Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Extreme Warfare Revenge: WCW 1998 series! Indeed, the series has proven to be a big hit on my blog since it began last year. A lot of blog views have come off the EWR series and I do thank you all that checked it out. It’s a really fun game to play and it’s nice to see others checking out my WCW storylines. I’m very grateful to you all.

HOWEVER, the series has been on a bit of a hiatus as of late for a number of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to get back to doing a number of the things that I started off this blog doing. I wanted to do a lot more real-life analysis of WWE and it’s programming, as well as bringing back the reviews with my WWE Battleground 2015 review. Also, I’ve developed the “How I Would Book…” series which has really taken off in its own right. I think it’s fair to say people like to see fantasy booking and that’s good to see!

I’m all for people getting creative, especially with wrestling. And that’s one of the reasons why I love playing EWR. It gives us the chance to show the world how we’d book wrestling shows ourselves.


I’m happy to announce that I AM planning to bring back the series once again with the WCW 1998 save! I MIGHT do a PPV or two with the TNA series but I’m unsure about that one. My main focus will be the WCW EWR series as that’s the big hitter. I can’t say for sure how many PPVs I’ll be doing but I will tell you that I’m planning a “re-upload” of sorts of my last post, WCW Fall Brawl 2000. I’m just going to upload it again and tidy it up a bit with the storylines and stuff which I didn’t explain thoroughly enough before due to… well let’s call it time restraints. That’ll be re-uploaded as well as the follow-up PPV “Halloween Havoc”, which I did a while ago but I never actually got around to posting it on the blog. But that’s in the books and it’s just a matter of me writing it up.

So yeah, I can guarantee that you’ll see those two posts soon on the blog. The Daniel Biggerstaff challenge which I introduced will STILL be going on. Do click on this link to find out all about that little side-plot added to the series!

Before any of this happens, I would like to do a recap of everything that’s happened so far. Consider it a “Season One Recap” if you will, with everything that happened up until Fall Brawl 2000. That PPV had a “Season Finale” like feel to it so it does kinda make sense. This will be kicking off what I consider to be “Season Two”.

However, I will be working on other aspects of the blog too. I do want to continue with the How I Would Book… series and I have a lot of plans for that. Therefore, content for THIS series isn’t going to be as intense as it used to be! So if we go weeks or months without a post, I do apologize. However, I hope you’ll appreciate the other content on this blog in the mean time. If you guys needing catching up on the series, here’s a list of every blog post from “Season One”. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @ArmbarExpress for updates and postings of new content!

Part 1 – World War 3

Part 2 – Starrcade

Part 3 – Souled Out

Part 4 – Superbrawl

Part 5 – Uncensored

Part 6 – Spring Stampede

Part 7 – Slamboree

Part 8 – The Great American Bash

Part 9 – Bash At The Beach

Part 10 – Road Wild

Part 11 – Fall Brawl

Part 12 – Halloween Havoc

Part 13 – World War 3 1999

Part 14 – Starrcade 1999

Part 15 – Souled Out 2000

Part 16 – Superbrawl 2000

Part 17 – Uncensored 2000

Part 18 – Spring Stampede 2000

Part 19 – Slamboree 2000

Part 20 – Nitro of Champions Special

Part 21 – The Great American Bash 2000

Part 22 – Bash At The Beach 2000

Part 23 – Road Wild 2000

Part 24 – Fall Brawl 2000 (Reuploaded at this link)

Part 25 – Halloween Havoc 2000 

Part 26  – World War 3 2000


2 thoughts on “EXTREME WARFARE REVENGE: WCW 1998 – UPDATE #3

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