The Woeful Booking Of Wade Barrett


On June 7th 2010, Wade Barrett debuted on RAW as the leader of the Nexus. Going into his debut, he had won the first season of NXT with Chris Jericho as his mentor. When that first season of NXT first started, Chris Jericho was the World Heavyweight Champion. Think about that and think about the importance of that win when you consider how much the brand of NXT has developed. OK, NXT was not acting as WWE’s developmental at the time. However, it was still a huge deal for Barrett to effectively be the first champion of this revolutionary scheme by WWE. That’s huge.

What did WWE do with that? Surprisingly, they initially followed it up tremendously. Barrett debuted on RAW with his fellow NXT competitors and they destroyed the show. It was incredible. It promoted new stars. Once more, Barrett was the leader of this new rebellious group who were attacking the WWE. He had a great character which suited his position. He had a great voice, he was good in the ring and he had the means to be the next great villain in WWE. So the idea that Barrett is floating around in the middle of nowhere five years after that happened is just mind-boggling.


Ever since that big push upon his debut, it’s hard to imagine that Barrett is where he is right now. There’s a number of reasons why he is where he is right now. The biggest thing was the Nexus having to lose to Team WWE at Summerslam 2010, with Barrett submitting to Cena. According to Jericho and Edge, it was Cena’s decision for the finish to go down like it did. Even the best of wrestlers can still win and keep the losing party over but Cena’s reported way of doing it forced the whole Nexus angle back to square on as it basically meant that after only two months, you’ve had this group lose clean to the good guys.

If the nWo were to have jobbed out to Randy Savage, Lex Luger and Sting at the Great American Bash 1996, do you really think the storyline would have gotten over like it did? No. Say what you will about WCW, they at least made the nWo a legitimate powerhouse. Here in 2010, they made the Nexus look like a joke after two months. How on earth was Wade Barrett going to recover from that? His next big wins were a win over John Cena at Hell in a Cell due to interference and Randy Orton at Bragging Rights when Cena attacked Barrett for the DQ.

I don’t mind the heels losing once in a while but if you don’t have a recovery plan so the group doesn’t get hugely effected, they’re doomed to fail. When a big heel loses, you have to protect them afterwards. It’s a recurring problem with WWE. Look at where Wade Barrett is now, having not received a legitimate main event push since he was exiled from the Nexus. This was infuriating.


Barrett’s had his moments where you thought he was going to break out and be the next top heel. He was expected to receive a push for the title in 2012 before he got injured and his Bad News Barrett gimmick got really over. However, Barrett’s just never been able to get to that next level. You can blame bad luck due to injuries. I call it negligence by the WWE.

Sure, Barrett’s been injured a few times and his momentum has been killed a few times because of it. However, if you’re really cautious, you can get him over when he returns. However, WWE seem to be incapable of doing that. Either that or they simply don’t have a lot of faith in him to be the next big star. Well if that’s the case, why is he still employed?


Why bother having him around if you know that you’re never going to give this great talker and great wrestler a decent push or a possible title run? You can put the Intercontinental title on him 20 times if you want. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many title runs he’s got to his name. Look at Chris Jericho. He’s held the Intercontinental title nine times but hardly anyone talks about those title reigns. They talk about the former multiple time World Heavyweight Champion. They talk about the guy that beat The Rock and Steve Austin in the same night to be Undisputed Champion. They talk about the guy that main-evented Wrestlemania for god’s sake!

Does Wade Barrett have any claim of fame that even comes close to those accomplishments? Of course not. The King of the Ring never did him any favours. A month after winning it he got into a feud with R-Truth for the crown. WWE treated this tournament like a joke. Barrett is one of only a few King of the Ring holders that have never truly become main event stars and it’s sickening.


It’s not like Barrett can’t be a star, the WWE just won’t let him. What does it take for you to give Barrett a chance? Heck, Barrett has had a great opportunity to become a star with this European tag team with Sheamus. This European tag team might have actually been a great way to get these two over (would have been better had Rusev not got injured). What happens? You don’t even try to protect them as they get beat by the Lucha Dragons on RAW. Listen, I like the Lucha Dragons. However, they’re not going to be like a main event star in WWE. Barrett might. Sheamus MUST be booked as a main event star as he got the Money in the Bank. However, you’re booking them so poorly that not a single soul is going to take them seriously.

I asked the question earlier on about why Barrett is still employed if WWE aren’t going to do anything with him. Let me make something clear. I want Wade Barrett to be employed. However, I don’t want him employed to do nothing. That’s not going to help his morale if he is sitting on the sidelines or stuck in half-hearted storylines. If his purpose is to act as a top UK star for when the WWE comes to the UK, I’d get that. However, the UK fans aren’t going to care about Wade if you’re just going to have him there to get a big reaction once in a while. As a UK fan, I will root for Barrett as much as I can because I truly believe he deserves better. I’m sure nearly all of the WWE UK fans feel the same way. We can root for him all we want but it’s not going to help if someone writing the show doesn’t do the same.


NEWS – Sting Provides Update On Injury


We’ve got an update on Sting’s condition and the update actually comes from the man himself. The man called Sting spoke with about his injury suffered during his match at Night of Champions Seth Rollins and what the future holds. Down below are the highlights

It’s been a few days since your match at Night of Champions. How are you feeling?

Aside from a stiff neck, I’m a little banged up, but otherwise, I feel good. Pretty standard after wrestling a match like that.

