WWE Announce The Signing Of KENTA



WWE have announced in a house show in Japan that they have signed a major Japanese wrestler, who will begin his career at their developmental territory, NXT. Indeed it was legends Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart who together welcomed the superstar KENTA into the company. After a stint at NXT, expect to see him on the main roster and MY GOD… what matches he could have once he gets to the dance.

However, let’s not sell the NXT stars that he will be wrestling with in the near future short. Sami Zayn… that SMELLS potential, especially if you remember the matches Zayn had with Cesaro. Now before he is promoted, let him battle with KENTA. I would love to see those two mingle. Tyson Kidd, Adrian Neville… so much potential for him to work with. And then, when he gets to the main roster…


First of… Daniel Bryan. A lot of wrestling fans will know, KENTA has actually battled with Daniel Bryan (or should I say Bryan Danielson) a number of times in NOAH and ROH. Anyone that’s seen those matches will be looking forward to the mouth-watering matches they could be having. From the veterans like Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho who could some of my personal dream matches with KENTA, to the likes of Seth Rollins. Seth, I think, has fought KENTA as well as Tyler Black so their matches are gonna be worth a watch.

Business-wise, this move is GOLD for the WWE. KENTA is the perfect representative for Japan in WWE. Now I know everyone is thinking about the last major foreign export to grace WWE with their presence. Mistico, who later became, Sin Cara never exactly worked according to plan. However, KENTA is older and more experienced than Sin Cara was when he joined. KENTA is a better all-rounder than Mistico. And a few of the guys he’s gonna be wrestling he’s been in the ring with. He’s had a bit of experience in the states before, so there’s hope that KENTA is gonna be a big hit in the WWE. I for one approve of this and I really hope KENTA does well now that he’s in the big leagues.

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler Highlights – Bragging Rights 2010 #ChampionVsChampion

Small video for you today. Kinda had little time to do any RAW reviews or any other blog pieces today so here’s a pretty nice highlight video from RTom1994 from the Bragging Rights match between Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler! Enjoy!

WWE Payback 2014 Review – The Shield Adapt As Evolution Perish

Payback Review Time! Let’s get right into this!


Sheamus (c) vs Cesaro for the United States Championship

Sheamus Stands Tall Over A Stunned Cesaro And Heyman

Sheamus Stands Tall Over A Stunned Cesaro And Heyman

A solid match for the mid-card title. Two wrestlers with very similar styles that provided Chicago with a hell of a show. This was definitely better than the matches they’ve had the last couple of weeks. There were a lot of cool spots and lots of great feats of strength by Cesaro as you’d expect. It was a good match to build up the prestige of the title. I’m glad that Cesaro didn’t lose flat-out clean. It means that Cesaro isn’t hit too badly by the loss to Sheamus when he was simply rolled up for the victory.  A good start to the show.

“Rybaxel” Ryback and Curtis Axel vs “The Brotherhood” Cody Rhodes and Goldust



I’m really glad this match was added to the show. This was a really good tag match. Goldust was really on form tonight. He really never missed a step tonight. They tried a lot of cool spots during the match. However, I don’t think a couple of their key spots went exactly to plan. For example, when Cody Rhodes tried to do a moonsault to both members of Rybaxel he never landed probably. It’s kind of like he tried to twist himself in mid-air and that resulted in him butting heads with Ryback I think. Regardless, this was still a really good match. I loved the ending where Ryback caught Cody from the springboard and turned it into a shell-shock for the win. It was hard for Ryback to grab him in mid-air but he was just able to do it. Post-match, Cody told Goldust “You need a better partner” and left. I think this was a much better thing to do than turning Cody heel like it has been teased for a couple of months. I think this will help Cody get more over. Think about how Daniel Bryan did the storyline of himself being the weak-link last year and where that’s led him. I think Cody will benefit a lot from this.


Rusev vs Big E


The Bulgarian Stands Tall… With A Russian Flag

This was a short but SOLID match between Rusev and Big E. This was nice and physical match between the two. I loved Big E’s spear to Rusev through the ropes. We’ve seen him do it before but it always looks awesome when he does especially to a big guy like Rusev. It annoys me that Big E lost to Rusev in such a short match though. However, he did look really strong against him with that spear. I have to tell you.


Bad News Barrett (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship

Bad News Barrett Gets Ready To Deliver Some Bad News!

Bad News Barrett Gets Ready To Deliver Some Bad News!

