The Paige/Charlotte Contract Signing On RAW (16/11/2015)


There’s a time and a place for the use of the divas in the final segment of your flagship show. There’s a time and a place to have a contract signing. There’s a time and a place to make rivalries personal. There’s a time and a place for the use of personal tragedies in wrestling storylines. This week with the Paige and Charlotte contract signing for Survivor Series… was not one of them.

Everyone is talking about the mention of the deceased brother of Charlotte, Reid Flair, which lead to Charlotte attacking Paige to end the show. Here’s the thing about this segment… that was not even close to the biggest reason about why this segment was so bad.

Keep this in mind. Look at all the segments that WWE had to choose from to be the go-home segment going into Survivor Series. They could have had the Brothers of Destruction confronting the Wyatt Family, with Bray revealing who would face Undertaker and Kane at Survivor Series and it would have worked. They could have had one of the Quarter Final matches of the WWE World title tournament be the main event of the show, which would lead us nicely into Survivor Series. Instead, WWE decided to end the show with Paige and Charlotte promoting their match at Survivor Series for the Divas Championship.


It’s not like this match is such an important match that it required the main-event spotlight. In fact, out of all the matches that have been announced for Survivor Series, this would be the match that required the least amount of attention. The WWE World Tournament and the Undertaker and Kane vs Wyatts program have both been BY FAR more important and more promoted that Charlotte vs Paige. The idea that those two storylines were bumped from the main event to make way for Charlotte, Paige and Michael Cole is just absurd.

What did they do with this main event? Charlotte and Paige got into an “intense” argument which saw Charlotte get completely lost for words early on into the segment. WWE could have given Charlotte any other time to do this segment with Paige and give her a chance to work on her mic skills. They could have even done this on SmackDown! and they could have easily edited it so Charlotte didn’t come off as bad as she did. No, what they did was put her out there live on RAW and as soon as she mentioned Reid it just went off the rail.


You could tell just by watching it that Charlotte did not want to mention Reid at all. She obviously must have agreed to it in some way beforehand and I don’t believe that she was pressured into doing it or anything. When she was out there though, I just got the feeling that she was thinking afterwards “this was a lot harder than I thought” and that was kind of the turning point which saw Charlotte really mess up.

To me, it didn’t seem that it was a line that was relevant to the plot of the story. Michael Cole explained at the start of the segment that Paige and Charlotte have been friends since NXT and that they’ve suddenly got their issues when it comes to the Divas title. Making things personal shouldn’t be needed. Scott Christ at Tape Machines Are Rolling summed it up nicely when he said:

“My problem is they basically just sprung this whole “we were best friends IRL for serious” on us at 11:02. So we went from “they have wrestling type problems” to “they have serious personal issues” to “this is a blood feud” in about 8 minutes. I also don’t think it “helps” that the crowd can barely react to this anyway. What percentage of the audience knows about what happened to Reid Fliehr? 5% at most?”


What I find to be interesting about the Reid thing is that those putting the show together didn’t seem to have no problem in Reid being used despite not many of the audience actually knowing what happened to him. There was a bit of a reaction but not nearly enough to justify it or gain Paige the proper “heel heat.” What’s interesting about it is that WWE had such a problem when Ric Flair actually mentioned his son Reid during the WWE 2K14 panel a few years ago which lead to Jim Ross actually parting ways with the company because they didn’t want that. I know when Ric mentioned Reid, it was a lot closer to when Reid actually died. However, it’s just strange that WWE are all of sudden OK with mentioning him in order to make the storyline a bit more personal.



There’s something about the fact that they used the line about Reid in the week after the ten year anniversary of Eddie Guerrero. If you’ll recall, WWE used Eddie’s death as the catalyst for Rey Mysterio’s push in 2006. At least then, you could sort of argue that it was to push new talent to the main event. Here, it was just used to “intensify” the storyline. The only thing was that this one seemed so obscure and unnecessary that it really didn’t add a whole lot to the storyline. It’s like when Eric Bischoff made the reference on Nitro to Sid stabbing someone in a backstage incident. Nobody at the time got it except the talent. I know a lot more people would have known about Reid Flair but it’s not like Charlotte ever mentioned him before on WWE television or NXT.

