Many great promotions have came and went. Promotions that have been innovative with their products. Promotions that put on the matches that we didn’t think was possible. Promotions that have helped mould professional wrestling into what it is today. In the midst of all these promotions lay a company formed in Nashville, Tennessee by Jeff and Jerry Jarrett.

This promotion had the talent but lacked the funds to really take themselves to the next level. In stepped Dixie Carter, who became the company’s president. Dixie had her own ideas on how to truly take this promotion to the next level and she thought that there was only one person that could have helped. That person was Hulk Hogan.

In 2010, a completely new-look promotion emerged. Talents from old promotions started to take the places of the stars that had built the promotion from the ground up. However, these stars couldn’t help TNA to that next level. If anything, they helped it sink further into oblivion.

That does ask the question, what could have been changed that year to help TNA for the better? This year, I decided to try may hand at booking this company with a booking simulator called Extreme Warfare Revenge.

Now though, this particular series is back. Having taken a back seat to other series’ on this blog included the WCW EWR series, TNA is now going to step back into the spotlight. Welcome to TNA EWR!


Previously on TNA EWR…

AJ Styles was our reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion with Christopher Daniels stepping up to take down his friend. Daniels is being given one last chance in the main event of Bound For Glory. Can the Fallen Angel rise to stardom at TNA’s biggest show of the year? Sting and Jeff Hardy will finally settle their score in a Last Man Standing match as part of a major show for the return of TNA EWR.

Let’s get to it!


Pre-Show – TAKA Michinoku (c) wins a 10 man X-Division battle royal to retain the TNA X-Division Championship

Entrants: Taka Michinoku, El Generico, Tyler Black, Austin Aries, Sean Waltman, Kaz, Homicide, Brian Kendrick,
Ultimo Dragon and Stevie Richards

I really wasn’t sure what to do with the pre-show so I just shot in the most over X-Division stars into a battle royal for the X-Division title and TAKA ended up going over. TAKA’s the most over man in this match so he should still be champion. I was expecting a higher grade but it is a battle royal, which struggles to do good ratings on this game.

Match 1 – “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley def. Jerry Lynn and Brother Devon in a tables match

Very thrilled with the 93% rating for this feud-ending match. I’m surprised with all of the clashing styles that this feud succeeded as well as it did. Devon and Lynn are able to work well with the fast-paced Sabin and Shelley which is a positive. If a lot of these old stars that we’ve still got are working well with the younglings and are helping to get them over, then they’ve got a lot of value. The WCW old stars are the same in the WCW series. For TNA it seems to work well.

Match 2 – Matt Morgan def. Samoa Joe

Think about this for a minute. Matt Morgan vs Samoa Joe got a 88% rating! That’s pretty darn incredible considering one of the men in this match is Matt Morgan. Actually, I probably shouldn’t be surprised. Morgan has actually gotten really over since I started pushing him, which was the main reason for why he won again at Bound For Glory. It just goes to show you guys, you don’t have to be a great worker to get good ratings!

Match 3 – “Deadly Sin” Raven (c) and Rhino (c) def. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship

To be perfectly honest, there wasn’t really a strong possibility of Lethal and Jarrett ever winning the belts. The whole thing about this feud was really to keep pushing Jay Lethal in that tag team scenario with Jeff and the Deadly Sin. It worked great as it scored a 93% rating but it just wouldn’t have worked for Lethal. As a match, it did score high and nobody lost overness so it was a fine outcome with a great rating.

Match 4 – Kurt Angle def. Mr Anderson

Kurt gets the victory here after Anderson won at No Surrender. Another rating in the 90s. An incredible first half to the show (minus the pre-show) and the good ratings don’t stop there…

Match 5 – Bobby Lashley and Abyss def. Bobby Roode and James Storm in a hardcore tag team match

It was very hard to pick a winning team for this. Beer Money really should get the win but I still see a lot of success with Lashley and Abyss. They get the win here in a 92% rated match.

Match 6 – Jeff Hardy def. Sting in a Last Man Standing

This was the lowest rated match in the main show but by no means a failure. Sting lost overness from the match but 85% is a good rating. Sting has just become a non-wrestler in my game, meaning he’s limited to how much he can wrestle. Therefore, I think it works for the best that Jeff won the feud. Sting might not be on the show for a great deal now as it’s about pushing the main roster but I’m going to try and find a way to work him into the storyline as a non-wrestler. Maybe he could become a heel authority figure, I don’t know. We’ll see.

Match 7 – AJ Styles (c) def. Christopher Daniels in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

I feel kind of bad for building up Daniels for this big feud only to beat him at Bound For Glory. However, I felt AJ had to remain champion for now. However, these two gave us a stunner of a match. With a 98% overall, Daniels didn’t lose a great deal from this feud. Maybe they’ll be a time for Daniels to reign as champion but I feel it was important for AJ to retain. AJ wins after Kaz does a botched interference. It also works well for his next feud. Speaking of….

