SPOILERS: Samoa Joe and Finn Balor Team Up For NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for upcoming NXT episodes. If you do not wish to be spoiled, click away now.

Coming up on NXT will be the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament. As William Regal stated on NXT TakeOver, the tag team tournament will be leading into the upcoming NXT TakeOver event in October. The tournament is set to begin next week. William Regal announced this week on NXT that Rhino and Baron Corbin would be teaming up in the tournament to take on the Ascension. Neville said he wanted to be in the tournament. However, a very interesting tag team was seen in the NXT tapings for the first round of the tournament.

NXT Champion Finn Balor was seen teaming up with Samoa Joe as part of the tournament. I’m looking forward to seeing how these two work as a tag team and it also gives the tournament some fire power. Two of the top stars in the NXT roster teaming up will make for some incredible television. But according to Dave Meltzer, the purpose for this tag team is even greater than you’d think.

According to a report from NoDQ.com: “According to Dave Meltzer, the reason these two were paired together it to set up a feud between Joe and Balor for the NXT Championship. He speculates that the two won’t be able to co-exist and they will end up turning on each other.”

I do like this idea of the two of them forming as a tag team that doesn’t get along. These two, in NXT storylines, are very proud individuals with two very different styles. Tag teams that don’t get along were to be expected anyway in this tournament. However, Joe and Balor are arguably the two top stars on the show. They are both two intense stars. So it’ll be great to see the tension and anticipation build for the eventual break up of the team.

Whether this’ll lead to Balor and Joe facing each other AT the next TakeOver is still unknown. If that’s the case, then they’d have to get eliminated early on in this tournament. However, NXT might end up feeling that these two would work for the long haul. Remember how well Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle worked well as a tag team during the “SmackDown! Six” storyline. There’s a whole lot of potential here and this could lead into a long-term program between the two which I am all for.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn Predictions


Tonight, NXT TakeOver will take place in Brooklyn tonight. It’s a very exciting NXT special and I’m going to go ahead and predict the entire card for you right now. This will be a very brief post, unlike my Summerslam predictions which were uploaded yesterday (you can find that at this link). To be honest, I don’t watch NXT as much as I should be. However, I am very interested in this card in particular. One reason is because it includes a Japanese wrestling legend wrestling in WWE for the first time and he’s doing it… in NXT!

Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley vs Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Prediction: Team Enzo

I’m really hoping for a win for Team Enzo! I’m a huge fan of Enzo Amore and I think he and his posse here will grab the win. I smell something special with this Enzo, Big Cass and Hype Bros alliance. Promote them up to WWE and have them feud with the New Day! That’s money right there!

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte vs Dana Brooke vs Emma

Prediction: Charlotte

As much as I’d love to see Emma win, who is killing it with her new gimmick, I have a feeling Charlotte or Becky will probably win in order to hype up the Divas Revolution on the main roster.

Bull Dempsey vs Elias Samson

Prediction: Bull Dempsey

It’s all about getting fit for Bull Dempsey!

Carmella vs Eva Marie

Prediction: Eva Marie

The WWE are clearly high on Eva, so she’s going over in this one. Eva has actually shown some signs of improvement with her ring work, which I kinda dig.

Apollo Crews vs Tye Dillinger

Prediction: Apollo Crews

I do like Apollo Crews… formerly known as Uhaa Nation. He’s something special in the ring and I’m looking forward to seeing his debut.

Blake (c) and Murphy (c) vs Aiden English and Simon Gotch for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Prediction: Blake and Murphy

I don’t see them dropping the belts just yet.

Sasha Banks (c) vs Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship

Prediction: Bayley

Sasha’s been a great champion but it’s now Bayley’s time on top of the NXT Women’s division. I’m very much looking forward to this match.

Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin

Prediction: Samoa Joe

If Joe loses this one, I’ll be really steamed. Joe really needs this win and I’m hoping a title shot is soon on the Samoan’s horizon.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs Tyler Breeze

Prediction: Jushin Thunder Liger.

