WWE 2K16 Season Pass DLC Revealed – Thoughts and Reactions


How’s it going everybody? Thomas Robinson here again with WWE 2K16 news. A new video has been released by 2K showcasing the newest downloadable content and season packs to be made available following the release of the game. I’ll post the video down below and I’m going to share my thoughts on this upcoming content.

We’ll kick things off with the WWE legends pack. Legends pack have pretty much become an annual thing for WWE DLC content and this content features six wrestlers. It features….

The inclusion of more women wrestlers is a big plus with the announcement that the four horsewomen from NXT WON’T be in the game at all. I think 2K might have put in Trish and Lita to counter the fact that there won’t be Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Bayley. If there were to be no women included in the DLC, I think that might have provoked an unwanted reaction. Dusty and Hot Rod are also included, probably as a tribute following their deaths. Neither man was in WWE 2K15 and it’s great to see the two of them here. Big Bossman might be in to bring in more wrestlers involved in the attitude era, since the main showcase mode is based on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Perfect is a man from the golden era of wrestling so it’s good that this list tries its best to cover as many time periods of WWE as possible.


The 2015 Hall of Fame showcase is were it gets interesting. There’s a lot of interesting wrestlers and big names announced with this list of matches that we’re getting with this showcase. This list of matches are down below, with the Hall of Fame inductees highlighted in bold…

  • Randy Savage vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts
  • Rikishi vs The Rock
  • Alundra Blaze vs Paige
  • Larry Zbyskzo vs Arn Anderson
  • Tatsumi Fujinami vs Ric Flair
  • The Bushwhackers (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) vs The Natural Disasters (Typhoon and Earthquake)
  • The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) vs Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray)

It’s an interesting set of matches that have been picked out. The Savage vs Roberts feud is probably one of the Macho Man’s most iconic feuds. We saw Savage vs Ultimate Warrior in the last game and we’d seen Savage vs Hogan at WWE 2K14 so this is something different for us to dive into. Rikishi vs The Rock is an interesting one. No disrespect to Rikishi, but there isn’t a lot of memorable matches that he’s had in his career. I’d call for the Armageddon Hell in a Cell match to be in the game but it’d be hard to get permission for Kurt Angle to be included.

Alundra Blaze vs PAIGE is an interesting one as it’s actually a fantasy match-up. This one’s an interesting change from the rest of them as this is a dream match for the fans to play out. I’d like to have seen more matches like this. Maybe in future games, introduce a lot more fantasy match showcase for the fans to really get into. Larry Zybskzo vs Arn Anderson. I would have liked to have seen Larry Zybskzo vs Bruno Sammartino a bit more as that was a big feud for Larry. This match might still be in but the potential reason to go with Arn over Bruno was probably down to Bruno’s playability. I’ve heard that it was very hard to play as Bruno in WWE 2K14 so it might have been better to do Arn, whose got a slightly more advanced moveset.


Tatsumi Fujinami vs Ric Flair is a match that I don’t have a problem with. That’s the match that a lot of American fans will remember him for and it’s a great match to introduce a Japanese legend to an 2015 American younger audience. The Bushwhackers vs the Natural Disasters sounds lovely. I’m more interested in Typhoon and Earthquake being in the game more than anything as I see a lot of potential in that!

The Outsiders vs Harlem Heat was the last one. This one is for Kevin Nash, who was inducted last year. It’s nice to feature a bit of WCW in this showcase. We’ve got Zybszko’s match and Fujinami’s match but the Outsiders match is during the peak of the nWo storyline, which was really the highlight of WCW. I’d like to see an nWo showcase one of these days.


There’s the New Moves pack, which is another annual DLC feature. The moves included are…

  • Nikki Bella’s corner enzuigiri… which never really looks that good!
  • Paige’s Avalanche Ram… which is Paige’s RamPaige finisher from the top rope
  • Kevin Owens’ Sidewinder Suplex from the top rope
  • The Standing Crossface Chickenwing that Cody Rhodes did
  • Finn Balor’s Dragon Sleeper
  • Sin Cara’s springboard senton off the top rope
  • John Cena’s swinging facebuster thing

A lot of these moves are pretty cool, including Sin Cara’s senton. I’m not a fan of Nikki’s enzuigiri though. I might just take a pass on that.


Finally, there’s a Future Stars pack with a few NXT stars. It includes the former NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy. It includes Los Matadores and lastly it includes… SAMOA JOE! Yes! I’m a huge fan of Samoa Joe, so I am OVER THE MOON with his inclusion. I heard that 2K were wanting to put Joe in as DLC since he debuted in May. I’m glad that it’s finally a reality!