I think I’ve actually went into the Reid stuff a bit more than I intended because I mentioned earlier, this was not the biggest reason about why this segment failed. The reason this segment failed is because these two women shouldn’t have been in the main event of the show. Simple. Charlotte doesn’t have the mic skills and this storyline doesn’t have enough importance for it be even considered for a main event segment of RAW. People have begging for the women to get better treatment and I understand all of that. However, main event segments don’t result in better story-telling and better programming. If you put a tiara on a small rock, it’s still a rock. It doesn’t make things any greater.


It also failed as Paige and Charlotte were just put in a very tough position. I actually have a problem with Paige’s delivery and it has nothing to do with her controversial comments. Paige is trying to portray this rebellious “CM Punk” like character that just talks trash about the roster. The problem with that is that she’s not got the personality to pull it off. It just doesn’t suit her style and her character to spend her time bashing the other divas in a similar way to how AJ used to do it.

There’s also the issue with how Paige claimed that she had been using Charlotte which I thought didn’t make a lot of sense. Charlotte talked about how Paige inspiring her in NXT and how she wanted to be like Paige but then Paige claimed that she had been using Charlotte. Why would Paige need to use Charlotte in the first place? A lot of people could point out that it was Paige fooling Charlotte and Becky Lynch into thinking she was a team player but how did she “use” Charlotte in any of that? All she did was pretend to be a team mate before turning on the team. Paige then just won the number one contendership match on RAW to earn a shot for the title. I don’t see how she used Charlotte at all in those few months. All she did was mess with Team PCB.


There was no mention of Becky Lynch who was attacked by Paige after their match on RAW last week. She was not mentioned by either girl. This is funny because a lot of fans on Twitter have started to believe that Becky will turn on Charlotte. That really shouldn’t happen but if it does, it’s not like it was teased or anything like that. Also keep in mind, Paige beat up Becky last week so it’s not like it’d make a lot of sense either.

One last thing before I get to the finish of the show with Paige and Charlotte brawling. There’s one line I have to address from Charlotte. Charlotte said that she would not be champion forever and that she would eventually lose the title but not to the likes of Paige.

The reason I was so infuriated about this line because YOU SHOULD BE CONFIDENT THAT YOU WILL BE CHAMPION FOR THE REST OF YOUR CAREER! What champion wins a championship thinking “I’m eventually going to lose it”? I’m sure Ronda Rousey wanted to be champion and unbeaten for the rest of her life. I’m sure Floyd Mayweather wants to finish his career undefeated. What’s the point of even fighting for the title if you don’t think you’ll hold onto to it?


What’s funny is that I distinctly remember AJ Lee on commentary one time on SmackDown! mentioning that she wanted to hold onto the divas title for 28 years! When you’re a champion you want to be champion for the rest of your career. You shouldn’t be saying things like “I will eventually lose this title.” When AJ mentioned she wanted to be champion for 28 years at least her character’s goal at the time was to be champion for the rest of her career. Charlotte’s character suggests that she doesn’t care if she drops the belt as long as Paige doesn’t win it. That’s not good.

So finally, Paige and Charlotte get to this brawl. The brawl was actually not that bad with the exception of the 30 seconds where Charlotte just decided to literally lay on Paige it seems. The show ended with Charlotte not even signing her contract. Now did post a video with Charlotte actually signing the contract and she signed this contract with the biggest smile on her face after she just beat up Paige for speaking ill about her little brother that died a few years before.


It was not like this was a sinister smile as she knows she’ll get her hands on Paige once she signed the contract. It just seemed like Charlotte was just her normal self. She wasn’t angry and it wasn’t like the officials and referees were trying to restrain her. She was just normal. If you don’t have access to the internet, you wouldn’t have even known that Charlotte signed the contract afterwards. This is an important aspect of the contract signing which WWE decided to leave after the show went off the air.

