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It’s that time of year again where World War III breaks out in World Championship Wrestling. Last year, I reviewed this pay-per-view and my interest in the concept of the World War III battle royal got me interested in the overall show. This year, I was not as enthralled by this PPV. In my opinions, this was one of the weaker pay-per-views for WCW in 1996.

That feels like a fairly harsh comment but there has been a high standard set for pay-per-views since The Great American Bash 1996 which was highly regarded as one of their greatest pay-per-views of all time. Every other pay-per-view since that show has been great but this one did not live up to the standards set. This pay-per-view had one outstanding match, a few matches which you either loved or you hated and a horrible main-event with the World War III battle royal.

This was not as bad as the WCW Slamboree 1996 pay-per-view which, in hindsight, felt like one of the worst wrestling pay-per-views I’ve ever watched. However, when a Rowdy Roddy Piper segment is given roughly 30 minutes and the convoluted battle royal is given 30 minutes, the pressure is on everything else to deliver and steady the ship. I think the opening match was the only one which I think could be considered a pay-per-view worthy match. The Malenko vs Psychosis match was fine but it was nowhere near as good as it could have been. Everything else was passable at best.


Date: November 24th, 1995

Brand: WCW

City: Norfolk, Virginia

Attendance: ‎10,314

Commentators: Tony Schiavonie, Dusty Rhodes and Bobby Heenan

(NOTE: Mike Tenay, Lee Marshall and Larry Zybsko were also commentators for the battle royal.)



The Ultimate Dragon © w/Sonny Onoo vs Rey Mysterio Jr. for the J-Crown Championship


A fabulous match to start off the show. I did check the rating for their last pay-per-view match at Hog Wild. This match far surpassed that one. Dragon was absolutely incredible and Rey sold like crazy for him. I liked the finish a lot although I think given a little bit more time, this would have been one of the best WCW matches of 1996. I’m sure if I go through the ratings I’ve given during the year, it will probably end up being one of the best WCW matches of 1996! However, I was really hoping for a bit more time to heighten the drama. Call me needy but there were signs where I think this match was meant to have more time but it got cut for some reason.

Dragon wrestled Mysterio down and worked on the arm, driving knees to the arm then locking up. Rey responded by going for Dragon’s legs to which commentator Dusty Rhodes yelled “break a leg!” They wrestled for a wrist lock. Dusty noted that Dragon was working like Malenko, who BEAT Mysterio at Halloween Havoc. This was good continuity because clearly Dragon, in storyline, took notes from the Havoc match heading in this title defense against Mysterio Jr.

Rey and Dragon did flips and tried kicks in a great spot which the fans applauded for. Dragon unloaded with kicks in the corner. Dragon dropkicked Rey to the floor. Sonny followed this up with a kick to the gut as the ref’s back was turned. They did bring up what happened last year with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan working with Sonny Onoo and the Japanese last year at Starrcade. A nice reference from the commentators.

Dragon hit a picture perfect German suplex for a two count. Dragon threw Mysterio so high in the air to which Bobby yelled: “hey Rey, can you get the lights?” Dragon did a brilliant inverted torture back backbreaker. I’m pretty sure the one he did to Rey at Hog Wild looked miles better but this one was pretty sweet in its own right.

Dragon locked a single leg Boston crab. Dragon did a powerbomb followed up by an Alley Oop into the ropes which was a combination I’ve never seen before but it looked incredible. This is a spot that only someone like Rey could take!

Dragon did a giant swing to Rey Mysterio as Dragon got dizzy himself which the fans laughed big time at. Dragon did a fisherman suplex for a 2 count. Dragon DROPPED Rey with a brainbuster. Dragon tried another one but Rey reversed it into a 2 count.

Dragon did a naughty jumping tombstone from Rey for a 2 count. Rey got Irish whipped into the guard rail. Dragon did a second tombstone on the floor. Dragon followed this up with a dive. These men just did move after move onto each other. It felt they were doing too many moves given the time they were given but each of the moves they did were pulled off really well.

They showed the backs of the announcers as the action between Rey and Dragon spilled to the floor and Dusty, who was wearing a red jacket, yelled “whose the guy in the red jacket?” It was just funny that Rey and Dragon are doing all of these spots on the outside and the commentators had their back to the action the entire time! They weren’t allowed to turn around and get an up-close look at the action as they just stared at their monitors!

Dragon did frankenstiener from the top rope for a 2 count. Dragon hit a running sit-out powerbomb for another 2 count. Rey did a fabulous springboard moonsault for a 2 count where he launched off the top rope, went diagonally to the middle rope and bounced off for the moonsault. It looked so slick.

Rey did a flipping seated senton to Dragon on the outside. As I mentioned earlier, there were some brilliant moves in this match. Rey did a sunset flip, Dragon did a bridge pinfall both for a 2 count.

Rey did a cartwheel into a hurricanrana for a near fall. Fans seemed to buy that move as the finish. Dragon hit a dragon suplex for the 2 count. Rey tried his Frankensteiner finisher but Dragon caught him, bounced Rey off the top rope and hit a sit-out powerbomb for the clean pinfall victory to retain the titles.

Tremendous action, top notch spots, great chemistry and a great way to open the show. I think if you’re big on spots, this match is an excellent match to watch because these two did sensational stuff in that ring. I felt given a few more minutes to pace themselves better, this would have a sure 4 and a half star match or even a perfect match for that matter. However, I just don’t think it got enough time to solidify itself as a near perfect match. If you’re really big on a spots, then I’m sure you’ll have a different opinion.

Match Rating: ****1/4


Mean Gene Okerlund interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. DDP said everyone wanted to get a hold of the best. DDP tried to talk about other stuff but Mean Gene said Page has got to address the people about the New World Order being interested. DDP said he doesn’t care about the life of Eric Bischoff, who had joined the New World Order on the most recent episode of Nitro. DDP says what affected me was the World War III battle royal, which he was a participant in. DDP talked about winning battle royal. and when it’s all said and done, there can only be one. Mean Gene noted that DDP did not answer his question about the nWo but this was solid promo. Clearly Page was conveniently dodging the subject to focus on winning this main-event. Page actually mentioned that he won the Slamboree battle royal and held the Lord of the Ring, to suggest that he could possibly pull off a big win again.


Chris Jericho w/Teddy Long vs Nick Patrick in a one arm tied behind the back match


This match was everything it needed to be when it comes to this storyline. Jericho working with one arm was still better than half of the wrestlers in the World War III battle royal. Nick Patrick, for a man who does not wrestle and is a referee, was a phenomenal seller for Jericho. He bumped left and right for this man, getting the right balance between comical overselling and embarrassing overselling. Patrick’s been a great character in the story and the match was booked really well with the storyline in mind.

Nick Patrick was dressed in black and white boxing robe, a neck braces and sunglasses with a scolding look on his face. Thunderous boos coming out for this man! I loved detail of the black and white boxing robe as a nod to the allegations that Patrick was working for the New World Order. I don’t think the announcers mentioned this once but it was great because it allowed you as a viewer to put 2 and 2 together rather than Tony Schiavonie telling you what the storyline is for example. This was not Michael Cole hammering the storyline into your head verbally. You could figure this out on your own.

It was mentioned that Patrick did used to wrestle so at least he has some wrestling credentials about him. Therefore it was somewhat believable that Patrick would be able to get some heat on Jericho.

Patrick being in tough guy mode against a one-armed man was brilliant! Patrick pushed Jericho. Jericho did a one arm push and Patrick does a brilliant sell for Jericho. He takes a big backward bump, with his arms in the air and the fans ROAR with approval! It was the best!

Jericho hip-tossed Patrick out of the ring with one arm and Patrick demanded Jericho to “watch his neck” which I enjoyed. Jericho started a “PATRICK SUCKS” chant. Patrick did the test of strength spot where they put their hands out. He mocked Jericho for not having the other hand available so Jericho does a hammerlock with one hand and Patrick screams with agony!

Jericho kicked away at Patrick as Patrick looked like he was having a seizure on the floor! If you’re gonna do over-selling in wrestling, do it right. Patrick was a great over seller here! He’s a cartoon character and he’s a referee so it was perfect that he would do over the top selling in this match!

Patrick pushed Teddy Long at ringside and Teddy LAUNCHED Patrick with a shove of his own which the referee scolded Teddy for. I actually thought this was gonna end in a disqualification but no, the match continued. Patrick was able to slap Jericho. Jericho retaliated with a slap of his own and Patrick fell over like a inflatable doll with his hands up in the air and just tumbling down to the mat! He just got flipped perfectly from horizontal to vertical in a 90 degree angle!

Jericho clotheslined the ring post so Patrick got the heat on a one-armed man. Patrick wasn’t particularly bad. Patrick did some snapmares and he threw some great right hands as he got the heat on Jericho. Patrick was constantly thrusting his arms in the air as he got punched in the face! Jericho made a comeback. Jericho was somehow able to do a one-arm back body drop to Patrick.

Patrick did a horrible looking Shawn Michaels forearm and it actually made it better that it was so bad, because it’s Nick Patrick who was NOT Shawn Michaels! If this would have been a great forearm, it would have ruined it! Speaking of Shawn Michaels, Jericho pulled off a super kick, as a tribute to his future employers The Young Bucks. and got the clean pin.

As a way for the heel referee to get his comeuppance this was booked really well. Jericho didn’t come off as a geek. Patrick’s over-selling was not too much. Patrick was not out-wrestling the man. We got a clean win and a happy ending for the wrestler who was getting screwed by the evil referee.


I’ve got to get this off my chest before we get into the next match. The idea behind this blog series of mine was to watch stuff from the past and see what we can learn from for the future of wrestling. What old stuff can we incorporate into modern wrestling. This is something that has been lost to time. Nick Patrick has been winding up wrestlers and fans for months with his antics. He finally is thrown in the ring to get his arse kicked and the good guy won as the crooked referee got what he deserved.

If this was WWE in 2020, Nick Patrick would have won this match without a doubt. What would have happened was either Patrick would win by disqualification because Teddy Long pushed him in that spot earlier or someone else would have laid out Jericho allowing Patrick to win. They did the same thing with the Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler match at WrestleMania 27, where the announcer beat the wrestler after a BS ruling where the heel won on a technicality instead of Lawler beating him and Cole getting his comeuppance. If they would have done this Patrick match in WWE in 2020, it would have been the exact same thing to get heat. At least WCW in 1996 had the clue and bright idea to have Jericho go over when he needed to. THUMBS UP!

Match Rating: **1/4


Mark Madden and Marcus Bagwell were shown answering questions on WCWWRESTLING.COM.


Mean Gene interviewed Ric Flair who was not wrestling on this show as he was injured. I had serious buffering problems at this time, even after I restarted the Playstation 4 I was watching the show on, so I decided to pick this up the next day. This ended up being a pay-per-view that took me two days to watch which really took me out of the game.

Ric said the theme of the event is World War III but in reality its WCW on tour. He made it clear that the nWo are entitled to walk down their own way of life, but guys like Flair, Arn Anderson, Sting, The Steiner Brothers, Steve “Mongo” McMichael and Chris Benoit were “W BY GOD C W.” He promised that the nWo would belong to WCW which I guess ended up coming true, because Ric Flair would be the WCW President in 1999!


The Giant vs Jeff Jarrett in a return grudge match from Halloween Havoc

wcw_worldwar3_jarrettgiant (1)

An absolute nothing match. I don’t understand why they felt the need to do this match again on pay-per-view. It wasn’t good the first time but they did it again. There was no Ric Flair to help get the fans behind Jarrett. The fans loved the New World Order on the show so of course Giant was cheered. This to me accomplished nothing and really, both men became irrelevant due to Sting showing up again. They did this horrible match just to lead to Sting coming in and dropping Jarrett with the Scorpion Death Drop.

The Giant still has the US title that he stole from Ric Flair but the commentators confirmed that because the Nature Boy had not defended the title, Ric Flair was no longer the US Heavyweight Champion. The title was vacated and The Giant was not the champion either. Jeff fired away with punches but Giant pushed him away to a big pop. Jeff kept trying punches in the corner but one big clothesline from Giant was enough to turn the tide in the match.

Jeff continued to try and bring Giant down but Giant pushed him away with his foot. There was a giant elbow drop from the big man. The Giant did a foot stomp where he had his foot on Jeff for at least three seconds before he even applied pressure. Jarrett’s shoulders were on the match so that should have easily been a three count!

As Giant was getting the heat on Jeff, the fans react to someone in the rafters who was in fact Sting. Giant did a leg drop and then Sting got down from the rafters and made their way trough the crowd. The fans are paying no attention to the match by this point.

Giant did a backbreaker. Giant missed a Vader Bomb. Jeff did a top rope crossbody for a two count. The police flanked Sting as he came down. Giant got sent over the top rope by Jeff but then Sting got in the ring and did the Scorpion Death Drop on Jeff as the fans cheered. There’s a big thud of Sting hitting a move on Jeff and the referee Randy Anderson, who was distracted, was a couple of inches away from Jeff and Sting and he couldn’t hear a thing and continued to count out Giant! Even if the referee got out of the ring to count out Giant, that would have been better than the referee somehow not being able to hear Sting attacking Jeff Jarrett DESPITE BEING IN THE RING AS WELL!

Giant got in the ring and scored the pin from a chokeslam. A bad match with a bad finish as Sting was the only thing noteworthy about this match.

Match Rating: * (I’m not sure why I’m being so generous)


Then we got a long contract signing with Rowdy Roddy Piper and Hollywood Hogan. I’m a huge fan of Piper and this was a good television segment but it did not need to take place on World War III. They had Chris Benoit vs Taskmaster and Lex Luger vs Arn Anderson originally booked for this pay-per-view but they were cut I guess for this segment. This thing took way too long for a pay-per-view. It was great and Piper was tremendous in selling the nWo beatdown he would get. He and Hollywood Hogan were great characterS but this bored me half to death at times. I really wanted to see more wrestling on this show but instead I got this.

Piper appeared with the contract in his hand for the match with Hollywood Hogan. Some dude was in the ring with a table and a cloth over it with the camera man getting in shots of Piper. Piper said there’s no sense in waiting. He told Hogan to get out here. Coming out to meet Piper was Ted DiBiase, Vincent, The Giant and… ERIC BISCHOFF in nWo gear. For those unaware, Eric Bischoff revealed himself as a member of the New World Order on the last edition of Nitro. This was Bischoff’s first appearance since joining the group. It was Bischoff with a leather jacket and nWo shirt underneath.

Bischoff said that Hollywood was a little busy as he’s got scripts to look at. Bischoff said Hogan gave him his power of attorney. It’s funny to me that they do this angle where Hogan gives Bischoff the power of attorney powers. A year before this, he did the same thing with Jimmy Hart and that led to Hogan losing the title to The Giant which led to the World War III battle royal last year! It all comes full circle!

Bischoff was happy to look into the contract and sign the contract for the Hogan if it is suitable. Piper said he taught Vincent to fight and told him slow his roll. Piper said he’s been doing this for 28 years but he’s never had his hair done or nails done. Piper said if Bischoff thinks Piper is gonna trust a “flake” like Bischoff, think again. Could you imagine if Piper threw out this line in 2020?

Bischoff said he could fine Piper for that line. How could this even be possible if Piper is not associated with WCW? They explained on the Nitro after Havoc that Piper was not associated with the company so how can Bischoff possibly fine Piper if Piper doesn’t work for WCW? Was Bischoff lying? Had Piper signed with WCW full-time and they just didn’t tell us or was this just a cock-up by Bischoff? I suspect this was just Bischoff saying whatever he wanted but the line just made no sense in the context of the storyline.

Piper asked how much would the fine be if he knocked him out. Piper said he will fight Hogan. He’s going for the fight regardless of the nWo as even if they showed up as he doesn’t care about disqualifications. I’m guessing this made the match no disqualification although it was hard to tell what type of match Piper wanted based on his promo.

Then HOLLYWOOD HOGAN arrives with Elizabeth, The Giant again, Syxx and the Outsiders. Hogan said Piper had a problem. Piper responded that he always had problems but that’s never stopped him. He told Hogan to get his butt in the ring, sign the contract and quit talking. Everyone got in the ring. Hogan said he’ll sign but he’s got a real big problem. Hogan said he’s used to dealing people that are number one contenders, on his level and up to his speed. When Piper was his equal, he couldn’t get it done. Hogan said since Piper’s “Mr Self-Righteous, Mr Straight Man”, he asked Piper to show everyone his “hip”. He showed a hip but Hogan wasn’t happy. Piper showed the other hip with a big scar on it as Piper had hip surgery which the scar clearly showed.

Hogan said he didn’t pick on cripples but since the whole world seems to like him and everyone wanted to see the war to settle the score, he would fight him. He signed the contract. Hogan said Piper’s not gonna have a leg to stand on because he can’t wait to beat on a gimp. Piper punched Hogan but the nWo ganged up on Piper, so Hogan punched away himself. Piper clawed through to attack Hogan.

The nWo expose the scar from hip surgery and then Hogan did a chair shot to the scar and one of the worst chop blocks in the history of wrestling. Hall grabbed the leg. Hogan grabbed the spray paint and spray painted the leg of Piper with “nWo”. Hogan says he will break Piper in half and called him a piece of crap. He spit on the chest of Piper and the nWo celebrated.

Piper clawed himself up and knocked over the table. This spooks out the nWo who leave. Piper grabbed the mic said if that’s the best you can do, Hogan’s in trouble because there’s no retreat, no surrender on him. So the match was booked Piper vs Hogan for WCW Starrcade. Dusty decreed the fight of all fights has been signed. Piper crawled his way through the curtain.

The segment itself was really good. The back-and-forth between Piper and Hogan was really good. I even liked Bischoff’s role in this. The beat down of Piper looked really good and I liked the spot where they attacked the hip of Piper. It was done in a safe manner but it looked like it would have wrecked Piper. Piper did tremendous selling of this beating. As a segment it was great. My issue was with it being on a wrestling pay-per-view. With that being said, it was a great segment. I’ll give credit where credit is due.

Segment Rating: ****


“The Amazing French Canadians” Carl Ouelett and Jacques Rogueau w/Col Robert Parker vs “Harlem Heat” Booker T and Stevie Ray w/Sister Sherri. If Harlem Heat wins, Sherri would get five minutes in the ring with Parker


An absolute nothing match with what I thought was a decent enough finish. I didn’t have much expectations for the match going in and it pretty much met my expectations. It was boring as a suspected, it had a bunch of goofy shenanigans which I expected and there wasn’t much wrong with the match. There wasn’t much right with it either so I can’t say this was a good match.

Bobby makes a joke about how Parker was gonna find a place in Quebec… in South Quebec. Tony just responded: “very good”.

The Canadians sang the national anthem for the “greatest country in the world” Canada. Ray responded saying: “listening to that is breaking my heart.” I was actually surprised but in the middle of this blood feud involving managers, the Harlem Heat at least had the courtesy to let the Canadians sing the national anthem uninterrupted!