So that’s the list. There’s a lot of interesting names on the list. I think the Hall of Fame showcase is a good idea in theory, but the matches aren’t THAT appealing. There’s not a lot of great or memorable matches that the likes of the Bushwhackers and Rikishi can have. However, I think it’s a cool little touch to get those legends into a showcase and the matches so far are fine.

Extreme Warfare Revenge: WCW 1998 PART 3 – Souled Out

Previously on WCW EWR….

New feuds emerged in my WCW Extreme Warfare Revenge universe, but old scores had to better settled as well before things could really move on. After knocking off Randy Savage at World War III, Sting had to deal with nWo Leader Hollywood Hulk Hogan. However, Savage wanted in as well due to the controversial nature of Sting’s win at World War III. So a triple threat match was made with Sting, Savage and Hogan for Starrcade. In this star-studded match, Sting walked out with his championship still in tact. But the feud is far from over between him and Hogan, while Savage is turning his attention to Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Also on the card, Benoit missed out on the opportunity to win the United States Championship from Keiji Mutoh following interference from Jushin Thunder Liger – who wanted a piece of Mutoh himself after Mutoh attacked him. This didn’t set tight with the Rabid Wolverine, who locked in the crossface to Liger afterwards. Jericho knocked off The Giant, Bret Hart defeated Lex Luger, the Guerreros defeated the Steiners while the Outsiders defeated Flair and Anderson to retain the Tag titles. Also, Raven and DDP went to a no contest in their match-up for the TV title. Still a lot of fire to a lot of these feuds as Souled Out was just a couple of weeks away…

Pre-Show – Rob Van Dam and Dean Malenko def. Edge and Christian, Rey Mysterio and Kidman and Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow

Now, pre-show is a great way for me to do a bit of WCW experimenting! And at Souled Out, I wanted to do give a lot of the less-over wrestlers a chance to get overness by having them duke it out with some of the higher wrestlers in the card NOT in feuds. So I did a fatal four way elimination tag match involving:

  • Rob Van Dam and Dean Malenko: Because I wanted to push RVD and I felt Dean Malenko could get a lot of overness teaming with RVD.
  • Edge and Christian: Because they’re Chris Jericho’s cronies and I wanted them to get over as their stats are awesome in this save.
  • Rey Mysterio and Kidman: Someone said Kidman was impressing a lot of the experienced wrestlers in WCW, so I figured I’d reward him by teaming with Rey Mysterio.
  • Curt Hennig and Bam Bam Bigelow: Because I wanted a team representing the nWo and these two were the most over, other than the guys in feuds like Hogan and Luger.

I initially wanted the young up-and-comers Edge and Christian to win, but this garnered protests from all the other teams. So I decided to go with RVD and Dean Malenko as the winners going over Edge and Christian at the end. This match actually got a great match quality rating but Kidman, Edge and Christian’s lack of overness saw the overall drop.

Match 1 – Keiji Mutoh (c) def. Chris Benoit and Jushin Thunder Liger in a triple threat match to retain the WCW United States Championship

If you read what happened at Starrcade, this is a continuation of the Benoit/Mutoh feud which Liger got involved in. Liger cost Benoit the title match after going after Mutoh. Solution? Three way dance at Souled Out! Mutoh retained again, but I planned on having Benoit going over in the feud. This 3 way however got good ratings all around with 85%. Benoit did eventually win the feud as well as the US Championship (because he became more over than Mutoh). However, these two ended up having top quality opponents to rival with next!

Match 2 – Lex Luger def. Bret Hart

The rematch from their encounter at Starrcade (which Bret Hart won). I gave Luger the victory simply because he needed some points in the feud and Bret had won in the last PPV. This match got 4% better overall then last time so at least the feud is doing something. This ended up being the last time Luger was put into an official feud as he was hardly getting any more over. Eventually, his morale got really low which thankfully allowed me the honor of releasing him without paying for it! My reasoning was because he was like 74 over and we were paying him way too much! Considering all the talent on my roster, cuts had to be made!

Match 3 – Kevin Nash (c) and Scott Hall (c) def. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson to retain the WCW Tag Team titles

89% overall! These four were giving me insane ratings! So yeah this feud continued with Outsiders again going over. Reason being that Flair only recently became a non-wrestler. Meaning that I could only have him performing once a month. Some companies might be OK with that, but I wanted active champions. So the Outsiders got the win. Unfortunately, I had to wait a while for the next PPV to wrap this feud up because I couldn’t end it on a Nitro or Thunder due to Flair’s non-wrestler status. But at least that feud-ending match should give me some great ratings!