This was a good match which I’m glad that Barrett won clean. No shenanigans. No cheap finishes. Barrett flat-out beat RVD with a bullhammer to retain the championship. I don’t think it was as good as the other mid-card match on the show but it was still decent.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing Match

Wyatt And Cena Do Battle

Wyatt And Cena Do Battle

Regardless of how it ended, this Last Man Standing match was exceptional. There were a lot of cool spots during the match. Bray Wyatt putting Cena through the barricade was a really cool moment. I love how the Usos and the rest of the Wyatts got involved. Luke Harper did the suplex on an Uso to the outside of ring through TWO TABLES! I loved that! It’s the OMG moment that you can do in the WWE games actually showcased in real-life WWE. I thought it looked awesome and it had me off my seat! I’ll tell you one thing. It was a cool Last Man Standing match and that’s what I’ve come to expect from John Cena. He’s had some AMAZING Last Man Standing matches over the years. Umaga, Edge, Ryback. He’s always had really good matches. However, I really had a problem with the finish… Now I’m not normally one to bitch and complain about Cena winning all the time like the majority of you. However, I cannot see how this could do someone like Wyatt any favours. John Cena won the feud? OK, who needed to win this feud more? The 10 time WWE Champion that has beaten everyone there is to beat or the up-and-comer Bray Wyatt that needs that added umph to get to the big time? Cena basically said in a promo recently that any up-and-comer wanting to prove themselves had to go through him. But it seems that any up-and-comer that does try to go through him will most likely hit a roadblock. Umaga and Ryback lost big Last Man Standing matches with Cena and none of them had gotten anywhere near to that level of overness since. It just seems illogical. Regardless this was still an epic match. Shame about the result. I fear for the future of Bray Wyatt… 😦

Paige (c) vs Alicia Fox for the Divas Championship

Paige Holding On To The Gold... yey!

Paige Holding On To The Gold… yeah!

A better than average divas match, I’ll give it that. However, I think Jericho222 from NewLegacyInc summed this match up perfectly in this tweet….

It does not sit with me well that Paige has to get her ass-kicked throughout the match only for her to put together a few moves at the end for a win. And Alicia’s gimmick does not sit well with me either.  Only two women in the wrestling world is able to pull off the crazy diva gimmick to a tee – Mickie James and AJ Lee. And Alicia is far from either of those women…


Evolution vs The Shield in an Elimination No Holds Barred Match

Sucker Punch Bitch!

Sucker Punch Bitch!

This was an interesting one. I think this match took a lot of people off guard and that’s a good thing. Firstly, because of how it started. All six men in the ring and were beating each other up around the arena. So we all thought it’d be a tornado elimination match since it’s No Holds Barred. Then they all came back to the ring… and then two members from each team went into their corners as if it was a standard tag. How come it didn’t just start off like that from the beginning? WWE logic nowadays. The match was good and then the match got REALLY interesting. Evolution took control of the match and put Roman Reigns through the announce table. Then Evolution took out Ambrose and Reigns on the entrance way. Evolution had asserted their dominance in the match and basically wanted to show that through repeatedly whacking Roman Reigns with kendo sticks over and over again. This was hard to watch and it was a damn brutal attack. And they took his jacket off and everything so DAMN it hurt. Ir seemed that Evolution would win… But NOOOOOOO! Seth Rollins came flying off the top of the titantron onto Evolution and turned the tied for the hounds of justice. Rollins eliminated Batista (sporting the most ridiculous attire he’s ever worn)…

WOAH. Somebody had better call the fashion police on Dave Batista!

WOAH! Somebody had better call the fashion police on Dave Batista!

Ambrose took out Randy Orton with a sick finisher on the chair (sorry I forgot what it was called. It’s like some inverted DDT or something) which left Triple H all alone. Triple H tried but was not able to overcome The Shield. Surprisingly, The Shield had beat Evolution in a clean sweep! You know what was good about this victory for the Shield… all the members of the team got an elimination. That is so awesome for all of them and it wasn’t like Reigns was the main man in the Shield any more (other than him being the one that got canned). Awesome way to end the show.

WWE Payback 2014 Predictions



Pre-Show: Hornswoggle vs El Torito – Hair vs Mask match

Background: This legendary rivalry between Hornswoggle and El Torito has been brewing for months. Just as we thought we saw the last encounter in this epic feud, it was announced that on the Payback Pre-Show that these two wrestling icons would battle once more. This time, it isn’t just for the bragging rights. If Hornswoggle loses, he gets his head shaved bald. If El Torito loses, he gets unmasked. Máscara contra cabellera! Mask vs Hair! This is for all of the marbles!

Who Should Win?: El Torito, because I’m a major El Torito mark! 😀

Who Will Win?: Obviously, El Torito’s mask is a lot more of a marketable product than Hornswoggle’s hair so it’s not exactly hard to figure out who’s gonna win…


Big E vs Rusev

Background: The Bulgarian Brute Rusev (who is now apparently a Russian monster… like we haven’t seen that before) has been making his way through a majority of wrestlers since he debuted the night after Wrestlemania. However, at Payback he encounters his biggest test yet. Big E hopes to bounce of his Intercontinental Title loss to Bad News Barrett by knocking off Rusev and end his undefeated streak.

Who Should Win?: Big E, because I honestly don’t want to see Big E job out to Rusev right after losing the IC Title. That would be a step in the wrong direction for his career.

Who Will Win? Rusev. Come on, WWE aren’t going to have him get beat THIS early into his main roster tenure.


