Previously on TNA EWR…

We had a hell of a show at Lockdown, when AJ Styles retained his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in a triple threat steel cage match! AJ may have picked up the win, but Angle is still after AJ’s title. What is he willing to sacrifice in order to secure the gold?

The Extreme Coalition added a bit of gold to their reservoir after Raven and Rhino beat Beer Money Inc to win the TNA World Tag Team titles. Beer Money have formally submitted their request for a rematch for the tag team titles for Sacrifice. Due to a win on Impact, the former champions were able to select the stipulations for their tag title rematch. However, Roode and Storm left it to the hands of fate to determine the match for Sacrifice. The two played a game of spin the bottle to decide their fate and the match that was selected… was a ladder match! Both teams will have to sacrifice their bodies in order to walk out the tag team champions!

Sting seeked revenge on Mr Anderson for beating him at Destination X and the stuff he’s put him through in the past couple of months. Sting showed no mercy to the cocky Mr Anderson as he emphatically won their first blood match. Sting’s actions put Mr Anderson on the shelf (It was a legit injury that Anderson suffered) and caused concern for TNA Commissioner Hulk Hogan. After Hogan was dropped by Sting on Impact, Hogan announced that Sting will meet him face-to-face on Sacrifice to learn his fate.

Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett squared off in a no disqualification match at Lockdown. The tide seemed to be turning in Jarrett’s favor but it was Stevie Richards from the Extreme Coalition that came to Brown’s rescue. Brown confronted the Extreme Coalition looking for answers as to why they got involved in his match. They responded by declaring Brown the future of TNA and asked him to join their group so he can be elevated to even greater heights. Brown goes away to think about it. Brown is eventually booked in a triple threat match for the TNA Global Championship with reigning champion Rob Terry and Jarrett (who just doesn’t want Brown to be champion). After interference again from the stable, Brown eventually captured the title. Brown accepted the group’s offer to be in the group but is cut off by Jarrett, who tells Brown his first title defense is against him at Sacrifice… IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!



Pre-Show – “Reckless Ambition” Hernandez, Homicide and La Parka def. Tyler Black, Jerry Lynn and Amazing Red

Six talented guys that needed a spot on the pre-show in six man tag team action. The new group “Reckless Ambition” needed to go over in their first match as an actual stable. La Parka beat Tyler Black in the six-man tag to get the win over Lynn, Black and Amazing Red. 73% overall. I was not expecting the greatest rating purely because these guys all aren’t over enough yet to get into like the 80s or something.


Match 1 –  “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley def. “Team 3D” Brother Ray and Brother Devon in a tables match

This feud obviously had to end in a tables match! The Guns was always going to win this feud. Even after Team 3D beat them at Destination X and Lockdown, the Guns needed the victory a lot more than Team 3D. A solid 88% to start off the show.


Match 2 – Kevin Nash def. Jay Lethal in a falls count anywhere match

After two embarrassing losses to Lethal at Destination X and Lockdown, Nash finally gets one over on the X-Division Champion by beating him in a falls count anywhere match to end the feud. A lot of you might be pissed for having me put Nash over in the feud but I think Lethal will still benefit in the long run having beaten Nash twice in back-to-back matches before this. You got to have the Big Man win something! Lethal did get pretty over after this feud ended so it’s a step in the right direction.


Match 3 – Bobby Lashley and Abyss def. “Bad Influence” Christopher Daniels and Kaz

Lashley and Abyss turned heel before this match on Impact by attacking Daniels and Kaz. Daniels and Kaz weren’t having any of that and a tag match was made for Sacrifice. However, it was Lashley and Abyss that got the win. However, the brawl to the back indicates that this feud is far from over…


Match 4 – Jeff Hardy and Mick Foley def. Samoa Joe and Eric Young in a hardcore tag team match

With all these four in a hardcore match… you can expect a lot of fun. I can imagine this match going all over the arena and the finish being Hardy and Foley doing a joint high spot on both men through the tables for the victory or something. I think the casual viewer would be most pleased with this match!


Match 5 – Monty Brown (c) def. Jeff Jarrett in a last man standing match to retain the TNA Global Championship

Brown goes over in the feud with Jarrett. In hindsight, I probably should have put Jarrett over in the last match if I was going to put Brown over in the end. However, Brown winning before was key in developing the story with him and the Extreme Coalition. Tazz was the one that helped Brown this time around in securing the victory at Sacrifice.


Segment 1 (6) – Hulk Hogan fires Sting

Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring and calls out Sting, saying it’s time to face the music. Sting comes down and says that Hogan needs Sting to be the cure of the cancer here in TNA. Sting calls Anderson a cancer that he need to get rid off. He says that the Extreme Coalition is a disease that he needs to dispose off. Sting says that he’s the man to do just that.

Sting “shoots” on Hogan coming in and bringing in guys that didn’t deserve to be in wrestling anymore. Sting says while he’s an old-timer himself, he says he’s solidified his place at the very peak of professional wrestling. Sting said he’s still around because he loves this business while guys like Anderson are only here because of the money and the fame behind the wrestling industry. Sting tells Hogan, “For you to fully redeem yourself for the mistakes that you’ve brought in to TNA, don’t fire me. Let me help you by taking out everybody that stands in the way of TNA being the top dogs in the world of professional wrestling.”