Not much happened in the first few minutes of the match. Harlem Heat gained control of the match for a while as Booker hit an axe kick. Somehow Jacques and Booker screwed up a “pulling down the rope” spot where Booker was supposed to slide over the top rope and to the floor but got stuck on the top rope. This caused the Canadians to get the heat.

Bobby brought up the good point that the Canadians must have been told by Parker everything about Harlem Heat because he was with them for a long time. Therefore, that would give the Canadians the advantage as they know their strategy. Booker tried a roll up but got turned inside out with a clothesline for his troubles by Carl. Stevie got the hot tag. He ran wild on Jacques and Gorilla Press slammed Jacques into Carl. Carl got Irish Whipped into the referee.

The finish saw the Canadians go for a piledriver. Carl whipped out a table. The last time we saw a table spot on Nitro, Johnny Grunge used the table right in front of the referee and was not disqualified. That referee allowed it then because he did nothing about it at the time. In this match, they had to go through the trouble of doing a ref bump so the Canadians could use weapons! Why would you even bother? Public Enemy use weapons all the time in normal tag matches anyway! Why bother with bumping the referee?

They brought in two steel steps. They stacked the steel steps on top of the table in the corner in an completely clunky looking spot that could have ended horribly. It didn’t particularly end great. I don’t remember who went up to the top of this set-up but the Canadians tried an elevated senton form the top of the steel steps but Booker moved and they land from all the way up at the top of the weapons to the mat. That must have sucked! Booker hit the Houston Hangover for the clean win.

I liked the finish for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Harlem Heat got a clean win. After years of Harlem Heat being the heels and having every screwjob finish you can think of, they have a big PPV match as babyfaces I guess and they win clean. Secondly, the finish showed the dangers of going for big spots from above. Granted, Booker hit the Harlem Hangover from the win. However, I think it was Carl went all the way high up for a big move and missed and ultimately paid the price for it. Good finish to an otherwise below average tag team match.

Match Rating: **


Sister Sherri vs Col. Robert Parker


I’m not sure if this was ever explained on television, because this took me off guard, but the Sherri vs Parker took place immediately after the tag match. Now before I actually get into what happened, allow me to remind you all that the storyline between Sherri and Parker has went on for more than one year. They had the break-up angle a few weeks ago and now Sherri is gonna get her hands on Parker. She gets FIVE MINUTES in the ring with Parker. Let’s all remember that.

Sherri ran wild on Parker to start off the match. She smashed his head into the turnbuckle and then threw him over the top rope. Sherri did a clothesline to which DUSTY POPPED FOR as he yelled“SHE CLOTHESLINED HIM”. In defense of Dusty, these were some pretty good clothelines that Sherri was pulling off in the ring. Dusty was going nuts.

Sherri did a top rope crossbody and she went for the cover but Parker kicked out. Let’s analyse this for a minute! Remember that Sherri had the opportunity to beat up Parker for FIVE MINUTES and Parker doesn’t want any part of Sherri as the finish clearly demonstrated. Why did she go for a pin if she has five minutes to get revenge on Parker and kick his arse? Why did she bother? Why did Parker even kick out? Why didn’t he just take the pin and then Sherri can’t beat him up anymore? WHY WAS THERE A KICK OUT IN THIS MATCH? That’s not even the least of our worries.

The finish saw Parker run to the back as everyone chased after him… AND THAT WAS IT. Sherri was supposed to get five minutes with Parker. The match lasted…. 1 minute and 30 seconds. After ONE YEAR OF BUILD for this storyline, they have a match together on PPV and it lasts less than 100 seconds. Give me a break. Why did you waste my time for more than a year to just have this crappy finish as the big pay-off to the storyline?

Match Rating: -* because the structure of the match offended me. If you have a match that offends me as a wrestling fan for investing in it, you get a minus star rating.

To their credit. Dusty was still howling at ringside after the match. So at least the American Dream loved it.



Mean Gene talked about WCW Hotline and advised that another superstar would becoming to WCW in the near future. He interviewed Lex Luger. Luger said he doesn’t know what to make of what happened with Sting and Luger on Nitro. He said the baseball bat reeks of nWo but he doesn’t want to believe it and the fans didn’t want to believe. He called Sting a man of no words. Lex Luger was the odds on favourite to win as he’s been racking big man recently on Nitro. He said he feels on a roll and restore honour to WCW and he wants the title shot really bad. This was a fine Luger promo as usual.


Dean Malenko © vs Psychosis for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship


I think this had the potential to be as good as Rey Mysterio Jr. vs The Ultimate Dragon but it just wasn’t anywhere close. I thought it was an average Dean Malenko match, which are good matches by default, but this was not a match that played to Psychosis’ strengths at all. Malenko was good at being Dean Malenko but this didn’t do much to elevate Psychosis.

Apparently this was the first time this two had been in the ring together according to Tony. Dean tried an STF early on but Psychosis got the ropes. The announcers talked about how Regal apparently went to a time limit with Psychosis on WCW Saturday Night. and then Regal said Psychosis would win the cruiserweight title.

Dean tried to tie up the legs, but then grabbed the arms and turned it into a bridge. That was awesome. They traded arm drags. It was a very slow-paced match, which more mat based than high flying. For Psychosis that look out the lucha libre spots which hurt him.

Dean swept the leg and clutched onto it with a leg scissors. Psychosis returned the pressure. Eventually, they both rolled into to the ropes. They did a spot where Psychosis tried a springboard but Dean kicked at his leg so the luchador missed.

Then Psychosis tried a dive to the outside but lost his footing. It looked like a botch but this appeared to have played into the storyline to Dean working on the leg of Psychosis. Because Psychosis tried to do the spot so fast, it was hard to tell. I guess he knew his high-flying spots were so limited when the match was planned out so he wanted to get through the spots quickly as possible so he could get all of his spots in. I’m not entirely sure.

Dean tried a headscissors but the luchador got the rope. I like how instead of doing a simple leg drop, Dean bounced off the rope, jumped onto the middle rope and then came down with a leg drop. Dean needed that extra bounce for a little bit extra impact.

Dean wrenched on the leg like singe leg Boston crab Liontamer. Dean did the powerbomb and went for the Texas Cloverleaf but Psychosis got the rope. There seemed to be some miscommunication where Dean did a dropkick but Psychosis didn’t seem to sell it at first. They tried a monkey flip but both men got sent over the top rope.

Pscyhosis dropped Malenko with a backbreaker. Psyschosis did a corkscrew to the floor which did look awesome. Pscyhosis did a springboard leg drop for a 2 count.

OK, now to discuss a big pet peeve of mine. Malenko worked on Psychosis’s leg the entire the match up until this point. Psychosis then ran wild. He does all of these athletic spots and lucha libre spot with seemingly no difficulty. The announcers then kept talking about the damage to the legs of Psychosis after Psychosis went like 5 minutes without selling the leg at all.

If you’re going to lay out a match where a luchador will get his legs taken out to prevent him from flying around, make sure the man sells his leg. Psychosis was out there pretending like the first ten minutes or so never happened. If your leg is hurt, you can’t run around and do all of these high spots. Heck, I went to the gym for the first time in three months recently after this lockdown and my arms ached because I haven’t done intense workouts like that in so long. My arms hurt so my ability to certain things was limited. Psychosis is pretending like the ten minutes of Malenko destroying his leg were not a concern at all. Get out of here.

Psychosis did a top rope frankensteiner. Psychosis tried a suplex but this was reversed into a small package. Dean tried a tombstone to which Pyschosis reversed this and then Dean reversed that reversal to deliver the tombstone but it was for a two count. That was an awesome spot. Dean did a roll up with a bridge for the clean pinfall victory.

I feel bad for not liking the match more because I really should have. I love watching Malenko getting the heat on someone. There were some awesome spots in between. However, when things like Malenko getting the heat are made irrelevant by Psychosis no selling it and there’s a few botched spots in between, it’s hard to go out there and say this was a great match. It wasn’t. It was a good match I guess but it had the potential to be more.

Match Rating: **3/4


“The Outsiders” Kevin Nash © and Scott Hall © vs “The Nasty Boys” Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags vs “The Faces of Fear” The Barbarian and Meng w/Jimmy Hart for the WCW Tag Team Championship


This match was simultaneously the match I wanted to see from these teams and the match I didn’t want to see from these teams! We’ve got three big hard-hitting teams fighting for the tag titles. They had TREMENDOUS brawling where they clobbered into each other like mad men. It’s everything I wanted on that front. It also had triangle tag team match rules to contend with and it felt like whoever put this match together had zero idea of how this type of match should be booked.

I think WWE nowadays currently uses a formula where in a triple threat tag, one member from each of the three teams are legal in the ring wrestling in a triple threat style which negates the problem I’m about to talk about. However, typical triple threat tag matches have two men in the ring from two teams with everybody else around the ring. You can tag out to ANYBODY whether it be your partner or one of the other tag teams.

This rule of the match made this match so difficult to keep up with. These men running in to fight each other was all great but it made this match so difficult to keep up with. Dudes would just in and attack each other. It even got to the point when two members of the same team got tagged in at the same time, which I will get into. It made this title match a mess of a match structurally.

The Nasty Boys actually attacked the Outsiders before the Faces of Fear even came out. Even before the match started, the fighting just starts between these teams. The Nasty Boys actually kicked their arses and sent them packing which was shocking to see. They portrayed the Nasty Boys as such geeks when they were trying to join the nWo and now they’re beating up Nash and Hall like it’s just another day in the office.

The Faces of Fear’s music played and they came out to fight. There was a bandage on Brian Knobbs had on his head as Bobby claimed Knobbs was a brain donor. The Faces of Fear charged at the Outsiders as Scott Hall got beat up by the Nasty Boys. Everybody gets in the ring to fight. The Faces of Fear and Nasty Boys then beat each other up. Then the Outsiders just stood watching it, with Scott Hall even shrugging his shoulders like “why should we get involved? There’s no need for us to get involved. Let these two teams beat each other up and we’ll pick up the scraps.” The match did start off with an awesome fight with the three tag teams. I’m not going to lie.

The Faces of Fear just started clobbering Knobbs so Jerry Sags just ran in and fists continued to being thrown. The Outsiders just applauded on as these two other wild tag teams beat each other up. Kevin Nash tagged himself in. Nash drove knees into the gut of Knobbs. Hall tagged in. I guess Meng tagged himself him because then he beats up Knobbs in the ring randomly.

The Barbarian and Hall fight. Barbarian beat up Scott Hall for a while. Meng got tagged in as he beat up Hall for a while. Hall tagged in the Nasty Boys. Everybody started fighting everybody and got into a wild brawl. The fans popped for a lot of the brawling too. It ended up with the Nasty Boys and Faces of Fear tangled up in like a rugby “scrum” according to the announcers as the Outsiders smiled on.

Nash and Barbarian fight ast he two tallest men in the match. Then suddenly, Barbarian and Meng are both tagged into the ring to face each other… even though they are team mates. It’s explained that Meng has to tag out to Brian Knobbs because two members of the same tag team can’t wrestle each other! Let’s all remember that ladies and gentlemen.

Then Outsiders and Faces of Fear get into a big fight. The match kind of died down for a while. Meng hit a piledriver. Meng voluntarily tagged Scott Hall for god knows what reason. This always bothered me. If I was in this match and the rules was that I had to be tagged in order to be legally able to get the win, why would I tag out? Why would I tag out to another tag team? All the Outsiders and Nasty Boys would need to do is not tag in the Faces of Fear and they can have a clear cut winner and you’d prevent someone else from winning.

Apparently Sags low-blowed Hall which was not a disqualification. Knobbs tried to Irish whip Meng but Meng just punched him right in the gut! You could hear the sound of this punch from the rafters! It was just a hard smack/

Then Knobbs and Meng tag both members of The Outsiders because I guess they wanted Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to fight. When Meng and Barbarian were tagged in earlier on in the match, I thought back to a match at WWE SummerSlam 2015 where the New Day were both tagged in during a similar match and tried to pin each other. I felt that was a cool concept, even if it didn’t make any sense. They exploited the rules to their advantage. Then the announcers explained that Meng had to tag out so I assumed that spot wouldn’t happen.

Therefore, the Outsiders are in the ring together. The tag teams both leave the apron to make sure the Outsiders fight each. These two other tag teams came off as the dumbest geeks on the planet. Because Tony explained that if the Outsiders pin each other they retain the tag titles. Well lo and behold, Nash laid down for Hall as they try to pin each other to retain the titles. Thankfully, the other tag teams broke it up. You allowed these two to try and pin each other and you genuinely believed they were gonna fight? Why would the Outsiders just start fighting each other? That wouldn’t have made even less sense. Why would they fight each…for pride? THEY’RE THE NEW WORLD ORDER. So of course, they try to pin each other and the other WCW tag teams come off like geeks. All four of them. Meng, The Barbarian, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags.

Jimmy Hart gets on the apron. Tony asked: “whose legal” and then Bobby responded: “Jimmy Hart I think”. Hall used Jimmy Hart’s megaphone and Nash hits a jackknife powerbomb for the win. The match got a bit ridiculous although started off well. Things were falling part, it was hard to keep track of who was legal. It was a train-wreck but the crowd were very much into it and there was some decent action.

Match Rating: **


The WCW World War III Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for Hollywood Hogan’s WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Carl Ouellet vs. Konnan vs. Rick Steiner vs. Ron Studd vs. The Barbarian vs. Mike Enos vs. Kevin Nash vs. Arn Anderson vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit vs. Lord Steven Regal vs. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs. Jimmy Graffiti vs. Booker T vs. Lex Luger vs. Big Bubba Rogers vs. Meng vs. Kevin Sullivan vs. The Giant vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright vs. Scott Norton vs. Scott Hall vs. Jacques Rougeau vs. Mr. JL vs. Pez Whatley vs. M. Wallstreet vs. Scotty Riggs vs. Hugh Morrus vs. Disco Inferno vs. Galaxy vs. Syxx vs. Ultimate Dragon vs. Bobby Eaton vs. Jim Duggan vs. Ice-Train vs. Ciclope vs. Villano IV vs. Stevie Ray vs. Squire David Taylor vs. Steve McMichael vs. Bunkhouse Buck vs. Kaos vs. Ruckus vs. La Parka vs. The Renegade vs. Johnny Grunge vs. Prince Iaukea vs. Jim Powers vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman vs. Joe Gomez vs. Tony Rumble vs. Jack Boot vs. Mark Starr vs. Road Block


What a miserable battle royal and what a miserable viewing experience if you watched this back like me. It was the worst experience in the world trying to take notes and properly review this battle royal. There was six announcers out there and even they had a difficulty figuring out what was going on. Calling a match with 20 people in one ring would be hard enough. These announcers had to simultaneously call 60 wrestlers fighting each other within 3 rings.

The rules were like last year. You have 60 wrestlers divided into 20 wrestlers in 3 separate rings. Once one of the rings were down to ten men, those men would jump into Ring #2 I believe and then eventually, one man would be left standing in one ring to win the match.

I did make a list of the announcers predictions in case anyone was wondering Marshall picked Kevin Nash, Larry said Lex Luger, Dusty and Mike Tenay also said Luger, Bobby picked Dean Malenko and Tony Schiavonie picked The Giant.


Let’s talk about the way they presented this match because it is important to the start of this match! There was split screens for all three rings so all the action could be shown at the same time. Chris Benoit comes out all bruised up. Lee Marshall talked about what happened in Baltimore like we’re supposed to have any idea what happened. I have no idea what happened in Baltimore. I just know Benoit and Taskmaster were supposed to have a match but it got cut. Marshall I guess explained that Taskmaster beat him up the night before or whatever.

Taskmaster ended up bring the last match to come out. At Ring #3, Benoit jumped Taskmaster outside of the ring. The Faces of Fear and Four Horsemen all fight on the outside except for Jeff Jarrett which I will get to later. Benoit and Taskmaster punch at each other and fight in the crowd as everyone gets into the crowd to break it up

The match started in the three rings. Rather than show the split screen of three different rings, they have to have only one of the screens show the battle royal. The other screens are showing this fight between Taskmaster and Benoit in the crowd! WHAT?

They fight on the steps. Benoit sends Bubba crashing down the stairs. It’s just Benoit up there, I have no idea where Arn and Mongo were because they were fighting with Benoit earlier. They eventually reappear. Taskmaster used the Canadian flag as  a weapon. Mongo fought with Taskmaster. Other Dungeon members ganged up on Benoit. Konan beat up Benoit on the table as the Faces of Fear use a chair.

Lee Marshall suddenly got attacked amongst the conflict! If it’s not bad enough that a ten man brawl breaks out on the outside as fifty men fight within 3 rings, an announcer has to take a bump! So much happened and it did nothing to elevate this battle royal! Remember when Tony was such a pussy on Nitro and didn’t want be out there being pushed around by Nash and Hall. Lee has taken a beating like a champ and it’s not even from the nWo!

Anyway, the Dungeon of Doom and the Four Horsemen were disqualified. 1/6 of the field of this battle royal was eliminated without being thrown over the top rope! This was one of the worst moments of any battle royal in the history of battle royals! It made me hate World War III battle royals with a passion and I had little desire to watch the rest of this battle royal! However, I stuck with it!


Tony Rumble was eliminated from Rumble #1, Ciclope I think was shown eliminated but the announcers didn’t even know if Ciclope was eliminated. That’s how much they knew about what was going on. None of the announcers knew what was going on until it came down to ten men. Marshall scolded Larry for just standing there as Marshall got his arse kicked.

Mike Enos was eliminated but this was never shown. La Parka was eliminated by Lex Luger as one of the first eliminations of the match.… La Parka got a big win on his Nitro debut and he was one of the first guys eliminated. That tells you how much that victory elevated his WCW career!

Jimmy Grafitti, The Renegade and Galaxy were all eliminated by the nWo I believe. Juventued and Jericho wrestled for the suplex to the floor but Jericho threw him back into the ring despite the objective of the match being to throw men OVER the top rope.

The nWo wasted little energy but gathered in the corner, taking cheap shots when they could. There were only four members of the group in this match. No idea what happened to bogus Sting or why Vincent wasn’t wrestling.

Luger eliminated Kenny Kaos. The Giant eliminated Joe Gomez. Mike Tenay said Ron Studd was being a big factor in whatever ring he was in. I don’t think he’d eliminated anyone by this point! At this point, at least each ring was not as clustered as they were at the start of the match.

Disco Inferno was running around at ringside so I assumed he was eliminated but then he got back into the ring. So… if there’s one thing this match didn’t need is Disco randomly running around and me not knowing if he was eliminated or not. The Giant and Roadblock had a showdown as Giant kicked him and then clotheslined him over the top rope to a huge pop. Mr JL was also eliminated.

Disco tried to gain favour with Rey but then suckered him for a beating. Scott Hall interrupted and then Rey took advantage to clobber Disco. Rey pushed Disco under the bottom rope but Disco was not eliminated

In Ring #1, everyone ran wild on Ron Studd with Stinger Splashes and punches. Luger hit one big forearm and then he collapsed. All of the men in the first ring jumped onto of Ron Studd for god knows what reason. I was hoping for a roar spot but I don’t even think we got that. The action in Ring #1 just slowed down to a standstill!

