Three Years Of The Armbar Express


How’s it going everybody? Thomas Robinson here with a special blog post celebrating the Armbar Express’ three year anniversary. I got a notice on WordPress yesterday saying that I had been signed up with WordPress for three years now. It’s very cool to know that not only is the blog still rolling on, it’s growing. I know it sounds like cliché but it really is the truth. The blogs had it’s ups and downs but right now, the blog has been at its peak with social media interactivity and blog views. Last month, our record for daily views was broken. Last week, we broke it again! I’m so proud that more and more people are tuning into the blog and seeing what we’ve got in store for you.

What’s funny about this site is that it actually didn’t start off as a full-on wrestling blog. It was a very generalised blog, where I just talked about all sorts. Football, music, comics, MMA. That’s not really a bad thing but I wanted to be a part of a niche market and I wanted to write about something I love. As much as it’s been something that’s driven me up the wall during the years, wrestling was it. I made the blog an exclusive wrestling website, I renamed it to the Armbar Express and we were off and running.

It took a lot of effort to try and bring you all to the website after I changed the name but eventually, it caught people’s attention. In fact, it caught the attention of a number of wrestling websites. The blog suddenly started to grow as I began writing for the likes of WhatCulture, PWMania and I’m very grateful to all of those sites who helped me become an active part of the “Internet Wrestling Community.” Sadly, I was not able to keep writing for those sites. In fact, I was not able to keep up with the blog either.

As much as I would have liked to keep up my columns with NoDQ and the blog, my top priority was my education. The Armbar Express took a hit as I was not able to update it and all eyes were on my studies as a Multimedia Journalism student at Teesside University. With the 2:1 grade which I will be graduating with in November, those efforts certainly paid off!

In 2015, I decided to shake things up with the blog. I started developing new series for wrestling fans worldwide to enjoy. It first started with the Extreme Warfare Revenge series, where I would play the free-to-play wrestling booker game and try to win the Monday Night wars with WCW. Those posts have been very popular since I brought them to the blog and I hope you all have enjoyed these adventures. I also guarantee new content for TNA fans, with my second EWR series where I hope to take TNA to the top of the world!

There were other fantasy booker content which I started up on the blog, like the How I Would Book series. It initially started off as a one-off post where I hoped to bring AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio together for the ultimate cruiserweight battle! However, it’s now become a big part of the blog. From undoing the wrongs of the past to putting together dream matches, I’ve really enjoyed the chance to show the viewers my “skills” as a booker! Anyone with ideas please tweet @ArmbarExpress with your suggestions.

There’s also a lot of focus on today’s programming, with near-weekly RAW reaction pieces as well as bringing back the PPV predictions and reviews. I’ve also started to providing weekly content for SLTD Wrestling with the Armbar Analysis. Do check out their website at for more content from myself and other great writers.


While wrestling has been infuriating to watch at times, doing this blog has been a blessing. I’ve always enjoyed writing for you guys and here’s to hopefully many more years of the Armbar Express!

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