13/06/2013 TNA Impact Wrestling Review: The New Main Event Mafia, Trouble In Aces And Eights’ Paradise and The Bound For Glory Series Particpants Decided


Evening wrestling fans, I am Tommy ” The Fucking Animal” Robinson. XD OK, seriously, TNA review. Last night we had the last of the Bound For Glory series qualifiers and the road to Bound To Glory¬† is about to begin. Who qualified for the series? Who’s got a chance for glory? Also, what’s next for Sting after losing to Bully Ray at Slammiversary, It’s time to TALK TNA!

Up until last night, only 3 participants were announced to be a part of the Bound For Glory series…

  • Jay Bradley, who earned his spot by defeating Sam Shaw at Slammiversary.
  • Hernandez, who earned his spot by defeating partner Chavo Guerrero last week.
  • And Samoa Joe, who earned his spot by defeating Robbie E last week also

So, 3 wrestlers were already in the series and at the top of the show, Hulk Hogan awarded spots to the last two winners of the Bound For Glory Series, Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy. In the opening segment, Roode declared that he would call out Jeff Hardy next week on Open Fight Night. Hogan responded by allowing the fans to decide who out of Roode and Hardy would be the first person to call someone out next week!

In the first Bound For Glory series qualifier of the night, “Bad Influence” Christopher Daniels and Kazarian defeated the new tag championship James Storm and Gunner in a sound non-title tag match, which resulted in both Daniels and Kazarian earning spots in the series. Bad break for Storm, who twice has came close to winning the series, but hopefully Daniels or Kazarian can gain high positions by the end of the series. If any of these two were to win the series, I would not complain.

In the second Bound For Glory series qualifier and in one of the most disappointing upsets ever, Joseph Park earned a spot in the series by beating the once 470 days defeated and returning Crimson. Crimson looked alright here and him not being in the series is a little bummer for Crimson has he tries to rebuild himself after being gone a year or so. Someone commented in a YouTube video suggesting that Crimson should be a member of Aces And Eights and you know… why not? He’d make a lot of sense as muscle for the group.

In a little break from the BFG series qualifiers, Velvet Sky gave new Knockouts Champion Mickie James a present… a document saying that Velvet was cleared to compete after her “ankle” injury. However, Mickie made sure that Velvet wasn’t ready by assaulting Velvet and turning heel in the process. She locked on a submission hold which looked painful as hell. Starting to like these new developments in the Knockouts Division with Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell stealing the show at Slammiversary, Taeler Hendrix coming back last week and Mickie James turning heel.

Back to the BFG series qualifiers, and we had Magnus earn a spot by winning the most random fatal four way I’ve ever seen. I mean it was a slow OK four way, but we had 4 guys in the match that looked so badly matched-up. Magnus, Rob Terry, Matt Morgan and Kenny King. It’s like TNA got a bowl of wrestlers names and picked out four at random and said, “OK, lets put these guys in a fatal four way”. With Rob Terry and Matt Morgan in the match the pace of the match slowed right down but there were some slick exchanges between Magnus and Kenny King and in the end , the Englishman walked away with the spot in the Bound For Glory series. Magnus – Representing good old England in the BFG series! Come on England!

Next up was the Stinger, who was kind of pissed off about no one in the back helping him during his match with Bully Ray at Slammiversary. His loss to him meant he was out the title picture… FOREVER!

Sting mentioned that Aces And Eights are like family having each others back and believed it was time for another family to return to TNA – THE MAIN EVENT MAFIA! Sting is assembling a NEW Main Event Mafia to battle the Aces And Eights! I’m loving this war – The Main Event Mafia vs Aces And Eights! This could be a great faction rivalry… the important word being “could”. We’ve seen how TNA’s faction vs faction rivalries have went down before. And well most of them kinda sucked. Fortune vs Immortal. Fortune vs EV 2.0. Main Event Mafia vs TNA Frontline. Main Event Mafia vs World Elite. Most of them have been rather terrible. But given how well the Aces And Eights storyline has done ever since it started a year ago, this could be an exciting part of the storyline. And if Scott Steiner returns to TNA and joins the Mafia, I will mark out. I know the odds of this happening a very slim like! The chances of this happening are like the chances of Samoa Joe retaining the TNA World Title at Sacrifice 2008. What were the chances of that happening? Well, I’m glad you asked! Take it away Scott!

