Will Braun Strowman Be A Hit Or Miss In WWE


Braun Strowman became the newest member of the Wyatt Family on the RAW after Summerslam. He was brought up from the performance centre and debuted by attacking Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. That’s a hell of a way to debut on the main roster, by going after top talents like Reigns and Ambrose. Not only that, but he is aligned with one of the best talkers on the entire roster. He’s been given the tools to really go places in the WWE. He’s also got the freakish size that gives him the look of a monster and he acts as a monster. He is the Black Sheep of the Wyatts. However, will the Black Sheep be a forced to be reckoned with or just another big disappointment in WWE?

It may seem a bit unfair to judge how well Braun will do in WWE based on being on the roster for a few weeks. With that in mind though, the few weeks he’s been here has seen him take out some top dudes in the WWE. He’s been beating up Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose every week, he beat Dean Ambrose via DQ in his first match and he’s attacked Randy Orton on RAW alongside the Wyatt Family. He’s started off as your typical monster does in WWE – squashing everyone in his path. However, a lot of monsters have done this and failed. Usually that comes down to one particular reason, which I’ll get to later. However, it’s still important to not lose sight of the past. If you lose sight of the past, it can come back to bite you.

Braun is an incredibly big dude and is quite the powerhouse. His background before arriving in WWE’s Performance Centre included Braun being a champion “strongman” in a number of international competitions. That’s quite the CV to bring into wrestling. However, his wrestling abilities are still unclear at this junction. When trying to get a new wrestler over, a promoter would focus on showing the fans what he could do in the ring. When Apollo Crews debuted at NXT TakeOver, the thing the NXT wanted to get across was his incredibly athleticism despite his size. That’s what has brought Apollo into WWE to begin with. What has brought Braun into the WWE was his size and strength. That will be the focal point of WWE’s promotion of this fella. However, I think THAT is an issue in itself because Braun reminds me of a past monster that came into WWE and was promoted PURELY because of his size. That man… was The Great Khali.


The Great Khali was promoted as this unbeatable monster upon arriving into WWE. He overpowered and took out the Undertaker in shades of Undertaker’s battles with Giant Gonzalez. He dominated everyone. He beat World Champion Rey Mysterio in a squash match on SmackDown! He squashed THE UNDERTAKER at Judgement Day! WWE would emphasize the size of this man, putting him in big stare-downs with the likes of Undertaker and the Big Show. They did this… because they sure as hell couldn’t promote his actually wrestling ability!

His size was the crooks of his success. Braun Strowman’s size will be the crooks of his success. The reason I say this is because Braun’s only had one match since he arrived on the main roster. According to the Internet Wrestling Database, Braun has had EIGHT matches in his overall wrestling career! I think with that in mind, Braun shouldn’t have been brought up THIS early into his career. He’s not had the experience needed to really hang with the main event stars. If Randy Orton comes back for Braun, how is Braun going to fare against Orton in a big match on PPV?

Of course, his lack of experience isn’t NECESSARILY a bad thing. Big Show won the WCW Championship in his FIRST EVER MATCH against Hulk Hogan, and look where he is now. He’s been a top star in WWE AND WCW and has improved over time. Albert Einstein said “The only source of knowledge is experience,” and it could just be a matter of trial and tribulation for Braun to truly get rolling. However, I think it’s down to the WWE itself and how they treat Braun.

Whenever an emotional weakness of a monster is exposed in WWE, that usually spells the beginning of the end. Rusev is currently losing his sense of fear with his romance angle involving Lana and Dolph Ziggler (you can read my thoughts on that storyline at this link). The longer Braun stays with Bray Wyatt, the better. However, the WWE have to be REALLY careful if they want Braun to be the next big thing in WWE.


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