Ouelett, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Rogueau were all eliminated while the patriotic Canadians and American fought each other. Eddie Guerrero and Steven Regal both seem to be eliminated although the announcers couldn’t confirm this. They didn’t have a clue. The American Males were definitely eliminated and they bickered at each other on the floor.

Dave Taylor was eliminated by Alex Wright and M. Wallstreet eliminated by DDP. Marshall claimed Scott Steiner was out and I was completely taken back because I HAD NO IDEA Scott was in this match. I was amazed that he was in the battle royal and I missed him. As is turned out, Scott Steiner wasn’t even in the match! Either Marshall just made it up or meant to say Scott Norton but screwed it up. That’s how bonkers this match was. The announcers appeared to just be guessing who was in this match!

Juventud Guerrera was eliminated. Eddie was still out there so I had no idea what was going on. Tony asked does anyone know what’s going on. DDP and Eddie are fighting on the outside. REGAL WAS STILL IN THE RING. At this point. I was just clueless as to who was actually eliminated. The announcers had no idea who was eliminated. Suddenly all the men wrestled in the same ring to make things even more cluttered.

JACK BOOT got eliminated who I swear was eliminated earlier. I could have sworn he was one of the first people to be eliminated but apparently not! Johnny Grunge got eliminated. The nWo stayed close together in one corner. Jack Boot and Grunge fought on the outside.


Jeff Jarrett eliminated Dean Malenko. Speaking of Jeff Jarrett. On the Nitro before this PPV, Ric Flair claimed Jeff Jarrett was a member of the Four Horsemen and the other Horsemen just had to accept it. Jeff’s first outing as a Horsemen endorsed by Ric Flair was that he did nothing while the other Four Horsemen were beat up seven men at the start of the match. He selfishly stayed to try and win this match! What a Horsemen he turned out to be.

DDP threw Pittman over the top rope. Booker T was eliminated by someone. Rick Steiner almost eliminated Disco but he held on. Nash finally eliminated Disco. Buckhouse Buck gone, Stevie Ray gone, Ron Studd was eliminated by Lex and Wright, Rick Steiner eliminated. Ultimo Dragon was eliminated by Mysterio with a headsicssors. Luger eliminated Wright. Jericho eliminated. Rick Steiner tried getting back in the ring. I was still in the dark as to who was eliminated or not as Rick is just trying to get back in the ring!

Ice Train, in a sweet looking Big E singlet, was eliminated. There was then a nWo vs WCW showdown as the spit screen finally ended. Hall spat at Jeff. DDP was in the middle and he charged at Eddie. DDP Irish Whipped Eddie into Regal who tossed out Eddie. Giant lifted Rey with one hand and thew him into Eddie which the fans popped big for. That was impressive.

Scott Hall tried an Outsiders Edge on Jarrett I think but Regal saved him. Nash clotheslined Jeff over the top rope anyway. Regal eliminated DDP but eventually the nWo eliminated Regal. At least the WCW Television Champion Steven Regal got a great performance in and made the finally six of this match!

maxresdefault (3)

It was down to Luger all on his own against Giant, Hall, Nash and Syxx. 4 on 1. Luger ran wild with clotheslines. Giant got stuck on the top rope and Luger lifted him up temporarily for the Torture Rack but the nWo made the save. Hall was eliminated when Luger reversed the Outsiders Edge, Syxx was eliminated with a  Gorilla Press. Luger did a Torture Rack on Nash but Giant knocked both Luger and Nash over the top rope to win the World War III battle royal.

The finish was tremendous. Lex Luger overcoming all the odds and looking an absolute killer, even as he was about to be overwhelmed, was great to see. He got so over with this crowd. He nearly beat all the nWo by himself, just like Sting at War Games, but he was overwhelmed. If Sting was in the ring and if he and Luge were on the same page, maybe they could have won this World War III battle roya. However, one man could not beat four so the nWo. I thought it was awesome when it come to the final five.

Bobby Heenan claimed this was the greatest battle royal he’d ever seen which was incorrect. Thee were fireworks galore as the nWo win World War III.

One of the worst battle royals I’ve ever seen although the ending was pretty great and at the end of the day, the finish was what the people remember from this battle royal. ON those grounds it gets half a star as it was the one redeeming quality of this match.

Match Rating: 1/2*

hqdefault (26)

That was World War III. I just got depressed after that battle royal was over because I realised there was two more World War III PPVs that WCW produced so we’re gonna get to watch two more of these battle royals yet again. Thank god for Ultimate Dragon vs Rey Mysterio this had all the potential to be an all-time horrible PPV. However, I think that match and the finish to the battle royal saved the show in a lot of ways.



WCW Nitro Reading Order



Welcome to the Retro Express. This is where we’re taking a stroll down memory lane at wrestling history. This post is part of an ongoing series where we’re reviewing every episode of WCW Nitro from start to finish. Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.

maxresdefault (2)

The New World Order took advantage of the divide within WCW during the latest episode of WCW Nitro. They came out at the end of the show to lay waste to Sting, Lex Luger and the Four Horsemen and then took over the announce booth to end the show. The show also included debuts for Juventud Guerrera, Chris Jericho and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, who teased that either he was the fifth member of the Four Horsemen of the fourth or fifth member of the New World Order…


It is hilarious that the big mystery last week was whether there was a fifth member of the Four Horsemen or the fourth and fifth member of the nWo. Ted DiBiase teased it and walked into this episode with a lot of mystery as to who else could possibly join up with the nWo in the takeover of WCW. If you happened to watch WCW Monday Nitro on the WWE Network like I did, the thumbnail for this episode is a shot of The Giant at the end of the show hanging out with the nWo at the announce booth! No attempt at all to at least cover up the spoiler for potential first time viewers of Nitro!

To be fair to WWE, their archive is focused on meeting the old-school demographic. RAW’s key demographic in 2020 are people in their 50s who have fond memories of the Monday Night Wars. It’s probably way easier to help direct people to this episode by posting the spoiler as if to say “this is the episode that you’re looking for”. If you wanted to relive The Giant turning on WCW and the Dungeon of Doom and siding with the nWo, you’ve got it right here. Works as an archive, miserable for first-time viewers.


Date: September 2nd 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Rating: 4.3

Commentators (First Hour): Tony Schiavonie and Larry Zbyszko

Commentators (Second Hour): Eric Bischoff, Mike Tenay and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan



DDP vs Alex Wright


Could Alex Wright have come off as a bigger geek on these WCW Monday Nitros? I don’t even remember seeing him win a match on Nitro yet and he just comes off as such a nobody who barely accomplishes anything. The dude was very athletic, don’t get me wrong, but he’s in there with DDP for this match and despite of all of his efforts and athleticism, he’s still came off as such a nothing guy even compared to the cruiserweights, let alone the heavyweights. 

I was on my internet travels and I stumbled across an interview with the recently released from WWE Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna is actually a very solid comparison to how Wright was treated here. Wright ended up staying with WCW for a long time but both Wright and Purrazzo were very athletic and talented people. Deonna talked about how she never ever won while in WWE and brought up a good point of how she was ever going to engage with the fans if all she did was lose. If all she did was lose then why should she still be there on television or whatever?

If you wanted DDP on this night to squash a guy with a Diamond Cutter and win, there are so many jobber guys that they could have gotten on the cheap that would have done the job just as well as Alex Wright. That’s not a knock on Alex Wright but anybody else could get beat up for a while and get hit with the Diamond Cutter to put DDP over. If you have Alex Wright, who is an athletic guy, then he shouldn’t be reduced to just a glorified jobber to the midcarders unless you’ve actually got a plan with him. If you don’t, don’t bother wasting his time.

DDP’s over-selling really jumped the shark here. He’s pulled it off really well before but it really irritated me here when he is flopping around for Alex Wright at the start of this match. There’s nothing wrong with a cartoonish sell but his stuff selling for Wright just looked silly. Wright took control with some dives but missed a crossbody as DDP got the heat. DDP hit a side-walk slam to a ridiculous pop. The fans really liked this slam. DDP hit a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count.

DDP tried the cutter but Wright pushed him off. Wright hit a belly to belly suplex. Wright upper-cutted the gum out of DDP’s mouth. The finish saw Wright doing a backflip from the corner and then he turned around, and walked right into a kick in the gut by DDP. DDP hit a Diamond Cutter and won the match. Why bother doing a backflip that’s just gonna lead to DDP hitting his move and pinning the guy? 

It was a short but a decent match, all things considered, but this did not help Alex Wright at all.


The previous match had been refereed by our main man Nick Patrick. Mean Gene interviewed Patrick and talked about Patrick being “slow on the draw” for that count. I think this is kinda stretching it to hype up the “controversy” of the Nick Patrick storyline. Patrick said WCW reviewed all of his matches and he’s still in WCW. Patrick was upset of people being on his case and Mean Gene for spreading lies. He mentioned Randy Anderson blew a call with Hogan/Flair a few weeks ago but Patrick is constantly the one under the microscope. He called Mean Gene a liar. This got a fair amount of heat and Nick Patrick did actually cut a decent promo all things considered.

However, I’m still baffled at this idea of interviewing the referee after the match and completely ignoring the efforts of the wrestlers in the ring. No interview with DDP, THE WINNER, or Alex Wright. Of course we have to amp up this referee storyline.


Mean Gene interviewed Sister Sherri and Col. Robert Parker. Parker wanted to woo Sherri and got her a present, which was a black leather jacket. Col Robert Parker said Sherri was gonna ride his horse John Henry back in his farm and…. this storyline has been going on for one year. ONE YEAR. Do not think I am exaggerating this, because they were doing this storyline during the early Nitros with Parker and Sherri. Did this storyline ever go anywhere?


“Harlem Heat” Booker T © and Stevie Ray (c) vs Greg Valentine and Buddy Valentino for the WCW Tag Team Championship

hqdefault (4)

This was the one and only Nitro wrestling appearance from Buddy Valentino. Think of Valentino as what would happen if you got a picture of Greg Valentine and then stretched the width of the picture on the Paint program on your computer. This was a wide man. Greg Valentine wasn’t really in that tremendous shape in 1996 but he was Lex Luger compared to Valentino.

Valentino had this singlet on which accomplished nothing in terms of covering up the exposed parts of his chest. The singlet was draped over his shoulders with his nipples to the side of them. I mean I don’t want to get on a man for his appearance on a wrestling show and I don’t wanna get on Valentino because he wasn’t that bad in this match. He was working hard for an appearance on a big wresting show and he was able to pull off a dropkick despite being such a big man. It’s funny, he did this dropkick and Greg Valentine is laughing his ass off on the apron as he clapped on his partner! That I enjoyed!

Referee Mark Curtis was making his WCW debut as Ted DiBiase arrived coming down the steps as the fans popped. Greg went to work on Booker T as the fans paid zero attention to the match. Harlem Heat got the heat on Buddy for a while and Booker eventually hit the Harlem Hangover and Harlem Heat won for the clean win.

Say what you will but Harlem Heat getting a string of clean wins together on Nitro episodes sets themselves up very well for defending the titles against the Nasty Boys at Fall Brawl. Now the Harlem Heat come off as legitimate tag team champions and now they are up against some nasty challengers, pardon the pun.


Mean Gene interviewed Harlem Heat. In a line I could not believe Harlem Heat could get away with saying in 1996, Stevie called the Nasty Boys “two fat milk-drinking suckas”. The Nasty Boys jumped the Heat and kicked their arses to a huge pop. They isolated Booker in the ring as the fans chanted “NASTIES”. They hit Booker with a spike piledriver and Knobbs got in a elbow drop in before they leave to attack Stevie Ray. I have no idea who the babyfaces and the heels are in this feud. Harlem Heat are winning matches clean like babyfaces but the Nasty Boys have “turned heel” and attacked the Heat but the fans went crazy for them! The ever-changing allegiances of the Nasty Boys continues!


Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho

x1080 (7)

A great match. It was the slow methodical pace of Dean Malenko against the fast pace of this recently-debuted youngster Chris Jericho. It was a crisply-worked match and the fans got into Jericho a bit more this week and it worked in all the areas that mattered. It worked with the crowd and it worked in the ring. 

Mike Tenay was joining the announce booth for this match as it was revealed he would be joining the announce booth for Nitros going forward. I love Tony Schiavonie referred to Chris Jericho as a “great cruiserweight” after he DEBUTED last week in a match where he called for a no contest as he didn’t wanna win a match against Alex Wright! At least they explained Jericho beat J.L. on Saturday Night so at least has won matches in WCW since he arrived!

Jericho ran wild as the fans chanted “ECW”. Dean then cut him off with a belly-to-back suplex. Dean smashed Jericho with a brainbuster

Dean got the heat and then Ted DiBiase decided to leave and walked all the way up the steps through the crowd. Of all the matches Ted DiBiase wanted to leave the show during, it was this one? Dean had a head scissors locked on Jericho and Jericho got him up from that position and then dropped him with an electric chair drop. That was a pretty impressive spot and as discussed last week, Jericho was not a large man at this time. 

So I guess the storyline was that Nick Patrick was more an incompetent referee than a crooked referee. He refereed this match and Dean kept grabbing the ropes and Patrick kept missing this. Dean then pointed at Jericho and Patrick of course attended to him and completely ignored Dean getting the ropes again. Weird since I guess the storyline is Patrick is now looking to call it down the middle. I think it was explained by his announcers that he’s over-compensating. Therefore, his calls have been all over the place to I guess convince the fans that he’s calling it objectively down the middle. 

Dean sent himself and Jericho crashing over the top rope with a crossbody. Jericho crashed into Malenko with a top rope crossbody to the floor. Far be it for me to critique Chris Jericho’s in-ring work, but this was a man that had yet to master the ability to slow down in the ring! This was the case of Jericho being too fast for Malenko as he came crossing down and appeared to crash into the face of Malenko which did not look pretty. 

Jericho hit a missile dropkick from the top rope. Jericho tried a tombstone but Dean reversed it into one of his own for a 2 count. Jericho hit a nice bridge German suplex for a 2 count. Jericho hit a “spin wheel kick” and then reversal after reversal leads to Jericho getting a pin fall following a victory roll-up pin. A fine match between Jericho and Malenko. I guess Dean Malenko, after being hyped up to challenge Rey Mysterio again for the Cruiserweight title, is out of the title picture and losing to the recently-debuted Chris Jericho. 


They showed a hype video for Rey Mysterio vs Super Calo for the Cruiserweight title at Fall Brawl. This was a simple but effective video package to hype up this match. All they needed to do was showcase these guys as doing as many flips and cool moves as possible to tell the viewer that if they paid to watch Fall Brawl, they may be able to see all of these cool moves again in a big time title match at the pay-per-view. This gets a thumbs up from me. 

More amazingly, they promoted WCW Saturday Night and one of the matches they promoted was… John Tenta vs Steve “Mongo” McMichael. That match seemed so unbelievable to me when they announced that I had to check and see if they actually did it. They didn’t do it on the episode of Saturday Night promoted nor did they do it at all. My personal theory is that John Tenta watched Mongo’s performance in the main-event and decided he was not doing that match! However, what a match that could have been!


Brad Armstrong vs The Giant w/Jimmy Hart


It’s funny, Giant got a massive pop coming out and the fans really liked The Giant, who had been wrecking guys for the last year on WCW Nitro. Keep that in mind when we cover later what happened at the end of the show. It’s a slow performance from The Giant where he slowly beat on Armstrong. It’s not particularly exciting as they cut away from the match to show a limousine. A clear indication into how Eric Bischoff felt about this match!

Giant threw Brad across the ring. Brad tried a roll up but Giant lifted him with both hands from the floor and up in the air to a thunderous roar from the crowd. Brad did a top rope dropkick to send Giant into the corner but Giant grabbed him and slammed him with a chokeslam for the victory and a big pop from the crowd. A more dragged-out squash match than usual from The Giant but it was OK for what it was.


We got a nWo announcement. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hollywood Hogan talked about styling and not having to sneak around anymore. Hogan booted a globe ball right at the camera. Hogan talked about The Giant crying and Ric Flair crying, referring to WCW as the World Crying Wrestlers… sick burn. He declared that in War Games at Fall Brawl, Sting would be stung, Luger will be HUNG, Flair won’t even be there and Arn won’t be Arn anymore. I love that Hogan was going for like a rhyming diss on the babyfaces and it came to Arn, so he just rhymed Arn with Arn! 

He said the nWo will take care of all the nWo business. Hogan said you’ve gotta take what you want. Hogan mocked Flair, Sting and everyone talking about the old days of WCW and he asked whatcha gonna do when the nWo ran wild on you. He added that anything else would be civilised and then Hogan unleashed on the greatest evil cackles I’ve ever heard in WCW. This was a MONEY promo. Two thumbs up for the Hulkster for a wacky but solid promo building up Fall Brawl.


“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Ron Studd

hqdefault (5)

We kicked off the second hour with “Macho Man” Randy Savage versus our new glorified giant jobber in Ron Studd. That is Studd’s position now. Chris Benoit and Randy Savage have both beat this guy in to hype up their respective matches with The Giant. 

Mike Tenay actually explained the origin story of Ron Studd where he was trained by Big John Studd and then took the name of Studd for his name. Tenay left out the tales of his run as the Yeti (which you can read about at these two links below!)

Studd did clobbering blows to the back of Savage. As Studd got the heat, they showed the nWo coming out of the limo as Hogan forced the camera man to get outta here as they wanted to get the “big man” out. Speaking of big men, Kevin Nash really struggled to get out of this limousine. He’s one of the biggest stars in this nWo feud and he was having problems with his knees already. 

Studd tried to scoop slam Savage over the top rope and this tiny referee got on the middle rope to stop him from doing it, because it’s been established throwing a guy over the top rope is illegal.

Savage did a double axe handle to Studd on the outside. Savage scoop slammed Studd but hurt his back in the process and then was able to hit an elbow drop for the win. It did what it needed to do in having Savage beat up a giant to build him up to fighting The Giant at Fall Brawl, so I was OK with this.

Mean Gene interviewed Savage for what I thought was a pretty solid promo. Savage wished Halloween Havoc was tonight because he guaranteed to the people around the world AND THE UNIVERSE that he was going to beat up Hollywood Hogan and take everything he wants because that makes me happy. It was set to be Savage vs Hogan for the title at Halloween Havoc in October.

Savage said he’s living on the edge and if anyone out there was not living on the edge, they’re taking up too much room, which was actually a sweet line that got a big pop from the crowd. Savage buried Giant for “not handling the pressure” at Hog Wild. Savage said he operates better under pressure. He said both Giant and Hogan will melt when the heat of the Macho Man brings them down. A good job in building up two future big matches for Savage in the next few months. 


“The Steiner Brothers” Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner vs Sting and Lex Luger


The Four Horsemen ran outside to the limo but there was no one inside as they figured out the nWo were in the building. 