Can you set everyone straight on the extent of your injury, as you await further evaluation?

Bottom line, I had tingling, numbness down both arms, all the way to my fingertips. And then, later in the match, I just fell wrong, whatever it was, and this time [the tingling and numbness] went down both arms and into my legs, and I couldn’t feel my legs too well. They just felt like rubber. I don’t know how to describe it. I had to go down on all fours there for a minute, get my composure. I was a little … I was worried. Long term, well, I’m just going to take care of the short term first and see how the long term might play out.

What kind of treatment did you receive after your injury at Night of Champions?

I was out in the hospital — out like a light. They had a neck brace on me, and they were pumping me with [medication] to get me out of pain. I had to do a CT scan and an MRI. They ended up talking to my wife, and I have some details from my wife, but I still have [further evaluation ahead]. They mentioned cervical spinal stenosis, but that’s only part of what I heard. I don’t know if there’s anything else. The doctor did tell my wife, “He’s going to have to get this dealt with. He’s lucky he walked out of there.”

Is getting back in the ring again something you’d want to do? Do you have that desire to return?

Hmmm, in the right scenario … in the right scenario, yeah.

Were you aware of exactly when your injury occurred during the match?

Oh, yeah, definitely. Both times into the turnbuckle. First time was like a whiplash. [pause] It’s my fault, bottom line. I know better. The second time, I went up into the air and back toward the turnbuckle like that, I thought, “Well, that’s not going to happen again,” and it did. The second time was worse.

That was when you lost your legs a bit.


Well, where does that leave Sting? Was this your last match?

I hate it when I’m asked that question because the answer truly is a question mark, and the question mark is as bold as it could ever be at this point.

Wait and see?

Yeah, for now.

WWE Night Of Champions 2015 Review – Kane Returns And New Champions Crowned At Solid PPV


Welcome to the Armbar Express’ Night of Champions review. It was an important PPV for the company and I thought they delivered. There was a lot of pressure on Seth Rollins to perform, having to take part in two main-event likes matches for the WWE World and United States title. Anyway let’s get too it.

Ryback (c) vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship


The fans were well behind Owens for this one. Ryback got a decent reaction but it was mostly pro-Owens for this match. Ryback pressed Kevin Owens over the top rope in what was an incredible feat of strength. Kevin was working on Ryback’s arm throughout. Ryback’s selling of the pain done to his arm was quite evident. It was evident to the point where Ryback shouted, and I mean shouted, “Referee, my elbow!” Ryback made his comeback. I didn’t like the finish to this match. Firstly, Ryback went for his Shell-Shocked but his arm supposedly “gave out” and Owens threw him into the post. Ryback went for the Shell-Shocked again but Owens raked his eyes and just rolled him up for the pin. What was the point in all the damage to the arm if it didn’t even lead to the finish of the match? It also didn’t help matters that Kevin Owens won the title with a roll-up. No finishers were hit in this match at all. Maybe Kevin didn’t think he’d be able to pull-off the powerbomb on Ryback, so this finish was set up. However, a match like this without any finishers being hit just makes the match look so weak. Considering there was a title change involved, the finish hurt the title’s prestige for me. It also makes Ryback look weak having been beaten by a roll-up. I thought it was a fine match which I think could have been helped with a strong finish.


A promo was then cut promoting Brock Lesnar’s “Go To Hell Tour”. The tour will include Lesnar facing Big Show at Madison Square Garden, which has been known for a few weeks now. It was announced that Brock Lesnar would be a guest on Stone Cold’s podcast, which I can’t wait for personally! Then it was announced that at Hell In A Cell, Brock Lesnar would be in a Hell in a Cell match… with the UNDERTAKER!

I’ll probably do a separate write-up on WWE doing Taker/Lesnar III at Hell in a Cell and what I think of it. It’s definitely a surprise as I was expecting the third match to take place at Wrestlemania. All I can assume is that Vince must have other plans for Lesnar and Taker with regards to Wrestlemania 32.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev w/Summer Rae


Dolph Ziggler debuted some new tights with Lana’s face on his crotch. JBL finally mentioned what many of us have been thinking about this storyline… JBL said that Rusev was the victim of this storyline involving himself, Ziggler and Lana. Jerry Lawler asked how Rusev was the victim and JBL’s response was “because Dolph Ziggler is a player.” Out of all the reasons JBL could have came up with that could have been a legitimate gripe, JBL went with that! I just laughed.

There was “We Want Lana” chants, which shows you just how interested the fans were in this match. I love how during this match, they were showing the tweets about the Brock Lesnar “Go To Hell” tour announcement. They picked out three tweets with the last one being about the Hell in a Cell match! You’d think the Stone Cold podcast would have been minor compared to BROCK LESNAR VS UNDERTAKER!

You may have noticed that I haven’t wrote a thing about the actual match between Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler. The truth is, this match was pretty boring. There was a spot where WWE succeeded in their quest to make Rusev look like a complete fool. Rusev hit the super kick but Ziggler clearly kicked out. However Rusev was running around as if he’d won the Olympics, thinking he’d won the match! You’d think someone like Rusev would understand the rules of the match…

The finish was that Summer was thrown out for getting on the apron. Summer angrily threw one of her shoes, but ended up hitting Rusev in the head. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag and PINNED him. Not only did Rusev look SO BAD in this match, the finish was a bit illogical. Surely the referee would have called for a disqualification when Summer threw her shoe and it hit Rusev. Rusev should have won the match! Yeah, the finish was no good.