There it is. Here was my extensive review about this contract signing to end the go-home show before Survivor Series. This was not like a contract signing that was ruined by the mention of Reid Flair. This contract signing was dreadful anyway and it featured an unnecessary attempt at making things personal between Paige and Charlotte. I really don’t think I’ve seen a worse ending to a go-home show than this. I remember the go-home show where Mark Henry tried to rally USA ahead of his match with Rusev at Night Of Champions 2014. I remember that but I don’t think I remember any other go-home show as bad as this one.


I feel kind of bad for kicking this segment around this much because RAW was actually a decent show with good quarter final matches for the tournament. However, this segment was a total disaster from start to finish.

Wrestling Flashback – The Batista vs John Cena Feud

As much as I’m a huge fan of John Cena, so many times has Cena won feuds which he really shouldn’t have. Recent feuds with up-and-comers like Rusev and Bray Wyatt saw the potential of these monster heels prematurely squashed by the leader of the Cenation. But there was one feud in particular which I was extremely annoyed about the treatment of Cena’s opponent. It is a former multi-time World Champion that had just turned heel once more and was really establishing himself as the top guy in the company once again. But when he squared off with Cena, it was bad news for this man. The man I’m talking about of course… was Batista.


Now don’t get me wrong. This rivalry… was good. The foundations of the entire story have been in place for years. Cena and Batista were two men that broke out into the big time on EXACTLY the same night. They both won world championships at Wrestlemania 21, honing in a new era for WWE. Their paths never really crossed each other when it came to in-ring action until Summerslam, where Batista defeated John Cena in their first ever one-on-one match. With his win, Batista had broken Cena’s neck. With Batista turning heel shortly afterwards and Cena getting involved in the animosity between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon, a program was inevitable.

For a build to Wrestlemania, this was brilliantly well done. That’s probably my biggest complaint about Wrestlemania 31 in general. The build for some of these matches were shocking. Batista and Cena’s feud on the other hand had plenty to work with considering their last meeting resulted in a broken neck. Whether it necessarily needed to be a WWE Title feud is something I’d question tough. Surely Batista vs Cena should sell on its own merit. Yeah, Batista being a heel champion is very cool and a long time coming. However, it took away from the up-and-comer heel Sheamus tremendously with him being considered nothing more than a paper champion at the time. Despite that, everything checks out so far.

Batista in this era… was OUTSTANDING. Batista’s initial run as a heel was fantastic to watch. With Batista being a good guy ever since 2005, this turn was largely overdue. As a good guy, Batista was very limited to what he had to say. But as a heel, he was golden EVERY TIME he was on the mic. In his exchanges with Cena, Batista tore Cena apart. This one below in particular was probably the best I’ve ever seen Batista promo-wise.

Their matches… do not live long in the memory. These two weren’t exactly the greatest of chemistry in the ring. You could tell by the fact that the most the commentary team cheered for in the Wrestlemania match was a Five Knuckle Shuffle off the top rope. This has always annoyed me looking back, particularly PLAYING it back on WWE 2k14. You mean to tell me that THIS was the highlight point of the match? However, what we really did hurt the match was the winner… John Cena.

If you think about it in the long-run, if the plan was to have Sheamus win the WWE Championship anyway, why does John Cena need to be champion? Yeah, it’d make more sense for a face to be the one Sheamus beats for the title. However, this would do Batista no favors at all, provided he was going to be still in the company around the time. Or at least if WWE just HAD to have Cena win the feud and the title, why did it need to happen at Wrestlemania? Surely Batista needed it more?

The thing which made these matches really suffer was the predictability of ALL of them. At least one win for Batista at Wrestlemania would shake things up a little bit. Then again if Jericho was gonna walk out World Heavyweight Champion anyway, then probably two heel champions wouldn’t be the greatest way to end the show. Unless Edge were to win the title, which I think he probably should. To be honest, that entire PPV was a mess and I might just leave that for another time!


So where did this feud go from here? To Extreme Rules. And sadly, their Last Man Standing rematch barely lived up to the name “extreme”. The match ended when Cena tied Batista’s foot to the ropes and the ref counted the 10 with Batista not being able to escape. Now to Over Th….