They kicked off this match with the Steiner Brothers vs Sting and Lex Luger. Think of what a big match this would have been. These two teams wrestled at the very first WCW Superbrawl show many years before this. We have another big match between these teams on Nitro. Rick And Luger grappled as the fans were amped up for this match. In this lock-up, Luger got pushed into Patrick. Patrick had this stern look on his face. This referee, after weeks of his character being called into question, has now just been shoved into by these big men. Nick Patrick’s response was to ring the bell and call for the disqualification… and the place EXPLODED with such heat for Nick Patrick!

This is what NUCLEAR HEAT is all about. I’m not a fan of Nick Patrick but when he called for the bell after being pushed into following the first move of this match, it was like these fans wanted to jump over the barricade and beat him down. His actions made you want to see him eaten alive by the babyfaces. Sting and Luger yelled at him. All four men cornered him in the corner amongst deafening boos from the fans.

Patrick pulled off a great performance and he was such a great character during this angle. He was a man trying to do his job, in his mind at least, and was now doing everything in his power to prove that. He made questionable calls for weeks, he gets called out by “the media” as Patrick put it. He gets bumped into by these big dudes. He was not gonna take this verbal and physical abuse anymore, so he rang for the bell.

As a character, you could have read this in so many ways. You could have read this as Nick Patrick being a crooked referee that was only looking out for himself, calling for the DQ to get out of here and earn a simple pay check. He could have easily been paid off by the nWo to lure Sting and Luger to the parking lot like he did, in order to get them to steal a police car and get them into trouble. Oh we’ll get to that…

Alternatively, you could have seen this as Nick Patrick simply standing up for himself. In his mind, he feels he is genuinely a good referee and after all of the accusations, he snapped. He rang for the bell after a wrestler laID their hands on him. By the rule book though, it was not like Patrick was wrong to disqualify them. Even if it was a “soft” push or whatever, he was still provoked so he had every right to DQ them if he felt it was right. 

Or… you can can conclude that he’s just an incompetent referee that is just over-compensating to make up for his mistakes. Any one of these scenarios would work.

This I thought was solid work. This gets two thumbs up!


“The Dungeon of Doom” Meng, The Barbarian, Big Bubba and Taskmaster vs “The Four Horsemen” Chris Benoit, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Steve “Mongo” McMichael w/Debra McMichael, Woman and Elizabeth


This match had some of the best and worst of professional wrestling wrapped up into one match and thankfully, they got the worst of professional wrestling out the way at the very start of the match. The match started with “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan and Steve “Mongo” McMichael and I swear, the stuff these two men did together couldn’t have gotten any worse unless one of these men ended up getting accidentally killed in the ring. Everything that could have wrong went wrong.

Taskmaster, the veteran of the two, grabbed Mongo and tried to do an Irish Whip but Mongo tripped and fell down to the ground. These two were on two completely different books as Taskmaster tripped following another Irish Whip and went to grab Mongo again. I think Mongo thought it was a clothesline as he takes a bump to the ground as Sullivan just looks down at him. That spot fell apart so that’s two for two in screwed up spots so far in this match. They tried two spots and messed up both spots.

Mongo did a shoulder tackle which is successfully pulled off. Then Mongo went to the top rope as I think he wanted to do a moonsault because his back was turned to Sullivan as Flair cheers him on. Mongo lost his footing, turned around and fell onto the middle rope. Mongo did this big dive off the middle rope and just lands in the middle in front of Sullivan. It was basically a flying nothing executed by Mongo as Sullivan crawled to the bottom rope. RIC FLAIR was left speechless on the apron watching this all go down. It was like Ric Flair’s brain malfunctioned at the sight of such sheer horrific wrestling from Mongo. Words do not do these spots justice. You really should look up this episode on the WWE Network and watch the first 90 seconds of this match. It is worth seeing…

Taskmaster himself was not any better and it does take two to tango. Taskmaster, as the veteran, was supposed to walk Mongo through their four spots and they screwed up three of them. Sullivan just appeared to wanna grab Mongo and do what he wanted to do while Mongo was just clearly not able to work a match on the fly. The “dive” spot was 100% Mongo’s fault but this was some of the worst wrestling you’ll ever see. 

I love that Benoit and Barbarian proceeded to have a quickfire chop battle with such ferocity. These guys were awesome in this match. Benoit german-suplex Barbarian like it was a regular move for him and please keep in mind htat Barbarian was a large competitor.

Flair finally got the tag to a big pop. This was some of the very BEST of professional wrestling. Ric Flair talked about being a babyface during the Stone Cold Broken Skull Sessions episode he did. He said he didn’t like being babyface because he was the dirtest player in the game all and all he did was cheat, so how was he gonna get himself over as a babyface? This crowd didn’t care. Flair got the hot tag and he did low bow after low blow to the Dungeon of Doom to thunderous reactions from the crowd. It was the most heelish house of fire spot you will have ever see. The referee just let it all go as the place is going bananas. Then, as Flair is running wild, THEY CUT TO THE BACK. 

hqdefault (6)

Sting and Luger are shown chasing Nick Patrick down to the limo as Patrick pleaded for his life. Patrick ran past the limo but then Ted DiBiase is shown going into the limo.  Sting, as a rational thinking babyface, threw a cement block throw the windows of limo! If I were in that limo when Sting threw that cement block, I would have been crapping myself to see a massive cement block that was able to break through the window at such high speed. This was a scary spot. 

AND THEN, Sting and Luger decided to play Grand Theft Auto as they steal a police car and go after the limo. WHAT? They stole a police car which the announcers point out will land them in jail all because they wanted to chase a retired professional wrestler in a limo! Absolute insanity!

Back to the match, I love that it was the Horsemen vs the Dungeon with two heel groups, and both teams were trying every dirty trick in the book in the middle of this nasty stable war. It wasn’t like the Horsemen suddenly worked like complete babyfaces. They were the babyfaces but they were acting like the Horsemen and pulling off Horsemen tactics. Arn talked about needing to do the wrong thing and doing bad things to win War Games two weeks ago and they demonstrated that during this match

Benoit and Sullivan start fighting on the mat but this was broken up. Meng did one of the best-looking atomic drops ever to Benoit. I like Meng doing a curb stomp to the gut of Benoit on the floor and Benoit bounced off the mat to sell it! Barbarian hit a powerbomb on Benoit but Arn broke up the pin. Sullivan actually threw Benoit over the top rope while the referee’s back was turned.

Flair eventually got out a chair as things started spiralling out of control. Arn got in illegally and hit Bubba with a spinebuster. The Faces of Fear missed a double top rope splash. Ric ran wild with another hot tag. Flair locked on a  Figure Four as the rest of the Horesmen took care of the Dungeon. Benoit floored Jimmy Hart at ringside. In an uncomfortable spot with the benefit of hindsight, Benoit yelled at Woman to grab Flair’s arms as the Horsemen got the win. Benoit argued with Woman as Woman was upset at Benoit for mixing personal with business or something.

This was a fun train-wreck of a match when all things are considered.

hqdefault (7)

The nWo jumped everyone after the match as Bobby left the booth. Hogan floored the referee. I do want to point out before The Giant came out that the nWo were kicking WCW’s arses 3 on 8 at this point! They were controlling the ring albeit with the wrestlers already being beat-down by each other and Flair’s infinite low blows delivered. It was an un-even fair that the nWo was winning!

The Giant then walked down to the ring. The nWo back off and then Giant turned around and chokeslammed Barbarian and then Meng. He is revealed as the fifth man on the New World Order (with Ted being the fourth I guess) as he hugged Kevin Nash. The Giant has betrayed us all and joined the nWo.

It’s funny because the running joke of The Giant/Big Show’s career was that he was always turning babyface and heel like every few months, so the people could have considered this a heel turn as he joined the nWo. However, The Giant was still aligned with Dungeon of Doom who are clearly heels. He was the heel in the feud with Randy Savage and he was squashing jobbers as a heel monster. He was the defacto babyface against Hogan but other than that, he was a full-blown heel at this time. This was a heel that somehow turned heel again despite already being a heel! Only The Giant could pull that off!

Savage ran down with a chair as he cornered Hogan. This was the funniest wrestling spot of the entire night. Savage had Hogan cornered with a chair. If you recall 3 weeks ago, Hogan hit Savage with a chair to the back of his head. 3 weeks later, Savage had Hogan at his mercy with a chair and he was gonna swing this chair right at Hogan. In the most agile thing Hulk Hogan as ever done, he ducked the chair shot and shoot took Savage down to avoid the chair shot at all costs! It was the best technical wrestling Hogan had ever done and it was a necessity for him, because this crazy Randy Savage had a chair shot with Hogan’s name on it! It was the funniest spot to see Hogan take down Savage as if this were a shoot fight, which it probably was in Hogan’s eyes!

The nWo took control again as Hogan smashed Savage with the chair. Giant delivered one last chokeslam and I love Hogan had to get his hands on Savage as well as Giant slammed him down. Because apparently Hogan was concerned Giant could not lift and chokeslam RANDY SAVAGE! I think he would have been fine doing the spot Hulkster!

Because this was the Hollywood Hogan show, Hogan couldn’t help but deliver three leg drops to Savage in a homage to Bash at the Beach. The WCW guys all tried to get in the ring but the nWo holds the fort in the ring. So yes, the nWo were kicking WCW’s arses despite having a 4 on 9 disadvantage! What underdogs these nWo hooligans were! 


Hogan grabbed the yellow spray paint as they painted a yellow streak on SAVAGE’s back. The nWo make they way up the ramp and Hogan even yelled: “come on you chickens” as the WCW dudes stayed in the ring like cowards… AT FIRST. The nWo take over the booth. Hogan yelled about if there’s any question about who the most powerful organisation in the world IS, they just showed everybody. The Giant then started cutting a promo. Before I get to the promo, it is a nice change of pace to see a dude turn heel and immediately being able to cut a promo to explain why he did it. There’s no need to wait a week for Giant to cut a big promo about why he joined the nWo. They had a Giant cut a big promo to explain why he did what he did. That sounded good… on paper. In execution, it didn’t work out for Paul Wright.

I’ve loved Giant’s promos for the last year, but he cut one horrible promo at the end of this show. Giant talked about how he got a phone call from Ted DiBiase and he wanted to talk to him about business. Giant talked about getting to Florida and the home of Hulk Hogan. As Hogan commanded him to spit at the WCW logo. Giant mumbled about how there was 20 Harley Davidsons and 5 Mercedes and he walked around his big home. Giant just went on and on about all of Hogan’s stuff that he owned. It sounded honestly that Giant was a realtor trying to sell Hogan’s house. He just started talking about Hogan’s house to the point where he just got completely lost by cutting a promo in a style which clearly didn’t suit him yet.

This promo was eventually interrupted as the nWo and the WCW guys continued to fight. It’s a wild brawl and it really felt like an out of control situation. Everybody is fighting everybody and this was another thing I loved. How many times do we get a big heel turn in WWE and it takes the babyfaces weeks or even months to get their revenge on the people that turned on them? The Dungeon of Doom got betrayed by The Giant and they wanted his head! They were vicious heels so when Giant betrayed him, they wanted to beat his arse. They didn’t have to wait a week to get their revenge. They wanted some of the Giant on this show!

Then the fighting stopped and Giant got back on the headset again and talked about this mansion again. Hogan decided to step and basically cut Giant’s promo for him. He steamrolled over Giant and mentioned everything he showed Giant was his. Hogan stole Flair’s line of whether you like it or you don’t like it, it’s the best thing going today. Hogan destroyed the announce desk as all you see is wreckage as Nitro goes off the air.


I have to say, the chaotic nature of the ending of Nitro worked really well even by 2020 standards. It turned into a giant “shoot like” brawl and it worked. The Giant’s promo about what Hogan was offering was very weird. Big Show talked about being strong-armed into the group on the Stone Cold Broken Skull Sessions, and this remains to be seen, but he did not look like he fit with this group here. The scary Giant of the Dungeon of Doom selling out for the money all seemed like totally out of character and a weak transition. 

It was also clear from this angle alone that Giant was not going to benefit a great deal from being in this group. By the end of the show, it became clear that Giant was just another one of Hogan’s lackeys in his crew after being the biggest heel in the company for a year now. If you want to discuss wrestling politics, it is entirely possible that Hogan wanted Giant under his wing just so his status as the biggest heel in the company was not in jeopardy. If this guy in The Giant was with the nWo taking direction from Hogan, that meant he coudn’t possible surpass Hogan as the biggest heel. I mean it sucked to be Giant because after being such a stand-out star in WCW and potentially the next big star to go up against Hollywood Hogan, he is now just another guy in Hogan’s group a month after defending the title against the Hulkster.


I did not think this WCW Nitro episode was any good. It was a very memorable show, especially because of what happened with The Giant. However, even the memorable stuff had some absurdity to it. Sting, the biggest babyface in the business, stealing a cop car and throwing cement blocks at limos. Ric Flair whipping out low blows like it was nothing and being the biggest babyface of the night. The Giant joining the nWo and selling out for the money. There was some good stuff during this show and it felt like an “easy” show to watch if that makes sense to everybody. The show didn’t feel like it dragged although the main-event was quite long. I tolerated the show and things like Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko helped a great deal.



WCW Nitro Reading Order


Welcome to the Retro Express. This is where we’re taking a stroll down memory lane at wrestling history. This post is part of an ongoing series where we’re reviewing every episode of WCW Nitro from start to finish. Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.


After all of this time reviewing WCW Nitro episodes, we have finally arrived at WCW Bash at the Beach 1996. A historic event which culminated with one of the most memorable moments in wrestling history. Although WCW Monday Nitro had recently begun their 83 week streak of beating WWF Monday Night RAW in the ratings, this was really the true event that turned the tide in the Monday Night Wars.

The biggest moment from the show was in fact the main-event, so I’m guessing a lot of you may be asking me if it was worth watching the 2 hours and 30 minutes or so before that building up to the main-event. The response to that question is yes. This show featured a lot of good matches up and down the show as well as a match which may have been the best match I’ve reviewed in the history of the Armbar Express.

However, the biggest thing I loved about this show was the anticipation it built in me around 24 years after the original air date of this pay-per-view. As a wrestling show, even though I knew ahead of time who the third man that would end up teaming with the Outsiders, I was giddy and the main-event was built as a genuine historical event. Then it was the time for the main-event and the fans were buzzing for this huge six man tag team match with Sting, Lex Luger and Randy Savage facing Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and the third man. This entire pay-per-view is worth watching to relive the buzz the entire show created for this main-event.


Date: July 7th 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Daytona Beach, Florida

Attendance: 8,300

Commentators: Tony Schiavonie, Bobby Heenan and Dusty Rhodes


Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

maxresdefault (8)

I understand that people may have busy schedules or may not have the time to sit through and watch this entire wrestling pay-per-view from 24 years ago. However, for any wrestling fan out there, I command that you watch this opening match between Psychosis and Rey Mysterio Jr. This was wrestling at its very finest.

I also understand that the business has I guess “evolved” to the point where it would seem to a modern fan that what Psychosis and Rey did here wasn’t particular special compared to guys like Kenny Omega, Adam Cole and the Young Bucks. In places like NXT, PWG and AEW, it is a much more fast-paced environment where you almost have to have hundreds of spots during the match in a super choreographed manner to keep the fans hooked and engaged.

I’ve gotten annoyed at matches like that Halftime Heat match on NXT last year and the Adam Cole vs Matt Riddle match from NXT in October because those matches were in essence move after move after move after move with seemingly no space for the fans to sit back and appreciate the individual moves. Those matches moved at such a fast-pace and they hit so many big moves one after another that it felt somewhat unauthentic to me.

This Rey Mysterio vs Psychosis was a true wrestling match. These were two luchadors so of course there was a lot of high spots. However, a huge portion of the match was focused on a wrestling battle and every big spot they hit truly felt like a big spot that you would remember. People would remember them because it stood out from the wrestling. They didn’t over-do certain moves because sometimes, less is more. Few matches told the story of less is more quite like this one.


Mike Tenay joined the commentators for this match. Sometimes, I really don’t give Mike Tenay the credit he deserves. Mike Tenay was so awesome as the professor in this match and was a great voice for putting over Japanese and Mexican talent. When you have Tony as a basic play-by-play commentator accompanied with two characters in Dusty and Bobby, having Mike as a wrestling historian basically is a great asset on the booth. As much as Bobby and Dusty were entertaining, Tenay’s contributions of educating us on lucha libre tradition played into the layout of the match. I thought he was brilliant during this match.

Rey shot for the leg and locked on a single leg boston crab. Psychosis got out of it and went for a surfboard submission.. Rey did the armbar. Psychosis delivered a unique arm scissors as both men showcased some tremendous lucha libre.

Psychosis did a big Undertaker dive over the rope and smashed his head right on the guard rail. It was a nasty landing spot for poor Psychosis. Psychosis took control with a big leg drop for which he got a 2 count and yelled at the referee. They said on commentary Rey and Pyschosis wrestled each other in Mexico the night before! That’s amazing when you think about it!

Psychosis did a guillotine leg drop from the top rope. Rey sold a clothesline like it was death as he completely flipped on his head. It was tremendous looking. Pscyhosis locked on the head scissors. Rey pushed Psychosis into the ring with his legs and followed up with a hurricanrana from the apron. It looked very slick. Rey hit a west coast pop for the near fall.

Rey dropkicked the knee then took Psychosis down and trapped the leg. Dusty kept calling Mike “Iron Mike” which was proven to be correct at how well Tenay was calling this match. Psychosis tried a headscissors and initially grabbed the ropes for leverage. Psychosis threw Rey over his shoulders and launched him into the ropes, with Rey hitting hard and bouncing off the ropes. He dropped Rey onto the guard rails.

Psychosis did an absolute crazy Senton. What it looked like to me was that he tried a leg drop but missed his target so it looked like a senton. However, I did re-watch that spot and I think he did lean his back a bit when coming crashing down and Tenay called it as a Senton. By the way, I would not recommend any wrestler take a bump like this onto the floor. Psychosis fell right on his arse after falling from 10 feet in the air. That could have really wrecked his hip if he wasn’t careful.


Psychosis was feeling his back and he was proper banged up following that spot.  Psychosis dig an enziguiri for the 2 count. Bobby asked Tony where he got these names for the moves and Tony simply said “if you don’t know it, make it up.” At least on this night, he was accompanied for one match by a man in Tenay who did know all the names of the moves!

Psychosis did a camel clutch. Rey did an awesome cartwheel hurricanrana and the fans popped like crazy. It was fabulous in execution and they probably did the exact same spot from the night before but the fans were blown away by this on American soil.

Rey did a triangle dropkick. Rey hit a top rope hurricanrana to Pyschosis from the apron all the way down to the floor.. Rey hit a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Rey did a springboard dropkick sending Psychosis through the bottom rope. It was all Rey as they were headed towards the finish.

