before they finally get the shot, as Kevin already fears them.

He goes through everyone until the Royal Rumble. He wins his match, reads his list and stops half-way through. He says that merely beating everyone is not enough anymore. He’s a prizefighter and he only has one prize to his name. Now he wants more. He wants to challenge the US Champion for a title vs title match at Wrestlemania 32. The US Champion turns out to be John Cena, who walks out of Fast Lane with the title. In this big match, Kevin beats Cena clean once again to win the US Championship. He dubs himself as the International Champion, having conquered the entire world of wrestling. As soon as he drops these titles, he’s in a great spot to go after his next prize… the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


A lot of this includes a lot of wishful thinking, but this would do wonders to Kevin. Beating everyone en route to beating John Cena on the biggest stage of them all would be something spectacular that could make Kevin a legitimate star in WWE.

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How’s it going everyone? We’re back with another top five moments from a RAW that really wasn’t that great. I can’t say it was TOO bad either because there wasn’t a segment on this show which I thought was really bad. However, little was done that made think that this was a worthwhile show. The MizTV segment with the Divas was infuriating but I’m hoping to touch upon that segment in a separate blog post later on this week. However, there were a few high spots. Let’s pick out the top five moments from RAW.

1. John Cena vs Xaiver Woods


John Cena came out to bring back the John Cena US Championship Open Challenge. The New Day came out and delivered some comedy. John Cena got mad and said there’s a time for comedy and a time to be serious. He basically told them to shut up and one of them to get in the ring. He came off as such a heel for saying that in my eyes as everyone was happy with the New Day! Xaiver Woods answered the call.

It’s kind of sad that we didn’t hear the trombone in action during Woods’ match! I think he played it once during the six man tag match that followed up. The match itself was actually really fun. It was good to see Xaiver in a singles match for once, because he’s usually either in six man tags or acting as a manager. You rarely see just how good Xaiver is in the ring. He put on a great match with Cena. There’s just one little issue that I have.

The match ended in a disqualification, when Big E and Kofi came down to attack Cena. I understand that they wanted to save Xaiver from Cena. However, they still cost Xaiver a chance at the US title! I always thought it made little sense when teams do this whenever one of their partners is challenging for a singles title.

Despite that, good match. The six man tag team match also involving the Dudleyz was OK. The New Day went over which largely hints that the Dudley Boyz will win the tag team titles at Madison Square Garden this Saturday. I understand why they’d do it, because it’s an important event for the Dudleyz. Them coming back to MSG and winning the titles is a great story. I think as long as the New Day win it back at Hell in a Cell, I’d be OK with this. Let the Dudleyz have their moment but it’s really the day for the New Day to shine and win this feud.

2. Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns


This went on last for RAW. I’ll admit it. It was very hard to care at the end of the show. RAW itself was a very exhausting show. I know RAW is usually like that, being on for three hours each week. However, this week just seemed even worse.

It was actually a decent match between Bray and Roman. The fans didn’t really care about it until the finish. I think that was largely due to someone getting kicked out of the arena near the end because I think there was a “Let Him Stay” chant. They got right back into it during the finish.

Initially, the double count out finish was kind of a lame way for your RAW main event to end. However, it did play into the finish. Therefore, I don’t have that big of a beef with it.

Bray and Roman brawled into the crowd. It was quite a decent brawl. Bray actually threw someone from the tech area into Roman, which was pretty awesome to watch! It actually made Bray look like a legitimate monster. This was followed up by Bray tackling Roman through the barricade. That would have been the spot of the night, had it not been for what Roman followed it up with. Roman got up as Bray was posing, and speared Bray through the announce table. The crowd went nuts for this!

This finish helped both these men. I thought it helped the story along, especially with the brawl at the end. These two just beating the hell out of each other is exactly the kind of intensity and atmosphere you need for a feud like this. It also made Roman look like a star. It was exactly the kind of thing that Roman needs to do. They were going nuts for him here.

A little spoiler for SmackDown!, but it was announced that Bray and Roman will be having a Hell in a Cell match at the PPV. I think this match can take this feud from strength to strength. I think it’s strange that none of the Hell in a Cell matches are featuring a WWE World Heavyweight title match, but these two are still strong matches anyway.