Oh yes. I’m all about Liger! It’ll be awesome to see the Japanese star appear on WWE television.

Finn Balor (c) vs Kevin Owens in a ladder match for the NXT Championship

Prediction: Finn Balor

Balor closes the book on this feud by winning this ladder match.


How I Would Book… Kurt Angle’s Return To WWE

A few months ago, Kurt Angle stated in an interview that WWE weren’t interested in rehiring him after he enquired about rejoining the company last year. This got me thinking because Kurt Angle hasn’t been with WWE for nearly a decade now. It’s really hard to believe that Kurt has not been with WWE for so long but yet very active in professional wrestling with TNA. With that in mind… how would you bring him back? How much would he appear on television? How much of an impact would the former TNA star have on WWE programming a decade after his depature? How Would I Book… Kurt Angle’s return to WWE.


Now it’s important to note that we have to be a bit realistic with Kurt’s conditioning. Kurt’s stated in a number of “shoot” interviews that the perks of his run with TNA is that the scheduling for him is a lot less intense than if he were to be working full-time with WWE. Also, he’s getting paid a lot more to do a little less. So the idea that we should have Kurt Angle back on television full-time for the foreseeable future is out of the question. There’s no way Kurt could be fit and healthy enough to maintain a full-time schedule with WWE. Ask anyone who’s had to work full-time on the road for 300+ days a year for WWE. It takes such a mental and physical toll on your body. Kurt Angle is 46 years old for god’s sake. How on earth could he possibly work such a demanding schedule?

Having said that though, Kurt’s still be working full time for TNA for last decade of his career. Granted, TNA’s schedule is a lot less demanding than WWE’s. However, Kurt’s still been able to work well and sufficiently enough to represent the company as it’s World Champion THIS YEAR! Watch his matches with Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Kurt can still go in the ring. So he can work in a competitive capacity.


I would recommend signing Kurt to a part-time contract as it would be more suitable for the Olympic Gold medalist. He can pick and choose which dates suit him best and their would be less strain on his body. But the thing is… how do you re-introduce him to the WWE Universe?

Granted, the fans know that Kurt Angle exists since he can be seen on the WWE Network for just 9.99. He’s been an accomplished wrestler with WWE so he’s not unknown to the general audience. It’s not like Sting, who had never appeared for WWE before he joined in 2014. However, the WWE universe does need to get re-acquainted with Kurt just a little. He’s been away from the company for so long. So if he were to re-sign with WWE tomorrow, then I would propose re-introducing him to the WWE universe in a video game. More specifically… as downloadable content for the upcoming WWE 2K16 video game.


Whether the developers could get Kurt Angle completed quick enough to be DLC is debatable. However, if Kurt re-signed today, then the developes could possibly get Kurt done in time for Wrestlemania 32. Kurt’s re-introduction to WWE through a video-game could create speculation about the PPV itself. The fans would start to wonder why the WWE would release Kurt as a video game character just prior to the biggest event of the year. They might start to believe that WWE is actually preparing a surprise return for Kurt Angle. However, he does not come back at Wrestlemania. If he did, Kurt would be among a star-studded roster appearing at the biggest show of the year. It’s not really fair for Kurt to return when there are so many others being featured on the card. So I would hold of his return until the next night on RAW.

I think my first opponent for Kurt to feud with would be Rusev. Kurt Angle vs Rusev would actually be a pretty decent match for Kurt to work. Kurt would play the Pro-USA character against the Anti-USA Rusev. However, it would not be a match about Patriotism…


Rusev would (hopefully) be coming off a big win at Wrestlemania 32. He gets bragging and says there is not a man out there that could beat him. He therefore challenges whoever the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is to a title match later that night which the champion accepts. However, the champion should really be a face for this to work. Rusev gets DQ’d in their main event match but then attacks the champion. During the attack, he keeps shouting “Who’s going to stop me?” until we hear Kurt Angle’s theme song. Kurt comes out to stare down Rusev to end the show.

