NOTE: To get a bit of recap about what’s happened previously in WCW EWR, please read the Season One Recap to find out more and also check out our last PPV, Fall Brawl.


Pre-Show – Suicide Blondes (Edge and Christian) def. Perry Saturn and Road Dogg

This gives the young guns Edge and Christian a chance to shine now that they’re building up some momentum. With the Exile members Perry Saturn and Road Dogg Edge and Christian have some pretty tough competition against two of the most over members of the group. They win and hopefully it will help build to a future tag team title shot. An 81% rating is fine considering Edge and Christian’s overness is less than Saturn and Road Dogg.

Match 1 – Chris Jericho def. Rowdy Roddy Piper

Piper has targeted Chris Jericho, whose one of the men that opposed Eric Bischoff in the five on five at Fall Brawl. Bischoff’s promised Piper a reward if he was able to take Piper out. However, Jericho picks up the win to kick off the main card. 88% is a strong way to open up the main card.

Match 2 – Ultimo Dragon def. Yoshihiro Tajiri in a number one contendership match for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Cruiserweights still stealing the show, with Ultimo Dragon beating the Asian Invasion’s newest leader Tajiri. 95% showing how well the division is stacking up compared to the rest of the roster. It’ll be interesting to see how the division will develop.

Match 3 – Hollywood Hogan and Sting def. Curt Hennig and Eddie Guerrero w/Paul Heyman

Hogan and Sting are also on Eric Bischoff’s hit list. Therefore, he’s sent Curt Hennig and Eddie Guerrero on them in this tag team match. I think the match quality dampened the match quality down a little. Mostly down to Hogan, who’s gonna struggle to put together a high quality match in the year 2000. However, Hennig and Eddie should be able to boost it up a little. I’ll take the 83% overall rating.

Match 4 – Diamond Dallas Page, Arn Anderson and Rey Mysterio def. Scott Steiner, Jamie Noble and Silvio Maldini

The “Diamond Enforcers” DDP and Arn Anderson, WCW Tag Team Champions, have been feuding with the Steiner System as of late. Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio has been feuding with the WCW Cruiserweight Champion Silvio Maldini since Fall Brawl. Solution? Six man tag team match! A lovely 87% rating for these six great in-ring workers.

Match 5 – AJ Styles (c) def. Steven Regal in a Submission match to retain the WCW Television Championship

Sadly, this was not able to duplicate the 99% overall rating from their match at Fall Brawl! However, a 94% rating is good enough for me! AJ wins with his newest submission the “Calf Killer”.

Match 6 – Dean Malenko def. Bret Hart in a Steel Cage match

Dean Malenko finally gets his big win over a main eventer, with a feud winning Steel Cage match against Bret Hart. Dean wins clean, but I was hoping that the ratings would get in the 90s. At least Dean’s push to the main event scene has been hugely helped with this mini-feud with Bret Hart.

Match 7 – Raven (c) def. Rob Van Dam in a Hardcore match for the WCW International Championship

Raven retains the International title against RVD in their rematch from Fall Brawl. I do have a nice little feud lined up for the WCW International Championship.

Match 8 – Booker T (c) def. Chris Benoit for the WCW World Championship. If Booker T gets disqualified, he’ll lose the title.

Booker T staves off the temptations to lose his temper and get DQ’d to retain the WCW title against Chris Benoit.



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