WARNING: Please read the first part at this link before reading the second!

We’ve begun fantasy booking once again on the Armbar Express! But this time, it’s not a part of the EWR series….

In Part 1, we discussed the potential of a Batista vs Brock Lesnar dream match. Last time, we thought up of an alternative storyline beginning the RAW after the Royal Rumble 2014 in WWE. It stemmed from the encounter between Brock, Batista and Randy on that edition of RAW and it led us to an alternative main event for Summerslam which saw Batista and Brock Lesnar collide. Now it’s time to do it again.

However this time, we’re bringing back to the present. We’re going to explore how I’d book a hypothetical main event match in 2015 of Batista vs Brock Lesnar….


Now on the last one, I explained that this storyline is set right after the RAW after Wrestlemania 31. It’s also not going to be as extensive of a blog post as last time’s due to the fact that there’s not a lot needed for this particular match-up at this particular time, nor is there a lot of active factors like other Paul Heyman guys that could advance to the storyline along. In fact the suspension of Lesnar, which was essential done to write Brock off TV until Summerslam time, is a great premise of a storyline we’re going to establish it on.

Also I pointed out last time that due to Batista’s movie schedule, it’s hard to tell whether Batista would be free to do a Summerslam program with Lesnar. He could still be filming stuff for the 007 Spectre movie. The chances are the most opportunistic time to use Dave would be around Survivor Series when the movie is released. And it also gives the PPV some much needed height and importance with a match-up of this caliber. So that’s why our end-game will be with Survivor Series in mind…


So at this present time, Brock Lesnar is “suspended” after his actions of RAW (which were pretty amazing!). However with Brock out of the picture, Paul Heyman really needs to be a focal point of Lesnar coming back. Because unless he found himself another Paul Heyman guy, what much else is there for Paul Heyman to do?

I think the current situation already puts Heyman in a fickle. Stephanie or Hunter could turn this around on Heyman and blame him for not being able to control Lesnar. Also, the chances of Heyman and Lesnar potentially suing WWE for breach of contract due to Lesnar not getting his rematch are pretty slim too for three reasons…

  1. Heyman and Lesnar have already tried to sue WWE once (kayfabe) in 2012. Redoing the same storyline twice is pretty lame and it would take away the strength of Lesnar for him to resort to legal action.
  2. According to, Lesnar’s already supposedly expecting legal action from Michael Cole following his attack on the announcer on RAW. So why would he risk all the legal costs considering he’s already in a lawsuit?
  3. According to Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar thinks all lawyers are scumbags!


Heyman would obviously be pleading his case and trying to secure the rematch between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on TV. This may fall upon deaf ears. WWE could do a segment where Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon have contract negotiations on television and it could lead to Heyman saying the wrong thing and Stephanie firing him. All of this back-and-forth stuff may last a few months which could lead to Heyman being fired on a PPV or something. WWE probably would be able to find a way to smoke and mirrors this and drag it on. Hell they dragged on the “stripping Daniel Bryan” for a few months, so why not this?

It would eventually come to the point where Lesnar would find a way onto RAW and pretty much DECIMATE EVERYONE!

I mean this is ten times as destructive as this week’s RAW. I mean we’re talking about BROCK LESNAR who’s been sat on the sidelines waiting for his title rematch. With Lesnar’s mindset, he would probably be in the state in which he’d take out the entire roster! This is kinda like the Nexus angle, but on a TOTALLY DIFFERENT SCALE. Triple H gets taken out as well as Stephanie just looks on in shock!

At this point, Stephanie knows she must do something to tame the beast. So he reinstates him to the roster and invites him on RAW to discuss the terms of his rematch. Brock Lesnar would demand two things at this point…

  1. A championship match at Summerslam 2015
  2. Paul Heyman being reinstated

Stephanie agrees to both and Brock Lesnars versus… Seth Rollins I’d imagine is signed. But the match is made NO HOLDS BARRED!

So at Summerslam, Lesnar and Rollins would clash. As much as I’d like to not book Lesnar to lose, Lesnar would LOSE… thanks to Batista!


If WWE could figure out a way to get Batista to show up at Summerslam, a large masked man would come running down as Lesnar prepares for an F5 on the barricade and spear him through it! He’d bring him into the ring and unmask himself as Batista! He’d follow up with a Batista Bomb (maybe two) which Seth would follow up with two curb stomps to defeat Lesnar. I’d hate to book Lesnar to lose, but it would have taken A LOT to have put Lesnar down. Also, if anyone should beat Lesnar… it should be the future. And this plants the seeds for Lesnar’s next encounter… Batista.

Skip forward a few months and Lesnar would come out the night after Hell In A Cell and pretty much SMASH once more. He’d call out Batista and would demand a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Steph decided to settle things by booking Lesnar vs Batista for Survivor Series, with the number one contendership on the line.

Remember, Batista did not receive his one on one rematch for the title and it would be great incentive for Batista to come back and attack Lesnar. If he helped the Authority, the Authority would agree to put him back in the hunt. Hell, not getting a title shot was the reason Batista quit in the first place! So it would make a lot of sense for this to be a number one contendership match. With the added promotion of Spectre, the buy-rate for this one would be immense.

Not much needs to be added other than Brock Lesnar going on to beat Batista and probably getting one more title shot at the Royal Rumble or something.


And that pretty much sums up part two. Again, the schedules of Batista and Brock Lesnar would probably alter plans a little bit. And it’s hard to know if Batista will even come back to WWE any time soon. But what this storyline does is open up some great bit of business for both parties, especially if the match takes place at Survivor Series. And there’s also a bit of continuity with regards to BOTH men’s claims for title shots. And despite Lesnar having to lose along the way, Brock didn’t exactly go out clean to Rollins at Summerslam. Brock would look strong in defeat and hell, he’d be beating somebody like Batista anyway so it’s not like Brock Lesnar is getting buried or anything.

Also, I’d hate to have Batista lose in BOTH scenarios. However, if there was ever a match between these two nowadays, Brock really would have to go over. Brock losing SHOULDN’T be taken lightly. He’s the one in 21-1 (well 22-1 now!) and as much of a star as Batista is now… him going over Lesnar in either situation would be foolish. Also, I doubt the WWE faithful would take too kindly to Batista beating Lesnar! They certainty didn’t take kindly to Roman Reigns!


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