Cyber FaMday 2015 Review


The growth of the WWE gaming community in recent years has been pretty damn incredible. The content coming from WWE Gaming YouTubers have grown from strength to strength assisted with the release of recent WWE 2K games. FaM (a.k.a. Forever A Movement) has time and time again shown just what you can do with a wrestling video game and a bit of imagination.

However, there’s more to Forever A Movement then just that. There’s also the video-editing and storytelling aspects of their videos which is where FaM has previously excelled at. However, WWE 2K15 (as well as 2K16) suffered from the removal of the Create-A-Story mode and other limitations of creativity which hurt the production of these shows.

However, this would not stop FaM from marching on. Despite the obstacles, FaM were able to put out a great deal of new content, including their last mega event FaMniversary III. Cyber FaMday would be the clan’s final offering to the WWE games community on WWE 2K15 before the release of 2K16. However, did the clan deliver with this show?

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Cyber FaMday kicked off with Rom Buster taking on the anonymous general manager’s right hand man Darin. If Rom won, he’d get to fight the general manager for his role. The build-up to the match on FaM’s main show Worldwide was not something which I cared much for. The change in ownership of FaM in the storyline came so suddenly that it’s very hard for me to be invested in the storyline involving the new head honcho. Despite that though, I thought this match was excellent. Probably the best match on the show when thinking back.

It was put together really well in the editing and it was surprisingly intense for my liking. There was a lot of drama with near-fall after near-fall, which really made me question why it was the opener! It could also be questioned as to how Darin, who was wrestling his first match with the clan, was shown to be on par with a main-eventer like Rom. However it appears Darin will play a big role in the FaM storyline anyway so it was probably done to reflect the seriousness of the situation, at least from Rom’s perspective. Another part of the storyline in the build-up was Darin mocking Rom for not being able to win a big match, so the match had to be put together to reflect the struggle of Rom so it worked well in my opinion.

In the end, Rom got the win. The commentators were making a big deal about how big a win this was for Rom and what a big step forward this was. I’d just like to point this out… he beat a non-wrestler that was making his in-ring debut. To me, it was not as big of a deal as the announcers made it out to be. It was a big win because Rom gets to fight for the role of general manager and for the reasons mentioned earlier, but it was not like Rom beat a fellow main-eventer and it was not like Rom was a newcomer himself. He’s been with FaM for years now and has beaten some of the biggest names in the clan. It really shouldn’t have been considered such a huge moment for Rom when all he did was beat a man that’s not an active wrestler. I thought this was a bit of an over-the-top reaction.

It was later revealed that Rom and the anonymous general manager will face each other in a Survivor Series elimination match at their next big event Survival with the winning captain getting control of FaM. The implications of the match makes things very interesting for FaM. I’m guessing it’ll be a returning FaM wrestler coming back as the general manager but I guess we’ll see if it’s a big name or not.

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A lot of the show featured the many video packages put together in the build up to the show, including the videos from the YouTubers in the special Tug of War match between TubbyEmu and ITSMYYARD. While I appreciate the videos that were put together, whether it was all done by FaM or they were done by the YouTubers itself, I thought showing those videos again on the actual show seemed a bit unnecessary considering that it was promoting the show that I was already watching.

When you watch WWE PPVs, they don’t put out the same promo videos that they showed in the weeks leading up to the event. Imagine if you were subscribed to every YouTuber that put up a video before the event to promote it. These WWE gaming fans would be watching all of those videos again. I’m subscribed to a lot of YouTubers like ITSMYYARD, TonyPizzaGuy and Gore and Perkins and I saw those videos promoting the event. I don’t need to see them again. On a show like Cyber FaMday which was streamed live from their YouTube channel, you’d expect new and fresh content rather than the videos you’d most likely had seen in the weeks building up to the event. To me these videos just seemed like a waste of time when they showed up on the show itself, especially when you consider that the match promos were also uploaded before the show.

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Next up was the 16 man gauntlet match for a future FaM World Championship match. I found it odd that two big matches with huge implications were right next to each other at the start of the show, but I guess they didn’t want the match too close to the world title match so I can let it slide. There was a few FaM stars and YouTubers mixed together which saw a lot of comedic moments and a lot of intense exchanges too. I thought the balance between the two was fine and there were a lot of opportunities for the FaM stars as well as the YouTubers to have their moments to shine. I particularly liked the appearances of Gore and Perkins in the match, with both of them being utilised well. The match came down to BlackHeron and D.N.A., who had a really good exchange. D.N.A. won the match and became the number one contender. I don’t think the FaM world title match will be the main event of FaM Survival with the big elimination match but this is a clear indication that D.N.A. winning such a match means that big things are on the horizon for him. It’s a nice change of pace in the World title scene though and it’ll be interesting to see where they go with this.

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Next up was the triple threat elimination match between¬†Anarchymus, CMPuls3 and TonyPizzaGuy for the FaM Global Championship. Immediately, CMPuls3 eliminated Tony by “turning” on him. He eliminated him with the running knee and pinned Tony. I wouldn’t have minded this on its own and the rest of the match played out like the normal but however, we got an ending which I really didn’t like. The match boiled down to Anarchymus and CMPuls3 and it was a pretty good exchange until the finish. Tony came back out to apparently get revenge CMPuls3 for eliminating him but then did a swerve and he went after Anarchymus instead. They revealed that this was all part of their plan for CMPuls3 to win the belt and he pinned Anarchymus for the win. After this finish, all I kept thinking was “Why didn’t you guys just work together from the start of the match in the first place?” I understand that this is wrestling and scripted but if this were real, why would CMPuls3 and Tony bother to swerve the crowd when they could have just worked together anyway and eliminated Anarchymus first? I thought it was just a swerve for the sake of swerves which isn’t really a type of swerve which I’m fond off. It didn’t make any sense to me.

