Previously on EWR…

Chris Jericho retained the WCW Title in a grueling ironman match against Asian Invasion leader Keiji Mutoh. But Jericho had a new problem on the horizon… the former WCW Champion Raven! The Exiles leader declared that it was time to reclaim what was his and won a number one contendership triple threat match against Bret Hart and Curt Hennig on Nitro, setting up Raven vs Jericho for Uncensored.

Eddie Guerrero and Ultimo Dragon have had quite the rivalry ever since Paul Heyman turned on Dragon and allied himself with Eddie Guerrero. But Eddie and Dragon both declared that it was time to end it. While Dragon won both times beforehand, Heyman disputed both of them as legitimate victories for the Dragon. Eddie got DQ’d at Souled Out and Dragon pulled a bit of lying, cheating and stealing of his own at Superbrawl. So all three agreed to end it at Uncensored. It would be an I Quit match. If Eddie won, Dragon would have to unmask. If Dragon won, his old partner and former Paul Heyman guy Dean Malenko would be rehired to the roster. Heyman accepted and the match was on!

Keiji Mutoh attacked Rey Mysterio following his victory over Tajiri on Nitro. Mutoh was upset with Yoshihiro Tajiri after he was unsuccessful in regaining the Cruiserweight Championship from AJ Styles. He told him that he needed to shape up if he wanted to remain in the Asian Invasion. Mutoh and Tajiri would target Mysterio, just before a triple threat number one contendership match for the Cruiserweight title. Mysterio won the match anyway, also involving Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon. Before the Cruiserweight title match between AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio, the entire Asian Invasion stable assaulted the pair preventing the match from starting. Mutoh and Tajiri assaulted Mysterio again the next week, but AJ made the save. AJ and Rey have put their Cruiserweight title match to one side to battle Mutoh and Tajiri. The tag team match was made for Uncensored.

Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig have been having issues ever since losing the tag titles to Hollywood Hogan and Sting at Starrcade. Their manager Ted DiBiase have been trying to get the two on the same page, but Bret Hart has not been making things any easier. The two have been targeting Bret Hart after taking out Diamond Dallas Page the Nitro after Superbrawl. But the attacks on the Canadian haven’t exactly gone according to plan. Bret Hart has picked up victories on both men after botched interferences. It seemed that the tag team was meeting it’s end, but DiBiase announces that Eric Bischoff have booked the two of them in a triple threat match at Uncensored with Bret Hart. The stakes are high as a shot at the WCW World Title is at stake… but DiBiase has decreed that Bam Bam and Curt are prohibited from defeating each other in the match.

Rob Van Dam became the undisputed International champion after beating Diamond Dallas in the final of an International title tournament. Scott Steiner declared himself to be the number one contender after Diamond Dallas Page got taken out and the fact that Rowdy Piper (who RVD beat earlier on in the night at Superbrawl). After beating RVD in a six man tag alongside fellow Steiner System members Jamie Noble and The Giant, Eric Bischoff granted Steiner his title match to take place at Uncensored.

The Legion stable of Rowdy Roddy Piper, Steven Regal and Fit Finlay targeted the reigning WCW Tag Team champions Hollywood Hogan and Sting after Piper was unsuccessful in capturing the International title. After impressing Bischoff with the constant attacks, they were given a tag title shot for the PPV. Bischoff announced himself as the special guest referee. And considering his previous issues with Hogan, things don’t look good for the tag team champions.


Pre-Show – Bill Goldberg def. Jushin Thunder Liger and Kensuke Sasaki

I really didn’t want both Liger and Sasaki to job out to Goldberg because they’re both major parts of the Asian Invasion. Then again, I really wanted to elevate Goldberg as he’s started to get over recently after wins over the likes of Bam Bam (who was more than willing to lose clean). Therefore I decided that Goldberg would go over after botched interference from Tajiri! Tajiri’s already on thin ice with the Asian Invasion, and this will only make things worse for Tajiri. Tajiri better hope his team win later on!


Match 1 – Randy Savage def. Booker T

These two always deliver and this match was no exception. Booker beat Savage at Souled Out in a singles match, so Savage went over here by cheating.