Paige (c) vs Alicia Fox for the Divas Championship

Background: After losing to the reigning Divas Champion on RAW (3 weeks ago I think) Alicia pretty much flipped her lid as she tore up equipment at ringside and attacking staff members. Somehow in this spell of craziness, she picked up a victory over Paige on RAW which earned her a championship match against Paige at Payback… somehow.

Who Should Win?: Paige. This new character/storyline for Alicia Fox is LAME. Alicia CANNOT act for shit, let alone play crazy. Paige needs to beat this girl and retain her championship.

Who Will Win?: Paige. I don’t see WWE having Paige drop the title THIS early.


Sheamus (c) vs Cesaro for the United States Championship

Background: The night after Extreme Rules, Sheamus captured the US Championship in a 20 Man Battle Royal put together by the Authority. Sheamus would then compete in a number of matches with Paul Heyman’s new client Cesaro. After fighting to a draw at Main Event, Cesaro picked up a non-title victory over the Irishman with the help of Heyman. This has led to Cesaro receiving a title shot at Payback and if he wins, he will give his manager Heyman even more reason to boast. By the way, did you know his client Brock Lesnar broke the Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania?

Who Should Win? Sheamus, because I don’t want Cesaro to win the US Title for two reasons….

  1. The last time a “Paul Heyman guy” won a mid-card championship, he never exactly went anywhere with it but down…
  2. Cesaro doesn’t need a US title run… but Sheamus does.

However, I hope that this doesn’t have a clean finish. Cesaro deserves better than that.

Who Will Win? Sheamus.


Bad News Barrett (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship

Background: Rob Van Dam won a Beat The Clock challenge on RAW in London which earned him a Intercontinental Championship match at Payback. However right after winning the challenger… HE RECEIVED SOME BAD NEWS! A Bullhammer to the back of the head as Barrett stood tall.

Who Should Win?: Bad News Barrett

Who Will Win?: If you think Rob Van Dam is going to win… I’M AFRAID I’VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS!


Bray Wyatt vs John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match

Background: The score is currently 1-1 in this series between John Cena and Bray Wyatt. Cena thought he had saved his legacy when he beat Wyatt at Wrestlemania, but at Extreme Rules Wyatt levelled the score with a huge cage match victory. As Wyatt hopes to crush the Cenation leader for good, Cena vowed last week on RAW to show Wyatt’s true colours at Payback.

Who Should Win?: If there’s a god… Bray Wyatt.

Who Will Win?: John Cena. I just have a really bad feeling that Cena is not gonna want to lose this feud with Wyatt, which is unfortunate for Bray. I’d like to think that WWE would give Wyatt the victory he desperately needs. Otherwise, the whole world is going to slip from his hands…


Evolution vs The Shield II – No Holds Barred Elimination Match

Background: The Shield gained a huge victory in their fight against the Authority’s injustice at Extreme Rules when they knocked off Evolution. However, Triple H was having none of that. After forcing Dean Ambrose to defend his US Championship in a 20 man battle royal (which he lost), Evolution laid a huge beat down on the Shield. The Shield wanted Payback… at Payback. And so it was made… these two factions would go at it again. Only this time… No Holds Barred! Elimination Rules! Both sides stated that this would be the end for one of these stables, but the question is… which one?

Who Should Win?: Errr… Evolution because I do feel Evolution need to get a win out of this to look strong. Especially if Batista is taking time off soon to plug his movie (which is being suggested by wrestling reports).

Who Will Win?: I think Evolution will win. I had a small gut feeling that The Shield would win, but it doesn’t make sense for The Shield to win twice. The whole point of this rematch is to even the score for a rubber match.


And last but not least. The WWE World Heavyweight…. Oh wait. NO.

Apparently there is not going to be a WWE World Heavyweight Title match because our champion is injured. I think this whole storyline about Daniel Bryan, might or might not be, surrendering the championship is absurd. The championship should be vacated… hands down. The 30 DAY RULE people. In wrestling, there is a rule which WWE ignores so much nowadays which legit pisses me off. A champion is supposed to be able to defend his championship at all times really. If a champion is unable to defend his/her title in 30 days, he should be stripped of the belt… why has this rule not been enforced? Are WWE really that worried about the backlash from a decision like that. If anything that’ll get Bryan even MORE over… if that’s possible. And it’s not like Bryan couldn’t just win it back upon his return.


26/05/2014 RAW Review – Wyatt’s Target Jerry Lawler In Payback Go-Home Show

Hell yeah, guess who’s back. It’s me, it’s me. It’s the Armbar Express’ Tom Robinson. The wrestling writer of the millennium back from a couple of months of inactivity due to University commitments. But now, I want to do a bit more with this blog. And for starters is this RAW REVIEW! So let’s get to it!