I’m also kind of annoyed that Anarchymus dropped the belt considering everything that happened on Worldwide leading up to this. To those of you that hadn’t watched Worldwide, Anarchymus had been the Global Champion coming off FaMniversary. Since then, FaM started a storyline where the Global title would change hands every time it was defended. Eventually, Anarchymus would win back the title on the Worldwide before Cyber FaMday which would have been fine as it would all have came full circle to the man that won it in the first place. However, it’s not like it lead to anything big. Anarchymus just dropped the belt to CMPuls3 in his first title defence and the whole gimmick just started all over again. I’m not a big fan of this as it just ruined the potential to elevate Anarchymus as champion if he just dropped it again. The idea of the belt just being FaM’s version of the hardcore title just doesn’t seem right to me.

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Devil defended the CyberFaM Championship against the “true owner” of Pandora’s Box, which was revealed to be Bash. I started watching FaM only a couple of years ago so I really didn’t know who Bash was so I was kind of scratching my head over this one. I guess if you were a long time follower of the clan, you probably would have appreciated the reveal more than I did. However, him and Devil had a dandy little match. It was an extreme rules 2 out of 3 falls match as voted by the FaM fans. Bash got the first fall and the second fall was a submission match. Devil hit the low blow and then called out Maslingster, who he’d been threatening to fire with the Pink Slip he’d won at FaMniversary. However, Maslingster no-showed Devil and the match continued. Shortly after, Devil continued to work on the legs and just made Bash submit. I kept an open-mind as I was thinking “OK, they’ll probably bring Maslingster out at the end and this was just a tease.” However, Maslingster never ended up coming out and Bash ended up winning the third fall and the title. So what was the point in having the Maslingster no-show if it didn’t even lead up to the finish? The storyline with Devil and Maslingster was probably the biggest thing going into the match and yet it didn’t even have a major impact on the finish. Maslingster just no-showed and the match went on. Not going to lie, the finish was really good. Devil went into the chair that he set up and it lead to Bash hitting the Bash Bottom for the win. I liked this. Very well put together match despite the Maslingster spot.

Next up was the YouTube Tug Of War match with Team Tubby vs Team Yard. I didn’t really care much about this match. I thought it was alright but the thing is, the constant use of other YouTubers takes away the time from the original FaM characters which I’m personally more invested in. It’s not like I don’t care about Tubby, Yard or the rest of the YouTubers, but I like them for their own content and not because of FaM. When they make the odd appearance that’s all cool. When they constantly appear though and are even winning championships, it takes away the time that could spent developing the original FaM characters. I will give the match credit in the fact that I like how Yard got the pin on Tubby this time around and there was a number of funny moments which I liked. At least there’s a good reason to do a third match between the two if that’s the route they want to go down.

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The main event was Andy Badwool defending the World title against 2TM. If 2TM lost, he would be gone from FaM forever. I know I just went on a big tirade about using the promos that was uploaded in the weeks before, but the promo here really did help me get amped up for the match. There was a bit of a deep feeling to this match where you started to think that there was a real chance of 2TM really being done with FaM. I thought the match was built up well and I thought it started off well with it mostly sticking to being a traditional wrestling match. It just seemed to fit the stipulation and the mood of the match, with both men taking it seriously and settling it in the ring. However, I thought that peaceful/deep mood that was set was really undone when they started brawling in the crowd. It was a falls count anywhere match which I understand and I get the reason for going into the crowd. However, I just got taken out of this match after just watching an great in-ring back and forth. It then lead to big move after big move with both of them kicking out. Then came the shenanigans from Betrayal.

The Skilled Foundation interfered, attacking Andy. Now, if you hadn’t watched the pre-show, you wouldn’t have known that the Skilled Foundation had returned in that pre-show and was suddenly a part of Betrayal. To me, it would have been best served to leave it as a surprise rather than do the angle beforehand. Roberto came out and attacked Andy as well but Andy kept kicking out of all of 2TM’s covers. Then BlackHeron came out to hit one last powerbomb and help 2TM win the title. BH and 2TM shook hands and it was revealed that 2TM was now apart of Betrayal too.

I didn’t mind the finish itself and I thought it was a good main event. It was not as good as Rom vs Darin but it was fine. I would have appreciated the ending more… if the finish was not spoiled to me just before I watched it! What happened was that I logged onto Facebook and the first thing I saw was a photo uploaded by FaM’s Facebook of BH and 2TM shaking hands! That teaches me a valuable lesson. Stay off social media before watching whatever it is you’re watching!

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Overall, I thought the show was good. There’s been better FaM mega events in the past but this was still good. I preferred it over FaMniversary as I thought that was was too long. This was a lot more shorter and sharper than that PPV. I thought the placement of a lot of the matches were a bit off but I can sort of understand. Rom vs Darin being the opener was the big one but it didn’t bother me too much. The matches were put together really well with the video-editing and well worked by those actually playing the game. There was a lot of chemistry between those that were playing it. I feel kind of bad for nit-picking it as much as I did because it was actually a really good show. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here with 2TM being apart of Betrayal and being the World Champion.

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