TNA Genesis 2013 Review – Super Hardy Wins Again! Christopher Daniels Becomes The Number One Contender!

BULLY RAY: A little strange that the man on the poster for Genesis doesn't even have a match on the card. Did show up for 2 segments though.

BULLY RAY: A little strange that the man on the poster for Genesis doesn’t even have a match on the card. Did show up for 2 segments though.


“Greetings and salutations, all you ham sandwiches!” Christopher Daniels


TNA Genesis review for you guys!


Yes, TNA have their very own John Cena, in the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy, who successfully retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat elimination match against Bobby Roode and Austin Aries at Genesis. I think it was a decent triple threat match and they were some brilliant spots in the match which included the traditional Doomsday Device modified with Jeff Hardy hitting the Whisper In The Wind. However, I’ve got 3 problems with the match:

1. 75% of the match was effectively a handicap match. OK, I get that that Bobby Roode and Austin Aires gonna team up up to take out Jeff Hardy, but considering the egos these guy supposedly had, surely they had to turn on each other sooner than later. The whole point of a triple threat is that all 3 guys fight one another. Roode and Aries fought each other for about 1 minute. Roode or Austin should’ve turned on the other a lot sooner.

2. The eliminations were way too close to each other in time. After Bobby Roode got eliminated, Aries didn’t last before being eliminated himself. I really wanted to see him and Hardy scrap for a little bit longer.

3. Why do TNA feel the need to make Jeff Hardy out to be their very own John Cena. Overcoming the odds of the greatest heels in TNA like Cena would? Really? Jeff Hardy gets his ass-kicked for about 90% of the match and at the end of the match somehow defeats them both? BULLSHIT.

I’m not surprised that Hardy won the fight, but this was totally the wrong way to end the match. Decent match, but seemed like a glorified handicap match than a triple threat.

Christopher Daniels Becomes The Number One Contender For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Yes! I am so happy with this result! Daniels defeat James Storm, and became the number one contender for the World title. Get In! Daniels is no doubt worthy of being the world champion, and I’m surprised he hasn’t been up until this point. Daniels defeated James Storm in a solid match between the two after a distraction from Kazarian, and he gets a TNA World Title shot on the 24th of January Episode of Impact, and I REALLY do hope that he wins the gold. YES! Happy with the match and happy with the result.

Sting Gets Revenge


In what was a pretty boring match, Sting defeated DOC and got revenge for the hammer attack a couple of a months ago. Seriously, the had Sting win with such ease, it made DOC look SO goddamn bad. Aces And Eights tried to jump Sting afterwards, but Bully Ray made the save. DOC seriously should have won here. And the match absolutely sucked.


Rob Van Dam Retains The X-Division Title

Kenny King and Christian York faced off in what I thought was a pretty decent match. Kenny King showed off some amazing abilities and York did pretty well and there were a couple of spots in that match that were pulled off really well. I thought the finish was good to with the cradle pin being reversed into another pin by York to get the win. Kenny King then laid out York with a beast finisher, which I don’t know the name of. :/ And York was out… which wasn’t a good thing considering he had his title match with RVD next, which RVD easily won. I’m not surprised by the results of both matches, but all I want to say is… Kenny King needs the X-Division Title. Come on, TNA. Put the belt on him already.



These guys do not click AT ALL. This match was beyond boring. It started of pretty feisty and aggressive by Samoa Joe, but then the match just slowed right down. It was slowly becoming boring as hell. That’s not to take anything anything away from Mr Anderson or Samoa Joe. I think they are both capable wrestlers. But its hard to get interested in a match with wrestlers these sizes, and it limits the work these two can do together. Samoa Joe is athletic and can move, but is still very big and Mr Anderson isn’t as quick with his game as Joe. So I wasn’t expecting much from this match, and I didn’t get much. TNA, Anderson and Joe just don’t seem to click. By the way, Mike Knox distracted Joe, allowing Anderson to get the win.