Triple H/Stephanie McMahon Segment

One of the Principle Owners Of WWE Stephanie McMahon and one of the other Principle Owners Of WWE Triple H kicked off RAW. The power couple both had agendas to take care off tonight on RAW. Triple H, along with Evolution, was looking to settle the score with the Shield and Stephanie McMahon was hoping for Daniel Bryan to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to her. Before taking care of that business, there was someone else on the Authority’s agenda… RAW General Manager Brad Maddox. The couple slated Maddox for allowing the Shield to interject themselves into Batista’s match with Seth Rollins last week. While Maddox argued that he had no choice under threat of getting his ass kicked by the Shield, Stephanie said that they also had no choice… AND SUMMONED KANE! Kane made short work of Brad Maddox who was relived of his duties as RAW General Manager.

I’m truly amazed that Brad Maddox lasted this long as RAW GM. He lasted almost a year… sort of in charge. Brad was a good character and very charismatic. But being overshadowed by the Authority, Maddox was providing much as General Manager anyway. I think the WWE will want to appoint someone with a bit more buzz about him. When Maddox came in, he was still rather unknown of a character. I think they want someone that on-camera would have a bit of a backbone and prove a lot more of an authority than Maddox. Hell, they want the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Maddox want and you have to believe that they have someone in mind. The question is… who?


Cesaro vs RVD

A very solid match between Cesaro and Rob Van Dam in a number one contender vs number one contender match. Cesaro and RVD are challenging for the US and Intercontinental titles respectively at Payback. And one of those champions were on commentary duty! And GOOD NEWS! Bad News Barrett was chosen for the job! Barrett was gold at the booth. I wished they let him talk a lot more while he was out there. The match itself was really good. In the past, these two have struggled to click for some reason but this match was a real improvement. It was a lot more slick of an exchange between the two. After interference from BNB (who RVD had booted in the face during the match) Cesaro scored the victory with a German suplex. Cesaro’s celebration was cut short by a Brogue Kick courtesy of the Celtic Warrior Sheamus. It’s a nice way to build up these two mid-card matches at Payback with these exchanges.


Eva Marie vs Summer Rae

Oh gees. I really wanted to skip this match but with my duties as a wrestling critic… I had no choice. A minute long “Total Divas” match between Summer Rae and Eva Marie. The WWE made quite a deal with Eva Marie being on Maxim’s Top 100. Now I’m sorry but.. Am I the only person that does not finds her that attractive? Now I know this not really talking about wrestling but I am not a guy that likes a girl that floods her face with make-up like Eva does. Fair enough without the make-up she looks decent, but I cannot get over WWE’s attempt to make her look like a horrible Jessica Rabbit. I mean there are a lot of divas on the roster that look a lot better than her. Her opponent tonight Summer Rae for example. Only difference is she can go in the ring. This match wasn’t one to show that. I will go through exactly what happened in the entire match right now…

  1. Eva hit a forearm to Summer.
  2. Eva stomped on Summer and blew a kiss a couple of times.
  3. Summer reverse the throw to the turnbuckle and stomped on Eva.
  4. Summer threw Eva across the ring which got a 2 count.
  5. Summer slammed Eva’s face to the mat a couple of times.
  6. Fandango and Layla came out and distracted Summer allowing Eva to get the pin. Fin.

Yeah. I mean I get that Total Divas have been, somewhat, a success since it started. However, I cannot be done with matches like this. Fair enough they progressed the Summer Rae/Layla program but this was really a total wash.


Drew McIntyre vs El Torito

Oh man! I did some laughing at the finish of this one. The El Torito/3MB program was still going, YES, STILL GOING! Drew McIntyre fought El Torito and was basically throwing him around for a minute or so. He was trying to stalk him and my god, could he have looked any more creepy? Look at this…


I mean if WWE ever wanted to their own version of Samuel Shaw, Drew would be perfect for the job!

Now to the finish. Drew attempted to hit a superplex on Torito which saw Los Matadores interfere. 3MB laid them out and while they were brawling on the outside, Torito tripped Drew on the turnbuckle… and that was the finish! The turnbuckle wasn’t exposed or anything. It was just a standard turnbuckle! I truly believe that someone has never been pinned of being dropped on the turnbuckle. Just on that alone. I was just pissing myself laughing. You couldn’t give this match a lot more of a legit ending?

Post-match, 3MB beatdown El Torito. And then Hornswoggle proceeded to RIP OFF El Torito’s tail. Yes this legitimately happened! The Bull’s tail got ripped off by Hornswoggle. That is literally the first time someone have ever uttered that sentence. Anyway, Torito ran backstage and the tail was shoved into the bull’s ass (At this point, you’d start to wonder if you were reading a wrestling review or erotica!) Basically this was a comedy segment to tell you that things between Torito and Horsnwoggle are far from over. These two will embark in one last encounter at the Payback Pre-Show! Mask vs Hair! While I doubt this will come close to the classic at Extreme Rules, this should be something!


Wyatts Target Jerry Lawler

Bray Wyatt cut a stellar promo as always about John Cena and their last man standing match at Payback. He then targeted Cena’s number one fan at the commentary booth Jerry Lawler inviting him to the ring. He send Harper and Rowan after Lawler until JBL tires to save King. However, JBL paid the price and recieved a hell of a clothesline for his sacrifice. Finally, Lawler reluctantly went into the ring with Wyatt seemingly about to attack Jerry when Cena comes down to try and make the save. However, Cena was held back by Harper and Rowan. Bray was about to hit Sister Abigail on Jerry until the Usos evened the odds for Cena. Cena and the Usos cleared the ring and Cena grabbed the mic. Cena said Bray has become corrupt with power and vowed to end Wyatt at Payback.