Rey did a springboard corkscrew dive to Psychosis on the outside. Tenay called it an Asai moonsault and Bobby was flummoxed by this as he yelled “an Asai hammer lock?” Rey tried to do a West Coast Pop but Psychosis counted into an awesome powerbomb. Psychosis tried a crucifix powerbomb but Rey somehow hit a tremendous Frankensteiner from the top rope for the pin fall win. That was absolutely tremendous spot in the finish and if you re=watch this match, the way this finish was pulled was out of this world.

This was easily the best WCW match I’ve reviewed so far in the series. Rey and Psychosis put on a wrestling clinic. The fans were into everything for this match. Everything looked fabulous in execution and I loved the finish. This… was glorious

Match Rating: ****3/4


Mean Gene interviewed WCW US Heavyweight Champion Konnan. Konnan explained the finish of the Psychosis/Rey Mysterio in case you didn’t just watch the finish of that match a few minutes before this interview! Konnan was defending the title against Ric Flair tonight. Konnan said maybe Ric has the right to be confident but Konnan is cautious. Konnan threatened to clothesline his women, chop block Mongo and cripple the manager. He made good on at least one of those threats which we’ll get to.


Big Bubba w/Jimmy Hart vs John Tenta in a sack of silver dollars on a pole match


Tenta chased Bubba out of the ring. Tenta beat Bubba’s arse for while. Tenta tried to get the silver dollars but Bubba cut him off. Tenta did the same to Bubba. Tenta tried again but Bubba cut him off and dropped him with a back suplex to which Dusty called a load. Bubba tried to get the sack but he was too short and drops on the top rope and gets crotched. Speaking of which…

Talk about just booking yourself into the corner with this match. This wasn’t even a match booked by Vince Russo either. WCW booked a match between John Tenta and Big Bubba where one of them must grab the sack of silver dollars from the top of the pole. They booked this match and then I guess realised a few days later that none of these two big men could actually CLIMB up this pole to go get this sack.

Tenta was too big to get up that pole, it was established that Bubba was too big and too short to get up that pole… as crazy and contradictory as that sounds! Figure that one out! Not only did they book this match realising these two men were just too big, I swear they put up the biggest pole they could find and stacked the sack right on top of it.

This sack is on top of the largest pole they could have find so neither man could have reached it even if they tried. They might as well as put this sack up on the moon it was that high in the sky! Tenta realised this so he tried to unhook the pole itself from the ring post. Bubba choked Tenta with the belt from behind. I don’t remember if he was talking about Bubba or Tenta but Dusty even said “I don’t even think he can get up there.”

Bubba tied Tenta to the ropes with tape. He beats him up with a belt. Bubba gets the scissors that he had previously used to cut Tenta’s hair and beard. He goes to cut the rest of Tenta’s hair but Tenta does a low blow to Bubba.

Bubba hit a spinebuster. Bubba instructed Jimmy to get the sack as Bubba realised he can’t get it. Jimmy Hart, who is not a professional wrestler, scaled up this big pole so fast. Jimmy climbed up this pole and grabbed the sack but Tenta powerslammed Bubba as Hart was grabbing the sack. Hart slid down the pole and when he turns around he sees Tenta waiting for him. Tenta took the sack and knocked Hart down. Tenta smashed Bubba in the head with the sack and got the pin.

As absurd as the concept of this match was, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was the right shade of so bad it’s good. It’s stupid that they did a match where Bubba and Tenta had no way of getting the sack without Hart being involved. However, I enjoyed the comedy of it all. I enjoyed Tenta getting a big babyface win after months of being humiliated by the Dungeon of the Doom and he overcame the odds.

Match Rating: ** 


Mean Gene interviewed “Team WCW” in Lex Luger, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Sting. Savage said he didn’t care who the third man was but they’re gonna get hurt and they were gonna take the heels down with them. Luger said these outsiders have made a lot of noise and he and Team WCW would represent WCW to the best of our ability. Luger certainly did not live up to his own hype if you see what they did WITH him in this main event!

Luger said actions speak louder than words. Sting said the unknown gave him chills up and down his spine and goosebumps and it did the same to Savage and Luger. He said they’re a team and they were ready. They were all excited and all ready for Hostile Takeover. A very fired up promo by the good guys. The announcers noteD that there was no sign of Eric Bischoff at Bash at the Beach.


DDP vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a taped fist match for the Lord of the Ring


Calling this a “taped fist” match was pure false advertising. There was not one taped fist actually used DURING the match and this was the most basic bland match you could think of.

Duggan did the USA chants as DDP freaked out. Duggan shoulder-blocked DDP to the outside as DDP was agitated by USA chants. DDP spat at Duggan and dropped him with a jaw breaker on the top rope.

DDP taped Duggan’s feet on the ring post. DDP punched away at Duggan while he was stuck. Keep in mind, this was the only spot in the match where the tape was actually involved. DDP’s used the tape to tie up Duggan because per the stipulations of the match, you can use the tape. The referee Nick Patrick, the worst referee in the history of the world, then proceeded to free Hacksaw Jim Duggan from this tape…. IN A TAPED FIST MATCH. The ONE SPOT they had involving tape and Patrick ignores it and helped Duggan out of this predicament. Could Patrick do anything right?

Duggan did punches where DDP was stuck in the middle of the ropes and teeter-totted as Duggan repeatedly punched him with DDP selling like crazy. Duggan threw him into the guard rail.. Duggan suplexed DDP into the ring

DDP dropped with him an arm breaker. DDP went up to the top rope but Duggan dropped him on the top rope crotching him. Duggan bounced DDP’s head all over each turnbuckle. Duggan, like a dick, yelled at a cameraman to “get out of my way.” DDP hit the Diamond Cuter for the clean win…what was the point of the taped fist match stipulation?

I guess the point of the stipulation was that Duggan then hit DDP with the taped fist anyway after the match and after he lost FAIR AND SQUARE. Bobby Heenan even called it a cheap shot… AND HE’S RIGHT.

Match Rating: *1/2


Mean Gene brought in “the little twerp” Jimmy Hart, The Giant and Taskmaster for an interview. Taskmaster and Giant were wrestling Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson of the Four Horsemen on this show. Taskmaster said they can bring all four horsemen out but there was something burning in his heart. The Giant said he’d never consider the Taskmaster the weak link as Taskmaster brought The Giant into WCW. The Giant said again about the horsemen saying they were the elite but he’s the champion. The Giant said he was gonna have horse stew.

Lee Marshall interviewed Benoit and Arn on the ramp. Arn briefly talked about the Outsiders and says they’re gonna find Sting, Luger and Savage rougher or something like that. Arn talked about Taskmaster. Benoit said the Horsemen had tolerated the Dungeon for far too long. He said they were gonna finish off what they started. Benoit eerily said he was gonna leave Taskmaster for dead.


“Public Enemy” Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock vs “The Nasty Boys” Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags in a four man dog collar match


I don’t know if this is the first time I’ve noticed it but The Nasty Boys had a shocking WCW theme song. If you want to listen to it on YouTube, it’s called “We’re The Boys” and it is rough! Pun not intended, despite this being a dog collar match!

This PPV was just on a streak of horrible match stipulations. Following the sack of silver dollars on a pole match and a taped fist match that wasn’t even a taped fist match, we had Public Enemy and Nasty Boys in dog collar match. Since this is a Nasty Boys vs Public Enemy match, it went exactly like every other match they’ve had together.

Dog collars were hooked around the necks of each wrestler so two opposing team members would be tied up. This match in the middle of a blood feud where all these teams want to do is fight each other ended up staring with all four men just STARING at each other. It was at least 30 seconds after the bell rang before they actually started to fight.

Of course, they get trash cans. Knobbs and Grunge brawled on the set which was made up like a beach. Sags hit Grunge with a rubber shark which I did laugh at. All four men fight up the stage. Sags used the surf board as a weapon (an actual surf board. Not the surfboard submission hold!)

Of course, Knobbs smashed Grunge in the head with a chair. Completely ugly weapon shots. The brawling wasn’t that bad but I’ve seen this so often from these teams in this series. If you see one match between the Public Enemy and Nasty Boys, you’ve seen all of them.

Rocco did a dive from the top of the lifeguard chair with a big senton. The brawl certainly wasn’t that bad but all of this brawling took place on the entrance ramp away from the fans! So the fans could barely see what was going on.  Rocco got thrown off the top of the lifeguard chair as the structure fell down with him.

Grunge whipped Knobbs with the chain that were linked to each other. A table was thrown at Rocco by someone. It was hard to tell with the camera angle. It could have been Grunge for all I know that threw the table at Rocco!

Sags did a piledriver on the ramp. Rocco did a dive off the guard rail, smashing into Sags and going through a table. This was all shown in a split-screen format and it was all an unpleasant viewing experience, which is putting it mildly.

Dusty said “it’s ain’t over as they don’t want it to be over” as all four men kept going for pin falls! This was not Benoit/Taskmaster in their falls count anywhere match from The Great American Bash where there was one pin fall in the entire match. They all wanted to fight each other so bad that there was constant pin fall attempts!

Grunge sent Knobbs crashing face first into the table. As Grunge choked Knobbs, Rocco went up to the top rope  but Sags used the chain to yank him off the top rope and back into the table. However, he did not crash through the table as initially. Rocco BOUNCED OFF THE TABLE. This proved to be one of the most unbreakable tables I’ve ever seen!

Saggs tried to do a double axe handle on Rocco through the table but they still weren’t able to break the table. Knobbs hung Grunge out to dry over the top rope with the chain. Sags Irish Whipped Rocco into the chain, and Rocco smashed into it as the Nasty Boys got the pin.

OF COURSE, Public Enemy beat their arses after the match to complete no-sell the affects of this match. Sags got put through a table and this whole thing sucked.

Match Rating: ¾*

There was 1% of this match that was good and it was actually after the match was over. Of course Tony asked again who the third man was for the main-event and Bobby recommended that the third man should be the table!


Mean Gene talked about Hostile Takeover as he was surrounded by security. In every segment involving this Hostile Takeover, there were dozens of security staff patrolling the arena!


Dean Malenko © vs Disco Inferno for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship


I criminally was not looking forward to this match when I realised Disco Inferno was fighting for the title. As the opening match showcased, you have all of these cruiserweights in your arsenal and the most green cruiserweight possible is the dude fighting Dean Malenko? Say what you will about Disco Inferno, but this match put the dude over like a million bucks.

Disco got the mic and said everyone was welcome to his disco dance party. Malenko punched Disco and threw his arse out of the ring, He beat his arse and bounced him off the ring post. Dean hit a brainbuster but Disco kicked out.

Dean did the headscissors and kicked away at him. Dean hit a back suplex. Remember when Sgt Pittman locked Disco in the Code Red a month ago and he tapped out right away? Well here, Dean did a knee bar (the exact same hold) and Disco refused to give up. Disco was locked in this hold for about a minute and the dancer refused to give, even against the cruiserweight champion. He took this seriously and was determined to see this fight to the end.

Dean worked on the leg and locked on a STF. Dean tried a sunset flip but Disco kicked out. By this point, Disco had not done one move… he may have thrown a punch or a kick here and there but mostly, Dean beat the crap out of him. This was essentially an elongated squash match for a while until Disco finally fought back into the match and punched away at Dean.

Disco flapjacked Dean on the top rope. Disco hit a sloppy facebuster for a 2 count. This was a facebuster which was like the Skull Crushing Finale. Dean locked on a long submission.

Disco hit a neckbreaker and goes for the cover but Dean gets his foot on the rope. Disco tried a back drop and Disco hits another neckbreaker. He went to dance but realised what he was doing and went for the cover but Dean kicks out. He started to dance but then realised that winning this title was more important than dancing and cut out the cockiness to try to win.

Dean hit springboard dropkick. Disco tried a small package but was unable to get the win. Dean takes Disco’s head off with a clothesline. Dean then hit a tiger powerbomb and then locked on the Texas Clover Leaf for the win.

This was boring for a long time but it ended up being a really good match. They booked a very simple but effective story of Dean Malenko beating the daylights of Disco with the dancer refusing to give up. There are very few people in WCW at this point that can get the heat on someone better than Dean Malenko and who better to deliver this beating on Disco than Dean? Disco demonstrated that was he was able withstand this beating and made Dean work to retain his title. Honestly this was the best match Disco Inferno has had so far and it’s the most he’s looked as an actual star. This gets a thumbs up!

Match Rating: ***


Joe Gomez vs Steve “Mongo” McMichael w/Debra McMichael


This match DOES NOT get a thumbs up! I’d watched Mongo in two matches before this one since he started wrestling in WCW. Mongo’s had this reputation for years as one of the worst wrestlers of all time and having watched those two matches at The Great American Bash and Nitro, I didn’t particularly see what was so terrible about him. He seemed as good as a man with two matches in the bag would be. He was in tag matches and he did OK in the matches that he was in. This was his first singles match in WCW… and this honestly should have been his last.

Mongo was pretty bad in this match but it was mostly down to whenever he had to sell for Joe Gomez. When he was chopping away at Joe and he was “getting the heat”, he wasn’t too bad. He wasn’t any good but he wasn’t like embarrassing or anything. Mongo barely could sell a thing or simply just didn’t wanna sell anything for poor Joe Gomez.

The best thing about this new heel Mongo character though is that previously, Mongo had a little chihuahua with him at commentary. Now, it has been noted that he’s upgraded to a poodle! It’s a small thing but I loved that.

Mongo barely sold. Gomez did a crossbody for a 2 count. Mongo went from barely selling to not-selling at all at points. The only time he did so I guess was when Gomez forced him to take the crossbody! Gomez does the head-smashing and Mongo just “mule kicked” him in the balls.

Mongo did a camel clutch and had this big grin on his face. Mongo did a sleeper hold to which Gomez got out of with a jawbreaker. Mongo sold this comically by feeling his face and then falling down as if he was just a ironing board falling over. The one time he tried to actually sell and he over-did it!

Mongo hit the reverse neckbreaker. Mongo tried a Figure Four but Gomez reversed it into a small package roll-up. Mongo did a scoop slam. Mongo tried a piledriver and Gomez reversed it by thrusting Mongo over his shoulders. However, Mongo went over too early and Gomez really had to heave and deep down to get Mongo off of him and over his shoulders. Sometimes you forget that Mongo was a massive former American Football Player. Asking Joe Gomez to hurl Mongo off his shoulders was a tall order.

Gomez did some karate chops and dropkicks but Mongo kept getting up. Gomez went for a sunset flip but Mongo fell down, tried to improvise by hooking the legs and then just went over. Mongo hit a tombstone piledriver for the win.

Match Rating: -1/4*


This next segment had to be the best Mean Gene Okerlund interview segment so far in the Nitro series. I wouldn’t say of all time as we’ve got a moment a few years in the future also involving Ric Flair that will surely be the best! Mean Gene interviewed Ric Flair, Miss Elizabeth and Woman. Mean Gene gazed into Woman’s eyes and was lost at the train of thought. I love this mini-storyline of Mean Gene falling in love with Woman. Mean Gene had a go at Woman for distracting him from doing his job. Mean Gene blamed her for him not being professional! This is the great irony of this! I’ve really turned the corner on Woman during these shows as well. She played this heel seductive manager role very well here with Ric. Her dynamic with the Horsemen was pretty great.

Ric Flair said the Horsemen were going four and four tonight. Ric Flair was dancing and yelling and he was on fire with this promo. He did the la cucaracha. He said Konnan was the man with a 1000 holds but he was facing a man with unlimited knowledge of this business. It was somewhat confusing that he talked about Konnan being the man of 1000 holds, right after a Dean Malenko match!

Elizabeth talked about a great big party. Woman had Mean Gene stuttering as he was saying “at a p…pp… private party.” Ric told Savage to keep looking at the TV as Elizabeth will never be with him again. This was a great Ric Flair promo. Mean Gene admitted he found Woman attractive but he didn’t approve of who she hung around with in a line which didn’t age well with the benefit of hindsight. Woman called him out on it saying he wanted her bad and he didn’t care about who she hung around with. Mean Gene then nearly dropped the mic. This is the BEST! Woman, through seduction and seeming Jedi mind tricks, was able to stop Mean Gene dead in his tracks as he dropped the mic. This was… superb television!


Konnan © vs Ric Flair w/Miss Elizabeth and Woman for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship


Konnan wrestled Ric to the ground to kick off the match. Ric gave Konnan a little shove to the chest and then Konnan slapped him and Ric fell down, stunned at the audacity of this man! Konnan and Ric had a good old wrestle as they grappled down to the mat exchanging holds. Konnan did a woo and a few people booed.

Konnan locked a half-surfboard on Flair, putting his foot in Flair’s back. Ric going all the way up would have been a sight to see but we only got the half-surfboard submission! Konnan was able to Gorilla Press Ric over his shoulders, which is quite impressive since Konnan is not particularly tall but he did possess a broad body at this time.

Konnan hit powerful chops and hit another Gorilla Press slam. Konnan somehow felt the need to do the clothesline over the top rope and send himself and Ric over the top. To I guess prove himself right from his promo earlier, Konnan did a clothesline to Flair from the apron and knocked down Elizabeth in the process! Say what you will about his actions, but at least Konnan followed up on a promise to hurt the women!

Woman somehow shook the bottom rope to send Konnan flying off the top rope. Ric and Konnan battled with chops and punches. Ric distracted the referee and Woman booted Konnan right in the balls and EVERYBODY LOST THEIR MINDS. The fans were going crazy for Woman booting Konnan down below and this was RIGHT AFTER Konnan sent Elizabeth crashing to the floor. To this crowd, Konnan was a complete heel getting his comeuppance by another woman!

Woman clawed at Konnan on the outside as Ric Flair went to kiss Elizabeth on the hand. Ric suplexed Konnan and after four attempts was still unable to put him away with a pin fall. Konnan fired back with chops to the point where even Bobby said that Konnan was showing him something. Konnan did a springboard dropkick to Ric. Konnan tried a sunset flip but Flair punched him down.

Flair tried a Figure Four Leg Lock which led to a Konnan doing a small package for a near fall. Konnan tried his own Figure Four Leg Lock as the fans started to buzz. Konnan did a bulldog for a 2 count. Konnan did a roll-up clothesline for another 2 count. Konnan reversed a hip toss into an abdominal stretch like cradle which I actually think was unique.

Elizabeth went up to the apron to distract referee Nick Patrick. I think Elizabeth jumped the gun a little bit because Woman then got up on the apron and the fans started to buzz again. Elizabeth argued with the referee for about 30 seconds as the dudes just continue wrestling. They don’t notice or react to what the referee, Woman and Elizabeth were all doing which was weird. Konnan continued to work in the ring and Woman was standing there with no attempt by Ric and Konnan to make their way to Woman. Finally Flair went to talk to the referee and THEN Woman made her move and hit Konnan with her shoe. I think Elizabeth was the one that screwed up for jumping her cue so I don’t put this on Nick Patrick, Konnan or anyone else but it just seemed like a complete mess.

Ric got the pin and even had to get his foot on the TOP ROPE for leverage, even after a shoe shot! The fans cheered.

