Welcome to another edition of Extreme Warfare Ravenge: WCW 1998. We saw the return of the series with Halloween Havoc last week. Now it’s time to get rocking again with another edition. So let’s get to it.

We’ve got a lot of interesting match-ups on this PPV, including Dean Malenko vs Raven and Rob Van Dam vs Bret Hart. AJ Styles will defend the WCW TV title against Rowdy Roddy Piper and Eddie Guerrero is challenging Booker T for the WCW title! So let’s get to it.


Pre-Show – Eric Bischoff makes a deal with Scott Steiner

WCW President Eric Bischoff cuts an in-ring promo hyping up World War 3, vowing that Booker T would lose the World Heavyweight Championship. This was interrupted by Scott Steiner. Scott talked about how he followed Bischoff’s lead in the nWo. He stuck through Eric during the best and worst of times and says that he needs Bischoff to do him a favour. Steiner said he appreciated Bischoff giving Jamie Noble a Cruiserweight title shot in the Cruiserweight battle royal. However, Steiner is annoyed that he is not on the card for World War 3 at all. Bischoff vows to “owe him one” if Steiner does one thing for him… guest referee the WCW Tag Team Title match between the Diamond Enforcers and the Exiles’ Perry Saturn and Road Dogg. Steiner agrees and says that him and his Steiner System are going to shoot to the top of WCW. Holla if ya hear me…

Match 1 – Jamie Noble def. Jeff Hardy, Lodi, Low Ki, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio, Shane Helms, Kidman and Chavo Guerrero in a 10 man battle royal to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

In my WCW title history post, I reported that WCW Cruiserweight Champion Silvio Maldini had been suspended for three months and stripped of his title. With this match, we were to crown a new champion. It was very hard to decide on a winner. Jeff Hardy was considered with his ever rising popularity. Rey Mysterio was the former champion before Silvio beat him, and he was considered to regain his title. Former champions Tajiri and Chavo Guerrero were also in the running. Ultimo Dragon is a personal favourite of mine and was highly considered. There were a lot of great options but I went with the Steiner System’s Jamie Noble. I wanted a heel to be champion and the Steiner System stable also needed a bit of credit to it’s name. Jamie winning the belt is the right way to do that. Steiner MIGHT win a title himself but we’ll see…

Match 2 – AJ Styles (c) def. Rowdy Roddy Piper in a Street Fight to retain the WCW Television Championship

I feel kinda bad for having Piper lose considering he passed away just a few weeks ago. However, I’m sure Piper would understand building your future talent. On the game, Piper actually has 100% overness. So there’s little need for him to win the TV Championship at the moment. AJ’s been rolling along well as champion although I MIGHT consider having him drop the belt soon. Again, it’s a bit MIGHT. It’s hard to have somebody drop the belt after holding it for a while. It has to be the right guy. I also like how cool it is that this match was the highest rated in the show so far! Piper was involved in the top match of the card! Great job, Hot Rod!

Match 3 – “Diamond Enforcers” Diamond Dallas Page (c) and Arn Anderson (c) def. Road Dogg and Perry Saturn to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship. Scott Steiner was the special guest referee.

The Diamond Enforcers retain the belts over the Exiles’ Road Dogg and Perry Saturn. After Steiner was taken out with the Spinebuster by Arn, DDP dropped Saturn with the Diamond Cutter. With the ref out, DDP forcefully made Steiner deliver the three count while he was out! It was like when Steve Austin made Vince McMahon count to three in a match with Dude Love in 1998. I’m surprised how well the Diamond Enforcers are doing as tag team champions. They are both incredibly over and it’s going to take quite the team to beat them for the belts. Road Dogg and Saturn just weren’t over enough to be honest. The tag titles have a lot value in my universe and it has to be held by a special tag team. Good showing though.

Match 4 – Bret Hart def. Rob Van Dam in a submission match

As much as I’d hate to have RVD job out just after losing the International Championship, I’ve got to keep Bret Hart’s overness up. He’s just lost to Dean Malenko at Halloween Havoc and I’ve got give the big stars some big wins to keep their stock up. Bret needed this win. RVD will get his way into the WCW title scene. It’s just gonna take a while.

Match 5 – Raven (c) def. Dean Malenko in a Falls Count Anywhere match to retain the WCW International Championship

Dean’s not quite ready for a WCW International title run yet. Maybe in the future, but Raven’s overness is just at a completely different level to Dean’s. Dean really does struggle to get over. Dean’s doing well now but that’s mostly down to a high profile feud with Bret Hart (who he beat at Halloween Havoc). Raven’s always been consistently over. Also with him being the top heel, he kinda needs to hold onto the belt for now.

Match 6 – Chris Jericho def. Curt Hennig w/Ted DiBiase in a 30 minute Ironman match to become the number one contender for the WCW Championship

Jericho’s back in the hunt for the WCW title! This match didn’t quite do the rating I expected it to do, but it helps keep up the consistent good scores in the show so far!

Match 7 – Hollywood Hogan and Sting def. Chris Benoit and Randy Savage in a hardcore tag team match

Savage cements his face turn by turning on Chris Benoit during his tag match with Hogan and Sting. Savage returned as a face at Fall Brawl but “vowed” to work with Chris Benoit and Team Bischoff in his war with Hogan and Sting. Savage turns on Benoit to give Hogan and Sting the big win!

Match 8 – Booker T (c) def. Eddie Guerrero w/Paul Heyman in a Last Man Standing match to retain the WCW Championship

I was really unsure about the finish. I really wanted to have Eddie win the belt but I’m not sure that Eddie’s in the right place to win the belt. He’s still part of a group and he would really struggle to stand out on his own at the moment. Booker’s still going strong anyway so he got the win. If in doubt, keep the title on the champion. That’s my motto. However, Booker’s celebration was cut short. During his celebration, Jericho came out to smack Booker with the WCW title! Jericho sends a statement as the new number one contender!

That’s it for Part 26 of this series! It wasn’t one of the strongest PPVs I’ve done when it comes to the in-game ratings. However, I think I’ve set the table well for our next PPV “Starrcade”. Starrcade will hopefully be up some time in the next week so stay tuned!


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