Previously on WCW EWR

Booker T successfully defended the WCW Championship, Chris Jericho became the number one contender, DDP and Arn Anderson retained the tag titles, Raven retained the International title by beating Dean Malenko, Randy Savage cemented his face turn, AJ Styles beat Roddy Piper and Jamie Noble became the new Cruiserweight Champion. Which brings us to Starrcade.

A note before we get started…

  • Chris Jericho won a number one contendership match at World War 3, earning a WCW title match. However, the former number one contender Eddie Guerrero demanded another shot. Eric Bischoff tells him that he’ll put him in the World Title match at Starrcade if he beats Chris Jericho on Nitro. Eddie pulls it off after a botched interference from Booker T, meaning that it’ll be Booker defending the title against Jericho AND Eddie in the main event of Starrcade.


Pre-show – Piper’s Pit with Randy Savage

This segment did a really good rating. Piper interviewed Savage just before Savage’s match with Benoit. Piper started throwing verbal jabs at him. Savage eventually got angry and attacked Piper. This was the highest rated segment of the show and served as a bit of promotion for the Chris Benoit vs Randy Savage match on the PPV.

Match 1 – Road Dogg and Perry Saturn def. Edge and Christian Cage

Edge and Christian Cage have been getting over as of late, so I decided to give them a PPV match with Perry Saturn and Road Dogg. I gave Saturn and Road Dogg the win because on television, Saturn and Road Dogg have mostly been getting beat. I don’t think Edge and Christian Cage will lose a lot from getting beat here. The match got a good rating to kick off the show, achieving a 85% overall which is fine.

Match 2 – AJ Styles (c) def. Steven Regal, Rob Van Dam and Curt Hennig w/Ted DiBiase to retain the WCW Television Championship

Usually fatal four ways don’t get that great of a rating on EWR, but this one got an exceptional rating for me. All of these men usually have great chemistry together and I wanted to throw them all into a fatal four way for the TV title. AJ’s feuding with Curt and RVD’s feuding with Regal so it seemed like a good call to put them all together. In the end, it gave us a solid rating. I’m happy about this and I’m happy that all of these guys are getting over because of it.

Match 3 – Jamie Noble (c) def. Jeff Hardy to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

I think the wrong man won this match, looking back. I wanted Jamie to develop a solid run with the Cruiserweight title but Jeff is far more over. Despite that, these two put together a quality match. This was the highest rated match in the show and it helped boost the prestige of the Cruiserweight title tremendously. It’d lost a bit of prestige after Silvio Maldini was stripped of the title. A huge plus for the Cruiserweight division, but I think Jeff should have won the belt.

Match 4 – Chris Benoit def. Randy Savage

I think Savage’s age had an impact on the rating of this match. Savage has some good stats but Chris Benoit is a lot more quicker. For some reason, the chemistry was way off. That’s a shame because this would have been quite a dream match for me. Also, Chris Benoit’s been unhappy in WCW for the last few months. That probably factored in the rating as he wasn’t put a lot of effort in. 77% is not to bad of a rating but it’s not helping either man to a great degree. Piper interfered allowing Benoit to pick up the win. This will lead into Piper vs Savage at the next PPV I think. Based on this, I’m not quite sure how that’ll do. However, Savage and Piper are both really over. It might not be a great match but at least the crowd reaction will be high.

Match 5 – Dean Malenko and Ultimo Dragon def. Diamond Dallas Page (c) and Arn Anderson (c), and Bill Goldberg and Scott Steiner in a triple threat tag team match to win the WCW Tag Team Championship

Considering that Bill Goldberg’s unhappy backstage and all the different styles in this match, I thought this match did a good rating. I figured that the “Diamond Enforcers” DDP and Arn needed to drop the titles. I was going to have them drop the titles to Steiner and Goldberg at the last PPV, but I changed my mind. Goldberg’s contract is coming to an end and I don’t think he’ll want to re-sign. I wanted to give Dean and Dragon a run with the titles because I figured that they could go far with the belts. Dean Malenko’s gotten over because of feuds with Raven and Bret Hart so him and Dragon winning the tag titles could help both men.

Match 6 – Raven (c) def. Hollywood Hogan to retain the WCW International Championship

I was really tempted to put the title on Hogan, but I went with Raven. Raven’s still the leader of the Exiles, so I have to keep him strong. This wasn’t a great match, but the crowd reaction helped boost it up a bit. These two have had a lot of high-rated segments on television, so I’m going to keep this going I think.

Match 7 – Sting def. Bret Hart

This is an interesting match for me. Sting and his Scorpion Deathlock going up against Bret Hart and the Sharpshooter. It delivered a 91% rating, which I’m VERY satisfied about. It delivered the second best match of the night. Sting went over but Bret attacked him afterwards, setting up a rematch for the next PPV.

Match 8 – Chris Jericho def. Booker T (c) and Eddie Guerrero w/Paul Heyman to win the WCW Championship

For the first time since Bash at the Beach, we’ve got a NEW WCW Champion! Jericho was surpassing Booker T in popularity so I decided to have him win the belt. Jericho won after capitalising on Booker T’s Scissors Kick and pinning Eddie to win the belt. I have a great few months lined up for Jericho and hopefully this will come off well in the game.

It was an alright PPV really boosted by the Piper’s Pit segment and the Cruiserweight title match. I was expecting the WCW Title match to deliver a rating in the 90s but I’m not to bothered. What this does though is set the table well for 2001 where things will get very exciting in WCW.



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