The New Day (c) vs The Dudley Boyz for the WWE Tag Team Championship


JBL was talking about the 3D. He said that 3D had never been kicked out of before. He than took a long pause, thought about it and then said “in WWE”. I’m pretty sure that Jeff Hardy once kicked out of the 3D in WWE and I know Chris Sabin kicked out of the move in TNA. So JBL really does need re-check his facts a bit!

I loved Big E’s rhythmic headlock and just Xaiver Woods on the trombone in general! I hope they never take the trombone away from Xaiver! JBL compared the New Day to Destiny’s Child and compared Xaiver’s haircut to Leonidas’ from 300! This was a very fun tag team match. What was funny was Big E went for the cover on Bubba Ray off a splash onto the apron. Bubba kicked out by D-Von still felt the need to come in and push Big E afterwards anyway! Xaiver started playing the Rocky theme which was pretty amazing!

The match ended in a disqualification after Xaiver broke up the pin. I think compared to all of the other great tag team title matches on PPV this year, this was one of the weaker ones. Felt more like a standard tag team match on RAW to be honest. The New Day, who had been petitioning to save the tables, then decided to get the tables themselves. It backfired, as Xaiver was put through a table with a 3D.

Nikki Bella (c) vs Charlotte for the Divas Championship. If Nikki got counted out or disqualified, she would lose the title


Nikki worked on Charlotte’s leg throughout the entire match. This was similar to Sasha Banks working on Bayley’s hands at NXT TakeOver. The difference being that Sasha’s offense in that match was a lot more effective than Nikki’s here. There was a spot where Nikki jumped off the top rope just to chop block Charlotte, which I thought looked pretty daft. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox tried to pull away the ropes from Charlotte when Nikki had a Single Leg Boston Crab locked in. Nikki shouted at them, as she didn’t want to get DQ’d. This led to the brawl on the outside between Paige, Becky, Alicia and Brie.

Nikki tried to lift up Charlotte for what looked like an exploder suplex but she just dropped Charlotte and went for a cover. It ended up looking like Aksana’s finisher but worse. The finish was that Charlotte caught Nikki was a spear off the top. A great move in theory, but not pulled off too well in the match. Then Charlotte just locked in the Figure Eight Leg Lock and Nikki tapped out.

Out of ALL the ways the LONGEST REIGNING Divas title reign could have ended, it was like this? Charlotte did her signature and finisher and just won the match. You couldn’t have a few nearfalls or something? Charlotte couldn’t have kicked out of the Rack Attack? Nikki couldn’t have kicked out of the spear? You just made Nikki looked like crap because Charlotte got hardly any offense in until the finish. I thought this match was fine up until the finish.

Ric Flair was awesome in a backstage segment with Charlotte and the rest of PCB. It was a very touching moment with Ric calling her champ. A great-feel moment for the Charlotte.

“The Wyatt Family” Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and Luke Harper vs Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho


I was reading a few articles before this match, with many people having high expectations for it. I wasn’t sure. I figured it would be a decent six man tag team match but I didn’t think it’d blow my mind or anything. Never really knew what to expect to be honest! Some dude jumped into the ring from crowd just before Reigns and Ambrose’s partner came out! WWE’s security really need to step up their game!

Chris Jericho was the third man to team with Reigns and Ambrose. I was not expecting this but I was more than OK with it! There’s actually a bit of continuity involved, as Jericho and Wyatt feuded last year. So the commentary’s speculation of it being someone that might have unfinished business with Bray Wyatt actually came to fruition!

It was a fun little six man tag team match. The match ended when Jericho passed out to Braun’s submission hold. I’m pleasantly surprised by the WWE’s decision to put the Wyatts over. I really didn’t think they would but I’m glad that they did. This was a very sound six man tag team match and I’m happy with the result. Probably the best match of this show up until this point.

Seth Rollins (c) vs John Cena for the United States Championship


The fans started going a wave… IN THE MIDDLE OF A SETH ROLLINS VS JOHN CENA MATCH. Some fans can just wind you right up. I don’t mind wrestling fans having fun, but this is a very big match. It’s one thing to hijack a match like Sheamus vs Randy Orton which can get tiresome after so many matches, it’s another thing to hijack a match that was probably going to be the best match of the night.

Cena pulled off the sunset flip successfully this time. This was a really good match. A very nice back and forth match which saw Cena win the US Championship. This was no doubt the right decision by WWE. If Cena goes back to opening up the John Cena Open Challenge on RAW, I’m all for it.

Seth Rollins (c) vs Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Sting went for the Scorpion Death Lock and Scorpion Death Drop right away but Rollins was able to get out of it. They battled outside for a while until Seth pushed Sting through the announce table which was quite a hard hitting spot. Sting went for a dive from the top onto Seth Rollins on the outside which got a “Holy Shit” chant. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop but Seth got his foot on the rope. It looked like the referee was going to call the match off when Sting got hurt from a powerbomb but it kept going. Sting locked in the Death Lock again but Seth got to the rope. Sting locked it in again but Seth countered it into a pin in order to win the match.

