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WCW Fall Brawl 1996 finally saw WCW and nWo go to war in the War Games match. After Sting “betrayed” WCW on last week’s episode of Nitro, the doubts about where the Stinger’s loyalties lied. Sting insisted that it was not him that attacked Lex Lugerlast week but the “Total Package” said he looked into Sting’s eyes and knew it was him.

In the War Games match, a man called Sting arrived on the scene aligned with the nWo. However, the real Sting appeared as WCW’s final entrant in the match as he took care of the nWo by himself. After berating Lex for not trusting him, Sting walked out of the match and left Team WCW at a 3 on 4 disadvantage against the New World Order. The nWo won the match and laid waste to everyone after the match, including “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth as they embarrassed the previously married couple.


Date: September 16th 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Asheville, North Carolina

Rating: 3.7

Commentators (First Hour): Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zbyszko

Commentators (Second Hour): Eric Bischoff and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan


This post-Fall Brawl episode of Nitro started with Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zbyszko with their typical post-PPV recap. They continued to mention during the show that if WCW had trusted Sting, they would have won War Games. Tony explained that Sting was in Japan during Nitro last week which Sting actually contradicted with his own promo later. He said something about being on a flight from Atlanta but oh well. Larry Zbyszko, of course, had to berate Sting for crying that nobody trusted him.

They showed clips of people in nWo shirts politely giving out flyers to people in the arena before the show! I just love that the nWo are this evil organisation that did such things like destroying cars and spray-painting women but when it comes to the fans in the arena, they have geeks ready to act all friendly and nice to the lovely WCW wrestling fans!


Rey Mysterio Jr. © vs Juventud Guerrera for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

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Tony acknowledged that WCW was in paranoid times because yes, WCW has accused everyone of being with the nWo in the last few months including Sting and Ric Flair. Even guys like the Nasty Boys and GREG VALENTINE were being questioned by the announcers!

This was a very fun cruiserweight match to open Nitro. Juvi hit a fallaway slam and Rey started working on the leg of Juvi. Rey pulled out a spin wheel kick. Juvi tried a springboard but Rey kicked Juvi out of the sky with a front dropkick.

Before going to commercials, Rey did a tremendous springboard hurricanarana to Juvi on the floor as the place went nuts heading into the break. Juvi did a springboard wheel kick, following that up with a baseball slide dropkick and then a springboard moonsault in an impressive display of consecutive moves for Guerrera.

Juvi barely caught Rey with a springboard 450. The nWo fans in the arena had a “party” with signs as they chanted nWo, which seemed more like a protest rally than anything. The finish was fabulous where Juvi tried a powerbomb but in mid-flight, Rey did a hurricanarana and got the pin. The execution of this move was so sublime and, as I have mentioned in this series, great lucha libre is some of the best wrestling out there. Great stuff to kick off Nitro and this gets a HUGE thumbs up!


Mike Tenay interviewed Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” McMichael accompanied by Mongo’s wife Debra. Mongo yelled that he made a promise that if Sting let them down of what they were gonna do. Debra told Luger and Sting to watch out. Benoit said they crossed the horsemen’s path and advised them to prepare themselves to pay the price as Mongo let out a war cry. I’ve never really been enamoured with Mongo promos but he was a very good talker when he needed to be. A lot more energy in these promos then a lot WWE promos nowadays.

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There was video package for Glacier. Last week, I mentioned that Glacier had finally debuted on WCW Pro. His in-ring debut was set for this episode of WCW Nitro so of course, we got a more elaborate promo to tell you more about what Glacier was all about. What an introduction to Glacier this was…

Glacier did a voice-over during a video package where he claimed his master gave him his name. He said he had a “burning desire” inside of him which had to have been a rib by someone! He said he travelled 1000 miles and went to Japan, and he found an old master who took him in and would become his sensei. He explained that sensei means master in Japan and he’s explaining all of this martial arts stuff in the most southern American accent imaginable!

He said he and his sensei took a bunch of styles and made a new awesome style. Glacier said he has taken experience in wrestling and martial arts to put together to make a new style. He talked about the symbols on his costume. He talked about one symbol being, and this is a quote, the “symbol of the universe.” I may have to listen this promo back because the next note I wrote was that “the symbol above his eye is a symbol of ice!” He said on his back was a symbol of honour.

This was such a bad promo, but I could listen to it over and over again! This is right in the “so bad, it’s good” category. He gave himself more character in 3-4 minutes than WWE has given its main roster in 3-4 years. He even gave himself an origin story, he talked about symbols on his gear and someone somewhere really wanted to get this guy over! Based on his match later, I’ve got a good idea who this guy was that wanted Glacier to get over but man, they went all out to tell the story of GLACIER. The best part about the promo is that he recorded all of this quietly like he recorded it with his parents asleep in the next room!



Ice Train w/Teddy Long vs DDP

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Weirdly enough, I liked this match! The match was stylistically very different. You have the tall cocky heel against the shortish and thick Ice Train. They both got wins the night before so they’re both looking to continue their winning streaks. It seemed to be a bigger match than usually for both men… until we got to the finish.

Ice Train was all pumped up following his victory over Scott Norton the night before. Ice Train ran wild on DDP for the early stages of the match. Ice Train sent DDP to the floor with a shoulder tackle. DDP did a swinging neckbreaker. 

Ice Train had burning desire inside of him as well as he fired back up to his feet but DDP floored him with a lariat. DDP tried a Diamond Cutter but Ice Train pushed him off and delivered a belly to belly suplex. Ice Train hulked up and delivered a front slam, took down the straps and hit a massive powerslam for near fall.

Ice Trian hit a big body splash and soon as that happens, they cut to the back where nWo geeks are taping themselves around the WCW merch table. These nWo guys were preventing the fans from buying WCW merchandise. They cut away from the action to show all of this… and then the bell just rings.

Tony flat out says: “I have no idea what’s going on here.” Suddenly, they cut back to the ring as Ice Train and Teddy Long are backing up referee Nick Patrick in the corner as DDP celebrates. There’s a towel in the ring as Ice Trian tried to get at Nick Patrick with Patrick all bug-eyed in fear. Patrick had great facial expressions. But again, I had no idea what was going on because Ice Train was destroying DDP during this match and then DDP was the winner all of a sudden.

So they showed the replay. Ice Train had the full nelson locked on as Teddy Long was on the apron. DDP grabbed the towel out of Teddy’s and threw it in the ring so Nick Patrick awarded the match to DDP. Nick Patrick assumed Ice Train had surrendered to his own hold that he was applying to somebody else!

This was such a stupid finish. It was such a stupid finish firstly because they didn’t even show it live. They had to show this angle with the nWo geeks at the WCW merchandise booth DURING THE FINISH OF THE MATCH. That’s stupid enough where the bell rang without the commentators paying attention and Tony even admitting he didn’t know what was going on. Then they show the replay of the finish, which actually made it worse. It made it worse because this was such a stupid finish.

I get the Nick Patrick storyline. It felt like it’s been the hottest angle in WCW for 2 months now because they bring attention to it all the time. However, Nick Patrick reached new levels of storyline incompetence with this finish. Keep in mind, this was the SENIOR OFFICIAL that referred the War Games match the night before! He saw a towel in the ring despite Ice Train APPLYING A FULL NELSON and awarded the match to DDP. In which of the infinite earths out there would any referee logically make that call?

If you wanted to screw Ice Train out of a victory, there are a million ways Ice Train could have lost this match. Patrick could have somehow missed DDP taping to the Full Nelson which leads to DDP somehow hitting the Diamond Cutter. Patrick could have prematurely counted out Ice Train for not breaking the hold. DDP could have jumped out of the ring and so Patrick thinks Ice Train threw him over the top rope and so DDP wins. THIS TOWEL THING SUCKED on so many levels.

This had to have been the worst kayfabe referring performance ever and it took away from the match. They didn’t even show the finish and then they showed the finish on a replay and it was such a dumb finish. TWO THUMBS DOWN.


nWo dudes are outside of the merchandise with signs of “who wants this crap”. That’s what I was thinking after the DDP/Ice Train finish. They cut to the crowd where they show, making his WCW debut… Sean Waltman, formerly 1-2-3 Kid in with the WWF, in the crowd. More on him later…


Konnan © w/Jimmy Hart vs Super Calo  for the AAA Americas Heavyweight Championship


What a bizarre title ranking system. Super Calo and Juventud both lost their matches at the PPV so they just get rematches the next night for the other titles. They just switched feuds like these titles were interchangeable.

Speaking of those two matches at Fall Brawl, I mentioned Konnan looked the best he’s ever looked in that match with Juventud Guerrera. It appears Konnan was wanting to top himself tonight and Super Calo was willing to put him over. I say that because Calo destroyed his own body to get this match over. One of the first spots was Calo doing a “suicide dive into a senton” as Tenay puts it as Calo crashed into the steel guard rail, and that really set the tone for the match.

Calo tried a crucifix early on for a 2 count. Konnan does a double underhook suplex from the top rope. Konnan stretched out Calo. Konnan did a powerbomb for a 1 count. Konnan tries the power drop but Calo reverses it into a headscissors. Konnan does the reverse DDT for a 2 count.

Here’s the next big spot. I’ve never been in a wrestling ring as I’m sure many of the people reading this review haven’t either but we all know the concept of how to do a clothesline. If you had a trampoline and two friends, you could do this exact same spot if you wanted to (NOTE: The Armbar Express encourages the readers to follow WWE’s advice and please don’t try this at home unless you are a trained professional). One man will charge at another man with his arm to the side and the other man will fall on his back and take a bump to sell for it.

Calo’s idea to sell this clothesline for Konnan was to turn himself inside out and land on the side of his neck. I’ve seen many wrestlers turn themselves inside out for a clothesline. Rikishi used to do it well. Seth Rollins did it all the time for Dean Ambrose. Paul London even got heat for it when he did it with Gene Snitsky in 2005. However, this was such a naughty landing. It’s a clothesline, you don’t need to nearly paralyse yourself and do a flip. Just take a back bump to the floor, for god’s sake.

THEN, Calo tried a reverse hurricanarana and he falls down and Konnan fell right on top of him. I screamed out-loud as I saw Konnan, a much bigger man than Calo, squish Calo which can’t have been good.

Even with all of this, Calo was still doing all of these insane moves. He did a slingshot senton to the floor onto Konnan and then he followed this up with a missile dropkick to Konnan. He again CRASHED TO THE FLOOR. He was flying all over the place after nearly legitimately killing himself by overselling a clothesline.

Calo tried a dropkick in the corner but he landed right on his head. I was begging for this match to be over. Konnan did a cradle DDT FOR A TWO COUNT and I was still begging for this match to be over. The cradle DDT was such a big move but Calo still, for some reason, needed to drag this out as he just determined to destroy himself during this match.

Konnan does the alabama slam and the bridge for a 2 count. Konnan struggled but was finally able to  get Calo up and did a sit-out powerbomb for the win. How Calo survived this match is astonishing to me.


Mike Tenay talked to Sean Waltman. Sean said he’s been in Japan doing a bit of a deal there. He wanted to check out Nitro as the hottest thing today. Sean asked who won War Games to which Tenay said it was the nWo and Sean goes: “oh that’s too bad.” This was a complete waste of time.


Hugh Morrus vs Brad Armstrong

I made way too many notes for this match. All you need to know is that Brad Armstrong was criminally underrated. The finish saw Hugh do a moonsault and after a lazy pin, Brad cradled him and got the pin. I was blown away by a babyface getting a clean win over a heel on this show. What a concept.


Mike Tenay interviewed “Macho Man” Randy Savage. There was no Mean Gene Okerlund on this show for some reason. They showed still photos of what happened to Savage during his match with Giant at Fall Brawl. Savage said it’s gonna get really scary because he’s down to one marble and once he’s lost it, can Hogan take what he was going to do to him? Savage didn’t think so. Reviewing Randy Savage promos are difficult as I have no idea what he was saying half of the time and this was not a particularly strong Randy Savage promo from me. This was also the night after he and his ex-wife got embarrassed and spray-painted on by Hogan and his cronies. Not the fire I really wanted from the Macho Man.


“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Scott Norton

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Of course, the nWo arrived right for the start of hour two in full force with their black limo. I wrote down that Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Fake Sting and Ted DiBiase were there. I don’t remember if The Giant was here for this spot but he was there later.

Eric Bischoff mentioned Savage was the only one here for WCW for next week and Bobby Heenan was upset at Bischoff for revealing this and basically showing the nWo WCW’s hand for next week. It was explained that I guess half of the roster would be in Japan next week.

Norton and Savage brawled on the ramp as the action spilled into the ring. Savage took over until Norton cut him off with a Samoan Drop. Norton smashed Savage with a powerbomb and slammed him with a powerslam.

Savage did punches in the corner but Norton dropped him with an atomic drop. Savage worked on Norton for a while. He scoop slammed Norton on the floor. Norton dropped Savage with a DDT in the ring. Norton dropped him with a shoulder breaker

Savage sent Norton in the ring post and Savage clunked in the head multiple times with a chair and went for the referee as the referee called for the bell. This was just absolutely moronic to me.

In case you all are not aware, RANDY SAVAGE WAS CHALLENGING HOLLYWOOD HOGAN FOR THE WCW TITLE AT HALLOWEEN HAVOC. Savage is Hogan’s next challenger during WCW’s biggest ever angle and hottest period ever. To build him up for Hogan, they had him lose via count out to John Tenta last week, they had him lose to The Giant atFall Brawl and they had him lose to Scott Norton via disqualification.

What was so vital about protecting Scott Norton on this episode of Nitro? Norton lost to Ice Train clean at the PPV. Was there like a concern that if they beat Norton again, he’s gonna lose momentum? DUDE… HE’S WRESTLING THE MACHO MAN. Him losing clean to Randy Savage was never in a million years gonna hurt him. Why couldn’t Savage just beat him? He’s losing more times than Disco Inferno has in the last few months. MORONIC BOOKING AND A HUGE THUMBS DOWN.

The best part about this DQ was Savage smashed Patrick’s face into the apron for the biggest pop of the night and Patrick sold this very well. Patrick was crying his eyes out as Savage wailed on him. To Patrick’s credit, the character of Nick Patrick had a lot of potential but just not as a referee.


Big Bubba vs Glacier


The amount of money they put into Glacier for this character was actually amazing when you think about what happened to him in his career. They have this big elaborate entrance for Glaicer with this armour on and snow falling into the ring as a cool visual affect as he roared. I’ve read on the reliable Wikipedia page of Glacier that the gear, made by Andre Freitas of Atlanta-based AFX Studios, cost $35,000.

I haven’t bothered to check how that compares to today’s wrestling standards. I’m sure WWE once or twice forked out big time for costumes for people like Triple H for example. I saw Will Ospreay many years ago claimed to spend $10,000 a year on wrestling gear. However, that was some serious investment from WCW when you think about how much $35,000 was worth to a lot of people at the time. Bischoff and Ted Turner ponied up the cash for ring-gear for a Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero rip-off character.

Speaking of Eric Bischoff, Bischoff when calling this match was treating Glacier the way you would imagine Vince McMahon would treat muscular men. Nobody cared about Glacier except Bischoff as he was going out of his way to put him over and all of these martial arts moves he was busting out during this match. At least in Vince McMahon’s defense, he likes big, muscular men because they have historically drawn very well for him in the past. Bischoff just liked martial arts and dudes like Glacier because he liked martial arts. There has been a lot shoot fighters that have done well in wrestling but when was the last time legitimate martial arts like karate got over in the wrestling world? The reason for that is simple…. THIS IS WRESTLING NOT MARTIAL ARTS.

Glaicer tripped Bubba as he has a stance of some kind. I have no idea what this was supposed to be or what style this was supposed to be. Bischoff put over Glacier’s “perfect control” and his martial arts skills as Glacier tried two roundhouse kicks and tried a karate chop but Bubba cowered in the corner. Then Bubba finally grabbed Glacier and all the fans cheered! Five months, $35,000 costumes and all the money you could throw at this guy and the people have already turned on him a minute into his debut Nitro match!

Bubba caught Glacier and slammed him with a spinebuster. Bubba mocks Glacier but Glacier kipped up, did a sweep and delivered some kicks. Glacier hit a spinning side kick for the win.

This came off as the fakest martial arts in the world, which is ironic because the man playing Glacier was legitimately a championship winning martial artist before joining WCW and doing “fake” martial arts in the ring! He studied Hung Ga and studied karate but the stuff he did in this Glacier get-up was horrific. Bobby’s recap of the match was: “I don’t like him”

This was a bad match but at least Bubba tried to sell and put over the match. Bischoff talked about Glacier having a bright future ahead of him… oh just you wait Easy E.


Sting walked out to the ring and he grabbed a mic. Sting was scheduled to team with Lex Luger later on that night against Benoit and McMichael. However, Sting came out and turned his back to the hard cam to address the fans. Sting started talking as he explained  that he tuned in to Nitro last week and saw his friends doubt the Stinger. Bischoff asked quietly: “why is he not looking at the camera?” until he figured out that Stind has turned his back on the company and was directly addressing the fans.

Sting explained that because Luger threatened to kick his ass, he went into seclusion. At least this explained why Luger had waited a week to see Sting face-to-face at the PPV despite knowing where Sting lived, so at least that plot-hole was covered by the Stinger’s promo!

Sting said he went face to face with Luger at Fall Brawl and Luger refused to believe him. Sting brought up the excellent point that he has been the mediator and the babysitter for Luger for a year now. He gave Luger the benefit of the doubt every time. Sting said he gave his blood, sweat and tears for WCW. For all of the fans and wrestlers and the people that never doubted the Stinger, he vowed to stand by them if they stood by him. For all of the people, the commentators, the wrestlers and the best friends who did doubt him… he told them to STICK IT.

Sting said from now on, he considered himself a free agent. From time to time, he will come in when we least expected it. From now on, WCW were all on their own.

This was such a great promo because you could totally understand why Sting felt betrayed and this was the last straw in his eyes. How many times has Sting been betrayed by someone in WCW? During this series, how many times was he betrayed by someone? He mentioned standing by Luger, despite Luger being a heel with the Dungeon of Doom. Ric Flair double-crossed him after Ric got a bunch of kids in the ring to ask for Sting’s help. Hogan turned his back on Sting and joined the New World Order. Despite never turning on anyone himself, his name was dragged through the mud and everyone thought Sting had turned his back on the company.

This promo was basically him saying enough was enough. “You all though I turned my back on the company so now… I’M TURNING MY BACK ON THE COMPANY.” He literally turned his back to the hard camera to address the fans. This was so brilliant that it’s hard for me to believe this promo took place on this show. In a lot of ways, it was also kinda sad because…. this was the last of “Surfer” Sting. There are no more “The Man Called Sting” songs to be played when he comes out with this big smile on his face. This is the last time we will see this version of the Stinger in WCW. That to me is sad!


Chris Jericho and Marcus Bagwell vs “The Four Horsemen” Ric Flair and Arn Anderson


The Horsemen don’t come out as they just show the entrance way. Ric Flair was shown arguing with Woman and Elizabeth as Elizabeth didn’t wanna come out because of what happened to her at Fall Brawl. Elizabeth didn’t wanna come out and Arn eventually said she’s nervous, so let’s leave her back here.

Waltman pressed a remote control at ringside and a bunch of leaflets fell down from the top of the building. Some dudes walk pass the hard cam with nWo signs as it is clear now that Waltman is in the nWo. Bischoff refers to him as the “sixth” one even know we already have six guys in the nWo! It’s unfortunate time for the man who would be called “Syxx” but we’re approaching the time at WCW where the stable will just be flooded with members. We’ve had four new members of the group in the space of three weeks. Don’t think it’s going to slow down from here….

The ring was littered with all kinds of garbage as Ric Flair lost his mind as they cut to a break.

The phrase: “we beat you, now you’re paying the bills” was showing on the signs among many other leaflets falling into the ring. The wrestlers all kick away the papers including referee Nick Patrick but then Patrick himself kicks away more flyers out the ring AFTER CALLING THE BELL. As a referee, shouldn’t he clear the ring of this rubbish before starting the match? At least in football, they stop the match if like a streaker or even a cat runs onto the pitch. Patrick is continuing this match in the midst of pieces of paper littered on the mat.

Bischoff said they haven’t mentioned the details but he has agreed to give the nWo their own television show. The match goes on and Ric eventually loses his mind again at the flyers on the floor. He grabbed a whole bunch of them and threw them away.

The Horsemen cut off the babyfaces with a  beautiful spinebuster by Arn as Ric worked on Jericho. Ric raked the eyes for Jericho for about half an hour as Nick Patrick talked to Bagwell in the corner. The heels work on the legs of Jericho.

They show Sean Waltman in the back with the entire nWo posse. The Giant played a boombox playing recording of Sting from WCW Monday Nitro that they used to trick WCW into thinking that was the real Sting last week. Hogan recapped all of this by saying the Sting has now stunk. Hogan called Waltman big man as Eric buries him for his size on commentary.

Bagwell gets the hot tag and ran wild. Bagwell hit a fisherman suplex on Arn but Ric broke it up. Bagwell rolled up Flair but Woman raked the eyes. Arn spiked Bagwell with the DDT and Flair pinned Bagwell with the Figure Four Leg Lock. Heenan even mentioned Bagwell was out cold and Woman still felt the need to grab Flair’s arms as he got the pin!

It’s funny Heenan said the official can only call what he can see in defense of the crooked referee Nick Patrick. It’s funny because Jim Ross uses that to defend the referee EVERY SINGLE WEEK during every heel finish like this on AEW Dynamite and JR is supposed to be a babyface.


Lex Luger vs “Four Horsemen” Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” McMichael


Some dude from the crowd got in a great throw as he threw trash in face of Mongo as Mongo came down to the ring. Sting was obviously not coming back so Luger was going at it alone against Benoit and Mongo.

Luger ran wild for a bit with clotheslines. Luger hit a forearm on Benoit that did not look like it connected at all. Benoit beat the crap outta Luger during the match. Mongo choked and punched away at Luger on the mat. Mongo scoop slammed Luger.

Mongo did a head butt to another man’s groin right in front of his wife at ringside! Luger and Benoit floored each other with a double clothesline. Luger made his own comeback and locked on a Torture Rack but Ric Flair ran into the ring along with Arn as the referee called for the bell.

Luger fought the horsemen on his own but Mongo cut him off with a chop block. The Four Horsemen beat up Lex Luger as they then show the nWo backstage, hanging out in the back of a limo. Hogan talked about half of WCW being in Japan next week. Hogan was going arrange for the nWo to be there next week as they laughed and Luger is shown defeated on the mat.

It was here, after Sting was gone, The Giant had joined WCW two weeks ago and the Four Horsemen are back to being stone cold heels again where I realised that there are literally no babyfaces anymore except Luger. They did have “Macho Man” Randy Savage but he’s not a babyface for much longer either, which is kind of a spoiler but it feels necessary to mention it now.

