How I Would Book… The nWo 19th Anniversary Special [2002] [Part Two]

WARNING: If you’ve not seen part one of this How I Would Book, please do so. You’ll need to read that one first in order to understand the storyline a little more. The link is down below:

Part One

Last time during this special nWo How I Would Book, I began re-booking the nWo storyline that started in February 2002 on WWF Television. We recapped what happened in that storyline, the problems on and off-screen with it and we talked a little bit about other takes on this particular “How WWE Should Have Booked”. Let’s recap my booking from the last part of this series.


Everything went exactly as it did in the original nWo storyline until Wrestlemania itself. The nWo arrived and attacked Austin at No Way Out. The Rock challenged Hollywood Hogan for Wrestlemania and Steve Austin would face Scott Hall. At Mania, Hogan would beat The Rock after interference from the newest member Shawn Michaels. The nWo would attack The Rock the next night, which writes him off of television. But now we must turn our attentions to the WWF Draft where things get a little interesting for the faction.

The WWF Draft would still happen and Ric Flair would win the coin toss to go first. His first pick for RAW would be the nWo, to the shock of everyone. The nWo would be initially angry about not working under Vince McMahon, who brought them into the WWF. However, Vince backstage assures the group that things will work out. The rest of the draft picks would play out pretty much the same and The Rock would be Vince’s first draft pick for SmackDown! Vince’s reason for drafting The Rock was to make sure that The Rock would not mess with the nWo on RAW. The Rock would be out at the moment but when he gets back, Vince says he’d do whatever it takes to get the Brahma Bull in line. I would also have Brock Lesnar drafted to SmackDown! rather than RAW. This will play into the storyline later on.


At the end of the draft, Vince would challenge Ric to a fight in the middle of the ring to prove to their newest draftees who’s the top owner in the WWF. Vince lures Ric into the ring and says “Allow me to show you why I’m happy about the nWo being on RAW,” which brings out the group. The nWo attack Ric Flair to end the show. Flair responds the next week by making a match for Backlash… Hollywood Hogan with Shawn Michaels in his corner against Ric Flair with The Big Show in his corner. I’m sure a lot of you will know where this is going!…

Steve Austin, who’s had issues with the nWo himself, would then sign up with RAW. Austin would want the nWo but Flair denies him the opportunity as he wants Hogan himself. He does give Austin a chance to be in the Undisputed Championship match at Backlash, which is a triple threat match between the champion Triple H, SmackDown!’s Chris Jericho (getting his rematch from Wrestlemania X8) and RAW’s #1 contender. Flair would book Steve Austin vs The Undertaker on RAW. Of course, shenanigans from the Outsiders would result in Undertaker winning and going on to the PPV. Austin would then be booked in a tag team match against the Outsiders with a partner of his choosing at Backlash. Austin’s partner would be Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam. However, the Outsiders would pick up the victory at Backlash thanks to the nWo’s newest member, X-Pac. Later on that night, Flair would face Hogan. In that match, Big Show would turn on Flair giving Hogan the victory. This would result in Show also joining the nWo. I understand that having a lot of members in the group are what hurt the nWo in the first place and having two new members revealed on PPV would be a bit much. However, I think Big Show and X-Pac would be nWo inevitabilities anyway, so it’s best to just get them on board early. Also, X-Pac interfering in this way sets things up nicely for him in the coming months…


Ric Flair is pretty banged up from his fight with Hogan but is still running the show on RAW. For the next PPV “Judgement Day” he books a few matches. Since Austin is still gunning for the nWo, he will fight The Big Show inside of a Steel Cage. If he wins this fight, he gets to fight Hogan in the main event of King Of The Ring. Rob Van Dam would come up to Flair and demand a hardcore match with X-Pac at Judgement Day. X-Pac would agree as long as the Intercontinental Championship was on the line. HOWEVER, Eddie Guerrero would end up beating RVD in a non-title math on RAW (albeit with interference) and would demand an Intercontinental Championship match himself. Flair ended up settling the issue with a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship at the PPV. Lastly, after winning the World Tag Team titles at Backlash, the Hardy Boyz would challenge the Outsiders to a tag title ladder match at the PPV which they’d accept.