God damn, good match. Very good storytelling and the two put on a great match. I think it was for the best that Seth beat Sting clean, but I’m wondering how this will effect Sting in the long run. He’s now 0-2 in his WWE career. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Sheamus was looking to cash in and hit the Brogue Kick but was interrupted by the return of Kane. Kane turned his intentions to Rollins and hit  a chokeslam. Kane then hit the chokeslam on Sheamus. Kane hit the tombstone to end the show.


I thought this was a really good ending to the PPV. I thought the PPV itself was good. There wasn’t anything really good other than Seth Rollins’ two matches. The six man tag team match was good. Everything was fine. Some of the finishes hurt a few of the matches. But, solid PPV. A very solid follow-up from Summerslam and a great ending.

WWE Summerslam 2015 Review – Sheamus vs Randy Orton


Hello everybody! Welcome to a bit of a preview of my Summerslam 2015 Review. Unfortunatley, I won’t have the full review ready in time for RAW. However, I do have a bit of review of the opening match to Summerslam. It’s something I’ve already gotten written up. It’s Randy Orton vs Sheamus, the rematch to their match at Battleground. Their match at Battleground was actually pretty good but could the Irishman and the Viper do even better at Summerslam?


Orton almost scored an RKO right away but Sheamus moved out of the way. We got “You Look Stupid” chants to which Sheamus got on the mic, replying with “I don’t look stupid”. Sheamus saying stuff like this on the mic takes away the seriousness of this lad. And that’s not good, considering that Sheamus has the Money In The Bank briefcase. Considering he’s probably going to be our next WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus looked a bit of a joke. However, it could have been a lot worse.

To be honest, after he said it, I thought as soon as he returned to the ring, Randy was gonna drop Sheamus with a successful RKO to win the match. That didn’t happen and the match went on. However, the fans interest in this match began to disappear at the start. Among the chants we got was a very loud “Ole” chant! However, the match did pick up shortly afterward, which got the fans into it again. Randy delivered a T-Bone Suplex to Sheamus over the top rope which I thought looked pretty cool. Sheamus put on a modified Clover Leaf and kept saying “ASK HIM!” as heels normally do when they’ve got a submission locked on. Chris Jericho use to do it quite a bit. What I realized though, when Sheamus had it on, was that the referee’s rarely ever actually go on ask the wrestlers if they quick! They usually just stand over them!

There was a great little spot where Sheamus lifted himself up up onto the top turnbuckle but Randy countered it into a DDT. Randy hit Sheamus with a RKO when Sheamus catapulted in him which looked awesome. Sheamus beat Orton CLEAN with two Brogue Kicks in a row. This is exactly the type of win that Sheamus needed after losing to Orton clean at Battleground. I thought this match was really good. At the start it looked a bit slow-paced but then it picked up in a big way.It was a great opener. I think this would have been better than their Battleground, had it been given a bit more time. However, considering the card, you could see why the time of this match was cut down a little.

This match seemed to go to the finishing spots rather quickly. It’s almost as if they cut a huge section of the match and then just went to the closing moments. However, despite that, it was still a good match and a great way to open the show. If there’s a rubber match at Night of Champions, Sheamus has to go over I think. However, if this is the end of the feud, at least Sheamus goes out with a win.

WWE Battleground 2015 Predictions

The Predictions… ARE BACK!


I love the theme by the way for this PPV. It’s definitely a tune and a half. There’s a number of huge matches in store for the WWE Universe this Sunday. Among the stars entering the battleground include the “New Face of Fear” Bray Wyatt, whose apparently stealing Meng and The Barbarian’s gimmicks! He will be taking on Roman Reigns in a match that was actually announced at the WWE’s last pay-per-view Money In The Bank. Also, we’ll see the third installment in a feud that has lit up the WWE and provided some of the matches of the year. The former NXT Champion Kevin Owens will challenge the United States Champion John Cena for the US Title, hoping to finally win the prize that is the title held by some of the all time greats of professional wrestling. And finally, returning to PPV for the first time since Wrestlemania 31 is the Beast Incarnate… BROCK LESNAR! He will be invoking his rematch clause for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when he takes on the reigning, defending champion Seth Rollins. Will Rollins be able to conquer the former UFC Heavyweight Champion or will Seth be taking an extremely painful trip to Suplex City?

Let’s get down to the predictions….

R-Truth vs King Barrett for King Barrett’s King of the Ring Crown


Background: Bad News Barrett won the 2015 King of the Ring, joining such greats as Brock Lesnar, Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, his reign as King has been met with some mockery by the “Sun Tan Superman” R-Truth. R-Truth began portraying HIMSELF as a King, annoying Barrett who actually won the right to be King. The feud finally ends on the pre-show of Battleground as King Barrett’s King of the Ring crown is on the line. And we truly get to see who’s the true king of WWE?

What Should Happen?: I’m really hoping this feud ends after this match. Barrett’s reign as “King” hasn’t really gotten off to a great start and his feud with R-Truth isn’t helping matters. Barrett needs to wrap up this feud with a victory over Truth and move on to some serious competition.

What Will Happen? Barrett will get the win on the pre-show. I do like R-Truth but they can’t possibly be considering degrading Barrett’s KOTR win by having him lose his crown to Truth. However, I don’t see things getting much better from here on out for the Englishman.

“Prime Time Players” Titus O’Neil (c) and Darren Young (c) vs The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championship


Background: The feud really began in the first ever tag team elimination chamber match. It came down to the Prime Time Players and all three members of the New Day. The Players gave it their all, but couldn’t overcome the three-on-two situation. The PTP finally got a fair two-on-two tag title match against the New Day at Money In The Bank (since Kofi Kingston was in the MITB ladder match) and capitalized to take home the gold. The New Day will be invoking their rematch clause and hoping to reclaim the tag titles at Battleground.