Lex Luger was shown face down on the mat beaten up by four men. It was depressing to see. No Sting there to save him this time or to fight the Four Horsemen again. At the end of the day, it was Luger that caused all this to happen and not the Four Horsemen. Sting had told Lex to stick it. Savage got destroyed at the PPV and was going crazy. The last clear babyface Lex Luger, who had the temerity to call out Sting for betraying WCW, was left alone with nobody to save him.


At the time, this was very unique to see such domination from the heels in wrestling. Even with the Four Horsemen, they lost the majority of War Games matches they had in WCW as heels. The majority of time in WWF and WCW, the biggest stars were the babyfaces. The WWF Champion at this time was Shawn Michaels, pushed as the next big babyface to the WWF’s detriment for the next year or so. The fans rejected Shawn but the fans loved Hollywood Hogan, who was the biggest star in the industry as a full-blown heel.

In a lot of ways, the nWo really did a number on the business for years to come. The nWo will prove to dominant for so many weeks in the next few years and it basically gave permission for every other company to book their shows around the biggest heels as opposed to the biggest babyfaces. The WWF would start doing it with Triple H in the 2000s, he would have his own heel group in Evolution during the “Ruthless Aggression” era and even TNA had groups like Aces and Eights and Immortal running the show. The Bullet Club took over NJPW, Brock Lesnar is dominant in WWE now and even AEW book the Inner Circle more prominently than even The Elite.

With this angle, the babyfaces were being relegated to being the nWo’s whipping boys. Guys like Lex Luger and Randy Savage and even more guys to come will pop in only to fail at the hands of Hogan before Sting reappears for his big showdown with Hogan eventually. It’s sad that although this was revolutionary with WCW at the time, watching it with modern eyes is a curse. I see so many heels booked better than babyfaces in the 2010s and 2020s and now, I get to see it all over again with the company that really just started it all off. Now, babyfaces rarely get really over in wrestling to the point of being the biggest stars of the company… ever.

I do want to comment that this was quite an elobarate plot to cause WCW to fall from the inside because they went through the effort of creating a fake Sting to drive a wedge within WCW. That I at least appreciate.


WCW Nitro Reading Order



Welcome to the Retro Express. This is where we’re taking a stroll down memory lane at wrestling history. This post is part of an ongoing series where we’re reviewing every episode of WCW Nitro from start to finish. Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.

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The numbers increased for the New World Order as two new members were revealed during last week’s episode of WCW Monday Nitro. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase was shown entering the nWo limousine as Sting and Lex Luger chased crooked referee Nick Patrick out of the building. Sting’s appropriate response would be to steal a police car and chase the nWo limo as it took off!

As Ted DiBiase left, the rest of the nWo arrived in Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. They beat up the Dungeon of Doom and the Four Horsemen until The Giant arrived and teased making the save. However, The Giant betrayed WCW and the Dungeon of Doom as he chokeslammed the Faces of Fear and joined up with the nWo. The Giant cut a promo at the end of the show saying that Ted DiBiase and the Hulkster offered him everything he ever wanted and Hogan bragged about how this was the best thing going today.


We have now arrived at the go-home show for WCW Fall Brawl 1996. The main-event of that would be WCW vs nWo in a War Games match, in what would end up being a famous War Games match connected to what took place on this show.

A new trend is starting to form on WCW Monday Nitro which would set a bad precedent for future wrestling shows. The nWo storyline was done really, really well at this stage and everything that was a part of that storyline was obviously well-thought and executed. Eric Bischoff had his teeth tucked into this storyline featuring his main man Hollywood Hogan and the nWo. Just look at the number of nWo t-shirt commercials that aired during this Nitro for example.

The big angle coming from this show played into this storyline and it worked out, and it’s a good thing it did. Because without that storyline, this was one of the most bland wrestling shows you’ll ever see. We got a bunch of nothing matches across the board and non-finishes in the matches featuring the biggest stars. They showed hundreds of video packages to show us what happened last week and what happened DURING THIS SHOW and a whole bunch of interviews. All of this felt like filler that could have been used for something far more productive.


Date: September 9th 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Columbus, Georgia

Rating: 3.7

Commentators (First Hour): Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zbyszko

Commentators (Second Hour): Eric Bischoff, Mike Tenay and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan


Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zybszko opened up the show as usual. Tony goes out of his way to make it clear that although The Giant joined the nWo last week, the fourth man for the nWo in the War Games match was still not yet known as The Giant was already booked to face “Macho Man” Randy Savage at Fall Brawl. So the storyline is being played up as to who the mystery man is. It feels like every Nitro since Scott Hall showed up has included a “who is the mystery man” storyline of some kind. Whether it was Hall’s “big surprise”, or who the third man was, orthe fourth man or the fifth man. Now it’s who will be the fourth man at War Games!


Pat Tanaka vs Super Calo


One of the advantages of having a massive roster like WCW had was that after a few weeks of using the same guys on Nitro, random wrestlers would burst back onto the scene and would come off as so fresh to the crowd. Here, the opening match was PAT TANAKA VS SUPER CALO and it came off as so random to me! It’s not like it didn’t belong either, because Super Calo was challenging Rey Mysterio Jr. for the Cruiserweight title at Fall Brawl. I appreciate the company going out of its way to be different. Some times it’s good different, some times it’s bad different but they get an A for effort regardless!

What also took me off guard was Pat Tanaka’s music, which would end up becoming the theme song of one Bill Goldberg. I was about to call out the WWE Network for editing in Goldberg’s theme song for some reason but apparently, that’s what he came out to. It’s weird hearing that song without “GOLDBERG” chants accompanying it.

The match itself wasn’t particularly spectacular but it was certainly unique with its layout. You had two guys with complete different styles and they just did a bunch of cool spots, really trying to make the most out of their few minutes of fame they had on this episode of Nitro.

Tanaka took down Calo with a “reverse back kick”. Calo does a flying crossbody off the top rope and then a top rope shoulder tackle to follow that up. Calo took out Tanaka with a dive. They show “youngsters” outside in nWo shirts with packs of printed paper coming into the arena.

Tanaka does the Bray Wyatt crossbody to take out Calo for a 2 count. Calo tried a hurricanrana but Tanaka cut him off with a big powerbomb as the fans went “oooo” as even they felt the impact of this powerbomb. The finish saw Tanaka try a gutwrench suplex from the top rope but what happened was Calo somehow reversed it into a crossbody for the win without actually doing anything! It was weird but it weirdly worked where Calo and Tanaka just crashed down to the floor and Calo covered him. Again, I admire WCW trying out a new finish! This finish gets a thumbs up!


Rick Steiner was interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund in a great segment. One of the things people remember about Rick’s brother Scott Steiner was Scott’s crazy promos and interviews that he’d do where he’d just went absolutely crazy. Rick didn’t quite hit what would be peak Scott Steiner when he was in TNA but Rick was out of his mind for this promo!

Last week, there was a tag team match where Lex Luger and Rick wrestled but they tumbled into referee Nick Patrick who called for the bell. This was at the very start of the match for those of you who don’t remember. During this interview, Rick yelled and claimed that he had Luger beat last week! He claimed to have Luger beat after the FIRST MOVE OF THE MATCH! Luger came in to interrupt Rick’s wild rantings! Luger put over Rick but Lex said he was focused and he was gonna be the Total Package. Rick squealed again about how he could beat Lex and I died. Squealed is actually the best way to describe this noise Rick Steiner was making. He sounded exactly like Scott when he was talking really fast during this promo and I just loved the delusion Rick had that he could beat Luger after they wrestled for roughly 10 seconds last week! This also gets a thumbs up!


They showed the first of a number of nWo announcements as they promoted the famous nWo shirts. Kevin Nash added that all proceeds would got to the Ric Flair retirement fund. These shirts never got old, ever. This look was such a classic and it looked so cool compared to what everyone else was doing at the time. If you look at a lot of WWE t-shirts nowadays or even AEW shirts, there’s a lot of effort being put into producing these shirts. WCW did it right with these shirts and eventually the Wolfpac shirts. It was a black shirt with the white nWo logo and it looked cool. I even own an nWo shirt myself and even a Bullet Club shirt which follows the same pattern. If you make it simple and stand out, anyone will want to buy it and it would look stylish. These shirts they had just aged really well.


WE HAVE BREAKING NEWS as GLACIER FINALLY DEBUTED AT WCW PRO! After 5 MONTHS of building up Glacier to bring Armageddon or whatever to WCW, Glacier arrived on the third or fourth ranked WCW show. He didn’t even show up on WCW Saturday Night. He showed up on WCW Pro, which I didn’t even know existed until I started watching these shows! His debut was that he did a bunch of “martial arts moves” but it honestly look like he was doing a dance in front of this live audience. He was doomed when it took him five months to arrive on WCW television but this debut was a serious let-down. I can only imagine what they’re gonna try to do with him in the next few months!



“The Amazing French Canadians” Jacques Rougeau and Carl Oulette vs “The Nasty Boys” Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags


This was the WCW Monday Nitro debut of the Quebecers, Jacques Rougeau and future ROH World Heavyweight Champion Carl Oulette. To get over just how foreign this team was, The Amazing French Canadians started singing the Canadian national anthem as the Nasty Boys proceeded to kick their arses. 

Then the heels turned things around and then beat the Nasty Boys’ arses for the rest of the match and all the way until the finish. It was like a “Macho Man” Randy Savage WCW match, where Sags and Knobbs sold and sold until the finish when they won.

Jacques hit Sags with the Canadian flag to get the heat I guess. We broke away from this action to show Larry throwing away the flyers the nWo youngsters in the crowd were handing out with the flyers saying: “you haven’t seen bad… but it’s coming”.

Jacques scoop slammed the big man Carl onto Sags. The Amazing French Canadians did a sweet double team senton. Jacques held Carl on the top rope and then Carl did a flip and delivered the senton. The finish saw Knobbs grab the Canadian flag and hit Roulette and Sags got the pin. This match was so backward-assed booked. It was the weirdest heel/face dynamic from the Nasty Boys. They got their asses kicked clean in the middle against the Canadians and then used literally a “foreign weapon” and cheated to win… and they were babyfaces.

I may start to play a game each week for these reviews. Are the Nasty Boys babyfaces or heels on this show? This week, my vote is that they are babyfaces. They were going up against the foreigners who sang their own national anthem, they beat them and the fans cheered and then cut a promo about how they were not with the nWo. They cheated to win the match but the fans cheered when they did it. Nothing like American pride to get someone over as a babyface. Also in the Nasty Boys’ defence, the Amazing French Canadians used the flag as a weapon first so I guess that was just revenge!



Mean Gene interviewed the Nasty Boys. They discussed the Nasty Boys beating down Harlem Heat last week. Fans chanted for the NASTYS. Sags said everybody was pointing the finger at the Nasty Boys. Nasty Boys said the WCW tag team titles are all that concern the Nasty Boys which is with WCW. They only care about Harlem Heat and the tag titles. Brian said they couldn’t give two hells what the nWo does. He said they were WCW and they were coming to take the titles SUCKA. A decent promo to hype up Fall Brawl.


St Craig Pittman w/Teddy Long vs Scott Norton in a Hold vs. Hold match


The loudest bell in the world sounded to kick off this match. This was effectively a submission match but they called it a “hold vs hold” match where I guess the man with the best hold won! This was to build up Ice Train vs Scott Norton in a SUBMISSION match at Fall Brawl. Teddy Long was also managing Ice Train alongside Pittman. 

Pittman ran wild for a while with a few head butts to the gut. Norton cut him off with a rake to the eyes and the arm breaker. Pittman Irish-Whipped Norton into the steel guard rail. Norton threw Pittman into the steel steps

Norton locked on the armbar as Teddy was I guess questioning whether Pittman wanted to give up. I was so confused by what was going on here. I think Pittman didn’t want to give up but Teddy was arguing with rferee Nick Patrick of all people to stop the match because of what Norton was doing. I mean there was nothing Patrick was doing wrong since Pittman hadn’t given up but I guess Teddy wanted Patrick to call off the match as Pittman was not going to give up.

The opportunity was taken out of their hands as Ice Train came down. More crooked than the refereeing by Nick Patrick was the fashion on display by Ice Train. as he seemingly came right out of a YMCA video. He had a fanny pack, black leather cap and a denim jacket. It’s actually amazing but if you put Ice Train against the outfits of Bobby Heenan or Tony Schiavonie from Hog Wild, Ice Train would probably lose against both men in the battle of who wore it better! Dusty Rhodes was another plane of bad but this was not a good look for Ice Train. 

Ice Train came down and threw in the towel for Pittman to save him. Norton and Ice Train went nose to nose as Pittman got hot at Ice Train… ironically. I do love how they showed the replay as part of the “Pepboys Power Pin of the Week” and the POWER PIN of the week was Norton’s submission hold that won him this match! The irony was running wild on this episode of Nitro!

hqdefault (8)

Mean Gene interviewed Lex Luger, Arn Anderson and Ric Flair. Flair asked Luger where Sting was. Luger said he knew what it was like to be a horsemen but he had no idea where Sting was. Steve “Mongo” McMichael and Chris Benoit showed up and they questioned Sting, saying that the “rat” has jumped the ship. Luger just said Stinger was not there for the interview but he would still be there.

I love how Sting not showing up for an interview was evidence enough for the Horsemen that Sting was not on their side! It’d be like when Conor McGregor would be late for a weigh-in show for example and whoever he was fighting then started claiming that he’d jump ship to Bellator or something! Like you’re that paranoid? He’s not there for an interview but there’s dozens of interviews on Nitro. Mean Gene talked to everybody during these shows INCLUDING THE RFEEREES! 

Actually, now that I think about it, remember when a few months ago Ric Flair was supposed to team with the Horsemen in the main-event against Sting, Luger and Savage and he no-showed the match? That was a show-long storyline that went nowhere too. Flair was randomly accused during that episode and now Flair is questioning Sting because he missed an interview! Ric Flair missed THE MAIN-EVENT OF NITRO on that show!

Luger confirmed Sting would be there. Arn said he expected to get hurt at War Games. Arn said Hogan lit the fire now it us gonna burn the nWo all to the ground. A very energetic promo from Team WCW heading into War Games.


Joe Gomez vs Juventud Guerrera

x1080 (8)

I haven’t read the source of these rumours but supposedly this match got Joe Gomez put in the “doghouse” of WCW because of how it went down. I’m not sure if I can put the blame solely on Joe Gomez for this but this was such disastrous match which all fell apart at one spot near the end where they tried the dumbest spot imaginable which was even worse in execution. 

Juvi I guess was getting a Mexican title shot at Fall Brawl which Konnan currently held. I’m not even sure if it wa an official title because they’ve barely had Konnan come out with it on WCW television. Juvi did a springboard 450 Liger kick which is the best way I can think to describe this springboard kick. 

There was actually some decent spots during the match but this spot I’m about to talk about was so abysmal. Let me cut to the case. Juvi and Gomez are both standing on the apron on different sides of the ring. The planned spot was Juvi was going to springboard diagonally over to Gomez and do a hurricanrana to send him flying into the ring. This to me is a stupid spot although I get what they were going for. Maybe if they had two legitimate luchadors, this could have worked. However, they tried to do this spot with Juvi and non-luchador Joe Gomez and it didn’t work.

Juvi springboarded over to Gomez and tried a hurricanrana but he just crashed down to mat and Gomez tumbled over the rope to try and sell the move. It looked horrible. I blame this spot on Juvi personally because Juvi tried in one motion to flip Gomez over the top rope and expected Gomez to go over in time. Gomez was still trying to get himself in position for the spot and Juvi just flies away and hoped the spot was going to work out. Juvi appeared to be a wrestler that just worked at his own pace and if you couldn’t keep up with him, the match would just fall apart. That’s what happened here. 

Juvi did a springboard corkscrew apparently called the “hiro con plancha” for the win. Sloppy spots during the match really hurt this match and it didn’t really do favours for either wrestler. 


Mean Gene interviewed Nick Patrick yet again. We’ve had surely at least four weeks in a row of Mean Gene interviewing Nick Patrick after matches. Mean Gene asked about the DQ from the tag team match last week. Patrick claimed Luger deliberately hit him and he claimed this happening because of the lies Mean Gene has been spreading. Patrick claimed Sting and Luger should have been suspended. Mean Gene claimed there was too many incidents to suggest this is just a coincidence from Patrick. Patrick claimed to be WCW all of the way. Mean Gene talked about the cars and the new Rolex watches Patrick had and Patrick retorted about Gene being Mr Mercedes Benz. I like some of the banter between these two but I am over this storyline with Nick Patrick and I’m fairly certain that it is far from over….


I talked about some of the angles from last week’s angles being absurd. Nothing on that show last week would have been as absurd as this. The nWo are in full force outside of the arena. This is not WCW’s fault obviously but it was raining outside for this episode of Nitro. We can’t control whatever weather God throws us at us. Fine.

However, Hollywood Hogan, The Giant, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are all outside putting out flyers on the cars all decked out in nWo gear. The rain was POURING DOWN as they were doing all of this in tank tops, t-shirts and caps! There was no nWo branded jackets apparrently that they were wearing or there weren’t any coats they had. Ted DiBiase had a blue umbrella outside of the limo as he talked to some inside the limo and everyone else was outside in the miserable pouring rain putting flyers on the cars parked outside of the arena.

There’s so many things that is ridiculous about this scenario. Firstly, Ted DiBiase was revealed as a member of the nWo and it’s mentioned on this show that he is bankrolling the nWo. He’s bringing in all of this money for limos and time to promote their shirts and nWo announcements and yet the nWo felt the need to go outside in the rain to put these flyers on cars? Even if they felt it so strongly that this needed to happen to spread the word, it was already shown that they have “youngsters” that are handing out flyers IN THE ARENA FOR THEM but the nWo THEMSELVES are the ones outside in the wind and rain dishing out these flyers? 

Finally, let’s think about this. It’s pouring down with rain and it is windy. Your plan as a wrestling stable is to put pieces of papers on the cars and hope they don’t fly away because of the wind? Why the heck did you guys even bother? This was at the same time hilariously great and hilariously stupid at the same time! This is something that was straight out of Hulk Hogan’s MO so I don’t find it hard to believe that he thought this was gonna look cool for the nWo to do! It just looked ridiculous. 


Rick Steiner vs Lex Luger

Professional Wrestler

It was not Nick Patrick this time refereeing the match with Luger and Steiner. It was Randy Anderson.

There were a lot of headlocks, mat-based wrestling as Rick kept wrestling Luger down to the ground. Then for like 30 seconds, Rick stalked down Luger as Luger stayed grounded as Rick didn’t even touch him. I have no idea what was going on. It was like Rick was trying to wrestle himself while Luger stayed on the mat. There were no holds so Lex just kept laying on the ground.

For the time before the fireworks went off for the second hour, it was the most boring match in the world. Then the fireworks went off and Luger suddenly fired up and Luger did a flying forearm. All of a sudden, the match burst into life for the second hour! It felt like we had just turned the channel to an alternate reality of WCW Monday Nitro where the match was exciting!

Rick dropped Luger with a big belly to belly suplex for a 2 count as the fans started getting into the match. Luger eventually fired back and hit a “perfectly executed” powerslam to Rick. Luger went for the Torture Rack as Nick Patrick ran down to interrupt the match. Luger ran to the back with Patrick as Luger was then counted out. This was the second match of the show where a man went down to the ring to basically stop the match. Ice Train stopped Pittman’s match by throwing in the towel and Patrick did it here to grab Luger’s attention.


Ted DiBiase was shown talking to who appeared to be Sting who was supposedly in the limo.  Lex Luger came out to confront DiBiase but then a man called Sting popped out of the limo and attacked Luger as he and the nWo jump Luger in the rain.

I don’t think I can properly describe this angle without revealing a Fall Brawl 1996 spoiler so if you want to watch that PPV without “spoilers” it may be best to watch that PPV and then come back to this review. You have been warned….

….this is a fake Sting. However, he proper looked like the real Sting. He was decked out to look exactly like Sting and in the Sting gear and it was almost like a complete double of Sting. Eric Bischoff screamed “nooooo” as the nWo and even Ted DiBiase got in a few shots. Luger eventually fired back and threw away the chauffer. There was two limousines out there as the nWo appeared to have vanished.

Obviously, with the benefit of hindsight and the technology we have in 2020, it would be easy for us nowadays to tell this was a fake Sting. This was 1996 where such technology did not exist. The fans could not prove to each other in heated debates whether this was the real Sting. They were people that were sure this was not the real Sting but there was always doubt and that’s the beauty of this angle. Any opportunity you have to “work the fans” and keep them guessing as to whether this was real or fake is an opportunity to take.

By the way, it can’t have been fun for Luger to get jumped IN HIS GEAR in the pouring rain as he’s rolling around in all of this water. 


Now I mentioned that a lot of fans did figure out that this was not the real Sting but in the eyes of the WCW announcers and the WCW wrestlers, there was no question that Sting had betrayed them. Eric Bischoff was gobsmacked as he told Sting to stick it (a callback to when Hogan and Sting both used that line on each other), Heenan was in near tears as he shakes and the announcers were clearly shaken by the betrayal of the one constant in WCW in Sting.

Say what you will about WCW but they played this up as a legitimate turn. There was no questioning what Sting did. Sting was with the nWo in WCW’s eyes and there was no question as to whether this was a “fake” or what the deal was.

It’s funny, the fans were not shown anything of what happened backstage so 15 minutes of nothing happened for the live crowd as the last thing they saw was Luger walking out of a match! A lot of nothing happened on this show and the fans were booing throughout this show as Bischoff tried to play up the sombre atmosphere of Sting betraying them. A bunch of the wrestlers go outside to check one of the limos. 


Rey Mysterio Jr © vs Billy Kidman for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

hqdefault (9)

One uncomfortable moment was where Mike Tenay called out WCW for not having leadership and Bischoff berated him for being a newcomer and calling out WCW for leadership! 

Rey sent Kidman over the top rope with a hurricanrana. Rey got cut off by a high dropkick from Kidman. Kidman did a Shawn Michaels-like top rope body splash for a 2 count.

Rey did a springboard flip senton to retain the cruiserweight title. This match was exactly 100 seconds long. I don’t have much of a review of it and that’s a shame considering this was Mysterio vs Kidman for the Cruiserweight title.

Bischoff sounded so defeated as he called this match


“The Faces of Fear” Meng and The Barbarian w/Jimmy Hart vs “Public Enemy” Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock

hqdefault (10)

Dear god, the timing for matches on this show was all over the place. As discussed, Kidman and Mysterio got 100 seconds. Every other match except Luger vs Rick got about 3 minutes of time. Luger vs Rick Steiner got about 6-7 minutes before Luger walked out of a boring match. Then they gave 10 minutes to PUBLIC ENEMY VS THE FACES OF FEAR. What?