Kurt would come out the next week on RAW and declare that he’s here because he has something to prove. He’s been seeing a revolution in WWE with new stars from NXT and beyond coming to WWE and delivering like few others have. He then saw Rusev, who had been a powerhouse in WWE for years. He says Rusev is one of the nastiest he has seen and says that Rusev is someone he needs to prove himself against. Kurt’s says that he’s not fighting for America like he did in 1996 when he won Olympic Gold. He’s here to prove that after nearly a decade away from WWE, he can hang with the top stars of today. He challenges Rusev to a Submission match at Extreme Rules. Kurt says if he can’t beat Rusev, he will not appear on WWE television again. Rusev agrees and the match is made. In the match, Kurt makes Rusev tap out.

Rusev tapping out is rare. In fact, I actually think John Cena is the only man to do so since Rusev’s arrived on the main roster. But Kurt Angle making Rusev tap out shows that Kurt is just as good as he used to be. If Rusev’s won a big time match against a top face at Wrestlemania 32, then this loss wouldn’t be such a big deal. If you want to have Rusev get his redemption, simply have him win a rematch at Payback. I’d personally book a best of three in which Kurt ends up winning their third match at Money In The Bank. Much like Kurt’s feud with Samoa Joe in TNA, you’re not hurting either man to a great degree.

angle joe 2

Then if you want to, Kurt can come back to feud with the likes of Daniel Bryan (hopefully), Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and many more of the newest stars WWE has to offer. Because that’s exactly who Kurt would want to go up against. Kurt wants a challenge, so don’t have him feud with the likes of Triple H and John Cena because he’s already done that. Give him something new to work with. You’re also doing his opponents a favour by having them put on potential classics with a great worker like Kurt Angle. Who really loses?

There you have it. I would not have Kurt Angle come back and push him to the top or something. That would be pretty silly considering he’s 46 years old. However, given Kurt the freedom of working a less demanding schedule means Kurt can be utilized to help elevate your up-and-coming talent and make them legitimate stars. He’d be like Chris Jericho whenever he comes back. And it’s not like Kurt wouldn’t mind losing to these guys either. Just as long as you don’t give Kurt the same old stars from WWE’s past because no one wants to see that. Kurt can prove to be a valuable commodity in WWE and can help those he’s working with. It can also encourage other stars to step up their game considering what Kurt’s able to do at 46. Overall, Kurt’s return can have a positive effect on your roster and your television programming.

Have any suggestions for a How I Would Book? Simply tweet me at either @ArmbarExpress or @TomRobinson5199 on Twitter with your suggestions. Do also check out the rest of the content on my blog. I do a lot of other cool fantasy booking blog posts with my playthroughs of fantasy booking game Extreme Warfare Revenge. And there’s all sorts of other wrestling content as well. You never know, you might just like what you see!

The Beat Down Clan – Have They Proven Their Worth?

The Beat Down Clan is one of those stables that have always caught my attention when watching TNA. It’s no secret that TNA has produced an insane amount of stables over the years. I’m just going to spout of a list of them now for you.

  • Team Canada
  • Planet Jarrett
  • Sports Entertainment Xtreme
  • British Invasion
  • Main Event Mafia
  • Fortune
  • The Band
  • 3Live Kru
  • The Voodoo Kim Mafia
  • EV2
  • Team Dixie
  • Immortal
  • E.G.O.
  • The World Elite
  • The Revolution
  • TNA Frontline
  • The Menagerie
  • Mexican America
  • Paparazzi Productions
  • The Gathering
  • The Rising
  • L.A.X.
  • The group Christy Hemme lead in 2007. I can’t remember their name.
  • The BroMans
  • The Diamonds In The Rough
  • The Christian Coalition
  • The Angle Alliance
  • Aces And Eights

I hope I didn’t miss anyone out…

maxresdefault (1)

I put the Aces And Eights at the end because I wanted to outline something. TNA have done A LOT of stables over the years. Some they just threw together, a lot of them done just to give whoever the heel champion at the time is a group to have his back. The Christian Coalition and the Angle Alliance even have the leader/champion in the name of stable!