3. Paul Heyman


Heyman gets a spot on this list PURELY because he was on the show! Heyman was there to actually promote the Madison Square Garden show and Brock Lesnar vs The Big Show. The only problem with that is simple. Heyman had to make Big Show seem as a threat to Brock Lesnar. Anyone that has knowledge about who Brock Lesnar is would realize that Big Show was NOT a threat to Brock Lesnar. Therefore when Heyman was acting scared at the prospect that Big Show was going to end Brock Lesnar’s career, NOBODY bought it. Paul Heyman tried all he could but there’s little reason to believe that Big Show is a threat to Brock Lesnar. During Heyman’s segment with Big Show, Big Show made it seem like it was a big deal that Big Show beat Brock Lesnar one time in their match in 2002 at Madison Square Garden on Survivor Series…. which was nearly 13 years ago! There’s were two problems with Big Show’s claim…

  1. I had to double check on this one on the Internet Wrestling Database, because I was pretty sure that Big Show’s win at Survivor Series was the only time that Big Show had ever beaten Brock Lesnar. Turns out… I was right! Big Show has only ever beaten Brock Lesnar ONCE in his career. So why would Paul Heyman be afraid of the Big Show potentially ending his client’s career?
  2. Big Show’s win at Survivor Series was because of one man… PAUL HEYMAN! There was no mention of Heyman turning on Brock during Big Show’s win. On the video package of Big Show that was shown, it skipped the interference and just fast-forwarded to Big Show chokeslamming Brock onto the chair. Again, Paul knows full well that Big Show was only able to beat Brock Lesnar because of… him. Again, why would Paul Heyman think that Big Show would be able to beat Brock Lesnar?

I wish that Brock Lesnar was fighting someone else, but he’s not. I don’t actually have an issue with the Big Show himself. I have an issue with how the WWE is somehow convinced that they would be able to convince everyone that Big Show is ON PAR with Brock Lesnar. One last thing… NO MENTION OF HELL IN A CELL! WWE again failed to mention the PPV that they should be trying their hardest to promote.

Well… Heyman did his best anyway.

4. Kane’s Performance Evaluation


Kane’s performance evaluation segments were actually not that bad to me! I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a few issues with it however. I thought Kane and Seth Rollins’ last segment together went WAY too long. I just thought they done a lot of angles in one week for this program that could have easily stretched out for a few weeks. Couldn’t this week’s angle have ended with Seth Rollins breaking Kane’s ankle and then next week, Demon Kane gets his revenge? I thought Kane’s delivery as Corporate Kane was excellent. I’m very happy with Kane’s acting during this program. That’s one of the things that I liked about this feud because at least Kane’s having some fun with his character. I didn’t like Seth’s comments about meeting the Pope. It just seemed a bit off. Despite those little things, I thought this segment overall was fine.

5. King Barrett Returns

maxresdefault (1)

The return itself was pretty miserable. Barrett simply came out, interrupted the Neville vs Stardust match and gave the Bullhammer to both men. He got on the mic and said “All hail the return of the King,” and then left. It was pretty bland but to be fair, at least Barrett came back looking strong by laying out both men. This really gets an entry only because I have huge respect for Barrett and I’m personally glad that he’s back. I don’t believe that they’ll do anything big with him which will be a real shame.


So there you go. There were my five top moments from RAW this week. There were reports of Vince flipping out backstage over ratings. If this was Vince’s serious attempt to get the ratings back up, then he failed miserably. The RAW viewership numbers actually showed that the ratings for this week’s RAW have fallen from last week. So WWE is really going to have to pull something out of the bag to get things rolling.

28/09/2015 RAW – Kane Is A Fan Of Total Divas


When Kane debuted in WWE, he was a very scary monster. He’s been through a great deal of character development in his WWE career. He’s buried his brother alive twice, he’s started a fight over a cup of coffee, he’s done hurricanranas, he’s done spinaroonies, he’s electrocuted a man’s testicles, he did the Katie Vick storyline, he married Lita, he’s wrestled himself, he’s went crazy whenever a certain date is mentioned, he’s been ECW Champion, he’s hugged people, he’s worked as a waiter, he’s wanted to eat a dog, he’s beaten up a bunny, he’s been in a suit, he’s been given a vacation, he’s been given an Apple watch. He’s done all of that and somehow, WWE have managed to make Kane do something which I NEVER THOUGHT he’d ever say.

Kane has just said, and I quote:

“Have you met the Bellas yet? They’re great and I love their show on E! Total Divas. It’s Awesome.”


Analysing The Potential Wrestlemania 32 Opponents For Undertaker


NOTE: This article is kind of a sequel to my piece on Brock Lesnar. To see that article, click on the link below…

Analysing The Potential Wrestlemania 32 Opponent For Brock Lesnar

The announcement that the third installment of the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar rivalry would take place at Hell in a Cell caught many of us off-guard. Many of us were expecting the third match to take place at Wrestlemania 32. No better way for this rivalry to come to an then at the PPV that is responsible for this feud in the first place. Many experts predicted that the third match would take place at Wrestlemania 32 in Texas. However, Night of Champions gave us quite a shock with the announcement. The question is now, what are the Wrestlemania 32 plans for Brock Lesnar and Undertaker if they’re not facing each other? Just WHO will they be facing?