This segment was really good. This was very interesting to watch and not only did Wyatt cut a great promo, so did Cena. This was a quality 10-15 minutes or so. I’ve not particularly enjoyed the last few weeks of the feud but this was REALLY good. I really do look forward to seeing what happens at Payback.


Rusev vs Zack Ryder

In the spirit of the USA’s Memorial Day, Zack Ryder waived the American Flag for the US and was inevitably squashed by the mighty brute Rusev. After Ryder got fed to the wolves, Big E made the save and actually won a brawl with Rusev. Big E picked up the flag waiving it around to end this segment. I like that Big E’s actually doing something post-IC-Title-loss but the prospect of him being beaten by Rusev doesn’t sit right with me as I really want Big E to get a big push. I guess we’ll have to wait on that one but at least Big E got a small victory here. 🙂


Evolution vs The Brotherhood

Due to a backstage encounter between Evolution’s Randy Orton and Batista, and The Brotherhood, a tag match was set up to settle the score. It was an OK match and Goldust looked really sharp in there. Orton landed a peach of a mid-air RKO to Cody Rhodes to and an unnecessary second RKO to seemingly win the match for Evolution. But then it was decided that this match was actually a No Holds Barred elimination match, leaving Goldust alone against Batista and Orton. Let’s explore that a moment. If the match was a No Holds Barred… why did Cody Rhodes go back to the locker room? If it was No Holds Barred, he could have helped Goldust. Was this Cody acting heel-ish and the commentators failed to mention it? Regardless, Batista and Orton made quick work of Goldust to win the match.


Bo Dallas RAW Debut

Bo Dallas made his RAW debut against New Sin Cara and made quick work of Cara for the victory. Dallas celebrated his victory as if he just won the Olympics and even shaked Sin Cara’s hand! I’m not sure I like him in the ring but damn he’s got a great gimmick right now! When he did a lap of the ring, I was in bits! He reminds me of Kurt Angle when he first debuted in the WWE. When he first arrived he was very much like Bo is now. Bo is pulling it off really well right now and this character could lead to great things for Bo. For a while I wasn’t much of a Boliever, but I’m starting to convert!


Stephanie McMahon/Daniel Bryan Segment

Next up was for Daniel Bryan to make his decision about surrendering the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie called for Daniel to give up the belt so we could have an active champion. Daniel admitted that the injury was much worse than he feared but refused to give up the belts. Stephanie then brought up his wife Brie Bella pushing her on RAW a couple of weeks ago. Stephanie gave Bryan up until Payback to give up the belts. If not… Brie was FIRED!

I think this segment has convinced me that WWE are not going to strip the belt off Bryan which really pisses me off. They’re holding off him dropping the belt and it’s becoming the same old thing week in week out. Give up the belt! NO! Give up the belt! NO! The title not being defended at a PPV is damaging to the belt’s prestige and I personally believe they should use the 30 Day Mandatory Title Defence Rule and just strip him. As much as this is going to piss of the IWC and his many fans, it’s the right thing to do because a champion needs to defend it. There’s nothing stopping Bryan from winning it again when he comes back. It just makes him look like a joke champion when he’s showing up on RAW with a neck brace every week. It’s gonna ruffle some feathers but it needs to be done.


Alicia Fox vs Emma

OK divas match which ended in Emma rolling up Alicia Fox for the win. Yeah, the number one contender for the Divas Title losing to Emma. The fact that one victory over Paige warrants a title shot is ridiculous enough. How does this loss make her remotely a formidable challenger to Paige? Alicia Fox’s new gimmick… is lame. Pure and simple. This is AJ Lee being redone in a really shit way. Fox cannot play this character off at all. Ripping shit up, stealing shit – it’s been horrible to watch. If Paige loses the belt to Alicia at Payback, I am really gonna be steamed.


Damien Sandow vs Adam Rose

Damien Sandow, dressed as Davey Crockett, took on Adam Rose in a short match that was interrupted by Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Rose won but was attacked by Swagger. Rose made a comeback and forced Swagger out of the ring. This whole thing was… lame.


Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus

Del Rio and Sheamus. An alright match which saw Sheamus picking up the win. I just wanna mention something. Before her segment with Bryan, Stephanie approached Del Rio probably about replacing Bryan as champion. Now how does him having that segment and then LOSING a match to the US Champion make him at all a world title contender? Really?


And a nice brawl to end off RAW between The Shield and Evolution. It was an alright RAW. Better than average I’ll give it because the brawl at the end of the show and the Wyatt/Cena segment were both really good. I know I’ve hardly mentioned the brawl between Evolution/Shield. It was good but it’s nothing that we haven’t seen week in, week out between these two. I’m not saying it’s bad, but at the end of a 3 hour RAW you have lost a lot of interest. It just drags on and I am really not a fan of a three hour WWE event that is not a PPV. The fans get burnt out at the end and you really can’t be bothered to keep up with it. However, this was a nice go-home show before Payback.