Anyway, back to the Bound For Glory series qualifiers. Austin Aires vs Eric Young, Two very charismatic superstars who put on a great show, A seriously entertaining match between the two. Loved it when they started mimicking one another. Very slick match. But in the end, only one could advance to the Bound For Glory Series, and that one was Austin Aires, who defeated Eric Young off the Brain-buster for the win. Aires has never been in the BFG series, so its nice to see some new faces on the scene.

Next up was a 6 man battle royal with all the entrants being members of Aces And Eights. So we had DOC, Knux, Devon, Mr Anderson, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff competing for the right to be in the BFG series. However, Aces And Eights didn’t take things too seriously….

Yeah, tension is boiling over in the club with DOC refusing to eliminate himself in the battle royal – but got eliminated anyway. Mr Anderson earned the spot in the BFG series. I’m just wondering why TNA would have DOC attack Anderson if he was going to get eliminated by Anderson anyway? If I was booking it, it would be down to DOC and Anderson and they’d have this intense argument in the match which leads to DOC reluctantly eliminating himself. And afterwards, have DOC go in a wild frenzy and possibly have him strike members of Aces And Eights. That’s the way I see it. Personally, I don’t like the thought of DOC possibly turning face. I think if there was anyone that had any excuse to quit the club/turn face, it’d be Knux considering he’s done jack shit since he was revealed as a member. But TNA have there plans and hopefully, something good will come out of this.

So far we’ve had 11 of the best TNA has to offer earn a spot in the BFG series. And we have only ONE spot remaining. Who was it going to go to… the Olympic Gold Medallist and TNA Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle or the new dark and phenomenal lone wolf AJ Styles? And the winner was…….. AJ Styles! He won a good TV match off Aces And Eights distraction and a roll up to earn his spot in the BFG series! Afterwards Aces And Eights beatdown Angle, until Quinton “Rampage” Jackson came in swinging a chain and coming to Angle’s aid! Very interesting end to Impact Wrestling.

And the final list of entrants in this year’s Bound For Glory Series IS:

  • Jay Bradley
  • Hernandez
  • Samoa Joe
  • Bobby Roode
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Christopher Daniels
  • Kazarian
  • Joseph Park
  • Magnus
  • Austin Aires
  • Mr Anderson
  • and…. AJ Styles

Anyway, thanks for reading the Armbar Express. I’m Tom Robinson! And for a random video, I’m going to leave you with this epic scene from last week’s episode of Imapct Wrestling! (Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, following the username @TomRobinson5199)

UFC 157 Thoughts And Reactions: Ronda Rousey – The Most Badass Woman On The Planet Retains

RONDA ROUSEY: On top of the food chain in Women's MMA,

RONDA ROUSEY: On top of the food chain in Women’s MMA,

What is up MMA fans? Tom Robinson here with my thoughts and reactions to last night’s UFC 157. This event made history as it featured the first ever main event – headlined by women. A boost for women’s MMA and women’s sports in general this was the world’s chance to see the rare privilege of Miss Armbar herself. 6 armbar submission wins the first round of all of her fights. Ronda Rousey. Would her dominance in MMA continue in UFC against Liz Carmouche, a lethal hard-hitter?

But first, I watched the preliminary fights on Facebook. And the Brock Jardine vs Kenny Robertson fight really stood out in particular. Why? Simply because of how it ended – a lethal submission in the first round. But check out this submission:



An unusual but effective way to end the fight! That looks… SICK!


