Previously on TNA EWR…

We crowned a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion in John Cena, who defeated AJ Styles to win the championship on the first time of asking. At Final Resolution, AJ will get his rematch for the title in a steel cage match.

TNA’s newest signing Rey Mysterio was revealed at Turning Point, as he signed Hulk Hogan’s contract. Alex Shelley from the Motor City Machine Guns was the first to call out Mysterio as he and Chris Sabin jumped the luchador on Impact. It was announced that Rey’s first match in the promotion would be with Shelley at Final Resolution. Could Shelley make a name for himself by knocking off Mysterio?

On the Impact before Final Resolution, General Manager Hulk Hogan was mysteriously attacked in the back by an unknown assailant. TNA Owner Jeff Jarrett was scheduled to appear at Final Resolution to give a statement about the attack and what it means for TNA.


Pre-show – Interview with Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is on the pre-show. He cuts a promo about beating Matt Morgan and moving forward with his career. He feels now is the right time for him to reclaim the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He decides to challenge whoever wins the main event to a title match for Genesis. Joe vowed to win the title and didn’t matter if it was AJ Styles or John Cena. He would be the next TNA World Champion.


Match 1 – Bobby Roode, James Storm and Kaz def. “Global Supremacy” Desmond Wolfe, TAKA Michinoku and David Hart Smith

Beer Money and Kaz vs the newest stable in TNA called the Global Supremacy. After I hired David Hart Smith, I decided to give Desmond Wolfe another group to run which would include himself, TAKA, David Hart Smith and Claudio Castagnoli who I’ve wanted to push for a while. Desmond’s continued to target Beer Money so Storm and Roode brought in Kaz to even the odds. The good guys won. I’d hate to have Global Supremacy lose their first PPV match as a group but they dominated the Impact shows very emphatically as of late so I had to give the good guys something.


Match 2 – Matt Morgan def. Hernandez

Morgan vs Hernandez. 86% is an all rating for these two. Hernandez is still really over so I decided to put him with Morgan. Morgan got the win clean and then El Mesias from Reckless Ambition attacked Morgan helped out his fellow stable member Hernandez. Not bad for this feud so far.
Angle 1 – Chris Sabin attacks Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett cut a promo about being the founder of TNA. Jarrett talks about the issues between Sting and Hogan and addresses the attack on Hogan. He calls it gutless and vowed to bring the assailant to justice. He initially stated that his prime suspect was Sting but has not been able to track him down. He declared that a new interim general manager would take over on Impact. He gave those in the back a chance to reveal themselves if any of them were the attacker(s) but out came Chris Sabin. Sabin denied attack Hogan but came out to address Jeff. Chris said he’s been with TNA almost since it began and talks about being inspired by Jeff to work hard to achieve dreams. However, he now believes that Jeff’s message of hard work is BS as Sabin was the best worker last year and has been left off the card for the final PPV of 2010. He asks Jeff Jarrett for a match at the first PPV of 2011, Genesis, but Jeff refuses. Sabin attacks Jarrett and performs a conchairto to leave the man hurt.

Match 3 – Jeff Hardy and Brother Devon def. Abyss and Bobby Lashley in a hardcore tag team match

At Turning Point, Abyss won Lashley’s TNA Global Title obviously causing dissension between the two. However, they decided to put their differences aside to finish off Jeff Hardy and Brother Devon. However, an opponent miscommunication caused Hardy and Devon to pick up the win. Abyss and Lashley argued afterwards. 85% which is fine I guess.


Match 4 – Mr Anderson def. Christopher Daniels

These two have been arguing about who is more worthy of a TNA World title shot as of late. They decided to settle it with a match at Final Resolution which Anderson won by cheating. With an overall rating of 89%, this was the start to a very solid ending to the show. Happy with this and I do want to keep it going into Genesis.


Match 5 – Jay Lethal and Kurt Angle def. “Deadly Sin” Raven and Rhino in a non-title match. If Jay Lethal and Kurt Angle lost, Jay Lethal would leave TNA.