If you think about it, only the Aces And Eights has been the stable with the most longevity in TNA’s history and has had the build up to make the stable actually mean something. TNA had a plan with the Aces And Eights storyline and stuck with it. It’s the only one that TNA fans remember as being a standout stable in the company because at the time, the TNA writers knew what they were doing.

On the other hand, the Beat Down Clan, at first, felt like just another stable to aid whoever the heel champion was. MVP was going to win the championship from Eric Young initially, so giving him Lashley and Kenny King to back him and solidify his reign just seemed TNA’s way to hype up their new heel champion. Then MVP got injured and Lashley won the title instead.


MVP getting injured and Lashley winning the title expanded Lashley’s role in the stable. Lashley wasn’t just the big, strong bodyguard for MVP as I feared he would became. He stood out on his own as a dominating champion with MVP singing his praises. It changes the dynamic of it as the leader of the group ISN’T the champion. It’s rare but it worked. Lashley stood out on his own as a legitimate athlete that destroyed everyone in his path.

The funny thing is that from when the stable was formed in June 2014 until the end of that year, the group didn’t even have a name! It wasn’t until January of 2015 when they were actually christened the Beat Down Clan when they actually had an identity. Not really much of a hindrance towards the group but it just amazed me how the writers never gave them a name for about six months!

However, things change dramatically for the group at TNA’s first Destination America Impact. When Lashley won the title, Eric Young, Samoa Joe and Low Ki all joined the faction! Lashley would then leave the group himself a few weeks later!


Not only did the group increase in numbers but they also lost their most prominent members. I’ll admit that Lashley leaving was done rather well. Despite losing someone like Lashley, who was white-hot at the time, the Beat Down Clan still looked as strong as when he was there now they had wrestlers like Joe and Eric Young aligned with them. They don’t look strong in the way that they’re planning on taking over the company. That’s not their goal. Their goal is to show their supremacy by beating down anyone that gets in their way and that’s what really separates them with the many TNA stables before them. Their goal is just to beat people up. That’s what makes them distinctive. However, with the stable now a year old, the question is whether they have much life in them as a group and how the disbanding of the stable is being planned to end. Hopefully in a way that makes up with the Aces And Eights storyline ending far later than it should have.


Previously on TNA EWR…

We crowned a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion in the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, who defeated AJ Styles after Hulk Hogan got involved. However, the controversial nature of the win infuriated the former champion AJ. AJ called for Hogan to resign as TNA commissioner claiming that him, Sting and Jeff were in cahoots. Hulk responded by announcing that AJ would get his rematch for the TNA World Title on Impact!… in a LADDER MATCH! In what would be the feud-ending match, Jeff and AJ put on a clinic. However, as Jeff and AJ were getting up from a hard bump, Sting appeared out of nowhere. He pointed the baseball bat at AJ… but clobbered Jeff! AJ and the rest of the fans are in shock as Sting seems to have turned heel. Sting drops Jeff with the Scorpion Deathdrop and leaves. AJ capitalizes on this to bring down the title and regain the TNA World Title.

The next Impact, “Bad Influence” Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out to question AJ’s legitimacy as champion. AJ responds by saying neither of them could beat him, even on his worst day. AJ would team with the NEW X-Division Champion TAKA Michinoku to lose to the duo on Impact, with Daniels getting the pin. Kaz would later beat AJ one-one-one in a non-title match. Following this, Hogan announced that AJ would defend the TNA World Title at Hard Justice against both Kaz and Daniels in a triple threat match.