Sorry I can’t get over that. Cena TIED HIS FEET TO THE ROPE and BEAT HIM. Of the potential cool Last Man Standing match finishes that you could do, you did the one that made BOTH men look incredibly weak! What kind of champion, a face champion even, would tie a man’s foot to the ropes in order to keep him down. The rules of the match are usually that you have to incapacitate your opponent so they can’t respond to the count of ten. All Cena did was wrap his feet to the rope with DUCK TAPE and got the win. How does that make him look strong? How does that make Batista look strong? It makes Dave look like a complete idiot at not being able to escape having his feet tied to the rope. To quote TeamFourStar’s version of DBZ fighter Piccolo, in this situation that makes him no doubt the big, tough, stupid one of the two. Worst last man standing match finish ever….

So the last match in this trilogy, Over The Limit 2010. The I Quit match. “The Animal” Batista’s last hurrah before leaving WWE. And he went out on more of a whimper than a bang. It was not really a fantastic end to this feud. To be fair, the Oklahoma Slam spot through the announce table was a pretty cool spot. But it’s a spot that we’ve seen before from Batista and surely they could have done something different. It ended with Batista shouting “I Quit” in fear off being AA’d off a car and through the floor. However, Cena did the AA anyway and Cena reigned supreme. The feud came to an end when Batista quit on RAW the next night having being confined to a wheel chair.


So that about wraps up the feud between these two. I personally believe that the build to their match at Wrestlemania 26 was actually really well done. Batista was gold as a heel and was the perfect soil for Cena… until he lost at Wrestlemania. I have to say, I’ve always been annoyed at WWE for how they booked Batista after he lost the first match. In the end, he just seemed like a bumbling monster having lost to Cena three times in a row on PPV. It’s a common flaw for WWE with regards to their booking for Wrestlemanias. They always seem to struggle having put all their effort into the grand daddy of them all and the follow-up PPV/feuds always seem to be a little disappointing. I just hope in 2015, they don’t make the same mistakes they made here.

The Ultimate Warrior Dies – #RIPWarrior


Ladies and gentlemen, the wrestling world is in utter-shock with the news of the death of the newest member of the WWE Hall Of Fame 2014. One of the most well-known wrestlers of all time and a mega star that will remain in the hearts of all his warriors…. The Ultimate Warrior!

The Warrior took the WWF by storm upon his debut, electrifying audiences with his incredible energy and power that had the fans on the edge of his seats. Seriously if you went back and watched promos from him in his prime, the Warrior connected with the fans so well and were able to pump them up big time just by words. Check this one out for example…

The thing is… Warrior could create a buzz so easily that makes the fans get into the product. Like Hulk Hogan, he was the kind of wrestler that could build electricity in a flash. A wrestler that pumps up a crowd is more important than any other attribute in my opinion. You could be the greatest technical wrestler or the greatest risk taker or what not. But getting the crowd excited and rallied up is more important than anything.

I remember when I first got into wrestling like 2003 or something. After a couple of months of watching it, I watched the match between him and Randy Savage. That match had such an incredible feeling to it. Especially when Warrior kicked out of all the elbow drops by Randy. I loved watching that. I actually think this match wasn’t on the WWE 2K14 Wrestlemania mode which actually sucks because that match had a lot of moments that we’ll never forget. Not to mention the scene with Savage and Miss Elizabeth in the end.

Warrior being inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year is now even more special and so huge. It’s incredible and warming to know that he was inducted while he was still alive. The Warrior was able to have his last 3 nights in the WWE if you will, with Hall Of Fame, Wrestlemania and RAW. And you could tell he loved being back. He couldn’t wait to put that mask on one last time on RAW. After all the things that have happened to him, he was able to have one last time in the sun before his death. And that’s special for the Warrior. He’ll live on in the hearts of all of his warriors!

RIP The Ultimate Warrior!


New Details On WWE 2K14’s “The Streak” Mode

‘Sup guys. Tom Robinson.

