28/09/2015 RAW – Kane Is A Fan Of Total Divas


When Kane debuted in WWE, he was a very scary monster. He’s been through a great deal of character development in his WWE career. He’s buried his brother alive twice, he’s started a fight over a cup of coffee, he’s done hurricanranas, he’s done spinaroonies, he’s electrocuted a man’s testicles, he did the Katie Vick storyline, he married Lita, he’s wrestled himself, he’s went crazy whenever a certain date is mentioned, he’s been ECW Champion, he’s hugged people, he’s worked as a waiter, he’s wanted to eat a dog, he’s beaten up a bunny, he’s been in a suit, he’s been given a vacation, he’s been given an Apple watch. He’s done all of that and somehow, WWE have managed to make Kane do something which I NEVER THOUGHT he’d ever say.

Kane has just said, and I quote:

“Have you met the Bellas yet? They’re great and I love their show on E! Total Divas. It’s Awesome.”



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