They all brawled as Barbarian and Rocco screwed up a moonsault spot in the ring. THE LEPRECHAUN ran down as chased way Jimmy Hart.

THEY CUT AWAY FROM THE MATCH to do an interview with Lex Luger, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. This was not like a inset promo during a match. This covered up the whole screen as the babyfaces cry about Sting. Arn said he’s not disturbed that Luger lost a friend or that he himself lost ally. Arn said the only thing you could count on was Sting, even when WCW was previously bought out. Arn said he’s speechless but he wanted an answer. Luger talked about his best friend having stabbed him in the back. Luger yelled that he knew where Sting was and he knows where he lives and he’s gonna go find him. That actually tied into Giant’s betrayal last week. Remember when the Dungeon of Doom attacked Giant after the big turn to immediately get revenge? Luger’s friend Sting turned his back on him in his mind so Luger was going to find Sting where he lives and get his revenge!

Ric yelled that they were gonna go to war. Flair was literally losing his voice as he was yelling at about War Games. 

All of a sudden, the tag match turned into a crazy fight. Patrick was turning his attention to Grunge and Jimmy Hart yelling backstage and missed the cover initially from Meng. He did the count and it was 2 and a half so if Patrick was available at the scene, the Faces of Fear could have won the match right there. So again, they are playing into the Nick Patrick storyline… 

Grunge got the hot tag and tried to headbutt the Faces of Fear but it didn’t work as they no-sold it and roared. Bischoff quietly told Sting to stick it. I love how Bischoff was trying to play the tough guy but he told Sting to “stick it” like in a quiet tone because he was actually petrified of the guy.

Barbarian tried a big splash onto Rocco through the table but Rocco moved as Barbarian crashed through the table on his own. Another table was brought into the ring as Nick Patrick sternly warned him not to use it. Rocco did a top rope moonsault.

Rocco went for the cover but Meng sat up like he was the Undertaker and proceeded to beat Rocco’s arse from that position. He did the Tongan Death Grip turned into a four way brawl and then it was ruled a no contest. It honestly looked like they were legitimately fighting at one point! Patrick then awarded the match to Faces of Fear as he begged them off.

Someone called Meng “Haku” by mistake and Bischoff went on this big tirade apologising and saying he is no longer with the WWF and all that jazz. He was deathly afraid of a WWF lawsuits at this time.


Mean Gene interviewed the remnants of the Dungeon of Doom. Jimmy Hart yelled about everybody being in his face about him creating The Giant. Bubba called out Glacier again. All of a sudden, Konnan is now with the Dungeon of Doom. Konnan has transformed his gimmick into a gangsta-like character and he’s with the DUNGEON OF DOOM of all stables fighting alongside guys like Hugh Morrus and The Leprechaun.

Speaking of which, Konnan said he’s seen the best gang wars and led the best gang wars. He’s sick of them paying for nWo announcements and he said the toughest men are in the ring right now. Kevin Sullivan said for Savage, all he needed to do was take care of Tenta tonight and Giant at the PPV and the debt would be considered paid for the Dungeon of Doom as the Dungeon helped Savage to the back last week.


We got a nWo announcement. Ted DiBiase is now cutting promos alongside Nash, Hall and Hogan. I love how Ted was cutting a promo into a nWo exclusive microphone. Hall talked about it being nWo 4 life and they all laughed. Usual nWo shenanigans.


“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs John Tenta

x1080 (9)

This was every Savage WCW match ever. Savage sold forever, he hit a double axe handle, and he would usually hit an elbow drop and win… this one had a bit of a twist.

Savage hit Tenta in the head with a chair and smacked him in the back with a chair with the DQ not being called for any of this. He did one last chair shot as he hit a double axe handle and hit an elbow drop and went for one more as Teddy Long came out to urge Savage to exit the ring.  Savage therefore did a big jump out of the ring as Teddy warned that “they’re back”.

Tenta is left in the ring as the referee throws the match out. Savage leaves just as the limo leaves. WCW guys are searching the limo. They find yellow paint like the used on Savage last week. They spray pain the limo in yellow.


Arn Anderson makes his way to the announce both. Arn yelled that the world was in shock and outraged but no one was hotter than the Horsemen. He said the whole thing started 10 years ago and we paved the way for Hogan. He said Hogan wanted to be a Horsemen but he just didn’t know how to. Arn said Hogan surrounded himself with thugs. Arn vowed to take Sting’s head off if he was the fourth man. Ric Flair took a headset and he said they were going to War Games and yelled at Hogan that he was not gonna leave War Games alive.


I did not like this episode. The Sting stuff was good but besides from that, a whole bunch of nothing matches took place on this show. There were moments where all we got was segment after segment after segments and when were were down with all the segments, we had matches which were either squashes or had some shenanigans leading to the finish. Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman went 100 seconds. This was not an easy episode to watch and it wasn’t that exciting to me. Therefore, it’s gets a thumbs down. It’s saving grace is that it did get me excited to see what would happen in the main-event of WCW Fall Brawl.


We will be reviewing WCW Fall Brawl 1996 for our next Armbar Express blog post. As always, be sure to stay safe and follow the blog for further updates and further WCW Monday Nitro reviews as part of the Armbar Express’ Retro Express series!


WCW Nitro Reading Order


Welcome to the Retro Express. This is where we’re taking a stroll down memory lane at wrestling history. This post is part of an ongoing series where we’re reviewing every episode of WCW Nitro from start to finish. Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.

maxresdefault (2)

Last week saw the main-event of WCW Fall Brawl 1996 officially put together, where Sting and Lex Luger asked to team alongside Ric Flair and Arn Anderson to fight the New World Order in a war games match. Fellow Four Horsemen members Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” McMichael stepped aside to let Sting and Luger fight alongside Flair and Arn. The Giant and Randy Savage got into a heated brawl in the main-event of the show where Savage left to fight another day while Giant chased him.


This was such a fun and wacky episode of WCW Nitro. This episode was by no means the greatest episode of WCW Nitro ever. However, this is what people think of when people think of WCW. There was a lot of good action which was interrupted by outsiders (literally), there were some all-time horrible wrestling finishes, a disqualification finish in the main-event, trash being thrown into the ring, horrible promos, Ric Flair going crazy during a promo, Nick Patrick’s heel tactics, overbooked finishes to protect everyone and goofy angles up and down the show. The weirdest thing was… I loved it.

The show was far from perfect but it felt like a fun show where they tried out things and there was a lot of new types of angles they tried. Some of it worked for me, some of it missed the mark but it all came off so interesting that I could not turn away. It’s the type of a train-wreck where you can’t help but stick around and continue to watch. This show was not necessarily a train-wreck but it was all kinds of wacky. I like things to be unpredictable and, with the exception of the main-event finish, this was unpredictable.

This was also a huge success in terms of ratings and it was the highest rated episode of WCW Monday Nitro up until this point. They had no competition from RAW this week but WCW really took advantage of being the only show around for the next two Monday nights.


Date: August 26th 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Palmetto, Florida

Rating: 4.2

Commentators (First Hour): Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zbyszko

Commentators (Second Hour): Eric Bischoff and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan



Billy Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera

hqdefault (2)

There were multiple notable debuts on this episode of WCW Monday Nitro and we kicked things off with the debut of Juventud Guerrera. This man would become a mainstay in WCW for the rest of their existance. However, they put Juventud in there with Kidman for a 3 minute match and it was a fun three minute match.

Kidman hit a pretty sweet looking powerslam at the start of the match and then ate a NASTY powerbomb from the apron onto the floor. This was a hard, HARD landing for such a small man at the time in Kidman.

If you’re a fan of springboard moves and dives, this match was the match for you. Juventud did a springboard leg drop to the floor. Juventud did a slick looking springboard corkscrew for a 2 count. Juventud was caught by Kidman for a powerbomb for a 2 count which got a good pop. I like that the springboards were eventually backfiring on this luchador. He was a great luchador and the early parts of the match showed that but he was wrestling in the US where the style had changed. Therefore, he had to adapt if he wanted to win.

Kidman did a springboard leg drop. Kidman reversed a suplex for a 2 count. Kidman set himself up on the top rope and the fans know a big move is coming as he goes up and hit a shooting star press. He hits this move and it gets a two count. It didn’t come off like a near fall. He just hit the move and Juventud kicked out like Kidman had just hit a scoop slam.

Juventud did a “victory roll reverse hurricanrana” for the victory as Tony described it. That was a sweet cruiserweight match. Every big move looked very slick and Kidman and Juventud were just as quick as each other so the chemistry was there. I very much enjoyed this. Fans booed the finish but the right man won I think. This gets a thumbs up.


Juventud was then interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund. I tore into Konnan a few weeks ago for a promo he cut where he was a babyface and a heel at the same time, and I deemed it as a “Kalisto-like” promo (a reference to the infamous promo Kalisto cut in 2016 during the WWE draft). Compared to this promo, I was not giving Konnan enough credit for his mic skills. Juventud Guerrera, through no fault of his own, cut one of the worst promos I’ve ever heard on his debut for WCW.

I’m a huge fan of Mean Gene Okerlund and I have a Funko Pop Vinyl sitting at my desk at work. I’ve admired his work on Nitro so far but he had a horrible night at the office tonight. I don’t know if this was just Mean Gene being a character or what the deal was but he did not help Juventud out at all. Gene mentioned that he “no comprande” Spanish and Juventud does not speak English well at all but he was going to let Juventud try to cut a promo in English anyway. This was a recipe for disaster.

Mean Gene mentioned an injury of Psychosis that we apparently all knew about the injury of Pyschosis. I have no idea about it. This is the first time I’m hearing about it and it’s not like the announcers mentioned Psychosis’ injury on commentary. What was this all about? Guerrera then tried a promo in English but then roared in Mexican as the fans started to boo as they could not understand him.

One should not really boo a man for speaking a different language than them but why WCW even let Guerrera near a microphone at this time blew my mind. The man could barely speak English as Mean Gene said and he was not going to get himself over by just speaking in Spanish and then randomly yelling I’M THE GREATEST WRESTLER IN MEXICA.” The fans booed the hell out of this man. If it was Asuka yelling in Japanese in an intense manner for example, maybe it would work. But no, he just starts talking in Spanish and the American fans aren’t able to engage with him.

Juventud kept trying and trying and Mean Gene let this all happen until he just gave up and they cut to a break. A bigger train wreck than that Konnan promo from 2 weeks ago which I’m amazed was even possible. Konnan was Ric Flair compared to this promo by Juventud Guerrera which is a shame for Juvi.


“Powerful Males” Marcus Bagwell and Jim Powers w/Teddy Long vs “Dungeon of Doom” Taskmaster and Big Bubba w/Jimmy Hart


They mentioned Scotty Riggs was injured. I mean he wrestled a week ago so I find it hard to believe that was a work so Riggs was out and Jim Powers became a part of the American Males for one night at least!

They put over the Taskmaster as “one of the most dangerous men we’ve seen in this sport” according to Tony as they show a video package of Taskmaster doing the running knee to an opponent in a tree of woe, teasing the possibility that we may see it again. Well wouldn’t you know it, he did that move during this match!

Taskmaster and Powers fight with Larry commentating that Powers was FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE. A four way brawl broke out in the ring. The babyfaces somehow gain control. Bagwell’s offence is literally dropkicks and punches. Calling him a wrestler at this point is a bit of a stretch and I know we’ve discussed this before with Bagwell but there doesn’t appear to be any signs of improvement yet.

Bubba caught Bagwell and slammed him with a spinebuster-like drop. Bubba hooked Bagwell in the tree of woe and Taskmaster smashed into Bagwell with the running knee. Bubba hit the laziest looking shoulder tackle ever. It was like accidentally bumping into someone in the street and Bagwell sold this!

Powers got the tag and ran wild. He smashed all the heels with turnbuckle smashes including Jimmy Hart and the fans were going nuts for Powers as he takes it to the Dungeon of Doom. The dude was getting over. Powers hit a crossbody and got the pin and the fans actually went crazy for this huge upset! I was stunned and I figured this is a great way to get a guy over. It was a clean win and they got such a big pop for the babyfaces. Jim Powers can now slowly build a rapport with the crowd and maybe they can do something with the guy. But of course, this was WCW and they couldn’t even let Jim have this….

Referee NICK PATRICK restarted the match claiming that Bubba got the shoulder up, which was preposterous when they showed the replay of it. It was as clean of a pin as any! So Patrick decided that the match must go on. The heels takeover and Bubba hits a spinning side slam and gets the pin.

This was a big opportunity to get over some lower-card guys that was squandered and sacrificed for this stupid Nick Patrick storyline. Did WCW really have to go out of their way to protect Big Bubba during this tag team match? For one night, they could have got Jim Powers over and given him a big win but they took it away. Last week, Chavo actually got a clean win but DDP laid him out and a referee made the save. Why can’t the babyfaces have anything nice on this show?


Mean Gene interviewed the Dungeon of Doom after the match. Bubba said he should be getting the title shots and the main-events and he was not gonna be looked over any more after tonight. Bubba then called out Glacier! Yeah, Glacier was this big character they were building up that was becoming a joke because he hadn’t even arrived yet and Bubba was calling him out! We had to protect Bubba so he could go onto feud with GLACIER.

Jimmy mentioned Glacier saying blood runs cold but when he arrived, the only one running would be him. Taskmaster questioned that Mean Gene was apparently spotted around Hogan’s place. Mean Gene said “did the man have hair” and Taskmaster responded: “yeah, he had bald hair!” I loved that exchange! Taskmaster talks about the nWo and Gene questioned him about greasing the pole with Patrick or something weird like that. Basically he was implying that Nick Patrick is just “the heel referee” of WCW now, not necessarily with the nWo but an ally to the heels in general.


Mean Gene interviewed Sting and Luger backstage. I guess Mean Gene TELEPORTED to the backstage area to do this promo. I was watching WCW Nitro on the WWE Network so we didn’t get any adverts. Therefore, we cut from one Mean Gene interview in the ring to an interview backstage! Mean Gene was all over this show.

Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” McMichael had called out Luger and Sting for a tag team match for their spots in the War Games match. Luger said he accepted Mongo and Benoit’s challenge. Luger said they’re in the right frame of mind to kick some behind. Sting claimed the Horsemen wanted to “test” them which suggested that the Horsemen didn’t trust Luger and Sting and they were making a mistake.

Last week, Benoit and Mongo stepped aside to let Sting and Luger fight with Ric Flair and Arn Anderson but I guess they had a change of heart this week. This feels like a really sudden change in attitude from last week.



Mike Enos vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

hqdefault (3)

Having looked back in my notes, I still can’t believe they did this match. You could tell that there was no competition from RAW in the first hour because in the middle of this Monday Night Wars, they did Mike Enos vs Chavo Guerrero Jr! What a star-studded match with a noteworthy finish!

They already had Hollywood Hogan booked to defend the WCW title at Halloween Havoc in October against “Macho Man” Randy Savage. That is some serious long-term booking right there with Fall Brawl already a few weeks away.

Enos caught Chavo coming from the top rope and hit a fallaway slam. This was basically Mike Enos playing the big-man role like DDP last week. Enos was basically The Giant as he carried Chavo in like a powerslam position and threw him back into the ring.

Enos did a backbreaker and Chavo was slipping off like he was slipping down a greasy pole. He barely had him in position as he was sliding all over the place while draped over his knee. It didn’t look like Enos was applying a hold at all. Konnan was in the audience and looked SOUND ASLEEP as he was wearing sunglasses and appeared to be in a lawn chair or something.

Enos hit a powerslam, Enos hit a northern light suplex. Enos was just doing moves forever on Chavo and nobody cared. He tried a powerbomb and Chavo just fell down on him and landed on Enos’ ankle. Chavo locked on the Figure Four Leg Lock but Randy Anderson gog knocked down.

What happened next has to be a contender or the leading contender to being the dumbest finish to a match in the history of WCW matches. The referee was down and Dirty Dick Slater, who is in a towel and has his head covered in this towel, his an elbow drop and broke up the Figure Four Leg Lock. Dick threw Enos to the outside. I want to stress to everybody that Dick had a full head of long hair and Enos has a short haircut. KEEP THAT IN MIND when I explain what the spot was they attempted.

Dick put the towel over Enos’ head and Dick went back in the ring as Dick started wrestling with Chavo. Yes… Rough and Ready’s Dick Slater and Mike Enos tried “twin magic” on WCW Monday Nitro. The signature move that would become the trademark spot for the Bella Twins, who is ironically being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year if they still do it, which those girls could pull off BECAUSE THEY LOOKED ALIKE. Slater and Enos looked nothing alike during this match!

Dick hit the swinging neckbreaker and he goes for the Figure Four Leg Lock and Chavo reversed it for a roll-up and the ref counted the pin. Dick popped up with this full bush of hair right in front of the referee and the decision just stood as Rough and Ready are frustrated in the ring.

Tony then talked about the team were gonna complain that the wrong man was in the ring which they had every right to do… THE WRONG MAN WAS IN THE RING. We just saw a referee restart a match for the hell of it so Randy Anderson could have noticed the wrong man was in the ring and restarted the match. That is apparently in his powers as a WCW referee and he stood there and did nothing. He could have called for a disqualification at least but… this is the dumbest finish I’ve ever seen.

They tried the twin magic spot with two men who clearly looked NOTHING LIKE EACH OTHER and it backfired to such a monstrous proportion. This was a HUGE THUMBS DOWN.

Mean Gene interviewed Chavo where Chavo just yelled rapidly about DDP. Chavo cut a promo about DDP not accepting losing to Eddie and someone had to teach him how to lose with respect. He said when someone messes with one Guerrero, they mess with all of us as the fans boo. The format was talk really fast, yell and talk about the Guerrero family. Welcome to what would be the template for every Chavo Guerrero promo for the next 20 years of his career.


Rey Mysterio Jr. © vs J.L. for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship


I don’t know how this was possible but they brought out the WCW Cruiserweight Champion for a title match on Nitro and they found away to turn it into the slowest match of the show. They did give them a lot of it but a lot of it didn’t really matter when we see what happened during it.

Tony claimed J.L. was very mysterious but he could confirm he was not from Mexico! I mean he can’t have been that mysterious can he if Tony has already deduced that he was at least not from Mexico!

I do kinda like the spot of J.L. trying to bounce off the ropes with the headlock but Rey just let his body collapse to the mat to stopping JL’s momentum. It’s like if you’re trying to get your toddler up from the floor but he collapses to the floor because he doesn’t wanna stand up! It’s great because trying to move someone who doesn’t wanna move is difficult! This made sense

THEN THEY CUT TO nWo shenanigans…


Hollywood Hogan is with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. They take a cameraperson to the video production truck where they spray paint nWo 4 LIFE on the side of this truck. Hogan asked if they thought “they” would get the message. I love how one of the Outsiders have spray paint that wasn’t particularly any good. The reason I say this is because someone wrote nWo in black and it looked like it was going to fade. Just to be sure that it could be seen, because the spray paint wasn’t that strong, Hogan does spray paint over spray paint over the faded-looking nWo spray paint. I wrote down that it was Nash that did the weak spray paint but I don’t remember if that’s right. Hogan bragged that this was gonna wake them up. Rey did a camel clutch as they cut to a break.

Obviously, the nWo was such a popular act at the time but this was another silly angle where they really did not come off as cool at all. You cut away from this title match to show a bunch of GROWN ASS ADULTS acting like teenagers as they did graffiti on the side of a production truck? This was lame.

It worked in getting the nWo HEAT, at least from me!, because they came off as such dorks to me and they interrupted the cruiserweights in action but they ended up coming off as the coolest things on the show for a lot of people. It’s surreal.

Dean Malenko came down to watch the match and emotionless doesn’t do Malenko’s expression justice. This is the closest one man can look to being sleep if that man was stood up and his eyes were open.

J.L. and Rey did weird spots where they each got on all fours and waited for the other man to do a move. J.L. did it and went down on all fours, and Rey grapples him on the ground! Rey then goes on all fours… and J.L. just kicks him! These were the stupidest spots! Why were both men going down to allow the other man to do a move on them? This was void of logic.

J.L. hit a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count. Mysterio reversed an attempt at a second one with a roll-up for a 2 count. The commentators even compared Hogan and the nWo to a bunch of kids. J.L. locked on a Boston crab and Rey sold this by flat out saying “ow my back”. J.L. just got the heat forever and it sucked the life out of this match. I mean they were interrupted by the nWo so maybe they just half-arsed it because they knew the nWo and fireworks would interrupt them.

Speaking of which, the fireworks literally just went off in the middle of the match. Rey did a sweet diving hurricanrana from the steel steps. Rey then almost spiked himself with a West Coast Pop and picked up the win. Rey called out Dean for a match right now and then celebrated with the crowd.

The match wasn’t bad but if you look at the the first three matches of the show. We got three short matches which were 3-4 minutes each. You put the cruiserweights out there and have them wrestle for 15 minutes as J.L. is slowing it down, the people are just gonna zone out. If it was the opening match on the show and if the nWo didn’t show up, maybe it could have been a good way to open the show. Here, the placement of this type of match was not right after three short matches.


Mean Gene did ANOTHER INTERVIEW this time with Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” McMichael who were accompanied by Elizabeth, Woman and Debra McMichael. Mongo said he’s here for the match they demanded. They wanted to prove to WCW and the good guys they were ready for War Games. Benoit said they didn’t relinquish their spot as it was a decision made by the Horsemen. I know they were heels so it doesn’t really matter but Ric Flair flat out said it’s up to Benoit and Mongo about whether they would give up the spots last week! He had that much faith in the Horsemen that he left it to Mongo and Benoit to decide whether they would abdicate the spots or not. As mentioned earlier, this felt like a completely random 180 by Mongo and Benoit. Benoit said tonight was about security but it was not about security for the Horsemen but for WCW.

They recapped Hogan’s chair shot to “Macho Man” Randy Savage from 2 weeks ago and then Savage’s promo from last week. By the way I did not exaggerate this last week, Savage did say he had 15,000 stitches in his head last week when he was cutting his promo on Hogan! They also showed Savage and Giant’s fight from last week. I still can’t get over that big leap over the top rope from the Giant last week. He jumped CLEAN over the top rope in such a fabulous manner for a big man!

Mean Gene interviewed Savage. Savage said it’s for all the marbles. Savage said he’s only got one marble in his head but it’ll be the scariest match in history at Halloween Havoc against Hogan. Savage said he’s in the zone as he was shown to be super intense with this promo. He was a man of little words as he said he was gonna kick Hogan and Giant’s asses and then he stormed off.



Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs The Giant w/Jimmy Hart


Duggan walked right through fireworks for his entrance which seemed rather dangerous! It’s funny Bischoff said The Giant could be the man who decides the balance of power, which is a very interesting choice of words when you see where this nWo storyline goes…

Jimmy grabbed the leg of Duggan. Duggan chased him and Duggan threw Jimmy’s jacket at Giant and fired away with punches.

God bless The Giant but he did a running charge into the ring post. He didn’t just run into this ring post and kinda control the impact a little bit better. He ran and shoulder barged into it and smashes his arm right into the post! That looked so nasty and I hope The Giant learned to never do that again. It looked nasty, even for The Giant.

Giant did a bear hug as Eric Bischoff hyped up the debut of Chris Jericho. Speaking of debuts but who should come down to ringside but THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN TED DIBIASE. Bischoff even reminded us and mentioned that: “we’ve seen this before” in reference to Scott Hall’s WCW debut. He just mades his way to the front row dressed in black.

Duggan used the tape to no affect and he even wound up the taped fist punch and nailed Giant and he still was not able knock him down. What a way to kill off Duggan’s tape gimmick. They played it up like it was such a deadly thing to be hit with the taped fist and The Giant just takes two of them and no-sold them! Way to go Duggan…

Duggan and Hart wrestled over the 2×4. Giant then goes for the chokeslam and Duggan can barely get up. Some guys like Benoit, as discussed last week, will jump high into the air for The Giant to slam him down. Duggan didn’t jump at all as he clearly didn’t wanna take the bump. He tried to go up only barely and it almost led to Giant dropping him. However, this was THE GIANT, and he was able to hold him in place and got Duggan high in the air as if to say “you’re going up for this chokeslam whether you like it or not!” Giant controlled Duggan, he got him up and he slammed Duggan and got the pin. Duggan had an expression on his face like his life flash before his eyes after taking that bump! It was inadvertently the best struggle of the entire show!


Ted DiBiase then put up a four horsemen sign to the camera then raised his thumb as a fan yells “next week 5” and the announcers play this up as if Ted DiBiase could be the fifth horsemen or that he could be the fourth or fifth member of the nWo….

The Giant was interviewed by Mean Gene. Giant yelled that Savage talked about Giant letting the WCW down and he rightfully questioned where Savage was for “us” during the match match at Hog Wild. Giant mentioned he will be there at Fall Brawl and mentioned Savage doesn’t deserve a shot at the title.

He yelled right at the camera and saliva and sweat landed right on the camera lens which was like a great comic book effect! Mean Gene, like a pro, whips out a handkerchief from his pocket, wipes the camera lens as he complained that these guys are very messy! I mentioned that I wasn’t a fan of Mean Gene earlier on but this was a great moment! He was literally the Alfred to these WCW wrestlers, cleaning up after their messes as a true ally to the wrestlers! I thought that was a nice touch.


“The Four Horsemen” Ric Flair and Arn Anderson w/Woman and Elizabeth vs “Rock and Roll Express” Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson


I don’t have many notes about this match as it is exactly the type of match you’d think Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs the Rock and Roll Express would be on Nitro in 1996 with these guys. The heels got the heat, the heel women take cheap shots at ringside, they get the heat on Robert Gibson, Ricky Morton gets the hot tag, the heels cheat and win. That’s all you need to know and it wasn’t bad but somewhat predictable.

The finish itself was rather something. Bischoff cut a big promo about referee Randy Anderson being in control of things during this match unlike Nick Patrick. Then Randy Anderson’s back is turned to chew out Gibson. As the referee is distracted, Flair dropped Morton crotch first with an atomic drop and Arn hit a DDT to streal the win. SUCH CONTROL demonstrated from this senior official!

Ric Flair yelled at the camera to Hogan mentioning that he heard Hogan quit, referring to their Clash of the Champions match.

Mean Gene interviewed the Four Horsemen minus Benoit and Mongo. Arn yelled about the nWo picking their spots but when they step into the cage and this will be the one and last War Games for the Outsiders. Arn said if you’re gonna be a man you gotta jump a man eye to eye, nose to nose. Ric yelled about the Clash match and claimed that Hogan said, and this is a quote, “OH GREAT NATURE BOY, I GIVE UP. IIIII QUIT. YOU’RE TOO MUCH MAN TODAY!” I love how elaborate and detailed Ric was with what he claimed Hogan said during their Clash of the Champions match! When I imagined Hogan saying that in my head, I died!

Ric told the nWo to get ready as they’re in North Carolina, the home of the Horsemen, for War Games. Elizabeth was laughing her arse off as she just watches Flair lose this mind. It must be like the most surreal thing in the world to just be standing right next to Flair in front of a live crowd as he cuts this crazy promo and is being Ric Flair. I would either be just constantly getting goosebumps or just in hysterics like Elizabeth!


Chris Jericho vs Alex Wright

x1080 (6)

At last, THE DEBUT OF CHRIS JERICHO! As I watched this in 2020, Chris Jericho in 2020 currently has his Fozzy song “Judas” as his entrance for AEW and when he wrestled in NJPW too. That song got so over that every crowd for Dynamite was singing that song as Jericho was coming out as it’s revered as one of the best theme songs in the business today. In 1996, Jericho came out with one of my favourite WCW theme songs ever!

The song was “All The Days” by Mammoth and it was such a fabulous song and I popped like crazy when I heard it again for this episode of Nitro. It’s glorious…

The cruiserweights shake hands and Jericho looked so short compared to Alex Wright. The last cruiserweight Jericho needed to be in the ring was to DWARF him in the ring was Alex Wright. Wright was so tall compared to Jericho, it was like a 10 year old wrestling with his 20 year old brother!

They wrestle for a bit and Jericho’s busting out moves that would become vintage Jericho spots like the wheel kick and springboard drop kick to the floor. Jericho suplexed Wright back into the ring. Wright did a huge dropkick to Jericho coming off the top rope. The German got some major air time on this dropkick. Say what you will about Alex Wright but this was an athletic man at this time.

Then Wright’s athleticism becomes his downfall as he tries a springboard crossbody and smashes right into the face of Jericho in a horribly executed spot. Jericho does a running clothesline and he does WILHELM SCREAM as he runs right into Wright. It was one of the funniest voices I’ve heard Jericho do during his entire career. I’ve watched him since I started watching wrestling in 2003 so think of the ground that covers for me!

Wright crashed into the steel guard rail and then Jericho went to the referee and said he didn’t wanna win like this so this match was ruled a no contest as Jericho tended to Wright. The announcer officially declared that Chris Jericho does not wanna win this way so it is a no contest. That’s a new one!

Mean Gene interviewed Jericho. Jericho mentioned that he wanted to fight to the best of his ability. He said to accept that win would not have been to the best of their abilities. Jericho trash-talked the nWo and of course he gets booed, because the nWo came off as so much cooler than WCW. I mentioned that the nWo came off as dorks but if you look at the promos that the likes of Konnan, Juventud Guerrera, Chris Jericho and even NICK PATRICK have all cut about the nWo, they all come off as such geeks in comparison to these edgy heels. Wright goes to talk and Mean Gene said: “we’re out of time!” and completely cut off the German and denied him the chance to talk. What a cock Gene was being on this show!


“The Steiner Brothers” Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner vs “The Blue Bloods” Dave Taylor and Earl Robert Eaton


The Blue Bloods argued about who start the match because it was established last week that there was issues within the Blue Bloods. Rick bonked their heads together to get the match going.

Then Taylor tried to tag himself in and Eaton pushed him off. Rick ran wild on the Blue Bloods by himself and then Scott just entered the ring fresh as a daisy and posed with Rick! I dunno why but I found that hilarious that they did the Steiner pose when Rick did all the work by himself! Rick was kicking their arses 2 on 1 during this match!

Scott tagged himself in. Taylor commanded that Rick is tagged back in so RICK IS TAGGED IN. I’m pretty sure Rick Steiner did about 99% of the work during this match for the Steiners!

There was miscommunication from the Blue Bloods. Taylor recovered as The Blue Bloods tried a crossbody Doomsday Device but Rick reversed this and got the pin. Scott’s contributions to this entire match was he did one eblow smash and shoulder blocked Taylor at the very end to stop him from breaking up the pin! What a contribution and a great win for Rick Steiner and thank you to Scott Steiner for his 1% contribution to the win for the Steiners!

Taylor eventually attacked Eaton and the Blue Bloods got into a brawl in the ring after the match, which was actually a decent brawl. The Steiners urge them on as Rick stirred the poop as the Blue Bloods brawl some more! The Steiners were basically kids watching a school fight and egging them on! The Steiners yelled at Harlem Heat as they’re wrestling AGAIN at Fall Brawl. I am sick of this Steiners vs Harlem Heat feud…


Sting and Lex Luger vs “The Four Horsemen” Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” McMichael w/Woman, Debra McMichael and Elizabeth


Let’s talk about the opening sequence of this match. So the match descended into a big brawl in the ring between all four men. I don’t know who put this match together but they pair up Sting and Benoit together to fight and they pair LEX LUGER AND MONGO TOGETHER FOR A FIGHT. Who came up with that decision and figured all was gonna end well at all?

It didn’t end well and to say chemistry was not there for Mongo and Luger is an understatement. They just bumbled around this ring while Benoit and Sting actually had a good looking fight.

Benoit got in the ring to increase the match quality with Luger. Benoit and Luger dropped each other with a clothesline. I don’t know why I thought about this during this match but seeing Lex Luger, Elizabeth, Woman and Chris Benoit all out there in some capacity made this somewhat uncomfortable to watch when you considered how those respective relationships ended up in real life.

Sting got the hot tag as the fans don’t pay attention and they all look at something that has happened in the crowd. I figured at first that a fight had broken out in the crowd. It turned out to be Hollywood Hogan coming through the crowd!

Mongo threw Luger into the ring post. Sting missed a dive. Benoit missed a diving headbutt. Then out came the Hulkster as he made his way down to the ring with a can of spray pain in his hand. He comes across Mongo and then Hogan backed away from Mongo! I don’t think that match ever happened but them teasing babyface Mongo versus Hollywood Hogan for a big match is unbelievable to think about!

Of course, the Outsiders fly in before anything happened. Scott Hall literally flew in as him and Nash beat up Mongo. They spray paint the back of Mongo. Hall dropped Benoit with what would be called the Outsiders Edge and Nash does the Jackknife powerbomb to Sting. They spray paint the nWo letters on Sting and Benoit’s backs. Ric and Arn run wild on the Outsiders for a brief period, kick their arses for a while but Hogan sprayed the face of Flair and actually spray painted Flair’s hair black which I’m sure Flair was thrilled about.


The nWo celebrate as trash is thrown into the ring. There was water thrown into the ring and all kinds of stuff, so I wonder what the production team or whoever was taking down the rings must have thought when they saw all of this trash being thrown into the ring. That can’t have been fun to deal with.

Hogan actually spray-painted Nash’s white shirt. I didn’t understand what the significance of that was. Hogan raised his arms in victory as nWo have literally laid waste to the ring!

For the first time ever, the nWo take over the announce booth. Nash and Hall take over the announcers’ headsets as Hogan spray painted the WCW Nitro logo. I actually thought this was a hot segment to end the show as the nWo demonstrate that WCW needed to be united. The nWo were united and kicked WCW’s arse as WCW were literally fighting from within. I thought this was a great end to a wacky episode of Nitro. Not all of it bad wacky but some stupid stuff alongside some quality stuff. Wacky is probably the appropriate word for it.


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WCW Nitro Reading Order


Welcome to the Retro Express. This is where we’re taking a stroll down memory lane at wrestling history. This post is part of an ongoing series where we’re reviewing every episode of WCW Nitro from start to finish. Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.

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The New World Order took advantage of the divide within WCW during the latest episode of WCW Nitro. They came out at the end of the show to lay waste to Sting, Lex Luger and the Four Horsemen and then took over the announce booth to end the show. The show also included debuts for Juventud Guerrera, Chris Jericho and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, who teased that either he was the fifth member of the Four Horsemen of the fourth or fifth member of the New World Order…


It is hilarious that the big mystery last week was whether there was a fifth member of the Four Horsemen or the fourth and fifth member of the nWo. Ted DiBiase teased it and walked into this episode with a lot of mystery as to who else could possibly join up with the nWo in the takeover of WCW. If you happened to watch WCW Monday Nitro on the WWE Network like I did, the thumbnail for this episode is a shot of The Giant at the end of the show hanging out with the nWo at the announce booth! No attempt at all to at least cover up the spoiler for potential first time viewers of Nitro!

To be fair to WWE, their archive is focused on meeting the old-school demographic. RAW’s key demographic in 2020 are people in their 50s who have fond memories of the Monday Night Wars. It’s probably way easier to help direct people to this episode by posting the spoiler as if to say “this is the episode that you’re looking for”. If you wanted to relive The Giant turning on WCW and the Dungeon of Doom and siding with the nWo, you’ve got it right here. Works as an archive, miserable for first-time viewers.


Date: September 2nd 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Rating: 4.3

Commentators (First Hour): Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zbyszko

Commentators (Second Hour): Eric Bischoff, Mike Tenay and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan



DDP vs Alex Wright


Could Alex Wright have come off as a bigger geek on these WCW Monday Nitros? I don’t even remember seeing him win a match on Nitro yet and he just comes off as such a nobody who barely accomplishes anything. The dude was very athletic, don’t get me wrong, but he’s in there with DDP for this match and despite of all of his efforts and athleticism, he’s still came off as such a nothing guy even compared to the cruiserweights, let alone the heavyweights. 

I was on my internet travels and I stumbled across an interview with the recently released from WWE Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna is actually a very solid comparison to how Wright was treated here. Wright ended up staying with WCW for a long time but both Wright and Purrazzo were very athletic and talented people. Deonna talked about how she never ever won while in WWE and brought up a good point of how she was ever going to engage with the fans if all she did was lose. If all she did was lose then why should she still be there on television or whatever?

If you wanted DDP on this night to squash a guy with a Diamond Cutter and win, there are so many jobber guys that they could have gotten on the cheap that would have done the job just as well as Alex Wright. That’s not a knock on Alex Wright but anybody else could get beat up for a while and get hit with the Diamond Cutter to put DDP over. If you have Alex Wright, who is an athletic guy, then he shouldn’t be reduced to just a glorified jobber to the midcarders unless you’ve actually got a plan with him. If you don’t, don’t bother wasting his time.

DDP’s over-selling really jumped the shark here. He’s pulled it off really well before but it really irritated me here when he is flopping around for Alex Wright at the start of this match. There’s nothing wrong with a cartoonish sell but his stuff selling for Wright just looked silly. Wright took control with some dives but missed a crossbody as DDP got the heat. DDP hit a side-walk slam to a ridiculous pop. The fans really liked this slam. DDP hit a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count.

DDP tried the cutter but Wright pushed him off. Wright hit a belly to belly suplex. Wright upper-cutted the gum out of DDP’s mouth. The finish saw Wright doing a backflip from the corner and then he turned around, and walked right into a kick in the gut by DDP. DDP hit a Diamond Cutter and won the match. Why bother doing a backflip that’s just gonna lead to DDP hitting his move and pinning the guy? 

It was a short but a decent match, all things considered, but this did not help Alex Wright at all.


The previous match had been refereed by our main man Nick Patrick. Mean Gene interviewed Patrick and talked about Patrick being “slow on the draw” for that count. I think this is kinda stretching it to hype up the “controversy” of the Nick Patrick storyline. Patrick said WCW reviewed all of his matches and he’s still in WCW. Patrick was upset of people being on his case and Mean Gene for spreading lies. He mentioned Randy Anderson blew a call with Hogan/Flair a few weeks ago but Patrick is constantly the one under the microscope. He called Mean Gene a liar. This got a fair amount of heat and Nick Patrick did actually cut a decent promo all things considered.

However, I’m still baffled at this idea of interviewing the referee after the match and completely ignoring the efforts of the wrestlers in the ring. No interview with DDP, THE WINNER, or Alex Wright. Of course we have to amp up this referee storyline.


Mean Gene interviewed Sister Sherri and Col. Robert Parker. Parker wanted to woo Sherri and got her a present, which was a black leather jacket. Col Robert Parker said Sherri was gonna ride his horse John Henry back in his farm and…. this storyline has been going on for one year. ONE YEAR. Do not think I am exaggerating this, because they were doing this storyline during the early Nitros with Parker and Sherri. Did this storyline ever go anywhere?


“Harlem Heat” Booker T © and Stevie Ray (c) vs Greg Valentine and Buddy Valentino for the WCW Tag Team Championship

hqdefault (4)

This was the one and only Nitro wrestling appearance from Buddy Valentino. Think of Valentino as what would happen if you got a picture of Greg Valentine and then stretched the width of the picture on the Paint program on your computer. This was a wide man. Greg Valentine wasn’t really in that tremendous shape in 1996 but he was Lex Luger compared to Valentino.

Valentino had this singlet on which accomplished nothing in terms of covering up the exposed parts of his chest. The singlet was draped over his shoulders with his nipples to the side of them. I mean I don’t want to get on a man for his appearance on a wrestling show and I don’t wanna get on Valentino because he wasn’t that bad in this match. He was working hard for an appearance on a big wresting show and he was able to pull off a dropkick despite being such a big man. It’s funny, he did this dropkick and Greg Valentine is laughing his ass off on the apron as he clapped on his partner! That I enjoyed!

Referee Mark Curtis was making his WCW debut as Ted DiBiase arrived coming down the steps as the fans popped. Greg went to work on Booker T as the fans paid zero attention to the match. Harlem Heat got the heat on Buddy for a while and Booker eventually hit the Harlem Hangover and Harlem Heat won for the clean win.

Say what you will but Harlem Heat getting a string of clean wins together on Nitro episodes sets themselves up very well for defending the titles against the Nasty Boys at Fall Brawl. Now the Harlem Heat come off as legitimate tag team champions and now they are up against some nasty challengers, pardon the pun.


Mean Gene interviewed Harlem Heat. In a line I could not believe Harlem Heat could get away with saying in 1996, Stevie called the Nasty Boys “two fat milk-drinking suckas”. The Nasty Boys jumped the Heat and kicked their arses to a huge pop. They isolated Booker in the ring as the fans chanted “NASTIES”. They hit Booker with a spike piledriver and Knobbs got in a elbow drop in before they leave to attack Stevie Ray. I have no idea who the babyfaces and the heels are in this feud. Harlem Heat are winning matches clean like babyfaces but the Nasty Boys have “turned heel” and attacked the Heat but the fans went crazy for them! The ever-changing allegiances of the Nasty Boys continues!


Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho

x1080 (7)

A great match. It was the slow methodical pace of Dean Malenko against the fast pace of this recently-debuted youngster Chris Jericho. It was a crisply-worked match and the fans got into Jericho a bit more this week and it worked in all the areas that mattered. It worked with the crowd and it worked in the ring. 

Mike Tenay was joining the announce booth for this match as it was revealed he would be joining the announce booth for Nitros going forward. I love Tony Schiavonie referred to Chris Jericho as a “great cruiserweight” after he DEBUTED last week in a match where he called for a no contest as he didn’t wanna win a match against Alex Wright! At least they explained Jericho beat J.L. on Saturday Night so at least has won matches in WCW since he arrived!

Jericho ran wild as the fans chanted “ECW”. Dean then cut him off with a belly-to-back suplex. Dean smashed Jericho with a brainbuster

Dean got the heat and then Ted DiBiase decided to leave and walked all the way up the steps through the crowd. Of all the matches Ted DiBiase wanted to leave the show during, it was this one? Dean had a head scissors locked on Jericho and Jericho got him up from that position and then dropped him with an electric chair drop. That was a pretty impressive spot and as discussed last week, Jericho was not a large man at this time. 

So I guess the storyline was that Nick Patrick was more an incompetent referee than a crooked referee. He refereed this match and Dean kept grabbing the ropes and Patrick kept missing this. Dean then pointed at Jericho and Patrick of course attended to him and completely ignored Dean getting the ropes again. Weird since I guess the storyline is Patrick is now looking to call it down the middle. I think it was explained by his announcers that he’s over-compensating. Therefore, his calls have been all over the place to I guess convince the fans that he’s calling it objectively down the middle. 

Dean sent himself and Jericho crashing over the top rope with a crossbody. Jericho crashed into Malenko with a top rope crossbody to the floor. Far be it for me to critique Chris Jericho’s in-ring work, but this was a man that had yet to master the ability to slow down in the ring! This was the case of Jericho being too fast for Malenko as he came crossing down and appeared to crash into the face of Malenko which did not look pretty. 

Jericho hit a missile dropkick from the top rope. Jericho tried a tombstone but Dean reversed it into one of his own for a 2 count. Jericho hit a nice bridge German suplex for a 2 count. Jericho hit a “spin wheel kick” and then reversal after reversal leads to Jericho getting a pin fall following a victory roll-up pin. A fine match between Jericho and Malenko. I guess Dean Malenko, after being hyped up to challenge Rey Mysterio again for the Cruiserweight title, is out of the title picture and losing to the recently-debuted Chris Jericho. 


They showed a hype video for Rey Mysterio vs Super Calo for the Cruiserweight title at Fall Brawl. This was a simple but effective video package to hype up this match. All they needed to do was showcase these guys as doing as many flips and cool moves as possible to tell the viewer that if they paid to watch Fall Brawl, they may be able to see all of these cool moves again in a big time title match at the pay-per-view. This gets a thumbs up from me. 

More amazingly, they promoted WCW Saturday Night and one of the matches they promoted was… John Tenta vs Steve “Mongo” McMichael. That match seemed so unbelievable to me when they announced that I had to check and see if they actually did it. They didn’t do it on the episode of Saturday Night promoted nor did they do it at all. My personal theory is that John Tenta watched Mongo’s performance in the main-event and decided he was not doing that match! However, what a match that could have been!


Brad Armstrong vs The Giant w/Jimmy Hart


It’s funny, Giant got a massive pop coming out and the fans really liked The Giant, who had been wrecking guys for the last year on WCW Nitro. Keep that in mind when we cover later what happened at the end of the show. It’s a slow performance from The Giant where he slowly beat on Armstrong. It’s not particularly exciting as they cut away from the match to show a limousine. A clear indication into how Eric Bischoff felt about this match!

Giant threw Brad across the ring. Brad tried a roll up but Giant lifted him with both hands from the floor and up in the air to a thunderous roar from the crowd. Brad did a top rope dropkick to send Giant into the corner but Giant grabbed him and slammed him with a chokeslam for the victory and a big pop from the crowd. A more dragged-out squash match than usual from The Giant but it was OK for what it was.


We got a nWo announcement. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hollywood Hogan talked about styling and not having to sneak around anymore. Hogan booted a globe ball right at the camera. Hogan talked about The Giant crying and Ric Flair crying, referring to WCW as the World Crying Wrestlers… sick burn. He declared that in War Games at Fall Brawl, Sting would be stung, Luger will be HUNG, Flair won’t even be there and Arn won’t be Arn anymore. I love that Hogan was going for like a rhyming diss on the babyfaces and it came to Arn, so he just rhymed Arn with Arn! 