What Should Happen?: It’s a tough call either way you slice it. I do like the Prime Time Players and I’m glad they’re finally the tag team champions. It would be a really shame to have them lose the titles in their first title defense at Battleground. On the other hand, I see a HUGE amount of potential with the New Day. When they lost the tag titles, I was a little annoyed because it seemed that WWE was just trying to take advantage of Titus winning “Celebrity Dad of the Year” recently by putting the tag titles on him and Young. Them doing that I thought killed the momentum the New Day had been building up now as heels. I think the ones that have the more potential as champions is the New Day. So I’d like to see New Day win by disqualification which would lead to the group winning back the titles at Summerslam. At least then, the PTP would actually have somewhat of a credible tag reign.

What Will Happen?: I wouldn’t put it past WWE to hot-shot the tag titles once again. We’ve had four title changes already in 2015, so we really shouldn’t be surprised if they do it again. New Day wins.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus


Background: These two have been attacking each other for the last few weeks ever since Sheamus won the Money In The Bank briefcase… and the WWE have not ONE TIME explained to the viewers why! Other than the fact that these two were both in the MITB Ladder match, there shouldn’t really be a reason for these two to just start attacking each other. And if so, it’d be nice for the WWE to explain the reasons for it other than “THEY HATE EACH OTHER.”

What Should Happen?: I’m not really too bothered about the finish as you could make good points for both these gentleman. However, pushing their Money In The Bank holder should really be a top priority for the WWE. Sheamus wins… through shenanigans.

What Will Happen?: I really see Orton going over in this one. WWE, for some reason, have a weird obsession of jobbing out the Money In The Bank holders in their first PPV match after winning the thing. I remember them doing it with Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Damien Sandow in the past. I see that happening here.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt


Background: Bray Wyatt cost Roman Reigns the Money In The Bank ladder match. This attack immediately caused WWE to announce Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns for their next PPV, Battleground. After some mind games from Bray Wyatt on RAW, the two are set to clash in St. Louis. Which will prevail? Fear or Justice?

What Should Happen?: In a perfect world, WWE wouldn’t even be putting on this match… at least not right now. The loser of this match is going to lose so much going forth that it’s unfair to both these gentlemen. I don’t want the WWE to feed Bray Wyatt to Roman Reigns but I also don’t want Roman Reigns to lose AGAIN either as the struggle towards the top for him will only get tougher. I think Bray Wyatt should get the win here but Roman HAS to win a rematch if they have one at Summerslam.

What Will Happen? Roman Reigns beats Bray Wyatt… CLEAN. It’s a sad reality but someone’s going over clean and it’ll probably be Roman Reigns. Bray Wyatt again loses credibility as a top star by jobbing out to Roman Reigns. They better have something GOOD planned for Bray at Summerslam. But for some reason, I don’t see that happening….

Kevin Owens vs John Cena III for the United States Championship


Background: Then-NXT Champion Kevin Owens confronted United States Champion John Cena on RAW back in May, telling him that they will one day fight… on his terms. Their match ended up taking place at Elimination Chamber, where Kevin Owens beat Cena cleanly in a huge shocker. The two would meet again at Money In The Bank, with Cena grabbing the win. Owens would attack Cena post-match, with a powerbomb on the apron similar to what he’s done to Sami Zayn and Neville in the past. After attacks to Cena’s friend Machine Gun Kelly and verbal attacks, Cena agreed to one final match for the United States title at Battleground. On RAW, Kevin Owens has done whatever it takes to make sure that HE is the one to take the title from John Cena. He’s jeopardized the efforts of Cesaro and Rusev to win the title on RAW and knows this is a must-win match, having lost the NXT title to Finn Balor at Beast in the East.

What Should Happen? Owens wins. This feud has been excellent and has utilized others like Cesaro and Rusev really well. Needless to say, the United States Championship Open Challenge proved to be a great idea, as we’ve seen a number of high-quality US title matches from Cena including with the likes of Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn. However, the time is now at hand to crown Owens as the United States Champion. I’m really hoping for this feud to be followed up by Kevin Owens vs Cesaro for the title. Hopefully, I’ll get my wish.

What Will Happen? Owens wins. The NXT title being dropped by Owens in Japan now means Owens can focus on working the main roster full-time (well after the next NXT Takeover that is). Owens winning the US title and the feud elevates him tremendously. If there was ever a time for Cena to drop the title, it’s right now and WWE surely realize that.

Seth Rollins (c) vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Background: At Wrestlemania 31 Seth Rollins cashed in his Money In The Bank contract during Brock Lesnar’s WWE World title defense against Roman Reigns, making it a triple threat match. After pinning Reigns, Seth walked out the champion. Brock would respond by cashing in his rematch clause the next night on RAW. However, Seth backed out of the match which resulted in Brock Lesnar going on a rampage. This rampage caused Brock to be suspended by Stephanie McMahon. Brock returned the night after Money In The Bank, declared as the new number one contender for Seth’s title. Seth got the Authority back on his side and was able to beat down Lesnar in a four on one attack. Seth’s attempts of keeping them at his side included Apple watches, giving Kane a holiday and giving Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury a Cadillac car. However, Brock Lesnar responded by destroying the car on RAW and then beating up Noble and Mercury. After attacking Kane in this past week’s RAW, Seth Rollins has been left alone to fight Brock Lesnar at Battleground.

