How I Would Book… Batista vs Brock Lesnar [PART 1]

Part Two

Yeah! Continuity lives on in the Armbar Express! More than a year ago or so, I did a blog post on how I would book a dream match that I’ve always wanted to see… AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio. That was actually meant to be a one-off but after seeing a lot of traffic to my site from the Google search of Batista vs Brock Lesnar, I figured why not do it again! Let’s see how I would book “The Animal” Batista vs “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar!


It REALLY surprised me that in the short time that Batista was here, the WWE never booked Brock Lesnar vs Batista for a big PPV main event. Perhaps they was leaving it for Summerslam 2014 until the Wrestlemania ending was changed, I dunno. The movie star Batista, in the height of his movie career with Guardians of the Galaxy, should have been in the ring with a top draw like Brock Lesnar. That’s MONEY right there but WWE failed to capitalize. Now with this fantasy booking, I’m going to be looking at TWO different booking scenarios.

  1. An alternative universe which is set after the 2014 Royal Rumble.
  2. A present day booking up until Summerslam 2015.

I wanted to look at both scenarios because when he was here, Batista vs Brock Lesnar not happening was pretty much missed opportunity by WWE. So I wanted to look at that. Plus, I do have a good idea about how I would get Lesnar vs Batista together if they were to hypothetical face off at Summerslam. Now we know that Batista last WWE run was not the greatest of times for Batista. But if the money was there and both parties were on the same page, I would never rule out a return for Batista. Now considering his filming schedule, it’s unsure whether a Summerslam program would be possible for Batista. Maybe Survivor Series in November, since his new Bond movie “Spectre” is out around that time. It’d seem like a smart money move to me to have him around that time to promote his movie. But for this particular scenario, we’re just gonna assume that Batista was available for Summerslam because that’s the next big PPV on our minds.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll begin with the first scenario, which takes place AFTER Batista won the Royal Rumble….


In actual WWE, Batista and Brock Lesnar’s first interaction took place on the RAW after the Royal Rumble. Lesnar interrupted both Batista and then-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Paul Heyman gave RAW GM Brad Maddox an ultimatum to book Lesnar/Orton or Lesnar/Batista… or else. Maddox refused to give him either so Lesnar would attack Cody Rhodes and Goldust later on in the show. This segment stays because I always thought this was really well done. In fact, I wouldn’t change much in the build up to Wrestlemania. The main event of Wrestlemania would be turned into a triple threat somehow and Lesnar would take on the streak and conquer it. The biggest difference is that BATISTA would be walking out as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as I always felt he should.


Daniel Bryan winning the title was a very heart-warming moment at Wrestlemania but having Batista winning at the Royal  Rumble only to lose at Wrestlemania totally undermined the point of the Rumble match in the first place, particular as Bryan was just entered into the match. In some way, I feel the same way about Roman Reigns when HE lost at Wrestlemania 31 but WWE were really booking themselves into a corner with Reigns anyway. To read more about my thoughts on Roman Reigns post Wrestlemania 31, click on THIS LINK to read it.

The Batista scenario is a very shocking ending to Wrestlemania, even if it’s not the popular one. When Batista almost won the title at the end of the triple threat, I was on the edge of my seat. Batista winning the title and the Authority embracing him at the end would make Batista look like a million dollars. But Bryan fans, don’t worry! Daniel will still get his moment as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and we’re still going to get Batista and Brock Lesnar as well…

As we know, Brock Lesnar was off TV again after Wrestlemania and Paul Heyman became Cesaro’s manager. Theoretically, the Evolution vs Shield stuff can still happen in this universe although I’d just limit it to ONE match between them at Extreme Rules. It would hurt Batista’s title reign if he goes two PPVs without defending the belt. The first six man tag would happen and then Batista would just defend against somebody else at Payback.

Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan’s still up against the Authority. He beats Kane at Extreme Rules and demands a rematch for the title at Payback. However, Heyman and Cesaro comes out cuts off Bryan. Eventually, this would lead to a match at Payback between the two of them for the number one contendership spot at Money In The Bank. You’d get a killer match between Cesaro and Bryan which would end in a botched interference by Kane which leads to Bryan winning. This would create heat between Heyman and the Authority and perhaps… Cesaro swings Kane at the end if he could.


Too smooth things over between Heyman and the Authority, Cesaro is entered into the Money In The Bank ladder match. Cesaro is concerned about the Authority, considering their new member Seth Rollins is in the MITB match as well. Heyman assures Cesaro that if anything did happen, he had a Plan C.

So now the stage is set for Money In The Bank. Cesaro and Seth Rollins are part of MITB and it’s Batista vs Daniel Bryan in the main event. Firstly in the MITB match, Cesaro gets screwed by Kane and the Authority as Seth Rollins wins. Heyman angrily goes to the Authority and announces they’ve just made the biggest mistake of their lives and says prepare for Plan C.

Main event, ref bump takes Bryan out of the equation. The Authority come in to help Batista when Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Whether WWE would be willing to pay Lesnar for a surprise Money In The Bank appearance is up for debate. However, in the situation that they do, Lesnar comes out and F5s Batista and Bryan would pick up the win and the title. If not Lesnar, then Cesaro comes out or something. Either way, a Paul Heyman guy has screwed over the Authority.

So then we’re in a very VERY interesting situation. I would have said at this point, have the Authority fire Paul Heyman. However, with Brie Bella having “quit” at the Payback PPV, it would result in the “fired-employee” storyline being a bit over done. So Heyman still keeps his job somehow and is still managing Cesaro.


Heading into Battleground, it is Bryan, Batista, Cesaro and maybe Roman Reigns for the WWE Title. Dean Ambrose would be feuding with Seth Rollins still, so there’s no need for Cesaro to fight Rollins and he could just go for the WWE Title himself. In the end, Bryan wins the match. The next night on RAW, Batista calls Cesaro out for a match on RAW (again, this is all assuming that Batista is wrapping up at Summerslam, which was reportedly the original plan). Batista and the Authority destroys Cesaro. Then Brock Lesnar would come out and destroy the rest of the Authority but Batista would be on the run. Lesnar challenges Batista for a match at Summerslam, with the winner getting a future WWE World title shot. The Authority books the match and at Summerslam, Lesnar beats Batista. Possibly at Night Of Champions or something, Lesnar wins the WWE World Heavyweight Title.


And that pretty much sums up this storyline. I’ll admit, there’s a lot to take in. However thinking off storylines for the likes of Daniel Bryan and Cesaro were important in building up for this particular match between Brock and Batista, which was the end-game in all of this. I had to build up Cesaro to be a top guy and a potential contender for the WWE title because his role as the “active” Paul Heyman guy helps build up Lesnar’s eventual return. Bryan still won the WWE World title and it didn’t diminish Batista’s significance in the WWE either.

There’s also a lot of plausibility issues with this fantasy booking. Plausibility revolving around the schedules for both Brock and Batista. We’re assuming that WWE would be willing to pay Brock to appear at Money In The Bank and that Batista would be heading out at Summerslam rather than the night after Payback? Also, we would be assuming that Daniel Bryan would be fit and healthy all this time for him to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? I mean a potential butterfly effect could make all of this happen, but tweaks could easily be made here and there if certain situations show up.

However, what I think this storyline does is take advantage of the opportunity WWE were presented with. Brock vs Batista in the Summer was exactly the type of thing that would get buy-rates or WWE Network subscriptions booming. And while doing that, you’re also building up the talents that truly deserve it. In the end, everyone’s a winner and Batista can return to Hollywood with his head high… even if all the fans hate his guts at the time!


Join me in part two as we bring things forward to the present a bit, as we book a potential Summerslam 2015 showdown between these two big guys!

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