Undertaker Booed On RAW – Thoughts and Reactions


This week on RAW, we’ve heard something that we’ve not heard for probably more than a decade. Never in our wildest dreams did we think WWE would be able to pull this off but on RAW, they found a way to do it. They managed to get the Undertaker… booed.

Last night’s RAW was in Minnesota and it was the homecoming of Minnesota’s own Brock Lesnar. Brock got a TREMENDOUS reaction from the crowd. Brock is probably the WWE’s hottest property at this moment. Him coming back home and Paul Heyman literally singing his praises was special. But the celebrations were interrupted by the Undertaker. Having spoken earlier on in the show, Taker returned to deliver a low blow. In a similar fashion to Battleground, Undertaker chokeslammed and tombstoned Lesnar to end the show. This resulted in the Minnesota crowd booing Undertaker in what was an incredibly rare moment.

However, after watching RAW I went on Twitter. I’ve been on a few things actually and I’ve seen a lot of fans condemning the Minnesota crowd for booing the Dead Man who just attacked their hometown hero. Many fans were claiming that they disrespected the Undertaker and they were wrong to boo him. My response is this…. what did you think was going to happen?

Undertaker was technically already a heel before this segment began. He was a bad guy that LOW BLOWED Brock Lesnar at Battleground and helped the heel champion retain his title. A low blow is a DIRTY tactic that heels do to gain the upper hand. A last resort used by heels because they can’t beat their opponents straight on. Paul Heyman cut a promo last night saying that Undertaker used a low blow because he was afraid. Undertaker’s attack pretty much confirmed what Heyman said. Undertaker was acting cowardly, so of course the fans were going to boo. When Kevin Owens backs out from a fight, you’d boo because you’d want to see him actually fight. You want to see Undertaker go at it head on with Lesnar like he did a month ago on RAW in that massive brawl. Taker fans would be disappointed for Taker going down this route. In Kayfabe Land… you’d boo.

Not to mention that the attack came after a special moment with Brock Lesnar’s homecoming in front of his home town crowd. Brock is Minnesota’s champion. He is their claim to fame. He’s a Minnesota boy. Just like I’d cheer my local football team Middlesbrough FC. Just like those from Boston would cheer for the Red Sox. You cheer for those that represent you and your town. In 2012 on an episode of RAW, Chicago’s CM Punk walked out on a match in front of his home town but they still cheered him. Why would they boo him? If you watch your local sports team, you would not cheer the other team! So why would Minnesota fans boo Lesnar? And why wouldn’t they boo Undertaker?


The ending to RAW last night was simply brilliantly worked by WWE. It was a heartwarming moment with Brock returning home followed by Undertaker ruining the party with a low blow and attacking Minnesota’s own. It was exactly what Undertaker needed to get himself “heel heat”. I understand Undertaker fans tweeting about how it was disrespectful to boo the Undertaker but it would be an insult to the Undertaker if at this moment… you didn’t.

Undertaker’s latest character development is how the Undertaker realizes he is no longer immortal. Brock conquered his streak and he realizes that in order to maintain his place in WWE, he has to do whatever it takes. And whatever it takes actually means WHATEVER it takes. The Undertaker is 50 years old now and has spent the majority of the last five years being injured. He cannot beat foes head on like he’s supposed to. He needs to do whatever it takes to stay alive in the WWE and unfortunately, he has to go against the wishes of the WWE universe to do so.

The fans now booing Undertaker is them realizing that this not the same old Undertaker that they’re used to it. It’s a vengeful reaper who will go to any depths necessary to exact his revenge. Indeed, Undertaker has returned to the darkness once more and it’s made for compelling television on RAW.

3 thoughts on “Undertaker Booed On RAW – Thoughts and Reactions

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