I’ve already looked at the reports from Wrestling Observer about Brock Lesnar. Now I’m going to look at reports for Undertaker. Three names have come out in reports that are linked to a potential clash with Undertaker at Wrestlemania. With this article, I’m going to run down each candidate and see which of these match-ups I’d like to see for Wrestlemania.


The first name is a big one. This man has never really faced Undertaker before in a big match situation. He’s wrestled him a few times before but never in a big angle. It’s a man that’s actually got an incredible Wrestlemania record himself, being 10-3 at the PPV…

Sorry, I had to really get that joke in somehow. Yes, John Cena vs Undertaker is reportedly being discussed for Wrestlemania. I’ve actually talked about this match before during my How I Would Book… The End Of The Streak special (I talked about Cena vs Taker at this link).

It’s probably been discussed many times before. John Cena has been a top main event star for WWE since 2005, when he first won the WWE Championship. So the fact that Cena has never once feuded with the Undertaker in the last decade is quite astonishing.

Cena’s had matches with the Undertaker and has encountered him a number of times before. Cena feuded with Taker in 2003, when he was still a rookie. Cena even picked up a victory over Undertaker on SmackDown! during the angle. General Manager Kurt Angle also booked Undertaker (who was being controlled by Paul Heyman at the time) against Cena in 2004… once again on SmackDown! The two of them even had a few matches on RAW together in 2006 and would face each other in tag matches leading up to Wrestlemania 23. John Cena and Undertaker even teamed up together in Madison Square Garden in 2009.

However, there’s one little incident that actually does provide us with a bit of content for Undertaker and John Cena to work with. This actually took place on the night John Cena made his in-ring debut in WWE against Kurt Angle. Following the match, a number of wrestlers came up to congratulate John for taking Angle to the limit. The man that showed up next was the Undertaker, who asks for Cena’s name. He then shakes Cena’s hand and says: “Nice job”.

In hindsight, this moment kind of seems like the passing of the torch. Many have jokingly theorised that this is the reason for Cena’s invincibility! Joking aside, this can actually be used to help the story and John Cena’s character. Cena can talk about how Undertaker went up to him on his first night and shook his hand. On that night, he made a vow to always show the respect that the Undertaker had shown a rookie like him. All he wants to do now is respectively give Undertaker the very best competition before he retires. This sets up Cena vs Undertaker for Mania.

I’m all for this match one day happening. This match is one of the last true dream matches Undertaker could ever have. It’s not like this could be a dangerous match for the Undertaker to wrestle either. It’s an easy match for the Undertaker to do and there’s a lot of potential there.

Cena’s a strong contender but let’s look at candidate #2… Seth Rollins.


Seth Rollins was actually in the first list of wrestlers speculated to fight Brock Lesnar. However, now we’re talking about Seth fighting the Undertaker. Wrestling Observer never specified whether this would be for the WWE World title. However, I think Undertaker fighting for the title one last time would be a classic story that both Taker and Seth could benefit from.

Everyone likes a good old Rocky Balboa storyline in WWE. Sting vs Seth Rollins was a decent program, with a great match at Night of Champions (even with Sting’s injury). From a booking standpoint, Taker’s actually the perfect opponent for Seth to face at Wrestlemania.

Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar would make sense from a continuity standpoint. Seth and Brock have got a little bit of history that stems from last year’s Wrestlemania. Other than a small program with the Shield in 2013, Undertaker and Seth Rollins have never really crossed paths. However, that’s actually a great reason for why this match should happen. Think of everyone Seth Rollins has defended his title against since his title reign began. Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar, Neville, John Cena, Sting, probably Kane at Hell in a Cell. Seth would need to beat Undertaker in order to cement his legacy as having one of the greatest title reigns of all time. Seth needs to win to cement his legacy. Undertaker needs to win to have one last reign as champion. From a booking standpoint, it makes all the sense in the world for this match to happen.

Before we finish however, let’s discuss the final candidate…


Braun Strowman was the third man on the list. This one recently shouldn’t have surprised but it did kind of throw me off a bit. This fella has only just arrived on the scene in August and WWE already have big plans for him. These are big plans as its not like he’s up against some main-eventer at Mania. He’s up against the Undertaker of all people. This would be the follow-up feud for Taker after he’s done with Lesnar. That’s a tall order.