Sting came out to explain his actions during the ladder match by stating that he loved TNA. It is because he loves it so much that he needs to make the tough decisions to save TNA. Sting says that Jeff winning the title following Hogan’s interference was an injustice to professional wrestling and that Jeff and Hogan had diminished the title’s prestige. As much as he didn’t like AJ, AJ was a victim of the conspiracy in TNA that revolves around Hulk Hogan being ruler of all with Jeff Hardy being the corporate champion. The champion that all the kids can rally behind, a popular “hero” that was nothing more than a corporate puppet. Sting says Jeff was one of the diseases that Hogan brought into this company, and the Stinger vows to bring him out of it. Hogan cuts him off, saying that Sting crossed the line interfering in the TNA World Title match. Hogan says Jeff is a little banged up, but he’ll be ready to fight at Hard Justice. Hogan tells Sting he will meet Jeff Hardy in the ring. Not for a match, but for a fight!

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe have had a heck of a rivalry consisting of their matches at Slammiversary and Victory Road. However, neither match was able to determine a clear winner. Hogan decided to end it all at Hard Justice. And to make sure… Hogan was going to referee it! There will be a clear winner at Hard Justice.

So…. Hard Justice.



Pre-Show – “British Invasion” Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus def. Brother Ray and Scott Hall in a tables match

I got a 57% for this match! Alright, Scott Hall was not exactly the greatest worker back then and Magnus wasn’t much better around this time either. However, how did this match garner a 57% overall? We have four superstars that are over… at least like 70-75 over each. It’s a tables match. We have Doug Williams and Brother Ray also in the mix who can put together some pretty cool stuff. So I figured this would have been a decent tag match that would have gotten an alright rating. But somehow I ended up with 57%! I really don’t understand. I expected this to be a lot better!


Match 1 – “Deadly Sin” Raven (c) and Rhino (c) def. Tyler Black and Jerry Lynn to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship

I’m not sure how long this tag team of Tyler Black (a.k.a Seth Rollins) and Jerry Lynn is going to last, but I figured they would have made decent opponents for Raven and Rhino. Having said that, a 79% rating is a little annoying to me. I really wanted this to be in the 80s. I was kinda leaning towards having Black and Lynn win the belts, but they’re not really near Rhino and Raven as far as overness. Rhino/Raven are both at like 95 while Tyler and Jerry were in the 80s. So Deadly Sin retain… for now.


Match 2 – Kevin Nash def. Brother Devon in a First Blood match

This match ended after Brother Ray came out and accidentally blasted Devon with a chair! Devon bleed, causing the ref to ring the bell. Nash is your winner. Again, not going to be a great technical match but these two are a bit over. So… yeah.


Match 3 – Matt Morgan def. Mr Anderson in a Street Fight

Morgan goes over after hitting a blue-print through the chair into Anderson. I’d hate to have Anderson jobbing out in these feuds but Morgan was wanting a bit of a push so I put him over. Anderson had a temper tantrum afterwards. Not really sure what’s going to happen with him!


Match 4 – Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett def. Bobby Lashley and Abyss in a Steel Cage match

I have no idea how this match was worse than Morgan/Anderson and Devon/Nash. I love this game, but this match should have gotten a MUCH better rating. Lethal and Jarrett go over after Lethal hits the elbow drop from the top. A big OMG moment to end the short feud between these two. I really want to push Lethal, which is why they went over. Lethal is still pretty much over, so I did what I set out to do with him. Even if he is no longer the X-Division Champion, I think Lethal is ready to step it up to the big time!


Angle 1 (5) – Sting Pillmanizes Jeff Hardy

Again… NO idea why this segment was not rewarded a better mark. These two are insanely over right now and pillmanizing segments normally get great ratings on this game. Jeff Hardy called out Sting and the Stinger showed up on the stage. The two start to brawl up there and it spills out into the crowd. They have a couple of cool spots and then Jeff throws Sting over the barricade. Sting blasts Jeff with a number of chair shots on the outside. He grabs a second chair and performs the conchairto onto Jeff. Sting leaves when Jeff gets up with assistance of the ropes. Sting knocks him goofy and wraps the chair around Jeff’s leg. He jumps of the turnbuckle, pillmanizing Jeff Hardy.