What Should Happen?: Not going to lie, I’m a huge Lesnar fan. I feel he should be champion once again now that he’ll be around for a few years. Either that or Sheamus cashes in on Lesnar right after he wins the title. Then again, I’d be worried about where this would leave Seth Rollins. If the rumored face turn and match with Triple H happens at Summerslam, and then Seth beats Triple H, that might recover him well from such a loss. Seth probably should win really to become the “diamond” and make himself a legitimate superstar in the WWE by beating Lesnar. However, Lesnar losing shouldn’t be taken lightly…

What Will Happen?: Seth Rollins retains the title. I can honestly see a DQ happening in this match and Seth retaining the title. Either that or somebody big interferes, costs Brock the match and leading to a big match for Brock at Summerslam. Either way, I really don’t see WWE doing another big title reign with Lesnar as it would be challenging for him schedule-wise to be able to defend the title. Unless he won this match at Battleground and then lost it at Summerslam, it’d be very awkward. Also, with the way Seth has been booked, I really don’t see Seth losing the belt this Sunday.


At that wraps up the predictions from me. It’ll be an interesting PPV to say the list. I’m expecting a few filler matches as well with the Intercontinental title match now being postponed. However, there’s a number of matches which I’m looking forward to. Let’s hope Battleground is a good one!

Wrestling Flashback – The Batista vs John Cena Feud

As much as I’m a huge fan of John Cena, so many times has Cena won feuds which he really shouldn’t have. Recent feuds with up-and-comers like Rusev and Bray Wyatt saw the potential of these monster heels prematurely squashed by the leader of the Cenation. But there was one feud in particular which I was extremely annoyed about the treatment of Cena’s opponent. It is a former multi-time World Champion that had just turned heel once more and was really establishing himself as the top guy in the company once again. But when he squared off with Cena, it was bad news for this man. The man I’m talking about of course… was Batista.


Now don’t get me wrong. This rivalry… was good. The foundations of the entire story have been in place for years. Cena and Batista were two men that broke out into the big time on EXACTLY the same night. They both won world championships at Wrestlemania 21, honing in a new era for WWE. Their paths never really crossed each other when it came to in-ring action until Summerslam, where Batista defeated John Cena in their first ever one-on-one match. With his win, Batista had broken Cena’s neck. With Batista turning heel shortly afterwards and Cena getting involved in the animosity between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon, a program was inevitable.

For a build to Wrestlemania, this was brilliantly well done. That’s probably my biggest complaint about Wrestlemania 31 in general. The build for some of these matches were shocking. Batista and Cena’s feud on the other hand had plenty to work with considering their last meeting resulted in a broken neck. Whether it necessarily needed to be a WWE Title feud is something I’d question tough. Surely Batista vs Cena should sell on its own merit. Yeah, Batista being a heel champion is very cool and a long time coming. However, it took away from the up-and-comer heel Sheamus tremendously with him being considered nothing more than a paper champion at the time. Despite that, everything checks out so far.

Batista in this era… was OUTSTANDING. Batista’s initial run as a heel was fantastic to watch. With Batista being a good guy ever since 2005, this turn was largely overdue. As a good guy, Batista was very limited to what he had to say. But as a heel, he was golden EVERY TIME he was on the mic. In his exchanges with Cena, Batista tore Cena apart. This one below in particular was probably the best I’ve ever seen Batista promo-wise.

Their matches… do not live long in the memory. These two weren’t exactly the greatest of chemistry in the ring. You could tell by the fact that the most the commentary team cheered for in the Wrestlemania match was a Five Knuckle Shuffle off the top rope. This has always annoyed me looking back, particularly PLAYING it back on WWE 2k14. You mean to tell me that THIS was the highlight point of the match? However, what we really did hurt the match was the winner… John Cena.

If you think about it in the long-run, if the plan was to have Sheamus win the WWE Championship anyway, why does John Cena need to be champion? Yeah, it’d make more sense for a face to be the one Sheamus beats for the title. However, this would do Batista no favors at all, provided he was going to be still in the company around the time. Or at least if WWE just HAD to have Cena win the feud and the title, why did it need to happen at Wrestlemania? Surely Batista needed it more?

The thing which made these matches really suffer was the predictability of ALL of them. At least one win for Batista at Wrestlemania would shake things up a little bit. Then again if Jericho was gonna walk out World Heavyweight Champion anyway, then probably two heel champions wouldn’t be the greatest way to end the show. Unless Edge were to win the title, which I think he probably should. To be honest, that entire PPV was a mess and I might just leave that for another time!


So where did this feud go from here? To Extreme Rules. And sadly, their Last Man Standing rematch barely lived up to the name “extreme”. The match ended when Cena tied Batista’s foot to the ropes and the ref counted the 10 with Batista not being able to escape. Now to Over Th….

Sorry I can’t get over that. Cena TIED HIS FEET TO THE ROPE and BEAT HIM. Of the potential cool Last Man Standing match finishes that you could do, you did the one that made BOTH men look incredibly weak! What kind of champion, a face champion even, would tie a man’s foot to the ropes in order to keep him down. The rules of the match are usually that you have to incapacitate your opponent so they can’t respond to the count of ten. All Cena did was wrap his feet to the rope with DUCK TAPE and got the win. How does that make him look strong? How does that make Batista look strong? It makes Dave look like a complete idiot at not being able to escape having his feet tied to the rope. To quote TeamFourStar’s version of DBZ fighter Piccolo, in this situation that makes him no doubt the big, tough, stupid one of the two. Worst last man standing match finish ever….