First of all, this would mean WWE would have make Braun look SO STRONG going up against the Undertaker. Braun would have to destroy everyone. He’s beaten everyone he’s been up against so far but that’s only a month into his career. I think Braun would be a fairly easy opponent for Undertaker to work with. He’s very green in the ring but it’s not like he’s a very hard hitting wrestler. He’s more like a brawler that’ll just punch you more than anything. The only issue I’d have with this match is that it’s already been announced for Undertaker’s October appearance in Mexico teaming with Kane, that he’s going up against Luke Harper and yes… Braun Strowman. If they’re doing this for a house show, why would you do it for a Wrestlemania match?

It could be to see just how Undertaker would do against Braun, but the chances are that Braun would end up doing the job alongside Harper. I think it’d be silly to do this and then throw Braun and Taker together at Mania.


My personal pick would be Cena, but Seth is actually an interesting choice too. However, the pressure is on for WWE to pull out a big match for the Dead Man at Wrestlemania.

Analysing The Potential Wrestlemania 32 Opponents For Brock Lesnar


The announcement that the third installment of the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar rivalry would take place at Hell in a Cell caught many of us off-guard. Many of us were expecting the third match to take place at Wrestlemania 32. No better way for this rivalry to come to an then at the PPV that is responsible for this feud in the first place. Many experts predicted that the third match would take place at Wrestlemania 32 in Texas. However, Night of Champions gave us quite a shock with the announcement. The question is now, what are the Wrestlemania 32 plans for Brock Lesnar and Undertaker if they’re not facing each other? Just WHO will they be facing?

Four names have come out in reports that are linked to a potential clash with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. With this article, I’m going to run down each candidate and see which of these match-ups I’d like to see for Wrestlemania.


The first name I noticed was Roman Reigns. The reasoning for this match is pretty simple. It’s basically a rematch from Roman and Brock’s match from Wrestlemania 31. There’s a lot of good reasons for this rematch to take place. Firstly, there was never truly a winner between the two of them at Wrestlemania 31 due to Seth Rollins. This match will determine who is the toughest of the two and just who truly is the better man. Roman Reigns will have something to prove and so would Brock. Brock never did beat Roman Reigns. Brock’s a prizefighter but is a vengeful beast if he’s not truly conquered his past foes. He was never able to put away Roman Reigns.

I also think the timing couldn’t be better for the two of them to collide again. If WWE decide to go with Roman vs Lesnar non-title, then there’s little pressure on the two of them. There’s also no real pressure on WWE when deciding a winner. A lot of hardcore fans would probably be upset if Roman beat Brock, but it won’t backfire on them nearly as badly as if they actually did have Roman BEAT Brock last year.

Roman’s a strong contender but let’s look at candidate #2… Seth Rollins.


Reports suggest that this match between Seth and Brock would probably be for the WWE World Heavyweight title (assuming Seth makes it all the way to Mania as champion). One year after stealing the title from Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31, Seth must now defend his championship against the same man. I always like a bit of continuity being utilized, especially at a special event like Wrestlemania.

Much like the Roman Reigns match, both Seth and Brock would have something to prove. Seth would need to prove that he is the man in WWE and Brock needs to win back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Brock also was never able to beat Seth Rollins the first time, due to the Undertaker. Both men are heavily motivated going into this match. Their first match wasn’t that bad but this second, with a lot more time, could prove to be a classic Wrestlemania main event.


The third choice is someone that has been speculated to fight Brock Lesnar a few times before, ever since Brock returned in 2012. His name… is The Rock.

WWE have had plans for Rock vs Brock II at Wrestlemania 30. However, several issues caused WWE to switch plans. From a business standpoint, Rock vs Brock II is a gold mine. The two biggest WWE stars in the mainstream media colliding in the main event of Wrestlemania would gain TRUE mainstream media buzz for the WWE. I would probably accept this as a good match for Brock… as long as he won. No disrespect to The Rock, but a Hollywood Star that hasn’t wrestled in two years shouldn’t really be beating a dominant fighter like Brock Lesnar. WWE would have to be very careful if this is their plan for Wrestlemania.


Speaking of being careful, this last candidate can raise all kinds of hell for with a big match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32. This man… is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Paul Heyman teased the idea of the showdown during an appearance on Austin’s podcast. WWE really got on Heyman’s case for doing that. The WWE might not be a fan of the match and neither is Austin from the sounds of things. In fact, this was the tweet Austin sent out about these reports.