Match 5 – “Beer Money Inc” Bobby Roode and James Storm def. “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley in a No Disqualification match to become number one contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

I’m giving these four great talents the means to do pretty much anything! In the feud-ending match, Roode and Storm won in the No DQ match. The tag team match types are very limited in this game which is why it’s another No DQ match. If it was possible, this would have been 2 out of 3 falls. I was expecting this to be in the 90s but it was not to be. Maybe the rest of the show caused it to be down-graded a bit. I’m very sure. But Roode and Storm go over… I have big plans for these two.


Match 6 – Kurt Angle def. Samoa Joe with Hulk Hogan as the guest referee

Angle finally wins the feud with Joe. At the end, Angle hits the Angle Slam from the top. He crawls to make the cover and Hogan counts to three. Joe’s foot was under the bottom rope though. Joe gets pissed at Hogan and spits in his face post-match. Not exactly the way either man wanted the feud to end really. Again… a controversial finish. Perhaps in the future…


Match 7 – AJ Styles (c) def. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in a triple threat match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

How on earth did this do worse than Matt Morgan vs Mr Anderson? How? It’s AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in a triple threat! If you were to ask me what I thought was the best triple threat match I’ve ever watched, I’d tell it was Styles, Daniels and Samoa Joe at Unbreakable 2005. Two of those guys have been feuding with each other for years. Ironman matches, last man standing matches… Daniels and AJ have INSANE chemistry together. You throw Kaz into the mix, who’s had great matches with both of them in the past, you’ve got a heck of a triple threat match. But yet this game thinks that this match was WORSE than Anderson vs Morgan? AJ is 100 overness, Daniels is in the 90s and Kaz is just behind him. So how did they get that bad of a rating? GOD!


I don’t think I’ve been ever this disgruntled at writing an EWR post. I mean I love EWR to death. I  play it all the time. But PPVs like this drive me up the wall. I have to admit, I put on a lot of shit matches on this PPV. Devon vs Nash isn’t exactly the biggest appealing match in the world. But surely the overness of these guys make up for in ring work? In the WCW series, crowd reaction was my saving grace when it came to booking the likes of Hogan and Ric Flair. The match quality for these two in a match was DREADFUL but the fans were into them! I figured that would work here for a couple of matches but it wasn’t to be.

Before I do more stuff on the TNA series, I do have a WCW PPV in the books that I will be blogging about before the end of the week I believe. It is Souled Out… 2000! We started in 1998 and now we’re in 2000 of WCW. I think you’re going to like this PPV! It takes place just a couple of weeks before Starrcade and I did a lot better than I was expecting! I’m might just keep going back and forth from one game to another from now one but I’ll let you know in a future update post. Be sure to check out that…

In the mean time, give this PPV a rating below, check out the other posts on the blog, comment, share, all that jazz. Have a great day EWR fans!



Previously on TNA EWR….

TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles wrote the final chapter in his feud with Kurt Angle as they did battle in an ironman for the belt. I forgot to mention this in the last post, but a stipulation added to the match was that if Kurt lost, he would not get another shot at the title as long as AJ held the belt. In an epic clash, AJ defeated the Olympic Gold Medalist. This hereby barred Angle for the TNA World Title picture and opens up a spot for the number one contenders spot. See later on who in fact takes up that role.

Things are heating up in the tag team division. Deadly Sin reigned supreme in the tag team title feud with Beer Money after winning a Match of the Year candidate ladder match at Sacrifice! The 100% match quality classic seemingly put an end to things between those tag teams. However, Beer Money earned the right to fight the tag champions again on Impact after beating the Motor City Machine Guns in an elimination fatal four way match. The guns were not happy with this loss and took it upon themselves to cost Beer Money the tag title match a week later. Beer Money demanded the match against the Guns at Slammiversary which Hulk Hogan made official.