Match 4 – The Giant and Booker T def. Chris Jericho and The Big Bossman

Now I wanted to do something different with the Giant/Jericho feud so I booked them in a tag team match at the PPV. It would be The Giant with his new ally Booker T versus Chris Jericho and the man that turned heel by attacking the Giant… The Big Bossman! Sadly this match didn’t get a lot of high ratings and got the lowest rating in the show (not counting the kick off). But if anything… Bossman got over!

Match 5 – Raven (c) def. Diamond Dallas Page in a Last Man Standing match to retain the WCW TV Championship

Winning the contest for the highest rated match of the night was DDP vs Raven for the WCW TV Championship! Not the feud-ending match but the feud was close to it’s climax. The last match ended in a draw so I figured that we MUST have a winner. We had a Last Man Standing match which Raven won after a botched interference by Goldberg. Raven attacked Goldberg on Thunder. So in my head, Goldberg accidentally speared DDP through the stage when he was going for Raven causing the latter to win! Raven and DDP eventually ended the feud on Nitro a few weeks later when Raven won a Texas Death match. Goldberg never really did much after costing DDP the match at Souled Out. He’s not been getting over enough for me to properly feature him! After the feud, Raven vacated the TV Championship having made it on par with the WCW Title in prestige somehow! Anyway, Raven has bigger things on his mind. DDP also had a big feud himself to tend with…

Match 6 – Steiner Brothers def. Los Guerreros in a hardcore match

Basically the Steiners returning the favor after the Guerreros beat them at Starrcade. It got a 91% overall which I was pleased with! I wanted to change these teams up after this feud… and I did in various strange ways!

Match 7 – Rowdy Roddy Piper def. Randy Savage

91% overall which had me beaming. This was the first match between the two and I had Piper win this one. I decided to have Piper win the first match since Savage was set to win the feud.

Match 8 – Sting def. Hollywood Hulk Hogan via Dusty Finish DQ with a run-in

Two top stars in the company duking it out for the title. Sting won off a Dusty Finish after a run-in by Eric Bischoff! 86% overall but the 100% crowd reaction was enough for me to be satisfied! Sting ended up winning the feud, but his next feud put his World Title reign in jeopardy!

87% overall for the PPV. Very pleased – with it only having two weeks of build! But next time we’re at Superbrawl… where all these feuds are pretty much done! And we begin a lot of interesting new feuds!


The Ultimate Warrior Dies – #RIPWarrior


Ladies and gentlemen, the wrestling world is in utter-shock with the news of the death of the newest member of the WWE Hall Of Fame 2014. One of the most well-known wrestlers of all time and a mega star that will remain in the hearts of all his warriors…. The Ultimate Warrior!

The Warrior took the WWF by storm upon his debut, electrifying audiences with his incredible energy and power that had the fans on the edge of his seats. Seriously if you went back and watched promos from him in his prime, the Warrior connected with the fans so well and were able to pump them up big time just by words. Check this one out for example…

The thing is… Warrior could create a buzz so easily that makes the fans get into the product. Like Hulk Hogan, he was the kind of wrestler that could build electricity in a flash. A wrestler that pumps up a crowd is more important than any other attribute in my opinion. You could be the greatest technical wrestler or the greatest risk taker or what not. But getting the crowd excited and rallied up is more important than anything.

I remember when I first got into wrestling like 2003 or something. After a couple of months of watching it, I watched the match between him and Randy Savage. That match had such an incredible feeling to it. Especially when Warrior kicked out of all the elbow drops by Randy. I loved watching that. I actually think this match wasn’t on the WWE 2K14 Wrestlemania mode which actually sucks because that match had a lot of moments that we’ll never forget. Not to mention the scene with Savage and Miss Elizabeth in the end.

Warrior being inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year is now even more special and so huge. It’s incredible and warming to know that he was inducted while he was still alive. The Warrior was able to have his last 3 nights in the WWE if you will, with Hall Of Fame, Wrestlemania and RAW. And you could tell he loved being back. He couldn’t wait to put that mask on one last time on RAW. After all the things that have happened to him, he was able to have one last time in the sun before his death. And that’s special for the Warrior. He’ll live on in the hearts of all of his warriors!

RIP The Ultimate Warrior!


2013 NoDQ.com Awards – My Vote For… Headline Of The Year


Wrestling fans, my name is Tom Robinson. Writer for the Armbar Express, WhatCulture!, and NoDQ.com! And we continue with this series of blog posts on the NoDQ.com awards with the Headline Of The Year Award!

NOTE: If you want to read all of the ones I’ve done before, click on this link https://thearmbarexpress.wordpress.com/category/nodq-com/ for all my votes for the awards.