Match Rating: ***1/4 This was close to 3 and a half stars but the finish and certain spots brought it down.


Mean Gene was shown ears-dropping on the Outsiders. He claimed he heard the 3rd man. He said he sounded familiar but it muffled! He said it was somebody that we’ve seen and heard before but it was distorted. Mean Gene recognised the voice but couldn’t put the pieces together. When it is revealed later who it is, it’s actually preposterous that Mean Gene wasn’t able to recognise this guy’s voice! This man had a distinguishable voice, which surely MEAN GENE OKERLUND of all people could immediately recognise!


Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit representing the Four Horsemen vs The Giant and Taskmaster representing the Dungeon of Doom. If the Four Horsemen won, one of them would get a WCW World Heavyweight Championship match on WCW Nitro


This was such a well booked tag team match. WCW really went out of their way to put The Giant over. He was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion so he obviously need to be put over big. Well this match in particular did wonders for The Giant as building him up as a big, powerful giant.

The Dungeon jumped the Horsemen before the bell. Taskmaster clocked Anderson with the table. Mongo ran down and smacked Giant with the briefcase but Giant chased him off. The Horsemen used this to their advantage and isolated Taskmaster at ringside. Benoit and Taskmaster fought in the ring as Giant makes his way back to the ring.

I do like that they played Taskmaster up as the supposed weak link but the Horsemen felt the need to double team him before the bell as they did actually him as a threat all along! Subtle but a good way to put over Taskmaster. It’s almost like he booked it! 😉

The Horsemen beat down Taskmaster near and around their corner. The Horsemen did frequent tags to each other to stay fresh and keep Taskmaster occupied. The Giant saved Taskmaster from a DDT with an apron clothesline which the fans popped for. The Giant made his way into the ring illegally. Benoit dove into him and Giant just caught him and threw him at Arn to a thunderous pop. These fans loved The Giant wrecking havoc and destroying the Horsemen!

The Horsemen continued and continued to get the heat on Taskmaster as Giant was just begging to make the tag. The fans are begging for The Giant to make the hot tag. The Giant was such a babyface in this match. Taskmaster got in a low blow as the fans start to buzz and buzz even more at the thought of the hot tag and then Benoit like a dick just cut Taskmaster off!

Taskmaster catapulted Arn into Benoit and finally The Giant got the hot tag. The fans erupted like Eyjafjallajökull this tag was so hot. Benoit and Taskmaster fled the ring as Arn was then left alone with Giant as he was running wild. Benoit and Taskmaster brawled up the ramp and up to the announce table. Giant was suplexing and beating up Arn and eventually, Giant chokeslammed Arn and pinned him as the fans went nuts.

The booking of The Giant was perfect for this match. He was booked as a complete babyface, despite being a heel, and he was charismatic enough that he could pull it off.

I was thinking about this right before I started writing down this review but The Giant in 1996 was exactly like Braun Strowman about 20 years later when he was getting his big singles push. Both of them were shown to be destroyers of men and were basically unbeatable. They got over with the fans and the people were into them and with The Giant, WCW made that count. The Giant was booked as an actual Giant. With Braun though, they turned Braun babyface and I think Vince McMahon and WWE feel the need to book Braun not as the WCW’s Giant but more like WWE’s Big Show.

If Vince spent a bit of time re-watching what WCW did right with The Giant when they first brought him in, he could see matches like this where The Giant just being an all-conquering Giant worked on TV and worked with this crowd. The stuff they’re doing with Braun right now is really tame compared to what he could be capable of doing. I know it’s weird to talk about Braun Strowman during a WCW review but it really struck my mind. This series is also to learn about what worked in the past and see how it could be transitioned into modern wrestling so I think the comparison is justified!

Taskmaster emerged from the fight backstage I guess but then Benoit flew off a structure out of nowhere to attack Taskmaster. The Giant just left as Benoit was kicking Sullivan’s arse. Benoit dropped Taskmaster with a reverse suplex.

Suddenly, Woman came down to stop Benoit as she pleads with Benoit to stop. Woman was uncharacteristically distraught and then The Giant came back down. Benoit grabbed the hand of Woman and left with her as Arn was still laid out in the ring when all of this was going down. I think he may actually have been hurt by this match as he was down for a really long time. Giant literally carried Taskmaster to the back as the fans applauded The Giant.

This worked to get The Giant over and yes, this is the start of the infamous Chris Benoit/Woman/Kevin Sullivan love triangle angle.

Match Rating: **3/4


Sting, Randy Savage and Lex Luger vs Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and the third man in a hostile takeover six man tag team match


Here we go. The hostile takeover match which, to WCW’s credit, they built it up as an historic event. They had this awesome recap video of the whole program featuring the Outsiders from when Scott Hall arrived all up to this point. What was awesome is that the third man is just built up as… a third man. He’s not revealed as the leader or he’s not supposed to be a higher power or whatever. He was just another outsider in this storyline at this point.

This video package was so awesome as the Outsiders music played really hyping this up as a history making event. Michael Buffer did the ring introductions. These Outsiders looked so cool in this gear. There was only two of them in Kevin Nash and Scott Hall without the third man as Buffer apologised as they were only two of them. The fans are going nuts for the Outsiders by the way.

Sting’s music suddenly played as Mean Gene Okerlund came down to ringside. Mean Gene talked to Buffer and then grabbed the mic. He wanted to talk to the Outsiders and confront them as he doesn’t see the third man. Scott said that “Scheme Gene” knew too much already and all he needed to know was that the third man was here and he was ready. Nash confirmed this and claimed they’ve got enough to handle it right now. Mean Gene was ushered to the back. The WCW commentators are taken back at the audacity of these Outsiders! This was all great!


Lex Luger, Sting and Randy Savage all come out to represent WCW. There’s a WWE Mattel set with these three in this gear from Bash at the Beach. I’m gonna try to find it as I love the idea of all of three of them in matching face paint. They weren’t just three dudes fighting for WCW. They were three true allies that painted their faces to prove it!

Bobby denied being the third guy himself with the though of Bobby “The Hollywood” Heenan rushing through my brain! Hall threw the tooth pick and Luger slapped Hall to get things going.

Luger hit a running forearm and knocked down Nash. Savage and Sting stopped a 2 on 1 assault on Luger. Luger was somehow knocked out as his head was crushed in a Kevin Nash/Stinger splash sandwich. They even bring out a stretcher for Luger as Hall tried to get at Luger. Luger was already out of the match. As a viewer at the time, you would surely be wondering if this is some big swerve by Luger so he can beat up on Sting and Savage later. Is he working for the Outsiders as if you recall, Luger only returned to WCW from the WWF less than a year ago.

It’s a clever way to hype up Luger as the third man. Spoiler alert… the third man was not Luger. With the benefit of hindsight, Luger was really buried with the way this match was booked! He was knocked out in about two minutes of the main-event after claiming that we were going to get the very best of him!


Hall suckered Sting into the ring. Sting tackled Hall and beat him up on the ground as the fans goes nuts. Sting hits the atomic drop and bulldog. Savage tried a double axe handle but got cut off. Kevin Nash did the snake eyes drop on the top turnbuckle. DUSTY REPEATS RAPIDLY “WHO BE BAD NOW” at the time where Nash was beating up Savage which was strange since Dusty was supposed to be Team WCW!

It’s insane how much the announcers were into this though. Tony, Dusty and Bobby were super pumped, cheering for WCW and calling the biggest match in WCW history! There was one screwed up spot where Nash tried an elbow drop but Savage tried to move but was not fast enough or didn’t know if he was supposed to move because Nash landed right on Savage’s head with this elbow drop.

Sting tried a sunset flip but Nash powered out and choke-lifted him up and slammed him down. Scott did a fallaway slam. Nash hit a big boot as he smashed away at Sting with straight up punches. Sting dropped him with a low dropkick to the knee as Nash mentioned on Nitrohe had “bad knees”. Yeah even in 1996, Kevin Nash had problems with his knees.

Sting tried a small package but only got a 1 count. Hall did the abdominal stretch, and grabbed Nash for the leverage spot. At least this referee Randy Anderson reacted whenever Hall exerted himself to show off the leverage, unlike Nick Patrick during that DDP match on the go-home Nitro.

Sting almost got the tag but Hall cut him off. Savage went nuts and grabbed a chair to use but the referee tried to restrain him and calm him down. Sting sold this beating like he was on the verge of death! He was wobbling, in a drunken-like state, gassed and this beating was executed really well. Sting was such a good seller.

Sting hit a big boot and fired away at Nash. He delivered lefts and rights to Nash. He knocks down Hall and he jumped over seven foot tall Kevin Nash and got to tag in Savage at last! Savage beat up the Outsiders. He fired at Nash and delivered a double axe handle to Hall on the outside. He was going super fast as Savage just exploded onto the scene.

Savage hit a double axe handle but Nash cut him off with a low blow. And then…


Who should come out but the “Immortal” Hulk Hogan. Hogan had been away from WCW since shortly after the Doomsday Cage match. He walked down to the ring and the announcers were all excited about this. Bobby Heenan then dared to ask the question of which side Hogan was on!

People talk about that line from Bobby Heenan as people believed it spoiled what happened next. The more I think about this, the more it made complete sense for the character of Bobby Heenan to say this. He’s been feuding with Hulk Hogan for what must have been a decade now since the WWF. He never trusted Hogan so when he walked down that ring, he can’t help but question Hogan’s loyalties since he hated him.

Hogan ripped off the shirt as the Outsiders fled to the outside of the ring. They had faces of fear and cowardice at the sight of Hogan fighting for the sake of WCW. Then Hogan walked towards the top left corner (at the least the top left corner in the view of the hard cam) and he put his arms on the ropes. Hogan took a deep breath, and Hulk Hogan hit the Leg Drop on Randy Savage. Hogan stood up with this big smile on his face. The announcers and the fans all realised that Hulk Hogan… was the third man.

maxresdefault (9)

Obviously, I knew everything that was going to happen so I didn’t watch much of what Hogan did as I just watched everyone else and their reactions. The fans, the referee putting his hands up in disbelief and Sting watching on. Hogan delivered a few more Leg Drops and Sting was floored with a punch by Scott Hall. Hogan made “the cover” and Hall did the count as Tony refused to even acknowledge it.

In what seems like minutes after it all happens, Sting was shown concerned for a decimated Savage as he carried him out of the ring, Savage is unmoving after these leg drops of doom as Sting and the referee helped him

The fans threw garbage at the ring as Hogan just smirked. One beer can came inches from hitting Hogan right in the head. It came so close as the trash continued to pour into the ring the fans were that appalled.


Mean Gene came down and asked what in the world was Hogan thinking. Everything about the promo Hulk Hogan cut here was surreal to hear in all honesty. When I was watching WWE, WCW had been gone for years and Hulk Hogan was always a babyface. I’d heard this promo before but listening to it after months of campy Hulk Hogan babyface promos seem incredible.

Hogan said the first thing Mean Gene needed to do was tell the people to shut up if he wanted to hear what Hogan had to say and the fans boo more. Mean Gene said this made him sick to his stomach. Hogan said that this is the future of wrestling. He said you can call this the New World Order of wrestling. He said these two men (Nash and Hall) came from a great company up North and everyone was thinking who the third man was. Hogan said who knows more about that organisation up North than him!

He said he made people rich up there and when it all came down to pass, the name Hogan got bigger than the whole organisation. He said “Billionaire Ted” wanted to talk Turkey and he promised him millions of dollars, world calibre matches and movies. He said he was bored and the Outsiders are what he wanted as his friends. He said these two men are the new blood.

Hogan said not only were they gonna take over, they would destroy everything in their power. Hogan said all of this crap (the trash) in the ring represented the fans. He said for two years he held his head high and did everything for the charities, the kids and he finally told the fans to stick it. He said if it weren’t for Hulk Hogan, they wouldn’t be here and Eric would still be selling meat from Minneapolis. Hogan said watcha gonna do when the nWo runs wild on you. Hogan mocked the fans with the Hogan ear thing. Tony told Hogan to go straight to hell and that was the end of the show.

Segment Rating: *****


There’s SO much I could say about all of this. With the way this was executed and the way the stars were aligned for this big reveal to go down, this was a perfect angle. I mean it is possible Sting could have been an interesting third man and there were other names like Bret Hart, Lex Luger… Mabel apparently. However, Hulk Hogan fit the bill better than anybody.

Hulk Hogan desperately needed to turn and he was the perfect man to make this angle work. The problem down the road is that this angle worked TOO well but of course, that’s a story for another time.

This to me was the greatest heel turn of all time on the grounds of the impact of it, the execution, the build towards it and really the historic nature of it. WCW and Eric Bischoff took a MASSIVE risk in turning Hulk Hogan. Vince McMahon was never going to turn Hulk in the WWF but for WCW, they had enough big stars and Hogan was at the perfect time in his career that a heel turn made all of the sense in the world.

Hulk Hogan realised it, Eric Bischoff realised it and like I said, it worked really well. The promo Hogan cut here was really well done for the initial New World Order promo and talking about how he did everything for the kids and he wanted millions of dollars. Hogan now had years with a lot more ammunition as aheel and as a fan, you would have really wanted to know what Hogan had to say after all of this time as the good guy. It was a massive coup for WCW in the ratings and a big move to turn him heel.


Finally, we are at the nWo era of WCW if you will. It took us a long time but we’ve got a new direction for WCW and a unique changing of the way the show was booked, for better or for worse. Of course, the Retro Express will be continuing with the reviews of WCW Nitro as we get into the meat of this new big angle with the nWo. We hope you continue to join us on this big ride… to Hog Wild. XD


WCW Nitro Reading Order


Welcome to the Retro Express. This is where we’re taking a stroll down memory lane at wrestling history. This post is part of an ongoing series where we’re reviewing every episode of WCW Nitro from start to finish. Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.


WCW Uncensored came and went. We got long street fights, long title matches, a long Booty Man match, short monster matches and we got a match I’m positive will not be surpassed as the worst match I ever saw. The Doomsday Cage match saw the Mega Powers vs The Alliance to End Hulkamania. At the end of all the shenanigans within the cage, outside of the cage, in the ring, with frying pans, with Z-Gangsta, people being eliminated and then not being eliminated, Lex Luger turned on Ric Flair and Savage pinned Ric Flair as Hogan and Savage won the Doomsday Cage match.


I have to point out a few things for this episode of WCW Nitro. If you haven’t read my review of Uncensored and specifically the Doomsday Cage match, I promise you will get more enjoyment out of it than watching a 3 hour edition of RAW in 2019. I believe this was one of my greatest match reviews of my entire life. Please read it by clicking this link .

No matter what happened, there was barely any follow up to the Doomsday Cage match. They mentioned briefly that “Hogan won” and completely ignored Savage getting the pin. They never mentioned Z-Gangsta, The Ultimate Solution or even Brian Pillman, who I guess was supposed to be in that match too but was randomly pulled out of it (or Pillman pulled out of it).

They never even tried to promote the replay. Having watched that pay-per-view in full, how could anyone have wanted to buy this replay? They were in the right to not mention it like they usually do with WCW PPVs. That match alone brought down that whole show that steering as far away from it as they could was the best thing to do.

Another thing to mention was that they revealed at the start of the show that there would be 3 title matches on this episode of Nitro. The US title, WCW World title and the WCW tag team titles would all be defended. This was after a pay-per-view, where only one title match was on the pay-per-view at all. Promoting the title matches on Nitro was great for Nitro ratings but not for PPV buys.


Date: March 25th 1996

Brand: WCW

City: Huntsville, Alabama

Rating: 3.1 (down from last week. Yeah, Uncensored saw the ratings go down by 0.5!)

Commentators: Eric Bischoff, Steve “Mongo” McMichael and Bobby Heenan


Randy Savage vs The Belfast Bruiser


I have to get a small rant out of the way. It’s gonna be very brief as it’s not that big of a deal. They mentioned that all of a sudden, there was a cruiserweight tournament going on, I guess to crown the first WCW Cruiserweight Champion. There was no mention about it beforehand on Nitro. The last time we heard about the cruiserweights was that they were coming. They’ve been a non-factor on Nitro for a long time. Then all of a sudden, the announcers start talking about Mr JL beating Dean Malenko in the first round of the cruiserweight tournament.

This is LITERALLY the first time this tournament has been mentioned on Nitro. Was it not possible for them to mention earlier that they were doing a cruiserweight tournament to try and build anticipation for it? They randomly mentioned later on in the show too that Jushin Liger, Chris Benoit and Psychosis all advanced in the tournament. I’m just trying to put this all together. I don’t think they even showed a bracket for the tournament on Nitro. Even if these matches were happening on Saturday Night or WCW Pro or whatever was around, these guys at WCW are talking about this tournament like all the fans watching Nitro are meant to know about it.

Call it nit-picking, but this bothered me when watching this show.

Randy Savage vs The Belfast Bruiser was a match that was well suited for both men. A scrappy beat-em up fight in the confides of a wrestling match.

Spots included Bruiser slamming Savage right into the turnbuckle. Bruiser slammed Savage into the guardrail. Bruiser roughed Savage up and sent him over the guard rail and into the crowd. Bruiser was proper laying a beating in on the Macho Man and it made the Belfast Bruiser come off as a worthy opponent for Savage.

Savage would just do whatever he could to get back into the match such as grabbing the leg but Bruiser just stomped away at him. The fans rooted for Savage as he worked his way up to his feet. Bruiser went into the ring post elbow first and Savage out of nowhere hit the elbow drop for the win.

It was a little lame that Bruiser took the whole match and Savage just hit an elbow drop and won but you know what? Savage had to dig down deep to beat an opponent the announcers actually said was undefeated so I’ll allow it. It wasn’t like Bruiser was buried. It was a serious match and Bruiser came off like a threat. In a weird way, it helped the Bruiser that Savage had to resort to his biggest move to get the job done when he got the slightest opening. He wasn’t taking it easy on Bruiser so it made Bruiser come off as a problem for Savage. This was a good opener and it gets a thumbs up.


Mean Gene Okerlund interviewed Ric Flair with Woman and Miss Elizabeth. Flair talked about how they were going to slay a real life, walking, talking, fire-breathing giant. Ric Flair was defending the title against The Giant on this show. He wanted to assure the world that he would look down at the Giant and sing that he had the whole world in his hands. Flair said it’s not easy being the Nature Boy as he’s got the women and the title! Mean Gene talked about Lex Luger, who turned on the heels the night before, and Ric said he hadn’t really looked at the package for what he was.

Flair said: “For the judgement you made last night. you are on the long list of people that won’t be able to style and profile!” According to Flair, Lex Luger lost his PARTYING privileges for attacking him! In a fascinating in hindsight moment, Ric asked Elizabeth: “who is more man? Me or Luger.” Liz responded by saying “you are Ric.” With the benefit of hindsight, that was an unbelievable moment. Remember when Edge and Christian were doing a segment with Mick Foley where Edge said Lita looked hot from a distance? These comments in hindsight are just incredible! 