The tag champions Deadly Sin began targeting two powerful individuals in TNA… Majority Shareholder Mick Foley and TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett. After Jarrett and Foley were attacked in separate incidents, the two joined forces and were later granted a tag title match at the PPV.

Samoa Joe targeted Kurt Angle, seeing Kurt as an obstacle on his way to the top of TNA. The two traded attacks back and forth until Hogan had enough, and booked them in a singles match for Slammiversary.

Sting was fired by Hogan at Sacrifice following his brutal attacks against Mr Anderson and Hogan injured. Sting had put Anderson on the shelf, but Anderson returned at the start of June demanding Sting be reinstated. Hogan refused, saying that Sting was a danger to the entire roster. Anderson said he relished danger and threatened Hogan to reinstate Sting. After Sting’s music cost Mr Anderson a number one contendership match for the World Title, Hogan finally made the decision to bring Sting back for a one-time deal at Slammiversary. It would be Sting and Anderson one last time… in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH!




Pre-Show – Michelle McCool def. Tara (c) and Angelina Love to win the TNA Knockouts Championship

BETTER THAN DIVAS! (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap) BETTER THAN DIVAS! (Clap, clap, clap, clap clap) The three top knockouts square off in a triangle match for the Knockouts title… the irony. McCool and Love always ask for matches with each other for TV so I decided to shot them both in a Knockouts title match alongside the champion Tara. I feel like I’m going to use McCool a lot more than anybody else on the roster, so she was selected to win this match. A botched interference by Amazing Kong (who McCool was kinda feuding with) caused McCool to win the title. Not a bad rating for the knockouts.


Match 1 – Abyss and Bobby Lashley def. “Bad Influence” Christopher Daniels and Kaz in a hardcore tag team match

Abyss and Lashley go over in the tag feud PURELY because I see potential in booking Abyss and Lashley as a monster heel tag team! They’re both over and I could have them be like enforcers for AJ in the future. In fact, I might actually go with that for now! I feel AJ having a huge stable with him as the leader would do well to give him heat. Not like a huge nWo group. Just like him, Lashley, Abyss… and probably Nash maybe? Four or five guys would be a decent size for the group and I feel booking Abyss and Lashley strongly would work well for the eventual stable that will be formed. I’d say we could form Fortune, but everybody expect for AJ is a face! This is like the Styles Society or something. I dunno. If anybody reading can give me a name for a group involving AJ, Abyss, Lashley, Nash and somebody else, tweet at me @TomRobinson5199!


Match 2 – Jay Lethal (c) def. Homicide and Jerry Lynn to retain the TNA X-Division Championship

This is a tag team feud between Lethal/Lynn and LAX, but I really wanted the X-Division title to be involved. Lethal is the champion and if you don’t have the champion defend it regularly, the game just really downgrades the title. So Lethal defending the title against Lynn and Homicide could help the title and the feud along. I wish the match did a higher rating but at least the feud got PPV air time.


Match 3 – “Beer Money Inc” Bobby Roode and James Storm def. “Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin

95% says this match was awesome! I remember when they were actually feuding in TNA around this time actually, they put together some quality matches. Beer Money got the first win here. I wanted Beer Money to start the feud off strong, especially after they just lost the tag team titles. So they win here. MCMG will probably win the next match on Impact or at Victory Road and we’ll see where we go from here. But excellent!


Match 4 – Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe went to a double decision

100% match quality! I’m really thrilled that it got the rating it did because this is one of my main feuds in TNA! But there was a problem which I’ll explain in the next match! The ending to this was that Joe had the choke locked in on Angle. Angle pushes back on Joe getting Joe’s shoulders on the mat. The ref goes to count down Joe but Angle taps to the choke at the same time, leading the match to end in a draw. After the two shook hands post-match, Joe cheap shots Angle frustrated that he could not actually beat him. 99% overall. Probably the biggest overall match rating I’ve ever gotten on this game. Not just in the TNA series, but in WCW as well. I shouldn’t have expected anything more from Joe and Angle! Awesome work guys!


