Why Turning Ryback Heel Would Be A BAD idea.

RYBACK: Heel Turn In The Works?

RYBACK: Heel Turn In The Works?


Ryback’s future has been heavily discussed behind the scenes in WWE. There are a lot of wrestling sites reporting that “Big Hungry” Ryback could be in line for a heel turn. There are suggestions that Ryback may turn heel soon for a Wrestlemania feud with someone like Chris Jericho or Randy Orton, or he may turn AFTER Wrestlemania to feud with WWE Champion John Cena (come on, we all know he’s going to win the titlte). I am SO against move. Ryback should NOT be turned into a heel monster.

Firstly, there are plenty of heel monsters all ready around. We have Mark Henry, who’s currently kicking all kinds of ass, and has got good momentum on his side coming off Elimination Chamber (last week’s spectacle with The Great Khali can easily be resolved with Mark Henry squashing Khali on RAW). Also there is Brock Lesnar, the ultimate bad-ass in WWE who Ryback would be in the shadow of if he turned heel. There’s also Big Show, coming off a World Title reign and looking to regain momentum. With three monsters in the main event right now, why should Ryback turn heel? If Ryback were to ever turn heel, it should be at a time where he can act all  dominant and destroy everyone in his path.

Secondly, even if he did turn heel, say after Wrestlemania, and went on to face John Cena, he’d no doubt lose. So what is having Ryback turn heel, and then lose to the biggest face in WWE going to do for him? Ryback needs to be built up again before going after the WWE Championship again. WWE has ruined a sensational chance to turn Ryback into the face of the company, and somehow managed to screw themselves over. They went from having a guy go on a major winning streak, destroying everything in sight, to him losing 5 PAY PER VIEWS IN A ROW! Really, WWE? Really? And having him take the pin at Elimination Chamber was perhaps the dumbest thing they could have possibly do. Considering he’s supposed to be a top guy in WWE, LET HIM HAVE A BIG WIN.

Thirdly, I still believe Ryback has what it takes to be the next major star in WWE, despite this rough patch. I mean you could see Ryback’s potential from October to December, when he was at his hottest. He was incredibly over in this period, getting bigger reactions than CM Punk and John Cena on more than 1 occasion. Ryback, in a sense, is still a little over despite playing 3rd-fiddle to John Cena and The Rock. A big victory at Wrestlemania over a big-time player can make all the difference in the world, and can get the ball rolling. And NO, having him beat The Big Show is not what I’m talking about. I’m saying give him a match with CM Punk if the latter is NOT fighting The Undertaker. Ryback would benefit a lot from finally defeating CM Punk, and on a stage as big as this. CM Punk would not suffer that bad, and Ryback would be over big time. Marvellous plan.

All I know is that Ryback NEEDS a really good Wrestlemania build up. Ryback should really be walking into Wrestlemania 29 challenging for the WWE Championship, but WWE’s downright idiocy has put Ryback in a really bad spell, and turning him heel is NOT the way to correct it. He, in my opinion IS next in line to replace John Cena. They just need to get behind Ryback so much post-Wrestlemania, where The Rocks and The Brocks aren’t around to hold him back.


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