TNA Sacrifice 2014 Predictions






Bro-Mans (c) vs The Wolves in a 3 on 2 handicap match for the tag titles

Background: The two teams have been trading titles for the last couple of months. Wolves hope to get the titles back by defeating not only Robbie E and Jesse, but Zema Ion as well!

What Should Happen?: The Wolves win

What Will Happen?: Bro-Mans win


Sanada (c) vs Tigre Uno for the X-Division title

Background: These two begun a 3 match series for the X-Division title on Impact a few weeks ago. The two are tied 1-1 heading to their final match at Sacrifice

What Should Happen?: Sanada wins

What Will Happen?: Sanada wins


Mr Anderson vs Samuel Shaw – Loser Gets Sent To A Mental Institution

Background: Samuel Shaw has had a creepy obsession with the lovely Christy Hemme. Mr Anderson has been trying to have the creep locked up in a mental institution and has had a number of encounters with him in the past couple of months. The two locked horns at Lockdown, with Shaw getting the win. In a street fight, Anderson returned the favour. Now they face off again with the loser being sent to a mental institution.

What Should Happen?: Samuel Shaw wins

What Will Happen?: Samuel Shaw wins


Kurt Angle and Willow vs Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud

Background: EC3 and Spud cost Hardy the World Title in the Dixieland match a while ago. Hardy “left the company” saying he couldn’t do it anymore. EC3 targetted Kurt Angle next and his ankle… putting him out of commision. At Lockdown, Hardy returned as “Willow” to get revenge on the duo that cost him the title. He violently assaulted both men on a number of occassions when Angle returned to confront EC3. The tag match was made for Sacrifice a couple of weeks ago.

What Should Happen?: Angle or Willow turns as EC3 and Spud win

What Will Happen?: Angle and Willow squash EC3 and Spud -.-


James Storm vs Gunner – I Quit Match

Background: Storm turned on Gunner during his Feast Or Fired cash in match. Gunner beat Storm in a Last Man Standing match for revenge. Storm then assaulted Gunner in front of his father – who he hit with a beer bottle afterwards. Gunner swore revenge. I Quit Match was made.

What Should Happen?: Gunner wins

What Will Happen?: James Storm wins


Bully Ray vs Bobby Roode – Tables Match

Background: Bully cost Team Dixie the Lethal Lockdown match. Bobby Roode, who was on that team, swore revenge. He attacked Bully a number of times ever since and it was determined that these two would settle their differences at Sacrifice in Bully’s speciality – the tables match.

What Should Happen?: Bobby Roode wins

What Will Happen?: Bully Ray wins


Madison Rayne (c) vs Angelina Love for the Knockouts Title

Background: Angelina Love returned, wanting to reunite the Beautiful People. Velvet Sky said yeah, but Madison Rayne turned it down. As a result, Angelina and Velvet targeted Rayne for not joining them. Angelina then won a number one contendership match thanks to interference from Velvet to earn a title match.

What Should Happen?: Angelina Love wins

What Will Happen?: Angelina Love wins


Eric Young (c) vs Magnus for the TNA World Title

Background: Eric Young won a 10 man gauntlet to earn a TNA World title match on the same night on Impact. Eric went on to capture the World Title by defeating Magnus to finally win the big one after 10 long years. Magnus cashed in his rematch for Sacrifice.

What Should Happen?: Eric Young retains

What Will Happen?: Eric Young retains.


There you go! I’m Tom Robinson! OUT!

Wrestlemania XXX Review – The Streak Is Over! Daniel Bryan Wins The Title!

Ladies and gentlemen, we had probably the biggest pay-per-view in WWE history last night. It was the first PPV to be broadcasted on the WWE Network, we had so many legends dropping in and we had some of the biggest matches in a long time for the WWE. Undertaker vs Lesnar, Cena vs Wyatt, Bryan vs HHH, the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and the WWE World Title match! This PPV was STACKED and for four hours, we were in for a treat. I won’t go through the pre-show match but I’ll just say that it was really good and I loved how over the Real Americans were! Cesaro turning was awesome too!


Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and The Rock Open Wrestlemania 30!


Yes. Probably the greatest way to open such a big Wrestlemania… three icons together in the same ring to electrify New Orleans! Wrestlemania host Hulk Hogan got things started pumping up the Hulkamaniacs! Despite referring to the New Orleans Super Dome as the Silverdome, Hogan was somehow able to recover from his mistake and made light of his error! If there’s anyone that can make a monumental error like that and still able to get a huge reaction, it’s Hulk Hogan! It’s always best to just make light of mistakes. Hogan produced a lot of laughs and it was a great added element to this phenomenal segment. The star power of Hulkamania was added by the power of Austin 3:16 as STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN made his way to the ring!

