A Problem With WWE Dropping The Adrian In Neville’s Name


Now it bothers me to no end seeing WWE drop Adrian Neville’s first name and just calling him…


The likes of Rusev, Big E and Cesaro all suffered the same fate as Neville. Their names cut because Vince McMahon see them as being more “marketable” if they’re known by one name. Like with Undertaker, Kane and… well, Heidenreich. The logic appears to be understandable to a degree considering the Madonna’s and Jay-Z’s of the world. Short and sweet names that could just roll off of people’s tounge. In the sense, I sort of get it. But with Neville’s, there’s a problem….


Now as you can see, if you type in Rusev’s name he pops up right away. Rusev is a name which stands out. It’s strong and dominant and it’s a name people will recognize.

Let’s do the same with Cesaro…


Again no problem. These names are so distinct that you could simply type their name in and they’ll pop up right away. First result right. The idea seems to be sound… and then I tried doing the same thing with Neville.

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As you can hopefully see, WWE’s “Neville” doesn’t show up ONCE in the first page of results! Now my search engine is more optimized to UK stuff, true, but surely a currently hot commodity like Neville should show up regardless. But he’s not… because nobody remembers a name like Neville. His name doesn’t pop up until the 4th page of results (other than the first page because it’s linked to my own personal Google+)! But it’s worrying from a marketable position!

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