How I Would Book… Wrestlemania 29 [Part 2] – CM Punk vs Ryback

PART ONE: The Rock vs John Cena vs CM Punk

Last time in this particular “How I Would Book” series, I talked about Wrestlemania 29. I talked about alternative endings for the 2013 Wrestlemania PPV as the original main event of The Rock vs John Cena… wasn’t really one which I agreed with. Other than doing the same main event TWO YEARS in a row, the match itself wasn’t really up to par. We discussed how we’d book one alternative main event in which The Rock, CM Punk and John Cena faced off in a triple threat. Now it’s time to do it with another main event. CM Punk will be the champion for this particular storyline, so The Rock vs John Cena II would just be non-title.

Now for this second one, let me ask you one thing. Who is the one person in 2012 who really shot up the ranks in WWE? Who is the one person in 2012 that with a new gimmick got so over in such a short amount of time? Who was the right guy, in the right place, at the right time to be worthy on winning the Royal Rumble? Who was coming off 2012 still extremely over that needed the Rumble win and to be the one to end CM Punk’s illustrious title reign. Ryback. So what main event would make more sense than CM Punk vs Ryback for the WWE Championship… at Wrestlemania 29?


Alright, I know what you guys are thinking at this point. Having talked about The Rock vs John Cena not being up to par, we’re now throwing in the idea of Ryback vs CM Punk. With their Hell In A Cell match being awful and Punk mentioning his displeasure to wrestle a worker he believed was dangerous, this match would probably not be the greatest spectacle on this show. However, this main event is a main event that would be a satisfying way to end a storyline with a match which you could argue has been a year in the making.

Think about it. Ryback debuts on the SmackDown! after Mania. Punk retained his title at last year’s Mania and has been rolling. After a while, Punk turns heel. In the mean time, Ryback has been rising through the card beating anyone in his patch. This leads to Ryback challenging Punk at Hell In A Cell. Punk ends Ryback’s unbeaten run after a shady referee. Ryback gets screwed out of the title again at Survivor Series when he had the match won. And in their TLC match, Ryback again was robbed off the title. The Royal Rumble is Ryback’s last chance to get another shot at Punk. When he wins the Rumble, the Big Guy’s got one more chance at glory. In a momentousness occasion, Ryback finally claims the WWE Championship having ended the longest title reign in the modern era. Revenge for Punk ending his streak by ending Punk’s history-making title reign. That’s a great build with an ending that makes all of this stuff we’ve been through the last year worthwhile.

That’s pretty much it. That’s all WWE needed to do… except WWE decided to just ignore that and go with Cena vs Rock II. -.-

Cm Punk and Ryback

Now there’s still two questions still to be answered coming off this alternate storyline. Firstly, Undertaker’s again left without an opponent with this storyline. However, we did go over potential candidates which WWE could have went with in the last part, if you’d like to read that post. I’d hate to have to write that all out again, but pretty much Sheamus (after turning heel) would have been my pick.

Secondly, it regards how the Punk vs Rock matches are booked. Not a lot of detail needs to be added other than this…. Cena screws the Rock out of the title.

After all, Rock did it to him at Wrestlemania 29. So it’s not like Cena would attack Rock and suddenly be considered a heel. He would cost him the match, ask for a rematch and the Rock would grant him it. In the end, Cena gets his redemption over The Rock.


So that about wraps up this alternate main event pretty sharply I’m hoping. I’ll admit, there are a few things which would hurt this main event. With Ryback having had so many title matches against Punk in the six months before the main event, the fans might want to see somebody new win and face Punk. Then again, Cena had a lot of title matches too in 2012 and went on to main event Mania. I guess the difference is The Rock being the champion that made Cena’s title match a bit special.

However, what this main event does it subtly wraps up a year’s worth of storylines with a pleasing solution which the hero finally wins the title. We could argue that this storyline started up back when Punk’s title reign STARTED if we really wanted to. However, tying that obvious point into this might be a bit greedy, so let’s call it a day!

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