Great promo from Flair as Eric Bischoff then explained Elizabeth had Savage’s money in her hands. I remember seeing money in her hands during that promo but the way it was worded suggested that on screen, she had all of Macho Man’s money in her hands! If that was the case, then that’s not a lot of money! I do think Bobby goes on to explain she had $2 million so I guess Liz had the rest of it in the back or something. Bobby does actually deliver the following joke: “What do you call a woman with $2 million? Divorced.”


Konnan © vs Mr JL for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship


This match was certainly not the length of the Eddie Guerrero vs Konnan match from the night before. This one lasted less than seven minutes and it was… fine. Konnan chopped away JL to kick things off.

JL takes control of the match with the headscissors to send Konnan to the floor. Konnan takes over and works on the arm. Mr JL was coming back from an arm injury from his unfortunate match with Dean Malenko from before so this was at least good demonstration of ring psychology.

Konnan does a monkey flip but JL lands on his feet. Bischoff said they got word that Macho had went ballistic backstage. Konnan did a weird look surfboard submission. Mr JL did a top rope dropkick and Konnan held the knee.

Konnan did a Gutwrench Powerbomb. They traded roll ups. One of the announcers mentioned that Konnan was “showing signs of fatigue” which was actually true with this match as well as the match with Guerrero!

Mr JL did a top rope DDT for a near fall to which Bischoff accused referee Nick Patrick of doing a slow count. Why would you not put over the fact that the champion kicked out of such a devastating move and just nit-pick at the referee’s judgement? Was it not possible for Bischoff to say something like “I can’t believe Konnan kicked out of such an impressive top rope DDT” rather than cry about the referee? Konnan did an Alabama slam for the pin to retain the title clean.

The match just seemed like it was just there but it was still fine for what it was. Konnan at least got a clean win under his belt as champion which was fine with me.


The Booty Man vs Disco Inferno


I cannot believe that after they purposely went out of their way to mention that they have talent like Chris Benoit, Jushin Liger and Dean Malenko that they then put on The Booty Man vs Disco Inferno as an actual match on Nitro. Thankfully, there wasn’t much to it. It went less than 80 seconds and Booty Man hit a poorly executed high knee for the win.

Really the story for this one was in the minor details, and I’m going to list them off and move on!

  1. Disco claimed when they cut to a close up of him that it was $49.95 to buy his CD he had around! I know he’s a heel but that’s a rip-off!
  2. This really was the battle between cheesy, bad theme songs. If Disco Fever wasn’t bad enough, we had The Booty Man’s “Shake Your Booty” theme song which is right up there with the worst theme songs of all time including Candice Michelle’s theme song from 2007. I did discuss that theme during the SummerSlam 2007 review I believe which you can find at this link.
  3. Disco went into a tantrum after Booty Man slapped his booty… weird but OK.
  4. Of course Booty Man’s offense at the start was an atomic drop to the ass of Disco Inferno.
  5. Booty Girl was now the BOOTY BABE.
  6. Booty Man rubbed his ass and then punched Disco in the face with that hand… this match was just all kinds of weird.
  7. Booty hit a crappy looking high knee for the win

That’s literally the key details and they really didn’t have anything to do with the match. It was random and it killed like 4 minutes of TV time.


Sting © and Lex Luger © vs “The American Males” Marcus Bagwell and Scotty Riggs for the WCW World Tag Team Championship


Bischoff told Bobby to look out for the drop kick… great foresight into 75% of the American Males’ offense during this match against the WCW tag team champions.

Luger and Sting had this thing where Luger would go to the fans and cheer during their entrance when Sting looked at him but Luger woukd revert to his heel self when Sting wasn’t looking! Fine heel shenanigans which was weird considering I guess he was a babyface after what happened at the PPV.

It appeared that Luger and Sting were on the same page. Mongo was still untrustworthy of Luger. Riggs ran wild WITH DROPKICKS would you believe it. Luger was frustrated by this and went to work with clobbering blows. Luger took a cheap shot at Bagwell and a brawl broke out which Sting and Riggs broke up. I’m not sure where this storyline goes with Luger but I do like Luger struggling to phase out unsportmanship and heel tactics. The American Males run wild and he loses it but Sting still has to calm him down. That I like.

Bagwell got tagged in an Luger backed away from Bagwell – TINY BAGWELL that Luger beat months ago in a squash! Bagwell and Sting actually worked well together when Sting got tagged. Sting reversed a scoop slam and went to work. Bagwell applauds that Sting was the better man and tagged Riggs back in.

Luger tagged in and went to work on Riggs. A lot of frequent tags during this match which is certainly not a bad thing. Luger suddenly went crazy on Bagwell and this got a lot of heat with the fans. Luger yelled at Bagwell as Sting showed concern about his partner’s mental state during the match. Riggs and Sting did some spots.

This was the finish. Sting did a crossbody which missed Riggs by a whole foot and then makes the cover. Bagwell just stands there and watches as Sting gets the win. No effort to break up the pin, there was nothing to say this was heel move or anything. He stands there and just watches that pin and doesn’t attempt to break it up. I guess something was mistimed. Luger tried to walk off with all of the belts but Sting pulled him back saying: “Hey! Give me my belt!” Sting then gave props to the American Males and they celebrated in the ring without Luger.

This match was OK. Sting was in there with Lex Luger and the American Males. None of these men were terrible but they weren’t particular good either so… you get exactly what you’d think this match would be.


Ric Flair © w/Woman and Miss Elizabeth vs The Giant w/Jimmy Hart for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

maxresdefault (6)

In case anyone doesn’t recall, The Giant is getting this title shot because he beat Loch Ness at Uncensored.

REMEMBER when Jimmy Hart was managing Ric Flair? That was only a couple of months ago and now he’s “at odds” with Flair as his main man The Giant is getting a title shot! Hart’s also managing like 5 other heels so I guess the simple explanation is that there’s no honour among thieves!

Elizabeth threw Savage’s money away at the fans. Savage tried to get to Flair on the ramp but Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Eddie Guerrero and a few other babyfaces hold him back. Woman gets a slap in but I loved Savage going all nuts just trying to get to Flair! Savage was seething trying to get at Flair and Elizabeth!

The Giant towered over Ric and put hits hand on Flair’s throat to start the match but Flair slapped it away and got pushed away for his troubles! Savage I guess was in handcuffs and forced out by police and security according to Bischoff.

Flair couldn’t do a thing to The Giant early on. The Giant Gorilla Pressed and TOSSED Flair across the ring. It wasn’t like The Giant was just slammed him down…  he THREW Flair like a ball to the floor. Ric Flair was happy for Giant to launch him across that ring when they were putting this match together!

Flair tried to escape but he was too tired and Giant caught up and carried Flair to the ring. Flair chopped at Giant but Giant no-sold these attacks. Flair then sat down and cradled in the corner!

Pardon my French in advance but The Giant did a suplex and Flair just yelled “AH FUCK!” I laughed, and laughed, and laughed at hearing Flair yell the word FUCK uncensored… pardon the pun.

Flair did a DIVE off the top rope and Giant caught him did a backbreaker and slammed. I love that THE ONE TIME Ric actually did a successful leap off the top rope, The Giant catches him and slams him down anyway! Even when Flair pulls it off, he still fails as it accomplished nothing! THEN EVEN MORE SPECTACULARLY, THE GIANT went for a top rope splash! This was not Eddie Guerrero going for a splash… this was THE GIANT! Amazing how agile this guy was when he was younger. This put Sting to shame. Giant launched his ass across the ring and missed in amazing fashion. This was the pure definition of falling with style!

Giant repeated the over the top rope spot from the night before which I’m stunned he did again THE NEXT NIGHT after he did it the first time! Flair choked Giant with wire as the referee was distracted. Flair choked Giant over the the top rope and just hung him out to dry. Flair did the double eye poke to the big man. Giant is reduced to his knees as Flair punches and chops away but Giant continued to push him away

Flair does a direct kick to the groin to finally floor the big man! Woman choked away at Giant as the ref was distracted. A piss poor referee getting distracted during RIC FLAIR VS THE GIANT… the slowest paced match imaginable. I understand there’s three managers out there but this was not like a tag team match or whatever between cruiserweights. This was the old school methodical Ric Flair vs the lumbering Giant!

I’ll tell you what this was like. I was watching The Lucha Bros vs The Private Party from AEW and I looked at the referee who I think was Aubrey Edwards. She was calling this match or the SCU vs Dark Order match. Anyway, there’s this fast-paced match going on and I was thinking, how can a referee keep up with this match going this fast? Fenix and Pentagon are just doing these spots like poetry in motion and so fast and the referee has to keep track of all of this. This referee on Nitro, I didn’t write down who it was, was getting himself distracted during The Giant vs Ric Flair. How did he pull that off?

Giant pushed Flair off the top rope. Giant pulled down the straps as Flair begged him off. Giant chokeslammed Flair and the girls ran into the ring. Arn Anderson and Taskmaster both come out. Arn hits The Giant with the chair while the referee wasn’t looking. Taskmaster grabbed the chair from Arn. The Giant turned around and saw Taskmaster with the chair and chokeslammed him. Arn laughed at Giant so he got chokeslammed. THE REFEREE then called for the bell as Jimmy Hart, Woman and Elizabeth scream about their fallen comrades.

Bruce Buffer officially declares: “Due to things getting out of control, it is a no contest.” If The Giant ends up winning this title from Flair then why did you do this? The Giant getting a big monster moment where he unleashes hell on everyone in his path I liked but a no contest/DQ after a long match where The Giant beats up Flair just made this match seem like such a waste.

With that being said, I did like the match. Simple Ric Flair match where… he literally could have wrestled a broomstick and it would have worked. Giant was 6 months into the business and he had a good simple match with Flair that just happened to have a crappy finish in my eyes.


Not a bad episode of Nitro. Much better than the last couple of weeks. There wasn’t much that was great about it but there wasn’t anything like so horrible that I couldn’t bare it. There was a bunch of matches put together, cutting out illogical or convoluted stuff and sticking to the action in the ring. It wasn’t particular great action but it more felt like a wrestling show then the majority of Nitros lately. This show gets a thumbs up.

Promoted for next week was Hulk Hogan’s big return to Nitro as he would team with The Booty Man to face Arn Anderson and Taskmaster. Hogan was off of this episode for some reason. I can only speculate that maybe WCW expected the ratings for this episode for Nitro to tank because of Uncensored so maybe they were leaving Hogan for the next week to try and pull a big ratings for next week’s show, which happened to be the Nitro/RAW after WrestleMania.

We will see what they do in the next episode but in the mean time, feel free to have a look at review from previous Nitro episodes and stay tuned for my review of Episode #30 of Nitro which I’m planning to upload onto the blog in a couple of days! Don’t forget to follow @ArmbarExpress on Twitter for tweets from yours truly an update whenever Express posts are uploaded. Alternatively, follow us on WordPress for updates too!


WCW Nitro Reading Order

Wrestling Flashback – The CM Punk/Daniel Bryan/AJ Lee Love Triangle


Lighting up WWE television in 2012 was the “mentally unstable” AJ Lee, becoming the most popular woman on the roster since her major push began as she was the squeeze of World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. AJ was the neglected girlfriend of the World Champion, who had started to become cocky following his World title victory at TLC 2011. Despite this, AJ still continued to stay with Daniel and even accompanied him to ringside for his big WrestleMania 28 title defense against Sheamus. Daniel requested a good luck kiss from AJ after the bell ran. After the kiss, Daniel walked into a Brogue Kick by Sheamus who pinned him after 18 seconds.

Deeming the kiss as the “kiss of death” Daniel dumped AJ, leaving her heart-broken. AJ began becoming psychologically lost in the ring, with the end of her relationship taking a major toll on her. In one particular match on SmackDown!, Natalya attempted to console AJ during their match. AJ suddenly snapped and attacked Natalya, with the match thrown out due to AJ being unable to control her emotions.

This lead to a major angle involving three men “vying” for the affection of AJ,  with one of those men happening to be the WWE Champion CM Punk. Her ex Daniel as well as the “Big Red Machine” Kane were feuding with CM Punk over the WWE title, with AJ becoming the puppet-master. These tactics included kissing Kane in order to win herself and Punk a tag team match on RAW and even dressing up like Kane. After No Way Out 2012, Kane distanced himself from the feud, even calling AJ “mentally unstable.”


Punk and Bryan continued to fight for the WWE Championship, with AJ doing her best to gain the attention of both men. AJ’s antics included kissing Punk and pushing both men through a table and even proposing to CM Punk on RAW. AJ was the special guest referee during Punk and Bryan’s no disqualification match at Money In The Bank. AJ continued to play both men before Punk eventually picked up the victory.

I really enjoyed this program between AJ, Punk, Bryan and Kane. How none of their matches never got a pay-per-view main event is beyond me, but AJ became the first diva in years to become a major part of a main event program. The thing I really liked about AJ and this program is that everybody’s actions made sense – EVEN AJ. AJ was playing as the puppet-master all along, manipulating the situation initially to get the affections of CM Punk. Punk did console AJ as soon as Bryan dumped her, so it made sense for Punk to be of AJ’s interest. Even CM Punk’s actions make sense, doing what he thought was best for AJ. He didn’t love AJ but he liked her enough as a close friend in order to take whatever craziness AJ had in store. Punk was not really made to look like a fool, as his main intention above all was to still be the WWE Champion. This mindset actually played into Punk’s heel turn at RAW 1000, with Punk doing whatever it took to protect his title reign.


Unfortunately for Kane, he was the bumbling boob of the entire story. Kane was initially brought into the program by Punk and Bryan, in order to play them off against each other in matches on RAW. Following this, Kane interjected himself into the WWE title picture. Then AJ started messing with him, which leads to Kane eventually stepping his foot down after No Way Out. The main focus of the feud was Punk, Bryan and AJ, but Kane played a small but necessary role in this storyline. Finally, there’s Daniel Bryan. Daniel’s character in this storyline was really well written. Bryan broke up with AJ due to his selfish desires to become champion. When AJ gets involved, Bryan still insists that he has no feelings for AJ. Despite this, he still continues to try and stir the pot with Kane and Punk. Bryan’s main concern is becoming the WWE Champion, so why not mess with the guys that AJ has feelings for?

When AJ is made the special guest referee for Money In The Bank, Bryan must change AJ’s perception of him in order to try and win her influence. He gets her roses, shows concern and even proposes to her himself. At the end, Bryan’s efforts are unsuccessful as Punk retains. Bryan’s main goal was to become WWE Champion. Punk’s goal was to become WWE Champion but also support AJ. Kane’s goal was to cause destruction, with everybody else using him as their “hired gun” if you will. AJ, on top of all of this, is messing with EVERYONE but not totally evil. She’s just… mentally unstable.

maxresdefault (4)

Leading into RAW 1000, Daniel still continued to court AJ and proposed to her once again. She accepts and the wedding is set for RAW 1000. However, it is revealed that AJ has accepted a proposal from Vince McMahon to become the general manager of RAW. At the end of the day, AJ gained power and now can mess with Daniel Bryan officially as his boss.

Overall, I think this was a great program. I have more Wrestling Flashbacks planned with regards to AJ but I will state that I believe that this was the best that AJ was ever written by WWE. I’ll have a lot to say as AJ’s character is so badly messed up in the last few years of her career when thinking about it in hindsight. What her character would become is nowhere near as detailed and fleshed out as what her character was like in this storyline. This storyline gained her insane popularity and it’s not like she was playing your average crazy diva. She was a sweet but calculated master manipulator… that the fans still cheered!

Top Five Worst Swerves In Season One Of Lucha Underground

Let me just state before I get a lot of angry comments that I LOVE Lucha Underground. It is by far the most exciting product in wrestling today. It’s developed an incredible television program with a great mix of wrestling and drama. HOWEVER, it is not totally in-excusable. There were a lot of questionable writing decisions that took place in season one. I’m going to take you through the five worst swerves in season one of Lucha Underground and recap each of them in depth.

Blue Demon Jr Heel Turn


One of the more frustrating angles for me to watch was the one featuring Chavo Guerrero and how “Mexico” was coming for him. It was revealed that “Mexico” turned out to be Texano Jr., who had turned face to get revenge against Chavo. Chavo berated Blue Demon Jr. (who he turned on at the start of the season) and got at Blue Demon for letting Texano fight the battles for “Mexico” instead of him. Blue Demon’s response was to attack TEXANO and to turn heel, declaring himself to be “Mexico.” All it took was one jab by Chavo Guerrero and Blue Demon was turned to the dark side. Wow.

Blue Demon Joins Forces With Chavo Guerrero
Unfortunately, things got worse in this storyline. So after Blue Demon Jr. turned on Texano, a match was made for Ultima Lucha. This was no disqualification, so the Crew got involved on behalf of Blue Demon. Chavo Guerrero then came out and it was teased as if he was going to hit Blue Demon with a chair. There was a few problems with this. Firstly, there was no reason to believe that Chavo would act as a babyface to save Texano. Secondly, you already knew where this was going if you’ve ever seen a Chavo Guerrero heel turn. Chavo hit Texano with the chair and it was revealed that Chavo had formed an alliance with Blue Demon Jr. The reason that this is a problem was that Chavo ALWAYS hits someone with a chair whenever he turns heel! Ask Rey Mysterio and well… BLUE DEMON JR! After an entire season of promises for revenge from “Mexico” and Blue Demon Jr, Chavo and Blue Demon joined forces. This was a swerve just for the sake of swerves. And it wasn’t the only swerve at Ultima Lucha
Vampiro Revealed As Pentagon Jr’s Master
As of me writing this list, season two of Lucha Underground has already started. At the moment in the series, I’m not too bothered by Vampiro being Pentagon Jr’s master. After watching Ultima Lucha and the literal blood feud that Vampiro and Pentagon were having, I thought this swerve was so dumb. The idea that Vampiro was pulling the strings the whole time just seems like a waste of a legitimately interesting angle. You could have brought up an enemy of Vampiro’s past or somebody new. Even Konnan would sort of be OK if you consider Konnan’s feud with Vampiro. But VAMPIRO just seemed like such a downer of a swerve. Maybe I’ll completely changed my mind later on in season two and I’ve sort of accepted it at the moment.
Davari Turns On Big Ryck
This was swerve THREE at Ultima Lucha. If this were to have happened on any other episode of Lucha Underground, I wouldn’t have been too bothered. But this took place in the middle of THREE swerves during the show and it was a struggle to just care when Davari attacked Big Ryck. I don’t think it matters anymore, as Big Ryck was killed off in the Lucha Underground COMIC BOOK! Yes, a wrestling character was killed off in a comic book. Let that sink in. However when looking back, I just struggled to see the point of it.
The Black Lotus Season Finale Swerve
The only reason why I was mad at this was because of all of the build that went into building up this angle. The angle of Black Lotus, who was training to take out Dario Cueto and his brother. All of this build and all the scenes filmed outside of the Temple. After ALL OF THIS… Black Lotus turned on her master. They had better make all of this worth it in season two. I would be so mad if nothing exciting happens with this.
A lot of these swerves actually took place in the last half of the season so maybe it could be put down to the writers losing their steam towards the end of the series. If that’s the case, then it’s probably a good thing that season two is expected to feature less episodes. I’ve always talked about the fatigue issues with writers in WWE and I really hope there’s not similar problems in Lucha Underground. Please guys, keep the swerves to a minimum!

