SPOILER: Mystery Partner For Six Man Tag Team Match At Night Of Champions Revealed?

WARNING: If you want to potentially get spoiled for Night Of Champions, click away now.


So an image was apparently posted onto WWE.com and then taken down, apparently spoiling who Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose’s partner would be in their six man tag team match against the Wyatt Family at Night Of Champions. It was announced that Dean, Roman and a “mystery partner” would face Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. The image below “reveals” that the man set to team with Dean and Roman is in fact…. Baron Corbin.


I’m somebody that really doesn’t know what to make of Baron. When I see him in NXT, I never quite know what to make of him. It seems that WWE is really high on him as he’s won feuds against the likes of Bull Dempsey and Rhyno. He portrays himself as this hard case with a superiority complex due to how he’s excelled in everything he’s done. He was a standout in American Football and things like that. This dude seems right up WWE’s ally. The fans seem split on him. I see a few people saying they like him while I’ve see a lot of fans say they hate him. Having recently wrapped up his feud with Samoa Joe recently (which he lost) it seems now that Baron’s going to make it onto the main roster and in a big way.

I think if this is really going down, then it could have great implications for Baron’s career. Out of all the ways that NXT dudes can get promoted up the roster, this would probably be one of the better ones for Baron. He comes up and gets a lot of exposure immediately. Usually, the problem with NXT guys debuting on the main roster is that the WWE writers have a FAR different outlook on this wrestlers than the NXT writers. Look at the Ascension. The NXT writers saw them as this dominating evil team while the WWE writers saw them as a LOD-like team. It just killed the momentum they had built up on NXT. With this debut, it wouldn’t seem that this will be happening to Baron.


If he, Reigns and Ambrose wins, he looks really strong. I’m envisioning that Baron would probably come in initially as this anti-hero. He comes up to help Dean and Roman only to attack them after the match. Baron’s portrayed on NXT as a very selfish guy. The idea that he’d help Dean and Roman out of the goodness of his heart seems a bit unbelievable. The idea that Dean and Roman would pick Corbin as their partner seems a bit off the table either as why would they bother? Why would they go to NXT and pick a heel to go up against the Wyatts? Why would they pick a heel that has just lost a feud to Samoa Joe? Hell, why wouldn’t they just ask JOE to be their partner?

If anything, Baron could try and convince Roman and Dean to pick him so he could step up and get this opportunity to show the WWE Universe what he’s all about. However, Baron proves afterwards that he’s always been in it for himself. Maybe he costs Roman the match or attacks him afterwards, leading into a feud. He would use them to propel his own career. I think bringing up this way would make sense than just to bring him up as a good guy.


Of course, this is all just speculation. For all we know, it could have just been an error. The WWE might have had a number of graphics made like that featuring a number of guys, since they hadn’t decided. They might have just thrown Baron’s name into the mix and the image somehow found it’s way onto the website. I know that a mistake like this is truly monumental as it could possibly be spoiling future storylines. However, I don’t totally buy into the fact that the WWE have already made up their minds about Roman and Dean’s partner. They’ve got two weeks to decide so that would give them plenty of time to keep the WWE Universe guessing while they decide.

Considering this was WWE.com, they might have been planning an article on “Who Could Team With Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose?” and might have just been planning to mention Baron as a potential tag team partner. This is just me speculating but it’s important to note that maybe it’s not as it seems.

Keep in mind, if they were actually going to go with Baron and now knowing that this image got out, WWE might actually drop Baron as the partner now. They might simply just go with somebody else now that Baron’s name got out there. It would seem off to me that WWE would see this leaked out and then just stick with it.

So yeah, according to a leaked image onto WWE.com, WWE is apparently planning to have Baron Corbin team up with Reigns and Ambrose against the Wyatt Family at Night Of Champions.

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