Hogan finally replies by saying Sting is wrong and that TNA will continue to strive for many years to come. Hogan says that only time will tell whether Anderson will be flying high or hitting rock bottom here in TNA. But it’s not for him or Sting to play god and decide his fate right now, it’s up to Anderson to prove what he’s worth. Hogan says that Anderson’s injured right now, but will be ready for Slammiversary. At Slammiversary, Mr Anderson will face Sting one last time to see who truly belongs in TNA.

Sting tells Hogan to reconsider letting Anderson back in TNA, or else he’ll take both of them out of it. Hogan comes back by saying that he won’t let him play judge, jury and executioner around here and fires the Stinger. Sting responds by dropping Hogan and locking in the Scorpion Deathlock. Sting is pulled away by officials before being escorted out of the building.

98% is enough justification for me and this segment.


Match 6 (7) – “Deadly Sin” Raven (c) and Rhino (c) def. “Beer Money Inc.” Bobby Roode and James Storm in a ladder match to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship

100% MATCH QUALITY! Hell Yeah! I didn’t really expect these four to put together such a great tag team match! But they did, and I commend them for it! The ending to the match was Raven and Rhino’s fellow Extreme Coalition members Monty Brown and Stevie Richards helping them by laying out Beer Money with ladders or something. Raven and Rhino grabbed the titles for the win! All these guys got super over for this one!


Match 7 (8) – AJ Styles (c) def. Kurt Angle in an Ironman match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

This match would have been so much greater if it had not been over shadowed by Beer Money and Deadly Sin. AJ goes over at the end of the feud. I want AJ to be fighting for the TNA World Championship for a long time in this TNA game! Him as a heel World Champion really is best for business!



It is here!

At last, my TNA 2010 EWR series has arrived and we are kicking things off with a BANG! Destination X!

To give you a bit of a background to this for those of you who never saw my update blog…

  • My WCW 1998 EWR playthrough is currently on hold for now as I try something different.
  • I decided to give TNA 2010 a try because of how bad TNA in 2010 actually was, and I decided to see how I could improve the product!

I made a load of signings, up-and-comers and veterans which you will see gradually appear on the show as they build themselves up on TV.

These guys including…

  • Alberto Del Rio (Who goes by Alberto Banderas in the game)
  • Monty Brown
  • El Generico aka Sami Zayn
  • Kevin Steen
  • Jerry Lynn
  • Tyler Black aka Seth Rollins
  • LA Par-K
  • Austin Aries
  • PAC and Jon Moxley (aka Adrian Neville and Dean Ambrose)
  • Michelle McCool
  • And a lot more…

A lot to play with in time, but right now I want to make use of the most over guys on the roster. So… let’s get to it!


Pre-Show – Bobby Lashley and Abyss chase off Doug Williams and Desmond Wolfe

Abyss and Bobby Lashley chase off the two Brits as the two teams clash later on in the show in a hardcore tag team match


Match 1 – “Team 3D” Brother Ray and Brother Devon def. “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

A lot of tag team feuds in the work right now to kick things off. Just to have a look at what I’ve got to work with. I’ve got two prolific tag teams to work with which excites me in Team 3D and the Motor City Machine Guns. Team 3D goes over but the Guns attack them post-match as the feud is only just getting started.

Match 2 – Jay Lethal def. Kevin Nash

Yep. Jay Lethal goes over Kevin Nash at Destination X… I was able to do that! Having Lethal go over Nash is the perfect way to build him up as a shock win over Nash should get people’s attention.

Match 3 – Abyss and Bobby Lashley def. Doug Williams and Desmond Wolfe in a hardcore tag team match

This was a very short feud but it had a decent rating. 84% this match got. Abyss and Lashley go over.

Match 4 – Samoa Joe def. Jeff Hardy, Eric Young and Mick Foley in a fatal four way match to become the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

These four are all feuding with each other so why not have a four way! Joe wins after choking out Mick Foley to win a TNA World Title shot. He’s not yet cashed in the title shot but I think I’m going to book him in the main event of Lockdown.

Match 5 – “Beer Money Inc” Bobby Roode (c) and James Storm (c) def, Raven and Rhino via DQ to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship

Raven, a remnant of the WCW 1998 game, returns to team with Rhino and fight for the tag titles which Beer Money just won. Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards and Taz are all in a heel stable called the Extreme Coalition and the tag title match ends in a DQ win for the champs after Stevie and Taz interfere. The stable stands tall at the end. 88% from this awesome tag team match!

Match 6 -Monty Brown def. Jeff Jarrett

Monty Brown returns to TNA to get a clean victory over Jeff Jarrett.

Match 7 – Mr Anderson def. Sting

Mr Anderson turned heel after losing a match to Sting on Impact, attacking the Stinger after calling him out. In this match, Anderson picked up the win after putting his foot on the ropes for the pin. Really ecstatic about this feud and great ratings so far. However, Sting making himself a non-wrestler really does mess up my plans for them. -.-

Match 8 – Kurt Angle def. AJ Styles (c) via DQ in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match

Similar to the Steve Austin/Kurt Angle 2001 Summerslam ending… Angle has AJ beat a number of times but the ref’s always out or something. AJ eventually low blows Angle for the DQ. 89%… an awesome end to the show.