WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Thoughts And Reactions – Great PPV Ruined By Rock vs Punk II. Swagger vs Del Rio?


Elimination Chamber reactions here for guys. I was hoping that WWE would deliver in this PPV, since the road to Wrestlemania is under way, and you know what they did. I think on the whole, the PPV delivered. It was a crazy night in New Orleans, and WWE actually put on a good show. Lets run down the card….

Del Rio Walking Into Wrestlemania As World Champion After Defeating The Big Show

This match was actually a lot better than I expected. Despite a couple of mishaps in the match (especially with Del Rio’s missed enziguri near the end) the match was actually decently paced, and Del Rio was somehow able to get the crowd pumped up for this match. And the fans are an important factor in a match. If the fans are in, then you are in it. Big Show’s not much of a ring worker, but Del Rio was able to liven up the match, and the match seemed to work in my opinion. Del Rio is starting to shine as a face, and is deservingly going into Wrestlemania as World Champion. I thought for a second Dolph Ziggler was gonna cash in, but he didn’t. Kinda glad he didn’t, because Del Rio should be in the World Title match at Wrestlemania. No disrespect to Zig-Zag though. I just think he needs to wait longer before cashing in.


Antonio Cesaro Defeats The Miz… again

This match was a little disappointing. Cesaro did do a lot of great work in there. I just couldn’t get into it. And neither could the fans. Also, I though the ending was ludicrous with Miz “low-blowing” Cesaro. This match absolutely blew, and I hope Cesaro gets a high-profile match at Wrestlemania 29.


The Elimination Chamber – Was Not Expecting That

There are lot of things in WWE nowadays that don’t really shock me. But the ending to this match REALLY shocked me. The first 4 minutes of the match with Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho was a great piece of wrestling . But then, Jack Swagger entered the match at number 3, and the match pace dropped right down. But the quality was still up, and the segment next, with Kane entering at number 4, and clearing house with Daniel Bryan was a treat. We also saw Kane and Bryan turn on each other as you’d expect, and we saw the really cool Doomsday Device with Kane and Orton  to Daniel Bryan later on in the match. Speaking of Orton, he got a major pop when he entered the fray at number 5. Mark Henry came in at number 6… and destroyed everyone! Mark Henry looked like a serious threat. He eliminated Daniel Bryan and Kane in succession with World Strongest Slams, put Randy Orton through the pod, and looked menacing as hell. Even after taking a double suplex from Jericho and Swagger on the steel (which looked sick as hell), he came back and clobbered Jericho and Swagger. He looked unstoppable… until a big boot, a codebreaker and a rko eliminated him. In order to make him look good after the elimination, Henry went back in the chamber, gave World Strongest Slams to everyone, and left!


It was down to Jericho, Orton and Swagger and there was good exchange near the end between all 3 guys. And in a HUGE shocker, Orton pinned Jericho off the RKO, and was then rolled up by Jack Swagger, who got the pin, and WON the elimination chamber! I guarantee you – NO ONE SAW THAT COMING! The guy who, 6 months ago, was getting squashed to Brodus Clay in 10 seconds, and seemed like such a joke in the WWE, WON THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER? He just came back, and they are putting him the World Title match at Wrestlemania? I was so shocked by that outcome, but it’s a great shock. The usual candidates (Jericho and Orton) didn’t win, and I LOVE UNPREDICTABILITY in Wrestling. It keeps you interesting in the product (because Rock vs Cena certainty isn’t). And in a way, it makes sense. Jack Swagger is claiming to be a Real American, and he’d have a problem with a Mexican as World Champion. This is a golden scenario if you think about. Del Rio vs Swagger for the World Title? That sounds fine to me. Just one question – what are Orton, Jericho and Mark Henry gonna do at Wrestlemania? It was a fantastic chamber match, one of the better ones in recent years. We saw a bit of everything in this match. Good job WWE.


The Shield Defeats The Mighty Heroes Of WWE

Another great outing from the Shield. I was thoroughly entertained by this match. While this has nothing on the 6 man TLC match at TLC, this was a really good showing for everyone involved. Ryback got a major pop when he was tagged in, and the chaos at the end of the match was great to see. The spear through the barricade by Roman Reigns to Sheamus was a cool moment, and the fans were REALLY into this match. The Shield winning was definitely the right way to go. This win makes them even more of a threat. This is a great momentum push for the stable as Wrestlemania arrives. But Ryback getting pinned was not OK in my book? Sheamus and Cena don’t have as much to lose by getting pinned than Ryback. That’s 5 PPV’s in a row which has seen Ryback get beat. For someone who is supposed to be considering a major player in WWE, he’s not getting any big wins as of late. He DESPERATELY needs to win at Wrestlemania. Also, 1 thing I need to draw your attention to. Before the match began, Michael Cole said something along the lines of, “If there’s anyone that needs to get their hands on The Shield more than anyone it’s Cena”. Then about 2 minutes later, he said the samething about Ryback. WTF? Make your mind up Cole. XD


Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston For The Billionth Time

How many times does WWE want to book Ziggler vs Kofi for a PPV? These guys have fought each other so many times, you can’t get excited anymore. And this match wasn’t exactly a classic either. Kofi lost WAY too easy here, and the beatdown by Big E Langston was kinda unnecessary. That is unless Kingston vs Langston is being booked for Wrestlemania. I really don’t know what WWE’s mindset is right now.


Kaitlyn Defeats Tamina

Moving on….


The Rock vs CM Punk Disappoints Again

You know, for a lot of people, The Rock vs CM Punk would have been a dream match. Both these two are excellent workers. And you’d expect that their rematch would make up for that shambles of a main event at Royal Rumble? WRONG. These two blew it again. Again, another abrupt ending to the match. Two referees got taken out of the equation and it looked in even more of a shambles than the first match. This just really stunk in my opinion. I hope CM Punk gets a big match for Wrestlemania, because the fact that he had to lose clean TWICE to The Rock in 2 PPVs is injustice. CM Punk needs to win the title back pronto.


I think the chamber PPV was a very good PPV. The Chamber match and 6 man tag was quality and the World Title match was a good match too. The Road To Wrestlemania has taken a very interesting turn, especially with the World Title picture. Let’s hope WWE use the 47 days they have to hype up Wrestlemania wisely. While Rock vs Cena II doesn’t really need hype, the rest of the card could be phenomenal if put together properly.

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