How I Would Book… The End Of The Streak [Part One]

Wrestlemania XXX will go down as one of the most memorable wrestling events of all time. Not just one of the most memorable Wrestlemanias, not one of the most memorable PPVs, no. If you think back to all the great wrestling events, whether it be PPVs or House Shows, there has never been one quite like this one. But there’s one moment that all us wrestling fans will look back on as one of the most shocking moments in wrestling history. Brock Lesnar conquering the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, becoming the one in 21-1. Although a lot of fans were outraged about the decision to have the “part-timer” conquer the streak, a lot of wrestlers like Chris Jericho agreed with it. Jericho said once on his podcast that “Brock was the only one that should have broken that streak”. But what I want to know is, was there other candidates out there that should have been given this accomplishment? Was there anyone else that needed it more? And if so… who else should have broken the streak?


It’s important to note that although there’s reports of Vince McMahon deciding the end the streak 4 hours before the Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker match, this can’t have been an easy decision for him to make. For years, this was one of the marque matches of Wrestlemania. It was usually the match of the night, with all the drama and fans wondering “Could this year be the year?” In times, it’s been argued by fans whether having the big match with the Undertaker is bigger than the main event of Wrestlemania itself. Even if you lose, you’re still up against a true legend like Undertaker taking on his streak. That all changed at Wrestlemania 30, when Brock Lesnar broke the streak.

Sadly, his match with Brock Lesnar WASN’T a show stealer match which stole the show. In fact, it didn’t really need to. The moment itself stole the show. No disrespect to Daniel Bryan and his title win, but Undertaker’s streak made HEADLINES around the world. There have been few things in recent years in the WWE that have garnered as much interest from the media than the streak ending. And nobody in WWE had the real-life credentials and the star power to break it other than Brock Lesnar.

It gave Lesnar that “mystique” that made him different from everybody else. He was the UFC Heavyweight Champion, he was the youngest Undisputed WWE Champion and now he has done something that no one else has. He beat the Undertaker and he used that to conquer the WWE Universe in 2014. He destroyed John Cena at Summerslam and reigned as the unbeatable WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar. To give WWE credit, they did a great job at taking advantage of Lesnar’s BIG win. Other than his disqualification loss to Cena at Night of Champions, there’s little complaint about how Brock was booked after he broke the streak.

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So if we’re going to have that streak be broken, then we’ve got to have a good idea about how this elevates the man who breaks it. Where does he go from there? What happens next? How is this big win going to effect this wrestler’s life? Like, let’s see we had Roman Reigns end that streak. It’s all well and good, and he’s clearly someone WWE would want to push into the limelight. After all, they had Roman Reigns compete in the main event of Wrestlemania 31. So if you have a plan, you can book accordingly. But you CANNOT have the streak end just to create a MOMENT. If you’re going to have this streak end, then it needs to lead to something.

So when considering a new candidate, you have to think “Who needs this the most?” Who needed a huge win over the Undertaker that can develop his character and elevate him to new heights? Not wanting to use the term “use as a stepping stone”, but whoever beats the Undertaker will have to play a big role in the WWE’s future. And it also has to be somebody that can stand-out as THE ONE. What I mean is this person can’t be just like every other wrestler. He has to be unique. That’s why Brock Lesnar made such a good streak-breaker, because he had the credentials that differed him from the Hulk Hogans, The Rocks and Steve Austins. He was the UFC guy. He was the NCAA guy. He was the guy that’s special and different from everybody else. So whoever beats the Undertaker should be somebody special.

Now, for this storyline, we not going to be THAT strict about the timing of the streak breaking. If we believe that somebody should have broken it at an earlier time, we can. If we thought that somebody that lost to Undertaker in the past at Wrestlemania should have won that particular match, then that’s fine. But most importantly, we need to point out how he’d be booked following the win and how his win would elevate him.


So given all those stipulations and things to consider, does or did such a wrestler exist?

Before going into potential candidates, we’ll be going through TWO different very well thought-out YouTube videos by those thinking of new candidates. I will be going through these theories and if any of these wrestlers are the right guys to end the streak…

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