He said the nWo will take care of all the nWo business. Hogan said you’ve gotta take what you want. Hogan mocked Flair, Sting and everyone talking about the old days of WCW and he asked whatcha gonna do when the nWo ran wild on you. He added that anything else would be civilised and then Hogan unleashed on the greatest evil cackles I’ve ever heard in WCW. This was a MONEY promo. Two thumbs up for the Hulkster for a wacky but solid promo building up Fall Brawl.


“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Ron Studd

hqdefault (5)

We kicked off the second hour with “Macho Man” Randy Savage versus our new glorified giant jobber in Ron Studd. That is Studd’s position now. Chris Benoit and Randy Savage have both beat this guy in to hype up their respective matches with The Giant. 

Mike Tenay actually explained the origin story of Ron Studd where he was trained by Big John Studd and then took the name of Studd for his name. Tenay left out the tales of his run as the Yeti (which you can read about at these two links below!)

Studd did clobbering blows to the back of Savage. As Studd got the heat, they showed the nWo coming out of the limo as Hogan forced the camera man to get outta here as they wanted to get the “big man” out. Speaking of big men, Kevin Nash really struggled to get out of this limousine. He’s one of the biggest stars in this nWo feud and he was having problems with his knees already. 

Studd tried to scoop slam Savage over the top rope and this tiny referee got on the middle rope to stop him from doing it, because it’s been established throwing a guy over the top rope is illegal.

Savage did a double axe handle to Studd on the outside. Savage scoop slammed Studd but hurt his back in the process and then was able to hit an elbow drop for the win. It did what it needed to do in having Savage beat up a giant to build him up to fighting The Giant at Fall Brawl, so I was OK with this.

Mean Gene interviewed Savage for what I thought was a pretty solid promo. Savage wished Halloween Havoc was tonight because he guaranteed to the people around the world AND THE UNIVERSE that he was going to beat up Hollywood Hogan and take everything he wants because that makes me happy. It was set to be Savage vs Hogan for the title at Halloween Havoc in October.

Savage said he’s living on the edge and if anyone out there was not living on the edge, they’re taking up too much room, which was actually a sweet line that got a big pop from the crowd. Savage buried Giant for “not handling the pressure” at Hog Wild. Savage said he operates better under pressure. He said both Giant and Hogan will melt when the heat of the Macho Man brings them down. A good job in building up two future big matches for Savage in the next few months. 


“The Steiner Brothers” Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner vs Sting and Lex Luger


The Four Horsemen ran outside to the limo but there was no one inside as they figured out the nWo were in the building. 

They kicked off this match with the Steiner Brothers vs Sting and Lex Luger. Think of what a big match this would have been. These two teams wrestled at the very first WCW Superbrawl show many years before this. We have another big match between these teams on Nitro. Rick And Luger grappled as the fans were amped up for this match. In this lock-up, Luger got pushed into Patrick. Patrick had this stern look on his face. This referee, after weeks of his character being called into question, has now just been shoved into by these big men. Nick Patrick’s response was to ring the bell and call for the disqualification… and the place EXPLODED with such heat for Nick Patrick!

This is what NUCLEAR HEAT is all about. I’m not a fan of Nick Patrick but when he called for the bell after being pushed into following the first move of this match, it was like these fans wanted to jump over the barricade and beat him down. His actions made you want to see him eaten alive by the babyfaces. Sting and Luger yelled at him. All four men cornered him in the corner amongst deafening boos from the fans.

Patrick pulled off a great performance and he was such a great character during this angle. He was a man trying to do his job, in his mind at least, and was now doing everything in his power to prove that. He made questionable calls for weeks, he gets called out by “the media” as Patrick put it. He gets bumped into by these big dudes. He was not gonna take this verbal and physical abuse anymore, so he rang for the bell.

As a character, you could have read this in so many ways. You could have read this as Nick Patrick being a crooked referee that was only looking out for himself, calling for the DQ to get out of here and earn a simple pay check. He could have easily been paid off by the nWo to lure Sting and Luger to the parking lot like he did, in order to get them to steal a police car and get them into trouble. Oh we’ll get to that…

Alternatively, you could have seen this as Nick Patrick simply standing up for himself. In his mind, he feels he is genuinely a good referee and after all of the accusations, he snapped. He rang for the bell after a wrestler laID their hands on him. By the rule book though, it was not like Patrick was wrong to disqualify them. Even if it was a “soft” push or whatever, he was still provoked so he had every right to DQ them if he felt it was right. 

Or… you can can conclude that he’s just an incompetent referee that is just over-compensating to make up for his mistakes. Any one of these scenarios would work.

This I thought was solid work. This gets two thumbs up!


“The Dungeon of Doom” Meng, The Barbarian, Big Bubba and Taskmaster vs “The Four Horsemen” Chris Benoit, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Steve “Mongo” McMichael w/Debra McMichael, Woman and Elizabeth


This match had some of the best and worst of professional wrestling wrapped up into one match and thankfully, they got the worst of professional wrestling out the way at the very start of the match. The match started with “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan and Steve “Mongo” McMichael and I swear, the stuff these two men did together couldn’t have gotten any worse unless one of these men ended up getting accidentally killed in the ring. Everything that could have wrong went wrong.

Taskmaster, the veteran of the two, grabbed Mongo and tried to do an Irish Whip but Mongo tripped and fell down to the ground. These two were on two completely different books as Taskmaster tripped following another Irish Whip and went to grab Mongo again. I think Mongo thought it was a clothesline as he takes a bump to the ground as Sullivan just looks down at him. That spot fell apart so that’s two for two in screwed up spots so far in this match. They tried two spots and messed up both spots.

Mongo did a shoulder tackle which is successfully pulled off. Then Mongo went to the top rope as I think he wanted to do a moonsault because his back was turned to Sullivan as Flair cheers him on. Mongo lost his footing, turned around and fell onto the middle rope. Mongo did this big dive off the middle rope and just lands in the middle in front of Sullivan. It was basically a flying nothing executed by Mongo as Sullivan crawled to the bottom rope. RIC FLAIR was left speechless on the apron watching this all go down. It was like Ric Flair’s brain malfunctioned at the sight of such sheer horrific wrestling from Mongo. Words do not do these spots justice. You really should look up this episode on the WWE Network and watch the first 90 seconds of this match. It is worth seeing…

Taskmaster himself was not any better and it does take two to tango. Taskmaster, as the veteran, was supposed to walk Mongo through their four spots and they screwed up three of them. Sullivan just appeared to wanna grab Mongo and do what he wanted to do while Mongo was just clearly not able to work a match on the fly. The “dive” spot was 100% Mongo’s fault but this was some of the worst wrestling you’ll ever see. 

I love that Benoit and Barbarian proceeded to have a quickfire chop battle with such ferocity. These guys were awesome in this match. Benoit german-suplex Barbarian like it was a regular move for him and please keep in mind htat Barbarian was a large competitor.

Flair finally got the tag to a big pop. This was some of the very BEST of professional wrestling. Ric Flair talked about being a babyface during the Stone Cold Broken Skull Sessions episode he did. He said he didn’t like being babyface because he was the dirtest player in the game all and all he did was cheat, so how was he gonna get himself over as a babyface? This crowd didn’t care. Flair got the hot tag and he did low bow after low blow to the Dungeon of Doom to thunderous reactions from the crowd. It was the most heelish house of fire spot you will have ever see. The referee just let it all go as the place is going bananas. Then, as Flair is running wild, THEY CUT TO THE BACK. 

hqdefault (6)

Sting and Luger are shown chasing Nick Patrick down to the limo as Patrick pleaded for his life. Patrick ran past the limo but then Ted DiBiase is shown going into the limo.  Sting, as a rational thinking babyface, threw a cement block throw the windows of limo! If I were in that limo when Sting threw that cement block, I would have been crapping myself to see a massive cement block that was able to break through the window at such high speed. This was a scary spot. 

AND THEN, Sting and Luger decided to play Grand Theft Auto as they steal a police car and go after the limo. WHAT? They stole a police car which the announcers point out will land them in jail all because they wanted to chase a retired professional wrestler in a limo! Absolute insanity!

Back to the match, I love that it was the Horsemen vs the Dungeon with two heel groups, and both teams were trying every dirty trick in the book in the middle of this nasty stable war. It wasn’t like the Horsemen suddenly worked like complete babyfaces. They were the babyfaces but they were acting like the Horsemen and pulling off Horsemen tactics. Arn talked about needing to do the wrong thing and doing bad things to win War Games two weeks ago and they demonstrated that during this match

Benoit and Sullivan start fighting on the mat but this was broken up. Meng did one of the best-looking atomic drops ever to Benoit. I like Meng doing a curb stomp to the gut of Benoit on the floor and Benoit bounced off the mat to sell it! Barbarian hit a powerbomb on Benoit but Arn broke up the pin. Sullivan actually threw Benoit over the top rope while the referee’s back was turned.

Flair eventually got out a chair as things started spiralling out of control. Arn got in illegally and hit Bubba with a spinebuster. The Faces of Fear missed a double top rope splash. Ric ran wild with another hot tag. Flair locked on a  Figure Four as the rest of the Horesmen took care of the Dungeon. Benoit floored Jimmy Hart at ringside. In an uncomfortable spot with the benefit of hindsight, Benoit yelled at Woman to grab Flair’s arms as the Horsemen got the win. Benoit argued with Woman as Woman was upset at Benoit for mixing personal with business or something.

This was a fun train-wreck of a match when all things are considered.

hqdefault (7)

The nWo jumped everyone after the match as Bobby left the booth. Hogan floored the referee. I do want to point out before The Giant came out that the nWo were kicking WCW’s arses 3 on 8 at this point! They were controlling the ring albeit with the wrestlers already being beat-down by each other and Flair’s infinite low blows delivered. It was an un-even fair that the nWo was winning!

The Giant then walked down to the ring. The nWo back off and then Giant turned around and chokeslammed Barbarian and then Meng. He is revealed as the fifth man on the New World Order (with Ted being the fourth I guess) as he hugged Kevin Nash. The Giant has betrayed us all and joined the nWo.

It’s funny because the running joke of The Giant/Big Show’s career was that he was always turning babyface and heel like every few months, so the people could have considered this a heel turn as he joined the nWo. However, The Giant was still aligned with Dungeon of Doom who are clearly heels. He was the heel in the feud with Randy Savage and he was squashing jobbers as a heel monster. He was the defacto babyface against Hogan but other than that, he was a full-blown heel at this time. This was a heel that somehow turned heel again despite already being a heel! Only The Giant could pull that off!

Savage ran down with a chair as he cornered Hogan. This was the funniest wrestling spot of the entire night. Savage had Hogan cornered with a chair. If you recall 3 weeks ago, Hogan hit Savage with a chair to the back of his head. 3 weeks later, Savage had Hogan at his mercy with a chair and he was gonna swing this chair right at Hogan. In the most agile thing Hulk Hogan as ever done, he ducked the chair shot and shoot took Savage down to avoid the chair shot at all costs! It was the best technical wrestling Hogan had ever done and it was a necessity for him, because this crazy Randy Savage had a chair shot with Hogan’s name on it! It was the funniest spot to see Hogan take down Savage as if this were a shoot fight, which it probably was in Hogan’s eyes!

The nWo took control again as Hogan smashed Savage with the chair. Giant delivered one last chokeslam and I love Hogan had to get his hands on Savage as well as Giant slammed him down. Because apparently Hogan was concerned Giant could not lift and chokeslam RANDY SAVAGE! I think he would have been fine doing the spot Hulkster!

Because this was the Hollywood Hogan show, Hogan couldn’t help but deliver three leg drops to Savage in a homage to Bash at the Beach. The WCW guys all tried to get in the ring but the nWo holds the fort in the ring. So yes, the nWo were kicking WCW’s arses despite having a 4 on 9 disadvantage! What underdogs these nWo hooligans were! 


Hogan grabbed the yellow spray paint as they painted a yellow streak on SAVAGE’s back. The nWo make they way up the ramp and Hogan even yelled: “come on you chickens” as the WCW dudes stayed in the ring like cowards… AT FIRST. The nWo take over the booth. Hogan yelled about if there’s any question about who the most powerful organisation in the world IS, they just showed everybody. The Giant then started cutting a promo. Before I get to the promo, it is a nice change of pace to see a dude turn heel and immediately being able to cut a promo to explain why he did it. There’s no need to wait a week for Giant to cut a big promo about why he joined the nWo. They had a Giant cut a big promo to explain why he did what he did. That sounded good… on paper. In execution, it didn’t work out for Paul Wright.

I’ve loved Giant’s promos for the last year, but he cut one horrible promo at the end of this show. Giant talked about how he got a phone call from Ted DiBiase and he wanted to talk to him about business. Giant talked about getting to Florida and the home of Hulk Hogan. As Hogan commanded him to spit at the WCW logo. Giant mumbled about how there was 20 Harley Davidsons and 5 Mercedes and he walked around his big home. Giant just went on and on about all of Hogan’s stuff that he owned. It sounded honestly that Giant was a realtor trying to sell Hogan’s house. He just started talking about Hogan’s house to the point where he just got completely lost by cutting a promo in a style which clearly didn’t suit him yet.

This promo was eventually interrupted as the nWo and the WCW guys continued to fight. It’s a wild brawl and it really felt like an out of control situation. Everybody is fighting everybody and this was another thing I loved. How many times do we get a big heel turn in WWE and it takes the babyfaces weeks or even months to get their revenge on the people that turned on them? The Dungeon of Doom got betrayed by The Giant and they wanted his head! They were vicious heels so when Giant betrayed him, they wanted to beat his arse. They didn’t have to wait a week to get their revenge. They wanted some of the Giant on this show!

Then the fighting stopped and Giant got back on the headset again and talked about this mansion again. Hogan decided to step and basically cut Giant’s promo for him. He steamrolled over Giant and mentioned everything he showed Giant was his. Hogan stole Flair’s line of whether you like it or you don’t like it, it’s the best thing going today. Hogan destroyed the announce desk as all you see is wreckage as Nitro goes off the air.


I have to say, the chaotic nature of the ending of Nitro worked really well even by 2020 standards. It turned into a giant “shoot like” brawl and it worked. The Giant’s promo about what Hogan was offering was very weird. Big Show talked about being strong-armed into the group on the Stone Cold Broken Skull Sessions, and this remains to be seen, but he did not look like he fit with this group here. The scary Giant of the Dungeon of Doom selling out for the money all seemed like totally out of character and a weak transition. 

It was also clear from this angle alone that Giant was not going to benefit a great deal from being in this group. By the end of the show, it became clear that Giant was just another one of Hogan’s lackeys in his crew after being the biggest heel in the company for a year now. If you want to discuss wrestling politics, it is entirely possible that Hogan wanted Giant under his wing just so his status as the biggest heel in the company was not in jeopardy. If this guy in The Giant was with the nWo taking direction from Hogan, that meant he coudn’t possible surpass Hogan as the biggest heel. I mean it sucked to be Giant because after being such a stand-out star in WCW and potentially the next big star to go up against Hollywood Hogan, he is now just another guy in Hogan’s group a month after defending the title against the Hulkster.


I did not think this WCW Nitro episode was any good. It was a very memorable show, especially because of what happened with The Giant. However, even the memorable stuff had some absurdity to it. Sting, the biggest babyface in the business, stealing a cop car and throwing cement blocks at limos. Ric Flair whipping out low blows like it was nothing and being the biggest babyface of the night. The Giant joining the nWo and selling out for the money. There was some good stuff during this show and it felt like an “easy” show to watch if that makes sense to everybody. The show didn’t feel like it dragged although the main-event was quite long. I tolerated the show and things like Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko helped a great deal.



WCW Nitro Reading Order


Welcome to the Retro Express. This is where we’re taking a stroll down memory lane at wrestling history. This post is part of an ongoing series where we’re reviewing every episode of WCW Nitro from start to finish. Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.

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We’ve come to Episode #49 and we’re on the road to WCW Fall Brawl 1996. This episode establishes the main-event of WCW Fall Brawl 1996 with a great segment which saw the Four Horsemen agree to work with Sting and Lex Luger to fight the New World Order. That along with the closing segment involving Randy Savage and The Giant were both really well done, albeit misleading from an advertising standpoint. More on that when we come to it.

However, what bothered me the most about this episode was the lack of focus on the wrestlers. There were plenty of matches but the star of this show, in WCW’s eyes, was in fact referee NICK PATRICK.

At Hog Wild, referee Nick Patrick was paid off by the New World Order to help the Outsiders beat Lex Luger and Sting. WCW Nitro last week basically confirmed that he was in the nWo’s pocket by moving Hall out of the way of a Stinger Splash before the heels were ran off by the Four Horsemen.

A week later, they dedicated an entire wrestling show to this stupid referee storyline. Every other match on the show involved Nick Patrick as the referee and the announcers speculating about his refereeing credentials. They just could not talk about anything other than Nick Patrick, with this New World Order storyline being a close second. Other than that, this was a decent episode.



Date: August 19th 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Huntsville, Alabama

Rating: 3.5

Commentators (First Hour): Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zbyszko

Commentators (Second Hour): Eric Bischoff and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan


VK Wallstreet vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan


This is a match I feel I’ve seen a 1000 times but before I get to the match, they showed the finish to Duggan and Wallstreet’s match at Clash of the Champions. This Nitro match was a rematch to their Clash of the Champions match. The finish to their match at Clash of Champions saw Hacksaw’s tape get tangled up with the referee’s arm. Wallstreet rolled up Duggan as they were both tied up and Duggan brought the referee to the floor with his tape. The referee then pinned down Hacksaw.

It’s kind of poetic justice if you think about it. Larry correctly pointed out on commentary that Duggan used a foreign object to inadvertently tie him up with the referee so any mention of cheating was irrelevant. Duggan tried to use a foreign object, which is ILLEGAL, and then it backfired on him. As stupid as the finish was, it was poetic justice but it was the babyface Duggan getting what he deserved!

Nick Patrick was the referee for this match. MATCH #1 for Nick Patrick. Hacksaw ran wild on Wallstreet with punches and clotheslines. Duggan sent Wallstreet to the floor with an atomic drop. Wallstreet locked on a sleeper hold and got the heat for a while. Hacksaw started to fire back and reversed a suplex. Hacksaw then went for the tape. Nick Patrick took it away. Wallstreet intercepted the tape as Patrick chewed out Wallstreet for trying to us the tape, because using the tape was illegal. Duggan then got some more tape from within his trunks. He knocked out Wallstreet with the tape in plain sight of the referee and Patrick just counted the pin.

This was a lame match. This was a slow, nothing-happening match and a complete snoozefest with a preposterous finish. Patrick had a go at Wallstreet for wanting to use the tape and then did nothing when Duggan used the tape himself. He didn’t disqualify him or yell at him. He threw his hands up in the air and just counted the pin. If you think about it as well, Hacksaw Jim Duggan had two rolls of tape in his trunks. Somehow, Duggan figured out that his attempt to use the tape would be someway thwarted so he packed back-up. This is stupid on so many levels…

maxresdefault (1)

Mean Gene Okerlund interviewed Duggan. Duggan said everyone in WCW had been screaming about what they wanted to do to Hogan but nothing’s happened yet. He said Hogan turned his back on everything he believed it. Randy Savage interrupted Duggan as Duggan yelled “WHAT’S GOING ON?”

Savage said we’re on the same wave-length same frequency. Savage said he would take care of Hogan. Savage said that the chair shot from Hogan last week was a wake-up call. I think he said he was gonna make things right and was not gonna lay back one bit. Savage said The Giant made a deal with Savage that if Savage stepped aside Giant would make things OK but everything was not alright.” Savage is yelling about Giant not getting the job done against the nWo at Hog Wild and all I can think was that Giant was fighting the nWo three on one on that show. If Savage wanted Giant to take care of Hogan, why didn’t he come out to help him at Hog Wild? He sat there in the back at Hog Wild and watched Giant get beaten down three on one and then cried that Giant didn’t get the job done.

Savage claimed to have 15000 stitches in his head which might have been a slight exaggeration! Savage said he’s got problems with Hogan but he’s got problems with Giant as well so he’s gonna take care of that tonight as he and Duggan celebrated in the ring. A very weird but entertaining promo with Duggan and Savage.


maxresdefault (2)

They showed a clip from Clash of the Champions of the The Giant vs Chris Benoit match. The whole match saw Giant dropkick Benoit into the turnbuckle while his jacket was being undone and then The Giant then hit one of the greatest chokeslams of all time. Giant hoisted up Benoit and Benoit’s ENTIRE BODY from the waist up is over Giant’s head. So Benoit is about 10 feet in the air. Everyone in the crowd gets up onto their feet as Giant walks around with this guy ABOVE HIS HEAD. Giant lifted one of his own legs and then jumped off the other leg as he and Benoit came crashing down to the mat with the chokeslam. It is one of the greatest chokeslams you’ll ever see. Giant pinned Benoit shortly afterwards so yes, after all of the hard work to build up Benoit for The Giant he was chokeslammed and pinned in 30 seconds.

This probably would have been really terrible for other guys but because clean victories are so uncommon in WCW, it got Benoit over in a weird way in the same light as Daniel Bryan was when he got beat in 18 seconds by Sheamus. It was so unpredictable that just because he was involved, Benoit was more over for it because it was so unique.


Chris Benoit w/Woman and Elizabeth vs Earl Robert Eaton


There were problems within the Blue Bloods according to the commentators as Regal apparently made a comment on Saturday Night about going after singles belts. Regal was actually wrestling against a WCW Cruiserweight title contender later so that made sense.

Benoit and Eaton locked up with Benoit raking the eyes to take over the match. Benoit and Eaton’s grappling sent them to the outside where Benoit smacked Eaton’s face into the ring post. Benoit did a hip toss on the floor.

As Benoit made his way back in the ring and as the referee distracted himself, Woman got a kick in at Eaton on the floor.

Tony explained that we didn’t know who the War Games participants were yet but that would be revealed tonight. Eaton finally turned things around by choking the neck of Benoit in the corner.

Eaton hit the swinging neck breaker. Eaton clumsy missed top rope leg drop and Benoit hit a diving headbutt for the win. This was an uncomfortable landing where Eaton went down in the leg drop position when he jumped off but then extended one of his leg as he was coming down and it looked like he landed on his leg. That could have ended up really badly.

However A CLEAN WIN for Chris Benoit. For a man who had just been beaten in 30 seconds, this was what the doctor ordered for Benoit. There was no manager interference or overbooked finishes. Benoit hit the diving headbutt and beat the man. This gets a thumbs up.


