The biggest talking point coming off of RAW was the incident involving Charlotte and Paige with the contract signing that ended the show. Out of all the things WWE could have went with as the ending segment for their go-home show before Survivor Series, I was not expecting it to be this angle and it really shouldn’t have been this angle. As I’ve mentioned before, this angle was a complete failure and you can read my thoughts about it by clicking on this link.

It’s a shame because this week’s edition of RAW was actually pretty good with the exception of the Paige/Charlotte segment and the opener with Undertaker, Kane and the Wyatts. Allow me to share with you my top five moments from a RAW that had terrible a opening and ending but a darn good middle.
1. Tyler Breeze vs R-Truth


Believe it or not, the first entry for this post is the match between Tyler Breeze and R-Truth which I thoroughly enjoyed. This was a match that actually did a good job in making Breeze look good. Breeze’s start to the main roster hasn’t been TOO bad but he still lost in the opening round of the tournament on his in-ring RAW debut to Dean Ambrose. I think this match was the RAW debut that Breeze should have had and Truth did a great job in making him look good. I’d hate to see Truth constantly in that role of putting other people over all the time but at least he’s very good at it and helped Tyler a lot out here. I also liked Summer Rae applying Lip Balm to Tyler in the middle of a match. What a move right there!


2. Roman Reigns vs Cesaro


To be honest, this was around the time of the show where I was starting to lose interest with the show being three hours long. With that being said, I saw a lot of great stuff with this Reigns vs Cesaro match. I thought Cesaro did a really good job with Roman and looked great in his own right, especially when he did the Cartwheel counter in the middle of the match. I think this and as well as two of the other quarter final matches tonight succeeded in giving this tournament a serious feel to it as these men were giving it their all to try and get into Survivor Series. Both men looked great here but there was not one time where I thought Cesaro was going to win, maybe except when he was about to go for the Neutraliser but even then there was a lingering thought of “Roman’s going to kick out” because the big mission for WWE is to push Roman. Him kicking out of Cesaro’s finish would have done well for him. I thought this probably should have been the main event out of everything I saw on RAW considering the post-match angle of Cesaro and Roman hugging. It would have made a lot of sense.


3. Neville vs Kevin Owens


Looking back, I kind of wish this match got more time because it was so good. However, at the same time it might have worked a lot better short and sweet rather than Reigns vs Cesaro which went a bit too long. Regardless, these two put on a hell of a match. This was the type of win Kevin needed and this tournament is making him look really good. He’s getting these clean wins and he’s coming out strong after every match. I’d like to see Neville vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental title for after Survivor Series but I guess we’ll see what they do with these two.


4. Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler


This was a very unique match, especially with these two styles and the fact that they are both faces. It managed to weirdly work for this 16 minute match but I think Ambrose benefited a lot more from it. I don’t think this was like Reigns vs Cesaro where Cesaro actually got a large reaction and got over despite losing. Ziggler still got beat and it was not like him and Ambrose shook hands. Ziggler got beat and then Ambrose cut his promo after the match. It was a good match. I liked Ambrose’s fired up promo afterwards when he talked about the WWE changing if he won the belt. I think this is properly the biggest indication to me that if anyone is turning heel at Survivor Series during this tournament, it’s probably Dean. There has to be some meaning for WWE to have Dean cut this promo. It’s not like Triple H did a segment with him backstage where he was asking Dean to be his “man.” I’m guessing something’s going to happen that’ll involve him at Survivor Series.


5. Triple H


I’d hate to bump the New Day of this list for the best parts of RAW as they usually are one of the best things on RAW every week. However, I have to give Triple H credit for some of the promos he cut backstage. What Triple H was doing was going to those competing in the tournament and trying to convince them to do what it took to “be his man.” He did it with Kevin Owens in a segment that we couldn’t actually hear, he did with Alberto Del Rio but the best one he did it with was Cesaro. He cut a really good promo on Cesaro referencing the “brass ring” and Cesaro lacking something to make it to the top. There was a lot of subliminal references to backstage feelings on Cesaro which was weird, as it came off like the WWE know full well how good Cesaro is but still don’t push him. However, Hunter did a good job so I’ll give him credit.


A really good middle to a RAW ended with controversy which is a shame as it took away from a lot of the good parts of this show. I thought the show was good but I still think they promoted Survivor Series that well especially with that last segment.


3 thoughts on “TOP FIVE MOMENTS FROM WWE RAW (16/11/15)

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