Austin getting back to the ring is obviously a big deal. However, there’s one VERY VERY MAJOR problem which should rule out the idea of this match happening. Austin’s been out of action since 2003. The main reason for his career ending in the first place was because of his neck. If you want Austin to come back, then he’s obviously got to work with a safe wrestler. He certainly shouldn’t be locking up with someone with a whole moveset that’s based around German Suplexes! Nothing against Brock Lesnar, but it’s not worth throwing Austin in the ring with Brock Lesnar. It also doesn’t help the case when Brock and Austin have very LITTLE history in WWE together. At least Roman, Seth and Rock have some sort of claim that could make a match at Wrestlemania seem like a logical match for Lesnar.


If I had to pick an opponent for Brock right now, I think it’d be Roman Reigns. However, there’s a lot of reason to go with any of the options. However, you know Brock and Roman can deliver in a main event scenario. Therefore, it’s a safe bet when deciding the ultimate match for the Beast Incarnate…

WWE 2K16: Joey Styles Announces That Will Be In The Game

“And now thanks to the magic of live television I’m gonna show the whole world, why for seven years in ECW I was the unscripted, uncensored, loose cannon of commentary.” – Joey Styles


A bit of news surrounding WWE 2K16. Joey Styles has tweeted out about the WWE 2K16 game and confirmed that he will be apart of the game, commentating in the Austin 3:16 showcase mode during Steve Austin’s brief run at ECW.

Here’s the tweet below…

Mikey Whipwreck along with the ECW arena were already confirmed for the game and to add that bit of authenticity, the Voice of ECW himself Joey Styles has seemingly been added to the game.

Joey Styles is an awesome addition to the game. WWE 2K15 only featured Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary, even throughout the showcase modes.

It’s already been announced that JBL will join Cole and Lawler on commentary, and Jim Ross will be providing Attitude Era commentary for Austin’s Showcase mode. So Joey Styles also getting his shot at commentary is also pretty awesome to see. Five commentators being used throughout to mix things up a bit.

Joey Styles has been working for WWE on their digital media output since leaving the commentary booth in 2008. This showcase mode provides an opportunity for Joey to return to commentary and I do like WWE Games’ insistence on staying as true to the source material as possible. If that’s the case, then there’s always the possibility that PAUL HEYMAN might be featured on commentary if they feature some of Austin’s appearances in 2001 as part of the Alliance.

That might be pushing it a bit, but seeing Joey is a great bit of news for me. I’m a huge fan of Joey.



Previously on WCW EWR…

Souled Out’s top higlights were Chris Jericho retaining the WCW title against Booker T after getting disqualified and Jeff Hardy won the cruiserweight title in the match of the night against Jamie Noble.

Now it’s time for SuperBrawl…


Pre-Show – Ted DiBiase Announces His Retirement

This was a legitimate retiring of Ted DiBiase. I got the dreaded e-mail saying that DiBiase would be retiring in a month. It was a blow as Ted DiBiase is the most over manager in the company. He’d been managing Curt Hennig for a while and was the manager for Asbury Perfection also including Bam Bam Bigelow. It’s a huge loss. I personally don’t think that Curt Hennig will lose a great deal considering what happens to him later on in the show. However, it’s said to see Ted go. Anyway, Ted talked about how he was walking away. Ted said he’d accomplished all he’s ever wanted to accomplish in the wrestling business. It’s been an honour to manage a wrestler as great as Curt Hennig. He predicts that Curt will one day finally win the WCW Championship. However, he says it’s time to look towards the future. He announces that he’s leaving and there’s one person that he thinks will one day be the next top star. He thinks that there’s one person that’s one his way to being the greatest of all time. He says that man is AJ Styles. AJ comes out and the two hug. Ted tells AJ to shoot for the stars and whatever happens in his TV Championship defense, AJ will be a future WCW Champion as well. A touching moment as Ted passes the torch to AJ.

Match 1 – Scott Steiner def. AJ Styles (c) in a falls count anywhere match to win the WCW Television Championship

After that huge segment on the pre-show, it might seem odd to have AJ Styles drop the title to Scott Steiner. Let me explain. Firstly, AJ’s had the title for a while. I feel right now is the appropriate time for him to lose the title. I also thought that DiBiase retiring would be the perfect transition for AJ to turn his intentions to the WCW title. I had an original plan for him to hold onto the TV title up until he passes a year as champion. After this, he would vacate the belt so he could challenge whoever the WCW Champion was. That was the plan, but I changed my mind. Curt Hennig would cost AJ the belt against Steiner, leading into a future program between those two. A decent 87% rating to open the show.