Austin got an amazing pop! I love how Austin immediately took the piss out of Hogan’s error upon arrival! “Well it sure does feel good to be back at the Silverdome!” Epic moment seeing Hogan and Austin in the ring. No coming to blows just a mutual sign of respect between the Icon and the rattlesnake. And in came The Great One to enter the fray!

The Rock made his way down the ring to add to the star power! I was not expecting The Rock to actually be at the event! I knew that he was in New Orleans because he put it on Twitter but I never thought he’d be at Mania! Amazing! After these three came out I really wanted Sting! Unfortunately I never got that but this was still an unreal way to kick off Wrestlemania!

By the way really awesome clip of the behind the scenes before this segement below. You should check it out…

Daniel Bryan vs Triple H

WWE sure as hell didn’t start the match card lightly either! Getting straight to it with Daniel Bryan vs Triple H as the opening match! Triple H’s entrance was over-the-top as usual! I didn’t know why he was trying to be Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat! FINISH HIM!



This match was fantastic! You saw Triple H whip out a lot moves that he’s never really used before in the ring! For example, the release Tiger Suplex, which I thought he pulled off tremendously! I don’t know how, but the chemistry was top-notch between two guys that were so different in wrestling styles. It’s nice they added “Ring Psychology” in the match with Triple H targeting the arm of Bryan and even his leg. In the end it was Daniel Bryan that got the victory and qualified for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match in the main event. His celebration was short-lived as Triple H was not going to take his defeat lying down. He attacked Bryan and whacked him in the arm with a chair. Indeed the cards were stacked against Bryan just before his main event match.



The Shield vs The New Age Outlaws and Kane

This isn't gonna end well...

This isn’t gonna end well…

Very disappointing that this match was essentially a squash match. I know the Outlaws and Kane are old-timers but surely they would have lasted more than 3 minutes. This seemed heavily due to time restraints. Nevertheless, we had some cool moments in the match. Roman Reigns delivering a DOUBLE SPEAR to the Outlaws and a Triple Double Powerbomb to the Outlaws for the victory! Two cool Wrestlemania moments for the Shield! If I had to guess, a rematch is to be expected soon because I doubt the Shield and the Authority are far than through with each other.


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Like most battle royals, very messy with a lot going on. Nevertheless this battle royal had a lot of star power to it that gave it some added significance, especially if you’re the winner. Eliminations came fast. 3MB was surprisingly dominant! They actually eliminated three guys in the match!… until of course Big Show eliminated all of them in a dick mover. -.-

Fandango eliminated Big E Langston and then danced around the ring which the fans majorly popped for! Kinda of annoyed how easily the Intercontinental Champion was eliminated especially by someone like Fandango. Dolph Ziggler lasted quite a while in that match which took me off guard. I guess he’s back on the rise again? Kofi Kingston had an amazing elimination-escaping moment when got elevated over the top rope but landed so his feet were on the steel steps! That looked sick! This is why Kofi Kingston is going to have a job for life! We saw a lot of moments for a lot of the superstars until it came down to the final four…

Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show and ANTONIO CESARO! Yes Cesaro was in this match! He was unannounced and we thought that he would be here just for the pre-show but obviously we were wrong! Sheamus and Del Rio eliminated each other leaving it down to Cesaro and the favourite to win The Big Show! And Cesaro did something that could only be described as outstanding! As a dedication to Wrestlemania III, Cesaro body-slammed Big Show over the top rope to win the battle royal! Fantastic end to the match and a more than deserving winner of the Andre The Giant battle royal! Amazing moment!

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

I’m not going to lie. I actually really enjoyed this match! A bit long-winded mind you but it was really good storytelling with Wyatt trying to “unleash the monster” in John Cena. A bit of deja-vu don’t you think? XD It would have been awesome if he actually did it but it wasn’t meant to be as Cena picked up the victory after an Attitude Adjustment.

If this doesn't make you shit bricks any time you see it...

If this doesn’t make you shit bricks any time you see it…

It was disappointing to me that Bray Wyatt didn’t win the match but I don’t think a loss like this will be too damaging to his character. After all, Bray beat the shit out of him for 20 minutes! This match was a lot like Cena vs Lesnar from Extreme Rules 2012 – the heel beating up the good guy all match until the good guy finds a way to pick up an unlikely win. It’s whole good vs evil story, but something tells me that this is far from over. Good match though, regardless of the outcome.


Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

And here we go…. the match everyone and their grandma is talking about. Not really because of the match quality but because of the finish.

First of all, let me start by saying this was a piss-poor match. No disrespect to both guys, but there was literally no chemistry between them and the fans were not that into it. That is until the end of the match…

Taker had been on the receiving end of an ass-kicking throughout the match. He had little offence in while Lesnar had dominated with two F5s and locked in the Kimura Lock. As Taker went for a second tombstone piledrvier, Lesnar countered into a THIRD F5 to Taker. And to the amazement of everyone… that F5 did the trick. Lesnar pinned Taker for the three count… the streak was over….

Trust me, this ain't photoshop...

Trust me, this actually happened….