They showed a clip from Clash of the Champions where Scott Steiner had the WCW tag team title triangle match won for the Steiners with the Frankensteiner but the Outsiders came out and it caused Nick Patrick to call off the match, despite the Outsiders not actually getting involved in the match. Patrick claimed he followed the book “to a tee” which is weird because there was a triangle match on Nitro months ago where 20 security guards went into the ring, and NICK PATRICK refused to stop the match and the match just kept going!

They showed the finish of the Hogan/Flair match where Tony said Hogan gave up right before he threw the referee out of the ring. I did review the Hollywood Hogan vs Ric Flair match from Clash of the Champions which you can find by clicking on this link if you’d like to read my thoughts about that match.


Mean Gene interviewed Lex Luger and Sting. Luger said they got a plan against the Four Horsemen as they were advertised to wrestle Ric Flair and Arn Anderson on Nitro. Sting said he’s living life with a totally different attitude. He said life at WCW has never been a cakewalk and still after everything they’ve been through, they don’t like the Horsemen but they’ve got a surprise for the Horsemen.


Disco Inferno vs Scott Norton


There was fan with a “where’s glacier” sign as well as a clever New World Odor sign with Hogan drawn to look like a skunk. Great art-work in the crowd.

Scott Norton vs Disco Inferno really worked as a squash match to me. It was albeit boring but the squash match was never intended to be exciting in wrestling. It was to show off a guy to be a big deal and get him over big. They had big Scott Norton to get over and he looked menacing as he snarled and beat Disco all over the place. Disco would be dancing in the ring for example and Norton made him pay for it with a big clothesline. Simple things like that to get the guy over.

This match was like a hungry cat stalking a fish outta water with Norton slowly stalking Disco and Disco squirming away. That’s the best way I can describe this match . I love that Disco tried to do multiple elbow smashes and Norton does one big back elbow to floor Disco!

Tony claimed Disco has had success in the last few months. I don’t think I’ve seen Disco since his match with Dean Malenko at The Great American Bash I believe. I’m pretty sure Tony said the same thing about Jim Powers a few weeks ago but maybe if Tony explained what Disco had done in the last few weeks, maybe I could have considered him a bigger threat when seeing him wrestle Scott Norton.

Disco tried a DDT but Norton lifted Disco and Disco nose-doveright  into the mat. Norton did a big backbreaker and then yelled at Ice Train through the camera. He did the “flash back” arm breaker and locked on an armbar for the win. A slow match but it accomplished what it needed to do in getting Scott Norton over as a big star at least on this night.


Mean Gene interviewed Teddy Long and Ice Train. Teddy Long thanked the fans for the cards and letters after Giant chokeslammed Teddy on the go-home Nitro of Hog Wild. Teddy claimed he saw Hog Wild and saw the match between Norton and Ice Train. He claimed Norton didn’t beat Ice Train as the referee NICK PATRICK stopped it with Ice Train apparently not giving up. I guess he said that to play up the Nick Patrick angle. However, Patrick did the right thing in that match in stopping the match because Ice Train was in no position to defend himself. Norton beat him and beat Ice Train down, who was injured beforehand, and then he locked on the arm bar and Ice Train did not respond so the referee called for the bell. It wasn’t like Ice Train got screwed. Scott Norton was the better man.

They showed a clip of Norton beating up Ice Train at the CompuServe centre at Clash of the Champions. Ice Train then cut a promo saying he wouldn’t always look like a mummy. Ice Train had a great voice and was a great talker but for a promo, he didn’t really seem to engage that well. For example, Ice Train made a comment about Norton looking into his eyes and then he took his glasses off as if he’s gonna look at the camera… and then just stared down and talked down to the mic. It was like he look disengaged with the interview. For example, Hacksaw Jim Duggan cut a promo a few weeks ago on Hogan and he looked at the camera as he talked directly to Hogan. Here, you think Ice Train was going to do the same thing when he took off his sunglasses and then just talks down to the mic and doesn’t even look at Mean Gene, the camera or whoever.

Not the best promo from Ice Train.


 Lord Steven Regal vs Dean Malenko

hqdefault (1)

This was such a good match. This was not a a good guy vs bad guy match, which I would usually prefer in a match, but this match didn’t even need any alignments or anything to make it interesting. It was two of the best grapplers in the company going in there and have a good old wrasslin’ battle.

I liked the spot where Dean tried a drop toe-hold but there was somewhat a struggle as Dean was a cruiserweight and Regal was visibly bigger. I dunno why but I liked that little detail. The fans were getting really into this match. Regal did a great enziguiri to floor Malenko. Regal even whipped out a cartwheel and the spot of him doing a cartwheel as Dean kipped up was really well executed by both men.

Dean eventually pulled off a hip toss after a struggle. Regal did a headscissors submission and Dean wiggled his way into the ropes. I love Regal grabbing the back of Dean’s head like in a MMA fight and doing the double knee strikes to the face! Regal locked on full nelson as Regal forced Dean down to the mat.

Dean did a springboard dropkick to the back of Regal’s head. Dean launched Regal with a big German suplex and did a second one with a bridge for the near fall. Regal hit a butterfly suplex for 2 count with Regal trying over and over again with repeated pinfall attempts. They traded roll-ups with Dean trying one last cradle to get the pin fall victory. The fans loved the match, I loved the match… this was a true technical battle and great television. This gets two thumbs up!


Mean Gene interviewed the Four Horsemen. Arn Anderson said he never needed anyone to like him as the Horsemen always backed him up. He said he never needed a weapon in his back pocket to feel tough. Ric Flair was acting like he was on vibrate as bounced up and down as Arn cut this promo! Ric then cut his own a big promo while the fireworks went off! Ric was just yelling over the top of the fireworks! Ric said between Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan and Hollywood Hogan, Ric’s got more playing time than all of them! Ric Flair was an excited man!


“The Nasty Boys” Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags vs “Public Enemy” Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock


I was about to lose my mind when I saw that there were doing this match again. I’ve never ever seen a Public Enemy vs Nasty Boys match I’ve liked and I’ve seen a lot of them during this WCW series. I couldn’t believe this they were doing this again. However, this match ended up being a decent match. It wasn’t as messy as it was before. It was short and a lot of the stuff and brawling they did actually looked good so I had no problem with it this time.

Eric Bischoff mentioned WWF initiated a lawsuit against WCW which I’m not even sure what lawsuit that referred to. I know there were hundreds of lawsuits being thrown around left, right and centre in that Monday Night Wars. There was the Madusa lawsuit whenshe arrived and threw the WWF Women’s title in the trash can but this may have been about Hall and Nash. It’s hard to say at this point. There was probably 5 different lawsuits between these two companies and that’s not even mentioning the Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon stuff in the WWF.

The tag teams in this match did some wild brawling to kick off the match. Knobbs did a dive to Grunge on the outside. Eric Bischoff advised me not to get out my textbook and make notes as we’re not gonna get a technical wrestling match! We did not get a technical wrestling match… but I still took notes about this match. The next thing I wrote down actually was “Knobbs yelled BASTARD in the middle of all of this.” Insightful wrestling analysis from the Armbar Express!

Sags did a clothesline to send himself and Rocco to the outside. Knobbs did a facebuster and an elbow drop. Grunge missed an elbow drop from the apron to the floor. Public Enemy hurled Knobbs’ arse into the steel steps. Sags did a double clothesline to a big pop from the crowd.

Public Enemy did an elevated senton from the apron and then went for their finish, where they would both hurl themselves through the apron onto their opponent and through the table. However, Sags moved and both members of Public Enemy went crashing through the table. Knobbs did AN ELBOW DROP of all moves and got the pin. This was one of the better Public Enemy vs Nasty Boys matches so this gets a generous thumbs up.


Mean Gene interviewed the Nasty Boys. Sags said everyone entering Nastyville will leave Nastyville just like the Public Enemy did. They claimed they were as nasty as they wanna be. Knobbs said Hogan was once a friend and always a friend. Knobbs said Hogan does what he does and Knobbs does what he wants. Nasty Boys called out the tag team champions. Mean Gene’s closing thoughts are “clearly these men hit the buffet early.” Insightful wrestling analysis from Mean Gene Okerlund!


Eric Bischoff made some comment before the next match claiming all the WCW babyfaces weren’t paranoid and claimed RANDY SAVAGE was not paranoid at ll, after 9 months of Savage being paranoid about the Lex Luger, Sting and Dungeon of Doom! I thought that line was ridiculous!


Diamond Dallas Page vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.


They showed Clash of the Champions where Eddie Guerrero beat DDP for the lord of the ring that DDP won at Slamboree. DDP shook Eddie’s hand and then DDP hit a Diamond Cutter, throwing out the ref and choking at Eddie. DDP hit another Diamond Cutter when Chavo Guerrero Jr. ran down. DDP pushed him outta the way and then DDP hit a top rope Diamond Cutter. What a geek this Chavo turned out to be!

Chavo had his chance for revenge against DDP in this match. DDP still had the ring even know he technically lost it to Eddie. Bobby claimed possession was nine-tenths of the law as DDP still had this ring.

DDP played the big man role in his match against the much smaller Chavo. Chavo is another one where he really beefed up over the years. Chavo was tiny and as quick as Rey Mysterio but when he got older, his body got really buffed up. That’s not an accusation or anything against Chavo, but it was astonishing how big he got over time.

Chavo ran wild on DDP with DDP continuing to throw Chavo off of him in the corner. DDP hit a sit-out powerbomb but didn’t go for the cover as he hit a belly to belly suplex but again, he didn’t go for the cover. Eric then yelled at Patrick to disqualify DDP, I guess because DDP didn’t wanna end the match yet.

Chavo got a bridge roll-up on a cocky DDP and pinned him for an upset victory. I actually wrote down that DDP kicked out so I went back and checked and Chavo did actually pin him. It didn’t really matter because DDP hit a Diamond Cutter to a big pop and then proceed to whip Chavo. Chavo didn’t really get anything from this “huge victory” over DDP.

DDP whipped Chavo with Patrick’s belt as he whipped the living daylights out of poor Chavo. Now, having seen what happened at Clash of the Champions, you’d think Eddie would now come out and save his nephew Chavo. Chavo helped him so now Eddie can return the favour. Who should come out to MAKE THE SAVE but REFEREE Randy Anderson as he intercepted the belt! Can you imagine that?

Not Eddie Guerrero… but RANDY ANDERSON was Chavo’s knight in shining armour. Randy yelled at Nick Patrick for not doing anything about what happened to Chavo. Like I mentioned, the attention was spent on the referees over this angle with the wrestlers in DDP and Eddie. They’ve got to write a storyline about Nick Patrick so he’s the one at the centre of all of this. Not DDP for whipping Chavo, not Eddie who could have made the save, not Chavo for WINNING THE MATCH or even Randy Anderson who MADE THE SAVE. The storyline is about Nick Patrick standing there and not doing anything about DDP. AND THEN…


Mean Gene interviewed Nick Patrick after the match. This would be like if you had Conor McGregor winning a fight in the UFC and Joe Rogan just went a did an interview with the referee! It’s so ridiculous that referee was getting air-time to cut a promo!

Mean Gene called out Patrick on his bullshit and that’s the best way to describe it. I apologise for swearing but for this storyline, bullshit seems like a perfect way to describe this. Then NICK PATRICK cut a promo live on Nitro! He compared himself to a police officer where if there was a shoot-out, would he go in there alone or would he wait for back-up? Patrick claimed the media was blowing everything up as Bischoff called Patrick a snake. Patrick claimed WCW was not sticking together anymore. SO YES. KONNAN AND NOW NICK PATRICK are both supposedly heels but simultaneously calling for WCW to be united against the nWo. This is an amazing show on so many levels, and not always for the right reasons.

I do like how Mean Gene claimed he couldn’t help but notice the big beautiful home Patrick has bought recently. Nick Patrick left before he could respond to Mean Gene.


Harlem Heat © w/Sister Sherri and Col Robert Parker vs American Males for the WCW Tag Team Championship


They showed American Males vs Harlem Heat from the September 18th 1995 edition of Nitro where the Males beat Harlem Heat in an upset to win the tag team titles. Nine months later, they get another shot on Nitro for the WCW Tag Team titles.

Nick Patrick was back referring, right after a match where Patrick was supposedly not doing his job in stopping DDP. Patrick is under scrutiny over his credentials and he’s refereeing what felt like half the matches on the show. He’s refereeing AGAIN in this WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH. It’d be one thing if this was Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs VK Wallstreet in a nothing match. This was for the WCW Tag Team titles. The last time he referred a WCW tag team title match was at Clash of the Champions where he threw out the match because a couple of dudes came down to the ring and did nothing. From a storyline standpoint, WCW are the dumbest company in the world for not pulling Nick Patrick from officiating matches! Here, he’s referring all the matches! This storyline… boggles the mind.

As Patrick hoisted up the titles, Harlem Heat got the jump on American Males. Booker did the missed elbow drop/spinaroonie spot. Stevie did a standing side kick which Bischoff called out as being “slow”. Stevie Ray was never particularly a good wrestler but ERIC BISCHOFF calling out a wrestler on being slow in the ring and critiquing his in-ring work was rather hilarious.

Stevie did a suplex and Sherri argued with Patrick for about 30 seconds. Riggs cut off Booker with a dropkick. Bagwell ran wild on Harlem Heat. Ray tried a pumphandle slam but Bagwell reversed it in déjà vu from their first match but Booker broke it up this time. Booker pushed Bagwell off the top rope and Ray caught him with a powerslam for the win.

Harlem Heat won a match clean, which I was astonished by! When was the last time Harlem Heat won a match on Nitro clean! I don’t even think they beat Rough and Ready clean! The WCW Tag Team Champions actually won a match fair and square. What a concept. The match was… OK.




“Four Horsemen” Ric Flair and Arn Anderson w/Woman and Miss Elizabeth vs Sitng and Lex Luger


What was supposed to be a match turned out to be like a board meeting between the babyfaces and the heels. Sting and Lex Luger came out and called out the rest of the Four Horsemen as they did a in-ring interview with Mean Gene Okerlund. In case you were really wanting to see this match, they never even delivered it. However, I would agree that what they delivered would have been better than if they actually went through with a match on Nitro. This was an exceptional angle.

Mean Gene did an interview with everyone in the ring and took his jacket off for this. Sting said they should all recognise there is a major problem with WCW. Sting said they can’t trust the Horsemen and they will never trust them but he also knows that all of their blood and sweat has been sweat in WCW. Sting talked about War Games and mentioned that only Luger, Sting, Flair and Arn have been in War Games in the past and wanted to team with them at War Games against the New World Order.

Arn talked and said he doesn’t like Sting and Lex Luger. Arn said Lex can’t bring these jiggling pecks and muscles to war games as they won’t help him but if Luger brought that passion and hard work into making that body, they could get somewhere. Luger asked Ric and Arn to answer the question if Luger and Sting have ever given up when they stepped in the ring with them. Speaking of Flair, this was like a polar opposite energy Flair had here than what he was like in his earlier promo. Flair was all excited earlier and now Flair was all calm and quiet as he actually listened and paid attention to what everyone said.

Arn said to survive War Games, they can’t do the right thing and they had to do something so violent and so painful that a man quits in the ring. Sting said WCW has not been a cakewalk for anyone but he has lived the life of WCW. Sting said if Mongo and Benoit would step aside, he would fight alongside Ric and Arn at War Games against the Outsiders. However Ric would leave it to Benoit and Mongo to decide if they wanna step aside.

Benoit said he’s always wanted to be a horsemen and Ric has never betrayed him so he will stand by his decision. Mongo yelled about making a sacrifice but if Sting and Luger doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, what the nWo does will be nothing compared to what the Horsemen was going to do to them.


I actually thought this was a pretty great segment. This storyline makes the motivations of everyone involved make sense. Lex Luger and Sting had strong motivations where they realise they can’t fight the nWo alone and so they needed to swallow their pride and fight with the Horsemen. Arn questioned whether Luger and Sting was big and bad enough to fight in War Games and do violent things but he respected them. Ric Flair was great. Benoit and Mongo stood aside and had good reasons for doing so and they were making a sacrifice for the Horsemen. This was awesome. This gets two thumbs up and did a fabulous job in building up WCW vs nWo in War Games. This was great stuff.


There was a nWo announcement. They were in black and white as they mumbled and flexed in front of the camera. Nash referred to themselves as modern day gladiators while laying down and lounging around for this promo! They called Sting and Luger pathetic and Hall said don’t call us, we’ll call you. Typical nWo shenanigans were they goofed around and made fun of the babyfaces.



The Giant w/Jimmy Hart vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage


This was another one where they advertised Savage vs Giant for the main-event of WCW Nitro and didn’t deliver but what they did was actually way better than what an actual match would have looked like.

Savage attacked Giant with a chair before the bell as he smashed away at the head and the back of the big man. Giant took control as threw Savage into the ring post. Giant Gorilla Pressed Savage into the ring. Randy Anderson then found a clue and threw the match out. TAKE NOTES WWE! I saw this ELIAS VS KING CORBIN match from WrestleMania 36 where Elias hit Corbin with a guitar before their match and Michael Cole declared it was not a DQ until the match started. Here, the referee called it off because it was out of control and Savage had used an illegal weapon before the match. THIS MATCH SENSE.

Giant tried a chokeslam but Savage got out of it. I guess Savage booted Giant down below. Jimmy tried to use the chair but Savage stopped him. Savage attacked Hugh Morrus and Big Bubba with the chair. Savage smacked Barbarian and Meng as well and then fled when the numbers became too much for him. At least Savage came off as a clever babyface here where he tried to fight them off at first but when he realised the odds were too much so he left to fight another day.

Then The Giant got pissed and he RAN DOWN TO THE BACK AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Saying that he “ran down” is actually not doing this justice. This is worth re-watching this spot everybody. Giant got mad and roared and he VAULTED out of the ring. He jumped clean over the top rope and ran down as if he were The Hulk looking to eat someone. Think of this spot like the scene from the Avengers film in 2012 where The Hulk chased Black Widow down a hallway. Giant thundered down this ramp to get his revenge on Savage as Eric warned Giant would eat him!

I loved this. I love how much of a freak Giant was at this time. He was not physically like Brock Lesnar for example but for a tall man, Giant was ridiculously athletic at this time. I mentioned him whipping out a dropkick to Benoit but if you look at how he charged down the ramp and how moved in the ring at this time, it was astonishing. Giant does not get enough credit to how athletic he was at this time.

Eric confirmed at the end of the show that the War Games match was officially and I like that Bobby wrote it down and took notes. I don’t know why but when was the last time in wresting where an announcer is shown on screen writing down notes? I thought that was pretty clever.


I was ready to tear this show apart but honestly when I look back, it was a pretty solid show! The Nick Patrick stuff drove me crazy but everything else was really well done. The last two big segments of the shows were slam dunks, we had clean finishes up and down the show and we got solid wrestling with Dean Malenko vs Lord Steven Regal. This show gets two thumbs up from me. I enjoyed it!


WCW Nitro Reading Order



Welcome to the Retro Express. This is where we’re taking a stroll down memory lane at wrestling history. This post is part of an ongoing series where we’re reviewing every episode of WCW Nitro from start to finish. Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.

maxresdefault (2)

The road to Hog Wild 1996 was still in full gear, a show where WCW wrestlers alongside Eric Bischoff would literally be riding into Hog Wild on motorcycles. WCW World Heavyweight Champion The Giant accepted Hollywood Hogan’s challenge for Hog Wild, vowing to chokeslam Hogan for WCW. Ric Flair no-showed WCW Nitro last week, leading to speculation of where his loyalties lied. Sting, Lex Luger and Randy Savage picked up a win in the main-event and declared their intention to fight for WCW and take out the New World Order. Meanwhile, the New World Order were invading WCW’s production truck and literally hijacked Nitro as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall took over the show.


WCW Monday Nitro. We are two weeks away from WCW Hog Wild and we got an episode of Nitro that was considered a ground-breaking and historic episode with one angle featuring the new bad boys in town in the New World Order. I made the point during the review of thelast episode that everything so far had felt “tame” from the New World Order. Up until now, it was Kevin Nash and Scott Hall spray-painting blanket sheets andplaying around with the production equipment. It was the kind of evil plots Professor Chaos from South Park would have put together. It didn’t particularly come off as cool and edgy, although traditional wrestling fans would argue that heels should not come off as cool and edgy. Solid point.

However, it felt like the nWo storyline completely turned around again in the right direction after this episode. I’m going to change this review up a little bit. See normally, I would just review the show chronologically from start to finish but this time I’m going to tackle it somewhat out of order. The first thing I will review in-depth is this angle with the New World Order attacking World Championship Wrestling. It feels right to discuss the big angle right off the bat, as I have a lot to get through…

x1080 (2)

What happened was they were having the rematch from last week’s main-event with a slight adjustment. It’s Sting, Lex Luger and “Macho Man” Randy Savage taking on “The Four Horsemen” Chris Benoit, Steve “Mongo” McMichael and Ric Flair, who was replacing Arn Anderson who filled in for Flair last week.

Jimmy Hart interrupted the match as Lex Luger wa running wild. He was up on the apron trying to get everybody’s attention. He eventually gets Lex Luger’s attention. If you’ll recall, Jimmy Hart used to manage Lex Luger on WCW so it would make sense why he would go to Lex Luger first in this matter. Jimmy yelled that the Outsiders are here and the announcers stress that this is not a “Dungeon of Doom” ploy as the wrestlers eventually leave the ring.

They cut to outside at the parking lot where Kevin Nash and Scott Hall from the New World Order were standing above Four Horsemen member Arn Anderson with baseball bats. Arn was clutching his arm as Nash and Hall were looking mean over him and Marcus Bagwell who was also laid out by the Outsiders. Scotty Riggs came out and sees this and he gets taken out too with some kind of video equipment.


Then WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio got a bright idea and jumped off the top of a trailer onto Kevin Nash. Nash caught Rey and gets him in a powerslam position. Nash then literally threw Rey Mysterio like a dart head-first into the trailer. This was like a spot that could only work in the 1990s. WWE would never attempt a spot like this nowadays and it really wouldn’t work as like a big spot nowadays, especially if you consider all the insane stuff we see from places like CZW for example. Here, it worked really well.

Think of this Rey Mysterio/Kevin Nash spot like Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting Vince McMahon with the bedpan on RAW when Austin visits him at the hospital. Austin was beating up Mr McMahon’s foot as Vince was wailing at the top of his lungs. AHHH! AAAAAAAHHH! He was screaming his head off. Austin then grabbed the nearest thing he could find, a tiny bedpan, and smacked Vince in the head of it. He hit Vince with it one time and it made the best noise in wrestling history. It was like Tom and Jerry in the sense that he hit Vince and it was like a ping sound that came out. It was one hit with a bedpan and Vince was out like a light.