Match 5 – Monty Brown (c) def. Brother Ray, Brother Devon and Kevin Nash in a fatal four way match to retain the TNA Global Championship

This is where I made a complete mess up of the timing of matches. This match suffered a lot because the match were so pumped up from the last one! I should have known that this was going to happen! Brown, Ray, Devon and Nash in a fatal four way sounded a lot better in my head than it did in the game! 66% rating for this shit-fest of a match! The knockouts match got a higher rating than this one! Well… Monty Brown retains!


Match 6 – Sting def. Mr Anderson in a Texas Death match

Looking back, I probably should have put Anderson over because he’s the one that’s actually a full-time wrestler unlike Sting, who just became a non-wrestler. However, I wanted to book this feud like this was Austin and Hart. Sting would just beat the crap out of Anderson the entire match but Anderson would just not give up. Anderson wouldn’t be turning or anything, but it’d make him look good despite beating beat. Anderson still got really over anywhere so I’m not too concerned about how it ended. However, Sting is the victor in the feud.


Match 7 – “Deadly Sin” Rhino and Raven def. Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley via DQ to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship

The DQ finish occurs when Jarrett simply blasts Raven with the guitar during the match. This sparks the total annihilation of the Deadly Sin tag team as Foley and Jarrett rips them apart post match. Foley does the elbow through the announce table on Rhino, Jarrett does the Stroke onto the chair etc. Jarrett and Foley lost, but that’s the furthest thing from their mind. They just want to punish Raven and Rhino. 93%! These old-timers sure know how to put on a hell of a match… even in 2010!


Match 8 – AJ Styles (c) def. Jeff Hardy to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

If you have been a massive follower of the Armbar Express, you’ll know I’m not the biggest Jeff Hardy fan. However, with him being the top draw of merchandise right now and being super over… I have to push him. Even if I don’t like him, sometimes you have to do what’s best for business. However, he wouldn’t be walking out of this one as the TNA World Champion. AJ won by cheating but the feud will still continue onto Victory Road. I’m still not sure whether to have Jeff actually win the belt, but it would not be the worse idea in the world if he’s over. You’ll have to stay tuned to the next PPV to see how it plays out!


27/3/14 Impact Wrestling Reactions – Eric Young: TNA World Champion?


Hey guys, Armbar Express heading your way. I’m Tom Robinson.

This week’s edition of TNA Impact Wrestling saw interesting developments in the world title picture. It was announced by MVP that there would be a TNA World Championship would be defended by Magnus against not one wrestler, not two… but THREE! We got Magnus defending against The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe, The Monster Abyss and last but not least… “Showtime” Eric Young!

Now one would question whether Eric Young’s character can allow him to elevate up the ranks and into the World Title picture. I think this promo can answer that question clearly. It’s time….

Now we all know Eric Young is a very entertaining guy, but this is one of the rare times where Eric is cutting a dead serious promo and he can deliver. He’s as serious as he’s entertaining and that’s saying an awful lot! But is he seriously ready to step it into the big leagues? In my opinion with his storyline with Abyss, he’s a lot more of a deal now and I like how this has lifted him up the ranks, especially considering Abyss’ affiliation with Magnus. Now there’s no guarantee that Eric will capture the title, but keep in mind Chris Sabin’s World Title reign. Out of the blue Sabin went from X-Division Champion to World Champion. It was great to see at the time, but he went absolutely nowhere after he lost. He found himself right back where he began and I don’t want that to happen to Eric. I think Eric should capture the belt, don’t get me wrong, but not right now. I think Eric needs a proper program with the champion now before he finally captures the belt at like Slammiversary or something.

By the way, in the segment why did MVP stand around for 30 seconds and THEN ask for security? Did he just have slow reflexes? XD

What do you guys think? Who should win the World Title match next week? Should the reign of Magnus continue? Should Samoa Joe recapture the title he once had? Should the monster reclaim the holy grail? Or is time for Showtime?