WWE Legends House Season Review


The WWE Network gives us a lot of original programming to enjoy. Most of the programming include documentaries on the WWE and interview segments hosted by the likes of Chris Jericho. However, Legends House gave us something completely different.

Legends House was a reality TV series which I really wanted to watch. It’s a show which put the likes of Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas in the same house, which could only mean compelling television! Indeed it was. WWE did well to pick eight legends that were different from the same old people but also recognisable to their viewers… wrestling fans.

After all, this was made for the WWE Network so it wasn’t like they had to appeal to a general audience. However, at least a lot of the things the legends did appealed to this audience anyway. I know that’s the whole point of a reality show, but I’ve seen a lot of reality shows that just don’t do that at all!


I think the selection of legends for this were well chosen. Maybe I’d like it better if there were a lot more “outspoken” wrestlers on the program. If Scott Steiner were to ever make it onto Legends House, it’d be probably become the best show of all time! However, it’s understandable that WWE wanted to pick people that had usually been in WWE’s good books. With that being said, someone like Jimmy Hart was a great selection as he hadn’t really made his name as a wrestler. He made his name as the “Mouth of the South” and was a manager. The portrayal of Jimmy being this huge loud-mouth and being surrounded by these big old-time wrestlers was a nice dynamic.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund will probably go down as my favourite legend in this series. I went into this series already being a Mean Gene fan anyway. He’s had a lot of funny moments in wrestling and he had a lot of funny moments on this show. I think it was just Mean Gene’s commentary of the events that went down in Legends House is what really got me. He had a lot of awesome lines!


There’s a lot of great relationships introduced within the series which adds to the series well, whether it’d be in a fun or intense way. It’s a balancing act which I think worked fine. The bond between Piper and Duggan was arguably the greatest out of all the legends which did make me chuckle and bring a bit of fun to the series. For example, Piper and Duggan trying to cheat during a game show will go down as one of my favourites scenes in the entire season! It also provided a lesson to some of the younger audience. Remember kids, cheaters never prosper!

While there’s a lot of nice relationships in the series, there’s a lot of relationships that were strained. While there’s almost fun arguments like Pat Patterson freaking out at Jimmy for “soaking” him, a lot of it was rough too. The stuff with Tony Atlas and Jim Duggan brought a lot of intensity to the house. It seemed that the bad blood just spanned in the first half of the series but it was one of the rivalries that really brought the ugly sides out of both men. Every great reality show must have shades of a lot of different emotions and at least the bad blood was not so extreme that it lead to physicality. Now many may argue that it’s a buzzkill that there never was a big fight during this show. That’s understandable considering that even Total Divas seemed to have more bad blood than these legends. However, keep in mind that these ARE legends. There are a time at their life where it’s really not about showing whose boss any more. This series was more a chance for them to unwind and big fights were not what WWE wanted. And that’s not what we got, which I was fine with.


There was a lot of fun activities to be had and a lot of relaxing things that took place. However, the episode that I liked the most was probably episode nine. When things got emotional in the legends house, it was pretty heavy. There had been very few incidents up until the last few episodes where the legends really opened up. But when they did, it was very tear-jerking. The stories that were told by the legends during their last meal was very deep, with a lot of revelations that came out which I don’t think a lot of people knew about. It was really emotional but Howard Finkel’s speech about making it to the WWE was one that I found to be extremely relatable.

Howard talks about making it to WWE and proving to everyone that he can make it. That kind of struggle to prove to people that you are in fact capable of accomplishing something is something we all can live with. Whether it’s the struggle to be the best in a particular sport or to get the best grades in school. It’s a speech which anyone watch can relate to. Wrestling is exactly the type of career that fits this mold.

Every wrestler that starts out in the business wants to make it to the top. They have goals they want to accomplish. Whether it’s to headline Wrestlemania, wrestle in Japan or just to get signed by WWE. They all have dreams and there’s a lot sacrifice involved in order to achieve those goals. When Sasha Banks and Bayley were in tears at the end of TakeOver, it was really just a celebration of how they’ve made it in wrestling. Despite being an announcer, Finkel understands these struggles as much as wrestlers.

image (1)

Ultimately, Legends House is a good reality show that wrestling fans will enjoy. However, that’s the real key… wrestling fans. For obvious reasons, the show was produced with their audience of wrestling fans in mind. Those that sign up to the WWE Network only expect wrestling content. When considering that, you could say this show was a success. It teaches the viewers more about the business and gives you a look into the mentalities of these wrestlers years after they’re done. It was also not TOO pro wrestling. It was not like Piper and Duggan were just talking in shoot terminology all the time during this show so casual fans couldn’t understand it. However, I can understand why a normal TV network wouldn’t pick up this show. I don’t see an audience outside of wrestling that would be interested in seeing these retired wrestlers taking part in relaxing activities. If you’re not a wrestling fan, this was probably not the show for you. If you are a wrestling fan and haven’t seen this, I’d highly recommend it. Out of all the original content on the WWE Network, this is easily one of the strongest.


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