How I Would Book… Undertaker vs Roman Reigns (Wrestlemania 32)

How I Would Book… Undertaker vs Roman Reigns (2014)

Undertaker vs Roman Reigns is a How I Would Book match that we have done before. We’ve discussed how these two could have had a corker of a match at Wrestlemania 30, with Roman Reigns’ elevation to the top taking a huge step forward. Now though we are on the road to Wrestlemania 32 with no clear indication about what the Wrestlemania card is going to look like. With that in mind, then there’s no harm in throwing out a number of ideas. Roman Reigns is still in a position where he needs that extra push towards being a true star. Why not give him a top Wrestlemania match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32?


Before we begin, let me just get this out of the way right now. The Undertaker MUST win this match considering that Wrestlemania 32 is being held in Dallas, Texas and having Reigns beat the home town hero Undertaker could cause an even bigger backlash then when Reigns won the 2015 Royal Rumble. Unless you were to turn Reigns heel before or during the match, there’s little chance of you being able to pull of a Reigns victory without upsetting the masses too much.

Although it’s seemingly like a weird tradition in WWE for the home town hero to lose, you cannot possibly get away with it when it comes to the Undertaker. Wrestlemania has been held in Texas twice before. In those two matches, Undertaker defeated Triple H in a really good match at Wrestlemania X7 and Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels in their Wrestlemania 25 classic. To go from Undertaker beating those men in classics to losing to Roman Reigns is quite a step down, whether Roman would be doing it as a face or a heel. This is not like if they had John Cena beat The Rock at Wrestlemania 28 in Miami where there’s a slight possibility that WWE could have gotten away with it. Many fans are wondering if Wrestlemania 32 will be the Undertaker’s last hurrah. If Taker loses to someone the fans are against before riding off into the sunset, what a huge backlash that would cause.


If this match was to go down, who should be the face and heel? For the record, I would be hugely against both men being faces going into this match as I’d prefer to have the good vs evil dynamic. If Undertaker had not “turned face” again to go up against the Wyatt Family, I would have liked to have seen him be the heel in the situation. Think about it. Undertaker helped the Authority out (whether intentional or not) when Seth Rollins went up against the Brock Lesnar. Roman Reigns is currently the Authority’s biggest enemy. So the logical solution would be to have Taker bail the Authority out again by costing Roman the title either at TLC, Royal Rumble or Fastlane. Nice and easy.

However, the fact that Taker did go face again really does change things. Having Taker use dirty tactics to go up against Lesnar, then having him turning face and then to turn him again would be a little too much considering that Taker had been a face for 12 years before Battleground. I’m sure you know what I’m hinting towards and this is something which I feel WWE should have done a long time ago. If anyone needs to be the heel, it’s got to be Roman.

I would have preferred the face Reigns vs heel Taker dynamic but to play it safe, Roman’s got to be the one that turns. Because of Taker’s program with the Wyatt Family, Reigns turning is the only turn which sort of makes sense. He’s been the subject to a great deal of heat from the WWE Universe and has been constantly screwed out of the WWE World title over and over. Let that be the catalyst for the program. Here’s how I’d get it done.


Currently, the main event of TLC is Sheamus defending the WWE World title against Roman Reigns in a TLC match. For this scenario, that works perfectly. In a match where the League of Nations and Roman’s crew all get into a huge brawl during the match (like when the Wyatts and the Usos beat each other up during Cena’s Last Man Standing match with Bray Wyatt at Payback 2014) which ends up with Roman standing on top of the ladder. Suddenly, a bolt of lighting strikes at the top of the stage. This catches Roman off guard, giving Sheamus the opening he needed to take out Roman and retain the title.

Now the question arises over who was responsible. I personally believe that the lightning bolt itself is not going to give away anything. The Dudley Boyz has a firework like that for their intro so it could easily be anyone that has access to pyro. Roman questions both the League of Nations and the Authority but both of them deny having anything to do this. They tell Roman to focus on the Royal Rumble while a new challenger has emerged for Sheamus’ WWE World title. That man is the Undertaker.

maxresdefault (1)

Undertaker vs Sheamus is a match I’ve always wanted to see and I feel the two styles could click if given the opportunity. Undertaker takes on Sheamus while Roman is scheduled to be in the Royal Rumble until the RAW before the event where he is taken out with a chair lying next to him. He’s out of the Rumble match as Taker goes up against Sheamus. Taker is about to close the deal when the ref is knocked down. The League of Nations come out when Roman comes out. He takes out Barrett, Del Rio and Rusev and then stares at Sheamus. As Taker is going up for, Roman hits the spear on the Dead Man. Roman yells “I know it was you,” before hitting two more spears. This is enough as Sheamus picks up the win when the ref gets back up.

So now Roman has already came to his own conclusion about who was responsible for the TLC incident and the attack on RAW. Undertaker is known for his usage of lightning in the past, which was the first clue. If Roman was taken out of the WWE World title picture, this would have given Undertaker a chance to get into the mix. According to Roman, Undertaker knew that Roman presented the greatest threat to him in the WWE. If Roman would have won the Rumble and if Taker would have won the title, Taker’s title reign would have ended at Wrestlemania in Roman’s mind. He believes that Taker was afraid that Roman was going to put an end to his plans to leave Wrestlemania as WWE World champion.

maxresdefault (2)

These accusations eventually wind up the Undertaker, who turns it into a major brawl at Fastlane. These two come to blows with the rest of the locker room struggling to break up a ten minute brawl around the arena. The anticipation for these two to get it on at Wrestlemania has risen as the match is officially made by the Authority.

At Wrestlemania, Taker wins. Roman kicks out of everything, including a tombstone piledriver. However, a second piledriver is enough for Taker to pick up the win. As Undertaker does his kneeling celebration at the end of the match, Roman smacks Taker in the head with a sledgehammer. During a segment which is considered sacred, Roman attacks the Undertaker giving him so much heat. This also the catalyst and a foreshadowing for Roman becoming a member of the Authority, which I would have done the next night on RAW. I believe that would be what’s best for business.


However, that wraps it up for us with this edition of the How I Would Book series. I was very hesitant to put Taker over as I’ve made a big deal over how WWE needs to make new stars rather than putting over the older ones. However, I think I’ve had him get beat in such a way that he could actually gain more from defeat then if he won. Let me know what you guys think but I think I’ve found a great solution to the Roman Reigns problem and you can believe that.

Have any suggestions for a How I Would Book? Simply tweet me at either @ArmbarExpress or @TomRobinson5199 on Twitter with your suggestions. Do also check out the rest of the content on my blog. I do a lot of other cool fantasy booking blog posts with my playthroughs of fantasy booking game Extreme Warfare Revenge. And there’s all sorts of other wrestling content as well. You never know, you might just like what you see!

NOTE: If I was to keep Roman’s storyline in this scenario going, it would be revealed that the Authority was responsible for the attacks on Roman along! However, I think I’ll leave Roman Reigns joining the Authority for another time!



How’s it going everybody? Thomas Robinson here once again to bring you our very first TNA EWR update, where we basically tell you were things are going in our Extreme Warfare Revenge universe and what to expect in the future.

As you will have noticed, the TNA series has returned and in full force. We returned with Bound For Glory and we’ve seen a number of posts since. We did BFG, an Impact special “Joker’s Wild”, Turning Point and Final Resolution. That’s a lot to take in so what we’re going to do is drop the links to all the parts down below…

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Part 7 – No Surrender

Part 8 – Bound For Glory

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Part 11 – Final Resolution

Any posts you’ve missed or if you just want to go back and get yourself clued up on what’s happened in this series, there are all the links you need.

For those of you that are new to the series, TNA has changed quite a bit. Allow me to give you a bit more detail on the current storylines I’ve got running as we’ve wrapped up 2010 and are now going into 2011!




AJ Styles was TNA World Heavyweight Champion at the start of the series and he went through a lot of competition including the likes of Kurt Angle. He did drop the belt to Jeff Hardy but quickly won it back. After retaining at Bound For Glory, he was met with a new challenger… AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!

That joke will never get old in my mind!

Seriously, Cena did win the TNA World title from Styles and goes into 2011 strong as our top guy.

Currently running the ship is Interim General Manager Kurt Angle. Hulk Hogan had been running things since the start of the game (as well as Bischoff until Bischoff retired in the game). However, Hogan was mysteriously taken out leaving Kurt Angle to be named as the head honcho of TNA for now. The heel Sting had questioned Hogan’s intentions in the past but what will the Stinger make of Kurt Angle being in charge? What impact will Sting and Angle have on TNA in 2011?

There’s been plenty of stables on the scene as well including the likes of Reckless Ambition headed by L.A. Par-K and the British Invasion. A new stable has just emerged called “Global Supremacy” (led by Desmond Wolfe) but the most prominent group has been Extreme Coalition. Raven and Rhino have been tearing up the TNA Tag Team division as champions but will there be more additions to the group?

There’s been a number of new signings over the year. Along with John Cena has been Rey Mysterio that’s been able to mix it up with the bright X-Division stars like Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels and the Motor City Machine Guns.

There’s also a number of developmental stars waiting for their chance to shine and also stars like El Generico, Kevin Steen and Claudio Castagnoli hoping to break out as top talents in the company.

It’s an exciting future for this game and we’ve just actually become the top promotion in the company in terms of public image (which determines where the company’s are in terms of size). We’re still behind the WWE in PPV buys though so that’ll be something we’re hoping to surpass them in.




Our last post was Final Resolution and we’ve actually done two PPVs since then which just need writing up. Both Genesis and Against All Odds have been done and graded by the game and we’re hoping to have Genesis up on the blog soon. I’m hoping to have at least one new post up by next Friday so stay tuned for that.

For the time being, I’m going to stick with just doing the TNA series. The WCW series is obviously the more developed one that has really helped the blog out but I’ve noticed that the TNA series has actually been effective in its own right. We decided that we might as well give it the chance to shine. Also, I wanted to have a break from the WCW series and it’s good to try something else! Don’t worry though WCW fans. We will be coming back to it… eventually!


Knockouts Division


I know the Knockouts division hasn’t really been a big deal in the series but we do have a bit of announcement regarding its status. Our champion ODB recently jumped ship to the WWE meaning that the title has been vacated. We had a look at the roster and judging by how much we’ve not used a lot of the women, we’ve put the division on halt for a bit. The title has been suspended and we’re probably not going to crown a new champion until later on in the year when a few of the developmental female stars join the main roster. Trust me, we’ll come back stronger than ever with the TNA knockouts!

However, we do have a number of other signings that have joined us in recent months. The likes of Konnan and Primo Colon have joined the Reckless Ambition stable and the Hart Dynasty has also joined us. I mentioned DH Smith was signed to the company at Final Resolution but Tyson Kidd has also came on board. I’m hoping to do a lot with them.

There’s been a few signings but other than Cena and Mysterio, no major ones that will be a big part of the PPVs. I’ve signed independent stars like Joey Ryan but he’s not really been over enough to be featured on the main shows. Also, AAA snapped up Ryan on a written contract from under my nose just recently! -.-

I can reveal though that TWO new big signings will be revealed soon so stay tuned for that. I’ll actually give you two clues for each of the new signings.

  1. The first new signing has been a huge star in Mexico and has actually had a rare five star rated match from Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer.
  2. The second signing is former multi-time world champion for WWE AND has appeared in the last ten Wrestlemania events.

So there you go. There are your clues. They’ll both be revealed in due time.


That’ll wrap things up for this update. Again, be sure to follow @ArmbarExpress on Twitter for news on when Genesis and Against All Odds are up!




WWE Survivor Series 2015 Predictions


How’s it going everybody? Thomas Robinson here with a very brief prediction piece on the Survivor Series show where a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned. It seems that the event will go on as planned, despite the ISIS terror threat. That’s good to hear as cowardly threats from ISIS really shouldn’t get in the way of a great WWE product.

Let’s get cracking. This won’t be like the huge prediction pieces from the past but I’ll just throw my predictions out there for all the matches. We’ll start with the traditional Survivor Series match between an unannounced team and another unannounced team and I believe it’s a safe bet that an unannounced team will win! Very upset that they didn’t come up with an advertised elimination match for this year’s show. It would be nice to know who will actually compete in it! However, this is a great opportunity for somebody to make a name for themselves. Do check out my top five Survivor Series elimination matches piece for SLTD Wrestling at this link as part of a lot of great content in time for Survivor Series.


Charlotte vs Paige. I personally don’t think either of these women should be the Divas Champion right now, especially not Charlotte. I have a piece lined up for SLTD about Charlotte, where I talk about why Charlotte’s Divas Title Reign has not worked. I don’t think she should retain the title and I really feel that they have to take the belt off her at this point. I think I’m going to stand by my pick of Paige to win but I can totally see Charlotte also winning as well.

Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze. Tyler Breeze has to win in this match surely? I wouldn’t put it past them to beat Breeze in his first WWE PPV match but surely Breeze has to get the win as they’ve just brought him up to the main roster unless they’re purposely setting him up to fail. There’s no real evidence that they’re planning on doing that YET and to have Ziggler beat him here would be absurd. It’s not going to be a huge win for Breeze but it does get him on the right tracks.

Undertaker and Kane vs The Wyatts. I believe it’s Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman that’ll be representing the family. I highly doubt that WWE will have the Wyatts beat Taker and Kane. They have the Wyatts’ biggest guns out there but it’d be odd to hype Undertaker’s 25th anniversary this intensely to just beat him. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Braun making the Undertaker pass out which I think would be one of the smarter ways to go but I’m not sure. I mentioned this for SLTD. The Wyatts should be the one that goes over if they want to promote new stars. However, this whole pay-per-view’s promotion beforehand was to promote one of their older stars. It seems very unlikely that Taker and Kane are losing.


Finally the WWE Title Tournament. I think it’s safe to say that the final is going to be Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose. I don’t see Alberto Del Rio beating Roman Reigns. I don’t think they’ll take a chance on Kevin Owens, although I think he’s got more of a chance of winning than Del Rio. Reports are suggesting that Reigns and Ambrose were the two most lobbied names backstage. I would be surprised if one of them didn’t turn heel. All signs from RAW indicate that it’s going to be Ambrose but I’d prefer Reigns. It’s a toss-up really about who is going over. I see Roman as being more likely to win the WWE World title but I see Dean more likely to turn heel. It would be a pretty lame for them to turn him heel after losing to Roman. It’d make sense but it’d make more sense for him to win the title by selling out to the Authority. I’m going to stand with Roman Reigns but it’s very hard to guess which of the two will win the belt.




The biggest talking point coming off of RAW was the incident involving Charlotte and Paige with the contract signing that ended the show. Out of all the things WWE could have went with as the ending segment for their go-home show before Survivor Series, I was not expecting it to be this angle and it really shouldn’t have been this angle. As I’ve mentioned before, this angle was a complete failure and you can read my thoughts about it by clicking on this link.

It’s a shame because this week’s edition of RAW was actually pretty good with the exception of the Paige/Charlotte segment and the opener with Undertaker, Kane and the Wyatts. Allow me to share with you my top five moments from a RAW that had terrible a opening and ending but a darn good middle.
1. Tyler Breeze vs R-Truth


Believe it or not, the first entry for this post is the match between Tyler Breeze and R-Truth which I thoroughly enjoyed. This was a match that actually did a good job in making Breeze look good. Breeze’s start to the main roster hasn’t been TOO bad but he still lost in the opening round of the tournament on his in-ring RAW debut to Dean Ambrose. I think this match was the RAW debut that Breeze should have had and Truth did a great job in making him look good. I’d hate to see Truth constantly in that role of putting other people over all the time but at least he’s very good at it and helped Tyler a lot out here. I also liked Summer Rae applying Lip Balm to Tyler in the middle of a match. What a move right there!


2. Roman Reigns vs Cesaro


To be honest, this was around the time of the show where I was starting to lose interest with the show being three hours long. With that being said, I saw a lot of great stuff with this Reigns vs Cesaro match. I thought Cesaro did a really good job with Roman and looked great in his own right, especially when he did the Cartwheel counter in the middle of the match. I think this and as well as two of the other quarter final matches tonight succeeded in giving this tournament a serious feel to it as these men were giving it their all to try and get into Survivor Series. Both men looked great here but there was not one time where I thought Cesaro was going to win, maybe except when he was about to go for the Neutraliser but even then there was a lingering thought of “Roman’s going to kick out” because the big mission for WWE is to push Roman. Him kicking out of Cesaro’s finish would have done well for him. I thought this probably should have been the main event out of everything I saw on RAW considering the post-match angle of Cesaro and Roman hugging. It would have made a lot of sense.


3. Neville vs Kevin Owens


Looking back, I kind of wish this match got more time because it was so good. However, at the same time it might have worked a lot better short and sweet rather than Reigns vs Cesaro which went a bit too long. Regardless, these two put on a hell of a match. This was the type of win Kevin needed and this tournament is making him look really good. He’s getting these clean wins and he’s coming out strong after every match. I’d like to see Neville vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental title for after Survivor Series but I guess we’ll see what they do with these two.


4. Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler


This was a very unique match, especially with these two styles and the fact that they are both faces. It managed to weirdly work for this 16 minute match but I think Ambrose benefited a lot more from it. I don’t think this was like Reigns vs Cesaro where Cesaro actually got a large reaction and got over despite losing. Ziggler still got beat and it was not like him and Ambrose shook hands. Ziggler got beat and then Ambrose cut his promo after the match. It was a good match. I liked Ambrose’s fired up promo afterwards when he talked about the WWE changing if he won the belt. I think this is properly the biggest indication to me that if anyone is turning heel at Survivor Series during this tournament, it’s probably Dean. There has to be some meaning for WWE to have Dean cut this promo. It’s not like Triple H did a segment with him backstage where he was asking Dean to be his “man.” I’m guessing something’s going to happen that’ll involve him at Survivor Series.


5. Triple H


I’d hate to bump the New Day of this list for the best parts of RAW as they usually are one of the best things on RAW every week. However, I have to give Triple H credit for some of the promos he cut backstage. What Triple H was doing was going to those competing in the tournament and trying to convince them to do what it took to “be his man.” He did it with Kevin Owens in a segment that we couldn’t actually hear, he did with Alberto Del Rio but the best one he did it with was Cesaro. He cut a really good promo on Cesaro referencing the “brass ring” and Cesaro lacking something to make it to the top. There was a lot of subliminal references to backstage feelings on Cesaro which was weird, as it came off like the WWE know full well how good Cesaro is but still don’t push him. However, Hunter did a good job so I’ll give him credit.


A really good middle to a RAW ended with controversy which is a shame as it took away from a lot of the good parts of this show. I thought the show was good but I still think they promoted Survivor Series that well especially with that last segment.