Raven and Rhino have been mocking Jay Lethal for not being able to beat them for the Tag Titles. Angle came to Lethal’s aid as Lethal stated that it’s not about winning the tag titles, it’s about him proving that he was one of the best in the business. Lethal challenged Deadly Sin to one more tag team match at Final Resolution. Deadly Sin agreed as long as Lethal was the one that put something on the line this time. If Lethal’s team lost, Lethal would be forced to leave TNA for good. Lethal agreed and Lethal actually got the pin as he and Angle won. This is a big win for him as he had been losing quite a bit in the last few months. I felt he had to win this and Lethal is exceptionally over now. With the 95% rating, I think this went really well!


Match 6 – Rey Mysterio def. Alex Shelley

96% rating! Love it! Alex Shelley getting over big time with this feud and the in-ring work was exceptional. This is only the beginning of things with Mysterio and Shelley.


Match 7 – John Cena (c) def. AJ Styles in a steel cage match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Cena stands tall as champion with this 89% rating. Cena was the most over and I want to continue his reign as champion. Cena was attacked after the match by Samoa Joe setting up our next TNA World title feud between Cena and Joe. I’m actually looking forward to this one as Cena vs Joe was a match I always thought would be cool if it ever happened. They’ve got similar power styles with Joe obviously being more of a high-flyer. I feel there’s a lot of potential with this one.


So that was Final Resolution. I hope you all enjoyed it. Next up is Genesis, which has already been done. I will reveal one important detail going into that event about the angle with Hulk Hogan taking out.

For the moment, Hogan’s duties as GM will be handled by Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle has just become a non-wrestler in my game so I’ve decided to make him an Authority figure as well. I think the control of the company angle has a lot of potential considering the people involved. We’ve got Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle as the bosses for the people and we’ve got Sting, who is wanting to get Hogan from out of power because of what he’s done to WCW in the past. There’s all the ingredients for a fine little storyline.




Previously on… god damn I’ve been doing a lot of these as of late!

AJ Styles had to cheat his way to victory as he was challenged by the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Commissioner Hulk Hogan declared that Jeff deserved a rematch at Victory Road and made the match official. If AJ were to be caught cheating again, he would be stripped off the title. AJ began talking to the dangerous alliance of Abyss and Bobby Lashley about having his back against Hardy. It was during a confrontation on Impact between Jeff and AJ when the duo struck. Jeff was left bloodied at the hands of Abyss and Lashley as Styles looked to pick up the scraps at Victory Road!

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe had the first encounter in their feud at Slammiversary with the match ending in draw after Angle made Joe tap at the same time Angle’s shoulders were down for the three-count. Not satisfied, Joe assaulted Angle post-match. The two were promised a rematch at Victory Road, but Hogan said that the two must work as partners until that event. The two had their ups-and-downs in tag matches on Impact and Impact Extreme, but not real aggressions were had between the two building up to the event. But at Victory Road… all gloves are off.

Sting beat Mr Anderson to a pulp at Slammiversary in their Texas Death match. On the following Impact, Anderson challenged Sting once again. However, he was cut off by the return of Matt Morgan who hit him with the Blue-Print to end the show. Morgan said that he was back in order to take out anyway on his path to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and Anderson was unfortunately the first target for Matt. Sting would also get involved in the thick of things by continue his own personal crusade against Anderson. Anderson went to Hulk’s office and demanded that Morgan and Sting be taken care off. Hogan decided to let Anderson do it himself. At Victory Road, it would be a triple threat match between Anderson, Morgan and Sting. For added incentive,  the winner would earn a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match on the following Impact.

Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett beat the tar out of Rhino and Raven at Slammiversary, but it was Raven and Rhino that retained the tag team titles in their match. However, the champions were still embarrassed by the beating they took at the hands of Foley and Jarrett and challenged them to a rematch. They challenged the both of them to a tag team Steel Cage match. Foley and Jarrett responded by assaulting the champions as a clear sign of acceptance for the showdown at Victory Road. Foley said that if he and Jarrett can’t put away Rhino and Raven for good, he might as well retire.


Pre-Show – Kaz def. Stevie Richards

This pre-show is a part of the feud between Bad Influence and the Extreme Coalition faction. Kaz knocked off Stevie because I wanted Kaz over. Stevie was already for some reason, pretty over. So there’s no harm in putting Kaz over in this particular match as he’s a man I want to push alongside Daniels.