And we’re quickly going to look at these new details coming in off the new WWE game, WWE 2K14. So far, we’re in the middle of the character’s entrances and finishers being released of WWE 2K14 by 2K Sports. To get a glimpse of the gameplay and stuff. We’ve also been detailed about the new “30 years of Wrestlemania” mode which you go through an endless amount of Wrestlemania moments from the first WM to the most recent. But one thing has been announced that we’ve not really known a lot about is the “Defend The Streak” and “Defeat The Streak” modes.


Now, WWE have released a press release, which you can see down below:

Firstly with the DEFEND THE STREAK mode

The article says: “With “Defend The Streak,” players will take the reins as The Undertaker himself and battle wave after wave of opponents at The Show of Shows. Also available in Exhibition Mode as “The Slobberknocker,” this gauntlet match-like mode challenges players to see how many opponents they can take out, one after another.”

I do approve the return of the Slobberknocker mode. This was easily one of the most fun modes of the old WWE games. Just fighting off wrestler, after wrestler. It was really a great way to test yourselve as a WWE gamer to see how long you can go without getting beat. I love how they brought it back and kept it within the Wrestlemania theme by having Undertaker be given his own slobberknocker mode. It’s reallly cool and we’ll have have fun with the returning slobber-knocker.

Next up… the DEFEAT THE STREAK mode

The article says: “In “Defeat The Streak,” players will be faced with the daunting task of challenging The Undertaker in his domain upon The Grandest Stage of Them All, a stage The Deadman has dominated for more than two decades. According to Ledesma, pinning The Deadman will be no easy task, as 2K’s developers have cranked it up to an off-the-charts fifth difficulty level that will incorporate supernatural elements to mirror The Undertaker’s near-mythic WrestleMania aura.”

You know what? Love it. It’s not the case of just wrestling the Undertaker on a Wrestlemania stage. 2K are wanting the gamers to be driven mad by the insane difficultly of the mode. So much so, that nearly every game has to rush on the internet to look up what to do. That’s what a game should allow you to do. If gamers play this mode and get the urge to throw their controller at the TV, then 2K Sports are doing something right. 🙂

So yeah, two really cool modes added to the game. Also wanted to talk about Universe Mode and the improvements there…

Universe Mode 4.0 – Not exactly much different but to be honest, Universe Mode has never really needed improving, with the exception of the slight tweak. It brings in rivalry mode between certain superstars and you can adjust how long they feud. It incorporates a bit of the old GM Mode from the SVR games into the Universe Mode, which I don’t have a problem with because GM Mode was awesome. You can create an all divas show, which might be cool for anyone wanting to all diva leagues. I probably wouldn’t ever do it, but there are a gamers out there, especially girls, who might look at this feature and think, “that’s actually something I want to do”. It’s good that 2K are giving the gamers this option.

And Finally….

100 CREATE A WRESTLER (CAW) SLOTS! YES! I will have so much fun with all of these spots. Just so many room for activities! XD


So yeah. That was that my thoughts on the new modes being announced. Tom Robinson hitting you with some blogging about WWE 2K14. Totally going to love this game!


Last Minute Predictions For WWE Summerslam 2013

Wrestling fans, “Big Hungry” Tom Robinson here. Armbar Express has rolled in! Not a lot of time left, so here we go.


Pre-Show Match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the US Title

Background: RVD won a battle royal on this Monday’s RAW to earn a US Title shot against Shield Member Dean Ambrose on the Summerslam PRE-SHOW. Just… really? Pre-Show? These two extremely talented wrestlers aren’t on the main card but Natalya vs Brie Bella are? Sorry… but just no.

What Should Happen?: If anyone is gonna dethrone Ambrose as US Champion it should be a big name, and Rob Van Dam is one of the hottest things going for WWE right now. I’d like to see RVD win the title because it’d be a cool mark-out moment for me. However, Ambrose needs the victory more. If he knocked off RVD, that would be a big step forward. Dean Ambrose should win it.

What Will Happen?: Ambrose retains the title after some Shield interference. I think they may put The Shield on the PPV itself with RVD, Mark Henry and Big Show since they’ve been feuding. Like have Brad Maddox come out and change the match and put it on the main show or something. It’d just be weird to see Mark Henry and Big Show not featured on the main card.