Robbie Lawler Makes An Effective Comeback With A TKO In The First Round

Lalwer made his return to the UFC, and in impressive fashion. A TKO in the first round after a furious bunch of blows to Koscheck. Many, along with Joe Rogan, may think that referee Herb Dean ended the fight to early and though Josh could still go on. BUT, I think even if Dean let in go on for a while longer, Lawler would still have delivered a lot more punishment considering the position Josh was at the time the fight was brought to an end. I think he was right to bring to an end when he did. A dominating display by Lawler and good way to make a return to UFC.

Court McGee And Josh Neer Go The Distance Despite McGee’s Dominance In The First Round

I’m TRULY amazed by the fact that Josh Neer lasted the entire fight. I’m amazed McGee never finished him in the first round. He landed more than 100 strikes to Neer (more than 300 in the fight’s entirety), and surely would have noticed Neer feeling his stomach after he delivered several brutal blows to the stomach near the end of the first round.McGee failed to capitalize on the wounded gut and in the 2nd round, nearly paid for it after Neer hit jab after jab starting to build momentum and nearly caused trouble for McGee. But in the third round, McGee’s onslaught was just too much for the veteran Neer. BUT, I’m not gonna take anything away for Josh Neer. The fact that he withstood that amount of punishment and finished the fight is really incredible. He’s got really good endurance and despite not winning, he shouldn’t be disheartened. That was a great effort.

Faber submits Menjivar in the first round to solidify his claim for a bantamweight title fight

To be honest, a little disappointed the fight ended as it did. I really wanted to see these two go the distance, considering their first fight years ago ended in a disqualification. But, Faber was impressive and the California Kid showed why he was worthy of a bantamweight shot in the future impressively choking out Menjivar after some sweet transitions which led to the choke.

Lyoto Machida Defeats Dan Henderson In A Fight Which Upsets The Fans

The fans were really upset with how this fight went down. Machida was a little resistant and patient before engaging with Henderson, but sometimes, those who are patient are those who come out on top. I mean, this is what Machida does. Yes, it pisses off the fans when he acts a little less eagerness, but that’s only because Machida is such a smart fighter. I mean near the end of the first round, Lyoto cleverly scored a takedown on Hendo which completly took him off guard. Slowly, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida picked up the points which led to his victory by split decision. But, it WAS a close fight. When Henderson did get in shots, they were lethal. And he was able to score a takedown in the third round, but only really because Machida’s own momentum sent him to the ground. I’m not gonna argue with the decision. Lyoto deservingly won here. And it’s a great boost for Lyoto’s career. I’m a big fan of “The Dragon”. He was heavily booed last night, but he’s an impressive fighter, and I’d like to see him get another shot at the Light-Heavyweight Championship he once held.

Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche – Rousey And Carmouche Make UFC History

IT’S TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME! The first ever women’s fight in UFC, and it ended in 1 round, but DAMN! It was one of the most explosive first rounds I’ve ever seen. Liz certainty showed she couldn’t be taken lightly, and really took it to the champion Rousey. Rousey was in serious trouble when Liz got her in the choke. That might have been the time in Ronda Rousey’s MMA career that she was in danger of losing the fight. Somehow, Ronda saved herself from being choked, and she didn’t hold anything back. She messed up Lizzy big time while in control, and… surprise, surprise… Ronda Rousey won the fight with an armbar submission… in the first round… for the 7th fight in a row.

How impressive is Ronda Rousey? She must be like the daughter of Chuck Norris or something. She is just destroying anyone in her path. Actually, this wasn’t that much of a destruction. She nearly lost in the first round with that choke from Carmouche. But, as a fighting champion should, she pulled through, and showed the world, that she is not the woman to mess with – unless you want putting in a painful armbar. What a way to kick off women’s MMA in UFC, and what a champion to lead the division. It was a really good night of UFC action, and we’ve had explosive submissions, epic TKOs and some great fighting by some amazing individuals. Great Event!