Match 1 – “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley def. “Beer Money Inc” Bobby Roode and James Storm

Starting off the show hot and heavy with these two tag teams! The Guns got revenge for Beer Money beating them at Slammiversary, by getting the win here! 95% overall! I think these guys need a killer rubber match at Hard Justice!


Match 2 – Monty Brown (c) def. Christopher Daniels to retain the TNA Global Championship

Again, the feud between the Extreme Coalition and Bad Influence continues! Their Global Champion Brown retains the title against Daniels after Stevie Richards came in to cost Daniels the match. A much better Global title match than the shitty title match from Slammiversary! -.- Great job guys!


Match 3 – Jay Lethal and Jerry Lynn def. Homicide and Hernandez in a hardcore match

The end to this little feud. All these guys are pretty over right now. They’re not significantly over because of it, but they’re definitely up there with the top guys. All of them are at least 80 overness with Lethal at 88. I might have Lethal and Lynn part ways for now, because I have much bigger plans for Lethal and his future!


Match 4 – “Team 3D” Brother Ray and Brother Devon def. Kevin Nash and Eric Young

For the record, Nash and Young are not “The Band”! They’re both heels that just happen to be in an alliance for this particular match! But Team 3D picked up the win in this tag team match. Three tag matches on this show so already! I’m starting to turn into Tommy Long!


Match 5 – Mr Anderson def. Matt Morgan and Sting in a triple threat match to become the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Anderson won this triple threat match, earning a TNA World title match and continuing his new feud with Morgan. Now about Morgan. In EWR, if you’re not using guys frequently, like main-eventers, their morale goes right down. Morgan has like 80+ overness and is an upper-midcarder, but I’ve not really been using him. Therefore, he’s really pissed at me and wants me to start using him more. Had a similar issue with Arn Anderson in the WCW game. So I decided to throw him in a feud with Mr Anderson. Anderson won this round, but Morgan ain’t having any of this stuff.


Match 6 – “Deadly Sin” Raven (c) and Rhino (c) def. Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley in a tag team steel cage match to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Mick Foley vows to retire if his team doesn’t win.

This ends the feud between these teams. I wasn’t planning to have it end this early. It was going to go on another month after this. However, I got the alert that Mick Foley was retiring next month! Foley being retired is a big loss for me obviously, but I wanted to give this feud a proper ending. Like I didn’t want Jarrett, Raven and Rhino losing overness because it ended on camera. So I quickly rushed it to end at Victory Road. It’s also the reason why I implemented the “Foley loses, he retires” thing. Raven and Rhino retain the tag titles, Foley’s retired and Jarrett keeps marching on. But everybody was like at least over 95 as far as overness was concerned. All these guys are awesome!

Match 7 – Kurt Angle def. Samoa Joe via DQ

So ANOTHER shady finish to a Joe/Angle match. You guys might not like this, but I think it would be better to have non-finishes in their matches rather than just them trading victories back-and-forth. That’s working well for the Guns and Beer Money, but I wanted to do something different with Angle/Joe. Joe couldn’t put Angle away, so he blasts Angle with the chair for the DQ. Angle comes back to attack Joe and they brawl to the back. Another superb 99% rating from Kurt and Joe. You’ll probably see the clean victory come at Hard Justice and hopefully… 100%!


Match 8 – Jeff Hardy def. AJ Styles (c) to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. If AJ Styles is caught cheating or gets himself disqualified, he is stripped of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

NEW CHAMPION! We have a NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion! Jeff got the win, but it was pretty controversial. AJ and Jeff have a hell of a match but the ref gets brought down by like AJ throwing the ref into a Whisper In The Wind or something. AJ goes out and grabs a chair which brings out Hogan. Hogan tells him not to use the chair and says he’ll strip him if he does use it. AJ says that Hogan does have the balls to do it and pushes him down. This eventually leads to Hulk Hulkin’ up and AJ turns around to find a hulked-up Hogan. Hogan does his routine and hits the leg drop before exiting the ring. The ref comes back up, only for Jeff to climb to the top and hit the Swanton Bomb for the win.

The only reason I say that it’s controversial is because he forbid AJ from cheating to win and yet he goes and attacks AJ during the match! What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. AJ is banned from cheating but yet Hogan interferes to help Jeff win the title. You’ll find out on the next part of this TNA series the fate of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!