Match  2 – Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles def. Keiji Mutoh and Yoshihiro Tajiri

Opponent miscommunication led to Mutoh and Tajiri losing to the two cruiserweight contenders. I was going to have Mutoh attack Tajiri after the match, but there wasn’t an option for me to that after the match. So I just had Mutoh and Tajiri argue. Needless to say, this was NOT a great night for the Asian Invasion. And Tajiri is in the THINNEST of the thin ice right now!



Match 3 – Perry Saturn (c) def. Arn Anderson to retain the WCW Television Championship

For some reason, these two work really well together in the ring. I book them in singles matches a lot on Thunder and Nitro, but this is really the first time these two were feuding. And it’s for the WCW TV title and it’s giving that title a lot of prestige. Not bad ratings. To be honest, throughout this game I’ve been having problems with Arn Anderson. Arn’s always pissed because I never use him and when I do, he’s always sluggish in his matches. He wouldn’t leave either when I offered him his release! So I shot him as a commentator on Thunder and his mood dramatically increased! Now he’s pretty happy because now he’s off the announce table and into the ring and in a feud! So let’s take advantage of that!



Match 4 – Rowdy Roddy Piper and Steven Regal def. Hollywood Hogan (c) and Sting (c) with Eric Bischoff as the special referee to win the WCW Tag Team Championship

Bischoff did the quick count on Hogan when Piper had him covered for the three. Hogan responded by attacking Bischoff, incensed by the fast count. The opportunity to put Piper and Regal over Hogan and Sting was almost too good to pass up! Regal and Piper winning the tag titles helps the stable get over greatly. This is good because I really wanted to elevate Steven Regal in particular.


Match 5 – Rob Van Dam (c) def. Scott Steiner via DQ to retain the WCW International Championship

Dusty finish which saw Rob Van Dam pick up the win via disqualification. Steiner beat him up afterwards. This was the joint-top highest rated match on the card alongside the main event! Awesome, because I want to have the International title elevated. Awesome match.


Match 6 – Ultimo Dragon def. Eddie Guerrero w/Paul Heyman in an I Quit match to reinstate Dean Malenko to the WCW roster. Ultimo Dragon would have unmasked if he lost.

The Dragon rises supreme in this feud-ending match! This feud has done an excellent job in elevating Dragon! He’s now got 96 overness on the game… one of the highest rated on the game as far as overness. Very proud of that. Eddie and Paul Heyman both have a great storyline lined up after this. So Eddie fans, don’t worry! Eddie’s got big plans despite the losses to Ultimo Dragon.


Match 7 – Bret Hart def. Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig in a triple threat match to earn a WCW Championship match. Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig were prohibited from defeating each other.

Bret Hart goes over in the triple threat match. After about 15 minutes of unity, Asbury Perfection eventually start scrapping. It’s a good massive fight in which the announce table is broken and stuff. Bret gets back involved and it becomes a proper three-way in the end after being primarily a handicap match before. Curt smacks Bam Bam with the chair but then Bret throws him out. Bret locks in the Sharpshooter to make Bam Bam tap and become the number one contender.


Match 8 – Raven def. Chris Jericho (c) to win the WCW World Championship

NEW CHAMP! Chris Jericho’s 240 day title reign is no more after Raven beat him CLEAN to win the title for the second time. I’ve been wanting to work Raven back into the WCW World Title picture for some time. That’s why he headlined Souled Out a few months ago. So here, he beats Jericho to regain the World Title. I felt Raven had to win the title back clean as it would really be unjustified to have Jericho’s title reign end by cheating or interference. That’s how Raven won the WCW title the first time at Superbrawl 1999! So I wanted to change things up, even if he is a heel. Him beating Jericho clean makes Raven look like gold but also doesn’t diminish the WCW Title. Jericho will get his rematch at Spring Stampede and maybe they’ll be a screwy finish there. But yeah, the Era Of Raven is once again at hand. And for the first time since a Nitro after Bash At The Beach… we have a new champion!


Great PPV. New champions! The great Ultimo Dragon vs Eddie Guerrero feud ended. 89% so a great rating by the game. What do you guys think about this? Vote on the poll to rate the PPV for yourselves!




Previously on WCW EWR…

Eric Bischoff returned to WCW after a hiatus from the company. Bischoff announced that Ric Flair’s leadership of WCW has come into question by the Board of Directors. It was therefore declared that Bischoff and Flair would share the role of president while Flair was on “probation”.

