How I Would Book… The nWo 19th Anniversary Special [2002] [Part Three]

WARNING: Be sure to check out parts one and two of this series before reading part three if you haven’t already. Just want you to be clued up on what’s been happening in the nWo storyline so far.

In Part Two, there was a lot of developments in the nWo storyline. With Ric Flair drafting the nWo to RAW, the stable respond by attempting to destroy the show and in the process, help Vince McMahon win the ratings war with Ric Flair. It started with the nWo attacking Flair, which led to Hogan beating Flair at Backlash thanks to it’s newest member the Big Show. The group created chaos on RAW, and even targeted Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin would beat the Big Show at Judgement Day to get Hogan at the King of the Ring. The two icons clashed, with the nWo’s Shawn Michaels getting involved. However, his interference was cut off by the returning People’s Champion, The Rock. Despite all of this, a corrupt referee and Vince McMahon helped Hogan pick up the win in this once-in-a-life time match-up. Shortly after, Austin would quit the company (as he did in real-life).


Again, to have a more in-depth look into the storylines, I would suggest you check out parts one and two first. However, now things are getting really interesting. The Rock is back from his sabbatical and is looking for revenge after the events of part one in this series. However, The Rock was drafted to SmackDown! and his contract prevents him from stepping foot on RAW. However, Rock would ignore his contract and would wind up costing the Outsiders their World Tag Team titles against the Hardyz on RAW. This gives the nWo reason to be mad at The Rock and under pressure from both parties, Vince McMahon would allow The Rock and a partner of his choosing to face the Outsiders at Vengeance. Ric Flair would add a stipulation himself… if The Rock and his partner get the win, The Rock would be allowed to wrestle any member of the nWo at Summerslam. The Rock’s partner would be this up-and-comer called Edge and of course, The Rock and Edge would win the match. The next night on RAW, The Rock would announce his opponent for the match at Summerslam… the nWo’s Shawn Michaels!


Michaels’ big comeback match is on and this is one of the dream matches I’ve always wanted see in the WWE. Why not have the match be Shawn Michael’s big return match, considering Michaels cost The Rock his match with Hogan way back at Wrestlemania X8? Everything we’ve seen with Michaels and Rock before was a build up to this big match at Summerslam. So what about Hollywood Hogan and the rest of the group? What’s been going on with them?


The nWo’s X-Pac and Rob Van Dam would continue their feud, which started way back at Backlash. RVD and X-Pac would face of in a street fight at Vengeance, with Rob Van Dam picking up the win. The next night on RAW, Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero would announce his intention to sign up with SmackDown! alongside his returning buddy Chris Benoit. However, Ric Flair cuts him off, saying that if he’s going to jump ship, he will at least put the belt on the line against one of RAW’s finest at Summerslam. He therefore books a fatal four way match between RVD, X-Pac, Booker T and Christian. X-Pac shockingly wins the match and earns a title shot. X-Pac tries to change Eddie’s mind on jumping to SmackDown! and invites him to be apart of the nWo on RAW. Eddie declines by smacking X-Pac with the belt. The Intercontinental title match between the two is booked for Summerslam, with X-Pac bringing home the gold for the nWo and keeping the title on RAW in the process.

3670 - microphone smackdown suit vince_mcmahon wwe

SmackDown! owner Vince McMahon would appear on the RAW after King of the Ring to “shoot” on Austin quitting the company alongside Hogan from the nWo. Vince said he warned everybody that he would be the one to kill the WWE and he’s made good on his promise so far. He’s forced one of the WWE’s top stars to take his ball and go home while the nWo stands tall. Vince rewards Hogan with a Undisputed WWE Championship match at Vengeance against Triple H. Undertaker, who’s be inadvertently cost the Undisputed title by Hogan in the past, would be outraged. Vince and Ric would agree for Undertaker to be put in a match with the newest King of the Ring, Brock Lesnar at Vengeance. Brock’s title shot earned by winning the tournament would be on the line. However, the Big Show (who was the runner up of the King of the Ring) would protest saying that he should be in the match too. Big Show and Undertaker would fight for the right to face Brock at Vengeance, but Brock’s interference would result in a no contest. It would be decided that it would be a triple threat match at Vengeance, with the winner going on to fight the Undisputed Champion at Summerslam.


The match at Vengeance would have the Undertaker and Big Show double chokeslamming Brock through the announce table and the match would boil down to those two. Undertaker would chokeslam Big Show for the finish when the nWo interfere to help the Big Show by attacking the Undertaker. However, with the group distracted with Undertaker, Brock Lesnar would sneak back into the ring, smack Big Show with the chair, and pick up the win. Brock would keep his title shot and the Undertaker would be pissed. This leads to the Undisputed title match later that night between the champion Triple H and the challenger Hollywood Hogan. Triple H would retain the title once more after interference from the Undertaker, who costs Hogan the match. Flair would come out on stage (like Vince did at King of the Ring) clapping on and smiling at what he saw. With tensions between the Undertaker, Hogan, Flair and McMahon reaching a boiling point, a tag team match is booked for 100% control of the WWE. It would be unlikely allies Undertaker and Ric Flair (who fought at Wrestlemania X8) teaming up against Vince McMahon and Hollywood Hogan at Summerslam. So Summerslam would be a pretty stacked card.