Natalya vs Brie Bella

Background: This is basically a promotion for Total Divas. No real background towards it other than lame insults between the two and cat fights. Meow.

What Should Happen?: Natalya wins, if there’s a god.

What Will Happen?: Natalya gets screwed AGAIN, because being one of the few divas on the roster that can actually wrestle gets you nowhere. Brie Bella wins.

Kane vs Bray Wyatt in an Inferno Match (Don’t think that I’m gonna call it the “Ring Of Fire” Match. It’s an inferno match which can be won via pinfall or submission)

Background: Wyatt Family debuted. Beat Up Kane. Kane came back. Wyatt Family beat him up some more. Kane challenges Bray Wyatt to a “Ring Of Fire” Match. Bray accepts.

What Should Happen?: Bray Wyatt wins. It’d be so illogical of WWE to have Bray lose to Kane after SO much hype.

What Will Happen?: Bray Wyatt wins. Sorry Kane, but you’re gonna get burnt mate.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

Background: Damien Sandow double-crossed his “best friend” Cody Rhodes during the World Title Money In The Bank Ladder Match to win the Money In The Bank briefcase. While Sandow defended himself pointing out that it was every man for himself, Cody was having none of it. He would constantly attack Damien and even threw his briefcase into the Gulf Of Mexico. Eventually, the two were booked for the grudge match on Summerslam. Oh and errr… the Money In The Bank briefcase is NOT on the line.

What Should Happen?: As much as I’d like to see Cody pick up the win because he has been long overdue one, Damien Sandow has to win to make himself seem a legitimate contender to the World Title when cashes in. Damien should win the big match at Summerslam, but a rematch should have Cody pick up a win to even the score.

What Will Happen?: I honestly don’t see Sandow winning this. I think with the rate he’s been going, Cody looks like he’s gonna win this match. Cody Rhodes wins.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee and Big E Langston

Background: AJ accidentally cost Ziggler the World Title at Money In The Bank. The next night, Ziggler dumped AJ believing that she was getting in the way of his success. The vengeful AJ set her bodyguard Big E Langston on Ziggler. The two would trade blows for a number of weeks. During MizTV on SmackDown! a week or two ago, Kaitlyn would get involved confronting her former best friend AJ. To settle the feuds, Summerslam Host The Miz booked a mixed tag team match with Kaitlyn and Ziggler battling AJ and Big E at Summerslam.

What Should Happen?: Ziggler and Kaitlyn win (Please don’t make them a couple WWE)

What Will Happen?: Ziggler and Kaitlyn win

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship

Background: Christian returned to the WWE a couple months back, and has since been on a HUGE ROLL. Chrsitian’s desire for ONE MORE MATCH at the World Title drove him to fight harder then he’s ever fought before. Eventually he was entered into a triple threat number one contendership match for the World Title between himself, Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton. In an epic triple threat match, Christian got the win and earned the shot at World Champion Del Rio at Summerslam

What should happen?: Christian wins. 🙂

What will happen?: Del Rio wins. I don’t see him dropping the belt to Christian YET. But I do see another title reign in Christian’s future.

Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk

Background: CM Punk returned at Payback. Sacked Heyman as his manager. Brock Lesnar F5’d Punk. Heyman said he didn’t have anything to do with it. Turns out he was lying. Punk swore revenge. Fought the returning Lesnar. Match at Summerslam made. Fought him a couple more times after that.

What should happen?: CM Punk winning would be big. Lesnar losing would damage his credibility, but CM Punk has a lot more to lose considering he’s gonna be there post-Summerslam. Punk should win.

What will happen?: Lesnar wins. Sorry Punk fans. The Best will be beaten by the beast.

John Cena (c) vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship with Triple H as Special Referee.

Blog post about it here for the full prediction

However, to put it briefly for you…

  • Daniel Bryan Wins Via Pinfall
  • No Cash-In
  • Something big will happen involving the McMahons

There…. Predictions done. I’m Tom Robinson.

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