Nominations for Headline Of The Year!

Bruno Sammartino goes into the WWE Hall of Fame – Bruno Sammartino is one of the first true wrestling stars remembered by wrestling fans. Bruno had been WWWF champion for a combined 4,000 days and is considered a true wrestling legend. But when he retired, Bruno was publicly critical of the route all of professional wrestling seemed to be taking. He was critical of WWE paying more attention to the entertainment than the wrestling. He wasn’t happy with the WWE, having seen it being overrun with wrestlers using steroids. So imagine the shock after all these years, when it was announced that Bruno Sammartino was being inducted to the WWE Hall Of Fame. Having been one of the greatest wrestlers not have been inducted, Bruno was  finally among wrestling’s legends where he belongs.

Death Of Paul Bearer – This news took the wrestling world by storm. A long time companion to both Kane and The Undertaker, the news of William Moody’s death JUST after Undertaker made his grand return to the WWE was felt by all and had a huge impact on Undertaker’s Wrestlemania program with CM Punk. In fact his death played a huge part in CM Punk getting heat as he approached his battle with the Deadman. It was really touching when Undertaker paid respects to Paul Bearer (before CM Punk interrupted it) and WWE referred to him by his real name along with his in-ring name.

Dolph Ziggler cashes in MITB on RAW – We all wondered when Dolph Ziggler was going to cash in Money In The Bank. The night he won it, Summerslam, Royal Rumble, just before Wrestlemania, at Wrestlemania. We all wondered when WWE were to pull the trigger and they did it in such a spectacular way with an amazing crowd to compensate. After Alberto Del Rio injured his leg, Ziggler arrived on the scene. And the crowd reaction was incredible. Ziggler was in the right place at the right time and it had been long overdue for Ziggler to get his first proper World Title reign.

Randy Orton turns heel and teams up with HHH – Now, if you caught my Summerslam review, you knew how ecstatic I was when this took place. Orton hadn’t been a heel since 2010 and Triple H hadn’t been one since 2006! These two had been away from their strongest elements for some time and it was about time they embraced their dark roots once more. After Daniel Bryan won the WWE Title, Orton cashed in off a Triple H pedigree to Bryan. And whether it was fans enraged with Bryan being screwed out of the title or fans delighted with the heel turns, everyone was buzzing about these turns. Summerslam was a night we won’t soon forget.

John Cena returns early from injury – Now I’m sure a lot of you were looking forward to John Cena having a lengthy absence from WWE to heal from an elbow injury. With Daniel Bryan’s popularity at an all-time high, this “passing of the torch” seemed perfect for Bryan. And from the way Cena was talking, it seemed like he would be away from a long time to heal up. So imagine everyone’s surprise when Cena was announced to return to fight Alberto Del Rio for the World Title at Hell In A Cell. At first, I wasn’t buying it. But boy was I wrong when he turned up at the PPV and won the World Title!

Hulk Hogan leaves TNA – Many TNA fans have cited Hulk Hogan for being the cause of trouble in TNA since he arrived. Having brought in many big names from WWE, WCW and ECW that lacked proper talent and having gotten rid of many wrestlers whose first TV contract had been with TNA. Being a huge ego-maniac, Hogan had a big role in TNA television as well. So with his contract up in October, Hogan decided to not resign and if you believe the rumours is set to return to the WWE.


For me, Bruno takes this one. I mean after all of these years, Bruno being inducted came off as a huge shocker. For years, Bruno never wanted even be associated with the product. So for him to finally take WWE’s offer and for egos and personalities to be dropped just to get this deal through, it seemed so touching when he was inducted to the Hall Of Fame after all of these years.

Winner: Bruno Sammartino goes into the WWE Hall of Fame

Edge – Was He Ever “The One” In WWE?

NOTE: The following post is part three of a three-part series. The first part can be seen at this link and the second can be seen at this link.

Previously on the blog, I discussed whether Rob Van Dam or Chris Jericho were ever the “one” in WWE. This came after Triple H cut a promo on Daniel Bryan about why he would never be a star in WWE. Triple H said…

“Here’s the thing, Daniel.  I’ve seen guys like you come and go a million times.  Guys like Jericho, Edge, Rob Van Dam.  All guys that are very talented, don’t get me wrong.  Top guys!  Very popular!  But not ‘the one.’  Never were they ‘the one.’  And maybe nobody wants to say this, but it needs to be said: It’s a fact.  If any of those guys had been the face of the WWE back in the day, we’d all be working for Ted Turner right now.

You think you’re playing in the big leagues, kid?  You have no idea.  You step inside that Hell in a Cell and I have a feeling you’re gonna prove to the world that you’re a B+ player.”