Gail Kim basically dominated this gauntlet, eliminating Miss Tessmacher, ODB and Mickie James in quick succession, not allowing any of the pairings to put together a good showing. I get they were trying to keep energy up through-out the match, but these matches should have been at least a little bit longer. It was then down to Gail Kim and Velvet Sky, and Sky won despite Kim’s foot being on the rope. Now it seems that the knockouts referee Taryn Terrell is about to start a feud with Gail Kim, considering they were arguing through-out the gauntlet, and Kim got screwed at the end. And if this feud results in a match between the two, I do hope Taryn’s training in OVW will help perform in the ring. I don’t know how well this girl works in the ring, but hopefully she and Gail can put together a good match. I’m not surprised that Velvet Sky won. You could tell she was gonna win, because she just returned and now she is gonna feud with Tara over the Knockouts title. Hopefully this is a good feud for the gold.


Send Joey Ryan To OVW

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defeated Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan to retain the tag team titles. Worst Tag Team Match I’ve seen in a while. This match was just a total mess, and it’s bad enough they put together two big guys in a tag match… but Joey Ryan needs to stay the hell away from the ring. Seriously, he f**ked up a lot of moves in that match, and nearly broke his own neck taking a powerbomb from Hernandez. Ryan has a great gimmick, no doubt. But his ring-work is absolutely terrible. He’s sloppy and was all over the place in that match, and what’s worse is that he was tagged in a lot in that match, so TNA showcased his shitness a lot, and his front-facelock on Hernandez looked plain ridiculous. And he’s just bringing down Matt Morgan, who came back to TNA, big-booting everyone and looking like this total bad-ass, and he’s stuck with this tool, acting like his trainer. Matt Morgan looked like he was about to snap Ryan in half after the match, and I do hope he turns on Ryan starts going into singles competition.


Devon Defeats Joseph Park

The fans were into this one a lot. The fans were split, with “Let’s go Devon” and Let’s go Joseph” chants colliding. They started off the match with Devon toying with Joseph and out-wrestling him and slapping him in the hand, being the traditional heel giant Goliath facing David. Park would then assemble a comeback, demonstrating actual wrestling from his “OVW training” which got the fans popping, and got Devon really peeved. This match was similar to the DOC one, except Park actually showed some wrestling in this one, and the match actually wasn’t that bad. As you’d expect, Park was busted open, saw blood, morphed into Abyss, kicked the crap out of Devon, and delivered a Black-Hole Slam. I’m actually suprised Devon kicked out. It made him look good when he did it. Park was about to chokeslam Devon, but then he got stunned, and like his match with DOC, he got beat. Very similar to his match with DOC, but it was actually made a lot better with Park showing wrestling abilities and the crowd were really into it, making me really into it. And the crowd does make the match sometimes. Pretty good.


Overall, I think Genesis was a good PPV, but I think it was just predictable as hell. All my predictions were right (expect with the Daniels vs Storm match. I thought Storm would win to be honest) and I just feel that they should have had some moments that none of those would suspect would happen. The show should be flat out unpredictable, but it wasn’t, and it made the show seem flat.

03/01/13 Impact Wrestling Review/Reactions – Bully Ray Gets Suspended, Sting Returns and Aces And Eights Member Unmasked


Opening Segment – The Crowning Of The 2012 TNA Wrestler Of The Year

Right, we start off TNA with Jeremy Borash in the ring with a lovely-looking trophy with the results of the 2012 TNA Wrestler Of The Year award as voted by the TNA fans. And the nominations are….

  • Bully Ray
  • James Storm
  • Austin Aries
  • Bobby Roode
  • Jeff Hardy

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode went up to the ring expecting to win the award, arguing on the way. Predictably though, Jeff Hardy won. So Jeff went to the ring, collected his award, but was interrupted by Bobby Roode. He though he should have been the winner considering he was the longest reigning TNA World Champion of all time. Austin Aries also thought he should have won the award, because this year has been “Total Nonstop Aries”. Roode and Aries began a tug-of-war for the title, but Jeff ended it by declaring that he’ll take on both of them at Genesis for the World Title, and said that 2012 was the year of the enigma. Aries and Roode attacked Hardy, but Super Hardy was able to fight them both off.¬†Pretty good opening segment. I like seeing Roode and Aries bickering through-out the segment. I thought that was funny.