So the last match in this trilogy, Over The Limit 2010. The I Quit match. “The Animal” Batista’s last hurrah before leaving WWE. And he went out on more of a whimper than a bang. It was not really a fantastic end to this feud. To be fair, the Oklahoma Slam spot through the announce table was a pretty cool spot. But it’s a spot that we’ve seen before from Batista and surely they could have done something different. It ended with Batista shouting “I Quit” in fear off being AA’d off a car and through the floor. However, Cena did the AA anyway and Cena reigned supreme. The feud came to an end when Batista quit on RAW the next night having being confined to a wheel chair.


So that about wraps up the feud between these two. I personally believe that the build to their match at Wrestlemania 26 was actually really well done. Batista was gold as a heel and was the perfect soil for Cena… until he lost at Wrestlemania. I have to say, I’ve always been annoyed at WWE for how they booked Batista after he lost the first match. In the end, he just seemed like a bumbling monster having lost to Cena three times in a row on PPV. It’s a common flaw for WWE with regards to their booking for Wrestlemanias. They always seem to struggle having put all their effort into the grand daddy of them all and the follow-up PPV/feuds always seem to be a little disappointing. I just hope in 2015, they don’t make the same mistakes they made here.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Review – Wyatts And Shield Tear The House Down In Quality PPV

Here it is ladies and gentleman. The Elimination Chamber PPV. A PPV with a lot of buzz and anticipation about it. Six men beating the hell out of each other in an all-out faction war. Six men beating the hell out of each other for the richest prize in the WWE. This was going to be a hell of a show and it certainly started out that way. I already did about Jack Swagger vs Big E Langston in an earlier blog today and that was a sensational opener to the show but then we progressed on with the Tag Team Championship match between the New Age Outlaws and The Usos.

New Age Outlaws vs Usos

Samoan Drop To The Ass Man... What A Sentence That Was XD

Samoan Drop To The Ass Man… What A Sentence That Was! XD

Not a bad match. It was a hurt by the great contrast in styles from both teams. The Usos are really fast paced while the veterans the Outlaws were slow and steady. So when the Usos were picking up the pace, the Outlaws could barely keep up. It was still entertaining though and I’ve loved the consistently good PPV Tag Title matches that we’ve had for the last year now. A bit of humour in it and the fans were really into it (might have been helped from the match before like). The Usos were unfortunate not to win, but their time will eventually come. Hopefully it’ll come at Wrestlemania, but probably not since they’ve already lost once. If they had not lost clean, then they’d have a legit excuse for a rematch. However they did. I do wonder if not the Usos, then who’ll be the number one contenders for the titles heading into Wrestlemania 30?

Titus O’Neil vs Darren Young

Headlock after headlock - I might as well call this blog the "Headlock Express"

Headlock After Headlock… I Might As Well Call This Blog The Headlock Express!

Titus O’Neil vs Darren Young. I’m not going to lie… not that interesting of a match. I mean it was nice to see these two lock up on a  PPV and they truly deserve it, but it wasn’t anything special really. To be honest, it was just getting these two on the PPV that was important and not the match. But it might have helped the match a little bit if the announcers were actually paying attention and not making references to Ric Flair the entire match. -.-

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family

If I Could Only Use One Picture To Describe This Match, This'd Be It... Total Anarchy!

If I Could Only Use One Picture To Describe This Match, This’d Be It… Total Anarchy!

You know if you have bought the WWE Network or are going to purchase the WWE Network, go back to this PPV and just reply this match over and over and over again. You want to talk about epic. This is the personification of epic. These two factions have been building up to this day for so long. The battle of supremacy between the top two stables in the company had finally arrived… and it more than lived up to the hype!

22 minutes this match went on for… and the fans were already chanting “This Is Awesome” before the match started. Myself and the fans were so amped up for this all out war between The Shield and The Wyatts. And it started off exactly as you’d expect… total anarchy. The two came to blows before the bell even rang. Instigated by Dean Ambrose, the two clashed before being restrained and the six man tag team match would begin.

The intensity of this match was so evident. This hardly resembled a wrestling match as it did a FLAT OUT FIGHT! I loved all the brawling and the fighting the two did in this match. Dean Ambrose was really good in that department as he’s a great scrappy fighter. Just wild fists flying. The psychotic nature of his character was played out really well especially when you’ve got the crazy-ass Wyatt Family in the ring with them.

One person that really impressed me in this match is Seth Rollins. Despite his high-pitched voice making him as convincing of a bad guy as Bugs Bunny, Seth was really on top of his game. I loved it when Seth landed on his feet after Luke Harper attempted a top rope german suplex. The athletic ability of this guy is off the charts and the fans were buzzing for this as well as the reminder of that particular 30 second segment involving Seth. He was quality through-out but that one in particular was amazing. If you go back and watch this match, you’ll get the segment that I’m on about.

Luke Harper was really good in this match too. Because of all the hype Bray Wyatt gets, you forget about Harper and Rowan of the Wyatts. These two were as good in the ring, if not better, than Bray Wyatt. Luke definitely was. Especially when he did the suicide dive to the outside, which was followed by Seth Rollins dive to the outside which were both really well coordinated!