I’ve talked about Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho. Now it’s time to talk about Chris Edge….



Edge made his mark in WWE by first excelling in the tag team division with his friend Christian. Yes, friend. Not brother, as they were initially promoted as. Edge had developed a strong run as a singles star but was made a true star when battling alongside Christian. The duo would take part in quality matches with the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz. It soon didn’t take long for the three teams to completely dominate the tag team scene, with all the tag team storylines mostly being centred around them.

However, the tag team eventually had to break up. The two of them were great as a tag team but it was really time for the two of them to develop as singles stars. Edge had been an Intercontinental Champion before but he was more well known for teaming with Christian. Once Christian turned on Edge, both men were able to take off on their own.

Edge would win several singles titles after becoming a singles competitor. His first proper main event exposure came after the WWE Brand Extension. As mention during the Jericho part, Edge really rose to stardom during his program with the King of the World in 2002. This feud was ended abruptly by the decision to move Jericho to RAW. However, Edge was still given many opportunities to shine by SmackDown! head writer Paul Heyman. He main-evented SmackDown! as part of an incredible exciting tag team scenario which helped develop him as a main-eventer. Edge even main-evented WWE’s Rebellion 2002 PPV and challenged Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. However, Edge’s roll was cut short by a legitimate neck injury.

Edge would miss a year of television but returned like a house of fire in 2004 as part of the RAW brand. He quickly won the Intercontinental Championship from Randy Orton and he eventually turned his sights onto the World Heavyweight Championship… as a heel. Edge was main-eventing RAW a lot but it was very hard to become a top heel on the brand that was built around Triple H. However, Edge was becoming a star. At Wrestlemania 21, he won the “Money In The Bank” contract which would give him a title shot at any time in the next year. At the 2006 New Year’s Revolution event, with Lita by his side, Edge cashed it in to become WWE Champion for the first time.

This was Edge’s first world title in WWE and it was executed so well. John Cena had been champion since Wrestlemania 21 and it was time for a change of champion. The fans accepted Edge as the man. Triple H had been stuck in feuds with Big Show and Ric Flair, so it was really Edge’s time to shine. It was not like Edge was a ratings-killer either.

The next night on RAW, Edge held a live-sex celebration with Lita on RAW. That episode of RAW was such a success that Edge had delivered a 5.2 rating, which was the highest rated RAW in over a year. It also puts the ratings RAW gets nowadays to shame. The month of January was a month of glory for Edge.

It was also the month where Edge also LOST the title to John Cena at the Royal Rumble. To be fair, Edge never exactly struggled to recover. He stole the show at Wrestlemania 22 with Mick Foley and was WWE Champion again in July. When his feud with John Cena began once again, Edge was again on fire as the top heel in the company. With Triple H being a face now, there was little competition for Edge to compete with. Therefore, he became a feature presentation for RAW. He was still the top main event heel of RAW, even going into Wrestlemania 23.

When he was traded to SmackDown!, he went from strength to strength. It didn’t take long for Edge to become the top heel of the show. Hell, he did it on his first night by winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Again, not a lot of competition for Edge to compete with. That’s especially true considering that the next top heel on SmackDown! was The Great Khali. However, Edge developed himself as the true top star of SmackDown! in 2007 and would be rewarded with a Wrestlemania 24 main event showdown with the Undertaker. This was Edge’s first Wrestlemania main event and what a match it was. Wrestlemania 24 is widely considered as one of the greatest Wrestlemanias of all time. If your match was the show-stealer on a PPV was a strong as a card as Wrestlemania 24 had, you knew it was something special.

Edge stayed as the elite main-eventer on SmackDown! in the next few years. Again, it was an injury that ended his run as King of the Heels. He was injured in July 2009 and CM Punk would end up being the top heel of SmackDown! for a while.

Edge returned as a good guy in 2010, winning the Royal Rumble match upon his return. Edge’s return was a big deal but Edge’s Wrestlemania match wasn’t really considered the main match of the show unlike at Wrestlemania 24. Edge vs Jericho played third-fiddle to Undertaker vs Michaels and Cena vs Batista and it was a period where all the attention was really turned to RAW. Therefore, SmackDown! was starting to truly become second-fiddle RAW which took away from the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 26.

Before he retired, Edge turned heel and face once more but did an incredible job at waving the SmackDown! When he left, he left on top of his game as World Heavyweight Champion. Was he the top guy in WWE? We he ever the one? No. However, I think we can all agree that there was a period in WWE where Edge was truly the star of the show. From 2006 to 2008, Edge was the top heel in the company and definitely one of the biggest talking points in the WWE at the time.