Update On Cody Rhodes’ Independent Endeavours


Out of the wrestlers that have recently left or have been released from WWE, Cody Rhodes’ time on the independent scene will look to be the most interesting of all. For you see, Cody Rhodes has a plan of what to do. Not that everyone else that was released hasn’t got projects in the pipeline already but Cody has a recently compiled a list, that he tweeted  out at the end of May. The list consists of specific wrestlers, events and other wrestling goals that he hoped to achieve now that he’s in the independent circuit.

The list is very thought-provoking and I have embedded it below in case anyone hasn’t seen it or has seen it and just needs a quick reminder…

Cody had an ambitious list but the son of the “American Dream” has suddenly become a hot commodity, with his summer schedule already starting to be booked up. How well is he doing in terms of his list? Well, let’s run down the matches and projects that has already been announced by Cody or by those he’s doing business with.



An early announcement  was Cody’s involvement with the wrestling promotion EVOLVE, a company which does have a partnership going with WWE. I think in terms of keeping the door open for himself to return in the future, it does benefit him to work with a company that’s at least on good terms with WWE. EVOLVE’s actually been able to open the doors to everybody. TNA’s Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway both showed up there recently and cut shoot promos on WWE. I’m not sure whether Cody will actually “shoot” on WWE, but Cody might be working more than his originally advertised appearance at EVOLVE 66 on August 19th.

This match is rumoured to be involving Rhodes wrestling Chris Hero, which does tick a wrestler of his “hit-list” of matches.



Cody Rhodes vs Mike Bennett

Scheduled for August 26th is an interesting one, as Cody will be accompanied by his wife Eden (who also left WWE recently) when he takes on TNA star Michael Bennett. Michael will also be accompanied to the ring, with Michael’s wife Maria also being at the show.

Michael’s being groomed for big things in TNA, so it’s interesting for Cody to do business with a TNA star right off the bat. I know that TNA’s contracts aren’t as secure as WWE’s contracts, allowing anyone to take independent dates, but it’s still an intriguing endevour. Also, Eden could easily be playing the role of “personal ring announcer” as listed on Cody’s list!


Cody Rhodes vs Kurt Angle

One of the earliest matches announced for Rhodes was a mouth-watering one to say the least. With “Angle” on Cody’s list, it has been announced that he will be taking on the Olympic gold medalist at an event in New York on August 27th.

This will be the first time that these two will ever face off and it’s quite a slobberknocker of a match. These two are perfect for each other in terms of the pacing of each other’s work. Angle can work quick and slow matches, as can Cody. With Kurt currently not signed by TNA or any other major promotion, probably the biggest name on Cody’s list is already in the bag.


Cody Rhodes vs Pat Buck

A lot of independent fans will know a lot more about Pat Buck than me but this match was actually of the more recent announcements regarding Rhodes. Cody mentioned on Twitter after this was announced that he lost to Buck in his first ever professional wrestling match at Corydon, Indiana. I guess it’s time for him to get his revenge ten years later!

He’ll be wrestling there on September 10th and interestingly enough, Buck is not the only Buck on Cody’s list….


PWG Battle Of Los Angeles

PWG fans will be a huge fan of this announcement. Cody is confirmed to be taking part in a major indie event in Los Angeles called Battle Of Los Angeles, and it’s very safe to assume that he’ll be able to tick off a number of wrestlers on that list. I know a lot of PWG fans that are going crazy over the news. I’m a fan of PWG myself, even though I don’t check them out NEARLY as much as I should. It’s a major coup for the company and his participation will really raise the prestige of this tournament.


And that about covers everything for Cody’s announced matches in the near future. If I’ve missed anything, please notify me with a comment or on Twitter by tweeting @ArmbarExpress. However, these are the only ones that have been retweeted or confirmed by Rhodes on his personal Twitter as of June 7th 2016 so I’ll stop right here. I’m sure a lot of these other names will be ticked off real soon.

It’s interesting that ROH’s Moose and Roderick Strong are on the list, as those two names have been linked with a move to WWE. If Cody wants these two, he’s got to act fast. There’s no guarantee that those two will budge, so it could just be the case of Rhodes just biding his time anyway. A lot of the names on that list currently wrestle for ROH, so that could very well be a permanent new home for Rhodes. I personally thought that Cody might be tempted to do some dates in Japan, with NJPW really rising in popularity.

Any other independent wrestlers that you want Cody Rhodes to face? Should he go to NJPW? Should he got to TNA? Should he got to ROH? Should he go to Lucha Underground? Give us your thoughts and be sure to follow @CodyRhodes on Twitter, as he’ll be sure to shed some light on future projects.

Time For “Show Time” To Hit The Big Time – Anthony Pettis Vs Jose Aldo Title Fight Announced For UFC 163

ANTHONY PETTIS: Drops Down To Featherweight To Fight Jose Aldo

ANTHONY PETTIS: Drops Down To Featherweight To Fight Jose Aldo

Great news for fans of “Show Time” Anthony Pettis. For the first time in his UFC career, Anthony Pettis is getting a UFC Championship fight in the summer! Superb! “Show Time” proved without a shadow of a doubt at UFC on FOX a couple of weeks ago with his TKO victory over Donald Cerrone that he is worthy of a shot, and to see him become a champion in UFC would be phenomenal. Yes he’s getting his shot… but it’s not for the Lightweight Championship . It’s in fact a chance at the Featherweight Championship, currently held by Jose Aldo after he retained the championship on Sunday.

To be honest, it’s a shame that I’m not going to see the highly-anticipated rematch between Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis for the Lightweight Championship any time soon. Their first fight absolutely amazed me, and of course, we saw the debut of the Show Time Kick. And Pettis has been relentless in his quest to become Lightweight Champion, and he’s been wanting that shot for a while. So it does surprise me that he’s decided to go down to Featherweight, after wanting the Lightweight belt for so long. But then again, you’ve got to admire the fact that Pettis didn’t want to wait around for the lightweight title shot which could have been a long, long time depending on the outcome of Henderson’s title fight with Gilbert Melendez in April. He’s deserving for a title shot anyway, so if Dana White offered him the shot with Aldo in the summer, why wait for the Lightweight Championship fight which he may have to wait a LONG time for?

However, Jose Aldo isn’t exactly easy pickings. Aldo has proved some serious dominance in the Featherweight division, and Pettis will have to bring his A-Game if he wants to knock off Aldo and become the Featherweight Champion. I mean, let’s took at the Tale Of The Tape…


(NOTE: Apologizes for the blurriness of the table)

Yeah, Aldo’s MMA Record is superior to Pettis, having only lost ONCE before, but Pettis is taller, has better reach than and has a considerable chance against Aldo. Let’s not forget, Pettis is eager as hell to reach the top of UFC, and if he loses this fight, it may take him a while to recuperate. A Must-Win For Both Competitors, and it’s going to be a slobber-knocker of a fight! But in my opinion, it’s time for “Show Time” to hit the big time! Roll on August 3rd!