Chris Jericho is still the WCW World Heavyweight Champion after knocking off Raven, Keiji Mutoh and Bret Hart in a fatal four way elimination match at Souled Out. Mutoh, who was quickly eliminated by the champ, demanded one more shot at Jericho. Jericho agreed but stated that they needed to prove who was truly the best in one of the most testing matches in all of wrestling… the Ironman match!

Raven and Bret Hart still continued their problems while Booker T and Randy Savage were at each others throats as well. Exiles members’ Raven and Savage decided to take care of both problems as a unit. Booker and Bret joined forces to combat the Exiles members and a hardcore tag team match was made for Superbrawl to settle the score.

On an episode of Nitro, Diamond Dallas Page challenged Rowdy Roddy Piper for the WCW European Championship. Rob Van Dam was made the special referee, but Flair warned RVD not to show favoritism to DDP. However, the constant insults from Piper during the match eventually annoy RVD. He hits Piper with the Vandaminator which waddled the Scotsman into DDP who connected with the Diamond Cutter for the win. However, Bischoff disputed the win by stating that RVD violated the pre-match stipulation and stripped DDP off the title. Flair and Bischoff therefore decided to settle the dispute over the title by introducing a new title in its place… the WCW International Championship. At Superbrawl. Steiner would take on DDP (which Bischoff made a submission match), Piper would take on RVD and the winner of those two matches would face off later on the same night to crown the NEW International Champion.

Ultimo Dragon defeated Eddie Guerrero by disqualification after his former manager Paul Heyman hit Dragon with a chair. This was followed up with Eddie delivering the brainbuster on Dragon ONTO the chair! Dragon came out later demanding a rematch with Eddie. Heyman agreed on one condition… if Ultimo Dragon loses, he must unmask!

AJ Styles and Yoshihiro Tajiri would settle their feud for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship in a LADDER match, as Tajiri has ONE LAST CHANCE to win the cruiserweight title!


Pre-Show – Perry Saturn (c) def. Chris Benoit and Jushin Thunder Liger to retain the WCW Television Championship

Exiles member Saturn continues his reign as TV Champion, knocking off Benoit and Asian Invasion member Jushin Thunder Liger in a triple threat match. Frustration continues to build for Benoit as it’s now two PPVs in a row that he’s not been able to capture the title.

Match 1 – Rob Van Dam def. Rowdy Roddy Piper in a WCW International Championship Eliminator

RVD wins the first match in the mini WCW International Championship tournament. He beats Piper after botched interference from Piper’s faction the Legion. This results in RVD picking up the win and moving onto the WCW International Championship match.

Match 2 – AJ Styles (c) def. Yoshihiro Tajiri in a ladder match to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The highest rated match of the night! So proud of my cruiserweights! Styles was able to knock off the Asian Invasion member after powerbomb off the ladder and a styles clash before climbing up to get the belt.

Match 3 – Hollywood Hogan (c) and Sting (c) def. Bam Bam Bigelow and Curt Hennig in a steel cage match to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship

I was going to have Bam Bam and Hennig win the titles back at the end off the feud, but I kinda changed my mind on it. I figured that Hogan and Sting would hold onto the titles and drop it to another up-and-coming heel tag team. There’s a lot out there to choose from plus Asbury Perfection ended up gaining overness from the match anyway. So I’m guessing Sting and Hogan made them look good… shocking!

Match 4 – Diamond Dallas Page def. Scott Steiner in a WCW International Championship Qualifier (This match was a submission match)

DDP beat Steiner with his own Steiner Recliner to pick up the win in this qualifier. Steiner did a beatdown afterwards, so DDP’s a bit hurt going into his match against RVD. Then again, RVD is hurt too!

Match 5 – Ultimo Dragon def. Eddie Guerrero. If Ultimo Dragon lost, he had to unmask.

Dragon won the match after taking a page out of his opponents’ book! Eddie tried to unmask Dragon but Dragon fell to the outside grabbing his ankle. He rolls underneath the apron but Eddie goes out to get him. He brings him into the ring and locks on the Laso From El Paso. However, Dragon pushes him off and Eddie pulls off Dragon’s boot! Eddie turns and Dragon rolls him up for the three! Shades of Eddie vs Angle at Wrestlemania XX! Another good match between these two.

Match 6 – Raven and Randy Savage def. Booker T and Bret Hart in a hardcore tag team match

Raven and Savage go over in the tag team feud. Booker will probably continue his feud with Savage, but Raven’s set for bigger things! Exiles go over strong! Saturn won and Raven and Savage won this!

