Yesterday saw the return on the WCW EWR series with our latest PPV “Halloween Havoc“. However, I wanted to give you guys a bit of treat as I’ve compiled the title histories of EVERYONE of my championships in the game! It’s pretty detailed and is formatted in a Wikipedia-like table. These tables will show you whose won the championships, when they won it, how many days that they held it, how many reigns they’ve had and any other useful notes. These lists take into account how many titles champions have held before. Any new titles reign they have will be added to how many championships they had in real life. For example, Sting was the default champion for my game. The game is set in January and Sting was in his third title reign having just beating Hollywood Hogan at Starrcade. Therefore, his title count will begin at 3.

An issue with this game is that the game itself begins in NOVEMBER 1998, rather than WCW January. I calculated the original title reigns from the day they won the championship (in real life) up until the 1st of January 1998… which is what this mod was based on. That combined with how long I had them hold the title for will give you an estimated guess as to how long these championship reigns would have lasted. It’s not entirely accurate but if I wanted to get it 100% accurate, I’d have to set my computer clock by to 1998! As much as I love this game, I’m not going to those kind of extremes!

Anyway, do check out the title reign history. If there’s no notes, then the match the champion won their belt in was a singles match (or in the tag titles case, a tag match. There’s also a bit of news regarding one of the championship.

Shortly after Halloween Havoc 2000, I suspended WCW Cruiserweight Champion Silvio Maldini for three months due to backstage issues. This had been his third offence and he had been suspended for a month before, so he’s been given a more substantial punishment. Of course, this suspension means that Silvio can’t defend the Cruiserweight Championship due to the 30 day title rule. Ryback and Nikki Bella might be able to get away with this but not Silvio! With his suspension, the title has been vacated and a new champion will be crowned at World War 3 2000.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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