Here, Rey gets thrown into the trailer. Keep in mind, Rey was putting his hands out so it wasn’t like he actually went head first into the trailer. Rey got thrown into the side of this trailer and all you hear is a big thud as Rey dropped to the floor and was down for the count. It was such a spot that was made for television. The sound of Rey hitting the side conveyed the…. I don’t want to say comical, but entertainment aspect of professional wrestling. It’s the sound that put the move over more than if Kevin Nash hit him 20 times with a steel chair. He did this one time and then he and Hall left the building.


Nash and Hall stepped into a limo that was their getaway car. Rey mentioned later when he was being attended to and the announcers alluded to this as well, that there was four men out there doing this attack. They only showed Hall and Nash so Hollywood Hogan or the fourth man was not on television. Anyway, Hall and Nash enter their limo when the six men that were in the six man tag match all arrive on the scene to make the “save” I guess but it wasn’t really a save as the damage had been done. Everyone attended to the fallen on the floor… EXCEPT for “Macho Man” Randy Savage!

Randy Savage jumped onto the limo as it moved off. Yes, Randy Savage jumped on top of a moving vehicle and got into the sun roof. He gets stuck with his legs sticking out in the air as they drive away from the building. It was such an elegant jump that only “Macho Man” Randy Savage could pull off with such finesse and in such a way that it totally fit the character. He vaulted onto the limo to go after the nWo like a mad man, as he wanted to beat up the nWo, as established last week with his promo. If Sting or Lex Luger had done this spot for example, it would be one thing. Savage going crazy and jumping onto a limo as it drives away… absolute insanity.

In case you are wondering, everything I’ve just described covered about two minutes of real-time as to what actually happened with the nWo and this attack on WCW. This two minutes was such a home run. As I mentioned, WWE could not pull off an angle like this and make it come off important, but WCW did. It was a simple and effective angle where they laid waste to four men and then left. It made the nWo come off as a bigger threat than ever and as alluded too, there are now four men for WCWto deal with from this nWo group. Therefore, the angle had escalated to even further heights as we build towards Hog Wild.


I have a few things to mention before I move onto what happened next on the show. Eric Bischoff mentioned on commentary that the nWo had taken out “half of the roster” backstage… half of the roster which consisted of four men! In fact, there were at least ten people out there at the ring for the six man tag when this whole attack went down! The maths from this announce booth was not really on form tonight!

The last thing was that Bischoff claimed the National News had been calling up about this. I was going to mock the idea that Bischoff claimed the National News would be interested in what was clearly a wrestling angle. However, Bischoff later claimed on his 83 Weeks podcast that there were people legitimately calling 911 because of what Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had done!

The quote I wanted to mention from Bischoff was: “It is true. It was something that I didn’t think about. It’s not like I was sleeping at the wheel or was too busy, but I never would have anticipated that you could do something on a wrestling show that was so believable where people sitting at home would call the cops in the local market, but that was exactly what happened … Sure enough, we had Orlando cops showing up on set because people called 911. They thought there was a murder going on backstage because they had never seen anything like it. It was so believable, it just didn’t look like a pro wrestling angle. It was everything. You didn’t see ambulances, or anything remotely close to this scene before. You may have kind of in a way similar but not executed like this or produced as well.”

As previously mentioned, this is nothing WWE could pull off in 2020 because the fans would see right through it and no one would call have actually called up 911 after Randy Orton attacked Edge after the Royal Rumble 2020 for example. It was clearly presented as a wrestling angle. This nWo thing was a wrestling angle which came off realistic because how it was presented was different than how everything had been presented in wrestling by that point.

hqdefault (2)

They come back from the break and Arn is shown grabbing his arm as Woman hugged Arn and was in tears over him. Woman pulled off such a great performance as an actress during this angle. Really, a lot of wrestlers in the back acted very well in looking distant or distraught or pissed off as to what happened. Woman in particular, who hugged Arn as if he were a loved one, was great as you could totally see Woman treating Arn as a genuine friend. Woman was not in a relationship or teased to be in a relationship with him like she was with Chris Benoit. It was not like Woman was consoling Ric Flair who hit on everybody and was a womaniser. Arn was just a guy alongside the Four Horsemen that looked out for his own tribe. So yes, Woman was in bits over Arn Anderson being attacked… I could buy that in storyline and it worked very well.

A big FIRE TRUCK drove in after four dudes got jumped by the Outsiders. Not an ambulance or the police or anything like that… it was the fire department! To be fair to WCW, I don’t find it difficult to believe that if a fire truck knew some major injuries and  big attack went down, that they would not immediately attend the scene even if there wasn’t a fire at Disney/MGM Studios. Heck, if there was a company out there who I could see getting emergency services onto the scene this early at their entertainment park… it’s DISNEY!

Rey grabbed his mask as the they tried to attend him. They eventually take off Rey’s mask as Tony explained the importance of masks in lucha libre in covering up their identities. In reality as well, no matter what the importance of lucha libre masks were, the ambulance staff would have had to take his mask off to see if there was damage to the skull or whatever. Rey did cover up his face but the point is, it was portrayed as new as lucha libre in particular was such a sacred thing in wrestling. Therefore if they were taking of Rey’s mask, the audience would knew something big had went down and it wasn’t just another wrestling angle.

Mongo yelled about how he can’t believe WCW let them come in here. Mongo was just yelling about all of this. Woman was literally in tears and devastated over this… her acting was tremendous. The characters were all in panic, showing great concern whether you were a good guy or a bad guy. They put their differences aside. Benoit was literally in TEARS, as is Elizabeth grabbing her head. Even little details like that was great because if you are in tears and distraught because something went down, you feel like your head was spinning and you feel like you’ve got a massive headache. This… was all insanely great.

Mongo’s face is shown trembling. Meng burst onto the scene mocking everything in Tongan and he and Benoit go nose to nose. They shove each other as Benoit growled at him. Meng wasn’t even speaking in English and Benoit was still all mad at him! That’s how emotionally distraught he was!


This is where I must address the elephant in the room because Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan arrive on the scene waiting for the hand-over of commentary as it was the second hour. Bobby yelled it’s not worth him coming out there with a history of neck injures and a damaged nerve on his hand. He needed a guarantee that Heenan would not be hurt which Bischoff obviously could not guarantee that so Heenan decided not do the broadcast. Before I get into the elephant in the room, I do find it funny that Heenan had to go home for his own safety and wellbeing as the entire world in 2020 is forced to do the same during the coronavirus outbreak!

Anyway, the elephant in the room. We were just coming into the second hour of this episode of WCW Nitro and this entire segment took up at least 30 minutes of television time. There’s a yin and a yang to this. The yin is that they dedicated so much time to an angle which highlighted the “seriousness” that they wanted to convey to the viewer. That’s great and I appreciate that.

The yang, however, is that this angle went on way too long. They dedicated a third of the show to the aftermath of this attack. Remember, the whole attack was over in about two minutes. The rest of the time was showing Arn, Rey, Bagwell and Riggs being attended to. The fans were restless in the arena as they chanted boring. I personally was begging for a match to happen myself. A theme for the rest of this review is that all these fans wanted from World Championship Wrestling… was wrestling.

As ground-breaking and innovative as this angle was, this kind of stuff would ultimately lead to WCW’s downfall. Wrestling fans want wrestling… which I’m sure will shock some of you reading this review especially if your name is Vince Russo. They weren’t getting it here and they started to get bored.

maxresdefault (3)

The problem down the road is that Bischoff and eventually Vince Russo relied too much on “Crash TV” and lack of attention to the wrestling and it eventually led to the WCW losing the Monday Night War. Really, all wrestling fans, and all these wrestling fans in attendance for this show, would want is wrestling. Even if it was Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Mike Enos in the opener, they didn’t care. The stuff like this that was intended for a TV audience really doesn’t play well with a live crowd.

By the way, remember when Hogan knocked Giant off of a building at Halloween Havoc and seemingly killed him? There was nowhere near as much time dedicated to that angle as there was to this angle where four guys got attacked backstage. The Giant… DIED and they were back to the ring for another match! I checked my own review of that PPV and that’s what happened! Don’t look at me!

Anyway, that was an absolutely great angle that was certainly innovative and different at the time that got given way more time than it should have. This made it an unpleasant viewing experience purely because of how long it was.

I’m 2,500 words into this review and I’ve covered one angle as part of a two hour wrestling show! I guess I should talk about the rest of WCW Monday Nitro.

By the way… Bischoff mentioned that they did have “stand-by matches” that they were scrambling to put together. The card originally was The Giant defending the WCW World title against Arn Anderson and Rey Mysterio defending the Cruiserweight title against Eddie Guerrero.


Date: July 29th 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Disney/MGM Studios at Orlando, Florida

Rating: 3.1

Commentators (First Hour): Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zbyszko

Commentators (Second Hour): Tony Schiavonie, Larry Zbyszko and Eric Bischoff (and Bobby Heenan for about one minute)


The first thing they conveniently show is footage from WCW Saturday Night of Hall and Nash filming Lex Luger and Sting. They attacked Sting on his own as Luger was away from the car to make a phone call or whatever. Obviously, a third party was filming this beating alluding to the reveal of a possible fourth member… although it could have easily been Hollywood Hogan!

However, not even the dark lightning could hide the horrible white shorts Sting was wearing. They stuck out like a sore thumb. God, if I was wearing these shorts I would want a bunch of dudes to kick my arse while I’m at my car too! They were that bad.


Mike Enos vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

x1080 (3)

I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews of this match. Dave Meltzer described this match as a “worst match of the year candidate” on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter at the time. I didn’t think it was that bad and I would much rather watch this match ten times than the Doomsday Cage match from Uncensored 1996! This match to me was OK.

The announcers noticed there was no Col. Robert Parker, Dick Slater or whoever accompanying Mike Enos down to the ringside. There were USA chants. Enos attacked Duggan. Duggan hip-tossed Enos and then sent him over the top rope with a clothesline.

They get into a shoulder block battle but then they headbutt and punch away at each other. Duggan did the atomic drop but then Enos got the upper-hand by pulling the top rope and sending Duggan crashing to the floor.

Enos did a scoop slam on the outside. Duggan then proceeded to attempt some horrible punches but I guess Enos no-sold them and just took control of the match. These punches would not hurt a fly and would have even put Shane McMahon to shame in terms of their delivery, Maybe these punches put this match on “worst match of the year” level in the eyes of Meltzer!

Enos wore him down with the chin-lock but Duggan fired up to his feet. Duggan threw some better punches and then they tumbled into each other from a double shoulder block attempt. Duggan tried a sunset flip, literally pulling on Enos’ tights and showing Enos’ backside to the world.

Enos went for a top rope splash but Duggan evaded this. This was a very basic match but it’s amazing how much these fans were into this match. Duggan fired up again and fired away with punches in the corner. Hacksaw took the tape out his trunks, hit Enos with it to get the win and the pinfall and then Duggan raised the tape up high in the air for the referee.

It worked with the crowd and… it wasn’t that bad of a match. It was a solid OK but nothing more. They didn’t screw anything up but they did hardly anything of value. Therefore, I cannot put this on worst match of the year territory.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In case you are wondering, the Doomsday Cage match from Uncensored mentioned earlier did “win” the category for worst match of the year for the Wrestling Observer Awards in 1996. For my fabulous review of that match, please click on THIS LINK to read about that monstrosity.

hqdefault (3)

Mean Gene Okerlund interviewed Hacksaw Jim Duggan after this match and Duggan cut a very good promo. This was a dude that had been up and down the road with the Hulkster, being a beloved babyface during Hulkamania where Hogan was a beloved babyface himself. Duggan said the young kids looked up to Hogan and they knew each other for 20 years. Duggan insisted that he knew what was in Hogan’s heart and so questioned why did he turn his back on everything he know? Duggan’s looking directly into the camera as he cut this promo by the way as if he’s talking to Hogan. An effective way to connect to the crowd and captivate you. I was very much hooked into this promo.

Duggan said the first word his little girl said was “Hulkster”. Duggan then claimed that Hogan was a great technical wrestler! HULK HOGAN is not the man I would have considered a great technical wrestler! Maybe compared to Hacksaw Jim Duggan, he was a great technical wrestler!

However Duggan said he didn’t wanna wrestle Hogan and he just wanted to beat him up. This was a fantastic heart-felt promo from Duggan. Hogan had turned on the fans and Duggan was upset. This really made me want to see Hogan vs Duggan… in some capacity. I wonder if WCW ever did this because this would have a been a solid money promo for that match, if they did it on Nitro for example. I guess we’ll wait and see


Ric Flair, Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” McMichael w/Woman, Elizabeth and Debra McMichael vs Sting, Lex Luger and “Macho Man” Randy Savage


Yes, I did use a photo from last week’s show. In case you were wondering….

I mentioned this match earlier and when I realised they were doing this match again, I was gobsmacked. It didn’t work last week, so they tried it again? It’s not even like they replaced Steve “Mongo” McMichael with Ric Flair. They replaced Arn Anderson with Flair as Arn was supposed to be in a world title match later. Why? I have no idea why the did this. The worst wrestler in the match last week was Mongo and you’re gonna swap ARN with Ric Flair and not Mongo?

Getting back to Arn Anderson before we get to the match, Arn has lost every Nitro match he’s had in the last 3 weeks. How he got himself a WCW title match on that win/loss record blows the mind.

The men all get into a big brawl as Benoit and Savage batter each other like crazy. Savage and Benoit were a great combination where you could totally believe that they wanted to beat the hell out of each other. As established with the limo spot, Savage was out of his mind and we happen to know for a fact that Benoit became out of his mind in real life. However, their brawling together was really intense and well-done.

Sting worked on Flair in the ring. Savage literally had Benoit squeezed into a front face-lock as Benoit tried to claw at him. The referee tried to get in between them as they cut to a break. The referee eventually restored order and started the match. Sting beat up Benoit for a while and then Ric Flair tagged himself in. Flair took a cheap shot at Savage as the announcers questioned Flair’s loyalties to WCW. Flair and Savage brawled at the “VIP section” as they throw food at each other!

How Sting constantly fell for the finger poke from Ric Flair after all of these years, I’ll never know! Savage spat at Flair from the apron. Savage pointed at Elizabeth and in response, Flair rushed out of the ring to give her a kiss on the lips to infuriate Savage even further.

I love that Savage didn’t even try to wrestle Ric, or lock up with him. He threw hands with him and he just brawled with him. Savage was a mean dude, seeking Ric Flair’s blood at this point! This was another great combination of brawlers. Ric and Savage had some great brawling during their matches as we’re watching the Nitros. It was more old school and less intense as Savage and Benoit but it was great to see.


Eventually Mongo and Luger get tagged in. Luger was hesitant to go in the ring which I would totally understand if you saw Mongo’s display last week. Somehow, it got worse…

Lex and Mongo locked up… barely might I add. They locked up a second time and it’s not even close to be a proper lock-up. Mongo got Luger into a head-lock and Luger bounced Mongo off the ropes. Mongo lost his footing when running the ropes, he tripped and then fell out of the ring. They cut to Mongo on the outside and Benoit was shown standing on the apron just looking at him as if to say “my god you suck.” Benoit looked at him like you would look at a co-worker thinking “why is he or she still employed?” It was a glare but more a glare of disappointment. Dear god, when Lex Luger is ten times the worker you are, that’s something to indicate that you don’t belong in a ring. This Mongo couldn’t even run the ropes.

Then they struggled to do a headlock together again, and Mongo eventually dragged Luger towards the corner so Flair could get the tag. I guess that was just an audible called by Flair as he could not let Mongo continue in that ring for much longer!

Benoit stomped aware at Luger in the corner. Savage and Benoit get into a brawl. Sting ran wild on Flair… what else is new? Sting slammed Ric with a superplex but Benoit broke up the pin.  Mongo is tagged in and does a clothesline following up with a backbreaker. The heels get the heat on Sting.

Sting eventually fired back and actually tries a backslide but Benoit broke up the pin again. Isn’t there a rule where you’re only supposed to break up the pin once during a tag match? WCW’s rules are strict enough where you can’t even throw a guy over the top rope without getting disqualified (please see my review from last week at this link for further context) and guys are running in with breaking up the pins for the hell of it. Maybe I need to pull up the rule book on that one…

Flair tries a figure four leg lock on Sting I believe but they roll each other over to try and reverse the pressure. Tony Schiavonie claimed referee Nick Patrick was “consistently good”. He’s consistent alright but “consistently good” was not what I was thinking. Jimmy Hart of course ran down and took the camera as the match just stopped. Of course, if you read my introduction to this review you know what happened next.

A rather bland match I didn’t need to see that eventually was a prelude to the real main-event of the show…


“The Steiner Brothers” Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner vs “High Voltage” Kenny Kaos and Robbie Rage

hqdefault (4)

As mentioned, we were waiting around for about 30 minutes as the nWo angle went down. They finally put out a match. Apparently the announcers claimed High Voltage were making their debut which they weren’t. I do recall the Faces of Fear kicking their arses on Nitro previously. Rick Steiner was shown very cautious and paranoid as he made his way down to the ring, looking to the back as Scott was shown trembling as he made his way down to the ring too.

Scott took over Kaos with a Fireman’s Carry and locked on an armbar. Scott tagged in Rick and yelled at him: “let’s go” and “come on” as they’re in the middle of this match.

Rick gets tagged in and get his arse kicked for a while. High Voltage did a double dropkick and a double suplex. Rage did a top rope shoulder tackle. Kaos tried one of his own and Rick was supposed to catch him but Kaos just landed right on his head. It was an absolute horrible bump taken. If I had not re-watched the battle royal from the AEW Double or Nothing show where Joey Janela went head first through the table, that would have been the worst spot I’d seen all day when I watched this!

Scott got the hot tag and ran wild. Scott did a tiger powerbomb. Rick slammed Rage into the corner. Scott dropped Rage with a Steiner Screwdriver for the win. This was… a match with one dangerous botch from Rick and Kenny Kaos.


Big Bubba w/Jimmy Hart vs Eddie Guerrero in a stand-by match

x1080 (4)

This match basically confirmed that the nWo angle did a tremendous job in getting heat for themselves for their attack. Eddie Guerrero was supposed to face Rey Mysterio for the cruiserweight title. Obviously, Rey Mysterio was no longer available to defend the title. Therefore, they replaced Rey Myterio with BIG BUBBA. It’s quite a change of pace to move from facing the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION to BIG BUBBA. Trust me, I was booing the nWo myself for what they’d done! They robbed from me Eddie Gurerrero vs Rey Mysterio on Nitro. -.-

Also, keep in mind the amount of great cruiserweight matches we’ve seen on Nitro in the last month with Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko, Guerrero, Psychosis etc. We get a Cruiserweight championship match cut from the show in favour of Eddie Guerrero vs Big Bubba. Therefore the first thing Bubba must do is get on his knees to mock the height of Eddie Guerrero. Are you kidding me? You’re picking this show, where the WCW Cruiserweight Champion was easily man-handled by Kevin Nash, to again have a heavyweight basically make the cruiserweights seem like jokes? Come on.

Bubba took Eddie down with a shoulder block and then got the heat for what felt like as long as that nWo angle. They do mention The Giant was still scheduled to defend the title tonight but there was no challenger determined. I have to say that obviously they had a plan for Hog Wild, but this would have been a great time for Hollywood Hogan to interject himself into the match and beat The Giant for the title here on Nitro to pop a rating. If it was like a master plan from the nWo to get Hogan into the match by taking out Arn Anderson? It’d be like the finger poke of doom but having the opposite affect. However, they had a plan so why rush things? Therefore, I’m OK with them waiting.

Bubba choked away at Eddie. Bubba did a bearhug slam for a 2 count. Eddie fired back but Bubba just knocked him back down. Bubba put on a LONG ARSE chin lock which felt 20 hours long. There were big Eddie chants along with some dudes booing. It was probably the same dudes chanting boring due the nWo angle.

Eddie finally hit a tornado DDT as the fans were standing and roaring because finally there would be some life in this match. Jimmy took the referee and threw the megaphone to Bubba. It missed Bubba, Eddie then does a sunset flip as the megaphone slipped from Bubba’s grasp after he finally grabbed it and Eddie got the pin. Larry even mentioned that Bubba didn’t need to use the megaphone to win… CORRECT. Bubba was beating Eddie soundly. Eddie Guerrero came off as a geek to me after this show.

Kevin Nash would infamously use the phrase “vanilla midgets” to describe the cruiserweights of WCW. However, if you watch how Rey and Eddie were treated on this show, they were in fact portrayed as vanilla midgets that didn’t matter. Nash took out the Cruiserweight Champion like it was nothing and this match with Eddie Guerrero. Big Bubba beat his arse for about 21 hours and Eddie got a fluke win because the opposing manager screwed up. After weeks of Eddie getting putting over big with victories over Benoit and Psychosis, Big Bubba smashed him for a long time and Eddie got a fluke win to supposedly set up Eddie Guerrero challenging Ric Flair for the WCW United States title at Hog Wild? This match was way worse than Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Mike Enos to me. I don’t care what anyone says…


Then we got more history. They show the first ever paid-for announcement by the New World Order. There was actually a lot of firsts from this episode of Nitro. They showed the famous nWo logo and play the famous nWo theme music. They declared that “The following broadcast is brought to you by the New World Order.” I love how the nWo proceeded to cut a promo on “Billionaire Ted” when it was probably Ted Turner’s organisation in storyline who agreed to put this on the air! Like it must have been a scenario where the nWo must have offered them a load of money to put these videos on the air and Turner Broadcasting were like… “OK.” Even though nWo were trying to destroy WCW!

The nWo members were all wearing sunglasses. Hogan said it’s a New World Order and there’s nothing you can do about it. He said they were new and they were taking over WCW. Hogan said they made the choices and be ready for the call if anyone was set to join the nWo. Hogan roared with laughter so loud as Hall talked quietly about who’s next to join the nWo. Nash said the whole world wanted to know one thing about Lex Luger…. “whaddya bench? Whaddya bench?” I died. Kevin Nash… his comedy is currently on and off with me. It missed last week with the production team stuff but that line I creased at this line about Lex Luger! Tremendous stuff from Nash.

Hogan said he would beat up The Giant and the very best WCW has to offer. The nWo will establish itself as the greatest wrestling organisation in the world. Hall told Sting and Luger to don’t sing it and bring it.

It was all in black and white and even by today’s standards, it came off so innovative that the people wanted to know what they were gonna do next. This also came right after an angle where they smashed four guys like it was nothing. So yeah, these were interesting times if you were a WCW fan as to what the nWo were up to.


The Giant © w/Jimmy Hart vs Greg “The Hammer” Valentine for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

maxresdefault (4)

These fireworks that went off for The Giant sounded like dolphins. If you watch this match and listen to the fireworks, they chirped like they were dolphins in the sea! It sounded so not-imposing despite The Giant being out there! Giant slammed Valentine into the ground off a push. Valentine tried to knock down Giant with clotheslines but then Giant just flattened him with a punchline as I’d like to call it…. it was  clothesline/punch hybrid and it was very funny to see Giant just clobber him!