Match 2 – “Diamond Enforcers” Diamond Dallas Page and Arn Anderson def. Ultimo Dragon (c) and Dean Malenko (c) in a hardcore tag team match to win the WCW Tag Team Championship

Let me explain why the Diamond Enforcers won the tag titles again. The feud between these two tag teams started at Starrcade, when Dragon and Malenko won the tag titles. In the weeks building up to this match, the overness of ALL FOUR of these men took a big hit. DDP and Arn were at 100% overness when this feud started and Dragon and Malenko were in the 90s too. Just before the match however, DDP and Arn were both at 92. Malenko and Dragon were in the 80s. That’s bad news as this feud had hurt everyone involved. I decided to put the titles on the team that was the most over and the Diamond Enforcers were more over. So DDP and Arn are now  TWO-TIME tag team champions. The Diamond Enforcers did get a big boost when their feud ended though so I may be inclined to keep the titles on them for now. An 84% rating is fine.

Match 3 – Curt Hennig def. Randy Savage w/Elizabeth with Trish Stratus as the special guest referee

So the storyline for this one. Trish Stratus broke up with Perry Saturn on Nitro. Trish then began flirting with Randy Savage, with Savage starting to fall for her. Elizabeth would try to talk some sense into Savage, saying that Trish is trying to hook up with a top star like Savage to shoot straight to the top. Trish denied this which led to a few brawls on Nitro. Curt started to call Savage out, saying he could beat him any day of the week. In order to get his attention, he started to hit on Trish himself. This led to a big match at SuperBrawl with Trish Stratus as the special guest referee. Trish turned on Savage to give Curt Hennig the victory. It’s a daft little romance angle which I decided to do. This also leads to Trish Stratus replacing Ted DiBiase as Curt Hennig’s manager, which is also a plus.

Match 4 – The Giant and Rowdy Roddy Piper def. “Legion of Doom” Animal and Hawk in a steel cage match

This feud was a mistake! In my last post, I mentioned that I had signed Hawk to reunite the Legion of Doom. Animal was upset in the game so I decided to give him a rivalry so he could be used more. I put and Hawk in there against Rowdy Roddy Piper (who was annoyed because I wasn’t using him enough) and The Giant. The feud did a lot better than I thought it was going to do, but it still received the lowest rating of the night! No one really got over either and Piper’s overness took a HUGE hit. However, at least The Giant got over from it so it wasn’t all bad.

Match 5 – Jeff Hardy (c) def. Eddie Guerrero, Silvio Maldini and Rey Mysterio in a fatal four way match to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

A good rating for the Cruiserweights. It’s a bit of a drop from the 96-97% ratings from the Jamie Noble/Jeff Hardy program but that’s usually what happens when you do fatal four ways. I was just going to do Jeff Hardy vs Eddie Guerrero for the Cruiserweight title, but I wanted to throw Rey Mysterio and Silvio Maldini into the mix too. Silvio came back from his suspension claiming to be the true Cruiserweight Champion as he was never beaten for the title (he was suspended and stripped of the title). Mysterio was thrown in there too and it provided a decent rating. Not as great as the Starrcade and Souled Out ratings but it was fine.

Match 6 – Sting def. Raven (c) to win the WCW International Championship

In the second to last match on the show, Sting beat Raven to win the WCW International Championship. I thought this was the right decision and I thought if any should have beaten Raven, it should have been Sting. This match got the second best rating of the night and the crowd were really into it. I thought this feud was awesome when I first did so I decided to do it again. So far, I’ve been getting some great results.

Match 7 – Chris Jericho (c) def. Booker T in a hardcore match to retain the WCW Championship

This was the final match in the feud between Booker and Jericho. The original plan was for Booker to regain the championship as it would tie into the final segment of this show. However, Booker’s attitude backstage has been really poor. I figured it would be safer to keep the title on Jericho and he’d only just won the title at Starrcade. This was one of the rare instances where the main event was the best match of the show! I’m happy with that.

Segment 1 – Booker T Turns Heel and Aligns With Eric Bischoff

The original plan was for Eric Bischoff to help Booker win the championship, in order to turn Booker heel. Even though Jericho ended up retaining the title, I still went with Booker turning heel at the end of the show. I do need to get some more main event heels and Booker was the best choice. I was going to have Jericho turn but that would have been predictable. Jericho’s also our top seller as far as merchandise is concerned so that would have been a costly decision to have him turn heel. So I went with Booker. And that was the end of the show.

NEWS – Sting Provides Update On Injury


We’ve got an update on Sting’s condition and the update actually comes from the man himself. The man called Sting spoke with about his injury suffered during his match at Night of Champions Seth Rollins and what the future holds. Down below are the highlights

It’s been a few days since your match at Night of Champions. How are you feeling?