I don’t think anyone knew how to make of it at the time. The Super Dome was almost completely silent (other than Paul Heyman screaming in joy)! We all thought that this was some kind of trick or something. I for one believed that the streak would never end and I think 90% of wrestling fans believed the same. And now… it’s done.

It’s still hard for it to sunk in for a lot of people including myself. A lot of rumours came about afterwards that they fucked up the ending, but of course they were wrong. Lesnar had been booked to win all along. To give WWE the credit it deserved… no one saw that coming. The shock value went THROUGH THE ROOF! The Undertaker actually lost at Wrestlemania. You never thought you’d ever saw that in your life but it happened. However, despite believing for so long that the streak should never be broken…. I’m OK with this.

I’m not particular that big on the match this historic being so bland mind you, but the decision to have Taker get beat was literally a stroke of genius. They took us of guard with the streak ending like this. If this would have been announced as Undertaker’s last match, you might have suspected that it would have ended and the surprise element would have slightly disappeared. Instead they did it so none of us would have guessed it. I saw some bookmakers make Lesnar 40/1 to win a singles match! When a wrestler is 40/1 in the bookies to win a match, you know that it would be unexpected. It’ll be the shock of the moment that’ll make it so historic. And Lesnar was not a bad candidate to break the streak. Someone as big of a star as him and someone as dominant as him should have been the one to end it. However, I do think if anyone should have broken the streak… it should have been Roman Reigns.

Sean Waltman tweeted it on Twitter as well, an up-and-comer like Roman Reigns would be elevated so much by a win as big as this one! It would have been much better to put over a wrestler that wasn’t a star yet than someone who already was. All we know now is that the Undertaker is no longer perfect at Wrestlemania… so what now? Does The Undertaker try to get revenge next year? Or does Undertaker call it quits? We’ll have to wait and see.

What a meme this is going to be...

What a meme this is going to be…


The Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

I actually heard this was Vickie’s last appearance in WWE as she was pursuing business ventures outside of WWE after this. All I can say is good luck to her in her future endeavours.  Anyway… the divas match.

This was actually not that bad of a divas match! Compared to most WWE divas match nowadays, this was probably one of the best in the last six months! I think everyone though was just rattled and still shocked by what happened in the last match. Hell, AJ Lee didn’t even get a slight reaction. AJ retained in the end, but damn everyone was still shocked by what happened before.


Randy Orton (c) vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This really was a fantastic Wrestlemania ending match! The fans were able to refocus for this one! I actually thought Rev Theory were really good performing “Voices” live for Randy Orton! Orton had a pretty cool entrance! Bryan was still injured following his match from earlier on but it was not going to stop Bryan from the main event of Wrestlemania!

Bryan was up against it in this match. HHH and Stephanie re-emerged from the scene to try to screw Daniel Bryan with the rogue referee Scott Armstrong. However, Daniel was having none of it as he took out the ref and took out the Authority with the dive to the outside. With HHH and Steph out-of-the-way, Batista and Orton formed an unlikely alliance which saw one of the most insane announce table spots I’ve ever seen. Batista set up Bryan for a Batista Bomb which Orton caught with the neckbreaker to send himself and Bryan crashing through the table! I was literally blown away by that spot! It looked so sick and amazing! It really was the spot of the night in my opinion. And considering every thing that happened tonight, that’s saying an awful lot. By the way… it was a neckbreaker Orton caught him with, not an RKO! Why the hell are people still calling it an RKO when it wasn’t? There’s a distinct difference between the two!

Somehow, Bryan got back into the match off the stretcher. And somehow, despite all the shit that had happened to him Bryan was able to pull off the victory by making Batista submit to finally have his moment in the sun!

You know I have bitched about how much they were shoving Daniel down our throats and his push to the main event over the last couple of months but this was such a fantastic moment! Even though it was predictable as hell, WWE really pulled this ending off in style! The fans were ecstatic by the end of it! I kind of wanted to see Batista win at the end because I’m such a big Heel Batista mark, but I’m still happy with this! It was a fantastic way for the PPV to end! I think Bryan doing it all by himself was a bit too much for my liking, but I don’t think the fans cared! Amazing moment for him to finish off the show and a quality match!



This Pay-Per-View was something else! This was something many will remember for years to come! I’m going to go out on a limb and say this may have been one of the greatest Wrestlemanias of all time! So many moments we’ll not soon forget and a lot of matches that were off the charts! This PPV, whether it’d be for the right or the wrong reasons, will never be forgotten and that is what Wrestlemania is all about. We come into the show buzzing with anticipation and excitement and we get moments that will live on for decades to come! The moments that shook the foundation of WWE! Moments that you’ll be proud to say “I watched that live!” I’m from the UK so it’s really hard to find the time to watch WWE PPVs live so for me to able to watch it LIVE and live-tweet and for it to be as good as it was is such a great feeling for me! Hell, writing this review has been awesome because I have so much to write about. Whether certain superstars were here or not, whether you agreed or disagreed with the results, you will never forget Wrestlemania XXX…