Valentine hit a double axe handle but Giant caught him off the top rope as he attempted ta second one and hit a chokeslam from the top rope. Valentine was what 40+ years old and he was taking a top rope chokeslam from The Giant! Giant had the straps down as he roared and got hyped up with the crowd. The Giant hit a second chokeslam and got the pin. A short squash match for The Giant.

Mean Gene interviewed The Giant and Jimmy Hart. The Giant mocked Hulk Hogan’s “Mean Gene promos” and Giant said Hogan conned America that easily and he made the fans believe what he believed but Hogan himself never even believed in it. The Giant said he’s beaten the finest athletes and has beaten everybody with as much honour as in his body. I understand The Giant is the big babyface now but I do recall guys like Jimmy Hart running in for The Giant during WCW title matches! Honour isn’t particularly the word for it!

The Giant urged: “If we don’t hang together then we’ll all hang individually.” Jimmy promised that they would take Hogan out.

maxresdefault (5)

There was a lot to love about this show but there was also a lot to despise about this show. Yeah, there were important angles that took place that were really well done and shot. However, the nWo angle made everything else seem so unimportant. Dave Meltzer put it best on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter edition for August 5th 1996 that: “The 7/29 Nitro show was basically a backdrop for a major angle.” Yep, that is a perfect description for this episode of Nitro.

We had boring matches and nothing matches up and down the show and the real highlight wasn’t even a match. Again, there’s a yin and a yang to this kind of stuff. As a show to hype me up further for WCW Hog Wild, this really got the job done. This show gets a thumbs up for hyping up Hog Wild and this nWo angle but a thumbs down for everything else.

We have one more episode to go before we get to WCW Hog Wild. I very much enjoyed writing this review and I know I’ve not been as active with the reviews since the new year started but I’m hoping to try and knock as much of these reviews as I can in the next few months. I think the Coronavirus will give me enough time indoors to get to work on this! Stay inside and be safe everybody! Take care of yourselves and I hope you follow the blog to get updates of all of the Nitro reviews and other posts presented by the Armbar Express!


WCW Nitro Reading Order



Welcome to the Retro Express. This is where we’re taking a stroll down memory lane at wrestling history. This post is part of an ongoing series where we’re reviewing every episode of WCW Nitro from start to finish. Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.


Hollywood Hogan re-appeared for the first time since his big heel turn at WCW Bash at the Beach as he was now aligned with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The Outsiders and Hogan interrupted an exhilarating Lex Luger vs Big Bubba matchlast week to kick their arses and send them packing. Hogan cut another money promo about the fans turning their backs on him after he showed their children the right path. He said again that the New World Order would rule the professional wrestling world. He issued out the challenge to the WCW World Heavyweight Champion The Giant for a world title match at Hog Wild, vowing to rename it the nWo Championship.


Date: July 22nd 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Disney/MGM Studios at Orlando, Florida

Rating: 2.6

Commentators (First Hour): Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zbyszko

Commentators (Second Hour): Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan


Squire Dave Taylor vs Scott Norton


I guess Scott Norton was the “heel” in the break-up angle between himself and Ice Train, which they revealed has led to Scott Norton vs Ice Train being booked for Hog Wild. In case you aren’t caught up with this storyline, they showed last week that Norton and Ice Train were having issues. So seeing Norton vs Squire Dave Taylor in a heel vs heel match seemed kind of odd. As much as I appreciate that not every match is typical good guy vs bad guy match and I appreciate how every match is not the same as the next one, two bad guys just having a nothing match is really not the best way to open Nitro as a means to get people excited.

Meng vs Arn Anderson had this same problem last week. As good as those two men were, they put them in the ring together and there was barely any reaction from the crowd because they were both heels. In response to that I guess, they take Taylor and Norton, who were two decent workers, and had them open the show with a nothing match.

Norton knocked Taylor down with a shoulder tackle. Norton shrugged off uppercuts and dropkicks and floored Taylor with a clothesline. Taylor tried again with uppercuts and shoulder tackles but Norton instead threw Taylor over the top rope for the disqualification. Those are all of the notes I have on this match. They brawled, Norton threw Taylor’s arse over the top rope and the referee called for the DQ.

An absolute waste of time and all the more reason why they needed to get rid of this over-the-top-rope rule. I kinda appreciate the concept but not the best way to get the crowd excited when you could get disqualified for throwing someone over the top rope. In essence, you’re disqualified for kicking too much arse.

Taylor smashed Norton into the ring post. They brawled and then Norton tried a powerbomb but Taylor rolled off of him as Norton relented his assault and walked to the back as Taylor was declared the winner.


Mean Gene Okerlund interviewed the Four Horsemen. There’s Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit as well as the ladies in Miss Elizabeth, Woman and Debra McMichael. However, there’s no Ric Flair. Arn said Ric would be here right on queue. Mongo said it was his chance to beat up the real “pretty boys” in Randy Savage, Lex Luger and Sting and things would not be pretty after tonight. Beauty is subjective by its very nature but the one thing I do not associate with “Macho Man” Randy Savage is being a pretty boy! This was certainly a weird promo from Mongo! Benoit said we were gonna experience the crippler, silent but violent.


VK Wallstreet vs “Konan”


Konnan came down to the ring and was billed on the TV screen as “Konan”. One of the n’s were dropped from his name for whatever reason.

Konan took Wallstreet over with an arm-drag. They were feeling each other out and Wallstreet bounced Konan off the turnbuckle, and Konan bounced off this turnbuckle with quite the oversell.

Konan wrestled Wallstreet to the mat. Wallstreet smashed Konan into the steel steps. There were buffering problems galore during this match for me on the WWE Network. Wallstreet took over and worked on the leg, stomping on it and wrenching on it. The fans booed as not a lot happened in this match.

Wallstreet then locked on a chin-lock and there was suddenly a “Konan” chant as the fans tried to urge him back into the match to bring some energy to the match. Konan tried to get back into the match and he just ran at and missed Wallstreet, smashing into the corner and Larry Zybsko made fun of him for just trying to run at Wallstreet.

Konan hit a lariat. Konan fought back. Wallstreet hit a sloppy Samoan drop which I think Konan screwed up as he fell down too early. The timing was just not there for the finish. Konan reversed the lazy pin into a cradle of his own for the win. I was very much not a fan of this match. I felt it was very quiet, clunky at times and it really never did anything for me. Thumbs down from me.


Mean Gene interviewed Sting, Randy Savage and Lex Luger. Luger said Flair was probably in a big fat limo or hotel but he, Sting and Savage came here to make a statement. Luger explained Sting and Savage were in Japan last week but now they were all here to make a strong statement of where they were all at. Sting said he felt like chomping on horsemen tonight. Savage wanted Hogan, the Outsiders and Flair and suggests they get it all over with in one night. Savage went crazy wanting them all to come out and sort it all out tonight.


They showed Glacier whipping out some martial arts to hype up his debut… again.

Then they aired the following video package – it was four geeks walking together side-by-side at a beach. It was Alex Wright, Joe Gomez, Jim Powers and The Renegade. I think Gomez and Renegade teamed up against the Four Horsemen on Nitro but other than that, this was the first time we’ve seen them as a faction.

Now in order to highlight how much of a geek stable they looked, I want to bring up the stable called Evolution from WWE in the Ruthless Aggression era. The WWE Network have been releasing documentaries about this era and one of the episodes was about Evolution. They explained that when Batista was injured and while it was just Triple H, Flair and Randy Orton together, they were considering bringing in Mark Jindrak as the 4th member. They tell the story about how they were filming the four men walking side-by-side while they were filming their titantron or something. It’s how we got the infamous image of Jindrak walking alongside these guys.


Anyway, so WWE did that in 2003 to try and show them off as four cool dudes in suits walking down the road. You had the past in Triple H and Ric Flair flanked by the future in Randy Orton and… in this case, MARK JINDRAK. In WCW 1996, they have these four nothing guys in sunglasses individually all take their Nitro shirts in the most uncool/un-hot manner. They have these four MEN then walk down the beach Evolution-style with this long hair and posing up a storm. These hot-throbs were not looking hot… at least not me. Maybe some women in 1996 fainted at the sight of these four hunks.

And then….


The Renegade, Alex Wright, Joe Gomez and Jim Powers vs “The Dungeon of Doom” Taskmaster, Hugh Morrus, The Barbarian and The Leprechaun w/Jimmy Hart


So the Dungeon of Geeks faces the Dungeon of Doom in an eight man tag team match. Joining the Dungeon of Doom at this time was a man called “The Leprechaun”, as he ran around and harassed everybody like a mad man. In case you were all wondering, I watched this episode of Nitro on St. Patricks Day. And of course, they show THE LEPRECHAUN on the episode of Nitro I happened to be watching ON ST PATRICK DAYS OF 2020!

Renegade ran wild and then they cut away from this match to show disruption in the production area. They show Barbarian smashing away at Wright, with Wright coming back into the fight with a moonsault. Then they cut to the backstage area for about 90% of the match.

They showed “The Outsiders” Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in the control room. It turned to black and Nash joked they shouldn’t have bought that cheap TV. Nash yelled “IT’S THE BRAIN CENTRE” as he hijacked a headset. Hall told one of the production geeks to pan to the crowd as he got a headset. The production crew did what the Outsiders said as they pleaded with them with the geekiest voices imaginable. Hall threatened to sue the security for throwing him out and then forced the production to pan to the crowd. They then get back to the action as Gomez was battling with Taskmaster. As a wrestling fan watching this almost 25 years after it happened, this came off so bad. I guess it worked with the fans as they started to love the New World Order but this came off so corny to me.

All they really did was pick on a bunch of geeks on the production screen and play around with the cameras, with Nash cutting dad jokes. With this as well as the scene last week of Nash and Hall getting blankets and covering the WCW sign, this really hurt the seriousness of this angle. Nash and Hall came off as such dorks rather than an actual threat to WCW. This is a little bit of a spoiler for next week, but they are presented in a much more formidable force in WCW which we will cover on the Armbar Express.

Meanwhile, how pissed off must the eight men in the ring (and Jimmy Hart at ringside I guess) have been with how this match was literally hijacked by their own company? Teddy Long came down to inspire and amp up Powers. Powers actually got a power boost if you will as he fired away at Hugh Morrus. Powers started actually smashing guys. The good guys ran wild and then WCW World Champion The Giant ran down as smashed every babyface in the ring with chokeslam, one after the other. The fans were actually going nuts for all of this because when you have one man dominating and conquering all, the fans take notice as this was a force to be reckoned with. Sucks to be the babyfaces (and the rest of the Dungeon of the Doom for that matter) but the goal was to put the WCW World Heavyweight Champion over to fight Hogan which I had no problem with.

Giant raised his arms and the fans cheered. Mean Gene interviewed The Giant and Jimmy Hart. Mean Gene said: “Jimmy you scare me especially when you’re behind me like that.” The Giant said his mission when he arrived was to win the title which he did. He said he’d defend it wherever he was, whether it was Japan or here in the US. Giant said while Hogan was trying to make movies and win Oscars, he was dominating WCW. The Giant said WCW wanted him to take care of Hogan and he was going to chokeslam him in the middle of the ring as the fans roared with approval. Jimmy said The Giant would be ready for Hog Wild. This was good promo from The Giant to hype up the main-event of Hog Wild. A thumbs up from me!


DDP vs Prince Iaukea

DDP hit a Diamond Cutter and got the win. That is pretty much all you need to know about this match.

….Moving on….


Dean Malenko vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

maxresdefault (1)

Making his WCW Nitro debut this week was Chavo Guerrero Jr. He cut an inset promo saying Malenko had fought many men but he hadn’t fought him. I thought this was a fun match. It was the most fun match of the show up until this point.

Chavo started off very fast and Dean cut him off with a gutbuster. Dean threw him up and splattered him down to the mat. They announced Dean Malenko vs Chris Benoit for Hog Wild as Dean cost Benoit his match with Eddie Guerrero last week. The irony that Dean helped Eddie last week and is now facing Chavo in a match this week!

Dean dropped Chavo right on his head with a teardrop suplex. Dean hit a fallaway slam with 30 seconds left before hour two. Dean and Chavo battled for the superplex as the fireworks went off, with Bischoff sounding like he was on a walkie-talkie as he welcomed us to the second hour. This came off very low-rent to me as the fireworks seemed to have a really bad affect on the audio eqipment.

Dean smashed Chavo with a clothesline and went to work with a headscissors submission. Bischoff asked for Bobby Heenan on commentary and we got no response and then… we just heard a crash. It was like something had been knocked over and then Bobby started talking and we went on as normal. Weird technical difficulties at Disney/MGM Studios.

The front row showed a family of three going crazy during this match and then there was a girl to their right just backing away while looking at them with disgust!

Dean locked on a bow and arrow submission I think and then locked on the STF as Chavo refused to give up. More fireworks went off as Dean continued to go to work. Chavo got out of a submission with a dropkick. This family was still continuing to have a ball in the front row!

Dean hit a brainbuster. Jimmy Hart made his way down to the ringside and cheered on Dean. Dean hit a big powerbomb and Jimmy yelled that he wanted Dean as part of the Dungeon of Doom. As Dean is distracted with Jimmy, Chavo almost caught him with a roll-up and then later on nearly pinned him with a small package.

Dean caught Chavo off the top rope and locked on the Texas Clover Leaf as Chavo tapped out for a submission victory for Malenko. A fun match I think. Not as good as the Kidman match from last week but a fun match nevertheless. This gets a thumbs up.


Ice Train vs Meng


This, to me anyway, became the newest funnest match of the episode. Meng vs Ice Train had a hoss battle! Two big dudes smashing into each other. It was sloppy in parts but a fun train-wreck nevertheless!

I love Bobby putting over the fact that Ice Train started a year ago but stopped when he realised he wasn’t ready but now he’s back and seemed ready to go and that made him a smart man. It made him seem like a mature wrestler and I appreciate that. As I talk about Ice Train being smarter and mature, Ice Train was playing to the crowd and Meng just started kicking his arse!

Ice Train hit a massive crossbody on Meng as the two big behemoths crashed into each other.  Ice Train and Meng messed up a sunset flip where Meng was just stood there was Ice Train waited for him to keel over for the spot.

Ice Train did a small package for a two count TO MENG. Meng was a tall frame but he was willing to do spots involving small packages and roll-ups! Meng dropped Ice Train with a head butt. Ice Train tried a scoop slam but Meng was too big. Meng snarled as he went to work on Ice Train!

Meng locked on a double never hold but Ice Train eventually shook off the abuse. Ice Train hit a running shoulder tackle. Meng dropped Ice Train to his knees with two headbutts and then Meng tried a camel clutch but Ice Train broke free. Ice Train fired up with big chops in the corner with sweat being splashed into the camera as he ran wild. I don’t know why, but I thought that was cool. This was such a hard-hitting match that sweat got all up the corner and in the camera lens as Ice Train hit these chops with such ferocity!

Ice Train hit a big power slam for a 2 count. Meng murdered Ice Train with a superkick as Ice Train came off the middle rope. Then Scott Norton beat up Meng for the disqualification. Norton yelled that he’s got Ice Train’s back as he doesn’t want Ice Train to have no excuses as Ice Train’s worst nightmare is about to come true.

I figured this disqualification was coming but when you think about it, both Ice Train and Scott Norton lost their matches on this episode leading to them having a match on pay-per-view. It’s a feud of two losers costing themselves or each other to lose all the way to the pay-per-view. I get why they did it but it didn’t make either of them good. Other than that, I was OK with this battle between Meng and Ice Train.


Eddie Guerrero vs Psychosis


I thought it was kind of cool to see Pyschosis spit green mist into the air for his entrance. It was visually great and added more to this luchador to the casual viewer.

The two luchadors grappled on the mat for control with Psychosis eventually gaining control with a spinning toe hold and then slapping Eddie in the face. Bobby Heenan talked about the Guerreros and Eddie would have been the one that would become the very best Guerrero. If we’re talking about name recognition, Bobby Heenan ended up being right on the money about this!

Eddie ran wild and hit, and I mean HIT, a top rope crossbody. Eddie landed right on top of Psychosis and was stood back up cheering with the crowd. Eddie lifted Psychosis up who either was not willing to go up for the backdrop or Psychosis was just too tall for tiny Guerrero.

Psychosis eventually took control and hit a top rope wheel kick which actually looked very slick. I love how Psychosis did a dive and sent Eddie crashing to the feet of the fans and the fans in the front row yelled down at Eddie and encouraging him to get up!

Psychosis did a top rope leg drop. Eddie did a victory roll for the 2 count. Eddie turned things around and hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. There was a sweet exchange which nearly turned to Psychosis getting the roll up win.

Psychosis hit a powerbomb and a corkscrew with Eddie kicking out at two. Eddie eventually fired back and hit a hurricanrana and hit a frog splash for the win. This was an awesome match but again… Eddie was looking to rush to the finish for some reason like he did during their first match two weeks ago. He got the moves done so quick and then power-walked to back saying “WCW.” It was weird. However, this was the best match on the show by a huge margin.


“The Four Horsemen” Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” McMichael w/Woman, Debra and Miss Elizabeth vs Sting, Lex Luger and “Macho Man” Randy Savage

hqdefault (1)

As I watch the career of Steve “Mongo” McMichael progress as a WCW wrestler, there’s a part of me that really does not want to think that he was as bad as people made him out to be. When I watched his big tag team match at the Great American Bash and the odd Nitro match, I figured that maybe he wasn’t that terrible. There was some promise and he was doing things right in terms of taking things slow, focusing on the stuff he was good at. In this six man tag team match, he did a nice shoulder tackle for example.

However, other than that one spot I just mentioned, this Mongo was so horrible and please take into consideration the men he was in the ring with. Lex Luger isn’t particularly great but think about everybody else. You have Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, Sting and Randy Savage in the ring and Mongo made this match completely fall apart. This isn’t even like the Four Horsemen eight man tag from 3 weeks ago where he did very little. Everything he did in this match, minus one spot, was some of the dirt-worst of professional wrestling.

Arn was shown in a white limo I guess looking for Flair but he wasn’t there so I guess Arn was taking Flair’s place in the match. Sting ran wild on all three Horsemen but it was Mongo that stopped him in his tracks with a middle rope shoulder tackle, which I mentioned earlier.

Savage chased the women around as Arn choked Sting. Benoit hit a suplex as he urged Sting to give up. Then Mongo got tagged in and hit a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Sting went for a crossbody and smashed right into the head of Mongo. Sting over-shot his target so I’m not entirely sure I can blame Mongo on that one. However, Mongo didn’t really seem to welcome a flying Sting coming at him… for a former American football player! That was only the beginning of miscommunication between Sting and Mongo in this match.

Sting fired back to his feet but Arn kept Sting down on the mat by trapping his legs as Sting tried to reach for the hot tag. Sting fired away at the heels and for some reason, Mongo grabbed Sting’s arm and then they fell down and Mongo went for the cover. The botch looked so bad but in storyline, if you really think about, Mongo wrestled Sting to the ground. WHAT?

And then, oh then the highlight of the match, Mongo lifted Sting from his leg and barely supports Sting’s body as he initially tried to do a back suplex. Sting was not willing go up for this back suplex and grabbed the top rope. So Mongo’s just got Sting in the air and Sting is grabbing the rope. Mongo’s idea to recover the spot is just to fall back, drop Sting and have it turned into an in-adverted sit-out powerbomb where Sting fell on his arse. Yeah this was terrible stuff from Mongo. Mongo was gassed as well on the apron so he got blown up from this point!

Lex Luger eventually got the hot tag. Luger did a scoop slam to Mongo and somehow, they pulled it off with no issues. Lex Luger and Mongo did a spot together! It broke out into a six way brawl. It turned into a mess of a match as they tried to synchronise spots. Debra and Woman argue over the briefcase allegedly with Randy Savage’s money inside but Savage intercepted it and got his money back to a monstrous pop from the crowd. After all of this time, Savage finally got his money back from the heels.

It does make you wonder though about this storyline with Randy Savage’s money… are the heels in storyline just completely moronic with how they use it? One week, Elizabeth is throwing around Savage’s money and is apparently the “sugar mamma” of the Four Horsemen, funding everything they do. Then, they give a briefcase of Savage’s money to Mongo who just carried it around. Mongo sold out for money and then he just carried the money around in a briefcase. Then Savage intercepted the briefcase and somehow, he’s got all of his money back. For some reason, the Horsemen had all of Savage’s money in this briefcase which Mongo didn’t even spend! Which begs the question… why did he join the Horsemen if not for the money which was apparent early on in the storyline? To WCW’s credit, Savage getting his money back did get a big pop from the crowd but this storyline was tricky to keep up with.

Then my review notes just read -” What the fuck” most because of the finish. Sting went for a roll-up on Mongo but Mongo kicked out. Mongo stayed on the mat and the referee distracted himself with Sting and Mongo as Savage hit Benoit with the briefcase and Luger pinned Benoit so I think this was the fault of the referee. Benoit and Luger were already the legal men so I have no idea what the referee was doing counting the pin for Sting and Mongo. I think Sting was yelling at the referee afterwards as they showed the replay of the spot. Then the referee saw Luger in the match pinning Benoit and counted to three. So it appears Sting, Mongo and the referee all lost track of who the legal men were in this match. This match, and the finish,… sucked.

Bobby just said let’s get out of here.


Mean Gene interviewed Sting, Luger and Savage again. A woman threw something in the ring and Mean Gene told the young lady not to throw her underwear in the ring! Macho Man, who clearly didn’t care one bit, said “that’s OK!” Savage was totally OK with women throwing their underwear at these handsome men. Maybe Mongo was on to something with that “pretty boys” line from earlier on in the show!

Sting said that they were not feeling down, they were feeling mean. Sting said he doesn’t read horoscopes and apparently it was gonna be a bad day for Leos and called the Outsiders “Leos”. Luger said the Outsiders were pushing all the wrong buttons. Luger said they’ve done a good job of pushing them over the edge and they’re gonna lose it. Luger said they mocked WCW but he said they were gonna shove their teeth down to their throat to wipe the smirks of their faces. I actually though Luger did a great job with his promo. Savage said nothing was gonna stop him from kicking Hogan’s ass. The fans were going nuts for this big promo. This was a fine promo to close the show.


Generally, I thought this was a good show with bumps on the road here and there. The train-wreck of a main-event didn’t help but it was saved by a good promo from the babyfaces. There were some fun matches on the show and the fun stuff outweighed the bad stuff so this show gets a thumbs up from me! Maybe I’m being generous but during a time like this for the world with coronavirus, maybe we need some positivity here and there. I’m also a believer in giving credit where credit is due, so I’m gonna go this show a whole bunch of credit today!


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