Aside from a stiff neck, I’m a little banged up, but otherwise, I feel good. Pretty standard after wrestling a match like that.

Can you set everyone straight on the extent of your injury, as you await further evaluation?

Bottom line, I had tingling, numbness down both arms, all the way to my fingertips. And then, later in the match, I just fell wrong, whatever it was, and this time [the tingling and numbness] went down both arms and into my legs, and I couldn’t feel my legs too well. They just felt like rubber. I don’t know how to describe it. I had to go down on all fours there for a minute, get my composure. I was a little … I was worried. Long term, well, I’m just going to take care of the short term first and see how the long term might play out.

What kind of treatment did you receive after your injury at Night of Champions?

I was out in the hospital — out like a light. They had a neck brace on me, and they were pumping me with [medication] to get me out of pain. I had to do a CT scan and an MRI. They ended up talking to my wife, and I have some details from my wife, but I still have [further evaluation ahead]. They mentioned cervical spinal stenosis, but that’s only part of what I heard. I don’t know if there’s anything else. The doctor did tell my wife, “He’s going to have to get this dealt with. He’s lucky he walked out of there.”

Is getting back in the ring again something you’d want to do? Do you have that desire to return?

Hmmm, in the right scenario … in the right scenario, yeah.

Were you aware of exactly when your injury occurred during the match?

Oh, yeah, definitely. Both times into the turnbuckle. First time was like a whiplash. [pause] It’s my fault, bottom line. I know better. The second time, I went up into the air and back toward the turnbuckle like that, I thought, “Well, that’s not going to happen again,” and it did. The second time was worse.

That was when you lost your legs a bit.


Well, where does that leave Sting? Was this your last match?

I hate it when I’m asked that question because the answer truly is a question mark, and the question mark is as bold as it could ever be at this point.

Wait and see?

Yeah, for now.

NEWS – Brock Lesnar And Undertaker Among Huge Names Announced For RAW In Dallas



WWE have just announced FIVE big names for a RAW in Dallas, Texas next month. To say that this is going to be a star-studded show is an understatement!

The five men announced were….

  • Brock Lesnar
  • Undertaker
  • Shawn Michaels
  • Ric Flair
  • And Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Here’s the tweet from @WWE confirming the names stated above.

Ric Flair has been doing a lot of appearances recently on WWE television, including getting involved in the John Cena/Jon Stewart business as well as supporting her daughter Charlotte in her Divas title pursuit. He did say recently that he’d love to be on as many RAWs as he can and I’m glad that we’ll see him again!

Brock Lesnar and Undertaker will obviously be there to promote their match at Hell in a Cell. I think this will be the RAW before the PPV so they might have confrontation or something to lead into the PPV.

Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin are actually great coups for WWE. Austin and Michaels are both from Texas, so it makes sense as to why they’d show up. Undertaker’s also from Texas, which explains his appearance. Austin’s actually not appeared on WWE television since Wrestlemania XXX. He’s been doing the podcasts on the WWE Network and will be a big part of WWE 2K16. He’ll also probably been brought in to plug that too. However, to see him actually on RAW or a PPV is actually a rare treat. I think he’s not been on RAW since 2011, since he wasn’t on RAW 1000 or anything.

From the names that we’ve been giving, I think they’ll do like a Legend’s Panel to talk about the Hell in a Cell match. They did it a few times with Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan before, including one for the Royal Rumble. They obviously can’t do Hogan, so Austin might be brought in to take his place.

It’s a month or so a way but you can tell that this will be quite the go-home show before Hell in a Cell.




Previously on WCW EWR

We crowned a BRAND NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion. It was a triple threat match with Booker T defending the title against Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho. Booker T had been the champion ever since Bash At The Beach but his reign came to an end when Booker hit his finisher on Eddie. Jericho threw Booker out of the ring to steal the pin for himself and leave Starrcade as the new WCW Champion. Booker T is owed a rematch and would get it at Souled Out.

There were another title change that took place. Ultimo Dragon and Dean Malenko won a triple threat tag team match against the champions DDP and Arn Anderson and against Scott Steiner and Bill Goldberg. Sting battled Bret Hart, Hogan battled Raven and the stole was stolen by Jamie Noble and Jeff Hardy in a match for the Cruiserweight title.

So now we’re in the year 2001 and we’ve got quite a show in store for you….