You’d have…

  • X-Pac challenging Eddie Guerrero for the Intercontinental title (which X-Pac won)
  • The Outsiders could team up against Goldust and Booker T at the PPV, since they feuded in real-life. The Outsiders would win this.
  • The Rock would finally face off against Shawn Michaels.
  • Hollywood Hogan and Vince McMahon would team up against Ric Flair and Undertaker for 100% control of the WWE.
  • And for the main event, Brock Lesnar would get his Undisputed Championship match against Triple H.

NOTE: In case you were interested, the match between Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle at the event would probably still happen. The Big Show could go up against Booker T, while Rob Van Dam would go up against Christian. And on SmackDown!, it’d be either Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho going up against Edge. The winners for these wouldn’t really matter to the main storyline. I guess the Big Show might need to get the win over Booker T to look strong since he’s lost a few PPV matches in a row. But other than that, not a lot needs to be said about the finishes of the other matches.

So Summerslam….


The three big matches we’ve yet to cover is the tag match for control of the company, The Rock vs HBK and Lesnar vs HHH for the title. Out of all of these three, I’d go for Rock and HBK going on the earliest of the three. The only reason I go with Rock vs HBK first is because control of the WWE and the Undisputed title are all important in the nWo Storyline at this moment. It’s a tough call either way you slice it, but the tag match and the title match are all pretty important in my storyline going forth. So Rock vs HBK goes first.

The winner of this match would be… The Rock. No interference or anything. Shawn Michaels would request that his group not get involved in this match as it is between him and The Rock. This is a 25 minute classic and near-falls everywhere. In the end, Rock ducks the Super Kick and delivers the Rock Bottom for the pin fall over Shawn Michaels. I’d hate to have Michaels lose this match, but I feel I owe The Rock a big match win after jobbing him out to Hogan at Wrestlemania! Shawn doesn’t really lose a lot of from this, even if it’s his first match in over four years. When Shawn Michaels had his match with Triple H at Summerslam in real-life, it was supposed to be a one match deal. He didn’t know how well his back would cope, so there’s no reason to get Michaels back on the full-roster just yet since you wouldn’t know whether Michaels could go 100% yet. So it doesn’t hurt Michaels that much by having him lose. Also, The Rock does eventually return to WWE in 2003. If you want The Rock to keep his credibility as a big star, he has to go over. The Rock goes over, the two shake hands and the crowd applauds their efforts. A heart-warming moment for the WWE universe.


Up next, would be the 100% ownership tag team match. The team of RAW owner Ric Flair and the Undertaker, against the team of SmackDown! owner Vince McMahon and nWo leader Hollywood Hogan. Now I know that Hogan and Undertaker never exactly had the greatest of matches in their real-life encounter at Judgement Day 2002. And I highly doubt that this would be considered a technically sound wrestling match at this point in all of the competitors’ lives. However, if you threw in a no disqualification stipulation, this match could be brought up a bit in this all out brawl. Also, it’s not like these four need to have like a 20 minute match or something. Considering all the other matches on this card, you can keep this to about 10-15 minutes or so. Let’s get to the finish. Vince and Hogan would pick up the win after Flair gets hit with a lead pipe by a masked man with a nWo shirt on. After Vince and Hogan are announced as the winners, the masked man would reveal himself to be none other than former WCW president… Eric Bischoff!


Bischoff will become a key player in the WWE now Vince has back control of his company. As we know, Eric Bischoff was put in charge of RAW as general manager and Stephanie McMahon was put in charge of SmackDown! The same thing happens here, just a month or so after it originally happened in real-life. With Vince having 100% control and the nWo taking control of RAW, Eric becoming the general manager and Bischoff taking control of RAW is the final step in the nWo controlling of the RAW brand. Eric Bischoff will now be officially running the show on behalf of the nWo. The takeover is officially complete and that final step will have huge implications for the group going forward….

And while we’re at it, let’s wrap this up with the Undisputed WWE Championship match between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Not much else really needs to be said other than this… Brock Lesnar wins the belt.


It’s the final step to Brock’s ascension to the top star in the company. It’s important to note that he will be on SmackDown! defending his belt, which will now simply be the WWE Championship. Which leaves RAW without a belt. Speculation begins as to the future of RAW and it’s title picture….

And that wraps things up for part three. Things are really starting to develop now with the nWo gaining more power within the company. I’m looking forward to bringing you part four of this series as we build towards Survivor Series. Business on RAW will be picking up…

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