Hello everybody!

Part 27 of the Extreme Warfare Revenge series is on its way. It’ll be Starrcade 2000 and we’ve got a huge main event with Booker T defending the WCW Championship against Chris Jericho AND Eddie Guerrero in a triple threat match. That card has already been booked and saved on the game and we’ve moved onto 2001. At the start of the new year, the game compiles a list of the 100 Top Workers in the game. It’s sort of like the PWI 500 list from real life to determine who is the best worker in the world.

In this game, WCW dominated this list. WCW’s own Chris Jericho topped the list, having incredibly in-game stats that put him leagues ahead of everyone else. And to show you just how great we looked on this list, check out the top 11 wrestlers in this list…


Yep, we DESTROYED the WWF in this list! Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart were in the mix for them, but everyone else is fighting for good old WCW! There’s a lot of cruiserweights in the mix like Jeff Hardy and Jamie Noble. Another interesting one is Lodi, who’s apart of the Exiles group. Perhaps he needs a push?

NOTE: The reason it says 2017 on the screen is because the game uses the computer clock to work out a in-game calendar. I started this last year and we’re a few years into the in-game calendar, so it’s added up to us being in 2017 in the game. I could solve this by setting back my computer clock. However, I AM NOT changing my computer clock back to 1998!

So yeah, just a little post to share with you guys on the WCW series. Another little thing to add. If you guys recall, I began a mini-series on a wrestler I hired called Daniel Biggerstaff. He had the worst stats in the game and I wanted to see how much I could develop him if I signed him to a year contract. I started doing the Daniel Biggerstaff challenge and immediately shot him in NXT. He’s now three months into his contract so let’s see how much he’s improved in 3 months!


His overness has went up by 6 points! So it’s nice to know that he’s slowly beginning to get over with the crowd… slightly! His brawling stats went up by 4, his speed went up by 5, his technical stats went up by 4 and his charisma has went up by 3. His charisma seems to need a lot more work done than the rest but he’s slowly developing! It’s a work in progress!

There’s also one little funny picture which I shared on the @ArmbarExpress Twitter which I’m gonna shot on here. I basically tried to change Ernest Miller’s gimmick. I hadn’t really done a lot with Ernest in this EWR universe but I still wanted to keep him to see how he did on TV and stuff. His gimmick was “Martial Arts” so I wanted to change it to “Dancer” considering that was his big gimmick. This was the reply I got from Ernest in the game…


Anyway, that’s the end of the EWR update! Be sure to check out the rest of the content on the Armbar Express!


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