Pre-Show – “The Exiles” Perry Saturn, Road Dogg, Shane Helms and Lodi def. Edge, Christian Cage, Animal and Hawk

The Legion of Doom are reunited! Yes, I was able to steal Hawk from the WWF to complete the tag team. Animal might be leaving soon because he’s very unhappy. That reflected on the rating a little. However, I do want to get this tag team rocking and rolling again for one final time before he does. They were in the pre-show but I do have something special in line for them at SuperBrawl, so don’t worry. They teamed with Edge and Christian to lose to the Exiles. Shane Helms has been getting really over as of late, which has been awesome because it took him a while to get going. The heels win and the Exiles still look strong coming off this eight man tag team match.

Match 1 – AJ Styles (c) def. Curt Hennig in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to retain the WCW Television Championship

Very good opener to the show. AJ performed well as usual. This was the last match in their feud with AJ retaining the TV title once more. I was VERY tempted to put the belt on Curt but I instead kept it on AJ. Both of these men are really over and the fact that they are doing so well sits well with me! 94% overall rating! I’m very happy with this!

Match 2 – Rob Van Dam def. Steven Regal in a hardcore match

Maybe Regal should have went over because he was more over than RVD, but I gave it to Van Dam. This feuds helped both of these wrestlers out anyway. It got a 92% rating and the feud ended with a bang.

Segment 1 (3) – Interview with Diamond Dallas Page and Arn Anderson

Since they weren’t on the show, I had DDP and Arn cut a promo. To give a bit of background. DDP and Arn lost the titles at Starrcade and had their rematch on Nitro. Their rematch was interrupted by Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, who cost DDP and Arn the titles. It led to a number one contendership match between Eddie/Benoit and DDP/Arn for a tag title match at Souled Out. Ultimo and Dean made a botched interference which led to Eddie and Benoit winning. DDP is basically saying here that they don’t care who wins as the Diamond Enforcers will regain the tag titles. They said that they will be watching on intently.

Match 3 (4) – Dean Malenko (c) and Ultimo Dragon (c) def. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero w/Paul Heyman to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

Eddie and Benoit’s morale is really low at the moment, so I think that hindered the match a little. Benoit and Dragon have had some great matches on TV and the Dragon vs Eddie feud from the year before did REALLY good ratings if I remember correctly. To see them just get an 80% was kind of disappointing. The Diamond Enforcers came out to attack Dragon and Dean after the match. They made it clear that they were gonna win the tag titles. By the way, that match will take place at SuperBrawl.

Match 4 (5) – Randy Savage def. Rowdy Roddy Piper in a tables match

I probably should have expected a 77% rating for this. Piper and Savage are quite old at this point in their careers. They got the worst rating of the show. However, they both gained overness from the feud ending. Both of them are still really over anyway so I’m not to bothered. Savage ended up getting revenge on Piper for costing him his match with Benoit at Starrcade.

Match 5 (6) – Hollywood Hogan and Sting def. Bret Hart and Raven

Hogan and Sting have decided to reunite to tackle Bret Hart and Raven together. These three all put together a great rating. The crowd reaction was really high. I think it might have been 100% for crowd reaction but I can’t remember. The match quality wasn’t so great, probably due to Hogan. However, an 85% overall is a solid rating. These four always seem to deliver in the ratings. Anyway, it spices things up to put them in a tag together. Raven always seems to get the win over Hogan so it was nice to see to good guys get a win. Overall, a thumbs up.

Match 6 (7) – Jeff Hardy def. Jamie Noble (c) in a ladder match to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

At Starrcade, I said that the wrong man went over in the Cruiserweight title match. Here, I think I’ve rectified that wrong. Jamie was kind of losing steam as champion while Jeff was just insanely over. Therefore, I put the belt on Jeff. These two stole the show again. It did a better rating than last time which was incredible. I feel that I keep hot-shotting the title nowadays. Sometimes, it’s just out of my hands with suspensions and stuff. However, I do feel I’ve made the right call and I feel that Jeff should be champion for a while.

Match 7 (8) – Booker T def. Chris Jericho (c) via DQ in a match for the WCW Championship

I thought this was a poor rating considering it was the main event. It wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t too great either. I thought the DQ finish was necessary. What happened is that Booker was going for a Book End but Jericho was able to elbow Booker in the head to get out of it. Booker started to lose grip but Jericho kept elbowing at him. Booker eventually got out of the way and Jericho eventually elbowed the ref by mistake. The ref called for a DQ which Booker was furious about. Booker then hit the Book End on Jericho after the match, with the fans not really knowing whether Jericho’s elbow to the ref was intentional or not. Anyway, this sets up the rematch at SuperBrawl. Something big is going to happening in their rematch so check out Part 29 to see what happens…