It’s just the wild nature of this match that made it so awesome. The match direction and pace would change in such a heartbeat that the cameramen couldn’t even keep up! It was quality seeing Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose spill out into the crowd which was a nice added touch. Harper and Rowan chokeslamming Rollins through the announce table was really well done. And the finish as well.

Roman Reigns did his best to overcome the Wyatts on his own after Ambrose and Rollins were out of the equation. Superman punches and spears were dished out left and right, but it was Bray Wyatt who got the last laugh with the Sister Abigail for the win!

DAMN! That was an awesome match. I highly doubt there will be a better match than that this year. Just for the craziness that the match provided is more than enough for me! I love unpredictability and it had it. I love a good old fight and we saw a HELL of a fight! This will be hard to top by anyone this year! So worth the hype and I would replay this over and over again if I could, because that was freaking awesome. And you can now with WWE Network! Which we were reminded about, every 5 minutes of the PPV! -.-

AJ Lee vs Cameron

I dig it... just saying.

I dig it… just saying.

You want to talk about an awkward match. God. This was just so painful to watch. I mean AJ tried her best, god bless her. But this seemed so awkward. Even ending was awkward with Tamina nearly costing AJ the title. It’s hard to find anything positive to say about this match. Somehow after that amazing match between the Wyatts and Shield, the WWE were able to completely kill the mood of the night. And it ended the streak of actually decent matches. This was just dud all over it. God WWE, just get some more divas in the division will you? And no, I’m not talking about the woman with the worst dance moves of all time, Emma. -.-

Batista vs Albertoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Dddddddeeeeeelll Riiiiiiiiooooooooooooo!

Eat My Boot Perro!

Eat My Boot Perro!

I actually liked this match. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. And trust me, I never had that high of expectations for this match. Del Rio actually looked like a legit threat to Batista which is good. Even if he did do a pre-match attack on Batista beforehand. Del Rio looked stronger than you’d expect against someone like Batista. I really wished Del Rio would’ve won. But that was never going to happen. As much as I wasn’t a fan of Batista’s performance, Del Rio’s performance was outstanding. He made this match worthwhile and was very good in carrying Batista during that match. Another thing I wanted to point out is Batista is so loud when it comes to calling spots. I’m not sure if anyone noticed this, but I remember Batista bellowing out “REVERSE” just before Del Rio reversed his Oklahoma slam! Christ! Anyway Batista won….

Elimination Chamber Match – Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan vs Antonio Cesaro vs Christian

The Final Four....

The Final Four….

It actually wasn’t a bad chamber match. It was anything that special like, but it was really good considering the wrestlers involved. I loved the exchanges Sheamus and Cesaro where having during that. Uppercuts and blows all through the match. It seemed like a proper brawl between those two. One thing for certain is that they were two tough old birds. I’d love to see a feud between these two because I loved them just beating the hell out of each other during that chamber.

Christian had a nice little showing in the chamber, possibly having the spot of the match with his splash off the top of a chamber pod onto Sheamus eliminating him. There were rumours that Christian was going to be taken out of the chamber but I’m kinda glad that he wasn’t. It was good having him in the chamber, but I’m a bit pissed that he didn’t last longer and was eliminated easily by Bryan.

One thing I didn’t like was the fact that made the smashes through the plastic seemed so hard-hitting and brutal when it clearly wasn’t. You had like Cole and Lawler treating it as if it were a car wreck when all they did was go through plastic. I remember when I think it was Cesaro that picked up a piece of broken plastic and rammed Sheamus with it and I was just thinking “Was that actually supposed to hurt him more?”. It looked weak as piss.

Anyway, it came down to the final four. Loved that Cesaro stared off the chamber and lasted longer than Sheamus. For a rising star like him that is a big claim to fame. However, I kinda wished he made it to the end or the final three. However, John Cena had something to say about that. It was a bit underwhelming to see the same old three people (Cena, Bryan and Orton) in the final three who had been feuding for the title ever since Summerslam of last year.

The Wyatts interrupted the match and helped eliminate Cena. It’s nice that they asserted themselves as the top faction of the WWE now by getting involved in the main event of the PPV. They attacked Cena and they’re probably going to feud with him. This is very GOOD news for the Wyatts.

And it came down to Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. And of course, it was Corporate Kane that had the last word in the chamber by assisting Orton in eliminating Bryan from the match and retaining his title. Right decision having Orton win the match… but why was Kane the one who screwed Daniel Bryan and not Triple H? It was a really good point made by Aaron Bower of Bleacher Reporter in this article. If Bryan’s fighting Triple H at Wrestlemania, than surely he should be the one getting his hands dirty?

Anyway. Great PPV. A good build for Wrestlemania. A lot of people are going to be bummed about Bryan not winning, but Orton needed to win that chamber match. Orton vs Batista is happening. Triple H vs Bryan is happening. If you don’t like it… tough. But I’m sure Daniel Bryan will be winning the WWE World Title soon after Wrestlemania so just have a little patience.

On a side note, marked out every time Bad News Barrett showed up last night! He was on form big time here!

This was a really good PPV. Quality matches throughout the show. Great opener and a phenomenal six man tag team match between the Wyatts and the Shield. Definitely a match of the year candidate! I’d seriously recommend watching this again on the WWE NETWORK! XD