Segment 1 – Post-Match Angle

AJ Styles is celebrating in the ring after beating Daniels. Daniels and Kaz are arguing to the back as AJ is alone in the ring. But then the lights go out. A spotlight suddenly hits the top of the ramp as AJ seems confused. The words “My Time Is Now” appear on the titantron as the newest signing to TNA appears on the entrance ramp…


By the way…. that’s no joke.

John Cena appears in the Impact Zone to confront the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ. AJ shoves the belt in Cena’s face but Cena hits the FU and holds up the title himself.

Trust me. I didn’t mess with the game in the file editor or anything! I was legitimately able to sign John Cena from WWE. Well technically it wasn’t from WWE. What happened was that Cena’s contract was running out and I guess WWE just let it expire. It appears that this happened because Cena suddenly appeared on the free agents list. I seized the moment and signed him up to a two year contract. Money well spent!


So John Cena was the newest signing which I was referring to on Twitter a few days ago. He’s no doubt going to be a huge part of the show in the next few months and I can’t wait to see where this goes. It’s been great to bring back this series. It’s awesome that with my first TNA PPV back, I was able to beat my own personal best for highest rated show! I’m pretty sure that’s the highest rating I’ve ever gotten in EWR! I don’t recall WCW ever getting a higher rating! We got a 93% which was incredible as we had a 71% pre-show match! Cena’s segment being 99% and Styles vs Daniels being 98% both did help but there was a lot of great matches on the show as well. I can’t wait to see where this series goes and I’ll be sure to see you soon with Turning Point!


BREAKING NEWS – Brock Lesnar re-signs with WWE, Says MMA Career Is Over


This just in. In a interview with ESPN SportsCenter, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has announced that he has resigned to a “multi-year” contract with WWE.

He said:

This is HUGE news heading into Wrestlemania. With Brock Lesnar being booked seemingly to pass the torch to Roman Reigns, this news now suddenly changes the picture. Now in a recent report by wrestling sites, WWE is said to be debating with the idea of having Brock retain the championship at the biggest show of the year. It’s said that with Roman Reigns’ push going badly, that Triple H is thinking of possibly postponing the win and having Lesnar go over to add shock value to this seemingly predictable main event. Particularly if Lesnar was resigning as we now know, is reality.

This is a fantastic deal for WWE. If WWE do in fact see UFC as competition, then retaining such a huge draw like Brock Lesnar is a major coup for the WWE. This also provides Lesnar with a lot of opportunities with wrestlers to work with. Two be honest, there were a lot of opportunities for him to wrestle all kinds of guys. Instead, he’s wrestled Cena and Triple H 3 teams, veterans like Big Show and Undertaker. The only stand-out performers he’s been able to work with are CM Punk and Seth Rollins. The new talent coming through NXT now have a huge chance to wrestle Brock Lesnar. Randy Orton, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and even Dolph Ziggler all have this amazing chance to get in the ring with the Beast Incarnate.

Now the question is… will this heavily impact the main event of Wrestlemania? How do you think the Wrestlemania main event will finish? Leave a comment below and vote on the poll on what YOU think will happen?

WWE Announce The Signing Of KENTA



WWE have announced in a house show in Japan that they have signed a major Japanese wrestler, who will begin his career at their developmental territory, NXT. Indeed it was legends Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart who together welcomed the superstar KENTA into the company. After a stint at NXT, expect to see him on the main roster and MY GOD… what matches he could have once he gets to the dance.

However, let’s not sell the NXT stars that he will be wrestling with in the near future short. Sami Zayn… that SMELLS potential, especially if you remember the matches Zayn had with Cesaro. Now before he is promoted, let him battle with KENTA. I would love to see those two mingle. Tyson Kidd, Adrian Neville… so much potential for him to work with. And then, when he gets to the main roster…


First of… Daniel Bryan. A lot of wrestling fans will know, KENTA has actually battled with Daniel Bryan (or should I say Bryan Danielson) a number of times in NOAH and ROH. Anyone that’s seen those matches will be looking forward to the mouth-watering matches they could be having. From the veterans like Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho who could some of my personal dream matches with KENTA, to the likes of Seth Rollins. Seth, I think, has fought KENTA as well as Tyler Black so their matches are gonna be worth a watch.

Business-wise, this move is GOLD for the WWE. KENTA is the perfect representative for Japan in WWE. Now I know everyone is thinking about the last major foreign export to grace WWE with their presence. Mistico, who later became, Sin Cara never exactly worked according to plan. However, KENTA is older and more experienced than Sin Cara was when he joined. KENTA is a better all-rounder than Mistico. And a few of the guys he’s gonna be wrestling he’s been in the ring with. He’s had a bit of experience in the states before, so there’s hope that KENTA is gonna be a big hit in the WWE. I for one approve of this and I really hope KENTA does well now that he’s in the big leagues.