Up NEXT….. We are kicking things off with singles competition as James Storm (pissed off at Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for taking the piss out of him) challenged either one of the pair for a match. Kazarian was picked and did a sneak attack to kick this one off. This seemed like a glorified squash match to me. Kazarian had hardly any offense on James Storm, and the match was way too short for these two. However, I did like the ending with Kazarian flying off the ropes and getting hit with the Super Kick by Storm. That looked really cool. However, I think if these two face each other again, it should be much longer.

Mr Anderson apparently joined the Aces And Eights too. I’m not sure what to make of this to be quite honest. On the one hand, Mr Anderson has really been going nowhere for a while now, so the move could give him a new shift in direction, which I always like to see. But then again, I’m not a big fan of seeing Mr Anderson heel, especially if he’s part of a group. I think Anderson’s best run in TNA was when he was the face chasing the TNA World Title, wanting his rematch from Hulk Hogan. We’ll see how well it works in the weeks to come.

DOC came out with his hammer and called out Sting, who was supposed to return tonight. The response he got was Sting’s baseball bat falling to the ground, getting DOC really pissed and pacing around the ring asking Sting to come out. Alright segment.

Christian York defeated Kid Kash in a very quick match to qualify for the number one contender-ship match for the X Division Title next week. To be honest, if they want to show-off the best of the best in the X Division, I don’t think showcasing two veterans in a short-ass match is not a great idea. Kid Kash is slowly becoming an X-Division jobber. Christian York, however, should be utilized a lot better. I mean this guy can go, as his match with Jeff Hardy a month or two ago will prove.

Hernandez defeated Joey Ryan via DQ, when Matt Morgan laid him out with a spinning clothesline and hit Chavo with the big boot. How is Matt Morgan gonna benefit AT ALL from doing this each and every week?

Now, here comes the soaps! Hulk Hogan returned to TNA after missing last week’s show. Hogan’s first act is to call out Bully Ray and her daughter Brooke, who he caught making out in the parking lot. He says that Bully “broke the code” and suspended Bully Ray indefinitely and told Brooke to get the hell out of his ring. Hopefully Bully Ray isn’t away from TV for too long. Bully’s actually got a lot of momentum for him at the moment.

Great Knockouts Tag Team match next, with Miss Tessmacher and Mickie James defeating Tara and Gail Kim. Great spot with Tessmacher diving off the top rope onto Jesse and Tara on the outside. And the crowd were certainty into it to. TNA is definitely the show to watch for great women’s wrestling. I’d like to see these 4 mix it up in a fatal four way. But my only problem with this match is the amount of times they mentioned Bellator on Spike. They must have mentioned it about 3 or 4 times through-out that match. I mean I like MMA and that, but stick to wrestling. Mike Tenay talking MMA doesn’t seem right.

THE MAIN EVENT! Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs Devon and A Masked Member Of Aces And Eights. Pretty cool at the start. Before Kurt Angle entered the cage, DOC attacked him, and locked him out of it, leaving Samoa Joe trapped with Devon and the Masked man. Kurt would eventually find a way in, and Kurt and Samoe Joe would dominate (although Kurt got busted open in the proccess) and got the win. ANOTHER ACES AND EIGHTS DEFEAT! How is Aces And Eights gonna be taken seriously with all these defeats. The rest of Aces And Eights came in and kicked the crap out the Angle and Joe, before STING CAME IN! Sting returned, and despite beating 53 years old, he was seemingly able to defeat 7 men by himself. WOW. All the members of Aces And Eights managed to escape the cage, well except one. And making good on his promise to unmask someone, Kurt Angle unmasked a member of the group. And it was…. MIKE KNOX!

Mike Knox from the WWE, who Mike Tenay managed to recognize about 5 seconds after the unmasking. I remember Mike Knox joined WWE, and went ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE. Not exactly a big-time reveal, but the Aces And Eights seriously need to get some momentum back. They are looking really weak as a faction, and all these unmaskings aren’t exactly helping.

To be honest, I think it’s been one of the worse episodes of Impact Wrestling in the last several months. The matches seemed to be too short, and the main event was pretty boring. Hopefully, things improve next week. I wasn’t that impressed with TNA this week.