Match 7 – Rob Van Dam def. Diamond Dallas Page to win the WCW International Championship

RVD goes over DDP clean to become the first WCW International Champion. The handshake afterwards signifies respect between the King of Bada-Bing and the Whole Damn Show! Great little way to end this WCW US/European/International title saga!

Match 8 – Chris Jericho def. Keiji Mutoh in an ironman match to retain the WCW World Championship

Jericho goes over in the ironman match to put an end to his feud with Asian Invasion leader Keiji Mutoh. But he’s got a new problem now. After the match, Raven comes out and attacks. He ends the night, holding the WCW Title high over his head!




Previously on WCW EWR….

Rivalries were carried on from Starrcade at Souled Out, and we had a lot of interesting developments. We had nWo leader Hollywood Hulk Hogan fail to capture the World Title from Sting after a dusty finish, Raven retained the TV Title against DDP after Goldberg inadvertently helped Raven and the Steiners and the Guerreros continued to pull out quality ratings.

There was a lot of time from Souled Out to this PPV Superbrawl, so let me bulletpoint the big events that happened on Nitro, Thunder etc since then…

  • Raven won the feud DDP and was easily the biggest heel in the company. So a feud with the WCW World Champion Sting was in order (and was what I was planning all along… muahahaha!). However, Raven was still the Television champion, which I still considered a mid-card belt (even though it had the same amount of prestige as the World Title!). I felt Raven had to drop the belt, however I didn’t want him to lose it in the ring and risk losing overness. So I pulled a Steve-Austin and had Raven drop the belt, saying he didn’t need the belt and was going after the World Title. After multiple attacks with his new allies Public Enemy, Raven had taken the wind out of the Stinger’s tail..,
  • Chris Jericho ended up winning the vacated TV Championship after winning a fatal four way elimination match and then ended up winning the feud with The Giant. His next feud? Bret Hart!
  • DDP’s reward for putting Raven over was a feud with the man that lost the WCW Title feud to Sting… Hollywood Hogan! It’s been a difficult time for DDP to get points over in the feud due to Hogan’s Creative Control! However, I still planned on having DDP win the feud.
  • Chris Benoit had been feuding with WCW United States Champion Keiji Mutoh, and fought him in the last few feuds. However, Mutoh won both matches. However, Benoit laughed last after defeating Mutoh in an Ironman match to win the US Championship… helped tremendously by their matches for the belt! But I decided to give Benoit a mega-star to defend the belt against… “Macho Man” Randy Savage, who was victorious in his feud with Roddy Piper following interference by his new bodyguard The Big Bossman!
  • I turned the Steiners heel after they won the feud with the Guerreros. They would run in on Nitro to “save” Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio from The Outsiders. However, they turned on Rey and RVD – bolstering up my heel tag team ranks!
  • I had Eddie and Chavo feud with one another because I was planning on turning Eddie face and here’s why. Chavo was my reigning WCW Cruiserweight Champion and was even more over than Eddie. However with my two top face Crusierweights RVD and Mysterio feuding with The Steiners, I felt I had a shortage in top face cruiserweights. After the feud was made however, I soon discovered that Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon were both getting super over! However, I still had this Guerrero feud in place! So I had Chavo drop the belt to Ultimo and Eddie/Chavo continued their feud as a kinda “Who’s-The-Better-Guerrero” feud with both of them heel. Like one trying to outdo the other but still remain a team. It was going to be hard to get this heat, but I figured I could pull something out of the bag.
  • Keiji Mutoh was also feuding with Piper after they both lost their feuds, and the Outsiders were FINALLY set to end their feud with Ric Flair and Arn Anderson.


Pre-Show – Booker T, The Giant and Goldberg def. nWo members Lex Luger, Bam Bam Bigelow and Mr Perfect

Looking back, I probably should have put Jushin Thunder Liger in the face team but I wanted three top faces to go against three members of the nWo in the pre-show. The Giant had feuded with the nWo’s Lex Luger before and he was over, so that’s why I put him in. Booker was quite over himself so he got a  spot. And I wanted to push Goldberg so he was in there too. Luger, Perfect and Bigelow were the most over nWo members NOT in feuds so that’s why they were there (I would have put Konnan but he was injured at the time). The faces got the win with Goldberg pinning Bigelow because Luger refused to let Goldberg go over. -.-


Match 1 – Ultimo Dragon (c) def. Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko in a fatal four way elimination match to retain the WCW Crusierweight Championship

The top four crusierweights in the company gave me a hell of an opener in the main show. I wanted a bit more for my overall rating but 86% is alright. They gave me good match quality ratings and Ultimo retained. Eddie and Chavo were feuding with each other and cancelled each other out and Dean Malenko wasn’t over enough, so Ultimo retained!