For Hollywood Hogan, he wouldn’t be booked for Judgement Day. However, he would make an agreement with the Undertaker to help him in his upcoming Undisputed Championship match against Triple H at Judgement Day. Hogan said that he needed to maintain the chaos in the WWE and Undertaker winning was a big part of that. So Judgement Day is all set for the nWo….


Judgement Day is a PPV of ups-and-downs for the group. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would walk out with the tag team titles after beating the Hardyz due to botched interference from Lita. Eddie, RVD and X-Pac have a hell of a match for the Intercontinental Championship but it would be Eddie Guerrero that walks out with the title. Austin would beat Big Show in the Steel Cage match thanks to Ric Flair, resulting in Austin vs Hogan for King Of The Ring. In the main event, Hogan’s attempt at interference results in him hitting Undertaker with the chair. Austin comes out to thwart Hogan’s plan and gives him the Stone Cold Stunner. Triple H retains the championship among the chaos. This sets up the King Of The Ring…

The big match, which I would book as the main event, is Hogan vs Austin at King Of The Ring. Along with that, Shawn Michaels says he’s going to be in his corner for the big match. However, let’s have a look at everyone else in the stable…

The Outsiders would be defending the tag titles in the rematch with the Hardyz, so they’re taken care off. The King Of The Ring tournament would feature X-Pac and Big Show as participants for the nWo. X-Pac would be eliminated by Rob Van Dam in the 1st round. However, X-Pac would cost RVD his quarter final match against The Big Show. However, Rob Van Dam would be booked for his Intercontinental Championship rematch with Eddie Guerrero at King of the Ring. X-Pac tells Eddie that he’s watching out for him, hoping for him to win. The Semi-Finalists for the tournament would be Big Show, Booker T, Brock Lesnar and Edge. The Undisputed Title match would be Triple H defending the title against SmackDown!’s Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle and RAW’s Undertaker in a fatal four way elimination match. And of course, it would be Hogan and Austin in the main event. The stage is set.


The Outsiders, of course, will retain the tag team titles. X-Pac would hit Rob Van Dam with the Intercontinental Championship while Eddie was out and the ref was distracted somehow to help Eddie retain the title. Eddie would look confused as X-Pac embraced him. The King of the Ring tournament would go a little bit like this. In the semi-finals, Brock Lesnar would beat Booker T while Big Show would beat Edge. Big Show tells the nWo that this rookie would be a piece of cake. However, Brock shocks the WWE universe by F5’ing the Big Show and pinning him to be crowned the 2002 King of the Ring. Triple H would retain the Undisputed title which would bring us to Austin vs Hogan.

The match goes on until there’s a ref bump and the ref gets taken out. Shawn Michaels takes advantage to deliver Sweet Chin Music to Austin. However, you hear this….

The Rock has returned and targets Michaels who took him out and cost him the Hogan match at Wrestlemania. He delivers Rock Bottoms to him and Hogan and departs. Austin covers but Hogan kicks out. In the end, Austin would hit the Stunner and the ref would start counting but stop at two. Austin would grab the ref but Hogan would hit the low blow. Hogan hits the leg drop and the ref performs the fast count for the win. Hogan is surprised but elated at these turn of events. Vince McMahon would then come out on the ramp, rubbing his fingers and with a huge smile on his face! And the PPV goes off the air…


And that about wraps things up for part two. Again, that’s a lot to take in for a very short period of time. But again, every member of the group has to have a good reason for being in it. And we are led to the big Hogan vs Austin match that we never got in real-life. For this particular storyline, I’m going to pretend that Austin left the company AFTER King of the Ring rather than just before it (when he left in real life). Because I at least wanted to get the Hogan/Austin match in somehow as that would be something fans had been dying to see. So there you have it. At least Hogan looks incredibly strong now after beating The Rock, Ric Flair and Steve Austin in the space of a few months.

Stay tuned for part three where we build towards Summerslam. Triple H vs Brock Lesnar is the main event for the Undisputed Championship, but the nWo are looking on at this up-and-comer who had just defeated The Big Show in the King of the Ring final. Also, we’re building to ANOTHER dream match we never got to see in real-life for Summerslam. And I think judging by how I booked things, you may be able to see what I have planned! Speaking of plans, what are the plans being cooked up by Hollywood Hogan and SmackDown! owner Vince McMahon?

Stay tuned for part three of this storyline!

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