Match 2 – Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam def. Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner via DQ

The Steiners had been on top throughout most of the feud so far, so I wanted Mysterio and RVD to go over at the PPV. They were fine with that, but refused to go out clean to the duo. So I had Mysterio/RVD win via DQ after Scott hit RVD with a chair! They ended up brawling to the back. This feud’s getting a less overall rating than Guerreros/Steiners were getting but they did better than the opener. Pleased!


Match 3 – Keiji Mutoh def. Rowdy Roddy Piper

Mutoh won this match after interference by Tajiri – the second most over person in his stable “Asian Invasion”. So yeah, Mutoh had a group of himself , Tajiri and Kensuke Sasaki and I’d figured put him against Piper, who’s incredibly over. This match got a 87% overall, which surprised me. And also good news for Mutoh as he’s getting over!


Match 4 – Bret Hart def. Chris Jericho (c) via count out in a match for the WCW Television Championship

Match of the night by a landslide! 96% OVERALL! That’s fantastic! Interestingly enough though, none of the crowd reaction, match quality or anything like that got 100%! It was like 98 and 95 or something. But ultra-pleased with this. I didn’t want Jericho beating Bret Hart early in the feud but I also wanted him as my TV Champion. So Jericho got himself counted-out and got beat up by Bret for it.


Match 5 – Hollywood Hogan def. Diamond Dallas Page

Creative Control strikes again as Hogan refused to lose to DDP… even by like DQ or count out. He wanted to win so I gave him the victory due to interference by Eric Bischoff. DDP got revenge though by fighting them both off to stand tall. The match quality sucked big time on this one but the crowd reaction was 100% because of Hogan. So if anything, he saved it from being a total let-down of a rating. 80% overall.


Match 6 – The Outsiders (c) def. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson

At last, the feud between these teams ended! The Outsiders went over for the third PPV in a row to win the feud! I was tempted to have Arn and Ric go over, but Ric was a non-wrestler and I wouldn’t be able to have him fight on Nitro and Thunder. So the Outsiders had to win… even though they did let me put Ric and Arn over when I was about to! 86% overall… which says a lot because the Cruiserweight Title match got the same rating!

Match 7 – Chris Benoit (c) def. Randy Savage to retain the WCW United States Championship

Benoit went over clean in this one. Savage never complained about it, which was awesome (he didn’t have creative control, but it was nice that he was willing to put Benoit over). At this point, I was considering putting Savage over at the end of the feud but I kinda didn’t want Benoit to lose the title yet. 87% overall. Three matches all getting 87%! Come on guys! In the 90s!


Match 8 – Raven def. Sting (c) to win the WCW World Championship

After beating the likes of DDP and Jushin Thunder Liger, after vacating the TV Championship and after aligning with Public Enemy… Raven got what he wanted the most! He defeated Sting to become the WCW Champion… but how?

I mentioned early on that Raven had joined forces with the Public Enemy. But another little group was also being formed. Randy Savage and his manager Sable had formed an alliance with The Big Bossman. However on Nitro, Public Enemy and Savage and Bossman got into a pull apart brawl after PE cost Savage and Bossman a tag team match. However, near the end of the WCW World Championship match at Superbrawl the ref gets taken out. Savage comes running down the isle seemingly for Savage… but BOOM! Savage hits Sting with the WCW Title! Raven then covered Sting for the 1, 2, 3! Afterwards, Raven and Savage SHOOK hands to symbolize the dawn of a new powerhouse stable in WCW… The Exiles!

  • Raven (Co-Leader and WCW Champion)
  • Randy Savage (Co-Leader and the Macho Man!)
  • The Big Bossman (The Fixer… or something)
  • Sable (The second lady of Savage)
  • “Public Enemy” Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge (The cronies)

BY GAWD! A new day is here in WCW! The Exiles are here!